Parents Insist Vaccines Killed Their Sick and Fragile Toddler

Photo taken at protest outside Ministry of Health

An extremely sick toddler died in Renaix, Belgium last week after receiving his MMR vaccination from the ‘Kind en Gezin’ Child and Family Health Centre. The toddler, the second to die in Belgium in less than six months, suffered a cardiac arrest after receiving the MMR vaccination given to him by a G.P. despite warnings from his father that he was still unwell.

Xandro just 18 months was recovering from RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) a respiratory infection involving his lungs and breathing passages (1) and his father was worried that he was not well enough to receive the vaccine.

Cedric Sanspuer, Xandro’s father, told reporters that his son had remained a sick and fragile child since his illness and that he had asked the G.P. to give him a thorough examination before giving him the vaccine. According to Mr. Sanspuer, the doctor examined the toddler briefly before stating that he appeared to be a ‘bit snuffly’ but his chest was clear before giving him the vaccination which his parents now believe led to his death.

Xandro’s parents told newspapers that they feel that the doctor should not have vaccinated their child knowing that he was so sick and blame ‘Kind & Gezin’ who they say were at fault,  They have since issued a complaint. (2), (3) Newspaper reports translated from French and Flemish.

As usual the Belgium authorities have protected the vaccination scheme and have stated that the autopsy results show that Xandro died of natural causes. (4)

In my opinion this child should never been vaccianated and was vaccinated purely to meet vaccination targets. I believe that this doctor was totally irresponsible vaccinating a child of this age that was still recovering from a respiratory infection.

Xandro’s death comes just weeks after parents in Belgium protested for vaccination freedom outside the Ministry of Health. The protest took place on the first day of the WHO’s World Immunization Week gaining mass media attention, even being televised by the European Parliament TV station.

Mr. and Mrs. Sirjacobs who organized the protest said that they were outraged that so many babies and children were being injured and killed after vaccinations. They had organized the protest in memory of their own daughter Stacy a premature baby who had died just days after receiving 9 routine vaccinations at just 8 weeks old. (5)

Mr. and Mrs. Sirjacobs lead protest

The protesters, led by Mr. and Mrs. Sirjacobs, lined a row of tiny white coffins outside the Ministry of Health to show the level of fury and outrage being generated amoungst parents in their country. (6) The parents feel that vaccination freedom is being taken away from them and that parents should be allowed to choose whether they vaccinate their children or not. They feel angry that more and more children who are not fully vaccinated are being refused day care facilities in Belgium and believe this is a way of governments bringing in mandatory vaccinations through the back door.

They could be right as more and more governments are targeting younger and weaker children for vaccination especially in hospitals. During epidemics and pandemics governments state that the sick and the vulnerable must be a priority for vaccination. The CDC National Vaccine Program Office Immunization Laws (7) states:

“In special circumstances, health officials may issue recommendations for immunizations. For example, although influenza can be deadly if complications (such as pneumonia) develop, annual flu vaccinations are not required; they are recommended, especially for the elderly and others who may be at high risk for serious illness from the flu.”

In other words sick and vulnerable patients are being targeted and ‘bullied’ into receiving vaccinations that they are too sick to tolerate. This practice can very often put these patients at extremely high risk from dying, very often leading to their death. For an example of this we need to look no further than the two sick, weak babies highlighted above.

I believe this to be modern day eugenics and the medical profession, in their wisdom, is killing off the weakest first so that only the fittest survive. These babies are some of the weakest human beings in society but instead of protecting them, brainwashed doctors are vaccinating them to death in a misguided attempt to protect them from illnesses that had virtually died out years before vaccinations were ever invented. Parents need to wise up about vaccinations and educate before they allow doctors to vaccinate if they want to protect their children.  

For anyone doubting me please read Dr Rebecca Carley’s inspiring and enlightening paper titled ‘Inoculations: The True Weapons of Mass Destruction CAUSING VIDS (VACCINE INDUCED DISEASES) (AN EPIDEMIC OF GENOCIDE)’ (8) where she writes:

“Unfortunately, we can no longer pretend that this epidemic of VIDS is merely a “mistake” made by well intentioned, albeit misguided mad scientists.   Because it’s even worse than the above, folks…we are talking TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, PETS, and even PLANTS, (which are also being genetically modified to create vaccines).  The evidence for this is as follows:

         As concern for population growth started to grow and the final plans to bring in the New World Order were put in place, this lie called vaccines was transformed into pure evil, as it was realized that such delivery systems could be used to intentionally cause disease, which is now being done under the US Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, § 1520 and 1524.  You can read it for yourself at your local library.”

Many have mocked the strong words of this doctor but I believe she could well have a point.




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Christina England, BA Hons

  • No Vaccines for me

    This story makes me SICK. New World order is stepping up their efforts to kill off as many ‘useless eaters’ as possible. Thank Goodness for persons like Ms England, Mike Adams-Natural News, Dr. Mercola and others who know better than to make childre SICK under the guise of protecting them from diseases that are only still around because they are being SPREAD by live virus vaccines.

    Read the insanity of what so-called ‘experts on vaccines’ say:

    Ask the Experts about Vaccine Administration and Vaccine Sorage and Handling. (can’t even spell storage right)


  • My condolences to this family. Yes it is criminal for doctors to vaccinate a sick child. Children after having received vaccinations will struggle to adapt itself to the bacterial bombardment brought forth. A warning from the late Dr. Herbert Snow, of the Cancer Hospital in London, England blamed the increasing use of serums for the alarming increase of deaths from heart trouble among children. I did a blog post called Heart disease and the vaccine connection here. Help us save the children. http://wp.me/p1Crrw-8q

  • D.

    Read the book Vaccination Is NOT Immunization by Dr. Tim O’Shea.  Very eye-opening stuff.  I read the whole book in 2 days, and I work for a living, so it was in my “spare” time.  I’m in the process of re-reading it now to get the fine points.

  • falldown7-stand8

    -No Vaccines for me- – I’m right with you! We’ve battled the effects of vaccines on all three of our kids. My first two kids had only semi-minor illnesses – otitis media, asthma, fevers, eczema, etc., but our third child had a major illness that required 3 months of hospitalization. My son had RSV in 1987 when he was 2 weeks old. He had a collapsed lung, pneumonia and was on a respirator. He eventually required a tracheotomy, which then led to a long hospitalization and a longer home recovery. He of course had multiple medications, steroids and antibiotics, which further compromised our wonderful son’s immune system. I was surprised when our pediatrician pushed vaccines. He told me my son needed to be vaccinated more than anyone because of his illness. He finally talked me into it. I allowed our son to be vaccinated – which of course only made everything worse, but I didn’t see it – it all happened in small increments. Our son has had learning disabilities and social issues, but we were always told “it’s just his genetics” or “it’s just his make-up.” Basically, they were telling us our whole family was flawed genetically. Our son has had nothing but battles all of his life. BUT, I didn’t see the truth until he had suffered many years. I will carry that guilt with me forever.

    I had suspected, even blamed the vaccines over the years, but was always told it wasn’t possible. When our son was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 17, I was able to wake up to the truth. I believe the Hep B vaccine caused my son’s brain tumor. Many would laugh at that, but I don’t care. Vaccines are dangerous. They kill and maim. My son is 24 and is improving – we’re detoxing, had his mercury fillings removed, we drink only non-fluoridated water, eat the cleanest foods and we don’t use ANY chemicals in our home. He will always talk with a raspy voice – the doctors destroyed his larynx with all of the intubating and extubating. His gut has healed (we think) but we’re still struggling with his endocrine system.
    My heart goes out to this family – and ALL families that are victims of the crime that is vaccines. 

  • Jenny

    At least you woke up, many people never wake up and except the offical line…
    I pray your son makes a full recovery, and with you doing all you are doing, there is a good chance he will.

  • Jpower

    I suggest the book Fooling Ourselves by Greg Beattie, an Australian father who has written a compelling argument against the vaccination theory based on official statistics of mortality and morbidity of so-called “vaccine-preventable” diseases.  It is an eye-opener without doubt and available as an e-book for about $10.00.

  • Jacquibutterworth

    Yes-thank goodness some people have the guts to opose this evil-‘THEY ARE KILLING OUR KIDS’

  • Ella G

    Thanks for your post Jpower i have just purchased this book online and look forward to reading it

  • AussieMum

    How many more have to die before Governments around the world stop protecting “Big Pharma” and take action???

    Elizabeth Gillespie
    Mum to vaccine injured son

  • AussieMum

     I thank-you too Jpower, being Australian I am going online now to purchase it.

    Elizabeth Gillespie

  • Jacquibutterworth

    I agree-drug companies profit from vaccinations that cause more harn than good.  Also if you read ‘Prof Donald Scott’s research you will see that grug companies have spread disease through contaminating mosquetos and this has caused ME/CFS/MS/RA/AIDS and LYME disease as well as AUTISM. GOVERNMENTS HAVE ALLOWED SCIENTISTS TO EXPERIMENT WITH GERM WARFARE-GOOGLE DEAD SCIENTISTS’-IT IS A VERY MURKY BUSINESS TO BE IN.  DAVID KELLY’S DEATH (UK GERM WARFARE EXPERT THAT DIED IN MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES) proves this.  They are now poisoning us with ‘Chemtrails-they are putting pathgens into the atmosphere -never known so many people have coughs that last for weeks/months. I sometimes think the ‘establishment’ thinks we are stupid!

    Grandmum to autistic grandson

  • Johnfryer

    MMR vaccine deaths are not common but also so the sudden death to 18 month infants. To give a sick infant a vaccine when a country like USA has turned up a third of a million adverse reactions is playing with fire and trying to impress on the world how safe the vaccines are.

    They are of course safe for most people but the problem here lies with the arrogance of a doctor who refused to look at the health of the infant and advise a wait until he was 100 percent fit.

    Basically the doctor seeing a sick child struggling with known or unknown viruses, bacteria et al decided that to add three more live pathogens was the best for this infant.

    Decidely the proof of the childs death indicated this decision was faulty to a degree of also close to or equal to 100 per cent.

    For me the PRIMARY fault is with the DOCTOR or person who decided a vaccine was good regardless of the health of the recipient.

    In fact the child may have died from any vaccine or any insult added to that already present.

    The parents must also lack a certain amount of COMMON SENSE to proceed with such treatment totally unnecessary at this time.

    And of course there are the brigade that will not accept any connections.

    You can take a horse to water ….

  • It is NOT going to STOP. They are going to KEEP getting away with it, the endless vaccine carnage, for as long as they can; they HAVE to much to LOSE! It was always that, and will be always that, until something is done. They have bought off the congress, they have bought off the situation for A to Z. they have the power and the money, and this crap will not stop until there is a total uprising from the parents, and that goes directly to those in gov’t, with the power to stop it!!!!

  • No Vaccines for me

    I’d love to give each and every vaccine maker a syringe full of every single one of vaccines they want to poison our children with. ALL AT ONCE. Use 10 needles if you have to.

    In the meantime, what we CAN do is try to inform as many parents as we can BEFORE they go down that horrible road. I was talking to a guy in a thread about school exemptions and he didn’t realize he could opt out because of the way the exemption was written.

    READ everything. Ask doctors to sign this before they are allowed to give kids shots. 

    Before vaccinating your children, demand your doctor sign this form

    In fact, make a few THOUSAND copies of this and stick it in magazines in pediatricians offices. If you have to, superglue it to their fing front doors.

  • No Vaccines for me


    DON’T break the law by superglueing anything to the front door.

  • Cherry Misra

    With regard to the concept that vaccines may cause cancer – there is nothing absurd about this idea.  Anyone can figure this out for himself in a few minutes by googling on aluminum toxicity.  Our opponents are able to criticize us for blaming many disorders on vaccines.  Unfortunately , that is the Plain Truth,  but since out opponents never spend any time themselves studying about vaccines (because they already know that they are perfect, you see), that this concept appears absurd to them.  Cherry Misra

  • Its not only the listed vaccine ingredients, but also the known and unknown contamination of vaccines. Even though Paul Offit attempts to claim that all vaccines go through steps of purification, this does NOT guarantee the absents of residual contaminants. The CDC/FDA clearly know this is an unresolved issue, by the current means of vaccine production. They as well know of the resulting potential for that said contamination as to the causation of chronic and severe disease states. Yet, when it happens and the contaminant is identified, they immediately down play it that there is any proof and evidence of harm. But there is; and there is much that is known, and yet unknown as to these processes.  

    Vaccine Contamination

  • Leann_q

    Why did the parents asllow the doctor to give it? Certainly some of  the responsibility falls on them – as parents we are ultimately responsible for our children – vaccines are a choice and at this toddlers age there was certainly time to wait until the parents felt secure with him being given the vaccine. Yes, the Dr. should have waitied as well –  RSV is very serious – Drs. are not Gods so stop blindly doing as they say!!! Get a second opinion and follow your parental instincts!!!!!!

  • Leann_q

    Why did the parents asllow the doctor to give it? Certainly some of  the responsibility falls on them – as parents we are ultimately responsible for our children – vaccines are a choice and at this toddlers age there was certainly time to wait until the parents felt secure with him being given the vaccine. Yes, the Dr. should have waitied as well –  RSV is very serious – Drs. are not Gods so stop blindly doing as they say!!! Get a second opinion and follow your parental instincts!!!!!!

  • johnfryer

    Responsibility for death to a child after a vaccine cannot be put 100 per cent onto the doctor. You are correct when you say the parents know better the health of their child. We are no longer in a world of expert doctors and totally ignorant parents. Often the parent has infinitely more experience and COMMON SENSE than the doctor. But the doctor has a good background of medical knowledge. Practically no doctor is AWARE of problems from his vaccination. Millions of adverse reactions from vaccines but each doctor claiming that no vaccine he gave EVER gave cause for concern. On roads we have signs, flowers and surveillance cameras from places that are dangerous.


  • johnfryer

    I have often tried to complain not for treatments for myself but treatments for friends and family. In every case proper investigation is BLOCKED from the outset. My mother waited 9 months for a MINOR operation (doctors and speciallists OPINION). 21 days after admission she was DEAD. My complaint after 7 days of the EXCESS of medication was met by ONE DAY of remission from drugs followed by return to the regime which first destroyed the kidneys followed by PROMPT removal to a HOSPICE and then death.

    So no complaints ALLOWED for drug misuse (one drug banned in nearly every other country around the world eg 75 years before the USA ban on this drug).

    Also the TRICK of transfer ALIVE to a hospice meant that the death even was not recorded as the responsibility of the hospital even though if it did it would mean very little.

    Remember the operation was classed as MINOR.

    For me the hospital was 100 per cent in error but probably got the treatment put down on their records as a 100 per cent SUCCESS.

    Hospitals and doctors are not CORRUPT.

    They are TOTALLY corrupt.

    Mr and Mrs SIRJACOBS have two chances of SUCCESS from their publicity against KILLER doctors of which their best chance will be ZERO, NIL or NO CHANCE.

    But it is ONE more ignored signs from MILLIONS.

  • Robert

    data to support this opinion piece? giving a vaccine in the face of viral illness is routine. RSV can be deadly unfortunately and there is no true vaccine for this.

  • Robert

    companies make very little money on vaccines like this. countries almost force companies to make them

  • quicksilver

    Robert so little that the last company that bought out another paid 60 BILLION pounds for this non-profitable business.

    Makes the 100 million footballer look like a cheapie.

    And all of us as nobodys.

    Or is 60 billion small change for you?

  • quicksilver

    Yes when a French researcher spotted the problem the whole world was behind her to research this disorder. She was hot on the trail for ten years.

    When it turned out to be vaccine harm, the warmth for research turned to the deep freeze of minus 273 celsius immediately.

  • quicksilver

    Yes routine UNLESS you are doing a trial to monitor safety in which case

    NO WAY!