Who Says There is No Money in Making Vaccines? At Least $5.7 Billion Given to Vaccine Manufacturers in 2011 by US Gov’t

Vaccine manufacturers get billions of dollars from government contracts.

In 2011, the US Federal government awarded 6 pharmaceutical corporations over 5.7 Billion to manufacture children’s vaccines alone.

According to information on the Centers for Disease Control and Federal Business Opportunities websites, the contracts were for the federal Vaccines for Children (VFC) program. [1,2]

The VFC program purchases the vaccines from the vaccine manufacturer. The vaccines are then distributed to state health departments and territorial public health agencies. In turn, children who couldn’t normally afford vaccines are supposed be injected at no cost. [3]

Many vaccine supporters use examples like the VFC program as indisputable proof of kindness on the part of the government and pharmaceutical companies.  I think most parents have heard how generous, caring, and loving they are, haven’t you?

I’d like for you to consider an alternative motive when looking at the contract amounts: a corporate agenda.

Before we get into the individual contract numbers and the corporations who received the money, I’d like to take a moment and share these 4 facts with you:

  • Pharmaceutical companies care about profits and shareholders, not your children.[4]
  • Since 1989, pharmaceutical companies have paid only 2.3 billion dollars for vaccine injuries. Given the total lifetime care of a vaccine-injured child, many parents believe this figure should be substantially higher.[5]
  • The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-660) created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). Vaccine manufacturers (and doctors!) are given complete immunity from any legal liability if your child is harmed by their vaccine(s). No other industry enjoys this level of protection from a product that could injure a child! [6]
  • Some of the same pharmaceutical companies listed below have been charged with criminal acts by the Department of Justice.[7]


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Contracts and Following the Money

As much as we like to believe we can get something for nothing from Uncle Sam, it’s just not true. There is no such thing as a free lunch. It is simple cause and effect.

While we may never have an opportunity to see into pharma’s accounting books, it is an important step in following the money and seeing who benefits. Here is the contract information I promised earlier in the article.




Sanofi Pasteur 200-2011-38199 $1,142,400,000.00 [10]
GlaxoSmithKline 200-2011-38201 $786,456,400.00 [11]
Merck 200-2011-38200 $1,704,454,000.00 [12]
Novartis 200-2011-38204 $451,660,000.00 [13]
Pfizer 200-2011-38203 $1,652,570,000.00 [14]
MassBiologics 200-2011-38202 $11,250,000.00 [15]



Are we sure there isn’t some type of corporate agenda?

Read on.


But Vaccine Companies Don’t Make That Much Money, Do They?

It’s a good question to keep asking – and I don’t think it will be solved here.

We may never know the exact amount they profit from vaccines, yet looking into contract amounts is an important step in following the money and seeing who benefits. Look at this important information.


Overall Cost

For example, the World Health Organization website discusses what factors go into establishing vaccine prices. One of the more repeated points you see is:

Vaccine production costs have a significant fixed cost component, reaching up to 90 percent of total costs. These costs include research and development (R&D), quality control and quality assurance, selling and distribution overhead, and the construction and maintenance of production facilities.” [16]

Let’s assume nothing changes over time – such as increased efficiency in research and development, manufacturing, vaccine tax, etc. – the remaining 10 percent is profit for the pharmaceutical companies.

If we estimate a 10 percent profit from 5.7 billion dollars, this leaves the corporations with an average of 100 million dollars per company.

I have to ask you this question, “Is $100,000,000 a lot of money to you?”

Keep in mind, this is only for the federal Vaccines For Children (VFC) program. The total amount is likely much higher.

Also, do you remember Public Law 99-660 mentioned above? No corporation, corporate executive, board member, doctor, state or local health official can be held responsible for a vaccine injuring your child. Thus, Big Pharma’s profits from manufacturing vaccines are very safe.

Well played, Big Pharma.


Here’s the Bottom Line: Pharma Gets a Free Meal Ticket

What is really happening is the US Federal government has given the corporations a guaranteed paycheck through the contracts. It makes perfect sense why the federal health agencies would keep demanding more vaccinations – they get more money!

Take the example of the former head of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Julie Gerberding. She helped promote the highly controversial Gardasil vaccine while she served in her government post. After she finished working for the CDC, she was made President of the Vaccine Division for Merck Pharmaceuticals.

To illustrate my point, I created a simple summary of one way money pours into the pharmaceutical company’s coffers.


Click on the image to enlarge.


When government money is given to corporations, we have to start looking at the individual humans who serve them.

Here’s one perspective from a legendary American trial lawyer, Gerry Spence, as he describes corporations as:

“… not a human being. It is not a group of human beings. Remember that. It is a fictional structure. A form – a nonliving, nonbreathing, nonhuman form – an invisible form…I have heard many a corporate executive argue that he has no loyalty to his employees, to his customers, or to his country. His loyalty, all of it, is to the profit of his shareholders. [8,9]

Indeed, the love of money (greed) is a very common human attribute and becomes a problem as in the case of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

They were charged by the Department of Justice with payments to influence government officials. In turn, Pfizer was ‘fined’ 40 million dollars.

Put in context, it is about 2.5 percent of the grant money given to them by the CDC for making vaccines. [7] It’s a pity that laws passed by the same politicians are not overturned when this type of tomfoolery is uncovered.

But that game is well-understood by Pharma, is it not?



If your child is harmed by vaccines, you should know your hands are legally tied.

Through public law, these corporations have been made too big to fail, just like the banks. They make a hefty profit from government contracts. It’s a guaranteed paycheck for them – there is no incentive to change the process.

We must remember the pharmaceutical companies are in business to make profits and ensure shareholder value. I recently shared a graphic on the VacTruth.com Facebook page which sums up how I feel, “The pharmaceutical industry does not create cures, they create customers.


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If you want to look up the award amounts for yourself, follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Go to https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=list&tab=archives
  2. Copy and Paste one of the contract numbers listed above (Ex. “200-2011-38199”) into the “Keyword / Solicitation #” field.
  3. In the “Posted Date” field, make sure the ‘blank’ value is selected. It is above the “Today”.  You should get a result similar to what is below (click on the image to enlarge).



[contentbox headline=”References” type=”normal”]

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4. http://www.novartis.com/about-novartis/our-mission/index.shtml

Part of a mission statement from one pharmaceutical company states, “We also want to provide a shareholder return that reflects outstanding performance and to adequately reward those who invest ideas and work in our company.

This language is not uncommon in corporate mission statements – even for pharmaceutical companies.

5. http://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/statisticsreports.html#claimscompensated

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16. http://www.who.int/immunization_financing/options/en/briefcase_vacproduction.pdf



Photo Credit

About The Author

Jeffry John Aufderheide

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of VacTruth.com, he promotes well-educated health professionals, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.



  • Jfpupillo

    Take the example of the former head of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Julie Gerberding. She helped promote the highly controversial Gardasil vaccine while she served in her government post. After she finished working for the CDC, she was made President of the Vaccine Division for Merck Pharmaceuticals.


  • http://thinkpinion.com/ Petrina

    This is great reporting! When will the mainstream media start exposing this information?!!!

  • http://profiles.google.com/rsslwm lou monter

    “Who Says There is No Money in Making Vaccines?”

    Yes the “childhood vaccines” has been a great racket for all involved except for the children and those who love them.

    But with the  upcoming H5N1 Political Pandemic things have evolved to a higher plane. Not only has our “government” absolved the “pandemic vaccine” manufacturers of all liability for their poison but the NIH has created the H5N1 target for their “vaccines” to “prevent”.

    The world’s “scientists” have Admittedly created an
    H5N1 bio-weapon
    “For years, health officials from around the world have been
    warning that the H5N1 avian flu virus, which is currently not a threat, will one
    day mutate into a deadly, pandemic strain. But now their predictions — or
    warnings, depending on how you look at it — could come true, as a European
    scientist has genetically altered H5N1 to effectively spread between mammals.”  

    Scientist deliberately ‘militarizes’ flu strain in deadly bioterrorism
    “It’s just a bad idea for scientists to turn a lethal virus
    into a lethal and highly contagious virus,” said Dr. Thomas Inglesby, a
    bioterrorism expert and director of the Center for Biosecurity at the University
    of Pittsburgh Medical Center, concerning the experiment. “And it’s a second bad
    idea for them to publish how they did it so others can copy it.”  

    Bioterrorism Flu Created

    Folks it is all out in the open now.
    The world’s “scientists” have admittedly created an H5N1
    bio-weapon. Please read the
    above documents, it is all admitted. Everything I have been preaching about for
    years is no longer speculation. Please take this SERIOUSLY. This bio-weapon will
    be released upon us. There is MUCH we can do to defend from this state created
    Incidentally please don’t be too afraid that they have succeeded at making a human to human contagious H5N1 plague; IMO this is all bs. The H5N1 always has been, is now and will be mostly easily delivered by NEEDLE as Baxter Labs put the live H5N1 virus in their “Seasonal Flu Vaccine” in 2009. Stay away from ALL NEEDLES and VACCINATIONS and you should do fine.


  • Jacquibutterworth

    Read Prof Donald Scott and Prof Garth Nicolsons research then see if you want your children vaccinated.

  • OMG_

    They will never expose this industry for what it is…  they will only ‘advertise’ to take the vaccine *cure* and spread fear of course… the usual tactics

  • siamesekat

    Do these contracts include the hand outs to the drug cos. for their construction of new manufacturing facilities, such as the $500 million just handed out to Novartis for its new facility to make flu vaccines out of MDCK cells?

  • http://vactruth.com Jeffry John Aufderheide

    @bcf530640314690b58006efc471190f6:disqus — Great question. If you find additional information on it let me know.

    The contract specifically states it is for the Vaccines for Children program and manufacturing vaccines.


  • http://vactruth.com Jeffry John Aufderheide

    Thank you for the kind words. Given the pharmaceutical companies pay for advertising, it would be “suicide” for the mainstream media to start exposing their sponsors dirty laundry.

    I don’t think it will happen anytime soon which is why protecting free speech on the internet is important.

    We appreciate your continued readership and support.

  • http://vactruth.com Jeffry John Aufderheide

     @9c4d86ad02388c5f959e1dfb6bc5b513:disqus — Bingo.

  • http://vactruth.com Jeffry John Aufderheide

    @d1d81a2c55ff91630d95e6cfe5958f9b:disqus  — This is just one example. It’s business as usual which is why we have to be concerned with the policy being passed.

    Even more importantly, though, is being aware of how much power each and every one of us has and take action on it. Wake people up and help spread the word.

    Thanks for your support.

  • siamesekat

    Jeffry, My MPH Masters thesis was on a topic related to this, i.e., figuring out exactly how much money the Feds spent on “public health programs” and where exactly that money went.  I was given the assignment to track the legislative funding sources and eventual expenditures of this money in just one “fiscal year” in one small state, Alabama.  I need not tell you that it was next to impossible to track and match this money in full. 

    About the only way that any of us may succeed to discover exactly how much federal money was “handed out” to drug cos. in, say, the year 2011, is to call HCFA and spend about a day on the phone being transferred from one office to another there until one reaches some officer “currently at his/her desk” and who has access to records (and to records which s/he actually understands).  I have a copy of the fiercepharma article on the $500 million just handed out to Novartis to build a new manufacturing plant in NC so that it could begin production of flu vaccines with MDCK cells.  I recently telephoned a source in DC to find out just how much more similar federal spending, exclusively for “building funds,” was planned for drug cos. in the near future, but my source refused to give me a straight answer.  I seem to recall having read earlier this year that the head of the CDC (or was it the FDA) was lobbying Congress for funds to help several drug cos. “expand and improve their production.”  The plea was that many drug cos. had antiquated facilities and needed a gov’t hand out to improve on their manufacturing capabilities.  If you have noticed, many drug cos. once again are claiming their drugs are in short supply now due to their inability to churn them our fast enough to meet current demand.  If Congress has agreed to a building fund for drug cos., there will exist a federal law which authorizes such a federal spending program, and someone at HCFA (which writes these checks) will know something about it.

  • siamesekat

    Never forget about fiercepharma: Every time a drug company receives funds from the Feds, this news service is all over the story — but primarily to encourage investors, too, to throw some money into the latest “sure fire money maker” which a drug company has up its sleeve. The reporters usually mention what the funding sources for the “latest drug company venture” are, since investors tend to be picky about knowing what the project’s out of pocket costs to the drug company in question are (since this predicts the amounts available for profits to be shared with investors).

  • http://vactruth.com Jeffry John Aufderheide

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

    I have no doubts it is next to impossible to track this money. What we can do is try to piece together where the money goes in (contracts) and where the money comes out (donations, marketing, advertising, etc).

    The situation you described is exactly what happened during the H1N1 debacle. I have seen other government papers encouraging the government to take over vaccine production. I’m sure that is on the horizon…

    Keep up the good fight — I’ll have more on this same topic very soon.

  • notsofree

    More corporate welfare:  Green energy, Medical, pharmaceutical, defense, Social Security, Medicare, Food stamps……the list goes on and on!!! 

    What makes this v

     like the “green energy” incentives dangled by the govt.

    Nobody would ever make a $10 million windmill because it will never make 10million worth of electricity therefore no investment.  But here comes “santa clause” to spread around some free money and viola you have an entire industry based

  • http://vactruth.com Jeffry John Aufderheide

    Corporate welfare is the name of the game. If they get “built in” to a process it is a huge money maker — just like the defense industry.

    Thank you for your thoughtful insight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lowell-Hubbs/1285214003 Lowell Hubbs

    The real answers to human health care and so called communicable disease and illness issues, have never been found within the framework of chemical pharma. Chemical and biological contamination filled vaccines as well have never been the answer, nor ever will be. All they do is create more disorders, chronic illness, autoimmune disease, and as well even cancer. Please educate yourself to the real truth. There is one true physician, the creator who created an amazing self healing body, if given the right means.

    Real physiological understanding of the workings of the human body, and the real answers as said can never be found within a pharmaceutical chemical environment. We have all been mislead and lied to. Those are however the only circles of million dollar chemical and alterations of natural substances patents, that can make any big money. They are NOT interested in cures nor in real physiological understanding of the human body, as those answers are found in detoxifying the body and in providing the right needed and real cellular nutrition. The comparable profits in real understanding and as to the naturopathic solutions, simply will not make as said their million and billion dollar profits for them. Its all about control of information, power, and profits.

    No doctor is allowed to think outside of the box of their pharma directed training. If they do think outside the box and advocate for anything within the natural healing circles; they know their careers will be in jeopardy. You do not even think of going outside the scope of standard practice; or even think of going there. They all know that. There has to be many doctors that question the value of what they are doing, on many levels. The only alternative is to leave their career behind. How many do you think would actually be willing to do that? To much to lose.  

    The False Foundations of Modern Medicine

    Death By Medicine

    When was the last time you seen the CDC and or the FDA get honest about what is really in vaccines?

    Vaccine Production With – Human Diploid Cells (aborted fetal cell tissue)

    How about cancer, everyone knows someone that has cancer or has had cancer. Do you think the American Cancer Society is really looking for a cure, or are they just in bed with the industry? It is not just one area of so called modern medicine that is in error, it is ALL in error. It isn’t that they don’t do any good, they can as a fact do that as well. The point is that in the large picture, the whole concept of healing and health care over-all is entirely based on a wrong and incorrect concept and theory.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erwin-Alber/548856074 Erwin Alber

    Thank you Jeffry for a look behind the scenes so-to-speak of what I consider an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erwin-Alber/548856074 Erwin Alber

    In his book “The Sanctity Of The Human Blood – Vaccination Is Not Immunization”, Dr Tim O’Shea says:

    “We somehow have to come to the realisation – without hysteria or paranoia – through study and research, of one important fact: man’s enormous capacity for evil. And you’ll have to confront some uncomfortable demons about human nature, the power of money and the extent to which those in power will go in order to keep this river of gold flowing.”


  • Merryberry3stars

     Hi Lowell Hubbs, your posts are fantastic by the way. I just wanted to mention that when we were in hospital with our daughter at 5months old due to an unknown virus, a nurse came to us and whispered a few truths. She actually looked affraid and was very careful not to be seen talking to us for too long. She told us we’ve done the right thing, that she sees so many children admitted to the ward following vaccinations and this alone caused her to do her own research. She said that as a result, she never had her daughter vaccinated but that she has to keep it a secret from her bosses. Incredible that so much fear is instilled into healthcare professionals. This nurse was kind enough to take a risk by talking to us, but most as you say, have too much to lose. Again, it’s all about cash. There are those at the top who’re greedy, and then there are those who just need to make enough for their own family to survive….and can’t/won’t risk losing their careers….same thing with dentists who can’t/wont talk about flouride.

  • Rohan Kirkpatrick

    I was looking for something else – this article is TERRIBLE.

    “As much as we like to believe we can get something for nothing from Uncle Sam, it’s just not true. There is no such thing as a free lunch. It is simple cause and effect.”

    The author clearly does not know what any of these sayings mean. NSTAAFL refers to opportunity cost – it means that even if somebody were to buy you lunch – it’s not free because you are consuming your leisure time to enjoy the meal – you could have been earning money/being productive in this time.

    The application is entirely misinformed & ignorant.

    “It is simple cause and effect” – … no it’s not. This statement can mean something, but in this context it means precisely jack-diddly squat, it is utterly empty.

    In fact, the rest of the article provides absolutely no evidence of a “Big Pharma” conspiracy – most of the so called evidence is just information with a blurb underneath basically amounting to “Do you trust big Pharma with your child?” That’s incredibly manipulative – you are using humans innate biological imperative to care for children to manipulate them into swallowing this crap – and you obviously know you are doing it.

    Thing is – if vaccines caused autism, why are aspergers and autism comparatively rare, and are often misdiagnosed/overdiagnosed? If vaccines were actually dangerous, why are the rates of vaccine injury so ridiculously low?

    This is my first encounter with an antivaxxer group – not impressed – at least David Icke is sincere and somewhat original.

    Correlation does not imply causation. There simply is no evidence for anything in this article. So kindly, knock it off, go get your kids their jabs, and stop endangering everyone else’s children.

  • da man

    You’re grossly misinformed on the matter. Please tell me, how the fuck does getting a vaccine actually protect someone from (the) disease? Please tell me the actual effects of injecting a new-born baby (compromised immune system, tender brain, etc..) with synthetic chemicals, virus, bacteria, etc.., and exactly what happens with every single ingredient in the vaccines. How does the body and brain interact with these chemicals, especially when the accumulative effects HAVE NOT BEEN STUDIED.

    So, vaccinations, even though they aren’t 100% effective, you’re saying that to prevent endangering other children, one must vaccinate themselves and their kids to prevent the spread of disease? Lets say a kid doesn’t get vaccinated at all, are they more likely to get the disease and spread it to other people who haven’t gotten vaccinated? Or are you worried that it could spread to the vaccinated people? The vaccines should protect the kids from the disease tho right? ahahah. See, you also might say that some people are not able to get vaccinated, and that vaccination would protect those kids from herd immunity. This is blatantly foolish and a total misunderstanding probably propagated by deceptive brainwashing techniques from the top. Once a lie is told over and over again, it is received as truth, no matter how insane.

    Watch some documentaries or something. The governments don’t want to tell us the 100% truth, maybe 60% truth is actually told to us, the rest is deceptive lies and misleading falsities.

  • http://vactruth.com Jeffry John Aufderheide

    Correlation does not imply causation – you’re right. It’s just like what vaccine manufacturers espouse when they say vaccines save lives.

    Unfortunately there is plenty of evidence and you willingly choose to bury your head in the sand.

  • elishua Fernandez

    just wondering if you’ve ever heard of something people are referring to as the “Dtap scream” which a very widely reported reaction after this vaccine is given. parents say the child will scream nonstop, in pain, with nothing to soothe him/her for 5 plus hours..the doctors simply brush it off as ”normal” and nothing to worry about, but most parents are not having it and this is a major reason why they opt out of remaining vaccines. i haven’t heard of any ”mainstream” folks discuss it. i a had a personal experience with this, my little brother got hid dtap at 2 months, cried nonstop for almost an entire day. we tried calling his pediatrician but no one answered, he had never cried in this manner before, when he finally calmed down he was knocked out sleeping from all the crying. . after reading up on this, i found that some call it the ”encephalitic cry” and they say that the brain is actually swelling and thats why they baby is screaming. this is a forum of mothers discussing it , but some interesting links are exchanged ..http://www.mothering.com/forum/47-vaccinations/618983-what-causes-dtap-scream.html . . my brother soon became detached from the world, made less eye contact, and was totally a different child afterward. . all i keep reading is how ”normal” this reaction is.

  • Russ

    It is vaccine-induced encephalitis inflaming the brain of your child.

  • AnaC

    So poorly written and extremely biased. I feel sorry for you.

  • Evidenceoveremotion

    This is either the finest anti-vaxxer troll job I’ve ever seen, or you are the most stubbornly misinformed anti-vaxxer I’ve ever come across. Here’s hoping it’s the first, in which case, kudos. I laughed throughout.

  • grandma jones

    What makes you thinks vaccinations have not been studied? of course they have — that’s how they know the correct dosage and what is the absolute youngest an infant can get the vaccination. No I am not worried that vaccinated people will get the disease. I am worried that infants too young to be vaccinated and children too ill to be vaccinated with get preventable diseases because of the old unvaccinated children running about who may be coming done with a disease and are contagious. Watch some documentaries? Which ones?

  • Crystalline Blue

    omg what a horrible experience! … did your little brother ever recover completely?

  • http://www.rightlywired.com/ Adele C. Smith

    You say that 90% goes into cost, leaving 10% profit, which means $100 mil profit per company. Merck, for example, had a gross income of $28 billion for 2013. That means that they are profiting less than 0.5% from vaccines. Well played, Big Pharma, indeed. What an obscene profit they are making off of the ignorant masses.

  • Spencer James Smith

    there is actually evidence. im too tired to give links, and too tired to explain why i dont believe you can trust a lot of mainstream news and studies and university findings that are reported. and i have some info about the CDC. just look up some of this stuff. i am burnt out right now ive been making a lot of comments lately and posting a lot of stuff and debating with a lot of people. look at my facebook page if you wish to see some stuff.

  • Spencer James Smith

    there have been vaccinated people getting sick

  • lets dumb this down

    Maybe you need a primer on what vaccines actually do. They don’t instantly grant a person immunity. Vaccines introduce your body to a weakened, easily defensible form of a virus so that in the future your immune system will recognize it and quickly send an immune response to handle it. If your immune system is extremely weak, let’s say from chemotherapy, then it doesn’t matter if you were vaccinated. Your body can’t effectively respond to a disease if you have very few or no white blood cells. That’s why cancer patients wear masks, because they want to try to limit their exposure to other people’s germs. If you happen to be carrying a highly contagious and preventable disease because you weren’t vaccinated then you’re putting those people at risk. Let’s put it this way, they say that when you get chicken pox once then you’re immune. That’s not really true. If you’re in a weakened state, like the cancer patient above, then that same virus will come back as shingles because your immune system is too weak to respond and keep it suppressed. Get it? Vaccines don’t perform miracles, but for a normal person they’re enough. For at risk people they aren’t, and you’re putting them at risk by not defending yourself against serious, contagious diseases.

  • $100m, eh

    A 10% profit is given to these companies as an incentive to produce vaccines. If there is no profit to be made then they simply won’t make them. The government wants them to make vaccines to keep the public safe. Otherwise these companies could make more much money by dedicating their time and resources to more profitable drugs, like the ones that Gilead and Abbvie are selling for Hep C right now. The new Hep C drugs carry something closer to a 50% profit margin and will do $5 billion in sales per company. The point is that 10% is the minimum threshold for the pharma companies to even care about doing this at all. Vaccines really aren’t that big of a business in the grand scheme of it. Merck makes $1 billion profit in 3 months, so is $100 million a lot to them? No, not really, but if it’s there then they’ll take it and use it to try to research something that’s more valuable.

  • Patrick McGean

    Here is the solution, just say no to vaccines and carry a loaded gun, this drug companies will stop making vaccine, Paul A. Offit doctor of pedophilia can close
    his money making lab.
    Here is page two, the vaccines are making us sick to doctors can buy Benzes.
    No vaccine works. if so show the results not the lies the results. Well good bye
    it was never nice knowing you and the chemist you employ along with the CEOs
    will probably be hung before December 2015. The lies of science are going to get really deadly for the scientists and our ignorant leaders. WE will vaccinate you.
    The solution is just say no, and carry an obvious loaded gun.
    Anyone who vaccinate man or animal in my presence may stop breathing.

  • John Scudamore

    real money is in treating vax disease http://whale.to/vaccines/diseases.html

    “BCG is a goldmine for ear, nose and throat specialists.”–Dr Jean Elmiger MD

  • AutismDad

    Screw off with your random opinions.

  • AutismDad

    Same old lame old. We can’t sanitize the world no matter how many vaccines are forced on children.

  • AutismDad

    shush the public isn’t supposed to know that. Bad for $ale$.

  • sabelmouse

    that’s why they vaccinate preemies with the same amount as full term newborns.
    they sure know what they’re doing.