Minimum of 40 Children Paralyzed After New Meningitis Vaccine

On December 20, 2012, a vaccination tragedy hit the small village of Gouro, located in northern Chad, Africa. According to the newspaper La Voix, out of five hundred children who received the new meningitis vaccine MenAfriVac, at least 40 of them between the ages of 7 and 18 have become paralyzed. Those children also suffered hallucinations and convulsions.

Since this report, the true extent of this tragedy is coming to light, as parents of these vaccinated children have reported yet more injuries. The authorities in the area are shaken, as citizens set fire to a sanitary administration vehicle in a demonstration of their frustration and anger at the government’s negligence.[1]

“We wish that our children would get their health back,” shared the parent of a sick child.


MenAfriVac is a new vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute of India Limited. According to The Meningitis Vaccine Project (MVP), it is the first vaccine to gain approval to travel outside the cold chain, meaning that the vaccine can be transported without refrigeration or ice packs for up to four days:

“The meningitis A vaccine known as MenAfriVac®, created to meet the needs of Africa’s meningitis belt, can now be kept in a controlled temperature chain (CTC) at temperatures of up to 40°C for up to four days, a decision that could help increase campaign efficiency and coverage and save funds normally spent maintaining the challenging cold chain during the “last mile” of vaccine delivery.” [2]

The data on the MenAfriVac vaccine is further backed by the World Health Organization’s website [3] and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website. [4]

So, why does this information differ vastly from the information given on the manufacturer’s website? Serum Institute of India Ltd. stated under the section marked STORAGE:

“MenAfriVac should be stored and transported between 2-8ºC. Protect from light. The diluent should be stored at 25°C. It is recommended to protect the reconstituted vaccine from direct sunlight. Do not exceed the expiry date stated on the external packaging.” [5]


Mr. M., the cousin of two of the vaccine-injured children, who currently remain critically ill and hospitalized, explained that many of the children reacted within 24 hours of receiving the vaccine. He said that at first the children vomited and complained of headaches, before falling to the floor with uncontrollable convulsions while bent over with saliva coming from their mouths.

He shared that on December 26, 2012,  the Minister of Health and the Minister of Social Security visited Gouro, bringing with them two Members of Parliament. He said that after some discussion, they decided to evacuate approximately 50 paralyzed children to a hospital over three hundred miles away in N’Djamena, the capital city of Chad.

He added that the government responded to the tragedy by paying the parents money in a desperate bid to silence them, further stating that many of the parents are traumatized and confused.

As reported in La Voix, according to a member of the medical staff, as well as a comment from Dr. Daugla Oumagoum Moto, the director of the Center of International Health Support (CSSI), the reactions that these children have suffered are not typical of this type of vaccine against meningitis, which they say are normally fever, vomiting, and headaches, not the adverse reactions experienced by the hospitalized children.


Fearing for their children’s present and future health, parents of these vaccine-injured children have begun asking questions, such as:

1. Was this a faulty batch of vaccines?

2. Did the vaccinators inadvertently vaccinate using an unsafe product?

3. Was the product out of refrigeration too long?

4. Were the vaccinators fully trained?

This recently vaccinated child is being attended to after having seizures.

This recently vaccinated child is being attended to after becoming paralyzed.

Mr. M. believes the children were left far too long without care and attention. He told me that, despite the state of the vulnerable children and many parents begging for help, the regional authorities failed to respond on time. The children were not seen by the only doctor in the region until a full week after their injuries!

He stated via email:

“In addition, the government and the media have gone silent about the tragedy, while there are still facts requiring clarification whatever contingencies. All this disturbs us and makes us fear the worst effects for the future. For the not knowing of what is going on behind the scenes of the Minister of Health or elsewhere (WHO, UNICEF).  As parents our priorities is that how to tell our children, it is very sad that entire city is paralyzed. We are begging our government act quickly as possible to save our children but it is too slow and lack of motivation. Therefore we call assistance for everyone in the world to intervene.” (his exact words from an email)

President Idriss Deby Itno announced at the beginning of the campaign that the vaccine was safe, secure, and would protect citizens against meningitis for ten years. [6]

Gavi Alliance, a major financial partner in the project, which cost $571 million, stated:

“If all of this works like we think it is going to work, then we are going to eliminate these epidemics. Stop. Period,’ said Marc LaForce, Director of the Meningitis Vaccine Project (MVP), a joint project involving PATH and WHO which developed MenAfriVac in less than ten years.” [7]

Both of these organizations appear to have been silent since the tragedy.


This is a newspaper clipping regarding the incident.

La Voix initially reported the incident. If you want to see an enlarged version of the newspaper clipping, click on the photo.

This tragedy raises many unanswered questions. Why were 500 children vaccinated in a region that has only one doctor, who was unable to provide advice or treatment for adverse events until one week later? Why did the manufacturer of MenAfriVac specifically advise that the product should be stored and transported at much lower temperatures than The Meningitis Project claimed? Why were the parents of these vaccine-injured children paid hush money?

Why are vaccines being pushed so strongly in a country which lacks clean drinking water and basic sanitation services? UNICEF blames Chad’s recurrent outbreaks of disease, including meningitis, on this vital, common-sense need. [8] Why have major organizations spent $571 million on a vaccination project, when wells to provide access to clean drinking water have been constructed for less than $3,000 by the International Committee of the Red Cross? [9]

How can at least 40 children become paralyzed after receiving a vaccine, and no news organizations provide coverage of this disturbing situation? The media has gone completely silent. There appear to be no reports of this incident on any government website. The only available information, apart from this one newspaper report, appears to be buried on a small blog titled Le blog de Makaila, which has been reporting regular updates on the situation. [10]

Where are statements from the involved organizations – WHO, GAVI, PATH, UNICEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?  Why has this vaccination program not been suspended? What are these organizations going to do about the atrocity that has happened in Gouro?

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Christina England, BA Hons

  • Missosorich

    simple dont accept western vacciness

  • Colonel78

    So India is a western country now?

  • EllenDiann

    If you are looking to the makers/drug companies of vaccines for answers, you may as well seek truth from satan.  Time to just KNOW these drug companies are greedy liars and so are all of those leaders who take the bribes from the drug companies.  People are being sold like cattle by your leaders to the drug companies frankenstein experiments.

  • Brian

    People need to be very skeptical when they are told that they or their children must get vaccinated. My rule of thumb is, its my body and therefore it means that it will be I who is going to suffer the side effects of some drug that I was told to take for my own good. But when the day comes that if I take a drug and the authorities are the ones that get sick, then I will do as they tell me.

  • 4 Our Future

    Bill Gates has said many things that call into question his altruistic facade.  Check out

    “Bill Gates on Population Control” by Willie Murphy on U Tube.  Once again main stream media is silent on a very serious matter.  Thank you Christina for bringing this to our attention!

  • do not accept any vaccine….

  • Nancyd529

    This is a disgrace ..!!! I will post and do my part to put it out there,,, The manufacturer or the vaccine should have sent medical help as soon as the first illness ..These are children ..GOD HELP THESE CHILDREN and SHAME on the government also!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  • Wes2009

    George Bernard Shaw said “As well to consult a butcher on the value of vegetarianism as a doctor on worth of vaccinations.” 

  • notsofree

    To quote a genius (Alexander Hamilton):  “The conscience of good intentions disdains ambiguity.”  These busybody, do-gooders are always telling us that the world will not survive due to “climate change” and global warming  and of course “climate change” and diminising resources are due to human activity and population explosions.  From one side of their mouth you hear “save the children/save humans”  just buy our vaccines at $30 billion per year.  Out of the other side of their mouth they say “humans are causing all the problems with the environment, and we need to limit human acvitivity so you need to buy $30 billion worth of contraception and abortion.”

    The few who understand the swindle are known as cooks, quacks, cracked, or just plain weird!!!    I call us realists!!

    If we lived in a world of ultimate cleanliness, nutrition, fidelity, hard work, understanding death in a fallen world, forgiveness of our transgressions when begged, then we would have less disease, less population, less fear, less global crises, less medication, and less govt. control.

    Of course that would defeat the purpose of big pharma sales/govt. intervention, high taxes and world manipulation.

    Us cracked, crooked, weird quacks will just have to learn to bow down to the altar of “pseudo-science” or risk becoming inconsequential in the worlds eye.

  • Concerned CapeTown

    The authorities at the FDA should be charged with, “Crimes against Humanity”. With the decisions that they make, they have hundreds of thousand of deaths on their hands, and the buck has to stop somewhere. There sure is enough evidence to proove that they are guilty. Who is going to get the ball rolling….? 

  • Giorgiotremante
  • Lachaparra73

    Wow, I am praying for all the families involved in this situation. So sad ;( 

  • Giorgiotremante


    the President, of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano, and all
    the Heads of State of the world.

    toponym, in which only two names are engraved, Mark and Andrea
    Tremante, wants to portray the image of many other beings, for now,
    still unnamed, which were sacrificed on the altar of a speculative
    pseudo-science that still dominates in our state in economic terms by
    imposing her will that translates into the practice of compulsory
    vaccination. Only the Veneto Region, across our country, has
    officially taken off since January 2008. Because the other Italian
    regions have not followed this example? Because the drama of adverse
    reactions, including death, vaccinations, and was still wants to
    remain a “TABOO'”? Because these “VICTIMS” are
    not considered “HEROES” like those who died in war, they
    say, for the good of the country? I ask you, Mr. President, to appeal
    to his sensibility and conscience of every Italian, she is legally,
    so that these unfortunate creatures can rest in peace wrapped in the
    George, father of Mark, Andrew and …..Albert.


  • The truth

    I think Missosorich means its just best to know the risks of any and all vaccines before injection. After there in your body you can’t take it back and get a refund.

  • Here is the key statement made, asking of course the right and one of the most important questions. If the concern is actually the health of these children and people, WHY is there no effort made to correct what has always been the largest factor in the transmission of illness, lack of clean water, and less than adequate sanitation? 


    [ Why are vaccines being pushed so strongly in a country which lacks clean drinking water and basic sanitation services? UNICEF blames Chad’s recurrent outbreaks of disease, including meningitis, on this vital, common-sense need. [8] Why have major organizations spent $571 million on a vaccination project, when wells to provide access to clean drinking water have been constructed for less than $3,000 by the International Committee of the Red Cross? [9] ]


    The real history of vaccination amazingly has been altered from its factual and true historical account since day one. There is literally nothing left standing for information that has not been altered and misrepresented, when the opposite outcome was true. Then you can add all the more harm than good that vaccines have  done, which they deny as well, and always will; nothing is ever enough. People must research and educate themselves from as well the unbiased and complete information, and the available unbiased science that the CDC ignores. Much of that is right on the Pubmed site. They must examine for themselves both sides of the information and claims made, and decide for themselves which information in the balance is correct. Otherwise they will simply remain entirely mislead as to the actual safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Your choice.

    History Repeats Itself: Lessons Vaccinators Refuse To Learn By, Jennifer Craig, PhD


  • esdave

    The corrupt FDA IS IN THE PAY OF big corrupt pharmaceuticals so they can peddle their poisons at will,

    If they could have covered this up ,would they then have tried to sell it to europe and other countries, It,s all done for profit , stuff to the people FDA motto , politicians take note bring them to book , that,s if you are also not in Big pharmas pay, and the way the CORRUPT FDA operate by trying to  ban natural products that have NO side effects, makes me wonder.

    The FDA and others think they can operate with impunity, well with sites like VAC TRUTH and people like Christina England they never will ,because PEOPLE POWER WILL bring them to book.

  • Jo

    I would be afraid of anything Bill & Linda Gates are involved with.  They support Planned Parenthood and Abortion.

  • These children have not been vaccinated against the disease, they have been INJECTED WITH the disease…

    Mega doses of intravenously administered vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) will help to limit or completely undo the damage. Dr. Frederic Klenner proved this in 1948 with a group of 60 children paralyzed with polio. ALL of them, even the ones on life support, healed COMPLETELY.

    I hope that by now it is clear that vaccination is a weapon of mass destruction.
    Read the thorough explanation on http://www.drcarley.com

  • Denise M. Sharar

    they will reap what they sow from now on. ass kicking catholic and supporter of the mormons.

  • Denise M. Sharar

    arrest whoever is involved. I only speak once.

  • This is the kid of thing that happens when cronyism runs the medical world.  They are very superstitious about the concept of vaccination and will not hear anything against it, even when people die.

  • One never gets VACCINATED AGAINST a disease.
    One always gets INJECTED WITH a disease.
    These dramatically paralyzed children clearly show:
    vaccination is a weapon of mass destruction.
    Read all the important details on http://www.drcarley.com
    As for healing these poor children: in a polio myelitis epidemic of 60 children in North Carolina Frederic Klenner proved in 1948 that massive doses of vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) could heal even the ones who had been so paralyzed that they already were on life support.
    All 60 children healed completely thanks to Klenner’s vitamin C appproach, see http://nutri.com/49/

  • Lou

    “It is recommended to protect the reconstituted vaccine from direct sunlight.”

    So to save transportation costs and risk lives the “product” is shipped as a concentrate and reconstituted on “the scene”?

    Does anyone see problems with this.?

    So we now need to ask a few more questions.

    o Where was the “vaccine” reconstituted?
    o Who reconstituted the product?
    o Under what conditions?
    o What testing was done on the reconstituted injectable product?
    o ect. ect, ect.


  • Phoenixmonk

    I am f… shocked again!!  WTF they doing with us?! and how long small group of rich people will decide how we have to live?  they poison us on every possible way!? PEOPLE WAKE UP!

  • Maenolle

    I’ve just worked my way through all of the references above cited at the end of the article.  Apart from the unlinked initial reference, none of them say anything about any children dying.  They are links to either the information on menigitis vaccine or the cold chain issues.  I have also put the complete text of reference number one into google, and apart from articles quoting this one, it does not appear to exist.  

    I am interested to discover where the source information comes from.

  • Maybe this is a project of genocide.  Poor country, poor, innocent people, experimental vaccine, not enough medical care, silence from media, children.  Maybe this is the first large scale experiment with this vaccine using them as guinea pigs.

  • I wonder how long it will be for the people of Africa to figure out that vaccines are very dangerous and that the vaccine manufacturers are corrupt and ruthless, and the governments, in this case Africa, are more concerned with human greed than the health of the nation/world.  I wonder if these children have suffered from polio caused by the vaccine poison or have they suffered brain or neurological injury or whatever the case may be. If it is polio, they may recover if treated properly, but the chances of that are remote as even the medics dont know what they are doing.  Vaccinating people who dont have the basics of health, such as clean drinking water and nutrition is asking for terrible trouble. This is reckless and mindless to say the least, but this is what they do because its good for business and human greed will always come first. John Wantling, Rochdale, UK

  • Rainfeather1

    Thats exactly what it is ……genocide…..and if we dont stop it now …….all children everywhere will be killed off. This is why I didnt vaccinate my grandson and they got really mad at me when I asked them why their trials were only done on black and native children. They said they didnt do that anymore……….why would they do it in the first place……….vaccines are so wrong for our bodies…………

  • Immaculatavictory

    I’m with Jo.-

    I too do not trust the Gates family. Publicly Bill has spoken in favor of de-population.. Their P.P. support is nauseating. Poor Africa, please excuse our malice.

  • Erlaka

    Sadly, the people in the USA still do not know how dangerous vaccines are.  Most people like they are safe and that if you don’t vaccinate you are foolish.  

  • Its the same in the Uk, the masses are blind and this is why vaccines continue on as people are stupidly ignorant and follow like sheep and easily manipulated. Its very sad but that is how it is. A bloke I know was well pleased with getting a flu jab, he said it was free so he was very excited, a real bargain. If that vaccine had paralysed him, then he may think differently. They learn the hard way.

  • I think that america more than anywhere is in a state of self-destruction. Terrorists must think to themselves, why should they bother with america when they are doing a far better job than any terrorist could do. Self destruction is madness, it weakens the nation and all the children end up autistic and damaged in some way.  Its hard to understand such a mentality but this is what they are doing and human greed  and ignorance is one of the main reasons. John Wantling, Rochdale, UK

  • THE USA AND ENGLAND have been the LEADING killers of children in the WORLD for at least 200 years and americans claim to care about the children ,all the while sending the likes of BILL GATES to poison the children all ove the world ( like the 40,000 children who got polio in INDIA from BILL GATES polio vaccine) and america the worlds worst child killers think the lord hasn’t noticed,I can tell you HE HAS NOTICED,HE has also told HIS FOLLOWERS to get ready he’s going to DESTROY AMERICA because of people like BILL GATES murdering children all over the world………………………

  • THE DEATH TOLL from american vaccines has surpassed all wars in history,ANYONE STUPID enough to allow anyone to inject anything into their children,should have them taken away because there to stupid to be raiseing children,AND ANYONE WHO INJECTS ANYTHING into a child IS A STONE COLD KILLER,are these the sort of people you would trust to provide medical care for your children,DON’T LET a fancy white smok fool you, even killers can buy a clean white smok to wear,THAT DON’T MEAN HE AIN’T A KILLER OF CHILDREN,look at BILL GATES he’s killed more children then probly the queen of england has ,and she has killed or caused the death of millions of children,DO NOT LET ANYONE INJECT ANYTHING INTO YOUR CHILD………………………..

  • I know most americans can’t read,SO please tell the people who have never read the bible,THE LORD SAYS-ANYONE HARMING MY LITTLE ONES, WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE A MILLSTONE TIED AROUND THEIR NECK AND BE CAST INTO THE SEA, COMPARED TO WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THEM FOR HARMING MY LITTLE ONES,good thing americans don’t read,OTHER WISE THEY’D BE SCARED TO DEATH…..cause JUDGEMENT is about to fall on america,HE’S shown me whats about to happen,WOE,WOE,WOE to america,your really in for it now……………….

  • kevin calegari

    this was a gift from Bill and Melinda Gates. People need to realize the goal of these mass murderers and its not to prevent disease but to kill. These vaccines a laced with poisons including mercury do its no wonder these poor children paralyzed.

  • Tipakrutoy

    we are not human or sovereign  any more we are resident citizens people or pupils but not humans and parents are just custodians for the kids because we are tricked into signing are kids  away to that state on the title that the state calls a birth certificate in return for benefits so we could play government , after you sign the birth certificate then state turns around and in trust you to be the  custodial parent they grant you custody of your own child and that is why cps has right to take away their child from you they decide that you are a parent that is not doing so good with their product which is your child they got us you have to sign your rights away in order to play government or you cant exist in the system lawyers speak proper English in which they understand contracts we speak false English  language  that has been modified in order to put a vial over are eyes so that we do not see or (c) thing for what they r  open your I’s 2 the language  and also the united states of america is not a country its a corporations 

  • Patsuemar

    An irish visionary recently had jesus appear to her warning of a global plan to poison people especially children through vaccinations. see the websit ‘the warning second coming’

  • Magoh


  • Nancytime

    “Why have major organizations spent $571 million on a vaccination project, when wells to provide access to clean drinking water have been constructed for less than $3,000 by the International Committee of the Red Cross?”  Answer:  Eugenics

  • Saddd

    Gates should be held accountable for this crime against these children.  He knew full well of what would happen to these already compromised children.  Give them vaccinations instead of clean water, sanitation, healthy foods.  Karma please tend to this quickly. 

  • Mike Lusher

     Absolutely correct – worse than experimentation so often undertaken in Africa by Pharmaceutical Companies at the cost of lives for many and quality of life for many others. Who are these moguls who decide who should be on Earth and who should not – I do know most of them, not personally, I am glad to say, but the Gates name comes up frequently as they disguise eugenics through, apparent, philanthropy. We are here to create life not destroy it. They should be brought to account as were the perpetrators of the Holocaust? $ 571,000,000 when so much more could be done through prevention measures involving basic life necessities – their Government must also be accountable for this tragedy.

    Mike, Tasmania, Australia

  • Nothere

    http://www.thenigerianvoice.com/nvnews/105057/1/chad-40-paralyzed-after-meningitis-vaccine.html   No child has died as of yet. They are paralyzed. Parents were paid money to hush them.

  • SPMedia

    Christina England, the author, unfortunately all the sources you’ve referenced say nothing about its claims of 40 children being paralyzed. 

    To that NOT even being consistent in this article, it states 40 child paralyzed, yet a few paragraphs after, it’s states that “50 paralyzed children.” This story is just that, a story, and filled with a ridiculous amount of holes in it.

    I actually read through all the references that were sourced, and NOTHING states what this article suggests.

    It’s unfortunate that every other website just regurgitates the same misinformation that this site put out.

    “Mr. M.”? – as this article states. Right!

    Nice making up a story to get traffic to your website – next time just title it as FICTION?

  • Brideharkin

     i think she mentions the problems caused by the media NOT covering it, and the information was only leaked in an email, describing how it is being hushed. it would be a great shame if someone like you stopped them getting the story out because you wanted proof based on the other sources, which are likely corruptible anyway. these stories are not uncommon but are covered up and it is important to know where there are rumours or smoke on these issues. serious consideration is needed, and to simply slam it based on asking for more evidence than someones plea for help in an email is neglectful. we have a social responsibility. it seems you are more after journalistic points in essay writing than the people involved

  • Brideharkin

     also it states AT LEAST 40. not limited to 40

  • Brideharkin

     yes it seems they pluck areas they feel they can control as live testing grounds

  • chad—-Gouro

    Hello this Mr M from chad direct;  After this website publish the news about the tragedy. The prime minister of chad has visited the hopital where the paralyzed children are now accommadated. The news now on Chad national TV  prime minister with children. I got the video but here internet is very but. for those who has doubt just give a little time to upload the video.

  • Hubert

    I follow this “SCAM”for some time know.Most peopel are not aware who are the the big players in the Pharmacuticel Field.It not a conspiracy theorie,.The Rockefellers running this scams for population controll.the Goverments are also dictatet and politicel “PROSTETUTIENS>them self to this Zionist “RULERS””This disspicelebel scum stopping any ÄLTERNETIV>cures when ever one comes up;I would sugest one has to aducate them self,in that matter,to BEAT this “PARACITICEL SCUM””

  • Annie Linux

    http://childhealthsafety.wordpress.com/graphs/   ……. read about; Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries Of Official Statistics. This is the data the drug industry do not want you to see. Here 2 centuries of UK, USA and Australian official death statistics show conclusively and scientifically modern medicine is not responsible for and played little part in substantially improved life expectancy and survival from disease in western economies.

    The main advances in combating disease over 200 years have been better food and clean drinking water. Improved sanitation, less overcrowded and better living conditions also contribute. This is also borne out in published peer reviewed research:
    “The questionable contribution of medical measures to the decline of mortality in the United States in the twentieth century“. McKinlay JB, McKinlay SM, Milbank Mem Fund Q Health Soc. 1977 Summer; 55(3): 405-28.
    “Symposium: Accomplishments in Child Nutrition during the 20th Century. Infant Mortality in the 20th Century, Dramatic but Uneven Progress” Myron E. Wegman School of Public Health, University of Michigan: J. Nutr. 131: 401S–408S, 2001.

  • SPMedia

    Getting your information from absolutely no credible or reliable sources is not quality journalism, it’s simply hearsay, and any writer knows this – although it’s seem to escape this writers grasp.

    The reason the media isn’t covering it, because there’s nothing that ties back to the claims of this article – not one single item. Anyone can say anything about anything, but that doesn’t make it so, especially if it’s from someone in an email to someone else who somehow thinks it could somehow be relevant. Right!

    You state, “….. because you wanted proof based on the other sources, which are likely corruptible anyway.” Really? You lay claim to a source being corruptible on evidence of no source at all, but rather assume any references would just be wrong, so what’s the point in checking it’s authenticity –  really? Is that how you critically analyze something to be true or not?

    Sorry, but I don’t. I’d much rather have reliable sources backed by references, which she did source, but say absolutely nothing about the children falling ill.  I know vaccines are toxic and should not be given in most cases, but to make up a story about it paralyzing children and use these children as a basis to lay harmful claims, is libelous and just wrong for anyone to do just to sell their books on vaccines, as does this writer and website.

    For shame anyone using children to pull on the heartstrings of people.

    And yes, I am very aware how U.S. federal agencies are a major force behind the deaths and injury of millions of people.


  • sol2soul77

    i dont doubt you are genuine but what would be the motives of getting out such a story i am from chad and i have friends near this area who say there are reports of quite a few children being very ill due to vaccinations they were administered. my question is if so why are the mainstream media quiet about it perhaps because its african children and thier lives are not worth alot, or perhaps they are trying to get their products out too market and this sort of mishap wouldnt be good for business, or perhaps its not news worthy, interestingly similar thing happened in america in a small town forget the name but a few kids were diagnosed with autism and its been linked to vaccinations, children today face more than 62 various innoculations before they are 2, and they are not providing the number one cure for any diesease good food. 

  • SPMedia

    I don’t doubt that vaccines are a money-making-ploy for BigPharma, but to your question about what would be the motive behind a fallacious story on this Vac Truth website – web traffic = money.

    They have ads on this site, books to sell and other motivating products. This ‘could’ be the reason and more likely it is.

    Put yourself in the shoes of the people who run this website; they have to make money somehow to keep the website running; how do you think they do that?

    The World Health Organization has nothing about this story. I’m not trying to demonize this website, but there’s not one thing that speaks the “truth” about 40 or 50 children being paralyzed by vaccines. Sorry.

  • Autismnewsbeat

    Now there’s a quality comment.

  • Christina England


    Just to answer your questions.

    The newspaper is not online, so I am afraid that you will never find it. Some newspapers are not and sadly this is a fact. La Voix is a very small local newspaper and I have been informed that Internet connections are extremely poor in this area.

    Computers and Internet connections are extremely expensive and they cannot afford to put this online.

    As for 40 or 50 children affected.

    The newspaper said at least 40 and my informant Mr M said the the number was 50. As he is a relative of the two victims photographed I gave both figures.

    Mr M cannot be named for safety reasons. However, if you look very closely at all the comments you will see that he has bravely come on to VacTruth and commented.

    As for my integrity. My report is true. I have more information and facts to come that will prove this. It takes time to gain the information and to write an article. I have written two for Vactruth this week.

    I now have more facts on this tragic situation which I will present them in full to readers of the VacTruth site within the next few days.


  • Christina England

     I would just like to say thank you to all of the readers who have commented on this article.


  • Christina England

     Thank you BrideharkinThere is more to come but as you say it is being hushed up.Christina

  • Westic

    A link to the actual source would be nice..
    Hate to think you just made the whole thing up Christina.
    The story by Andre Byakzahbo at La Voix and where you got the comments of Mr M (is his life in danger??) would go a long way to allaying my fears you fabricate a lot of your blog content.
    Looking forward to some supporting links.

  • SPMedia

    That’s great to hear. I look forward to more information on this topic.

  • A bunch of BS.  I have few doubts to the truth of al this !!

  • Friend

    Here is a local source from Chad which confirms your story. The article says, at the very end, that ‘According to a hospital source, 50 children were paralyzed, 90 % of which are girls…’ 


  • Ariel Berger

    So what if only 40 children got paralysed!?…460 did not; and in the long run even those that are paralysed will experience the healthy benefits from the Vaccine… God Bless  That wonderful humanitarian Bill Gates and our beloved Medical  Masters who have created so much healthy benefits for us all…

  • Internet access and computers are extremely expensive. Thus Mr. M. and sol2soul77 must be rich? They can send emails and comment on this blog. Hmmmm how do they manage this without internet and a computer? Did they use the hush money to buy themselves a computer and internet connection? I hope they rejected the hush money seeing as they have spoken out now. (IF this whole thing about hush money is true. IF this whole story is true…..)

  • Almost as good as yours, Ken Reibel. The vaccine more harm than good denialist of the year; editor of the autismfalsenewsbeat blog. Is there anywhere left on planet earth you have not spread your article reply posting selective ignorance and denial? You know, like Skippy Peanut Butter on a half moldy slice of bread? Who pays you for that, Paul Offit?


  • Debs

    think you would feel different if it was your child that was paralized Ariel and WHAT benefit will they receive from the vaccine??? There vegetables!

  • Diogenes

     I agree.  Nobody has any information on this that does not originate from Ms. Christina England at  vactruth.
    Absolutely no corroborating information at all.  None.
    La Voix is conveniently without web presence.
    Mr. M is conveniently anonymous.
    Do either of these entities exist in reality?

    Ms. England states “Mr M cannot be named for safety reasons.” but apparently La Voix can report on the story, in depth, with impunity.
    Does anyone believe this?

    Now Ms. England states she has more corroborating information which she will reveal shortly.  If it is of such a quality that the readership cannot determine if it is real or made-up by a hoaxer I suggest she not bother and devote her efforts to finding some real evidence that this episode in fact took place as related.

    As it is now, Ms. England is the only source for this information and it is of a quality that it could be a completely made up lie as there is no way to check.  The possibilities are: Ms. England has valid info and unfortunately published it before verifiable sources could be found,  Ms. England is the target of a lying hoaxer,  Ms. England is in fact the perpetrator of a hoax.

    Hoping to see some *verifiable* corroboration as should have been presented in the first place.  Right now this story stinks like something from a lunatic conspiracy site.

  • What is it that you find so unbelievable SP, about children being paralyzed by a new and unproven vaccine? There are over 80,000 cases of AFP worldwide that exist for the most part, in only the underdeveloped countries that are using the oral polio vaccine. Do you deny that too? The WHO blames it on found existing enteroviruses, and claims it unrelated to the vaccine. Oddly, those found viruses only exist in countries that use that vaccine, and have significant clean water and sanitation problems.  

    I doubt that any part of this story has been fabricated; nor do I believe it to be any unfounded mistake, regarding the claims made. Yes, all the articles do link back to this article, but there is simply to much to it to be any sort of a fraud. To bad the CDC doesn’t use the same burden of proof, when they made the claim that vaccines were safe and effective.

    http://www.vacfacts.info (Continued Failure of the Polio Vaccine Campaign)


  • Maenolle

    That article appears to be this one above – the author is the same, and after running it through Google translate, (my highschool french was not good enough!) it is the same article as the one that appears on this page.

  • Maenolle

    That article quotes this one as the source… 

  • Argus

    Christina, it appears that you just made this whole thing up. Numerous commentors have asked for collaboration of your claims, yet you seem to be unable to supply them. It seems like you frequently have this problem with your articles.
    I’m wondering what your motivation could be. Is it, as someone suggested, to drive traffic to this web site? Does Jeffry give you a cut of the ad revenues?

  • VaccineRisks

    Brilliant investigative journalism by Christina E, describing tragic cases of paralysis after the
    MenAfriVac  meningitis vaccine.  These vaccines were not stored in a cool temperature.
    Hundreds are still suffering after a meningitis vaccine experiment in Norway in the 90’s.
    Both vaccines contain mercury and aluminium, a dangerous combination.  Aluminium increases toxicity of mercury up to 100 percent.
    The MenAfriVac vaccine should be immediately withdrawn, irrespective of temperature conditions.

  • Meirav harel

    god bless you christina for publishing this story!!!!
    i pray for the poor kids :(
    meirav, israel

  • Roberto_agustoni

    Where are statements from the involved organizations – PATH, Serum Institute of India pocked money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop this bad vaccine.  Why has this vaccination program not been suspended? What are these organizations going to do about the atrocity that has happened in Gouro?

  • Ogi_Okalmunga

    The MenAfriVac vaccine should be immediately withdrawn – An appeal to WHO & UNICEF

  • Argus

    This isn’t investigative journalism at all.  Christina has not made any effort to obtain first-hand information or obtain any corroborating or confirming information.
    At best, she is passing along and embellishing a rumor.  At worst, this whole thing is a fabrication.

  • Argus

    So here is what Christina is leaving out of her story,  Sub-Saharan Africa (where Chad is located) is suffering from an outbreak of meningitis.
    Thousands of children have come down with meningitis, and hundreds have died from the disease.
    Since the pictures and videos that are included in the two articles are unsubstantiated, there is no reason to believe that Christina’s descriptions are accurate.  We don’t even know if they are from Chad, or some other country and unrelated to each other.

    But assuming they do depict events in Chad, it is also possible – much more likely, in fact – that the children talked about and shown in the pictures have come down with meningitis – THE DISEASE.
    Time will tell – – –

  • Elf1202

    Perhaps you have not heard, Argus that children in Africa are not suffering from a lack of vaccines, but from lack of clean drinking water.  Why aren’t these companies and Bill and Melinda trying to get clean water sources for those suffering, rather than pushing their toxic, poisonous vaccines.  Hummmm!   Wonder why!

  • Argus

    And here we have the latest anti-vaccine trope that is making the rounds.
    It’s a false dichotomy – providing for one need does NOT prevent the other one from being supplied.
    Bill and Melinda Gates started a foundation and made its focus the provision of needed vaccines to parts of the world that suffer from preventable diseases. There are charitable organizations are focused on other needs, like food, water, etc. For all we know, the Gates’s also give large donations to some of these groups.
    And you, Elf1202, are free to direct your own charitable donations wherever you see fit.
    Without any criticism frome.

  • Joan chidester

    Thank you for revieling the truth,Thank you

  • john

    Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are committing Treason & Murder at the highest levels… Start a petition to the white house demanding there arrest… They should be hung at high noon for everyone to see!

  • Kalo

    How much is the B&M Foundation paying you Argus?  We all know they are paying individuals to troll the internet to post pro-vaccine disinformation.

  • good job bill you four eyed demon 

  • Peter Hornby

    Why did you selectively quote the material from the manufacturer’s website?  According to your story, they say:
    “MenAfriVac should be stored and transported between 2-8ºC. Protect from light. The diluent should be stored at 25°C. It is recommended to protect the reconstituted vaccine from direct sunlight. Do not exceed the expiry date stated on the external packaging.”

    True – they do say that.  However, you conveniently failed to quote the very next sentence, which is:

    “Immediately prior to reconstitution the vaccine is stable and can be used when exposed up to 40ºC for period of 4 days provided the vaccine has not reached its expiry date and the vaccine vial monitor has not reached the discard point.”

    How is this different from the quote you give from the Meningitis Vaccination Project?

  • Whoever

    “…….. To date, a total of 1126 subjects have been followed to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of the MenAfriVacTM vaccine.
    The subjects in the trials were followed for AEFI for at least 1
    month after vaccination and for serious adverse events up to at least 1
    year after vaccination. MenAfriVacTM vaccine did not cause
    any adverse reactions beyond 4 days post immunization; the adverse
    events observed were comparable between study and control vaccine
    groups, except for injection site tenderness which was more common (13%)
    among those in the MenAfriVacTM vaccine group. No particular
    safety concerns were identified in any of the age groups evaluated.
    None of the 137 serious adverse events (including 14 deaths) reported in
    the vaccine studies were assessed to be related to the study vaccines.” Source: WHO, Review of safety profileLink: http://www.who.int/vaccine_safety/committee/topics/mena_conjugate/MenA_conjugate/en/index.html WTF did i just read ? 137 serious adverse reactions (including 14 deaths) ? Out of 1126 ? Not related ? 10% serious adverse reaction, 1% mortality not related ? Straight from the horse’s mouth …

  • Jess


  • Jess

    Wow you are one huge idiot.

  • Anony-poos

    The question which is as pertinent–or perhaps even more so–than temperatures the batches were exposed to, is what kind of toxic preservative is used in the manufacture of this vaccine. I would be surprised if there were not more instances of paralysis and other severe adverse reactions outside of this cohort–perhaps just the magnitude of this event is what puts it in the public eye. I hope that those who are responsible for such suffering are treated equally by karma.

  • Christina England

     Thank you for this Whoever. Very useful. Christina

  • James

    OMG… this comment alone highlights the type of people who are reading these misguided articles. There are no facts in this comment… state your sources for these quotes that you just made up that have no facts at all! What you are saying here is that the number of people who died is roughly the population of the USA!

    Actually I am the fool here to respond to the insane people who read such misguided and unbalanced articles.
    Don’t you think that you would be better off condemning the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq?? The true conspiracy is that you are falling for a so called conspiracy that doesn’t exist, therefore diverting your attention away from what really matters. The Oil companies have you totally brainwashed! LOL!

  • James

    Again, the facts are being lost due to an agenda to make vaccines out to be a monster… the fact is the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation ARE investing on clean water infrastructure: http://www.gatesfoundation.org/What-We-Do/Global-Development/Water-Sanitation-and-Hygiene

  • Joshua Hill

    The author of the article claims a number of involved parties have failed to make statements. Did the author directly approach them for comment? because they certainly didn’t state this in their article above.

  • the homeopath

    Those who promote or give these “safe” vaccines should be made to accept responsibility for the damage they cause. The problem is I haven’t been able to find a doctor or a nurse who knows what is in the vaccines. They are just pimps for the vaccine manufacturers.

  • Vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

  • It seems more likely to me that you are a pharma shill paid to troll anti-vax websites which keep an eye on Billy’s criminal activities.

  • I get the feeling that Ariel was being sarcastic Debs!

  • Ivet Flexon

    That changes nothing, 40 children are still paralyzed…don’t get caught up in the minutiae, this article isn’t about that!

  • Gusset

    I hate bad grammar too. To recap “they are” = “they’re”. “There” = “there”. End of lesson.

  • William Drapou

    I find it interesting that all of the commentators on the “Danger” of vaccines and vaccinations are not entitled to place an M.D. or R.N. after their names. Science requires that you adhere to a set of rules, things like evaluating DATA, not Apocrypha. While the anti-vax crowd continues to make claims, they continue to fail to produce evidence.
    As for the accusatory statements in the article, Responsible organizations, (as well as responsible journalists) wait until the FACTS are established before making proclamations. The author seems to have started with the assumption that the Vaccine is automatically the culprit, and slanted the article from there.
    What about the water used to reconstitute the vaccine? Could THAT have been contaminated, (in a country that have a severe shortage of potable water). The author didn’t ask,
    She did ask several questions, assumed to be rhetorical, as she COULD have asked the responsible parties. Did she ask the Government why the parents were paid “hush money” (the author’s phrase)? the article doesn’t say. Was the money intended to offset medical costs? Again, the author didn’t ask.
    Conclusion: I am glad to see that fine traditions of yellow journalism; slanted and biased reporting, cherry-picked “facts”, and an utter failure to tell both sides of a story; is not dead. Good job, Ms England, I am sure there is a scandal sheet out there that can use your “services”.

  • Crazy Pilot

    Formalin will be the only and last chemical that’s going to be injected into me !

  • the housewife

    I can only agree with this.

    Here in Pakistan the same scenario happen ate the same time. We had a Media mass scare about measles and sudden a measles campaign of free injectable vaccine shots, by bill gateas and company supplied.
    suddenly alarming rises of aggressive measles , rubella and death of measles were reported.

    Children became mass paralyzed and dies like flies and became serious sick after those free ant measles ( MMR) shots were given.

    But with diet , supplements and herbal preparations all became fine within 2 weeks.

    All at same time the free vaccine campaign was lounged.
    After some time and thousand of sick children and hundreds of death , the vaccine campaign came to a stand still.

    Now nobody speaks about it and no media coverage .

    One has to mention that i received all childhood vaccines and boosters and ma mandatory vaccine to train and work as a nurse in Germany!
    So i caught mumps, measles, rubella, hepatitis, meningitis just to name a view.

    No her in Pakistan the government forced the Pakistani or even foreigner who travel within Pakistan to show a certificate which proofs that they received anti polio vaccines. if not they will be stopped and forced on the spot to vaccinate!
    Recently the age for mandatory polio vaccine has been raised up to 10 years and even adults have too prove if they had anti polio vaccines!

    Please forgive the typos. My keyboard jammed.Also one has to note that majority of the poor people who were vaccinated in these places in Africa and Pakistan are Muslim by religion and their law and believe does not allow to harm oneself or any other creature or use filth , harming or intoxicating substances .( no matter what media propagates otherwise)

    So now the so called muslim government after pressure of bill gates and WHO are changing and withholding information about vaccine ingredient and their effects so hoodwink the last who refuse to vaccinate into the net of medical fraud and mass killings and sterilizations and disabling.
    This country is working now on free hepatic B and C vaccines and still go back on the track of anti polio campaigns!.

  • Lou

    Yes we can say this branch of the MenAfriVacTM vaccine vaccine development is now closed. On to the next African country to test another branch. Perhaps we may find less than 11% immediate abject failure.

  • Lou

    “At worst, this whole thing is a fabrication.”

    Close but not it.

    How is this?

    “At best, “vaccination” is a fabrication. At worst “vaccination” is premeditated murder/genocide.”

  • Lou

    “50 children were paralyzed, 90 % of which are girls…’ ”

    That makes good sense. I have long suspected the real targets of many of these wonderful “vaccines” are those 500 unfertilized eggs residing in the young “vaccinated” girls. One girl suffering Premature Menopause after the “HPV vaccine” was examined and each and every one of her eggs was dead. I suspect this is COMMON.

    “In 2012, the British Medical Journal published a paper by Dr. Deidrie Little titled Premature Ovarian Failure 3 Years After Menarche in a 16 Year-Old Girl Following Human Papillomavirus Vaccination, in which Dr. Little detailed the case of a sixteen year-old girl suffering from premature menopause after receiving the HPV vaccine Gardasil. The summary of the paper states: … Further testing confirmed that all of her eggs—every last one—were dead. She was and is totally and irrevocably infertile. … The Weekly
    Briefing article has since been removed, but a complete copy of the article can be found on several websites, including Population Research Institute. [3]” Vaccines Can Cause Infertility Note folks you need to READ this article. NOT only is the “HPV vaccination” making us infertile but they are COVERING IT UP.


  • Satan Devil

    It’s funny that you say that because I have yet to see any study confirm that vaccines are safe and effective, done by any Doctor that is not paid by the drug companies that make them. And how are these measles outbreaks happening in areas where 95% of people are vaccinated? If it is 99% effective as they claim then how is it spreading? And why haven’t they said if it is the wild strain of measles or the vaccine one? (look it up as the vaccine can give you measles as they are using a live attenuated strain) And why is there a special vaccine court where you have to prove that a vaccine gave you an adverse reaction? Shouldn’t these drug companies have to prove it wasn’t the vaccine that was injected into me that didn’t cause harm instead of the other way around. The top immunologist has said that vaccines give you auto antibodies that cause autoimmune disease lated in life and depends on you’re genetics as to the reactions. Look it up vaccine safety part 13 on Utube.

  • Queen Mennon


  • ang

    I havent read this, just wanted to add information… Australia decided to give free vaccinations for meningoccocal disease. M daughter researched it before decidiing not to vaccine her kids… Why did she decidee not to after researchin?
    1. That milder stain is non exsistent in our state of Australia… so why vaccinate?
    2. By vaccinating with the milder strain, it meant the strain, that did the horrific statistics (no vaccine), actually had no more competition.

  • ang

    And my baby suffering Zoloft induced half a heart syndrome, died in agony? No, I would not ever accept “silence payments”.. //
    but I cant sue, I live in Australia, apparently only USA parents can sue?
    The Columbine tragedy? Kids recently put on drugs…the victims parents took the drug company to court. And all accepted financial, undisclosed payments. ALL PAID OUT BY THE DRUG COMPANIES. Sorry these parents do not have my respect, for the death of their own children..

  • ang

    Why did you bother to read it?????????? Water to reconstitute the vaccine? never heard that one..they all come in prepakaged little vials….. do you think vaccine manufacturers just send the stuff out in an old coke bottle for the locals to add water to? OMG?.. 500 had vaccines, 40 are paralysed… how dare they suspect the vaccine. Are you serious? Or just a nutter?

  • ang

    And the pertussis vaccine used after 1997- doesnt work. 80% success (auoted by manufacturer)… they forget to mention that that falls to 0% vaccine immunity around ten years. Tehy also neglect to mention that vaccine immune, doesnt mean immune…. ie those vaccinated, are found to be carriers of the pertussis if infected (which is quite likely as even 100% vaccinated, means immunity 80%- 0% in ten years). Also vaccinated women, dont pass the vaccine immunity through in their breastmilk.. ie REALITY? A HUMAN DISASTER OF EPIC PROPORTIONS……. A fully vaccinated mother, can give pertussis to her baby….. at the time the infant is most vulnerable.
    Australia recommends revaccinating (with the pertussis part of the triple vaccine), if you are pregnant, or likely to be around a newborn (even if fully vaccinated)…. A knee jerk reaction, hoping this will work. They do not reccomend revaccinating children who are now in the pertussis outbreaks, happening globally now (those vaccinated, but immunity has worn off).. REALITY NOW? let the kids get pertussis at this age, then they will get real immunity.

  • akatrixy

    My daughter just turned 11 and at 9 had her first seizure I am going to look and see if she had this Vaccine because I have been searching for answers to why the sudden seizures started