WHO Reluctant to Suspend Vaccine After 26 Children Die in the Developing World

A health worker vaccinates a toddler.

A health worker vaccinates a toddler.

According to reports, at least 26 children have died and many more have been seriously injured after they were given the 5 in 1 vaccine, Quinvaxem. [1] Newspapers have reported that all of the victims suffered adverse reactions including fevers, vomiting and the appearance of bruises all over their bodies. [2] Quinvaxem, being offered at no cost to recipients by UNICEF, is a pre-qualified vaccine on trial in developing countries. Currently being given to babies as young as eight weeks of age, this pentavalent vaccine is said to protect infants and young children against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B, and Hib (haemophilus influenzae type b).

According to reports, local authorities have suspended all the controversial batches for testing. However, the Health Ministry said there are no problems with the vaccine’s quality, distribution, preservation or administration. [3]

Although deaths have been reported from Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan and India, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stood by the safety of Quinvaxem, stating that all their studies of the vaccine, made in South Korea, affirm its safety!

Children Being Used as Guinea Pigs

Once again, here is another example of children dying and many others suffering horrific side effects from a vaccine being tested on vulnerable children in developing countries. Isn’t it about time the WHO stopped pretending that they are in the business of protecting children and admitted to the fact they are instead part of a world depopulation program?

I urge readers to read a paper written by Dr. Rebecca Carley titled Inoculations: The True Weapons of Mass Destructions Causing VIDS (Vaccine-Induced Diseases) (An Epidemic of Genocide) in which she states:

In fact, the ‘prevention’ of a disease via vaccination is, in reality, an inability to expel organisms due to the suppression of the cell-mediated response. Thus, rather than preventing disease, the disease is actually prevented from ever being resolved.” [4]

She saw all these atrocities coming before many others and has been desperately trying to warn the public, ever since.

Possible Kawasaki Disease

It is quite possible that many of these children have suffered an autoimmune response after being vaccinated with this vaccine. I back up this opinion with a variety of articles and papers on Kawasaki disease.

Kawasaki disease is an autoimmune disorder that can occur after a vaccination. In fact, scientists who have studied the illness in depth say that evidence strongly suggests that an infectious agent, such as a virus or a vaccine, causes the illness. [5]

Children suffering from Kawasaki disease suffer symptoms very similar to those suffered by the children vaccinated with Quinvaxem. I have linked this disorder to the children vaccinated with Quinvaxem because the disease can cause children to suffer from the following:

  • red, bloodshot eyes caused by conjunctivitis, but with no pus
  • a blotchy, red rash mainly on the trunk of your child’s body or on the genitals
  • reddened, dry or cracked lips
  • a red, inflamed tongue with circular white patches that look like a strawberry, often with a red sore throat
  • large swollen lumps (lymph glands) on either side of your child’s neck
  • swollen hands and feet which become red and hard, often resulting in peeling skin on the fingertips and toes two to three weeks after the disease has started
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • sore abdomen (tummy)
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • painful or swollen joints

Many children can go on to die of heart failure or heart attack. Kawasaki disease is said to be the most common cause of acquired heart disease in children in the UK and the USA. [6]

In a paper written by P.A. Brogan et al. titled “Kawasaki disease: an evidence based approach to diagnosis, treatment, and proposals for future research,” the authors state:

In 1967 Tomisaku Kawasaki described 50 Japanese children with an illness characterized by fever, rash, conjunctival injection, erythema and swelling of hands and feet, and cervical lymphadenopathy … KD is commonest in Japan where more than 125 000 cases have been reported. The disease is also commoner in Japanese and other Oriental children living abroad. Children aged 6 months to 5 years are most susceptible, with peak incidence in children aged 9–11 months. Seasonal variation in the disease incidence has been reported, with peak occurrence in the winter and spring months. Direct person to person spread is not observed, although in Japan the disease occurs more commonly in siblings of index cases with an estimated peak incidence of 8–9% in siblings under the age of 2 years.

Interestingly, the authors do mention vaccination as a possible trigger:

… Irritability is an important sign, which is virtually universally present, although not included as one of the diagnostic criteria. The exact mechanism of the irritability is unclear, but it may be related to the presence of aseptic meningitis. Another clinical sign not incorporated into the diagnostic criteria, but which is relatively specific to KD, is the development of erythema and induration at sites of BCG immunisations. The mechanism of this clinical sign is cross reactivity of T cells in KD patients between specific epitopes of mycobacterial and human heat shock proteins. With an increasing number of infants receiving the BCG in the UK, it is likely that this sign will become more common, and awareness of it could result in earlier diagnosis and treatment.” (emphasis added)

If you read the above statements carefully, you may recognize that the ages of children at highest risk of contracting the disease are the precise age at which they receive the highest number of vaccines.

Dr. Michael Innis often refers to the disease in suspected child abuse cases, saying that the marks and bruising seen in cases of Kawasaki disease are often mistaken for child abuse. [7]

Three researchers who wrote a paper titled “Kawasaki disease in an infant following immunization,” published by the National Institute of Health, stated in their abstract:

We here describe a 35 day-old infant who developed Kawasaki disease 1 day after receiving his second dose of hepatitis B vaccine. Although extremely rare, this possible side effect should be noted and further investigated.” [8]

This paper was written in 2003, so, why isn’t the link between vaccination and KD being thoroughly investigated?

Another paper titled “Kawasaki disease after vaccination: reports to the vaccine adverse event reporting system 1990-2007,” stated:

Through October 14, 2007, 107 KD reports were received by VAERS: 26 were categorized as classic cases, 19 atypical, 52 possible, and 10 were noncases. Of the 97 cases, 91% were children.” [9]

Although the authors concluded that their review did not suggest an elevated KD risk for RotaTeq or other vaccines, they suggested the continued post-marketing monitoring for KD was ongoing.

All of these papers suggest that continuous multiple vaccinations may possibly heighten the risk of young children developing this disease. I have only offered a selection of many papers for readers to study.

One of the most memorable reminders that KD can and does occur after vaccinations was written by Lisa Blakemore-Brown in a response to the Finnish study about the safety of MMR vaccine on the British Medical Journal in 2001. She wrote:

If a group of people collapse after eating, say, lemon sole,in a particular restaurant, it would be ludicrous for those responsible to wave a hand over the problem saying that millions of people eat Lemon Sole every day and there are no problems. Health and safety officials will get straight to the point of the issue and look at the fish in the restaurant, look at the individuals, test findings in the lab.

As hundreds of parents have found their children to react to vaccine, in some cases leading to the ‘new variant autism’ of loss of communication skills, motor impairments and bowel problems, is it not these cases the government should be looking at for answers?

The incidence of this particular tapestry of autism is indisputable. This is not related to increased recognition of autism, The TYPE is unusual and baffling to education and health professionals. In one of my cases of very obvious and indisputable reaction to pertussis vaccine the child in question has been found to have Kawasaki disease, her own immune system attacking itself. She presents as Asperger. There is no autism in the family, but the baby had allergies prior to the vaccine. It is scientific examination of cases like this which will enable us to ultimately put measures in place to reassure the public.

Blanket refusal to look at the real issues and prevention of individuals exercising choice seems a dangerous policy, especially just before an election.” [10]

I have chosen to include  her excellent contribution because it really does have some very strong and firm advice for organizations such as UNICEF who offer vaccinations to vulnerable children like sweets.

Like Dr Carley, many have attempted to discredit Ms Blakemore-Brown’s work. You have to wonder why, don’t you? Both of them are talented, gifted professionals, sharing similar concerns across opposite sides of the world, along with hundreds of others professionals saying exactly the same statements, many of whom in recent years have become targets of vicious hate campaigns, before having their careers sabatoged.


It has become second nature for the likes of WHO and UNICEF to offer free trial and banned vaccinations to the poor and vulnerable populations in the developing world. These are God’s children, too, and they are very precious. They are not lab rats or guinea pigs to be tested at leisure. They are like any other children; they have brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and grandparents who love them dearly.

Their innocent parents believe the propaganda being fed to them by the likes of UNICEF. They believe that these vaccines are safe and will protect their precious babies. Instead, their children are dying the most horrific deaths after being given pre-qualified vaccines.

Lisa Blakemore-Brown was right when she said, “Blanket refusal to look at the real issues and prevention of individuals exercising choice seems a dangerous policy.” Isn’t it about time to look at the real issues surrounding vaccination and stop testing innocent and vulnerable communities with pre-qualified vaccines which are unfit for any purpose?


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Christina England, BA Hons

  • “the Health Ministry said there are no problems with the vaccine’s quality, distribution, preservation or administration.” – except that it kills children! This child abuse and crime against humanity will continue until parents all over the world say NO to having their children poisoned with potentially lethal vaccines under the guise of disease prevention.

  • Pediatricians and other specialists that deal with our precious children: Our eyes are open by we do not see! We CAN’T admit that vaccines cause health troubles and death in children, so no matter how much evidence comes forth proving the contrary, we will not “see” it. Despite the fact that there have been excellent articles discussing vaccine dangers (like this one), along with a number of excellent books, documentaries and so forth, on the subject, the health agencies and “professionals” out there–both in the U.S. and abroad, STILL insist that vaccines are safe. This is NOT science, but something else. It reminds us of Archie Kalakeronis, M.D. of Australia who found vitamin C could prevent SIDS in Aborigine populations, no small task since at the time he tried vitamin C, infant mortality was the highest in the world: fifty percent! What happened to him after reducing the infant mortality to below five percent after using just vitamin C? He was soundly ridiculed and marginalized for 15 years (for recommending…vitamin C)! And we all know the story of Andrew Wakefield, M.D. of England. He too was ostracized for telling the truth about potential vaccine dangers/GI troubles and what a high price he has had to pay for….telling the truth.

    This is a very sad story, and as a parent, I can tell you the troubles we have to go through to make sure our children are NOT vaccinated. It’s frustrating and ridiculous. It’s also disgusting that so many “professionals” won’t open their eyes and observe the obvious: Vaccines are harming AND killing our children. Doesn’t anyone remember the statistical principle of Occam’s Razar? The MOST likely/apparent association to a particular cause is usually…the cause! And yet, when a death occurs so soon after a vaccine, the parents are often told, the vaccine had nothing to do with the child’s death and that’s the end of it (besides the loss and obvious grief of the parents). It’s time we stop burying the truth about vaccines. So where is the mainstream media on this?

  • TM

    I thank God for your perspective.

  • question

    I have a son and he’s almost do for the vaccine that 1 year old’s get. My sister is a Dr. and I show her stories about what vaccines can do. She tells me that look, you were vaccinated and so was I. She deals with babies that die from diseases that vaccines could have helped prevent. So my question is, which vaccines should my child get and which ones should he not get. I know I will never allow him to get the H1N1 vaccine or any flu shot.

  • Guest

    I don’t know how old you

  • Chrisandra

    My son recieved the hepb combo vaccine and within 3 days started his Kawasaki disease…. after being sent home and told it was a virus I found KD online that night my son was admitted and spent almost a week in the hospital. ….. he just had his 1 year cardiology appt. … luckily he suffered no heart damage but all the drs said it was because he was treated so quickly. ….. everytime we’re at the drs they push and push the vaccs he’s missed…. and everytime I tell them EXACTLY what happened last time….. no one will ever convince me it wasn’t the vacc that caused KD. We as parents need to stop allowing our children to be victims of such horrible healthcare driven by pharmaceutical companies. ……

  • This is what happens when the leaders worship the dollar over all else.



  • 1_Salty_2

    When my husband and another boy were born on the same day in the same hospital… they both acquired Kawasaki’s Disease later on when they were around 4 years old. They were vaccinated after being born and later on in life suspected it was from the same batch of vaccines. Sometimes it may take a while to develop?

    The CDC was in town within 24 hours via private plane. They wanted to take both the boy and him to Atlanta. Their moms wouldn’t allow it. They instead did some testing. The odds of 2 children born on the same day, in the same hospital both developing Kawasaki’s disease was 1 in a trillion.

  • Barb

    Don’t get any of them!! They all contain animal tissue (monkey, chicken or cow), toxic heavy metals and lab made virus variants, children can still get the disease but often a more severe case with the risk for serious adverse events such as brain inflammation and Autism higher than ever.

    Children are vaccinated for what are almost always mild illnesses in healthy, well nourished individuals (read as zero to little junk food or sugary drinks) who get daily fresh air/sunshine/outside exercise and clean drinking water.

    I purposely exposed my three, now adult children to chicken pox (all got a mild case like I did as a child) knowing calamine, baby advil & TLC would keep them comfortable while they received life time immunity the natural way. It’s now known that those who get these illnesses as children are overall healthier adults.

    Please consider the critical connection between nutrition and disease and the impact of vitamin deficiencies/supplementation (Vit A=measles; Vit C=rickets & whooping cough; Vit B Complex=pellagra, mouth & skin sores; Magnesium= seizures, depression, heart & muscle issues etc.).

    Here’s a link to a document (http://www.naturalnews.com/SpecialReports/VaccinesFullStory/v1/VaccineReport-EN.pdf ) endorsed by 80+ physicians who state on the record “vaccines pose a significant risk of harm to the health of our children…”

    Do the research, the evidence is easy for anyone to find, please don’t let others (especially the childless) pressure you into ignoring what are obviously good mom instincts!

  • Lou

    “Isn’t it about time the WHO stopped pretending that they are in the
    business of protecting children and admitted to the fact they are
    instead part of a world depopulation program?”

    Yes, yes and YES!

    It does not end with the WHO. Right here in River City we have the UN Agenda 21 Depopulation Mandate being implemented.

    The following US Organs are also implementing the UN Agenda 21 Depopulation Mandate. If they are so incompetent as to not KNOW that they are doing it IMO they are all the more dangerous.

    o HHS

    o CDC

    o FDA

    o AAP

    o Big Pharma

    o Industrial Medicine

    o Big Vaccine

  • Lou

    Only YOU can decide.

    IMO what ever you decide do not get more than ONE “vaccine” a year. A recent study just showed that each additional “vaccination” beyond the first per session, increases the risk of death by 50%.

    ALL vaccines are and have been causing ischemic (impaired blood flow) damages – to all – creating a plethora of chronic illnesses, disease, and in some instances…death. The injury from vaccination is additive, each vaccination further injures.” Doctor Andrew Moulden MD, PhD


  • teargarden20

    They only suspended it because they got caught! Vaccines are a direct descendant of EUGENICS & the military’s BIO-WARFARE program! Vaccinations were made as “soft kill” weapons. They GIVE you the virus, weaken & destroy your immune system. Recent highlights from the bio-weapons program; Spanish Flu, HIV/AIDS, EBOLA, All the various H1N1 strains, swine flu, lyme disease, MORGELLONS DISEASE…add naseum.

  • 1_Salty_2

    Be thankful that you were given the small amount of shots back then. Have you seen the comparison of the vaccines schedules through the years, say from the 70’s or 80’s vs. now?

  • InTheLight717

    I have printed about 20 different studies on vaccine injuries to give to my pediatrician. Most of these studies are found in the JOURNAL OF TOXICOLOGY, which our pediatricians don’t even read. They have never heard of the 2012 study from Univ of Pittsburgh in which scientists induced autism in spider monkeys by giving them vaccines. They are ignorant, yet when we educate them, they make excuses! Pathetic. All that school and they didn’t even get any common sense out of it. What a rip off.

  • This is an expose on just some of the known contamination in vaccines. How can they keep on making denial of this, and its obvious potential adverse effect?

    Vaccine Contamination

    A list of some of the other ongoing tragic outcomes, all in the name of so called vaccine preventable disease prevention.

    Pharma and their continued and wicked for profit vaccine science experiments

  • Here is an additional list of relevant data and studies, (you may be interested in), showing the direct physiological mechanisms of vaccine harm. One question to be asked is this; the CDC claims to have and be all about the science, right? Even though all they have and have ever funded is their own epidemiological, (population) studies on one vaccine, (the MMR), and one vaccine ingredient, (Thimerosal). Where are their additional vaccine safety studies, based on and in any form of toxicology, and/or human physiological? They have never actually existed, not ever. None have been done. Why are they at the CDC not following up on any of the existing research that they choose to remain so in denial of and so persistently oblivious to? Answer. They already know what the outcome would be, and that study outcome would cause the vaccine industry to be brought to their knees; literally. Everything would get exposed, and they know it.


  • shy

    what about those that are still alive up to now even after being given vaccines? how could that be explained?

  • Cherry Misra

    Thankyou for an interesting article- A few remarks:
    Regarding Kawasaki: This disease has almost identical symptoms to Pink Disease, which is acknowledged to have been caused by mercury in teething powders. The irritability symptom is very typical of mercury. People at Coalition for Mercury free Drugs, consider KD to be caused by irritation of the lining of the blood vessels by mercury atoms. Frankly, this makes a lot of sense. People who speak of viruses and bacteria causing KD are never able to find them. Considering the nature of mercury, we would not expect a single vaccine to necessarily cause KD- instead it would be the build up of mercury from a number of vaccines and of course, the mercury can come from other sources such as fish. This is the explanation for the high rate of KD in Japan, despite fewer or no vaccines being given to small babies. Of course, a single mercury containing vaccine, such as a flu or meningococcal vaccine, could push a child over the edge.As much as vaccines, people need to start thinking about the dangers of eating fish . the time has come to be honest about this and to realize that the dangers of fish outweigh the health factors, which can be found in other foods, more safely. the fact that Kawasaki occurs at certain times of year,in Japan, probably indicates something about the kinds of fish available cheaply in the market just prior to these outbreaks.
    It is absolutely true that in poor countries (I live in India), the medical experimentation is done on the very poor slum children. This is ideal, because any death can be ascribed to a previous condition such as malnutrition. Who can question that? Is anyone, even journalists going to march into those slums and talk to parents? that is rarely done. I am gratified to say that when I speak to poor women, I find that they do not like to give their kids vaccines by injection, though they may be willing to give poliio drops. I often wonder where this aversion comes from. Could it be from the fact, that if you have, say, a village or slum of 300 homes(and more), when a child dies after a vaccine, EVERYONE in that area comes to know. I am gratified by this situation because these mothers have saved their children from being injected with hundreds of micrograms of mercury, and the people who run organisations for the autistic kids, know very well that autism is rarely found among the poor.
    People who have never lived in the third world, like Bill and Melinda Gates, often refer to the children of the poor dying “like flies”. Believe me, how would China and India have populations over one billion if this were true ? I would not like to exagerate, however. The children of the poor in India do sometimes die- They have accidents, and they get severe diarrheas primarily, neither of which would be prevented by the vaccines now available. We also now know, that these children are fortunate to spend many hours in the sun (in most cases) and this gives them strong immune systems, unlike the poor little rich kid who stays indoors or in a car so much of the time and then gets a mercury laden flu vaccine , which damages his immune system further.
    I am personally sad, when I read that the pentavalent vaccines are causing deaths and being withdrawn, because these vaccines vastly reduce the amount of mercury going into babies in the third world.

  • InTheLight717

    Thanks! I will look them up. Actually, former CDC head (who now works for Merck selling vaccines!) admitted that 10% of children will have an adverse reaction to vaccines. They admit it! http://youtu.be/0fOjOUrHtoA

  • NOT shy

    If a person killed 26, would you ask him why he didn’t kill more?

  • MA


  • Kac

    We have no tools to fight those crooks… There will be more Ted Kaczynskis (unabomber) in near future…

  • kac

    That’s the life of child you’re talking about. Don’t ask people that you’ve never seen for direction which vaccine to take, or not. You got a hint how dangerous they are, so now do the research. Perhaps you should ask for sources of legit information instead of asking for “safe” vaccines. i would start with ingredients of each vaccine, and then how each one of them can affect your body. Next, start digging on CDC website for research reports for each vaccine. They include information about possible side effects that are acceptable by our officials, but for sure NOT by parents. Get prepared for lots of reading. Those are long reports, and most valuable information is usually in the middle. Another thing… Think twice before trusting any doc. Do you think they have time to read about every new medicine that’s introduced to the market? They just skip to the conclusion section of those long reports to make sure it was accepted by FDA. They just don’t care about side effects. All they care about are kickbacks for prescribing those drugs…

  • Being alive does not mean there was no harm done. What chronic health conditions has pharma ever cured? How many prescriptions in the long term actually do more harm than good? If you do not know of the real side effects, and are never told, and if all alternative information is falsely branded as quackery, how would you ever know enough to make an informed decision? They do not want the public making informed decisions, and that goes for decisions in regard to vaccines, as well. Trust the CDC and FDA; really?

  • InTheLight717

    Who brought in these vaccines? King Eugenicist himself, BILL GATES?

  • InTheLight717

    Your sister and doctor have never heard of the HUNDREDS of studies in journals like “Journal of Toxicology” that prove vaccines are dangerous. Even the former head of CDC who went to work for Merck says 10% of children have a mitochondrial disorder that make them react to vaccines. 90% of vaccines are not for deadly diseases. Ok if you want to give him a polio shot, but nothing else is fatal.

  • Honestly, none of them are safe to be given. If you look at research the people that contracted the whooping cough virus the most, were the ones that had multiple vaccinations. That is only one set of data out of a million. If the vaccination is suppose to “protect” us, then why in the world are we still contracting it after being vaccinated? There are many studies around the world that disprove vaccinations and their “protection” but people are still unwilling to look at the dangers that we are actually injecting into our systems. Our immunity systems were created perfectly. We don’t need vaccines to “help” us. What it does is actually causes autoimmune disorders and this is why we are being faced with super bugs and other crazy diseases, because they are being created when introduced into someone’s body and become resistant. Unfortunately, the doctors are usually the ones that take the longest to see the truth. I have many close relatives that aren’t ready to see what is happening. Look at who is educating them… Then ask yourself what you want to believe. Make the decision on your own. Do the research on your own. But more importantly, listen to your gut! I can’t tell you how many moms I have spoken with that felt they shouldn’t be doing something to their chld that a “doctor” recommended, and then their child became injured. Yes, doctors go to school for medicinal care… There is a place for them. But at some point we started looking at doctors as Gods, rather than people that are to work collaboratively with parents for kid’s healthcare. All I am saying is that you should do some additional research on your own. Your heart is telling you something for a reason. Listen to it. Lastly, just because we survived our vaccinations, doesn’t mean that our children will. Our DNA was altered the minute we were injected with these poisons. This means that our children may be less resistant to what was being injected than we were. Also, the number of vaccines they are given is at least 3 times what we were given. Think about it.

  • Mlrunlisted1

    Rebecca Carly also has a YouTube video w the same title. She tells it straight. Population control!

  • jdfgh

    numbers..3x shots in kids today

  • ActualDoctor

    How is nothing else fatal? H. Influenza? Hepatitis B? He’ll even chicken pox can rarely be fatal. Stop making stuff up and pretending like you know what you are talking about

  • ActualDoctor

    Really? Doctors get kickbacks for prescribing drugs??? Show me proof, that is just a blatant lie

  • Yes. I suggest you do a bit more research and stop thinking actual doctors are exempt from being bought off. http://projects.propublica.org/docdollars/

  • InTheLight717

    Stop being blind and selling out to the drug companies. Stop pretending you weren’t educated in a medical school FUNDED BY DRUG COMPANIES. Stop denying that my cousin had her 2-year old MMR shot and immediately spiked a 105 fever and became autistic! Stop telling parents we don’t know our children, how they were for 2 years before their MMR and what happened to them the very day of the shot. Stop living your life in denial. Even the former head of the CDC who went to work for Merck (big surprise) says 10% of children will be injured by vaccines.

  • ponerology

    Your last question indicates you don’t comprehend with whom you are dealing. Mainstream media is owned by the members of the Royal Institute for International Affairs whose “sister” organizations are the Council on Foreign Relations in the U.S. as well as similar “councils” around the world. The Royal Institute is the brain child of people who started the Milner Group (well over 100 years ago). The (Lord Alfred) Milner Group (or the Round Table) decided they knew best how to run the world (democracy was just too messy) and in order to own and run the world they definitely needed to OWN all of the world’s resources. In his writings, Carroll Quigley (the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations) stated that the Milner Group joined up with the (Lord Cecil) Rhodes Group (or the Society of the Elect) –go to link — and don’t believe that the group is “no longer active” or “no longer powerful”. The Royal Institute still exists. Above them are those who own and run the central banks around the world. The central banks are PRIVATELY owned.

  • ponerology

    Big pharma is just the conduit. Sitting above big pharma is the W.H.O. and UNICEF/U.N.. These are unelected organizations that actually tell all governments what to do. Have you voted for anyone who is involved in the U.N.??
    All the treaties that have been agreed upon over the last century, by your “elected” government officials, are treaties that sign away your rights as an individual and as an individual sovereign country. The public has no input into what goes on in “healthcare” programs in this, or any other country, because it’s run outside of and above national governments. National governments are a puppet show. The U.N. is supranational. It runs so-called “healthcare”. Look at the treaties signed since the U.N. inception. (Available at their website.) Then look around you at what has happened in the last 75 years. And then above the U.N. you’ve got the central banks (Bank for International Settlements, International Monetary Fund, World Bank). They have the ability to “make or break” entire countries. The bureaucrats at the CDC, FDA, etc. are hanging on puppet strings writing, propagating, and enforcing regulations that have been written elsewhere. And lastly, the “non-for-profit” foundations and NGOs that “advise” governments on what to do —and believe me, they do not just advise. They are unelected but they have the power of the purse. There are thousands and thousands of NGOs around the world and they have, collectively, billions of dollars to push the agenda(s) through. They do not have the public’s interest in mind. The minions in those organizations have their individual paychecks in mind.