“Police State” Registry System Being Set Up to Track Your Vaccination Status

The Centers for Disease Control has been quietly rolling out a nationwide program called the Immunization Information Systems (IIS), registering your vaccine information into a database. [1] This effort has been run in parallel with state vaccine registry implementations.

What is the intention of such programs?

My colleague Leslie Manookian, writer and director of the movie The Greater Good, wrote in a recent article, the “CDC has openly stated that vaccine registries are a tool to identify areas of ‘undervaccination’ so that they can be ‘addressed’ and brought into ‘compliance.’” [2]

I would also add to Leslie’s statement that since the government purchases a large bulk of the vaccines (for example, the Vaccines for Children program), it is in their financial interest to make sure vaccines are consumed regularly.

If you exempt your child from being vaccinated, your refusal is also being tracked and put into the database. If you want to know why this is a big deal, read on.

But first, what does tracking every vaccine you or your children have ever been injected with look like?

Big Plans for You

I want to make this very real for you.

The government collects information on who vaccinates their children and who does not. They know how many children have had their vaccines. They also know how many children have opted out of being vaccinated. They have the data.

The government has big plans and the most outrageous part about this entire scheme is you don’t have a choice – your data is entered. In order to accomplish this task we have to answer 3 basic questions.

1. What data is being tracked?

2. Who has access to the tracked data?

3. What will be done with this data?

Let’s start with the first question of what is being tracked.

Question #1: What Data is Being Tracked?

You’ll be surprised at how much data is being tracked. Some of the data is required while other data sets are optional. Rest assured, what is optional today can become required in short order.

According to the Immunization Information System Functional Standards, 2013 – 2017, the following information will be in their databases: [3]

  • REQUIRED: Patient name: first, middle, last
  • Optional: Patient alias name: first, middle, last
  • Optional: Patient address, phone number
  • Optional: Birthing facility
  • Optional: Patient Social Security number (SSN)
  • REQUIRED: Patient birth date
  • REQUIRED: Patient sex
  • REQUIRED: Patient race
  • REQUIRED: Patient ethnicity
  • Optional: Patient Primary language
  • REQUIRED: Patient birth order
  • Optional: Patient birth registration number
  • REQUIRED: Patient birth State/country
  • Optional: Patient Medicaid number Optional
  • REQUIRED: Mother’s name: First, middle, last, maiden
  • Optional: Mother’s SSN
  • Optional: Father’s name: first, middle, last
  • Optional: Father’s SSN
  • REQUIRED: Vaccine Type
  • REQUIRED: Vaccine Manufacturer
  • Optional: Vaccine dose number
  • Optional: Vaccine expiration date
  • Optional: Vaccine injection site
  • REQUIRED: Vaccination date
  • REQUIRED: Vaccine lot number
  • Optional: Vaccine provider

Do you trust anyone with your personal information? This leads us to the next question …

Question #2: Who Has Access to the Tracked Data?

This is where the language should have you a little concerned because it is extremely vague.

According to the Immunization Information System documentation, data can be provided to “healthcare providers, public health, and other authorized stakeholders.”

It goes on to say schools, child care, and child camps may also have access to the records.

One of the major areas the lawmakers neglected to mention was the power granted to your employer. Consider the fact this past year nurses were actually being fired for not having their flu shot, as reported by Natural News. [4] Imagine if the proper pressure were applied to businesses to meet a government mandate. They would be given access to these records. It’s something for you to chew on.

That brings us to our last question…

A snapshot from the Centers for Disease Control Immunization Information Systems data flow.

Question #3: What Will Be Done with This Data?

The Centers for Disease Control’s goal is to get 95% or greater vaccine compliance. How is this accomplished?

In the short term, if your child is not vaccinated or is behind schedule, expect phone calls, emails, and personal visits from local health authorities. One function of the CDC’s Immunization Information System is to “forecast” vaccines due, past due, or coming due.

When these tactics don’t work or are ignored, expect more a more confrontational strategy. Keep in mind what happened on Christmas Eve 2009.

The U.S. Senate passed H.R. 3590. The bill eventually became Public Law No. 111-148, which gives the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authorization to create “vaccination squads” in local communities and seek out unvaccinated children. The “vaccine squads” are called the Community Preventive Services Task Force. [5]

Not only will the Task Force be working with the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, but on page 1202 of that law, the most relevant responsibilities are listed as:

“(D) carrying out immunization-promoting strategies for participants or clients of public programs, including assessments of immunization status, referrals to health care providers, education, provision [provide] of on-site immunizations, or incentives for immunization;

“(E) providing for home visits that promote immunization through education, assessments of need, referrals, provision of immunizations, or other services;”

“(F) providing reminders or recalls for immunization providers;”

“(G) conducting assessments of, and providing feedback to, immunization providers;”

“(H) any combination of one or more interventions described in this paragraph; or”

“(I) immunization information systems to allow all States to have electronic databases for immunization records.”


The Public Law exclusively states exactly where the data will come from – the Immunization Information Systems. Can you imagine police or sheriffs escorting the vaccine squad(s) for “non-compliant” parents?

At this point, I really can’t put it past them.

Consequently, once this system is completely operational, the sky is the limit. Big Brother has the capability to track more than just vaccines. You can anticipate finding just about any pharmaceutical drug mandated by the government in this same system.

The question then becomes, who influences the government agencies mandating vaccines?

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton

1. http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/programs/iis/about.html
2. http://www.greatergoodmovie.org/news-views/vaccine-registries-whats-all-the-fuss/
3. http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/programs/iis/func-stds.pdf
4. http://www.naturalnews.com/037544_healthcare_workers_flu_shots_colorado.html
5. http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/PLAW-111publ148/pdf/PLAW-111publ148.pdf

Photo Credit

Jeffry John Aufderheide

Jeffry John Aufderheide is the father of a child injured as a result of vaccination. As editor of VacTruth.com, he promotes well-educated health professionals, informed consent, and full disclosure and accountability of adverse reactions to vaccines.

  • lifeinthemix.info

    This is rather startling indeed and one can presume this to be going on in the UK also. Do you know if it is going on in the UK/EU?

    I opted my family out of a the medical data dump to the local stakeholders some years ago, this is in the UK, so there must be a mechanism by which this agenda can also be prevented and must be worth checking out and presenting the findings.

  • Steve B

    the satanic elite do not play games, their goal is to murder, kill, destroy, anything and everything………., it is about death, disease, destruction, despair, pain, rape, war, famine

    I am sorry for those who love the beast system

  • I don’t know if this is happening in UK ( I hope not), I too opted out of medical data “dump”, I’ve also asked not too get any of those NHS invites to screening &c, I have as little to do with my GP as possible unless I’m stuck for a diagnosis; I had to re-register recently as I was down as an in-active patient! would you believe? I wouldn’t have bothered but,unfortunately, dentists, opticians + A&E look at you a bit ‘how’ if you say you’ve not got one & may not wish to treat you —- silly really but that’s – er- democracy for you!!

  • Redshoe

    This would seem far fetched to some but the way big governments are behaving today this doesn’t surprise me. Personal liberties,freedoms and privacy seem to be fast disapearing in our times. What surprises me though is not many people notice, let alone question or think about the consequences of this. I just hope and pray that we will always retain the right to refuse this evil filth. The thought of our bodies becoming government property worries me greatly. There is a old quote by Thomas Jefferson that has stuck in my mind and is worth mentioning here and that was “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”. He believed that a democracy was fragile and for it to be maintained it had to be watched or it would disappear as there are always people who will take it away little by little. Thanks for digging this up Jeffry, interesting reading.

  • In Ohio they were using driver license swipe machines for those getting flu shots at clinics for a couple years. I think the method was squashed

  • Plus they keep detailed records on welfare folks — and audit dr office records to find the data

  • 6 Critters

    I have opted out of immunizations for my children and they are now in school (previously home schooled), I have to sign a waiver each year that goes to the state. I have found a waiver through a mom’s group that does not have the line: ” I understand that by not vaccinating my child, I am putting everyone else at risk.” Talk about liability. And yes they are tracking everything. I must have a valid reason for my child not to be in school and if it is ‘medical’ they want the specifics fever, vomiting, cough etc.

  • I was a doctor and Medical Director on an Indian Reservation in 1985. We had such a registry. Police showed up at people’s houses and informed the mother that their child was not vaccinated and offered transportation to the clinic for vaccination. This registry was relentlessly enforced and we achieved a vaccination rate in excess of 97%. We even tracked traveling families and as soon as they appeared on the reservation, they had to show proof of vaccination elsewhere or be vaccinated. This plan has already has a successful trial run. Years later in my private medical practice 1994. I had many patients who opted to have their children at home, not vaccinate and not report the birth until the child was one year of age. At the time, I thought it was a bit extreme.

  • what can we do to fight back
    we need a concerted effort with groups like the american chiropractic association, acam, aclu, etc…

  • Michelle Goldstein

    Thank you for sharing this very important news.

  • anna

    Hello, I am a Doula at a birth center. one of the forms we have the parents fill out if they want to is a Tracking of vaccines…. the form even if you deny the tracking gives the government information on names and addresses of parents… I usually try to dissuade them from even filling out the form.


    This is truly frightening and your conclusions are not far
    fetched. I already noticed that everywhere you fill out a form regarding your
    child there is always one question: are you child’s immunization up to date?
    Even if that has nothing to do with the treatment sought, the question is still
    there. My grand-daughter was almost killed by vaccines and won’t ever get
    another one, needless to say. I would recommend not answering that question on
    a questionnaire and to fill the space in with a big bold Sharpie pen so that if
    anybody alters or fills in the answer (because you left the space blank), at
    least you can dispute it if anyone would ever come around to ask. My advice
    would be to intentionally leave certain questions unanswered. If anybody
    bullies you regarding not vaccinating, I would threaten with a law suit or at
    least mention that you “will be talking to your attorney about this issue”.

    We need to utilize any and all methods to defend ourselves
    against the collection of medical data which is NOBODY’S business but ours. The
    law clearly states that.

    Most parents are so young and timid and lack the funds for
    an attorney, however protecting your child from being injected with this poison
    aka vaccine is an absolute must.

    It is a sad, sad state of affairs when the Government forces
    medical treatment on its citizens. It reminds me of Nazi Germany (and I am German!)
    and their pursuit of getting rid of handicapped people, mentally ill and then
    transitioning into the persecution of the Jews. Unfortunately, we now have
    computers and everything can be tracked (this was not possible in Nazi Germany)
    but we all heard of the Gestapo. If this country is planning on using these Gestapo
    methods to get children vaccinated, then what’s next? These issues are medical
    in nature but are really very much human rights issues. And serious ones, I
    tell you that.

    I would highly recommend that each parent who wishes not to
    vaccinate to write a document stating their reasons for not vaccinating and
    their concern for their child’s health and have it notarized. Make multiple
    copies and have this document inserted into your child’s medical file. Then I
    would also add a copy of the Nuremberg Code in which any form of forced medical
    treatment is forbidden and unethical. WE need to educate the vaccine bullies
    wherever we can.

    But whatever we do, we must hinder their efforts as much as possible to gather data, speak out, and re-emphasize our love for our children. YOU MUST STAND FIRM.

  • AntiVaccineGrandmother

    yes, you are correct, it’s more and more becoming quite obvious – for those who have eyes to see.

  • betsyanne

    Believe me – – – the gubment doesn’t need you to fill out any paperwork for them. They get their information directly from the clinics and hospitals. What in the world did you think was gonna start happening once they passed a few of those invasive laws? HIPPA? That isn’t about privacy, it’s about giving your permission for the gubment agencies and the insurance companies to steal your personal information. Actually, the insurance companies can already get all of the information because it’s a part of the agreement you sign when you enroll in an insurance program. It’s also part of the information you give when you sign the HIPPA forms and other forms in the doctor’s offices.

    When the CONgress in our country, I don’t know about other countries, took away the ability of the people to press charges against any drug company if a drug reaction occurs, what did people think that was all about? That was about CONTROL. BigPHRMA now has complete control over the drugs and the gubment has complete control over the people. There are no missing pieces to this puzzle. It’s a done deal.

    Thank you bill and melinda gates, you jackasses. And thanks to all the other “arms” of the medical industrial complex. We haven’t been free, in regard to our own health, since the 1950’s.

  • Alice

    “HIPPA? That isn’t about privacy, it’s about giving your permission for the gubment agencies and the insurance companies to steal your personal information.”

    Thank you for mentioning this betsyanne, I completely agree. Each time I have to go to the lab to get a test I ALWAYS make sure I fill out as little as possible. When in doubt if I should say something or not, I write “N/A”, not applicable. The ONLY one who needs to see my test results are me and my doctor. Not every prick in the country who is trying to line me up to be a lab rat for corrupt pharma interests. These SOB’s are RUINING our country.

    People need to stand up for their rights. They need to make things uncomfortable for those aholes who are making life hard for people that just want medical treatment without being reamed of personal info.

    One solution? Get loud. I did this when I scratched out my SS# on a form and then they rewrote it above. I told them I DON’T have insurance and I DON’T want my GODDDM PERSONAL INFO available to everyone/anyone who asks for this and if they do it again they will not only hear from my lawyer. I also insinuated that I will meet the person who did this outside work after they leave for the day to have a personal ‘talk’ about what they did if they think they can do it again. I made sure everyone in the waiting room heard me.

    Guess what? It hasn’t happened again since!

    Stand up to these fascists people and start taking our country back.

    Read more about BigPHRma does this in the book by Melody Petersen “Our Daily Meds”.

  • betsyanne

    That looks like a good book, thankx for the tip. Another good one is The Truth About Drug Companies by Marcia Angell, M.D. She is the former editor in chief of The New England Journal of Medicine and now a whistleblower.

    There is also the book Overtreated by Shannon Brownlee. Good stuff, as well as Deadly Monopolies by Harriet A. Washington, about the corporate world takeovers – so far.

  • katebhom

    Is there anyone organizing a public protest to this? the more we sit around and watch the more our rights and freedoms will be taken away

  • betsyanne

    One place to do that might be here at this web site:


    You should be able to research, report and share your experiences. It is a web site run by doctors. Of course, I think some of them think drugs are a good idea – until the drug decides to turn against its user, which is why the started the site in the first place I suppose. But still, they ARE doctors. Nothing is really mentioned about vaccines, but vaccines are just as much a drug as any other chemical concoction introduced into a human body. Making it worse is that vaccines are used on such young humans, and they have no say in the matter. If the parents are uninformed or ill-informed, the child is the one who does the suffering (for the most part).
    I don’t think there’s too much we can do about having our rights and freedoms taken away at the speed of sound. We are all in much peril in that regard.

    In an earlier article posted a couple of weeks ago, I had suggested sending out anti-vaccine information to new parents, but have since discovered it’s nearly impossible to obtain addresses, and sometimes it’s difficult to obtain names, too. Some hospital web sites list information, some don’t. So that idea has been scrapped. We just have to keep talking about this to everyone we can, whenever we can.

  • God Save America

    We have a grandson diagnosed as “failure to thrive”. He is fourteen months old and seventeen pounds. The “doctors” can’t figure out what is wrong but last week the pediatrician told my grandson’s mother to leave his office and not return because she refused to have more shots given to the baby. The baby can’t swollow anything but formula and stage one baby food but they want to shoot him up with more shots!!! I have two other grandsons who are non-verbal autistic – direct result of vaccines.
    I have a really hard time not hating these people. I know what I am supposed to feel but these are my grandchildren! They won’t quit until they kill them and me and my husband (we are over sixty). I have been warning people for twenty years about these incideous monsters and no one believed me – even in my own family. Now I wonder what they think!


  • vvv

    right on bestsyanne

  • vvv

    I don’t know about you all, but I’ve noticed people are getting dumber. They believe just about anything – and that includes the doctors! Allow me to ask a very simple question: What intelligent person would think that injecting someone with poison – whether it’s chemotherapy chemicals or vaccine chemicals – is a healthy option? People really give doctors too much credit. I’ve stopped going to them because 100% of the time they couldn’t solve my problem, whether it was a rash or a canker sore. I ultimately had to rely on my body healing itself. If doctors can’t even cure canker sores, what makes you think they can cure cancer, after all the millions upon millions they’ve raised through Susan Komen Foundation, Walk for the Cure, etc.? Seriously, the medical industry is a giant racket. Now, EMTs, on the other hand – I like them. They do save lives. But the doctors with their statins, anti-depressants, chemo, and vaccines – what are they good for? Nothing, as far as I can tell. Question your reality, your belief system. Do you BELIEVE in doctors? Do you TRUST them? If yes, why? There are a few good doctors out there, but like any profession, there are a bunch of them who are pretty much in it just for the money.

  • betsyanne

    Getting more and more people to accept these gubment programs is how they go about securing more names and more private information about people. This is why they’re trying to get young families who don’t even need it to apply for the SNAP programs and others, and it’s also why they have people going door to door to try to get elderly people to sign up for Medicare whether they really need it (or want it, for that matter) or not. That is just the first line of how our gubment goes about deceiving people into “trusting” them.

  • How ironic that the Country that claims to be founded on the rights of the individual, is
    leading the world in violating those same rights it claims to believe in. Americans, what are you doing besides sitting on your butts, watching tv and drinking beer?

  • They can do no
    more than what they are allowed to do by the majority of the people. So when
    they do what they plan to do it is because the people stud by and allow them to
    do it.

  • Bold4Yeshua

    Expect this to worsen as the whole nwo/ac system gears up. There’s safety found under the Wings of The Almighty — trust in The Holy One of Israel and He shall protect you and your loved ones. Outside of His protection … well, that’s one place I wouldn’t want to be. God bless yall!

  • Redd Skye

    So true, long ago in the past I had issues with ingrown toe nails, I went to at least 3 different doctors and had my nail taken off numerous times and the nail bed deaden so it wouldn’t grow back and so much ointment, etc. Money, money, money. Well, one day at work a co-worker told me just to cut the nail into a “v” shape and it would grow right again. Well, guess what? It worked! And it has been perfect since and I can trim it normally and it has been almost a decade since I had one. A grocery clerk had better wisdom on the situation than 3 highly paid doctors!!!

  • mindycarr

    Minus reading all posts below…there must be some way to have rights to prevent this….it is insanity at its best.

  • mindycarr

    Agree 100% and your post is similar to mine. There is always a loop-hole. One place will freeze before my son is injected with big pharma profits.

  • mindycarr

    Can you tell us where to obtain the waiver you reference? I learned to cross out the part about putting everyone at risk (and personally would love to add how one is at risk if these vaccines are so wonderful…but I know the benefit of flying below the target zone…)

  • mindycarr

    This is so sad to read and know this doc did you all a favor by asking you to leave. I would have thanked his dumb arse for saving the child. The key now, find someone to help this little baby thrive!

  • You’re a brave woman – thank you for your service.

  • mindycarr

    Excellent response and so on target!

  • betsyanne

    @ Jennifer Daniels: Have you seen or read this book?


    It is excellent. It sounds like back in the 1950’s they already had the same type of trouble they’re still having today. Most of the IHS hospitals/clinics have major problems and no one is truly interested in fixing them.

  • Tim

    What countries is this happening to? I’m in Australia! If any1 tried injecting my babies, I’d be going straight to jail for murder cause I would kill the sobs

  • Barb

    Ditto – thank you, every voice of truth can and does make a difference

  • Thank you.

  • Cherry Misra

    To God Save America, The topic of failure to thrive is one very close to my heart as I have now known of three cases of this, one my own grandchild in the U.S., and one in India, who ended up with bowed legs and weak spine as a result. The doctors gave my daughter a very bad time, trying her to force her to stop breast feeding the baby. I have no idea where this nutty idea came from or what justification , what research they can cite for this. Fortunately my daughter , herself a doctor, did not cave in. The child in India, was not so fortunate. His mother did what the doctors told her, stopped breast feeding and became a case of rickets . In the third case a feeding tube was inserted for over a year. the only solution that the mothers seem to find is to keep carrying the baby and offering a bite of food, every ten-fifteen minutes I think it takes at least a year for the normal appetite to return. It is my own suggestion, only, but I wonder if the Hep B vaccine (or any other vaccine) is damaging the liver. A person with liver damage, such as a person who has real Hepatitis A disease, loses appetite and it may not return for months. All of the three cases that I know of, are ok today, but they are slim children. Two have narrow faces. The third I have not seen the face. Dont forget to offer the child a wide array of all kinds of foods, in case you may find one particular one that may be less distasteful to him. I think I made a mistake in giving my grandchild mostly milk products. You may also notice that the child has a revulsion for oily foods- also typical in liver disease.

  • Cherry Misra

    to God Save America, One more thing- Be sure to keep the childs Vit D level up with drops or far better- real sunlight. Be sure to feed other vitamins too . Try out real orange juice .

  • Concerned

    Vaccination squads will probably be more like SWAT with white coats!

  • KeineImpfungenMehr

    you are correct. Many ailments are not even cured but covered up. Too many people give doctors too much credit and that’s why so many people vaccinate their children because they trust their doctor. This trust is not deserved. I am always looking at natural solutions first and most of the time I figure things out myself. Medicine does have it’s purpose and has helped numerous people but doctors need to look more towards natural healing first. Do they really think we want a prescription all the time? No, we want solutions not Band-Aids. Most of all we want honesty and obviously we are not getting that. The only solution I see really is to do your homework. Now that we have the internet we can look information up. Utilize your doctor but don’t rely on him/her 100 percent. And always remember, you are in charge of what goes into your body!

  • KeineImpfungenMehr

    you got that right. This vaccine issue is so damn sneaky and that’s what makes it so dangerous. It’s a huge puzzle and only very few people know how to put it together or care to. I am always amazed at how much Americans think they are the land of the free – what BS! I live in America (but was born/raised in Germany) and I see things with “European” eyes. Americans are enslaved and worst of all don’t realize it. People living in America are being manipulated, deceived and lied to nearly in every category affecting their life. The reason for that is that the almighty Dollar is the GOD of this country. If there weren’t huge profits associated with vaccines, nobody would care if your child was being vaccinated or not. THAT MY FRIENDS IS THE COLD HARD TRUTH. They ONLY care because of this $$$$$.

  • KeineImpfungenMehr

    correct, as I said just a few minutes ago, Americans are enslaved and don’t even know they are! And People not living in America always think that America is so great. I always tell them that it is not. It’s always different when you look from the outside in compared to from the inside out. I would love to move back to Europe but can’t afford to. This vaccine issue is nothing but a Human Rights issue. Have you ever heard of the Nuremberg Code (actually named after my home town). After WWII this document was developed to prevent unethical medical experiments. It basically says, you are in control and determine what goes into your body and nobody can force you to do anything you don’t want. I think a Human Rights attorney needs to challenge the administration of vaccines before the Supreme Court. Is there anybody out there doing this? Please, if you know such an attorney, encourage him/her to do this. I know it is a huge untertaking but well worth it and it would benefit so very many people. This attorney (or group of attorneys), if successful would be saving lives. Would this not be totally awesome? What better contribution to society and this country could you make?

    Do you know that when you enter this country you have to be vaccinated? Even the flu vaccine is mandatory during the flu season and it does not matter if you want to stay in the US or are just temporarily working here. Only if you are pregnant they won’t force you to but after your pregnancy they will force you to or you cannot enter this country. This is also a huge human rights violation. But most people don’t know this.

  • Dina

    Beautifully said, I have felt for years the same about Susan Komen Foundation, Walk for the Cure and the many others! Where’s the cure? Think about it folks… they would all be out of a JOB. They play with our feelings! It’s a money racket! Thanks for sharing, that hit home!

  • Aex

    Ah yes, if only there was no such thing as psychology, influence, manipulation…

  • Susan

    Here in Oregon, the state has had such a system for about 10 years now. When my last two children were born, I refused all vaccines due to my first born’s reaction to them 23 years ago. I told them my story at the time. But, as the government so does, I started receiving nagging phone calls from the pediatrician’s office about my not getting their vaccines and they needed to be done. Each time, I told them no, and to quit calling me about it. And if they continued, I would file a phone harrassment charge against them. They quit. The medical establishment knows the damage the vaccines do….I was told once by a doctor who wasn’t afraid to speak about it. But they have to tow the good’ole boy party line or get harrassed themselves or fired. Most, I believe would just be happy to leave parents and kids alone and don’t want to become part of the beast. But sadly, their med-school loans and mortages have to be paid, so they cow-tow to survive.
    May God have mercy on their souls.

  • Piet Van Rensing

    and just what would you suggest “the people” do? Haven’t you seen YouTube videos of protest attempts across the country, which are immediately met with overwhelming force, brutality, surveillance, and life-destroying entry into the criminal justice system? They have you by the balls., period. The only difference between present-day America and Nazi Germany is that Americans have fewer rights than did the Germans.

  • Dr Cooper

    Hello God Save America. There are a group of natural healthcare providers that specialize in restoring the bodies innate ability to heal. Most of us have experienced what you are talking about and have had some success. Go to the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association’s website and find your Miracle worker. It’s ICPA4kids.org.

  • [email protected]

    I will be waiting for you to give me a shot. I will ask your name and where you work and demand you personally pay my family if I have an allergic reaction. If you make a living from taking chances giving people shots and taking money from a corrupt employer then you pay me . So please hurry and hassle me cause I refuse to let you give me that shot.

  • Thank you for this eye-opening article, Jeffry. I think it really addresses our *need* to be vigilant of the information we make available to others. In recent years we’ve gotten a glimpse of how social media websites capitalize by using our individual information.

    Once this system is fully-operational, one can only imagine the strategic ways this information will be used. Like you said, the applications are limitless.

  • hopeful

    It’s because they fluoridate our water. It is a well-established neurotoxin that pacifies people. Fluoride is in nearly every beverage, prepared packaged soup, home faucet not connected to a private well, and even, yes, in the fallacy of “pure spring bottled water.” According to the CDC, this was THE GREATEST scientific accomplishment for public health in the 20th century.

  • FallenLeaf

    We already have the system set up in Alaska.

  • The only doctors I rely on are those that don’t reach for drugs, immediately. The ones I have, are more Naturopathically bent. I have found that the best doctors don’t take insurance. It’s a cash basis only. That way they are not under anyone’s thumb and don’t have to pass on patient info to anyone. They are hard to find, but they are out there. My husband is on Medicare and shortly I will be too. We have chosen our plans, but I for one, will probably never go, to the doctors on the plan, unless it’s a forced issue. Too bad it’s come to this. A few years ago, I was caretaker for my mother. At a doctors visit they wanted her to get the Flu vaccine. At 82 years of age, she had never had one and never planned to have one. She refused. The doctor turned to me and insisted I get one in order to safeguard my mother. (scare tactics) I refused. Someone mentioned that it seems that people are getting dumber. I have noticed that too. In fact, I have been noticing it since the 70’s, but it seems to be escalating. Too much propaganda pablum fed to people and drugs (street and legal) ruining their brains.

  • True enough. I have never given or done anything for any Cancer organization. The medical profession has been (fighting Cancer) for over 100 years. If they really wanted to cure Cancer they would have found a way a long time ago. There are plenty of people out there who have found a cure and the AMA has railroaded and ruined them.

  • Good rule of thumb; never leave any line or space blank.

  • WIMom

    This is scary stuff. I live in WI and when I was pregnant with my first child I was bullied by 2 doctors to get the flu and tetanus vaccines, which I refused. Then when my son was born I declined all vaccines and eye drops for him. Since 2011 I have received 3 letters from my county’s DHHS indicating which vaccines he’s ‘late’ on receiving & to get them ASAP. WTHeck? I thought his medical records were private & that info is between me and his doctor. I have since called the local # to have them take me off their mailing list & was told they would have stopped once he turned 2. Whatever. I’ve stopped taking him in to his well-baby & yearly checkups since all it seems to be for is the opportunity to vaccinate him & I end up signing a form denying them. It’s frustrating because I feel I am doing the best for my son but the medical ‘professionals’ make you feel like you’re being negligent and akin to a child abuser.

  • MomofIV

    I used to take my child to well-child visits and got tired of the ped using it as an oppty to push vax and give me printouts on children who were sick and not vaxed and had me sign waivers for no vax. I decided if my child was sick enough to the point where I couldn’t help him I’d go to med professionals…other than that I stayed away. You’re right well child visits are just opportunities for vax push.

  • GH

    You are both willfully ignorant of facts and would rather believe pseudoscientists spouting self-gratifying, misleading causalities based on no scientific rigor. It makes my heart ache. Some parents in the world would sell their livelihood to have access to the modern medicine you clearly take for granted. It is truly the mark of ignorant affluence that we can piss on the fortune we have to be born into an age when childhood infectious disease is more or less limited to bronchiolitis and croup season in babies, and the odd gastroenteritis. You are privileged that the majority of your peers have made the only rational decision of immunizing their children creating the herd shield that is currently under duress by people with misplaced intelligence such as yours.

    As a physician practicing in pediatrics, I have seen children die of meningitis – Gram-positive bacteria that have no right in this day and age spreading through the outer layers of the tissues encapsulating the brain leading to permanent disability. Epidemiology (population statistics) make it unlikely this will ever be the fate of your kids even if you don’t immunize, nor would I wish it. I’ve had THAT conversation, the one where the parent asks “was it because I didn’t immunize” and said “possibly” (herein being the nuance a respected health professional takes to evidence), knowing the answer with relative certainty is “yes”. I’ve also seen your peers trudging back to the office after their child’s cousin, sister, brother, etc. caught a vaccine preventable illness. Nobody asks for the anti-vaccine for the streptococcus meningitides meningitis they didn’t get.

    Physicians spend the better parts of our youth studying the human body and the insurmountable amounts of evidence that ONLY point in the direction of vaccines being beneficial for known markers of mortality, morbidity and life expectancy. I’ve never once been ‘bought’ by a corporate rep, I am motivated only by preserving health in the innocents of our society. In 1900, infection was far and away the number one cause of death in children in (choose your western nation here). Today, I thankfully have the lucky job of infrequently pronouncing otherwise healthy children deceased. Two reasons – vaccines and antibiotics. Thats it. Peace.

  • jrmtnebraska

    How many problems have you seen in vaccinated children? You have been taught by the “elite” who push their over population agenda in medical school. So how can we know for sure?

  • GH

    How many problems? Umm, lots. We are blessed that the modern pediatrician is most commonly tasked with dealing with complex medically fragile children (typically associated with prematurity or genetic disorders) that our modern health system can now provide more than just convalescent care for, or behavioural disorders, or maintenance disorders such as asthma, or constipation. This is in stark apposition to things like polio, measles, etc which used to mark a pediatricians practice pre-vaccination era.

    What is “elite” about studying facts. Science is not elite – it is science – it has a definition (from wikipedia cuz I’m lazy) – “a body of knowledge itself, of the type that can be rationally explained and reliably applied”.

    Over-population agenda? Right. The world is overpopulated, no doubt. Modern medicine plays its role, but not nefariously. The most overpopulated regions of our planet are borne not out of modern “elitism”, but stark poverty for very different reasons.

    Can I just also say that I’m so sick of this notion that physicians are shadowy operators out to cause harm. Its offensive to someone who has spent decades of my life, for very personal and altruistic reasons working to improve the health of children. You know what reality is? Reality is that corporations, pharmaceutical and otherwise, dictate much of what is provided in modern healthcare. This is an inherent flaw of a system that values profit over human life – and almost all physicians are opposed to, and do not find benefit in, such a system. All that said however, there is an incredible difference between a money-making machine out of control and a enslaving, conspiratorial fantasy. This same money-making machine profits most directly by providing health care options that improve lives – its basic capitalism of supply and demand. As with anything, the world is not black and white and to not see that nuance is ignorance.

    Vaccines have been proven by large meta-analyses to be safe and effective and have saved millions of lives to date. There is no argument that carries any weight in the scientific community to not vaccinate. We can argue, but it wouldn’t be an argument based in scientific knowledge- that argument is long over.

    Vaccinate or don’t vaccinate. Your choice as parents as it should be. Just so long as you understand that if you don’t you are (slightly) raising the risk of your child getting a potentially devastating infectious illness. If you do, prospective studies have proven your risk of morbidity and mortality is significantly reduced. There are rare, known side effects. These are outweighed by the less rare, known infectious illnesses. Nobody knows anything “for sure” – science is a work in progress and it’s beautiful for that very reason – we only go on what we know best right now with the most rigorous of scientific method – and right now there is no debate on vaccination in the scientific community. Anyone, MD or ND, or whatever, that says “for sure” is inherently lying.

    You can drive with no seatbelt on and never die of your ignorance, but if you ever get in a head on collision, you’d damn sure be happy you had one on.

  • Redshoe

    Keep up the common sense WIMom! Going against the norm is not easy… Its good to see other parents not falling for the baby well visit scam.

  • Redshoe

    GH, I disagree that vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective. Not convincingly anyway. With the number of vaccines that Amercian children are given, how do you explain the high rate of infant mortality, autism, auto-immune disease, learning disabilities and behavioural problems in young children of America and elsewhere today? I’ve learnt from scientific data that just because a vaccine boost antibodies it doesnt mean immunity is achieved as there are other processes to our immune system. Some we are yet to understand. Why is it that outbreaks have been mainly reported amongst the vaccinated? I personally think artificial immunisation can never be effective as natural immunity even if vaccine boosters are given. Herd immunity can only be achieved through natural immunity. I believe the facts have been twisted to suit and sell the pro vaccine program.

    Just out of curiosty…What do you think about the drug companies not being required to check or research as to whether a vaccine can cause cancer despite the fact vaccines have many cancer/infertility inducing ingredients? To me it sounds very unaccountable, unethical and experimental. Why are they putting various types of animal blood, tissue, foreign proteins??? and heaven forbid human tissue into these vaccines. How do we possibly benefit from injecting other people’s DNA? This just sounds like voodoo to me. I’m sure alot of the people I know who vaccinate their kids have no idea this is being injected into their kids.

    Common sense tells me that our blood should be kept pure from these things. Instead a good nutrient dense diet and practising good hygiene standards would aid our immune system to deal with whatever pathogens that may enter our system. After all the human species has survived for centuries before vaccines came onto the scene.

    As far as no debate in the scientific community regarding the vaccine procedure, that baffles me as I think this will be to the detriment of modern medicine and to the human race if they don’t question their own practices and do the urgent and necessary studies to ensure safety and effectiveness. Why are they ignoring the casualties out there and denying the obvious collateral damage? Side effects are real. Very real. This should all be considered and should have been a long time ago.

    Dr Roberts Mendelson MD, a former leading pediatrician in America spoke alot of truth and common sense in his book about his profession. He believed vaccination was a time bomb especially injecting foreign proteins into the body of young children without knowing what long term damage they may cause. Don’t you think he is asking the obvious? This is only just one of the many questions that should be asked. Anyhow, just my thoughts…

  • Golric

    Dr. I’d be interested to know, Do you know who Rife was? He’s the guy that destroyed cancer cells in lab rats 100% of the time using multiple frequencies. The AMA destroyed the mans lab and research! WTF! It’s the same with research into medical THC benefits. My question is this, why does the AMA disregard this research ?

  • ithinkformyself

    There is no actual proof that vaccines do anything to prevent disease. None. All they do is cause illness and keep us sick. Nowhere else do we have such allergies, juvenile diabetes, autism, and other autoimmune diseases so prevalent. There is no actual proof that giving people this “practice” antibodies makes the immune system able to fight off the disease better, faster, or even at all! Why is there no proof? Well because they refuse to do an actual comparison study! Hmmmm…is that because the vaccine myth would be debunked??
    Furthermore: IMMUNIZATION is something that occurs NATURALLY in the body. It CANNOT be artificially made. A vaccination is NOT an immunization. That term cannot be used properly when speaking of vaccines.
    Research Rockefeller, the FDA and the AMA. You’ll be pretty pissed off at what they’ve been making you an “expert” on. They’re all full of crap and want us sick.
    If vaccines continue to be mandated then by the year 2050 EVERYONE will be autistic. Everyone. The numbers do not lie. And if vaccines were so fantastic they would not need to be mandated. We’d see how strong Jonny Vax is, how he is never, ever sick. How he is so strong. Not allergic to anything. But that doesn’t happen. The unvaccinated are actually healthier. Do the research and think for yourself.
    Correlation absolutely proves causation in EVERY scientific field out there EXCEPT vaccines…WHY??? There is NO LOGIC to vaccines. None. People stopped dying of diseases because of better nutrition better living conditions and better sanitation. It was pure coincidence that the vaccines were given then as well. Your body is able to fight off disease. Don’t underestimate it. A vaccine can cause a life-long injury or even death. You’re risking that to avoid what would just be a week on inconvenience.

  • GH

    “He’s the guy that destroyed cancer cells in lab rats 100% of the time” – please show me the clinical paper validating that claim. This is the problem with arguing with vaccine truthers (as it is with Obama truthers, 9/11 truthers, etc.). You make an argument based in a ‘fact’ that is scientifically NOT A FACT. Tales of remedies are not clinical trials and as a responsible medical professional we don’t use them.

    I googled this for a laugh of course. There is no evidence any of this works, and for reasons that I don’t have the time to go into, the physiology of radiofrequency tissue destruction is mind-numbingly quacky. Wouldn’t it be convenient that the complex multifactorial DNA changes that lead to one’s owns tissues malignantly growing dysfunctionally was cured by passing FM 103.3 into your body. I’m pretty sure we would know by now if that were true.

  • ithinkformyself

    Yesss!!!! Bitter almonds SHRINK CANCER! And they have been outlawed, you cannot find them. The FDA (which is a chemistry lab, ya know) came in with guns and removed them! Holistic doctors are made out to be “quacks”. There are oncologists out there who say loud and clear that they would NEVER do radiation or chemotherapy if they had cancer. It’s those treatments killing the patients!!! But the natural remedies, which WORK, are ridiculed and outlawed because they do not make Big Pharma any money. Do all of the drs know this? No. They honestly believe they are doing right and well for their patients. It’s sickening. Rockefeller started this with a chemistry lab (the FDA) and the AMA in order to MAKE MONEY…right around 1913. And HE REFUSED TO TAKE HIS MEDICINE, HE KEPT UP HIS NATURAL REMEDIES.

  • ithinkformyself

    I stopped giving my babies the vitamin drops because they all have artificial caramel coloring in them. I don’t care what the ped says, I’m not giving it to them. They get what they need through me and their natural food I feed them. And ya know what? Their health has improved (I’m talking diaper color and odor and exema). Between that and the horrible-bad-for-you-may-as-well-be-whiskey-corn-syrup-filled-formula I took them off of! I’m my kids’ pediatrician’s worst nightmare lol (he also tried to tell me Monsanto seeds are only in animal feed!)

  • ithinkformyself

    They’d have to give up the truckloads of money! A cure will never happen! Anything that cures is immediately outlawed and removed: bitter almonds shrink cancer to nothing. FDA came in with guns. Gone.

  • ithinkformyself

    My children are unvaccinated and not sick. They do not get ear infection after ear infection and I see my friend’s kids get them after their vaccines (which are supposed to prevent that, hmmm). I switched my preemie twins from the crappy, corn-syrup filled formula they “needed” and their reflux and horribly offensive diaper odors have gone away. Don’t give me that crap that the unvaccinated are sick and/or making others sick. Furthermore, LOGIC tells you that if person A gets a flu shot it cannot keep person B from getting sick. Person B can still get sick because they are a different person. And person A can still carry the germ and not have symptoms even with the shot. LOGIC, people, LOGIC. (Everyone I know who got the flu this year had the stupid shot. Meanwhile, we did not and we did not get sick)

  • ithinkformyself

    You refuse to conduct “clinical trials” on natural remedies or conduct actual studies comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated BECAUSE the myth would be debunked!!! Otherwise you’d do it. Come on now! LOGIC
    Show me a study comparing 5 year olds, a group vaccinated according to the ridiculous schedule, and a group unvaccinated. I wanna know what diseases each group has, allergies, asthma, THOSE ILLNESSES VACCINATIONS ARE SUPPOSED TO PREVENT (I know 6 kids who had pertussis, all were vaccinated)…show me the study. Show me that the unvaccinated are sick. You can’t. Because they’re not sick. The study isn’t there ONLY because it would prove the vaccines are meant to make you ill. There is nothing ok about injecting monkey DNA into your child.

  • MS

    In America we should be free to choose, period. If the “herd immunity” works so well, then your little Johnny who is shot up to the gills with all manner of chemical cocktails that have his immune system fried and has his middle ear exploding (BTW, the #1 visit to pediatricians) every 4 weeks– should be in no trouble whe he shares a classroom with my hild with no shots. If they work so well, what are you afraid of??? Oh, yes, thats right– herd immunity is quackery. There are many instances of outbreaks where “optimally” or “Fully” vaccinated populations (dare I say herds?) congregate… Why the outbreak? do the math “Dr.”.

    I have 5 children and we were unaware of the dangers of vaccines with our first two– they were fully vaccinated and yes, we got to know our pediatrician by first name and were at the Rx store often getting Rx for Strep, ear infections, you name it. Fast forward to the next two children (twins) and they received vaccines only once (at 6 months)– and when they had a reaction (listless, sickly, blank stares, you know the routine) we stoped–did our research and never gave them any more vaccines. Same with our fifth child. And guess what? they are the healthiest of all our children. Rarely having to see the pediatrician and always bouncing back from a sickness quickly. they are right on track on growth charts and participate in all manner of sports and activities. Anecdotal? sure. convincing/confirmation for me/us? yes.

    they got chicken pox and WOW, they survived, shocker.
    they missed some school, but caught up. with MOST of the diseases (the ones that were largely eradicated with good hygeine and clean water —big shout out to the automobile industry for that one!) — current medicine and treatment can respond appropriately to prevent longterm issues. I just DONT feel it is too bright to go to the Pediatricians office on a bi-annual basis in order to buy a lottery ticket for my kids to maybe get some OTHER lifelong ailment like Guillon Barre, or even DEATH. No thanks…I think it wiser to go with the inconvenience of chicken pox, or measles or mumps–things that go away and then you have a REAL immunity– not a faux, pseudo-replacement served up by Pfizer at a cost of $195…


  • MS

    GH- I know YOU dont intentionally want to hurt children– the issue is the training you have received. Just because you work in earnest to do what is right–doesnt mean your paradigm isnt flawed from the outset. I think we all can agree that YOUR profession taught, at one time that bloodletting was a fantastic idea and was considered a “best practice”, and that those who disagreed were the unlearned, unwashed masses. Who’s the quack?
    Please dig deep and if you seek knowledge without bias– you may find startling info that could alter your paradigm. All those studies? who funded them? are they legit? Have you personally studied each of them, their authors, their funding source, and can attest to their veracity? Have they been reviewed by people with no beneficial interest? or people who are NOT benefiting from the very same institutional paradigm? what about studies focused on other alternatives? have YOU done any? Why not? So, the real issue is please dont spout off about the “scientific community” when we have all seen instances over the eons–when those “objective findings” were really manufactured distortions, had glaring omissions, or were otherwise biased toward the group that either was funding the “research”, or controlled the issuance of “licenses”…

    And then to top it off, the Vaccine manufacturers are NOT liable for their product. Isnt that a suite gig? Make everyone think “believe” it is the law to get the injection, and then– if YOUR child is harmed by them, you have no recourse…except to join a long list in the VAcc Injury comp Fund– a pittance I say– there is nothing to deter bad behavior by the companies that profit off vaccines–Only in America….

  • GH

    Studies are peer-reviewed. Meaning that they are in pubic for all to see with any warts exposed through discussion and disagreement and further study. This is how science works.

    Only a specialist in infectious diseases would have possibly read all the entire literature. I’m sure you haven’t and I’m sure your sources haven’t. Why haven’t I read all the papers on how to treat appendicitis? Well, because amongst the medical community there is near certainty that removal of the appendix is beneficial. The same certainty exists regarding vaccinations. The argument that one must read ad nauseam every paper with a fine-toothed comb is ridiculous – its what we have meta-analysis for – to synthesize the known information to the best of our ability.

    I can’t stress the following point enough. You clearly have no real concept of the diseases we treat against because we don’t see them. This is the generational gap that has created doubt where our grandparents only saw the miracle that their children no longer needed iron lungs. No amount of hygeine improvements, etc will have created eradication of polio. Equating my modern profession of evidence-based medicine with bloodletting is silly. My profession doesn’t promote useless and potentially harmful concepts such as ‘toxin’ cleansing or water enemas – we certainly would though if they actually worked. There is a great deal of promise in alternative medicine therapies but like any therapy they deserve to be proven by clinical trials – not soothsaying advice of people with no formal training or evidence to base their claims.

  • Care to provide some additional evidence vaccines are harmless?



  • GH

    You clearly have no idea what CRP is and how it works. This is the dangerous argument of pseudoscience.

    I am NOT an expert on CRP – but I’m more of an expert than you. CRP is one of many proteins produced by the liver during states of general inflammation. You are sick with the cold, elevated CRP. You have a heart attack, elevated CRP. And yes if you have a vaccination, elevated CRP. If you are completely well your CRP is likely < 0.2 mmol/L. Anything above that is considered 'elevated'. The elevation time is quick abrupt on/off associated with insulting influence. Most people do not walk around with elevated CRPs. We use it in children/adults with autoimmune conditions as a surrogate marker (an surrogacy is key because it is not absolute) of how their condition is responding to therapy.

    A study showing increased CRP with autism is interesting but not an argument against vaccinations. Keep in mind most of the women with an elevated CRP in this study did not end up with autistic children. It begs the question? Why are women who give birth to children with autism having an elevated CRP? However it is not causality to say that an elevated CRP causes autism. It is EXTREMELY misleading to suggest that the non-specific elevation of CRP during ANY inflammatory state (virus, vaccination, bruise, ankle sprain, whatever) is associated with autism.

    The real question is this: what is causing the elevated CRPs in women that are pregnant and later give birth to children later diagnosed with autism.

  • Well, apparently you only read the first study.

    I emailed the lead researcher for the trivalent study and there is NO intention to follow up with these women to see how many of their children have autism.

  • MS

    Conventional Allopathic medicine is famous for taking age-old methods of treatments and tweaking them JUST enough (chemically) in order to patent the process or drug–and then, because of the near monopoly–are able to over charge their “customers” –with No reason. together in bed with govt — costs have gone way too high. Any first year Econ 101 student knows limited supply and growing demand equals price hikes.

    Your “modern Profession” has had to back track time and again from its stand on vestigial organs over the eons. What once were thought to be useless and non essential are now understood to play a large role in our unique and miraculous system. your profession lost its humility long ago and now that it feels it has adequately destroyed its competition–forcing people to use its methods as their only recourse..

    “Peer” Review… let that sink in…I will wait… “Peer” review… that is EXACTLY what I was referring to when I said your paradigm is in bad need of a shift… Your Pastor writes a paper and gives it to the choir. Not suprisingly, it is supported by them… When you take off the rose-colored glasses, wake up and realize that Peer review isnt all its cracked up to be. You put a lot of stock in it– but any 5 minute query on the internet can take you to reputable sites that chronicle the fraud and abuse of what YOU rely on as the gold standard in human development… the aforementioned “peer review” process. You ought to go out and kiss your car because it has done more to relieve human suffering and disease relief than ANY vaccine.
    Soon the day will come when everyone will look upon Chemotherapy as barbaric and nonsensical–tantamount to stopping your bicycle by driving into a radioactive wall–just like bloodletting is now seen for its lunacy. I mentioned it to give you pause to think about the overall credibility of your “profession” and its hubris. Then take you back to vaccines and hopefully you can re-examine the topic with a fresh outlook…
    Next thing you’ll tell me is that you recommend Fluoride just as highly and with all the religoious fervor of a Baptist preacher…no offense to baptists.

    and dont get me started on Polio— the only new cases are from people who get the vaccine.. plus– SV40– cancer rates skyocketing– and shocker– themedical professionals made a mistake (wow! shocker!)–even with peer review– monkey viruses they didnt account for have now been inserted into many millions of people– yummy.
    You really need to leanr to be objective… I know its hard with a $100k student loan bill staring at you each month…

  • GH

    I read both your abstracts. Your argument in a nutshell is as follows:

    Study A – Elevated CRP in pregnancy associated with autism.

    Study B – Immunization in pregnancy associated with elevated CRP (not a big surprise based on my previous response)

    You cutely try to combine these two study findings in some sort of round-about “since immunization raises CRP it causes autism” argument. Any basic scientist can tell you these study designs do not prove causality.

    By your argument, any soft tissue injury or fracture (since these definitely raise CRP) causes autism. Your argument is beyond ludicrous.

    Valiant of you to email the authors of the trivalent study. However again as an basic researcher would know, their study is not powered (meaning they do not have the numbers) to provide any association with autism, since its prevalence would not be captured by their small sample size (n= ~30).

  • GH

    Where does one even start with these wide ranging claims. At least your ‘pastor’ has had the tact to argue me with his own version of scientific facts. Your projection is incredible.

    You can read one of my previous posts for my thoughts on big pharma. I don’t wanna waste my figurative breath talking to someone with such a distaste for rational thought.

    My student debt has never once affected my practice. Fuck off with your insinuations and stay away from advising any parents of children who aren’t your own.

  • GH

    1) Ear infections (acute otitis media) are the most common childhood infection based upon the natural anatomical obstruction of the eustachian tube in infants. Most are instigated by common viruses as the eustachian tube becomes inflamed and does not allowed for middle ear drainage.

    2) Vaccinations for strep pneumonia (Prevnar) are not designed to reduce ear infections. They are designed to prevent invasive meningitis which is most commonly caused by serotypes ACYW. Invasive meningitis rates have dropped so much in the wake of vaccinations that we have significantly reduced the rate of bacterial meningitis, as well as the rates of procedures such as lumbar punctures (spinal tap) used to diagnose this condition.

    Hope that helps. Glad to see your children were not the 30-40% of children whom get an ear infection at some point.

  • This isn’t some game.

    Do you know what is ludicrous? Pretending autism’s etiology has no immune component and sweeping information under the rug because it appears to be “insignificant.”

    However, I bet you’d be hysterically flailing your arms in the air if 30 children had the measles.

  • GH

    See now you just had to get rude. Typically the sign of insecurity.

    I don’t ‘pretend’ autism has no immune component. I don’t pretend anything unlike the pretend foundation your arguments lean on. Autism’s etiology is at this point unknown and felt likely to represent a multifactorial inheritance pattern mostly based in genetic susceptibility (microdeletions of DNA, duplications, etc.) and undetermined environmental factors which could range from smoke exposure to vaccination status and anywhere in between. The point is – there is no proof for any of your claims, only weakly based conjecture dressed up as proof. I could argue that in perhaps one phase of a genetically suspectible individuals pregnancy, that a particular vaccination might be the straw that breaks the camels back to ’cause’ autism. But that argument is based on nothing.

    If I’m to base my argument on scientific conjecture I would argue that vaccinations are unlikely to cause autism it has been shown to be independent of immune response to actually getting influenza. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23147969

    This also makes sense on a physiologic level as the IgG antibodies produced by immunization have known side effects of autoimmune cross-reactivity (Guillain Barre) similar to that of the viruses they replicate. These do not have a shared pathophysiology with autism.

    I would flail my arms for 30 children with measles because I’d know it was largely preventable if their self-righteous parents hadn’t forgone their immunization. Especially if they developed subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis which is a very known risk of measles and the reason the vaccine is so important. Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is responsibility.

  • GH

    I’d love to continue all this, but I have to leave now to work in the pediatric intensive care unit of my institution. Feel free to name call me and my profession in my stead.

  • So tell me doctor – what is the difference between encephalitis caused by measles and encephalitis caused by vaccines?


    “A virus or vaccine triggers a reaction that makes the immune system attack brain tissue (an autoimmune reaction).”

  • MS

    A) I have never advised any parent on THEIR decision for care for their child, and I never will. It is their choice.

    B) No response to my general statements is fine, yet telling. However, i do see that just scratching beneath the surface of the thin veneer modern allopathic medicinal credibility earns me vulgar insults from one of its purveyors. Again, not surprising.

    C) I am a cause and effect, rational-type person– whether you choose to believe that or not. I have personal experience being in the care of “MD’s” over my 40+ yrs of wandering this planet. I will tell you first and foremost that I have the utmost respect for ER doctors, and emergency medicine– saving lives and stabilizing people from various life threatening injuries is truly remarkable–and has my highest respect. However, the flip side of the coin–non ER medicine has almost killed me–literally– being told I had “adult onset asthma” and just “take this (inhaler)–and deal with it”… was the long and short of it–after 35 yrs of no issues– I felt this wasnt very scientific–there had to be a cause– not some vague, ambiguous “adult onset”, “we dont know what causes it”.. only to realize (after my investigation) I had a chronic bacterial infection in my lungs that was hampering my breathing– and chronic inflammation was the hystamine response. Now I am “inhaler free”– but not after having passed out in the street due to atrial flutter/fib brought on by, you guessed it, the inhaler… then reading the insert (my fault, i was warned)- that the inhaler could cause this. So, after getting my heart shocked back into rythym i have used alternative methods, to fight the infection.. Ive learned about the quorom sensing abilities of bacterial communities and how biofilms develop and fluorish and resist standard ABX protocols– while sending out periodic planktonic bacterial pathogens.. Listen, I understand medicine. I also understand profit motive and human nature and growing your market share to make shareholders happy.– and getting products to market that might not be fully tested. i also understand how lazy and disinterested some people including Doctors are when it comes to new technology– unfortuantely, the medical field is no place to practice antiquated methods of symptom relief while at the same time expecting optimal outcomes–

    bacteria, and biofilm

  • Actually, simple sanitation has far stronger correlation with disease prevention than vaccines. Clean food, water, and living conditions = a dramatic drop in illness and child mortality. Vaccines, on the other hand, show little or even negative correlation with disease reduction. Smallpox, polio, and measles were all in steep decline before the vaccines ever came to market. http://www.whale.to/m/measlesdeaths1.html You want your patients happy and healthy? Clean food, water, and lifestyle, all of which are about as far from our evolutionary path as can be these days. Or do you even inquire about these things?

  • Lou

    My plan for keeping my medical records secure from the police state we are increasingly living in is to generate NONE. Clearly our “health care system” at every level is sold out and no longer works for us.

    I understand this is hard for most to do. However I firmly believe it is the correct course of action for MOST of us.

    These guys are serious, at some point men with guns and needles will show up at our doors. There can be no cooperation with the enemy. If our “health care sector” drastically shrinks perhaps someone will get the message.

  • Lou

    Dear Doctor

    Please give me a reference to any truly independent (no Big Pharma or CDC involvement) clinical study of of sufficient length and power that demonstrates ANY VACCINE does more good than harm.


    While you search for the impossible please consider only giving one “vaccination” per office visit as it has been shown more than one is harming your babies and parents.

    “Upon analysis, the team found that the more vaccines a
    child receives during a single doctor visit, the more likely he or she is to suffer a severe reaction or even die. According to Heidi Stevenson from Gaia Health, for each additional vaccine a child receives, his or her chance of death increases by an astounding 50 percent — and with each additional vaccine dose, chances of having to be hospitalized for severe complications increase two-fold. To sum it all up, the overall size of the vaccine load was found to be directly associated with hospitalization and death risk, illustrating the incredible
    dangers of administering multiple vaccines at once.”

    Relative trends in hospitalizations and mortality among infants by the number of vaccine doses and age, based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1990–2010


  • hammer

    Hey Dr. GH, Listen to the worlds #1 eugenics goon admit that vaccinations are for population control.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WQtRI7A064

  • GH

    Umm. Right. From THE leading philanthropist of the developing world and someone whom you can google has a strong distaste for a certain Human Immunodeficiency Virus. If you would watch the entire talk you would recognize that his reference to his love for vaccines comes from a strong personal interest in the developing nations (what a terrible guy) and a desire to see an HIV vaccination be created. I assume you also believe there is a cure to HIV that is being withheld, but that’s a whole other conspiracy to debunk, which again not surprisingly has a rational answer based entirely in basic science.

    Having personally worked in an HIV clinic in Botswana, which has one of the better Sub-saharan Africa health systems (they discovered their diamonds AFTER independence from the colonies), I can tell you that an interesting fact develops within poverty. When infant mortality goes up, as does the fertility rate. The complex socioeconomic implications include lack of economic opportunity and education, particularly for women – and lead to a great demand on an already overburdened support system. His notion (and it is debatable) is that population control for the purposes of decreasing CO2 levels, is achieved through reversing this cycle. Personally, I’m not certain that lowering the infant mortality rate is suffice to achieve this as there are also huge economic and social (war, rape) pressures on women in these nations to have more children. But thats the gist of what he is saying – if you bothered to watch the whole talk of course.

  • GH

    Wow. Can I just suggest that everyone read this article. I love it.

    You are correct about one thing, and one thing only. The more times you get vaccinated, the more likely it is you will report that a vaccine caused your X. That is what VAERS does. It is self-reported. Meaning that you can write “X vaccine caused my child to have purple hair” and that is an adverse reaction and reported. Similarly industrious lawyers can report that someone died as an adverse event of a vaccine. It is not, I repeat NOT, designed as a measure of incidence and prevalence of vaccine related issues. The whole concept behind VAERS is for early warning of possible adverse reactions. As in if a run of anaphylaxis were to occur they could use it to pinpoint which batch was at play and such.

    It would take a lot of paragraphs to precisely explain why this ‘study’ is garbage, but I don’t have to. Someone with a better understanding of statistics than me has torn it to shreds already. http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2012/12/26/some-post-holiday-antivaccine-science/

    I apologize as that guy isn’t nearly as nice with the ‘truther’ community in his language – but he is describing accurate statistical analysis. I couldn’t find an actual author comment on the study, but that’s probably because it’s buried in a completely inconsequential journal of no repute.

    Since I’m obligated to give truthful information I will tell you that vaccines are (surprise!) associated with adverse events – WE KNOW THIS. Everyones favourite influenza vaccine AE of course is Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) – an awful, but 95% non-fatal condition created by the phenomenon of molecular mimicry when antibodies directed against the vaccine also show affinity for the myelin sheaths of peripheral nerves. Bummer. H1N1 was a great time for this condition for people in tertiary hospitals like the one I work at. I even saw one child with a particularly bad form called Miller-Fisher variant that involves the cranial nerves – he had a facial droop. Like most people with the condition he fully recovered. Turns out a few days prior to getting his condition he had….the flu!

    The point of this is basically that this particular feared outcome which is real, is also seen with the actual freaking flu. The incidence related to vaccines is around 1-6/million (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23498095), while the incidence of flu-related GBS is felt to be similar if not more (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20797646). It is less difficult to study however because GBS can take many weeks to manifest at which point our viral swabs will not detect anything (so called febrile-illness related GBS). Another nuance known to people who actually work in health care.

    What is much more than 1-6/million is the number of people whom die from influenza every single damn year (babies and elderly mostly). Here is the latest report from the cdc outlining the up-to-date statistics of the current year. At one point this year ~10% of inpatient adult deaths were attributable or related to influenza. This is why we harp on about the influenza vaccine every single year and feel like broken records. Because every year we see lots of people die of it, in fact right now in my ICU I have a 7 year old on a ventilator for the past week with Influenza B (yup, the one the vaccine covered). I’ve never seen someone die of vaccine-related GBS or any other vaccine related adverse event (though they are certainly reported). We play a game of numbers and on a population basis a few people every year will die in relation to their vaccine, but many more would not were the entire population to immunize. If you love your grandmother, or love your baby, you get immunized.

  • GH

    Wow. Offensive. I do inquire. It’s called holistic care and all good pediatricians do. I see lots of marginalized families that are not given access to clean food, water, etc…I can’t prescribe anti-poverty measures though. Pediatricians are on the front-line politically of groups arguing for important things like health food options at school, regular exercise for children, and clean water to inner cities, remote rural areas and native reservations. Many of us also work internationally to promote basic sanitation standards as governed by the world provisions of the rights for the child (http://www.unicef.ca/en/policy-advocacy-for-children/about-the-convention-on-the-rights-of-the-child). Unfortunately there are a lot of vested corporate and governmental interests against such measures. On this perhaps we can agree!

    On a side note, interestingly our cleanly 20/21st century behaviour is felt to correspond with increases in allergies/asthma. It’s called the ‘hygiene hypothesis’ and is a fascinating piece of human physiology that is an interesting read. Keep in mind humans were adapted for squalor for the past 50,000 years and so genetically were a little fresh to daily showers. That said, I would take the manageable conditions of allergy and asthma over cholera dysentry anyday.

  • GH

    A) It’s my job to advise people on their children. I have the privilege of informing parents about what I have learned is in the best interests of their child.

    B) Sorry that was a tad rude. You can understand the sentiment though when someone who has dutifully gone to school for a decade with the intention of helping all children to the best of my abilities is told that he is poorly informed.

    C) Well you will like me! I’m actually a pediatric emergency medicine physician. So we’re on the same page! All the power to you for feeling better – which bacteria is in your lungs btw? I assume that you must have received either a sputum culture or bronchial lavage. I’m curious – I’m out of adult practice a long time now.

  • GH

    Not much of a difference. Both are thankfully uncommon (or I’d have way too many “umm you shoulda immunized” talks). But much less common with the vaccine than it is with the real measles. Heres proof – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15557053. Of course since you frequent pubmed you could probably find this article easily but for some reason it didn’t make the cut for you…hmm.

    I’m sure you recall that basically everyone gets measles too if its in the community. It’s literally the most contagious disease ever (something like 90% or that I remember from med school).

  • GH

    BTW Lou I forgot to answer your first question “show me a study…”.

    I think you’ll agree that invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) is not a good thing (I mean even the name is scary). Here is a study showing how the pentavalent pneumococcal vaccine has lowered rates of IPD in British Columbia, Canada. Note the herd immunity effect, your welcome.


    Here is another from the european perspective:


    When I meet parents whom have concerns about vaccines usually the one vaccine I try hard for them to get is the pneumococcal vaccine. Give me one good reason validated by a study why I shouldn’t.

  • MS

    GH- No worries on the rudeness. and Yes, I definitely respect the efforts of ER docs of all stripes– I do believe that you represent the best of humanity in your efforts to help severely injured people. I have you to thank for saving the life of one of my own children almost 1 yr ago.. At 9 she got REAL sick and didnt improve– vomiting and finally looking deathly ill– we took her to the ER and she was in DK(eyes rolling back in head–not good!) with a BG of 630 (onset of T1D)… in 5 minutes they figured it out, and had us ushered quickly onto an ambluance to the local Childrens hospital where she remained for one week stabilizng her and training us on our new lifestyle (we learned she has Hashimotos too). there in the PICU we learned how good we really have it–compared some some children who were about to die… Perspective is powerful.

    Briefly back to me tho, a friend had told me to check out a website (asthmastory.com) where a guy learned his misdiagnosis of asthma was really a bacterial infection. And that led me to cpnhelp.org wherein the research of Dr. David Hahn and others has delved deeply into the issue of Chlamydia Pneumonia and its ability to avoid detection (even from PCR testing) given it has no cell wall of its own (L-form?)and it invades our own cells (throughout the body) thus avoiding detection by our own immune system allowing unchecked proliferation (and a diverse range of symptoms), and its hardiness resulting from its lifecycle (Cryptic, Elementary body, Reticulate Body). Antibiotics (Doxy/Azi) can take out the Reticulate bodies–and you may feel temporarily better, but you still have the cryptic &elementary bodies bouncing around –they wait til conditions are right again, and you are back to square one. So, a CAP (Combination Abx Protocol–doxy/Azi) together with NAC and pulsing of Metronidazole are what many people use to fight this longterm “bug”.

    Then reading what Trevor Marshall (bacteriality.com) has studied about how bacterial pathogens can disable the VDR (or insert themselves into that site on the cell wall prior to Vit D doing so) making our own absorption of Vit D impossible and thus hampering our own immune response– its amazing and I believe science has only scratched the surface…

    I am making great strides in my own health-path and I dont blame the doctor who misdiagnosed me because I know his business paradigm is one that doesnt allow in depth study of each individual patient to this extent, and he is older which likely has him getting his CE from his pharma reps that have new inhalers to push– so I took it upon myself.

    It is with this same passion and study that I have chosen to not give my children vaccines, and in hindsight–given my daughters auto-immune T1D and Hashimotos, I am very wary of injecting her with a chemical cocktail that is loaded with adjuvants that provoke an immune response–when hers is already in a state of moderate malfunction. supplementation and healthy diet–prayer and research and of course, necessary medical treatment as needed…
    Sorry to be so long winded, but you sound very inquisitive and appear to enjoy your profession.

  • Thimerosal (mercury) is very toxic and everyone has known this for many years. But hey, the CDC stepped in and said its safe now ok? If the CDC decided to tell you gasoline is safe in trace amounts for vaccine preservative then the idiots would all line up to get the free shots at your grocery store.

  • They can kiss my you know what. I am not and will not take their poisonous bs. I would think this alone would start not a civil war but start something where the majority are waking up and seeing we are slowly being killed not only by vaccines, but chemtrails, and gmo foods. We are in huge trouble. There are so many areas to cover I sit often wondering how do we get so many areas into one where this Government is trying to kill us all. Very frustrating.

  • DWZA

    The question for me is becoming, “What informed intelligent human would feel comfortable with procreating in this 1984 Agenda 21 environment?”

  • Concerned Mamma

    I have had the strep/meningitis vax multiple times (5 to be exact), including recently because I was bullied into it, and yet have had both illnesses more times than I remember throughout my 23 years of life, so how exactly are our vaccines making us “less likely” to get the illnesses we’re being vaccinated for? you are blinded by your faith that the medical community actually has a shred of dignity left to it instead of pushing us to do things that will only make them money and not benefit the general populace at all. Sad as it is people like you don’t change, but thankfully there are smart parents out there, I among them, that have seen through the bullshit and not gotten our children vaccinated.

  • Ginger

    GH –

  • GH

    Yes it is sad I can’t ‘change’ and see the light of faulty statistics, fear-mongering and magical thinking. Unfortunately I have sadly placed my faith is tested hypotheses and rational thought borne out by generations of progressive scientific advance. What a horrible notion.

    I would also say that if you were really carrying around streptococcus pneumoniae (which I doubt you are for various reasons that aren’t worth my time explaining), not getting your children immunized would be a stupid risk. I can quote you study after study showing the incidence rate of bacterial meningitis having decreased dramatically due to vaccine, but lets face it – you won’t listen.

  • Annabelle

    I understand your frustration as a physician when you are confronted with what appears to be an arrogant rejection of a sound medical breakthrough – vaccination. But many people, myself included, reject vaccines not out of a disagreement with the medical principal itself but because of the additional, unwanted content of vaccines. Chemical preservatives like formaldehyde, thimerasol, aluminum and dubious dna content. Vaccines are polluted and just not good for the human body, sorry. And there is the vastly increased vaccine schedule. There is clearly a vested interest in pushing vaccines now.

    Your motives as a physician may be ethically sound but the manufacturers of these vaccines are not bound by the same code of ethics and operate from a totally different moral place.

    No one needs to place their trust in pharmaceutical companies, ever. The field is polluted with unethical practices and individuals whose motive is purely to enrich their companies and who view each human body on the planet as a potential cash cow. There are no altruistic motives in the pharmaceutical business I assure you, perhaps in the research lab but not on the business side. You as a medical practitioner may be caught in the crosshairs but we as end users can still opt out.


    Here is the game:

    To break a contagious infection you don’t need 95% vaccination. You can do so with 20% vaccinated or less. So why?

    Well, let me express a really nice conspiracy theory. Imagine the top 5% of the world controls us. They don’t want THEIR children to die since they intend to pass on this control to them. Most of us know about the families that control the Central Banks of the world and how Aristocratic/Royalty families are in on it to. The Bank of England, for example, was established as a joint stock corporation with the leading Banking houses of Europe and the Royal family of England. These people own it.

    Now, if you can get the commoners and peasants to vaccine their children, so as to break the chain of infection, then YOU don’t have to vaccinate your own. In addition, vaccines do damage a child’s brain (edema, inflammation) which results in sub-clinical Autism…which is the best type of autism for the world leaders since it dumbs down the children enough that they will not have the “animal” instincts nor insight to protest when they get older.

    So, force vaccinate the peasants and you have a stupid obedient population while your children are protected and have intact brains.


    You are correct. I am in the medical field and the pressure is on to go completely cloud based medical records. Everything about you will be in a central computer for which the Gov has total access.

    You doc is required to ask you things that will shock you. If he doesn’t get the answer, his pay from Medicare or Medicaid is cut down. I know. I’m in on it.

    You have no idea of what is coming. It is going to be hideous. Hitler would have loved to be alive today since what is planned makes him look like a real party dude.


    You are correct.

    Docs and Hospitals are FORCED to push vaccinations.

    One only needs ask why? What was once a few shots is now 20 or 30 and the little body can’t take that beating without damage.

    I personally have seen completely healthy 2 and 3 year olds go in for these shots and in a few weeks are completely brain damaged.

    My wife, a HUGE socialite and friends to “everybody” can rattle off the normal kids who came home after the vaccinations that have been ruined.

    Vaccines don’t get them all, but enough.

    Oh, the Amish don’t have any of this problem. No autism. and NO VACCINATIONS.

  • GH

    You might be happy the day your doctor has total/mega/ultra/uber access to your relevant medication information. As physicians having access to accurate information can be the difference between life and death when decisions in acute scenarios are made. Most of the harms from medication administration occur through polypharmacy (too many drugs with interactions) or through administration of a contraindicated medication. This usually occurs when physicians are not in proper communication. This problem is of course exacerbated when someone comes in unconscious/unable to communicate. The beauty of a working electronic medical record system is that it in theory eliminates these loopholes. Imagine a system where a scan of your health care allows the physician to not make a needless error in prescription or gains critical insight into an essential medical issue when you are in extremis.

    I agree it is kinda scary where this information might end up (insurance companies are really what comes to mind ultimately), and thats a relevant privacy issue, but when it comes to your doctor, this can only help the care you will receive. The debate of such dilemmas are important but do not benefit from the superlative addition of references to the third reich. Like seriously what the hell do you do in ‘the medical field’ that makes you say such sensational nonsense?

  • jeff

    my wife vaccinated my child without my consent, what can I do to save my child!?

  • Belinda

    I love the system, vaccines on the house lol

  • geoff

    Are you looking up your bum? cause that sounds like that’s where you are getting your information from

  • For Ohioans

    Boy are you naive. My hubby is a physician who understands the problems with vaccines. Electronic medical ‘profiling’ is going to be used to force doctors to prescribe Big Pharma’s dangerous medications. The data base will tell the ‘system’ when one of their drugs is indicated. If the doctor doesn’t prescribe it, he is flagged and if it happens too often, he is disciplined. It is a ‘one size fits all’ model designed to remove the physician’s ability to make independent decisions. If the patient says no . . . the physician suffers the consequences. The agenda is: population reduction!!


    One with HOPE. Would it be better for US to have children to educate and spare them from the dangers around us to lead the others? Still I DO understand your point and I remember being pregnant and at the time pro cholce, so I thought it was. I had a choice of darkness and despair which seemed like a prison of hell or love and hope. I embraced love and hope, I was pregnant already though. Whether to bring children into the world when they’ re not already created is a decision and a choice and we should show love and care for those who do choose to. and HOPE that the people of the world old and new will make it a better place.


    I fight back by comments and call for the war crimes of our governments to be tried in new international criminal courts hosted by the BRICS nations. We have to be prepared to go to prisons for our consciences. More than worrying is how our children are being snatched by the state. Time to come together in small groups to create a participatory peoples shadow government.


    Strange then how these people do nothing about the GM pollution, killing off of bees, the pollutions of the govt banksters and BIG corp, they only care about how many children are being born and whether the poorest people may omit more CO2 which DOES NOT WARM the planet anyway- and there is no proof it does. We are being asked to have blind faith in a hoax while the scientists who debunk it all seem to die. Meanwhile lots of aircraft are suddenly leaving white trails everywhere when in the past the white trails always disappeared within minuites, now they last all day and significantly haze and cloud our skies. I must have been blind from toddlerhood in childhood in my teens and twenties, thirties & sporadically so in my forties to have not seen all of the aircraft trails??? The cloud formations then were very different. We did not have heavily misted skies with cumulus cloud underneath, our clouds were not straight or feathered and straight and the metallic haze did not dominate our skies. They still used to experiment on the public with nasty bugs and things then but really seems to have escalated now.


    some of us are more afraid of the medical sector than we are afraid of the illnesses they are supposed to help us with.


    Buy a big place and live simply off the land and retire early. Thought of taking up chinese medicine?


    yep we need support groups really. There is a challenge for you.


    I am thinking that what my ma did was right, When we were tots in good health, she found out some kids living nearby had the measles, she took us over there, later we caught it, we had it early with natural lifelong immunity. Even with the full vaccinations children still come down with measles. They were shoving an extra measles vac out in the nineties for kids over 10. They said they could predict a measles epidemic was on its way???? Now they are God almighty all knowing beings too.


    I wanna be Amish


    We have to take the nonsense our government spouts out with blind faith YES? I am a Christian and totally blasted away by the blind faith in atheism, global warming or is it climate change cos it is not getting warmer here for sure, that people should not have children because they breathe out CO2 and have a CO2 footprint, strange how those with the smallest CO2 footprint are targeted, how genetically modified foods are healthy and necessary, how all these nations have horrible dictators, what a big threat they are to us and their people, how they have to be warred against to get rid of them and how our people are potentially all terrorists who have to be persecuted spied on and how whistle blowers are traitors to humanity. Lies with evil is reigning on earth and at war against humanity and our ecology.


    My child was repeatedly having meningitis ( hib), so what good would vaccines do if after having had it once she still has no immunity?


    I was questioning the vaccines since 1979 and they got worse and worse. Even then I only had one at a time and spread them out well. I refused whooping cough for my 2nd child who got it just before school, my subsequent children’;s vaccines were spread out, started later and they did not have every vaccine. If I had any more children, I would not vaccinate them.


    I was questioning the vaccines since 1979 and they got worse and worse. Even then I only had one at a time and spread them out well. I refused whooping cough for my 2nd child who got it just before school, my subsequent children’;s vaccines were spread out, started later and they did not have every vaccine. If I had any more children, I would not vaccinate them.


    Whooping cough can be fatal or lead to lasting damage IF one gets it and IF one catches it whilst VERY young but so can the vaccine, which is given when a child is VERY young and thus more susceptible to being harmed from it. Why should we bother with vaccines then? If vaccinations were to benefit us, it would make more sense to vaccinate children when they are 3 to five years of age and expect the babies to only very rarely catch anything (& to recover when they do), there would not be anything going around to catch.


    They only put the vaccines out because the deaths from the diseases were falling


    Driving with seat belts on is not a good comparison to vaccinated and non vaccinated children. As so many people are more than concerned with regard to vaccines, why not simply allow them to opt themselves and children out? A study can be done to compare the vaccinated, partially vaccinated and non vaccinated groups. Why do I think this is not going to happen aah the claims for vaccines side effects will put big pharmaceuticals out of business and the demand for vaccines will drop to new lows. There is coercion for vaccines, there is a big drive for them but surely we should be allowed to form our own opinions. Instead the opinions of those against vaccines are nowadays more taboo than homosexuality and sexual child abuse.

  • NoLowInformation

    So scary! Our government slowly striping us of our human rights. Mmmm wonder why you don’t see this in your mainstream media??

  • NoLowInformation

    You are VERY naive!

  • Christine

    I am in the middle of being harassed by health visitors, the doctor even followed me outside where he told me if I decided not to vaccinate my twins that this would ‘set of triggers’ hence the health visitors intrusion – it not being in the mainstream media is not a surprise just research who owns the news channels and newspapers then it will become clear.

  • Researcher
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  • LauraCondon

    There is a vaccine registry in every state except New Hampshire where I am currently fighting to protect individual privacy.

  • naniam

    Gee my daughter is a REHAB NANNY for a MMR BRAIN DAMAGED 18 month lil girl–so go fuk yourself and your BIG words and fancy talk–NOW children have CANCER DUH!! AUTISM DUH! THYROID CANCER AT 20! Go get your BIG PHARMA KICK BACK~~

    TAX-MONEY TO WAGE THEIR WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE! God will soon kill these devils’ seeds by fire – better: He will throw them into eternal fire, tu burn for ever and ever and ever! Very Very Very soon! He will allow them to work hard on their criems to deserve their punishment completely! Matthew 13: 24-50; Revelation 21:8

  • CBLeigh

    So nicely said Annabelle!

  • whatevermeh

    I’ll help you with your research. There are 0 safety studies that compare a vaccine with a true placebo. They compare vaccines against other vaccines or adjuvants. As an educated man what do you think it does to the numbers weighing them against other vaccines or neurotoxic heavy metals? There are 0 studies that evaluate carcinogenic or mutagenic potiental. None If you look into animal vaccines you’ll find that the normal dog schedule causes autoanitbodies, this means they cause autoimmunity. The normal cat and dog schedule both cause sarcoma’s. Now why aren’t human vaccines evaluated for their cancer causing ability, why aren’t they evaluated for mutagenic potiential? My thoughts about this is that they already know the answer and don’t want it on paper. Are you aware of the lawsuits and whistleblowers in the industy? My problem isn’t that vaccines might work for a short period of time, my problem is that is the “cure” worth the cost. I don’t really think it is not when 1 in 3 are set to have cancer, not when autoimmunity is skyrocketed. Sure we don’t deal with NORMAL childhood illnesses anymore now we deal with pediatric cancer and other autoimmune dysfunction. Life long problems not a week or two problems.

  • whatevermeh

    Do you realize that tons of people get their children vaccinated and end up at the ER and/or doctors office and they are told the high pitch screams and spiked fever is a normal response? I’m not sure if things have changed in the last 12 years, although I kinda doubt it. I had my toddler vaccinated he started screaming within the hour he spiked a high fever and both the clinic and ER treated me like I was an idiot. They laughed at me as my child was stiffened up screaming like someone was stabbing him. It was normal. So no I don’t think encephalitis is counted as it should be with vaccine reactions unless it truly is a normal side effect. I had never heard a child scream like that not before and not since. It was NOT normal. My childs leg swelled and he had a hard knot at the injection site(stayed for months!)… that was normal. He started catching infection after infection… that was all normal too. I was told it was normal that he stopped talking. It was normal that he seemed to lose all sense of danger. I was actually told this was normal boy behavior. He’s all boy, he’s fine, he’s been sick so he stopped talking he’ll start back up. Lies Lies and more lies. He’s deaf lets waste your time and send you to two different ENT specialist. My son was fine before his vaccines. After his vaccines it was like a different child had taken his place. He lost eye contact, all language, interaction with his environment(other then spinning or fanning objects), he lost his happy. He lost his health. Sick and sick and more sick over and over again. His immune system failed. Oral antibiotics did NOTHING. This happened after the Dtap shot tripedia. So anytime I hear someone say vaccines don’t cause autism I want to laugh in their face and punch them. I wish vaccines did not cause autism. It would be easier to deal with if it really was a genetic epidemic. It’s not. It’s an epidemic of medically damaged children. It’s not just behavior it’s also the immune system. If we don’t stay on top of supplements and eat very healthy, He’ll start getting eye infections, that progress into strep. He will have to have supplements for the rest of his life as his normal or he will be sick. So if I go by what the doctors said and everything that happened to my son after vaccines was normal. Well you can keep your damned normal. I’ll take a pass.

  • greglohr

    To quote the hated Hitler, tell a big enough lie long enough, and the people will believe it.(paraphrased).

    I’m not afraid to talk to people about issues such as vaccines, and the vast majority have so sucked into the lie, they think the rest of us are a total danger to society and we should be dealt with swiftly. They don’t really care to hear the truth, much less know it. They don’t want to research either, they want to be told by the authorities what the truth is, and just go with the flow. I call these people SHEEPLE.

  • greglohr

    Those vested corporate & governmental interests you mentioned are exactly the problem and why a lot of us no longer have trust in those we should be able to trust. Some of those corporate interests are found among the powerful pharmaceutical industry. And how about Monsanto? What the government is allowing there is nothing short of a crime against society.

    Let’s consider the FDA…. They allow many different things in our food and in our personal care products that should NEVER be allowed for. It’s their job to protect us from this kind of stuff, yet they are doing the exact opposite, and protecting the corporate interests of the companies they are supposed to be policing.

    Our food is slowly poisoning us. Our personal care products such as shampoo, toothpaste, etc is slowly poisoning us, and one only need to turn the TV on to see the NUMEROUS lawsuits being brought against drug companies for the enormous amount of damage they are doing to people.

    And we’re supposed to trust the SCIENCE??? If that is science, we can do without it, it’s killing us while making us profit machines for BIG PHARMA until we die. The agenda is obvious for those who open their eyes. One does not have to be a scientist, a doctor, a lawyer, or even a high school grad to read ingredient labels and do just enough basic research to know that these ingredients are toxic to us and cause long term health problems. Again…I am asked to trust the science? What kind of science does this to people?

    Add to that articles from many doctors who are brave enough to stand up against the science they see that is very flawed and only supports a certain agenda. Here is just one such article:


    Just look at some of the charts in his article showing how many of the vaccines hit the market once the diseases were already no longer any danger, yet BIG PHARMA took credit for the decline even though the vaccines were much too late to have had any effect on those numbers. I’ve seen where many doctors have brought this fact to the forefront, a statistic that is shocking to say the least, and they too are very concerned about these facts.

    When I add up the many pieces of the puzzle, it’s more than obvious to the casual observer that our gov’t agencies assigned to protect us cannot be trusted, otherwise we wouldn’t see toxins in our food, our personal care products, or our drugs. And you use their science to prove your point? Give that fact just a little thought, and be very careful about their stats too. Start looking at some of those out there who are blowing the whistle on the corruption in these industries and ask yourself why this is happening, then you’ll better understand where most of us are coming from when we say NO to their vaccines and NO to their science.

  • Chuck Robey

    Look I am a Retired Marine and almost all of my Medical problems are from a Vaccine I got while on Active duty (Anthrax vaccine) but there were others that made me sick for a short time after being stuck. My eldest son was vaccinated till he was 2 and our second son till he was 1 and both of them have medical issues from the vaccines. Our other 4 kids have never been touched by a Vaccine Needle and God willing never will. Now after that all being said if one of these Vaccine Goon Squads come to my door they had better be prepared to physically subdue me because I will not let them stick anyone in my family by force if necessary..

  • Catherine Bruder
  • Kalin

    That fact that you perpetuate a Jewish lie about HItler indicate you’re still part of the flock. It is Hitler’s victors who rule you. Get your news from RealJewNews.com and VeteransToday.com,

  • Kalin

    What really makes your “heart ache” is not being able to control other people’s lives. That’s why you’re here and that’s why you like a ruthless government; much like a little boy who wants a vicious dog. All psychopathic communists are the same.

  • Kalin

    Nobody cares what you do. They just don’t want control freaks like you telling them what to do. The fact that we “won’t listen” and do as you say is your greatest “heart ache”- you, Joseph Stalin and the like.

  • AutismDad

    If government has any sense it won’t want show downs like that. They prefer to use school or have doctors fire you or try to get the public after you. Especially in a counrty with access/ ownership of guns. Hopefully those ugly scenes won’t happen.

  • AutismDad

    Troll… too rehersed, too predictable..nuff said Oh and here I believe this is what you are looking for $$$$$$$$$$$$

  • AutismDad

    Thats the worst vaccine marketing commercial I’ve ever heard. It should be broadcast nationally.

  • AutismDad

    Don’t you just love the language used by researchers who WANT to promote what they do, but actual honesty infringes on a total claim of success? MAY, LIKELY, SUGGESTS etc.
    Sounds like lawyer talk. Its not totally dishonest. Lets say its likely autism is caused by vaccines, or may or it suggests and they would incinerate us with scorn. But to GH and others its pure, peer reviewed, gold standard. To me its rubbish hiding behind the word science.

  • AutismDad

    So well rehearsed, You deserve an oscar for best Troll in the role of a troll.

  • AutismDad

    So the professional goes gutter style.

  • AutismDad

    You may be inadequately informed, but only because you face an enormous task, saving all children. You portray yourself as capable of it, or that science is capable.. But instead of admitting you truly can’t, you throw out all the common, typical responses and the worn out science is a cure all, a know all, a do all, a be all. You need to get a grip and lower those beliefs to a level that is realistic. Off the pedestal now.

  • greglohr

    ROFL…. Well, I guess you really told me. I’ll go hide in my closet now.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Yes, this fake “physician” is a troll , and upvoted by known troll Argus.

  • Eric La Magdelaine

    I know, but having ignored the warnings such as (we) have, we are suffering a not so obvious injury. That injury you ask? Simple: we didn’t vote the good guy into office. By good I don’t mean pushover, I mean a ‘studied’ and calculating leader and his/her co-leaders.

  • Eric La Magdelaine

    We of any sensibility agree that the less ugly this gets, the better. But it never hurt to prepare oneself and their loved ones for a situation that goes unfavorably. God help us!

  • Amber Boyt

    another reason they want to disarm us so we cant fight back when they come to our door!