Penn and Teller kick out at anti vaccine lobby

by Christina England

In a recently released video ‘Penn and Teller Bullshit – Vaccination’, the pair of magicians Penn and Teller, use their usual male chauvinistic and pratt like abilities, to go all out to prove to the world that vaccines are safe, that they have eradicated illnesses, that they are super efficient and any parent who does not want to inject their little darlings, with a syringe full of poison, is being totally irresponsible.

According to the dynamic duo, by throwing a load of yellow balls at a large plastic board displaying a huge syringe logo on , this is supposed to convince the world once and for all that vaccines do not cause Autism, are wonderfully safe and protects all children against infection.

In their feeble attempt to bully the entire population into believing that vaccines are safe, when shown a list of vaccine ingredients by Wendy Callahan,who is the co director of Vaccination Liberation, stating that the contents of an average vaccine has no place in a syringe that is about to be given to a small child and is more suitable for a satanic ritual, they attempt to prove that these ingredients are perfectly safe.

They do this by making statements such as ‘mouse brain and aluminum hydroxide stimulates antibody levels’, however, they show us no evidence what so ever to back up their claims. Instead of giving any real facts, they bombard their audience with foul language and teenage Tom foolery, expecting the public to believe what they say is gospel and hang on their every word.

According to this team the entire anti vaccine movement is made up from self righteous celebrates, playboy models, grieving parents and whack jobs. Although they neatly missed out the many thousands of medical professionals which include doctors, paediatricians, psychologists, neurologists, pathologists and haematologists who also do not believe in vaccines.

As per usual Dr Andrew Wakefield came under fire and was blamed for everything, from causing world poverty to the greenhouse effect. Naturally, like with every other part of their ill informed poorly researched video, they had very few facts about the Wakefield case and instead were eager to tell the world how a British Medical Panel found him to be guilty of gross professional misconduct. Calling his study

Shockingly fucked up
Absolutely wrong and
Possibly Criminal

The pair say that the pro vaccination lobby had needed their own sea level, self righteous, celebrate nut jobs to help out and they had volunteered. Well that is one fact they certainly did not need to try too hard to back up.

Apparently, according to this crazy duo, the CDC have said that the numbers of Autism had sky rocketed since the 1980’s from 1 in every 10,000 to 1 in every 110. To account for this massive rise they say that in the early days Autism was diagnosed by children being severely withdrawn with no language, whereas now this has changed to include children who are on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

They add that professionals change the criteria to include more children and then act surprised when more children are diagnosed. Fair enough but come on guys even using that example hardly accounts for a leap from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 110 now does it?

In my opinion this pair of magicians could not convince me that vaccines were 100% safe any more than they could convince me that they could really pull a rabbit out of a hat. I should stick to magic if I was you.

All comments made in this article are my own opinion.

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Christina England, BA Hons