Vaccine Induced Child Abuse Exposed

As the Wakefield saga unfolds, we have seen the lengths pharmaceutical industries and governments will go to in a bid to cover up the truth. However, destroying a professionals reputation is not the only tactic employed to cover up vaccine injuries. Blaming parents of child abuse is another tactic being regularly used.

Many parents, who believe that they have been falsely accused of child abuse, are convinced that their child has been injured by a routine childhood vaccination. Yet, many in the medical establishment, however, are less convinced. Instead, they push ahead for police and child protection intervention. Sadly this means that many sick and disabled children enter the care system receiving inadequate medical or educational intervention and carry on to deteriorate.

Professionals worldwide are becoming increasingly alert to this phenomenon. Some are even beginning to request that a child’s full vaccination history be taken into consideration in all suspected child abuse cases. This is especially important they feel when children are presented to doctors with mystery illnesses or injuries. Many believe that parents of vaccine damaged children are being used as scapegoats to cover up vaccine injuries.

Kathleen Sebelius is considered by many to be the most powerful health official in the United States. Despite being the Head of Health and Human Services, she has little background in health. She is not a doctor or a scientist. She is, in fact, a lawyer and a politician.

In a webchat between several women about the ‘Affordable Care Act’ and Kathleen Sebeluis put on by the Public Affairs Dept at HHS, we can see Sebelius saying that there is an Institute on Vaccinations who run clinical trials, constantly testing and re-testing the safety of vaccine. Her exact words are:

“I know that at the National Institutes of Health, there’s an Institute on Vaccinations and one of the things they do is constantly run clinical trials, testing not only safety of individual vaccines, but safety of vaccines given together, spacing components, how frequently they have to be given in terms of boosting immunization”. (

There is however no such institute listed when I searched their website. (

Sebelius states that the current vaccine schedule is out of convenience, not safety. Saying:

What you want to do is to offer them in a way that’s convenient, so if your child can safely have a couple of things taken care of at same time, you want to do that as opposed to saying to a busy mom or dad, come back three weeks in a row. But clearly, the safety issues are primary, so that’s constantly being tested and evaluated.”

In other words it is better to give a child multiple vaccines at once rather than to have several visits. Sebelius is heard quite clearly stating that this practice is perfectly safe.

This is clearly not so. There have been several cases reported where many vaccines given to a child at once has caused irreversible brain damage and even death. For example Hannah Polling was given nine vaccines on one visit; this has now been proven to be the cause of her “metabolic disorder”. She just so happens to have a condition called autism.

Many leading professionals are now saying the complete opposite stating that vaccines are in fact unsafe. They feel that governments are using the parents of vaccine damaged children as a cover. They say that they do this by blaming them for causing their children’s illness and disabilities.

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) is a form of child abuse frequently connected to vaccine injuries.

MSBP is a diagnosis given to a mother or care giver to describe aspects of their behaviour. This behaviour usually includes subjecting what appears to be a previously healthy child to unnecessary and often painful tests or medical interventions i.e.: scans, x-rays and even surgical procedures to gain attention from the medical profession. FII or Fictitious Induced Illness is another term used to describe Munchausen by Proxy type behaviour.

Lisa Blakemore-Brown is a psychologist and qualified to diagnose autism. She has appeared as an expert witness in court cases, and often attends educational tribunals to fight for the correct education for autistic children. She is the author of the book, Reweaving the Autistic Tapestry a book centring on autism and related disorders.

The first time Ms. Blakemore-Brown came across what she feels was a false accusation of MSBP was in 1996 when she was asked to assess twin girls whose mother had been accused of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP). The paediatrician and expert leading the case at the time was – the since discredited – Professor David Southall.

In March 1997 a New Zealand film was made about the case featuring Lisa Blakemore-Brown and Professor Southall. (

Despite the compounding evidence of the twins’ disabilities, Professor Southall insisted that the twins were perfectly ‘normal’ and the mother lost all four of children to the care system. It was around this time that Ms Blakemore-Brown began to have serious concerns about other cases involving several autistic children that she was assessing.

In many cases of parents being accused of MSBP, she noticed a troubling and disturbing pattern: the children’s problems only began after a vaccine had been administered.

In 1997 she wrote about her concerns in a letter that was published by the BPS in the magazine the Psychologist. (

She spoke about her growing unease concerning the amount of parents that she was involved with who had been accused of MSBP. She said that ‘she could not establish a robust scientific base‘ for this. She was even more concerned that many of these children had then turned out of have real illnesses and disabilities which had been missed when the diagnosis of MSBP loomed large.

The following year, in June 1998 an article appeared in ‘The Therapist’ also written by Ms Blakemore-Brown. This was a year after Sir Roy Meadow (a British paediatrician who had risen to initial fame for his 1977 academic paper on MSBP and his crusade against parents who wilfully harm or kill their children and also famous for endorsing “one sudden infant death is a tragedy, two is suspicious and three is murder, until proved otherwise” now known as Meadow’s Law) had himself written an article for The Therapist. Ms Blakemore-Brown says that the editor of The Therapist had contacted her after reading her letter in the Psychologist, asking her if she would write an article showing the opposite view, to start a debate. (

In this article which she entitled False illness in children – or simply false accusations, she described a tragic case that she had been involved with involving a child that had developed a dangerously high fever immediately following routine vaccinations.

Shortly thereafter, he began to bang his head, soil, and lost all his language. After many investigations, the child was diagnosed as having Asperger’s Syndrome. The mother began to suspect that the vaccinations were the root of the child’s problems and decided not to have her other children vaccinated.

As time went on, she became desperate for help and turned to the social services. She begged them for respite care because she was finding her elder son difficult to manage. Instead, she was accused of MSBP and her children were taken away from her.

In foster care, the youngest child, a little girl, was vaccinated against the wishes of her mother. Instantaneously and tragically her behaviour deteriorated the same way as her brother’s had. This time, the foster carer had video tapes of before and after vaccinations. Social services chose to ignore this crucial evidence. Subsequently both of the younger children were adopted. Why was this?

In her book Reweaving the Autistic Tapestry, Lisa Blakemore-Brown wrote:

The hypothesis of MSBP has no logic and depends on witch-hunt thinking to operate. If people ‘admit’ they made up or caused the problem, then they are guilty. If they do not admit it, then they are in denial. It is most unfortunate that features of very serious, very real and very rare mental conditions have been so recklessly applied adnauceum to the actions and statements of honest and caring parents. It is also intriguing that the phenomenal rise in these accusations has coincided with the phenomenal rise in the incidence of autism and ADHD since the late 1980’s.

While the UK continues to deny that there has been any increase in numbers, Japan has recognised them and linked the rise with vaccine. It has changed it’s vaccine programme accordingly. California has recently charted the rise in presentations of Kanner type autism.” (…)

Ms Blakemore-Brown firmly believes in a correlation between autism and parents falsely accused of MSBP. In 2009 she gave a speech entitled Why Will No-One Listen? Why Is The UK Government Pretending There Is No Autism Crisis? she said:

Vaccine Damage Denial

Some fairly obvious cases began to reach the High Court – cases in which babies had died following vaccines but the mothers were being accused, MSBP style, of killing them, shaking them, suffocating them etc. Two key Expert Paediatricians were Professor Sir Roy Meadow, who the Government Knighted in 1998, and Dr David Southall who was the Expert in my first twins case. Their involvement with vaccine research and policy was never mentioned in any of the Court cases.

That these men were covering up for vaccine damage by horrific distortions of the truth leading to a total system denial of reactions to vaccines (which in turn contributed to the blanket denial of this as a potential cause at the very least) was of course too shocking for people to even countenance – and this continues.” (

She went on to explain what has led to her firm belief that Professor Sir Roy Meadow and Dr David Southall were both paramount in covering up the vaccine issues and using the MSBP label to blame innocent parents.

Blakemore-Brown believes the thimerosal in vaccines cause many cases disabilities in children today. In her own blog entitled Thimerosal Thoughts she writes this about herself:

I am a British Psychologist specialising in Autism and related disorders with long-standing and growing concerns about: How much certain vaccines have affected certain children. How much Thimerosal, a preservative which is 49.6% Mercury, has damaged certain children over 77 years. How much MMR has damaged certain children and the synergistic effect of the effect on the immune system of: DTP (with Thimerosal) and MMR on certain children.” (

In 2001, when her book was published, she wrote briefly about thimerosal. In doing so her book mysteriously disappeared. She explains:

In my book, Reweaving the Autistic Tapestry, having seen too many children with what I called ‘tapestry impairments’ many of which developed following the DTP and in fewer cases, the MMR, I suggested there may be a ‘tapestry’ causal effect with vaccines as one thread.

I mentioned Thimerosal and included some lawyer’s details here and in the US.

The launch of the book was at a CHADD conference in Anaheim California in October 2001. Eli Lilly were on the next stand and bought a copy of the book.

On my return to the UK, there was no contact from the publisher.

Within weeks of my book being published, parents were being told by Amazon that it was a ‘rare book’ and that it would take a year to get and would cost $79 plus post and packing!!!” (emphasis mine) (…)

It is interesting to note that Eli Lilly was the first drug company to put the preservative thimerosal into vaccines.

Ms. Blakemore-Brown uses many examples of cases that she has assessed as part of the fabric of her manuscript. She describes these conditions in full to assist parents and professionals.

Had Lisa inadvertently uncovered something that governments want to desperately cover up? It seems very likely – especially when we hear Sebelius on the HHS interview saying:

Study after study, scientist after scientist has determined that there really is no safety risk with thimerosal.

Many studies however, contradict this statement. In fact studies show thimerosal to be of great risk to infants. Since Blakemore-Brown wrote her book more and more studies back up what she said all those years ago.


These studies also refer to thimerosal causing severe neurological problems in children.

At HMO A, exposure was associated with an increase risk of Tics by 89%” PEDIATRICS – 2003

At HMO B, there was a 13% risk of language delay for exposure at 3 months and 7% at 7 months.” PEDIATRICS 2003

CDC, New England Journal of Medicine Telebriefing
Moderator: Curtis Allen, September 26, 2007 says:

This suggests a possible adverse association between neonatal exposure to thimerosal and language development.”

David Kirby in an article CDC: Mercury in Vaccines Damaged Your Child or Not speaks about a study from the New England Medical Journal saying that:

Boys exposed to the highest amounts of Mercury were 2.19 times more likely to have motor tics, and 2.44 times more likely to have phonic tics.” (…)

When professionals raise their concerns they are treated in the same way as the parents they advocate for. This has never been as apparent as in the case of Lisa Blakemore-Brown.

For her work and her beliefs an attempt was made to completely discredit her. Her career, like Wakefield’s, has been sabotaged as a result of speaking out. Her story can be read in full in the article ‘The Professional Assassination of Autism Expert Lisa Blakemore-Brown’. (…)

The only difference between her case and Dr Andrew Wakefield’s was that she had been falsely accused of having a mental illness. Having been financially crippled by the first case (found to be based on forged documents) she was unable to afford a team of expensive lawyers. Wakefield’s case has attracted worldwide media coverage whereas Blakemore-Brown’s case was hidden away protected by the cloak of secrecy that surrounds accusations of mental illness and false allegations. Her case was held behind closed doors in private so she was unable to have the public support that Wakefield had. Even after her spectacular wins, there was no media coverage. Like Wakefield, these complaints were not made by their clients but outsiders with no knowledge of their work whatsoever.

Blakemore-Brown’s case was of equal importance to that of Wakefield, in fact some may say more so. Is this the reason why the accusation of mental illness against her was used? An accusation of mental illness discredits every word a professional has ever said; even if the accusation is later found to be false. In my opinion, this is why this specific weapon was used against her.

The case of Dr Wakefield has dominated headlines worldwide. As we watch his case unfold it would be wise to remember that he is not the only professional to be falsely accused of professional misdemeanours. It is in my opinion Wakefield is another victim of government and Big Pharma professional assassination. Like Blakemore-Brown, he has uncovered something that has to be silenced.

In cases of child abuse, it should be routine procedure that courts admit into evidence the full vaccine history of a child. Whilst it is widely accepted that true cases of child abuse do exist, it also should be equally accepted that vaccines do cause injuries and illness in some children.

Vaccine injuries exist. If not, then vaccination compensation schemes would not be needed.

Vaccines are damaging the health and the well being of our future generations. Governments need to stop hiding behind their cloak of secrecy and stop fronting for pharmaceutical interests. They need to stop lying to the public and using figures like Kathleen Sebelius to hide behind.

About the author

Christina England, BA Hons