Vaccine Damaged Kids and the Media Attack on Dr. Andy Wakefield

The apparently orchestrated attack on Doctor Andy Wakefield is most interesting.  It’s rather amazing that the British Medical Journal (BMJ), having been around since the mid-eighteen hundreds, would risk tarnishing its reputation with such ghastly stories.  It is fascinating to observe what appears to be an attack that is nothing short of sinister. Perhaps it would be revealing to trace the REAL source(s) behind this witch-hunt––within, or reporting to, BMJ.

Parents of vaccine-damaged children are convinced that journalist Brian Deer may not be a ‘lone wolf’ but rather a ‘lackey’ possibly supported by pharmaceutical sources. What is suddenly driving this vendetta against a medical doctor who follows in the professional footsteps of so many martyred heroes like Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, the peer-rejected physician who advocated physician hand-washing after autopsies and woman-to-woman bodily examinations prior to attending women in childbirth?

Why is this old Wakefield story reactivated at this time? To my mind there’s only one answer: Follow the money.

It’s obvious to those of us with stacks of vaccine-damning, peer-reviewed data that attacking Dr. Wakefield just may be damage control for a greedy, corrupt, dangerous vaccine industry that is trying to pretend vaccines are not contributing to, and causing, damage to our kids.  This ill-conceived public relations and media campaign won’t change the fact that vaccines contain neurotoxins and other health-damaging ingredients–and are a cause of inflammatory brain and bowel disease in many children.

In reality, it really doesn’t matter, in the case against currently produced vaccines, whether Andy Wakefield is a hero or a villain.  Toxic and health damaging ingredients in vaccines per se is the true issue.  The destruction of our children’s health and their families is an ever-escalating issue.  We are witnessing a virtual genocide upon which Dr. Andy Wakefield’s status has no bearing.

Published data and successful lawsuits against the pharmaceutical industry are piling up.  The pharmaceutical industry—in bed with global governments—doesn’t know it yet, but this fight is over. An industry can’t keep harming their children without being held accountable. As the old cliché states, “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” The moms know––and they are the ones who will take down this rotten house of cards.

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