Top 5 Vaccine Stories for July

Children are used in vaccine experiments.

(1) We don’t know enough about childhood vaccines,0,7906966.story

The Baltimore Sun has released an article discussing the validity of parents concerns about the number of vaccines now being administered to our infants and children. It mentions several important points, one of them being that we don’t know the short or long term effects of multiple doses of vaccine administered at once. There are little to no studies in existence that indicate the safety or efficacy of doing so. The article goes on to mention some of the troubling ingredients found in vaccines and the very real possibility that these ingredients can do a severe amount of damage in susceptible individuals. It becomes apparent in the summary that many questions remain surrounding the safety and efficacy of childhood vaccine schedules.


(2) FDA Faults Merck Plant For Charred Shrink Wrap In Vaccine Vials
Charred pieces of plastic shrink wrap have been found in Pharmaceutical giant Merck’s vaccines. The company has stated that it is unaware of adverse health effects relating to the contaminant. Vaccines affected include:

– Gardasil (HPV)
– Varivax (chicken pox)
– Pneumovax (pneumoccoal disease)
– Zostavax (shingles)
– MMR 2 (measles, mumps, and rubella)

The FDA has issued warnings to Merck in the past, going back to 2008 when deficiencies were found at a Merck plant in West Point, Pa. Since then, there have been numerous reports of problems including metal particles contaminating pharmaceutical products, cracks in vaccine vials, and Mercks improper reporting of adverse events to the FDA.


(3) Are US pharmaceutical companies using India’s poor as guinea pigs in sometimes deadly trials for new medicines?

A special investigation has revealed that the US is conducting research studies on the impoverished, illiterate citizens of developing countries. Many have been unsuspecting participants in drug and vaccine clinical trials. The trials were carried out under the guise of disaster relief, residents thought they were receiving treatments for the effects of a severe industrial disaster affecting the area. An Indian couple explains how they lost their daughter due to receiving a medication they knew nothing about. The FBI has now launched an investigation into the reasons why US Pharmaceutical companies are relying more heavily on overseas trials.


(4) Dad died of swine flu despite having vaccine

Newcastle, UK. A family is grieving after the loss of their father. The man had been diagnosed with H1N1 even though he had been vaccinated against it two months prior. He finally succumbed to pneumonia and flu related complications. The family was in shock and have advised others to be cautious even if they have received the vaccine saying, “Please stay vigilant and look out for symptoms even if you’ve had the jab.”
This man’s death serves as a warning that vaccinated individuals can also be susceptible to illness, and that no vaccine can guarantee immunity.


(5) Child dies after being administered measles vaccine

Barabanki, India. A child has died, and two are in serious condition after receiving the measles vaccine. The father of the deceased child has lodged a complaint against the medical staff responsible. Health officials have confessed to leaving vaccine vials open for extended periods of time.

Photo Credit: Maarten Dirske
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