French Medical Doctors Say, “Delist & Suspend HPV Vaccines”

Medical doctors question the safety of the HPV vaccine.

Back in early October 2011, three medical doctors in Paris, France, called upon the National Assembly to delist vaccinations for HPV (human papillomavirus) and to suspend the European approval for the quadrivalent vaccine Gardasil® because they doubted the vaccine’s safety and efficacy.

One of the physicians, Dr. Philippe de Chazournes, chairs the association MedOcean. The two other physicians are Dr. Joel Pilgrim and Dr. Jean-Pierre Spinosa, a Swiss obstetrician-gynecologist, who co-authored the book, “The Sting too. Why do we vaccinate girls against cancer of the cervix?”

It seems the requests came out of an investigation and report made by Dr. Catherine Riva, Dr. Spinosa, and an un-named freelance journalist.

Dr. Spinosa states that the “precautionary principle should apply” regarding the dangers of the aluminum adjuvant, which is a neurotoxin. Dr. Riva questions the U.S. FDA’s “fast track dossier” on Gardasil®, plus there is indication of “clear influence” apparently on the part of the manufacturer of the vaccine. The investigation found that European regulatory authorities apparently followed the FDA’s recommendations, which are now being questioned for safety and efficacy by physicians.



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