Fetuses Bombarded With Powerful Drugs To Prevent ‘Vaccine Induced’ Obesity And Diabetes

Children have been shown to get diabetes shortly after given vaccines.

Childhood diabetes in the western world has become a major problem.

Mainstream medicine, the media and governments blame parents for this saying that the numbers of children suffering from diabetes has been caused by childhood obesity. They say parents are feeding their children poor diets and allowing them to watch television and play computer games for hours on end causing them to become obese.

Many leading scientists and vaccination experts on the other hand say the onslaught of vaccinations from birth is to blame for the diabetic explosion we are seeing today. According to one such expert Harris Coulter PhD (1) a staggering 13 million people in the USA alone are suffering from the condition.

He says:

“There are many reports in the literature of Type-I diabetes emerging after mumps vaccination. In 1997, Sinaiotis and colleagues reported the onset of Type-I diabetes one month after receipt of mumps vaccine in a 6.5 year old boy. In 1991, Pawlowski and Gries described an 11-year old body who had mumps disease at age 16 months and then received measles-mumps vaccine 5 months prior to the emergence of Type-I diabetes; he had severe abdominal pain and fever one week after vaccination. In 1984, Otten and colleagues reported three cases of Type-I diabetes with onset in one case 10 days and, in other cases, 3 weeks after mumps vaccination in children 3,2 and 16 years of age. In 1986, Helmke and colleagues reported seven children who developed Type-I diabetes in the second to fourth week following mumps or measles-mumps vaccination. In 1979, Quast and colleagues noted that in the first two years after mumps and measles-mumps vaccines were introduced into Germany, two cases of Type-I diabetes following immunization with measles-mumps and mumps vaccines respectively were reported to the manufacturer.”

Turning a blind eye as usual to such research scientists in the UK have decided to bombard the growing fetus with powerful diabetic drugs whilst the mother is still pregnant! Having failed to come up with an explanation for the sudden epidemic of obese children, a group of experts have decided to tackle childhood obesity and childhood diabetes BEFORE a child is even born. Experts from Edinburgh University have decided to give obese pregnant mothers the diabetes drug Metformin to prevent them from giving birth to an obese child!

The study is being carried out on 400 pregnant women in Liverpool, Coventry, Sheffield and Edinburgh and doctors behind the controversial NHS trial, have told the Daily Mail (2) that obesity among pregnant women is reaching epidemic proportions and they need to act now to protect the health of tomorrow’s children.

In my opinion this is one step too far, I believe it is immoral to drug pregnant women and their unborn babies for a condition that they do not actually have as a preventative measure. However, according to the Mail’s reporters the leader of the study Professor Jane Norman of Edinburgh University has said:

‘One of the challenges is that many women feel perfectly healthy but there is very good evidence that women who are obese have an increased risk of pregnancy problems and their babies are at risk, and we’d like to reduce that risk.’

Julie-anne Barnes and Fiona Macrae from the Daily Mail said:

Obesity experts have welcomed the study, which is funded by the Medical Research Council, the NHS’s health research arm and the baby charity Tommy’s, saying that while the situation is not ideal, it needs to be tackled.

Metformin is incidentally a drug not being recommended for children under the age of 10 (3) So here we have pregnant women being given a drug not being recommended for children under the age of 10 to prevent them from giving birth to an obese child. Excuse me but what exactly are fetuses if they are not under the age of 10? Meanwhile there is reliable evidence being produced worldwide proving that actually childhood obesity and diabetes is being caused by vaccines.

Dr Viera Scheibner is another expert who believes that the onslaught of toxic needles from birth is to blame for this sudden increase. In her article ‘The hoax of modern medicine and its toxic medications’ (4) she says:

The first thing that would happen would be an immediate hugely improved infant health (including Aboriginal babies), followed by the disappearance of autism, child diabetes, obesity (yes vaccines cause hyperinsulinaemia which is the underlying problem behind the pandemic of obesity), behavioural and learning difficulties, criminality in young offenders and all those other modern ills in the developed countries. Indeed, people in developing countries without functioning medical system are healthier than babies, children and adults in the developed countries and especially in the United States. American children are the sickest children in the world. This certainly is not a credit to their most expensive medical system. Next time when listening to the news of another school shooting in the United States, just think of their mandatory vaccination policies.

Gary S Goldman PhD and P.G King PhD agree saying that mercury poisoning from vaccinations is a major casual factor in the diagnosis of conditions including ASD, ADHD, childhood asthma and type 2 diabetes. (5)

Dr Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D (6) is another expert with weighty research for parents looking deeper for answers to their children’s problems. He lists quotes from many experts who state that childhood vaccinations are causing childhood diabetes. Here are a few of them:

  1. “We found a large epidemic of diabetes. A 60% increase occurred in New Zealand following this immunization program.”Dr. J. Bart Classen MD, former Researcher National Institute of Health, Classen Immunotherapies
  2. “Four children…developed diabetes mellitus shortly after active mumps vaccination.”  K. Helme, et al Diabetogia, Vol. 29, Number 1/30-33, 1/1/86
  3. “Hepatitis B vaccine and Haemophilus influenza type b vaccine have been respectively suspected to be responsible for neurological demyelinating disease and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.”  Ovetchkine P., Arch Pediatr, 8(3):316-20 3/101
  4. “In 1992, 180 European doctors jointly noted that the mumps vaccine “can trigger diabetes which only becomes apparent months after vaccination.”  Albionico et al, JAM 192;9(1)

Despite the overwhelming evidence proving that vaccination can cause diabetes, governments around the world continue to bury their heads in the sand and blame parents for the growing problems. Instead of researching the real problem behind the epidemic they have decided instead to poison unborn children, with powerful drugs to prevent them from becoming obese and developing diabetes caused from the vaccines that they recommend for diseases that had died out long before they had invented the vaccines in the first place, unbelievable!!


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