Parents Insist Vaccines Killed Their Sick and Fragile Toddler

Photo taken at protest outside Ministry of Health

An extremely sick toddler died in Renaix, Belgium last week after receiving his MMR vaccination from the ‘Kind en Gezin’ Child and Family Health Centre. The toddler, the second to die in Belgium in less than six months, suffered a cardiac arrest after receiving the MMR vaccination given to him by a G.P. despite warnings from his father that he was still unwell.

Xandro just 18 months was recovering from RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) a respiratory infection involving his lungs and breathing passages (1) and his father was worried that he was not well enough to receive the vaccine.

Cedric Sanspuer, Xandro’s father, told reporters that his son had remained a sick and fragile child since his illness and that he had asked the G.P. to give him a thorough examination before giving him the vaccine. According to Mr. Sanspuer, the doctor examined the toddler briefly before stating that he appeared to be a ‘bit snuffly’ but his chest was clear before giving him the vaccination which his parents now believe led to his death.

Xandro’s parents told newspapers that they feel that the doctor should not have vaccinated their child knowing that he was so sick and blame ‘Kind & Gezin’ who they say were at fault,  They have since issued a complaint. (2), (3) Newspaper reports translated from French and Flemish.

As usual the Belgium authorities have protected the vaccination scheme and have stated that the autopsy results show that Xandro died of natural causes. (4)

In my opinion this child should never been vaccianated and was vaccinated purely to meet vaccination targets. I believe that this doctor was totally irresponsible vaccinating a child of this age that was still recovering from a respiratory infection.

Xandro’s death comes just weeks after parents in Belgium protested for vaccination freedom outside the Ministry of Health. The protest took place on the first day of the WHO’s World Immunization Week gaining mass media attention, even being televised by the European Parliament TV station.

Mr. and Mrs. Sirjacobs who organized the protest said that they were outraged that so many babies and children were being injured and killed after vaccinations. They had organized the protest in memory of their own daughter Stacy a premature baby who had died just days after receiving 9 routine vaccinations at just 8 weeks old. (5)

Mr. and Mrs. Sirjacobs lead protest

The protesters, led by Mr. and Mrs. Sirjacobs, lined a row of tiny white coffins outside the Ministry of Health to show the level of fury and outrage being generated amoungst parents in their country. (6) The parents feel that vaccination freedom is being taken away from them and that parents should be allowed to choose whether they vaccinate their children or not. They feel angry that more and more children who are not fully vaccinated are being refused day care facilities in Belgium and believe this is a way of governments bringing in mandatory vaccinations through the back door.

They could be right as more and more governments are targeting younger and weaker children for vaccination especially in hospitals. During epidemics and pandemics governments state that the sick and the vulnerable must be a priority for vaccination. The CDC National Vaccine Program Office Immunization Laws (7) states:

“In special circumstances, health officials may issue recommendations for immunizations. For example, although influenza can be deadly if complications (such as pneumonia) develop, annual flu vaccinations are not required; they are recommended, especially for the elderly and others who may be at high risk for serious illness from the flu.”

In other words sick and vulnerable patients are being targeted and ‘bullied’ into receiving vaccinations that they are too sick to tolerate. This practice can very often put these patients at extremely high risk from dying, very often leading to their death. For an example of this we need to look no further than the two sick, weak babies highlighted above.

I believe this to be modern day eugenics and the medical profession, in their wisdom, is killing off the weakest first so that only the fittest survive. These babies are some of the weakest human beings in society but instead of protecting them, brainwashed doctors are vaccinating them to death in a misguided attempt to protect them from illnesses that had virtually died out years before vaccinations were ever invented. Parents need to wise up about vaccinations and educate before they allow doctors to vaccinate if they want to protect their children.  

For anyone doubting me please read Dr Rebecca Carley’s inspiring and enlightening paper titled ‘Inoculations: The True Weapons of Mass Destruction CAUSING VIDS (VACCINE INDUCED DISEASES) (AN EPIDEMIC OF GENOCIDE)’ (8) where she writes:

“Unfortunately, we can no longer pretend that this epidemic of VIDS is merely a “mistake” made by well intentioned, albeit misguided mad scientists.   Because it’s even worse than the above, folks…we are talking TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, PETS, and even PLANTS, (which are also being genetically modified to create vaccines).  The evidence for this is as follows:

         As concern for population growth started to grow and the final plans to bring in the New World Order were put in place, this lie called vaccines was transformed into pure evil, as it was realized that such delivery systems could be used to intentionally cause disease, which is now being done under the US Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, § 1520 and 1524.  You can read it for yourself at your local library.”

Many have mocked the strong words of this doctor but I believe she could well have a point.




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