Public Health Unit Turns Down the Offer to Speak at Vaccination Seminar

Health officials would rather remain silent than explain their position on vaccines.

You realize something’s amiss when you arrange a vaccination seminar to offer parents a balanced view of vaccinations and the public health unit refuses point blank to send a representative to give a talk.

Recently the AVN (Australian Vaccination Network), Inc, who promote themselves as a health and vaccine-safety watchdog operating since 1994, wrote a letter to the public health unit in the Lismore and Byron Bay areas of Australia asking if they would be able to provide a speaker for an up-coming seminar. Instead of grabbing the opportunity with both hands, as one would expect they turned the opportunity down. Not only did they turn the offer down but Mr. Paul Corben, Director of Public Health representing the department wrote this in his return letter:

“No representative of the North Coast Public Health Unit will be attending these events and the invitation will not be passed on to others on your behalf.”

Ms. Meryl Dorey the President of the AVN made this comment on the Living Wisdom website (1) where she also displays Mr Corben’s curt reply:

“So while it seems that the mainstream medical authorities like to talk a big game about supporting choice on health issues and wanting to ensure that everyone is fully-informed (since that their requirement according to the National Health and Medical Research Council), when it comes down to it, their actions speak far louder than their words. They are anti-choice and will do everything in their power to keep the parents of Australia from learning about the other side of the vaccination debate – a debate they refuse to participate in.”

It is clear from her site that Ms Dorey is disgusted by Mr. Corben’s attitude especially given the fact that she had written to him personally to offer him this golden opportunity. Could it be that he could not face this iron lady head on?

AVN is an organization that supports everyone’s right to access information on both sides of this debate in order to enable them to make an informed decision. It is for this reason that she has made several attempts to get a speaker from the mainstream medical community to attend and speak at their planned seminars, sadly to no avail.

So come on Mr. Corben pray tell us why you did not feel able to support a seminar entitled ‘Vaccination and Health Your Right to Choose’ where parents attending are eager to hear both sides of the vaccination debate? I would have thought that you would have wanted to offer parents a chance to hear about all your wonderful data and information that you hold in your possession explaining why vaccinations are a must have for all our children. After all vaccinations are what you and organizations like yourselves call safe, effective and necessary.

Ms Dorey said:

“Because of this failure by the medical community to be accountable and accessible to the parents of Australia and because many doctors are curious about the information their own organizations are withholding from them, the AVN would like to extend an invitation for any GP, specialist or other medical professional to attend our seminars for free.

All they need do is present proof of their qualifications at the door and there will be no charge for admission. The AVN hopes to see many health professionals at these talks so information can be shared freely and with respect.

I would have also thought that Mr Corben would have been eager to explain to parents why in May 2011 he was all in favor of extending the free offer of the whooping cough vaccination and why he told reporters at the Daily Examiner: (2)

There’s very strong, very clear evidence in my view that vaccinations are protective at a community level and also on the individual level so by being vaccinated you’re not only protecting yourself, but you’re also helping to protect your community,”


“I’ve heard some of the anti-vaccination people say ‘it’s just a cough, it’ll go away,’ – but the fact is we’ve had two babies aged only a few months old who have died of it (whooping cough) on the North Coast since March 2009,”

It would have been very beneficial for parents to hear the full facts and figures backing up what you have said especially as recent evidence has proven that vaccinated children can still catch the diseases they were vaccinated against. (3)

Personally I believe that the reason Mr. Corben backed out of this golden opportunity was that the well rehearsed mantra that he and the rest of the medical profession usually give at seminars would not have stood up when compared to the evidence that many other qualified speakers would be offering.

This is not the first time that the medical profession has been offered the opportunity to speak up or take a dose of their own medicine. I find it very strange that each time a professional or parent offers the medical professional the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is, the medical profession never takes up their challenges. For example in 1999 Dr Viera Scheibner Principle Research Scientist (Rtd) and now prominent public campaigner, gave this challenge to Mr. Simon Chapman of the Australian Medical Association:

Vaccination Challenge (4)

If vaccines are such a blessing I challenge Simon Chapman to appear on television and allow himself to be injected with all baby vaccines, adjusted to his body weight by a doctor of my choice and in my presence.

The vaccines to be administered to Simon are as follows:

  • DtaP: 3 doses within 4 months
  • Hib (any conjugates): 3 doses within 4 months
  • OPV or IPV: 3 doses within 4 months
  • Hep B: 3 doses within 1 month of each other.

The time of the first dose represents month 0.

There isn’t a better way to demonstrate to us that vaccines are safe and effective than by Simon taking his own medicine.

As expected Mr. Simon Chapman has never responded to her offer.

In 2006 Dr. Rebecca Carley made this very tempting offer to the American Academy of Pediatrics: (5)

“On June 13, 2006, Dr. Carley offered a $10,000 reward to any member of the American Academy of Pediatrics who would come on internet radio and refute the documents on this website via the following e-mail: 

Comments sent via PEDIATRICS Feedback Page
NAME: Rebecca Carley, MD
E-MAIL:  drcarley@
BROWSER:  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.12) Gecko/20050915 Firefox/1.0.7


I hereby offer a reward of $10,000 to any of your members who will come on my internet radio broadcast and successfully refute my documents posted at The listeners will determine who is telling the truth.

In Service to the TRUTH, I AM,
Rebecca Carley, MD
Court qualified expert in VIDS (vaccine induced diseases) 


The following response was received, stating they would reply within 3 business days (i.e., by June 16, 2006):


—–Original Message—–
From: AAP Customer Service [ ] Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 7:58 PM
To: MD Rebecca Carley
Subject: <AUTO> ‘AAP=040-175’ Inoculations; the true weapons of Mass Destruction (Pediatrics Feedback Form)

Thank you for contacting the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Your e-mail has been received and is assigned interaction ID 40175.  Our goal is to respond to your e-mail within one to three business days.  Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 5:30pm Central Time.


American Academy of Pediatrics
Customer Service Center


Her offer still stands.

Only a few weeks ago Dr Russell Blaylock gave this unique opportunity to Mr. Paul Offit and the CEO of Merck Pharmaceuticals in an interview with Mike Adams from Natural News: (6)

“Dr. Blaylock: No, in fact, I wrote an article that I’ll send to you, which details and quotes these people directly, some of the shocking things they said in this conference. That if parents knew it, they would never have their children vaccinated with these dangerous vaccines. If they knew what the science was, and this is what I hear people like Paul Offit who come forward and pretend that the science is on their side. Well, the science is heavily on our side. We have some of the biggest researchers in these areas on our side. They ignore it. They know that the public is not gonna even know how to grasp hold of the information and read it and understand it- it’s very complex immunology. Paul Offit is an absolute liar when he tells these things. For instance, he says oh, you can take 100,000 vaccines, 10,000 vaccines, it’s perfectly safe. I will give a public challenge to Paul Offit- take 36 vaccinations for hepatitis B and let’s see how you turn out. He won’t do it. Let’s take the CEO of Merck Pharmaceuticals and say let me give you all the vaccine that you recommend all at once, that you say is safe, and let’s see how you turn out. They won’t do it.

Health Ranger: That’s absolutely brilliant, Dr. Blaylock, a public challenge. Let’s have the CEOs of these vaccine companies take their own medicine publicly, multiple injections all at once and let’s see what happens.

Dr. Blaylock: I think there should be a law that if the CDC signs it, and the pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers and people like Paul Offit are going to say these things, by law they should get every vaccine that they recommend.”

If the medical profession and drug companies cannot or will not rise to these challenges then either they should start telling us all the truth or stop lying.



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