Proof Armed Forces are Given Untested and Experimental Vaccines

Are military personnel regularly given experimental vaccines?

In October 2000 a letter was written to the editor of JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) from the Ministry of Defense in Italy. The Italian Military wrote that they had decided to introduce the MMR vaccination containing the Schwarz measles, Urabe Am9 mumps and Wistar RA27/3 rubella strains, as mandatory in 1998 to examine the vaccines efficiency.  (1) However, they were in for more than they bargained for because within one month of the soldiers receiving the vaccine the incidence of mumps had increased significantly.

The letter states:

The recent (April 1998) introduction of mandatory vaccination of military recruits provided an opportunity to examine the effectiveness and adverse effects of MMR vaccine (containing Schwarz measles, Urabe Am9 mumps, and Wistar RA 27/3 rubella strains) in a military setting.

The letter continues by adding:

To assess the efficacy of the MMR vaccine and the Urabe Am9–related reactogenicity, the incidence rates of MMR diagnosed in the Italian armed forces during 1999 (postvaccine period) were compared with those diagnosed during 1997 (prevaccine period).

The wording of the letter suggests that the Italian Military were carrying out a vaccination trial and at the time the soldiers were given the MMR it was a new untested Urabe Am9 vaccine and not Pluserix which had been banned in 1992 due to adverse reactions. It is difficult to determine whether or not the soldiers were given the Pluserix vaccine as there was no indication as to which vaccine the military was using.

If it was the Pluserix vaccination which also contained an Urabe strain of mumps then the Italian Military was knowingly giving a banned and dangerous vaccination to their soldiers as Pluserix had been banned in several countries including the UK.

I believe that the vaccine being used was a test vaccine because when a scientist tests a vaccine for reactogenicity they are looking to see how likely it is for the vaccine to produce adverse reactions. (2)

The next paragraph is possibly the most interesting paragraph of the whole letter because whilst they report a fall in the incidence of measles and rubella the incidence of mumps increased, indicating that the Urabe strain of mumps that they were using was problematic:

As expected, the incidence rates for measles and rubella decreased dramatically in 1999. By contrast, the incidence rate for mumps increased after the introduction of MMR immunization (own emphasis)

So much for herd immunity then!

There were several charts and diagrams outlying the military’s findings before they reached the conclusion that:

The Schwarz measles and Wistar RA 27/3 rubella strains seem to be highly effective in this population. The efficacy of the Urabe Am9 mumps strain could not be determined because of difficulties in defining new mumps cases in the vaccinees, but it is at least 70% effective, which is consistent with other recent data.However, the close temporal association between the vaccination and onset of mumps suggests a mumps-like disease due to some residual virulence of vaccine strain. (own emphasis)

I find it very odd that this letter has remained hidden in the archives for so many years and has not been discussed fully and I was extremely disturbed by the fact that unsafe and untested vaccinations were being forced onto soldiers offering their lives to serve their country.

Mumps can be an extremely dangerous especially in adult males and can lead to infertility. It is a proven fact that Pluserix caused many children in the UK to go deaf and some are still fighting for compensation from the UK government today. (3) (4) says:

Complications of mumps, although potentially very serious, are quite rare. In men these complications include:

  • Orchitis: is an inflammatory condition that causes swelling of one or both testicles. Orchitis, although painful, rarely leads to sterility.
  • Meningitis: is infection and inflammation of the membranes and fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis is a rare complication of mumps but can be life threatening.
  • Encephalitis: is inflammation of the brain caused by a viral infection, in this case, mumps. Encephalitis is a serious but rare complication of mumps but can be life threatening.
  • Pancreatitis: is a complication of mumps that causes swelling of the pancreas.
  • Hearing loss: is a rare complication of mumps. Mumps can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss in one or both ears.

Despite knowing these facts vaccines containing the Urabe strain of mumps are still being used in the third world today. Alan Golding exposes this fact in an open letter to Professor David Salisbury: (5)

Today David Salisbury is appealing to the nation to trust in his judgment. He is asking parents to revisit decisions made 15 years ago, at around the time when he appears to have been responsible for the introduction into the UK of a vaccine known, to him, to have already damaged substantial numbers of children around the world. David Salisbury seems also to have denied knowledge of a deal with the UK government, indemnifying the manufacturers of this vaccine against any potential claims from damaged children in the UK. Ultimately he appears to have ignored consistent evidence to suggest that the effects observed in countries where the vaccine had been withdrawn were beginning to appear, identically, in UK children soon after the vaccine had been introduced. These devastating adverse effects were acknowledged long before the public were made aware, and even longer before the vaccine was withdrawn and distributed to the 3rd World.

Alan Golding’s letter proves beyond doubt that this man has very little conscience and that he has little interest in the safety of children worldwide. He certainly does not like to be intimidated or shown up as being anything less than honorable. He became very angry indeed when the action group OneClick exposed his misdemeanors regarding the MMR vaccine on their website. He even threatened to sue them for publicizing the truth. He demanded that evidence was to be taken down from their website by instructing solicitors Blake Lapthom based in Eastleigh, to initiate legal proceedings against The One Click Group unless they complied with his demands.  OneClick (6) writes:

Salisbury not only wants these evidence based factual documents removed from the website, he also wants One Click to apologize to him for having the temerity to publish them. Both these papers deal with vaccine damage that has now reached epidemic proportions in Britain and around the world today.  

It appears that Professor Salisbury may have been less than honorable once again, this time sanctioning the unsafe vaccination Pluserix to be used on soldiers serving within the UK armed forces. The letter written by the Italian Military is not the only document that I have found proving that the armed forces have been vaccinated with unsafe, untested vaccinations. The original supply agreement between the UK government and Smith Kline French shows that Smith Kline French agreed to distribute 1,400,000 Pluserix vaccinations (Urabe MMR) to the UK for use on UK’s babies and the armed forces… (7) The agreement states:

This Agreement’s designated contract reference is NID0288,

SK&F have agreed to supply and NHS have agreed to purchase for onward sale to United Kingdom Health Authorities and the Armed Forces 1,400,000 doses of Pluserix (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine at a cost of 3.80 per dose (exclusive of Value added tax) to NHS of as NHS shall require to facilitate The United Kingdom Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination campaign which commences on 3r.d October- 1988.

The supply of vaccine shall be upon the terms of this agreement

Unfortunately this agreement was supplied under FOI and had the name of the person signing the agreement on behalf of the National Health Service redacted but it is highly probable that it was Professor Salisbury himself. After all he was named as the assessor in the minutes of the JCVI (Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunization) meeting held on the 8th March 1988. (8) This proves that if he did not sign the agreement he was certainly part of the team of so called experts who agreed to this banned and dangerous vaccination to enter the UK in the first place. He also would have been fully aware that this vaccine was going to be given to the armed forces and vulnerable babies with incomplete immune systems.

From these documents we can clearly see that the armed forces are being given untested, unsafe vaccinations in what appears to be vaccination trials. What other untested, dangerous vaccinations are being forced on to these courageous men and women, and could these vaccinations contribute to the many soldiers suffering from the Gulf War Syndrome that we see so much of today?


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