Child Paralyzed By Vaccinations And Stolen From Mother By State

**Names have been changed to protect the identity of this family. All quotes are mother’s exact words and it must be noted that her first language is not English.


Emma is a six year old little girl who is suffering from severe vaccine damage which has been verified by several leading experts. Emma is totally paralyzed and unable to move any part of her body. She cannot speak and breaths with the aid of a small tube inserted through a tiny incision in her windpipe called a tracheotomy.

Instead of the help and compensation her family should be receiving, Emma has been stolen by the state and spends her days in what her mother describes as a ‘dreadful institution for the disabled’. Instead of the support Emma’s mother needs to come to terms with what has happened to her daughter she has been accused of trying too hard to find answers and get the professional help that she believes her daughter needs,

Ms X, Emma’s mother, is devastated and says that she did nothing wrong. She told me:

“I have a clean criminal record, I have no history of substance abuse of any kind, no rehab no nothing!! All I am guilty of is sometimes acting on fear my daughters time was running out.

I want her out of there NOW!!!

When I went to visit her, her skin stank, her stoma around her tracheotomy was bloody and dirty, she was in a tiny warm room with no fan or air conditioning, she is not allowed in a bath, she is not allowed to go out for walk, the staff don’t know a cough assist, which is terrible, as a cough assist is VITAL to her care, not knowing how to work this is unacceptable because if something happens and they don’t know, Emma could die!!!!! She has a cut on her neck after the nurses put a string on her skin with no sponge underneath resulting in this terrible cut!!!!!

It is really draconian how they have kidnapped her from me and now forbid me to see her.”

Sadly, Emma is just one out of a total of 10,000 children who have been taken into care in Great Britain since April 2011. Many of these children the Daily Mail (1) reported today, are part of the ever growing statistics in a worrying trend that is raising fears among professionals that large numbers of vulnerable children are being taken away from their families unnecessarily and left to languish in a care system that is failing them.

So how did a severely vaccine damaged child become part of these appalling statistics?

Emma’s Story Unfolds

Ella as a happy child.

Life was not always this bad for Emma and she did not start out her life disabled; in fact she used to be a normal, cheeky little girl who enjoyed toddling around and playing with her toys. Sadly however, despite being born a normal baby Emma was constantly ill, suffering from a weakened immune system resulting in persistent infections requiring antibiotics for weeks on end.

Ms X believes that Emma’s problems first began after she received her eight week routine vaccinations. Within hours of the vaccinations she became weak and feverish, refusing feeds. Worried, Ms X took Emma to the local hospital where doctors assured her that Emma had picked up a virus and would be fine. Not connecting the illness to the vaccinations, and blissfully unaware that this was only the beginning of her daughters problems, Ms X took her baby home.

As the months went by Ms X noticed that after each vaccination Emma became sick, however, convinced that by giving Emma her routine vaccinations she was doing the best that she could do for her child and on the advice given to her by her doctor, she continued to allow Emma to have the vaccinations. She said:

“It never occurred to me that her problems could be linked to the vaccinations. I had no one around to tell me about the possible side-effects of vaccines.”

Emma’s real problems only became apparent after she received the MMR vaccination at 13 months.  Up until this age Emma had been developing normally, she was beginning to walk, talk, was alert and was reaching all her developmental milestones.  After the MMR however, Emma became very sick indeed after an extremely bad reaction. By this time Ms X was beginning to connect the dots and was waking up to the realization that it was the vaccinations that were causing her daughters problems. Sadly it was too late for little Emma. The damage was done.

At 15 months Emma began to lose her balance and kept falling on her face. However, instead of putting her hands out to protect herself Emma just allowed herself to fall. Worried, Ms X took her daughter to see to a neurologist.  He did standard tests which ALL came back normal.

Emma slowly began to lose control of her arms and upper torso and by June 2008 at the tender age of two she was unable to breathe on her own and was taken to the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit).

Ms X said:

“Shortly after that, the neurologist told me that he thought that Emma had a disease, but he had no proof for the diagnosis, so nothing further was done. I was devastated, fearing that my baby was going to die. I fell into the darkness of hopelessness and sorrow, so that I spent weeks as if in a daze. I don’t know what happened, but after two months something in my heart told me that Emma was not to die, not like this and not without knowing what was making her so sick. I felt I must carry on and that I was to get a second opinion. We took her to the best specialists in the UK. They did many tests, but still no answers!!”

Beginning to realize that the vaccinations were the problem, Ms X’s instincts told her to not allow Emma to have any further vaccinations. However, as we all know, doctors can be extremely persuasive and when you are alone and frightened and needing to trust doctors with your child’s life, it is easy to believe what they are telling you. Sadly against Ms X’s better judgment Emma was given the flu vaccine and she immediately became much worse.

Ms X relayed what happened next:

“Next day her eyes started to move rapidly from side to side like nystagmus and her body lost blood without any reason and she needed a blood transfusion of 500ml. She got very sick and my poor baby almost died, BUT then it was like an invisible voice and guidance that led me to the possibility that this illness of hers was very likely from the jabs, so I started to think back and everything became clear to me, namely that her symptoms were the serious side-effects of vaccinations!”

Four Experts Say Emma’s Condition Was Caused By The Vaccinations

Fearing the worst for Emma Ms X did everything possible to help her daughter. She traveled from one doctor to another to get help, advice and treatment. Each time the doctors explained to Ms X that Emma’s condition had been caused through VID or Vaccine Induced Disease.

Ms X managed to get reports from four leading experts from around the world stating that Emma had been damaged by vaccinations.

Here are the relevant extracts from those reports:

Expert 1.


My diagnosis of Emma ———— d.o.b. ——-.2006 condition is on clinical grounds but supported by some investigation as being that of motor sensory polyneuropathy and involving the brain stem nerves as well as the pheripheral ones. This has been accepted by others before my involvement in this case and Emma —— was subsequently given treatment with immunoglobulins and steroids. To me most likely autoimmune response following vaccination. Suggestive diagnosis of some form of spinal muscular atrophy was never confirmed and later rejected.

Expert 2


Currently the patient is totally paralyzed with control only over her eyes and eyelids. Today she is on 24hr assistance with BiPAP breathing.

The patient was seen by various experts and her clinical condition does not fit any known classical neurological syndrome. However, careful anamnesis and the development of her symptoms following vaccination suggest a high probability that her current condition may be the consequence of vaccination induced damage syndrome (VIDS).

In view of a lack of any better suggestion for diagnosis it appears to me that the option of VIDS is very likely the cause of her unusual condition.

Expert 3


I enclose a copy of my report on Emma ——-. She is severely affected by what is most likely the result of motorsensory neuropathy following immunization. There is much weakness of the limbs and the body, but her brain stem nerves are also affected, and she requires direct gastric feeding and breathing assistance which is not sufficient for her now, and she requires tracheotomy as there is much swelling in her laryngeal region.

Expert 4 (has not met Emma but agreed with the findings in the reports)


Emma ——- I have been gratified to find that hospital and consulting physicians unanimously agreed that Emma —————-’ autoimmune illness was the result of routine childhood vaccines, with the MMR vaccine being the final agent of incapacitation.

Despite all this evidence and with Emma so desperately ill and disabled the authorities decided that Emma was not vaccine damaged at all. In their report they say that she is suffering from ‘spinal muscular atrophy’ a condition that had already been disregarded as pointed out in the first experts report.

In a bid to quieten one of the above experts who had became very vocal with his views and opinions on Emma’s condition, the authorities threatened him with the removal of his license if he did not keep quiet. Sadly this elderly and brave doctor died from a heart attack a short time later. Was his heart attack caused as a direct result of his treatment? Sadly that is a question that cannot be answered.

Emma is now paralyzed from being vaccinated.

The latest reports on Emma state that she is suffering from a genetic fault that inhibits her ability to process vitamin B2 and other vitamins from her diet so she has been put on a vitamin B2 treatment.

This raises the question should Emma have been vaccinated in the first place?

The authorities agree that Emma has been well cared for and that Ms X has a great understanding of her daughter’s problems however, they feel that she would not be able to care for the child on a full time basis. They say that Ms X is a wonderful and dedicated mother but the stress of looking after a child like Emma will become too much for her and have suggested that she has mental health problems.

This is something that appears to be regularly suggested as a matter of course in the majority of cases where a vaccine injury has occurred. I have yet to come into contact with any family where this has not been used. As a consequence Ms X like many other parents has had to endure hours of psychiatric tests and assessments.

Social services have said that Ms X neglected Emma, endangering her life by traveling to different experts around the world for assessments, answers and treatments not available in the UK. However, Ms X says that the treatment that she was able to get for Emma abroad actually saved her life and all she is guilty of is trying too hard to find a cure for her dying child.

As a direct result of the accusations Ms X has been banned from photographing her child and is only allowed to visit her every 7-10 days with strict supervision.

Charles Pragnell is an independent social care management consultant, a Child/Family Advocate, and an Expert Defense Witness – Child Protection, and has given evidence to courts in cases in England, Scotland, and New Zealand.

Mr. Pragnell has over forty years of experience in working directly with children and young people as a social worker, a senior manager of social services, and Director of an independent organization providing services for children and families.

In his article ‘Mandatory Persecution of Children and Families’ (2) He explains:

What research is showing is that many hundreds of thousands of children and their families are being drawn into the Child Protection system for little or no reason, subjecting them to the fear-invoking processes of a child protection investigation and the accompanying stigma in their neighbourhood leading to their isolation. Many families report that such needless investigations have devastated and destroyed their lives and other research has shown that children suffer serious and long-lasting emotional harm from such investigations.

In another article (3) he explains how many children are suffering from severe reactions to vaccinations. He believes that many parents are being falsely accused of child abuse after a vaccine injury has occurred. He says that they are very often reported to the child protection agencies for neglect or for appearing to be over anxious parents. He says:

They are seen as over-anxious and if they seek a second medical opinion, they are accused of `Doctor-shopping’. In the UK they are then called to a Child Protection Conference with all the assembled professionals usually after being subjected to an extremely invasive child protection investigation. They are not allowed representation although they are being accused of a criminal offence of neglecting their child and they are summarily found guilty merely on the opinions and suppositions of the professionals present, many of whom they have never met before.

This is exactly what Ms X has been accused of. Mr. Pragnell’s views are in line with those expressed by Lisa Blakemore-Brown psychologist, author and an expert specializing in autism. In an article ‘The Independent Newspaper Measles Vaccine Scam’ (4) she says:

Professor Elizabeth Miller, Head of the Immunization Department in the UK who worked closely with Bob Chen at the CDC when the first Thimerosal studies were being “managed”, sat in the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation/Adverse Reactions Sub Committee, with Dr David Salisbury and none other than Professor Roy Meadow, of MBSP fame, when the MMR was being introduced.

In the Sally Clark case, Professor Meadow accused her of killing two children who had just been vaccinated, one just 5 hours earlier. To my certain knowledge, as a Psychologist specialising in Autism since 1993, and working as a generic Psychologist since 1984, many parents whose children reacted to a vaccine have been wrongly accused of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy (MSBP). Known side effects have been morphed into child abuse. Workers have been taught to view them this way and act accordingly. Some have had their children taken from them, some were sent to prison and Sally Clark lost her children and her life.

Lisa Blakemore-Brown and Charles Pragnell are spot on; it appears that once a vaccine injury has occurred the government and medical profession do their utmost to cover this up to protect the vaccination schedules. What could be easier than blaming parents for the injury? The parents of vaccine injured children are being automatically blamed for neglect or child abuse taking the focus off of the vaccinations and transferring it directly onto the parents.

This is what the UK laughingly calls ‘Child Protection’; I call it protecting the vaccine schedules and their bank balance.



  1. Laura Clark Daily Mail ‘10,000 children taken into care: Numbers have doubled in the past four years’ Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2128465/10-000-children-taken-care-Numbers-doubled-past-years.html#ixzz1rpeFpIM9
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Christina England, BA Hons

  • Well done Christina England – thank you for another excellent article.

  • KVH47

    Indeed a great article, and certainly an eye opener. Pretty much the same situation happened to my girl freind here in the States. Her children were taken by Children Services. Her son is diabetic and her daughter had ADHD at the time. Custody was given to the fathers whom had nothing to do with them all their lives. Her son was given back to her most likely because of his age(17), and his unwillingness to pay for his son’s treatments. We’ve been fighting for the past two years to get her daughter back, but the stepmother works in the system.

  • HZ

    Is there anything we can do at all — such as write to someone to demand she be given back to her mother? 


    Thank you for sharing what all of us need to know…

  • great article it covered alot …my heart and prayers go out to emmas mum!!!

  • Louise

    How can people be so short on morals?? Disgusting! 

  • Dianedraytonbuckland

    As the mother of an only child who was nearly killed by a violent vaccine reaction at 8 weeks of age in 1988 and has had so many  health and behavioural problems  –  I hope more and more people demand that the truth of  everything is given to the public and that the criminals holding these poisoned needles trying to force them on us will be held accountable and that these toxic /neurotoxic / carcinogenic chemical cocktails never be forcibly injected into any of us or our babies/children.  It is absolute insanity and too many crooks at the top in charge of the ‘immunization schedules’ etc., have financial intere$t$ in pu$hing these poi$on$ on to the population.   All people must be fully and completely informed and have a ‘choice’.

  • Michelle4justice

    How sad, and yet, we hear nothing of this on the news. Thank you for sharing this information too. Just a thought, but, I also believe that’s why so many children are having learning problems too. Great post, but so sad too.    

  • Youguysmakemelaugh
  • It appears that the state wishes to keep hidden the truth re vaccine damage. I have known of it since 1985. I know for a fact that if it were today, I would loose my child too for trying too hard to find the answers. I did find the answers and thanks to Christine, it all made sense years later.

    Keep up the good work Christine.

  • Thank  you Christina. By drawing attention and warning about vaccine injury you are helping many, many others.

    The article is, as yours always are, excellently written, but the deepest impression which remains in my thoughts is the actual image of poor, dear little Emma. Her suffering is so utterly heartrending.
    Let the pharmaceutical industry and other vaccine promoters see the image of suffering, precious little Emma.

    Let them see that what their greediness and cynicism is doing to the world’s children.

  • esdave

    Once again it proves beyond any doubt ,that the corrupt pharmaceuticals peddle their poisons for profit, like their majority of drugs seems to clear one symptom, but by no coincidence creates another illness , keeps the profits coming in keep you on the merry go round, then when they cock up like most times with their poisons, GMC etc cover up or the social GESTAPO step in,remember Karma.

  • An excellent post.Sadly we are only seeing the tip of the ice berg here.The abuse of our children and the theft of a child from a loving home are now becoming standard practice from an ever increasingly sick and disturbed authoritarian system.The truth of vaccination programs and the modus operandi of the state need to be exposed at every importunity.My heart goes out to all involved.  

  • So you have the audacity to post a Penn and Teller link that is entirely not based within reality nor within claims that can be based within scientific facts nor actual outcomes. That’s pretty cheap. Penn and Teller are pure stupid, and they are the most mislead fools anywhere. Who pays them?

    So you are saying that the collateral damage, which of course you would deny as well, is all worth it? Obviously you as well do not know nor realize what that vaccine collateral damage has amounted to? You want some real and unbiased  vaccine harm science, and the facts as to how mislead modern medicine really is and why?

    Go here.


  • Christina England

    Penn and Teller, slight of hand, misdirection, need I say more! Research the facts.

  • Kelly

    Excellent article, feel awful for that poor mother. My son had a violent reaction to the mmr vaccine in 1988, was hospitalized and almost died. After my daughter had a reaction in 1991 I refused to have my youngest son vaccinated. Dreadful pressure from the medical profession but resisted. 

  • Christina England

    Thank you for such lovely comments which I am sure will help Emma and her family. I am sorry that so many of you have had children damaged by vaccinations.

    I feel that the more of us who speak out the larger our audience will grow. There are thousands of Emma’s out there, vaccine damaged and then snatched by the State because their families have tried too hard to find out the truth and get their children the help they need.

    A few of you have asked how you can help. You could always write the family letters/emails of support which VacTruth can pass on or you could write to the UK government attaching copies of this article and express your feelings of outrage and disgust. I have already done this.

    Thank you once again

    Christina England

  • Neramax

    So many stories like this one. Unfortunately the majority of the people are asleep as to what happens in their society. Do not register your offspring at birth ( it is not the “Law” to do so ~ you will be told it is ) As soon as the child is registered the child has been given to the state ~ you no longer have any rights over that child. The same with anything registered  eg your motor vehicle . You have handed over ownership Didn’t know that~ did you? Look into what vaccinations are and their affects on the tots. There are so many horror stories out there. They will try and berate you ~even threaten you . Stand your ground. They need your permission to do anything to you  That’s  why in their “legal ” system your compliance is needed  They need your consent  with a signature ~~ sign nothing.

  • Heretic2011

    Simply ask the doctor to sign an agreement to be financially responsible for any damage the vaccines may cause, and watch them run away. These doctors know full well what they’re injecting into these children, they just don’t care.

  • RonEckert

    How can I help?  Financially?  With a scathing letter?

  • Christina England

    Neramax is right. To check this out read Veronica Chapman or go to  http://one-heaven.org/


  • clergyindisguise

    The collusion between Big Pharma, Medical profession and government is not only disgusting but an affront and threat to all humanity. Thank you for this article and as HZ inquired is there anything we the “public” can do to help in this case?

  • Thank you for this excellent article Christina. I have been
    collecting short stories of vaccine injury from parents worldwide.  I
    have now over 1,200 voices and still counting.  This site has been
    viewed by over 121 countries worldwide and we the parents  are all
    telling the same story.  Please have a look and a pdf can be downloaded
    for your use. If any parent who wants to add their voice they are most
    Add your voice fo to http://www.followingvaccinations.com  you are not alone.

  • Keep up the good work also Alex.  

  • Thank you, Christina, for this wake-up-call article! I will forward it to my millions of connections. This topic is very dear to me, having fought for increased vaccine injury awareness for 40 years now. The title of my most recent book, “Vaccine-nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time,” may sound extreme to some, but after reading your piece, it sound like an understatement. Please keep up the good work!  

  • Christina England

     clergyindisguisePlease write the family letters of support to the family and VacTruth will pass them on. Also please please write to the UK Government with a copy of this article and let them know your feelings of outrage and disgust.Stealing children is a hot topic over here especially after a television documentary outlined that experts were writing reports for child protection for thousands of pounds without ever meeting the client. This has resulted in thousands of children being removed.I helped with the research behind the documentary. Sadly my families were not used as cases were in court or too old.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2126348/Expert-doctor-took-away-baby-I-trying-good-mother.htmlhttp://researchingreform.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/inside-the-life-of-dr-hibbert-trying-to-step-out-from-behind-his-fathers-shadow/I know this happens it happened to me.Christina

  • Christina England


    Thank you so much for your support.

    Thank you to Andreas your book sounds wonderful. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported this article.


  • Fantastic, I also posted Joan’s vaccine injury report link on my site and will post it to all my social media outlets. I am very hopeful that the truth about the the incredible harm that vaccines cause (while offering no scientifically proven advantage over not-vaccinating)  is finally becoming common knowledge, and parents sharing their experiences and stories play a huge role in that. I was never vaccinated myself against anything, although I lived  in many poor, developing countries, including India and African countries, such as Ethiopia and Uganda. I have consistently seen the healthiest children in these countries when they were not vaccinated and there was clean water and fresh food available, and the sickest, immunodeficient children when they were vaccinated, regardless whether there was clean drinking water and access to good food. One of the best statements the CDC has ever made is that clean water is still more effective in preventing infectious disease than vaccines.  This does not only apply to developing countries.

  • Jennifer Hutchinson

    Thank you, Christina, for an amazing article. This story describes the epitome of child abuse by the government in an effort to protect their interests. Despicable. 

  • esdave

    You are 100% correct in what you say, the laws that con us are called statutes laws,imposed by .gov and as such require YOUR CONSENT, without it they can do NOTHING, tv licence/parking fines/speeding fines/paying tax of any kind is all voluntary, they NEED YOUR CONSENT, you are conned at birth, look up STRAWMAN.look up LEGALESE,
    The POLICE FORCE is a profit making company ALL POLICE take an oath to uphold the law-COMMON LAW , NOT STATUTES and as such have broken their sworn oath and they are acting against the LAW and conning you with LEGALESE, even the judiciary and lawyers do not want you to know about LEGALESE ENTRAPMENT, and here,s another one N.C.R.T.S NO CONTRACT RETURN TO SENDER, look up the rights you are being conned out of.

  • Christina England

     Thank you Alex

  • Hmmmmm.. Food for thought

    Please try homeopathy, maybe CEASE therapy particularly, to undo vaccine damage. Quietly this is happening, reversing the allopathic insults to the bodies of these beautiful souls. I think that soon, hopefully before too long, vaccines will be seen as the biggest crime against humanity. Unfortunately until that time big Pharma and others profit, you can see from some of the comments that there are those paid to scan these pages and post comments denying vaccine damage, May they rot in hell!

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    Why can’t you get a proper job – fail your finals? Lol!

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    I mean that reply of course to the “YouGuysMakeMeLaugh” idiot! – sorry ‘Lowell!

  • You are very welcome Christina, glad to be of help.  I posted your article on my facebook wall and also just now on Autism Mothers as I am owner and admin.  Many people are shocked to say the least but they are praying for a good outcome.  Do you have a contact for people to write to so the Mum can get her daughter back ? 

  • Thanks for doing that Andreas , I really appreciate it.

  • diannejacobsthompson

    In the famous words of Simon Cowell, “BRILLIANT!!!” This article was actually so powerfully written that I couldn’t read it all at one sitting, it hurt too much. I hope this story opens the floodgates and a tidal wave of public outrage overflows the solid wall of resistance built around any public acknowledgement that vaccines are neither effective nor safe and continue to kill and maim babies just as they have other victims since the 1790’s. The true history began to surface with the building of the cyber highway–the documents of famous epidemiologists, scientists, statisticians, doctors, researchers from the past 2 centuries are rising to the surface, with documentation strongly suggesting we’ve been force-fed a load of crap from the beginning, victims of “revisionist history” to protect the cash cow–now the “sacred cow” called vaccination, one of the holy, untouchable sacraments of the “Church of Modern Medicine”, as the late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn called it.

    10 years ago my family wanted to adopt a baby falsely diagnosed with SBS. She was my only granddaughter’s half sister. She was meant to be part of our family. Instead, CPS gave her away to strangers without telling us. It’s been a decade and it’s still too painful for my family to even talk about. The hole she left in our lives is too deep, too wide, too dark. Nothing will ever fill it. We at least have some very small understanding of this family’s much more profound grief.  You made me cry, Christina, and I hope I’m not alone.

  • Ellendiann

    The CPS takes these children from parents because they get LOTS of money (reward money) from the gov to supposedly protect these children.  CPS kills more kids with the drugs they let the doctors push on kids than those who are abused!   IT is a horror that we have to change.  RON PAUL will change these horrific injustices with agencies acting like KGP agents and stealing our children and murdering them with drugs.  

  • Very strong words Dianne and I agree with you 100%.  You should write your own articles as you have a good way with words too.

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    The only idiot here is the guy taking pot shots.

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    Nice ad hominem attack, but then again you would know all about slight of hand and misdirection Christina.

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    Thank you for that information!  Well done!

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    Oh??? Would you like to explain that in more detail than a 10 word sentence? Would you like to debate the truth, or not? So get to it.

  • Laraine Abbey

    Great article Christina.  So many government agencies are engaged in disgusting and hurtful behavior against citizens.  In the States we are repeatedly victimized by our various alphabet agencies like FDA, DEA, USDA, CDC etc.  Documentaries of their abuses are becoming legion.  The latest is the documentary “Farmageddon” about the USDA attacks upon small farms for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ of big agribusiness.  There is no end to the bureaucratic abuse. 
    Thanks for bringing this latest abuse to light.  My heart goes out to this mom.

  • Bibi

    Blaming the parents helps to avoid lawsuits and responsibility for the vaccination side-effects.

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    Easy integrity etc can be brought at the right price.  It seems that way

  • Marshalleileen47

    where can i find swings and other toys for my disabliedgrandaughter she has got spina bifida

  • Christina England

     You could try your local toy library or portage scheme if in the UK. If you are in USA I am not sure but you could try this on line website http://www.rehabmart.com/index-pediatrics.asp Christina England

  • Joan Campbell
  • Robertbonan1

    This is cruelty to the maximum how thousands of children are being abused and murdered with vaccines.  
    Earlier this year this family won a $61 Million dollars monetary award given to this family think about why the severe vaccine reaction happened to only this one new born child when daily thousands of children are getting the same DTaP vaccine. Where is justice? I did a blog post here: http://wp.me/p1Crrw-5M