Five Month-Old Baby Dies Just Days After 8 Vaccinations – Parents Are Charged With Her Murder

Parents in South Africa are facing life in prison for the murder of their baby girl who died just days after receiving routine vaccinations. Baby A had received all her vaccinations on time. On September 25, 2012, when she was aged just five months, her parents took her to their local clinic, where she received a total of eight vaccinations before being sent home.

Baby A’s mother told VacTruth that the vaccinations were administered extremely harshly, with the nurse appearing to stab their daughter viciously with a variety of needles. Baby A received eight vaccines in total, the five-in-one vaccine Pentaxim said to protect against diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, haemophilus influenza type B (Hib) and polio; the hepatitis B vaccine; the rotavirus vaccine; and a vaccine said to protect babies against pneumocococcal and non-typeable haemophilus influenzae disease, Prenevar/Prenvar.

Her mother explained that after her ordeal, Baby A was irritable, upset and had difficulty in settling. That the following day, she was unable to move her legs, which remained hard and swollen around the injection site for several days.

Amazingly, this was not the first time that Baby A had suffered from this side effect. Her mother told VacTruth that her legs had become swollen after vaccinations before, when they had remained swollen for several weeks. When Baby A’s parents asked the nurses at the clinic why their daughter’s legs were swollen, they were told that it may have been due to the technique that was used at the time of vaccination.

The nurses recorded this reaction on Baby A’s vaccination card and told Baby A’s mother to use a warm face towel and massage her legs. When Baby A suffered the same side effect after vaccinations given on September 25, 2012, Mrs. A immediately used a warm face towel to soothe her daughter’s legs and lessen the swelling.

So, why weren’t the healthcare providers concerned about this reaction?

“She Turned Blue and We Tried to Give Her CPR”

On October 9, 2012, Baby A appeared to be her normal self, playing, kicking and smiling; however, the next day things were very different. Mrs. A explains:

“Baby A woke up and appeared to be crabby and running a high fever. She was only was happy if we were holding her and carrying her. That day, I gave her Panado and was dabbing her with a cool face towel to bring the fever down. At about 15:30 or so I had just finished feeding her and gave her to my husband to burp and as he was burping he heard her gasp for like a breath of air and when I looked at her she had collapsed on his shoulder and wasn’t breathing. She turned blue and we tried to give her CPR but as we were doing that she was throwing up and still was not breathing.

We decided to rush her to the nearest hospital but we were unfortunate as there was traffic at the time and only got there at about 16:00. I could be off a few minutes, we took her into the trauma unit and they took her from us and told us to wait in a separate room. They managed to resuscitate her and put her in the NICU, they then took her to get a CT scan and then said they needed to take x-rays as well.”

After what seemed like forever, the doctor appeared and informed the anxious parents that their daughter had blood on her brain and appeared to have been shaken. He said that the little girl had multiple fractures of the long bones.

When Mr. and Mrs. A asked the doctor what had happened to their daughter, the doctor was abrupt, saying, “I don’t know, I wasn’t there, why don’t you tell me?”

Mrs A. told VacTruth that she felt that his comment was uncalled for and insulting and that she could not understand what he was implying. She said:

“We were so upset, how could he say that? What was he implying? That was our baby there and we didn’t know what had happened.”

She told me that she had turned to the doctor treating Baby A and said to him:

“You are the doctor, you are supposed to help us. All of a sudden everything we had got taken away, our life, our 24 hours a day, we have nothing left to do now but wait for some sort of answer as to why our baby is lying there. I don’t know what this shaken baby syndrome is, no one shook our baby. We were there, that’s not an answer, we need an answer.”

“We Decided to Switch Off the Ventilator”

"Baby A" before being vaccinated.

“Baby A” before being vaccinated.

Sadly, Baby A’s parents never got an answer and three days later, they noticed that their daughter’s hands, feet, head and eyes appeared swollen. Worried, they asked the nurses what was wrong and they were informed that the swelling was due to the lack of oxygen reaching the brain.

Mrs. A said that around this time that the pediatrician requested a biopsy to test the collagen for brittle bone disease. The results of this test are not known because Baby A’s medical records have since gone missing.

The next day the doctor suggested to Baby A’s parents that it might be time to switch off the ventilator. He explained that Baby A was not going to wake up and asked her parents whether they would consider organ donation, which the devastated couple refused on religious grounds.

On the fifth day, the swelling had became much worse and six days after Baby A’s admission into the hospital, hospital staff could no longer open the little girl’s eyes. It was at this stage that Baby A’s parents decided that their precious daughter had suffered enough. Mrs. A explained:

“We decided to switch off the ventilator and let our baby rest in peace, we had a meeting with the nurses and doctors and told them that we would switch off at 7am the following day and the nurses said that there would have to be an autopsy and the pediatrician then said, no, that was not necessary, and the nurses insisted.

Day 7 came [on] October 17, 2012 and as soon as we got there, they took Baby A out of her bed and told us to sit, put her in our arms and switched off the ventilator. They didn’t even give us five minutes alone with her to say goodbye to her.

We then sat alone with her after she had passed on and waited in the waiting area for them to release her body. We waited between two and three hours and they told us they were waiting for the police to come and pick up the body to take it to the morgue to do the autopsy.

Doctors are Blaming Parents for Vaccine Injuries

"Baby A's" vaccine records.

“Baby A’s” vaccine records.

This is yet another tragic case in which parents have been accused of shaking their baby, after a possible vaccine injury has occurred. Baby A’s vaccination card showed that at the tender age of five months she had received a total of 21 routine vaccinations. This is a vast number of vaccinations and it is becoming evident that many babies of this age cannot tolerate an onslaught of toxins, chemicals and poisons of this magnitude.

It is important to recognize that some parents do physically abuse their children and while I appreciate that this is not acceptable, doctors must appreciate that not every injury is the result of child abuse.

Over recent years, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of parents being accused of shaken baby syndrome after a possible vaccine injury has occurred. In 1998, Dr. Viera Scheibner called this rise an “epidemic.” In a paper published by Nexus, she wrote:

“Some time ago I started getting requests from lawyers or the accused parents themselves for expert reports. A close study of the history of these cases revealed something distinctly sinister: in every single case, the symptoms appeared shortly after the baby’s vaccinations.” [1]

I would go one step further than Dr. Scheibner and say that this epidemic has now become a “pandemic of shaken baby syndrome.”

Baby A’s vaccine card states that on the September 25 she received the Prevanar vaccine, a vaccine that has been known to cause severe adverse reactions, including convulsions, difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face, hands and feet and death. [2]

Could it be possible that the swelling of Baby A’s hands, feet, head and eyes was in fact evidence that she was suffering from an adverse reaction from the vaccine?

More Infant Deaths from this Dangerous Vaccine

Many may argue that this swelling happened two weeks after the vaccine was administered, but I would counter argue, stating that there is no set time frame for an adverse reaction to occur. Remember, Baby A’s legs had swollen up shortly after she received the vaccine and had remained swollen for some weeks.

According to Reuters, in 2009 the Dutch authorities banned the vaccine Prevenar after three infants died within two weeks of receiving the vaccine. This was the same time frame that occurred between the administration of the vaccine and Baby A’s death.

A spokeswomen for the Dutch health institute RIVM stated:

“On average, about five to ten deaths are reported annually after babies get vaccines. We now have three cases in a short period; that is unusual, and the reason for suspending the batch.” [3]

The deaths in Holland are not the only deaths that have been reported.

In 2000, Michael Horwin, MA, reported that while conducting the clinical trials for Prevenar, twelve children had died.

In Part 3 of his paper entitled Prevnar A Critical Review of a New Childhood Vaccine, Horwin wrote:

“Furthermore, the insert tells us that, “Twelve deaths (5 SIDS and 7 with clear alternative cause) occurred among subjects receiving Prevnar.” This number was less than the ’21 deaths (8 SIDS, 12 with clear alternative cause and one SIDS-like death in an older child)’ that occurred in the control group. However, both groups (Prevnar and control) received some form of experimental vaccine. Therefore, all we know is that 33 children are dead and at least 13 died of SIDS. [4] (emphasis added)

This paperwork also revealed that several doctors involved in the clinical trials were reported to have had conflicts of interest. If this is true, then the efficacy of this vaccine was questionable before it was ever approved and this was borne out by the website ‘Flu Prevention and Treatments – Naturally’ who stated that during a search of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a total of 28,317 adverse reactions had been reported since the vaccine had been approved in 2000 which included:

  • 558 deaths
  • 555 life threatening conditions
  • 238 permanent disabilities
  • 2,584 hospitalizations
  • 101 prolonged hospitalizations
  • 8,166 emergency room cases
  • 16,155 “not serious” [5]


As with so many of these cases, Baby A did not just receive just one vaccine, so it is therefore difficult to pinpoint exactly which vaccine, if any, may have led to her death. However, it is vital that the doctors involved in this case as with all cases, consider the vaccines as a possible contributory factor.

Sadly, these parents have been accused and charged with the murder of their daughter without any substantial evidence of foul play. There appears to be no evidence of external head injuries or bruising to the upper body to indicate that Baby A had been shaken.

I believe that if this child had been shaken there would have been evidence of either back or neck injuries because a baby of five months does not have full head control.

All vaccines and drugs carry a risk of adverse reactions and after receiving 21 vaccines it is highly possible that Baby A died of toxic poisoning. If so, her death was caused not by her parents but by the huge number of vaccines sanctioned by the government and the fact that the hospital failed to recognize the possibility that this little girl may have been suffering an adverse reaction to vaccination.


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Names have been changed for legal purposes.



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Christina England, BA Hons

  • [email protected]

    Unbelievable-I feel for the parents-not only have they lost their baby but are accused of causing her death-drug companies are evil

  • Ingrid Blank

    Vaccinations are not even mandatory in South Africa, yet parents are routinely intimidated, threatened and coerced to poison their children. Likewise, schools have no authority whatsoever to demand vaccinations as a prerequisite for enrollment. Apart from notifying our Minister of Health of the immense toxicity of these vaccines and the gross injustice inflicted on this parents, this case is in the public interest and needs to be made public in South Africa!

  • Shawn_Siegel

    Multiple tragedies. Multiple crimes, as well; the vaccinations, the manner in which they were administered, and the summary indictment of the parents, rather than the doctors. Unbelievable.

    And, if they administered Prevnar 13, which is used in the U.S., which contains 13 distinct disease antigens – 13 vaccines; and if the rotavirus product used contained 4 or 5 antigens, also as it does in the U.S.; the little girl may have received as many as 24 vaccines in those 4 shots.

  • Murder South African Style

    South Africa does not have a good record for human rights.
    South Africa is not in tune with reality.
    South Africa needs a good shake-up.
    The poor mother in this instance, needs much support, from all angles.
    Will pharmaceutical companies provide any support?

  • Taiya Self

    We have started a Facebook group called Vaccins Awareness South Africa (VASA) which is a closed group and has been going for just over a year. We would love the parents in your article to join this group if the feel so inclined.

  • Free People

    The truth about vaccines is they don’t work for the supposed purpose intended, “immunity to any disease”. In 1935, an excellent researcher and real scientist, Claus W. Jungeblut, was the first to proclaim that Ascorbate (Vitamin C) was antiviral, having discovered that it prevents and cures all the diseases that the vaccine agenda has concocted synthetic and chemical vaccines for, falsely claiming vaccines supposedly provide ‘immunity’. Medical and pharma quickly faked studies to prove Jungeblut’s findings incorrect and covered up the facts so they could continue on with the vaccine hoax crusade. The Vaccine Business is now a highly profitable, lucrative sick-care operation, having caused all the vaccine induced new auto-immune, mental and neurological disorders and diseases appearing in the last century, with new ‘mystery illnesses’ popping up regularly.
    Read the facts right here, and you decide:

  • Deanna

    Absolutely essential information that every parent should have. Thanks to Christina England for her fearless and accurate reporting of this horrible but avoidable tragedy. It is so typical of the perpetrators to blame the innocent for what they have done – those poor parents who have not only lost their beloved child but now face punishment for something they did not do. Shame on the medical profession for their continued deadly vaccine assaults on infants, children and adults. When will the doctors, some apparently fully brainwashed, acknowledge their complicity with the profit-seeking pharmaceutical companies? Anyone with the mental capacity to graduate from medical school certainly should have the intelligence to recognize cause and affect but then it also takes courage and humility to admit culpability in such crimes against those that they are supposed to be treating. Thanks Christina for your outstanding work and diligence to this issue.

  • Rebecca Bailey

    How do we help these people? Is there a petition or something or are their identities to stay protected?

  • Barb

    It hurts the heart to know how much this poor child and the parents suffered from (the junk science, greed and lack of ethics behind all) vaccines.

    I’ll keep them in my prayers and hope judicial advocates, others step up to reveal the truth and help them in their time of need. I’m willing to donate if a legitimate way to do so is posted.

  • Roxanne

    Like other readers, I’d like to know how those of us thousands of miles away can
    help these parents, write articles/letters to appropriate sources including media
    that may be involved etc. This kind of medical criminality must be exposed. Christina, can we get more specifics?

  • Roxanne

    For those not on facebook, are there other ways we can make our voices
    heard esp. re. this case of which I see no details or specifics. Thanks!

  • Baby A’s mum

    Hi All, I am “Baby A’s” mom and both my husband and I would like to thank you all for your support and loving comments, we have been through “hell” with this whole ordeal and to finally get to talk about it and bring it to the attention of others takes a great burden off of our shoulders, I will email Christine and give permission to give out my email address to those who wish to contact us, it is has been a long and hard road for us thus far and all of these comments shines a bit of light in our lives, we are touched that we are receiving such support from all over the world, we will continue to need everyone’s support as this long road still has a long way left to go. Thank you all again and like I said give my permission for Christina to give my email address so that you can get in touch with us.

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Roxanne, both my husband and I really appreciate it, pls read comment that I left on vactruth for All, “Baby A” mum

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Barb, both my husband and I really appreciate it, pls read comment that I left on vactruth for All, “Baby A’s” mum

  • 441019

    This is so very evil that it makes me suspect that this baby’s death is part of a depopulation agenda. It is beyond my imagination that anyone would be so careless and uncaring as to give a baby this many vaccines, and on top of that, to blame the parents when the baby dies.

    I would like to know, as some of your other readers have said, how can we in the U.S. help these parents (and others like them)? What can we do to fight and expose this criminal behavior?
    I would like these parents to know that their baby is in heaven & that they will someday see her again. This is not just a fantasy, but I have no doubt of it, having read much information on near-death experiences and also books by psychics, such as Sylvia Browne, who have written information about the “afterlife.” On the other hand, those who are responsible for the deaths of babies have only hell to look forward to after death, if they don’t repent.

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Rebecca, both my husband and I really appreciate it, pls read comment that I left on vactruth for All, “Baby A’s” mum

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Deanna, both my husband and I really appreciate it, pls read comment that I left on vactruth for All, “Baby A’s” mum

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you free people, both my husband and I really appreciate it, pls read comment that I left on vactruth for All, “Baby A’s” mum

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you 441019, both my husband and I really appreciate it, pls read comment that I left on vactruth for All, “Baby A’s” mum

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Taiya Self, both my husband and I really appreciate it, pls read comment that I left on vactruth for All, “Baby A’s” mum we will join ur Facebook account

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Murder South African Style, both my husband and I really appreciate it, pls read comment that I left on vactruth for All, “Baby A’s” mum

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Shawn Siegel, both my husband and I really appreciate it, pls read comment that I left on vactruth for All, “Baby A’s” mum

  • 441019

    Thanks, Baby A’s Mum; I read your comment on vactruth. My deepest condolences on the death of your baby. As I mentioned, I have no doubt that she is in heaven. I hope someday there will be an end to harmful vaccines. I guess we must try to inform as many people as possible about the risks.

  • Junebug

    How on earth did the vaccines cause broken bones? Does that reeeeeally sound right to you? Way to give obvious abusers a platform to spread their lies. A+ journalism skills!

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Ingrid, both my husband and I really appreciate it, pls read comment that I left on vactruth for All, “Baby A’s” mum

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Jacquibutterworth, both my husband and I really appreciate it, pls read comment that I left on vactruth for All, “Baby A’s” mum

  • avdross

    Junebug. I am guessing you are a peds specialist or you haven’t read all the facts as stated in the article. Easy to judge aren’t u?

  • Sam

    I agree with, Barb. Is there a way that we can assist the family financially?

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thanks Junebug, please read up on vitamin c define cites, metabolic bone diseases and temporary brittle bone disease in babies, Baby A’s mum

  • philtee

    “They”, as in doctors, said that there was broken bones but that doesn’t necessarily mean there was! Obviously if the “system” is going to conduct themselves in this criminal manner do you actually think for 1 minute everything they say “IS” what they say? The whole “broken bones” side of it was obviously fabricated to be used as evidence the mother/father have done such actions as per their alleged actions of shaking the child!

    When will people start realising that the whole system (police, government, doctors and others) lies to you or in a roundabout way says what they’re told say and also no matter what, either they may know or believe, they are instructed what to say and do!

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thanks Sam, both my husband and I really appreciate it, pls see comment left on vactruth for All, Baby A’s mum

  • anamo

    No judgment from me but I am genuinely trying to understand. How did the vaccines cause broken bones? I understand how they can cause swelling but don’t understand how an adverse reaction to a vaccine could break bones. Is the implication that the vaccine caused brittle bone disease which led to the breakage of the bones? If so how physically could this have happened so quickly? And how physically would the vaccine have caused the disease? There must be some science behind this claim so please educate me.

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thanks anamo, pls read up on vitamin c deficiency , metabolic bone disease and temporary brittle bone disease in babies, Baby A’s mum

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thanks avdross, both my husband and I really appreciate it, pls read comment that I left on vactruth for All, Baby a’s mum

  • ATP

    Christina England,

  • ATP

    Can you get us in touch with the family. This family could really use our help.

  • Baby A’s mum

    441019, your comments are greatly appreciated and would like to thank you for reading the article as well as commenting on it, your sympathies are greatly appreciated by both my husband and I, we don’t even have specialists in South Africa that deal in this and by having people in the USA helping with awareness, we are truely grateful!

  • Caroline

    I am truly saddened and disappointed at the lack of support from our so called trained professionals , their inhumane approach is appalling. Like others, I would really like to help in any way, do let me know …

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thanks Caroline, my husband and I both really appreciate it, pls see comment left on vactruth for All. Baby A’s mum”

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thanks ATP, my husband and I both really appreciate it, pls see comment left on vactruth for All. Baby A’s mum

  • magus777

    Story made up… you must think we are stupid. There is no legal reason why you kept the parents name secret other than to stop people checking this bogus story.

  • Michelle Goldstein

    This is a very sad and tragic story. Baby A’s mum, you have already helped many others by bravely sharing your story with VacTruth. Educating others of the very real dangers of vaccinations is critical in order to slowly create change. As parents become enlightened about vaccine dangers, more will choose not to vaccinate. By not vaccinating, lives will be saved from illness and death. I wish you the best in your pursuit of justice.

  • Oh? Back up your statement then.

  • empiricist

    It is sad that still the brittle bone syndrome is not causing more spotlight on low vitamin D, the likely cause. There are cases in the US where parents are blamed for the broken bones, even with one baby that the birth process cracked the bones. Even with all the common discussion about vit D and strong bones, the connection is missed with the syndrome. Very low vit D is very common nowadays with all the sunscreen use and fear of sun. Dark skinned people are esp. at risk. Even nursing mothers have low vit D for their babies because they get little sun and the vitamins have far too little. Mothers should be taking at least 5,000 IU of vit D well before getting pregnant and while nursing. This amount sounds large but 40,000 units is only 1 mg. They’ve skewed the scale to make it sound like you are getting a lot. There are so many additional benefits for vit D besides bones also. The lack of vit D ties very closely with the increase in Autism, ADD, allergies and MS. Please study vitamindcouncil.org., or vitamindwiki.com There is very much misinformation out there by the know-it-all medical institutes and foundations claiming that you only need trivial amounts. But they freely admit that your skin makes gobs and gobs in the sun, 10,000 units in 1/2 hr or so of bright sun (10-2) in white skin. So if it makes so much, why do we need so little? Something is wrong with their logic- they COULD BE WRONG! But that is never considered. Also you need magnesium and carotenes for best utilization of vit D. (not VIt A already formed).

  • Davinduck

    My youngest son who is now seven (I delayed his shots) I agreed to let the pediatrician inject my son with a few important shots. He received only four shots against my better judgment. One of them was a three-n-one. Later that afternoon he fell extremely ill with high fever and became a little on the lethargic side. His toddler bed was right beside mine at that time and when we got home he crawled into bed and by morning his entire leg (the injection site) was swollen from his knee to his hip joint. It was hot to the touch and moist feeling. He laid in bed until the next day and into the next afternoon. My child who was about 3 or so literally could not walk at all; he screamed in pain when he tried. I had no idea what was wrong with him so I called the doctor and she met us at the ER. They XRAY him I assume to see if something was broken. I knew nothing was broken but could not for the life of me understand why he was that swollen and could not walk and was very sick with high fever. It then dawned on me that it was his vaccines. The doctor would NOT recognize his reaction as a vaccine reaction and it was NEVER reported. My poor child laid in bed for about a week and could not walk. So reading this story makes me so sad because I experienced first hand what a vaccine can potentially do when a child has an adverse reaction to them. I am just happy I waited until he was three as we may have been in your same shoes. I am very sorry to hear anyone losing a child as a result of a vaccine. :(

  • Kimberly Gottschalk Lambdin

    I would like to know if the parents were convicted…. Don’t suppose our idiot president would step in for THIS… Only 10% of the vaccine adverse reactions are reported to VAERS… if you, your child or someone you know has an adverse reaction – report to your doctor and make sure they report to VAERS… If you suspect they have not or will not… report to VAERS yourself.

  • Joseph

    Shaken baby syndrome (the triad of injuries used to describe a child believed to have died from being shaken to death) was first described in 1946.

    What vaccines were in use then?

    Smallpox would be about it, I’d think. And we don’t get that today, because smallpox was vaccinated to death.

    The only possible interpretation of this article and its biases is that the authors hate vaccines so much that they’d rather free a child murderer than permit them. Says something to me.

  • shatzi178

    As this happened in SOUTH AFRICA you seem to be the idiot if you think POTUS has any say over this, geez. You haters NEVER stop!

  • Argus

    You are correct. Christina is well known for writing articles that are full of fiction and portraying them as ‘journalism’. Always slanted to portray the so-called ‘evils’ of vaccine.
    Not only does this one defy common sense, but as you say, it seems to defend child murder.

  • Argus, explain, based on your personal knowledge and expertise, how aspirin is more safe to give to a child than vaccines.


  • Argus

    What a nonsensical comment that has nothing to do with this article or the discussion about it.

  • Diphtheria-Tetanus Toxoid & Smallpox Vaccine were used during the time frame you mention until the Polio vaccine was introduced in the early to mid 1950s.

    Quite sure vaccines were killing children then, too. Go research Alton Oschner, an esteemed medical ‘icon’, and how the polio vaccine killed his grandchild in the 1950s.

    And — if you read the news article from that period of time, it’s the same story.

    “Dr. C. Harrington Snyder, who attended the boy, said he and other physicians did not believe the vaccine was responsible for the boy’s contracting the disease.”


  • Oh really? So is aspirin safer to give to a child than a vaccine?

  • Christina is not the one who hides behind a pseudo name – you are. You don’t even have the testicular fortitude to mention your bias or profession.

  • You seem to think that vaccines are super safe, Argus. I’m just curious how safe you really think they are? Are they safer than giving a baby aspirin? Qualify safe – thanks.

  • Amy Gresl

    My cousins baby died of SIDS two days after getting vaccinated. These claims are not false. Wake the “f” up. Too many people are going through this same thing. Do you really think its all “shaken baby syndrome” ? Get real. I wouldn’t let my children get more than one shot in a 6 month period because of high fevers that are associated with each vaccination. Plus when you vaccinate your child they have you sign a waiver saying you won’t hold them responsible. If the vaccines were so safe; what’s with the waiver?

  • Voter

    Deaths are also being reported after the pentavalent vaccine.

  • brothersun

    There are many more cases where the names are not withheld. There are links to several of them on this page: http://vaccine-injury.info/shaken-baby-syndrome.cfm

  • Amy Gresl

    Vit D from the sun is also in the sulfate form needed for the heart, to prevent heart failure. The take on sun exposure is finally shifting! Thank God! See… Dr. Stephanie Seniff on sulpher

  • It’s just easier for him to sling mud than to come up with any statement of fact or substance, Brothersun. He’s baiting.

  • susandaytoday

    Beyond heart wenching. Thank you Lord for taking this precious little soul to be with you. Please vindicate these poor parents from having to live in this persecuted nightmare in Jesus name I pray.

  • susandaytoday

    Why would they need to make up a story when we have 1000s of real ones right here everyday in America. Besides death we have childhood cancers , autisms and 100s of diseases related to vaccines.

  • Bonzai

    I notice no one else seems to have commented on the fact that the parents gave the baby “Panado”, an acetaminophen/paracetamol product. Doctors are woefully uninformed that acetaminophen depletes glutathione, a vital component our bodies use to detox from chemicals. Using acetaminophen products makes vaccine reactions worse, but parents are always told to use it for fevers from vaccines.

    It’s really a vicious cycle and these poor parents and their little one were yet more victims of both vaccines and acetaminophen.

  • anamo

    Sorry, so the vit d deficiency / brittle bone would be coincidental and not actually related to the vaccine-related death? I am really sorry to ask these questions just trying to understand. My heart hurts for your little baby.

  • Andries van Tonder

    I know of at least 3 other similar cases. Every time the parents were accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome and other children were taken away from the parents. A specialist pathologist wrote an interresting report on it after studying the autopsy of one of the children..

  • TetraMom

    Just because he is black: This doesn’t make him an idiot. Would you have said that about Daddy or baby Bush? No. I usually don’t pull the black card, but stay on Topic! A baby died and you people want to sit here and argue with each other. Do that somewhere else! And if you have not experienced vaccine injury in your family or by someone close to you, or even yourself (like I have, and I’m 36), don’t judge. Just keep getting your flu shots, make sure your potential mate does too, and don’t forget the whooping vac., and soon you will be able to judge the situation, because you too will have experienced vaccine injury in the ones you love. If more valid research is not done regarding blood on the brain and vaccines, you too might be charged with assault/murder over the child that you haven’t even had time to begin grieving over, while others throw stones at you and judge YOU for the very thing some of you people are doing right now!

  • Mistelle Stevenson

    Bone break during CPR. Just saying that it is a normal side effect to good CPR. When you are trying to save a life a few ribs can break.

  • Mistelle Stevenson

    The broken bones are probably from CPR. It is pretty common for a few ribs to break while giving CPR, especially if you don’t really know if you are doing it right.

  • Mistelle Stevenson

    I am so sorry for your loss. May God comfort you in your grief. My prayers are going up for you and yours.

  • Noo

    I have a child who was born in South Africa and received the full vaccination schedule there. When we returned to the UK, the health visitor here actually advised me not to allow my child to receive the preschool vaccinations, as she had already had several more vaccines than children of the same age in the UK. I remember also being strongly encouraged by vaccination clinic staff to give my baby paracetamol before having her vaccinated. If I had known then what I know now, I would have avoided the vaccines altogether. At the time, although vaccination was always traumatic, I didn’t realise how harmful it could be, nor had I ever met anyone who didn’t vaccinate – I just went along with it as I believed it was the responsible thing to do. My child now has an autistic spectrum diagnosis.

  • Marcia Ricker

    I read somewhere awhile back that Dr.’s recieve $ from big Pharma each time they talk their patients into taking some new drug. I’m thinking it’s the same with vaccines, can’t prove it, but sounds feesible. I also heard that most Dr’s will not have their own children vaccinated. Perhaps they should be asked that question before getting these for your child. Hopefully they’ll be truthful.

  • Roxanne

    What “defies” common sense is injecting young babies with multiple disease strains, neurotoxins etc. BYPASSING the critically key mucosal membranes,making them sitting ducks for vaccine synergistic toxicity, demyelination and the repercussions of violating the blood-brain barrier which is not yet properly formed.


    I have spoken with a former nurse STATING that for every child that is vaccinated she would receive $50. She’s no longer a nurse.


    Disgusting SOB’s. Of course Big Pharma’s not liable. They’d loose all their blood money if they were.

  • Barb

    Whoah, sounds like a whole lot of misunderstanding, misinterpretation, no reason to take personally, over-react to what is actually a supportive comment and legitimate question inquiring about the case outcome (if any yet).

    My intention was to send just a few dollars for legal defense costs, I’m not on Facebook etc. but the mean spirited comments leave me a bit confused.

  • Roxanne

    Many of you probably know about this book, but if not do get it and circulate it
    ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis: Are Parents Being
    Falsely Accused’ by Harold Buttram MD and Christina England

  • Melody Fern Lehmann

    It is VERY possible that the way the nurse gave the injections, very violently, caused the broken bones. It is also possible that the CPR caused the broken bones. I am a nurse and I am saying for sure that CPR, in many cases, causes broken bones. In addition, we don’t know the cumulative effects of so many vaccines these tiny babies are receiving. NO studies have been done to see what effects they have on the body, which means there could have been some strange reaction that caused her body not to absorb or metabolize the building blocks of bone(amino acids, calcium, potassium, etc.), preventing her bones from strengthening properly.

  • Roxanne

    Hi Joseph,
    Actually, the whole smallpox vaccine saviour myth is just that and far
    from being vaccinated out of circulation, compulsorary vaccination
    extended its destruction… Consider that the worst outbreaks of smallpox
    occurred in the Philippines in the face of massive vaccine campaigns
    with almost 100% compliance. Improved living conditions, proper
    sanitation and cleaner drinking water are the real heroes of reduced
    mortality from infectious disease which included SCARLET FEVER
    for which no vaccine was administered and which had a higher dealth
    rate in certain regions than smallpox etc… The case could well be
    made that had the smallpox vaccine not being pushed, that the disease
    would have been disabled much like Scarlet Fever much sooner….
    I also suggest you access; ‘The Poisoned Needle’ by Eleanor McBean PhD
    at http://www.whale.to who did a remarkable job in chronicling files, case
    histories, newspaper articles, military records etc. re. the implications
    of the smallpox etc. vaccines…. It’s a real eye-opener and all of the
    chapters are available on line as noted… Cheers, Roxanne
    “Since the passing of the Compulsory Vaccination Act in (Britain) 1853 we have had no less than three distinct epidemics. In 1857-9. We had more than 14,000 deaths from small pox. In the 1863-5 epidemic the deaths increased to 20,000 and in the 1871-2 they totaled up to 44,800.”
    Walter Hadwen MD, MRCS LRCP, LSA

    “In the Cologne epidemic of 1870, 173 vaccinated persons were attacked before the first unvaccinated one. In Liegnite in 1871, the first unvaccinated to suffer was 225th on the list.”
    William T. Collins MD, MRCS 1883

    “How is it that smallpox is five times as likely to be fatal in the vaccinated as in the unvaccinated? How is it that in some of our most highly vaccinated towns, smallpox is rife whilst in some of our most poorly vaccinated towns such as Leicester, it is almost unknown? How is it that something like 80% of the cases admitted into the Metropolitan Board Smallpox Hospital have been vaccinated, whilst only 20% have not been vaccinated.”
    Dr. L. Parry, British Medical Journal, 1/21/28

  • Roxanne

    Just another example of how dangerously out of touch the medical system
    is re. the real constituents of health and the potential harm of suppressive
    modalities that push illness deeper with all too often grave consequences.

  • Christopher Jannette

    Correlation does not imply causation.

  • elnura

    Some sick person on this thread just systematically scrolled thru this thread and “down voted” Baby A’s Mum. I will never understand the evilness some people possess. This family has lost a child and if a person can’t feel compassion for another under these circumstances, you know what the saying is-what goes around comes around. You’re wasting your time here.

  • Kimberly Gottschalk Lambdin

    YOU, my dear are playing the black card…. I don’t give a crap what color our president is… I care that he is an asinine idiot that is destroying our country. Take your crap elsewhere – Do some friggin research on all our “president” has done to our country – worse than any other president and all combined! YOU have issues and have been waiting to play that race card and YOU are part of the problem! Get off race and pay attention to the facts and MAYBE you’ll be able to understand where I’m coming from. The anointed one, our “beloved” president ousting a German family granted asylum here to homeschool their kids…obama kicks them out…. He goes to battle for a thug teen, Martin…and then does nothing when another child is beaten by 4 black teens on a school bus… oh, and he enables exemptions for muslims in obamacare and screws the rest of the country??? Why can’t he stand up and DO something for this couple and their beautiful baby that was murdered by the medical profession!?!?!? Wait… if I’m so racist and hate people b/c they are black… why am I fighting for this family? BECAUSE I’M NOT A RACIST! I believe in justice and I believe in America… This couple needs our help in fighting this injustice and all that they are facing… and YOU are telling me what?? Get a clue and stand down, dear. You are clearly out of line.

  • Kimberly Gottschalk Lambdin

    Okay… actually he has influence….and he DOES have ways to help this family. Don’t give me that crap that just b/c this happened in South Africa that he has any say…. Our “beloved” president has stuck his hands in foreign affairs he has no business in… why not do something to help this family!?!?!? You’re the idiot! Wake up and smell the corruption and government hypocrisy!

  • Kimberly Gottschalk Lambdin

    Hi… If any of my comments offend you, I do apologize. My comments are heartfelt and I believe that our American president should actually put forth an effort to help you. I’m not a fan of our president, in the least… I’ve seen him support thugs and people that just don’t deserve the blessed treatment he gives them and then leaves families like yours to struggle and suffer. I believe your baby was murdered by the medical profession and we have the same issues here in America and it needs to stop. God bless you and your husband and your beautiful baby girl. You are in my prayers and I will continue to follow your story and share all updates with everyone I can. Praying for you! Hugs
    Kim and family

  • elnura

    Smallpox, developed in England in 1796. Pertussis (1914), diphtheria (1926), and tetanus (1938). These three
    vaccines were combined in 1948 and given as the DTP vaccine. Prior to that they were single injections. 1950’s Polio.

  • elnura

    Some deaths reported in India.

  • elnura

    The states also get $100 per vaccinated child.

  • PieMaker Shatzman

    Thank you Kim for helping us Americans look like complete and utter fools. I would love to hear the rest of your paranoid psycho-babble if only it was ON POINT or even REMOTELY relevant.

  • TetraMom

    Look at who is still throwing stones: And I’m not your dear. If you read it correctly, you would understand that only a portion of my message was aimed at you. I was taught to respect authority figures, even though I may not always agree with their decisions. Personally, I voted for Bush his second term, yet I would not find a reason, like it seems you have, to defame the representative of our country. What good does it do to blast away at our political figure, regardless of how we feel about him/her? Clearly more is at play than what we are aware of and what we are told. Hence, the reason for vactruth.com, for example. Yet I am still adamant about people who have all of these opinions about what vaccines don’t do when they have not experienced, first or second -hand, vaccine injury. And just in case you misinterpret that, that statement was not aimed at you, either.

  • Kimberly Gottschalk Lambdin

    wake up and use your brain…i hate ignorant people…

  • Kimberly Gottschalk Lambdin

    thank you….i feel justified in my comments,,,esp after reading yours… i’m so happy i’m not a sheeple! i’m anti-vax and not close-minded not to call out the truth about other government propaganda… if you choose to open your eyes and mind…it bodes well to take in all the facts about everything… not just what is convenient for you.

  • Kimberly Gottschalk Lambdin

    oh…just fyi…it’s ALL relevant

  • ccdaddy

    You are a criminal, like the child poisoning devils that inject the ingredients of vaccines. Heavy metals and toxins, that BTW/FYI you cannot legally flush into the sewer system. Without committing a Felony.

  • Christopher Jannette

    “you are a criminal”

    Ad Homonym, cannot read further since your argument is tainted with poor logic.

  • Claude Gelinas

    You’re 100% bad faith, Argus.

    You call for common sense but this article is one of thousands and you can’t comment them all to protect your pharma friends.

    People instinctively know you’re hunting down these articles to attempt to discredit the authors and commenters who are sharing the truth — you bring NOTHING to these debates (even in your other comments, you just attempt to create doubt).

    Big pharma will stop at nothing to poison those who are unfortunate enough to accept being stabbed with unproven and clearly dangerous vaccines. The VAERS database is a living testament to the dangerousness of vaccines, since the very first ones to the ones in-use today.

    Please grow a brain Argus and stop defending your employers, the big pharma-mafia.

  • ccdaddy

    I will quote the CDC, on the Thimerosal issue. When they found out that Thimerosal (Mercury) was in Vaccines.

    Freedom of Information Act emails, damn them for their blatant displays incompetence.

    “how could the FDA approve a preservative,without knowing how much Mercury it contained. He then says “what else is lurking, we know we know nothing about”

    “this was not rocket science, this was ninth grade math”

    He’s got the right idea,but in the state of Tx it was 1st grade math he is accusing them of not being able to perform.

    FDA emails revealed, that they were getting really worried the public would lose all confidence in them.

    “were afraid the public,will perceive us asleep at the switch
    for decades, for allowing this dangerous compound to remain in the vaccines”

    Considering that the FDA had removed it from pet vaccines in 1990,(because it was causing Neurological damage in dogs) To say that they were asleep at the switch for decades, that’s sugar coating it. Considering the fact, they left it in children’s vaccines till 2002 with an expiration date of 2004 after removing it from dogs. I am, speechless.

    “and it’s no longer going to wash, that there’s no evidence of a risk” He was getting worried, the science was snow balling up against them. He was right!

    FDA / CDC not sure.
    “maybe we should treat this like the Tylenol poisonings” “admit that it happened, pull it from the market, and then show contrition” They didn’t, they decided to lie instead.

    You see, It was cheaper and more convenient. And a hell of a lot less embarrassing, than admitting they had poisoned an entire generation of kids. American kids, that they were charged and took an oath to protect.

  • Alit

    Each country has a vaccine schedule based on their unique disease profile, therefore certain vaccines are given earlier or later because the risks of exposure are different. As the exposure risks in Africa are much different than in the UK, the schedules will be markedly different.

  • Christopher Jannette

    THANK YOU! All I wanted was some clarity and context from the anti-vax side of the debate so I am better informed on what the issues surrounding it are. I’m a parent of a 3 y.o so anything on this subject (founded or unfounded) deserves AT THE VERY LEAST a look. Can you please provide me some links from the studies? :)

  • ccdaddy

    Read my post, shill.

  • Baby A’s mum

    Margus777′ this story is not made up, it took a lot out of my husband and I to have to put a picture of our daughter in her most vulnerable state just to get the truth out, we are a normal family wanting to get our story out and hopefully get some help, hope you will find it in you to realize that these things do happen

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Michelle, both my husband and I really appreciate it

  • Baby A’s mum

    Our names were kept secret because we still have to stand trial and may have legal implications for us

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thanks Kimberly, no we are not convicted, we still have to stand trial but are charged with her murder, we still have a long trying road ahead of us and hopefully by doing what we did by speaking out we can get the help and support we need and hopefully help others in our country find a voice in all of this, we really appreciate your willing to help and hope that misunderstandings like these no longer happen

  • Baby A’s mum

    TetraMom, we are saddened to hear that you too are suffering vaccine injury and we really sympathies with you and what you are going through, did you know that there is a national vaccine injury compensation in your country? Hope this will be of help to you! Like i mentioned to Kimberly, we hope misunderstandings like these no longer happen, thank you for commenting

  • AussieMum

    I agree elnura.

    Who is the “insensitive” individual that “down voted” Baby A’s mum’s postings?
    A baby has died!

    If there is a correlation between the vaccines and the death of Baby A then there should be a thorough investigation. Regardless of “correlation does not imply causation” posted by Christopher Jannette.

  • Baby A’s mum

    Nooo, we are deeply saddened in hearing that you are your child are too victims of vaccine injury, you are truely very brave and my husband and I would like to thank you for telling your story too, we really appreciate it, all the best to you and your family

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you All who are standing up for my husband and I in this debate, we lost our angel and didn’t even get the chance to properly mourn her death and now have to face this nightmare that doesn’t seem to end, we need the truth to come out about our baby, not only to help us but others and hopefully stop what is happening to our babies, it’s unfortunate that this happened to us and regrettably need to say that this could have been anyone or even you all, which we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy, our baby is in a better place today and hopefully her passing wasn’t in vain and others will get to know the truth about vaccines and what they do to our babies

  • SAM

    To all the “down voters”. If you have nothing to add that can help these parents, take your trash comments some place else. One other thing. Wait till this happens to you. And you get nasty comments.

  • Taiya Self

    There are two groups by te same name, the one is the open page and the other is the closed group. Please be sure to join the closed group as it is far more active.

  • Taiya Self

    Paragraph 11 discusses how skull fractures can be related to vaccine injury… It is helpful to read the whole report (non emotive, unbiased, with no agenda to support) M.A. Al-Bayati/Medical Veritas 5 (2008) 1589–1609 1589 Analysis of causes that led to rib and skull fractures and intracranial bleeding
    in the case of the premature triplets Parneet, Sukhsaihaj, and Imaan
    Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, PhD, DABT, DABVT
    Toxicologist & Pathologist Toxi-Health International See page 1606 (better yet, read the whole report) http://www.medicalveritas.com/manAlbayati9.pdf

  • Taiya Self

    VASA is in the process of registering as an official non profit organization.

  • Margaret Williams

    Very sorry for your loss and legal battle. We will keep you in our prayers.

  • AID

    To all the “down voters” you would never know how this feels till it was you in this families shoes. I agree totally with those who support this family. I have family in SA and there is definitely a lack of medical profession in this field. Since SA is not a first world country I think we as the leaders in the world should get together and maybe try and assist this family in anyway possible. Just like SAM and Barb I am also willing to donate to the legal costs. The family is obviously not financially able to handle this on their own or else they would not be here asking for help. The family obviously has not asked us for anything but Christina I think since you have been in contact with the family would it be possible to find out what they require and how do we go about assisting. Maybe we can start campaigns or charities in our designated countries to assist. We can even start to tweet, Facebook, or any other form of communication to get the masses to assist in this cause. The Justice system in SA does not have the ability to do this.

  • Margaret Williams

    I do not know exactly what part vaccines play in the increased numbers of ASD affected children, but I no longer believe vaccines are the sole cause. When our first child received the first set of infant vaccines here in the United States, I was asked to sign a waiver releasing the doctor from liability in the event of serious injury or death. I signed the papers, asked for information on the vaccines, and researched from home. At her next appointment, I questioned the ingredients (specifically formaldehyde) and refused vaccination at that time. The doctor began contacting the manufacturers on behalf of a concerned parent, and the reply he received was from a single company (multiple manufacturing companies were contacted) stated the ingredients were protected under copyright/patent laws and would not be disclosed in greater detail than what the physician already had. Needless to say, our daughter did not receive any further shots, nor did our two sons after her.
    That being said: Our daughter and older son are both on the autism spectrum (our son’s case is actually more acute than our daughter’s), and our youngest child is ADHD-hyper. If I could go back and do it again, I still would not vaccinate, but I can’t blame vaccines for the ASD diagnosis when two out of three did not receive ANY vaccines since birth. Good luck in your ASD journey; be blessed.

  • Alit

    As a fellow South African I tried to find another article on this story in our local news to no avail. Can anyone provide some more detail, please?

  • Roxanne

    Hi Christopher,
    Given the scope of the assault that vaccines pose to the still developing immune system, we can no longer afford to deny the obvious connection
    between vaccination – esp. multiple shots administered in one visit – and tragic outcomes for previously healthy babies.
    As mentioned further down, by injecting young babies with multiple disease strains, neurotoxins etc. and BYPASSING the critically key mucosal membranes; infants become potential sitting ducks for vaccine synergistic toxicity, demyelination and the repercussions of violating the blood-brain barrier which is not yet properly formed.
    While correlation may not “guarantee” causation, far too many families
    know what it is to see a vaccine connection dismissed and denied –
    no matter how black and white the case – as “innocent.” Assumption
    of vaccine innocence is not science but protection of a medical holy
    cow that deserves to be shaken off its pedestal.
    This kind of blindness to connecting the dots is not only with vaccine
    injury and death to infants, but others as well.
    I know of a girl who lost her sight within 30 minutes of getting the H1N1
    shot… Not a whisper in the local media etc. who were too busy disease-mongering and pushing the vaccine…. And then there are girls who suffer
    strokes etc. again, within hours of the HPV vaccine, and what do the
    officials say… “no correlation”…. as if it were normal for teenagers
    to have strokes, no less just following vaccination.
    Enough “coincidences”!

  • Margaret Williams

    Ad hominem…logical fallacy and one of the most infuriatingly juvenile tactics employed by any side of an argument, in my opinion. I am afraid I simply do not have the time to track down the validity of each, but I was able to find you a few links that can at least give you study names as a starting point in your search. I hope it helps.





  • ccdaddy

    Look up the NIH paid study, by Thomas Burbacher on baby primates. His findings was,that the vaccine delivered Mercury based preservative Thimerosal crosses the BBB easier than does the fish mercury. And after it enters the brain,he said it turns into Inorganic Mercury at 2.5 times that as does the fish mercury.

    FYI, Inorganic Mercury is the most damaging to the Mitochondria. And that’s, exactly what the CDC was
    told was causing Autism. It was something, that was pushing the mitochondria far beyond it metabolic reserves.
    Those six teams who told the CDC that, then suggested “that vaccines do that” The CDC was also told, by the six teams that Mitochondria problems are not rare at all. In fact 1 in 50 may have the nuclear DNA for Mitochondria problems. They then said, the possibilities for Autism then they are STAGGERING!!!!! That was said, two weeks before the CDC Pharma whore CDC Dir. went before the people she took an oath to protect. And lied her ass off. Saying you cannot compare Hannah Poling, to other children with Autism. Because Hannah,has a (very rare) Mitochondria problem. That the vaccines, caused to turn into Autistic like symptoms.

    What’s the difference, in Autism and Autistic like symptoms.

    She the Dir. was informed just weeks prior to her statement that the Mitochondria problems are not rare at all. That 1 in 50, may be effected. The six teams also said;

    “under no circumstances,are you to do nothing in this!

    If you choose to do nothing, we will!!! turn over what we have found to the public.

    It’s a national disgrace, what those who are paid to serve the American public. Have done, to this Nations most precious resource. The American children.

    Then look up, the Denmark researcher, Poul Thorsen that’s been indicted on 13 counts of wire fraud and nine counts of money laundering here in the good Ol US.

    Poul gave them, exactly what the CDC asked for. PAID for


    The CDC is in a FOIA email saying “we are only interested. in what will exonerate the CDC and Vaccines”

    A little history first, the CDC is in an email saying.

    “the IOM meeting is within weeks. and we have searched frantically and cannot find anything here” “we are going to have to go elsewhere, and get us a study”

    They were desperate, to find anybody that would take the Toxicity of Thimerosal and magically change Thimerosals Toxicological properties.

    The CDC chose Denmark, that got just 25% of the Mercury the US. children had got. They knew!!!!! that choosing Denmark,would be like comparing apples to cows. They did not care,they just needed a study. And they needed it, yesterday! And besides, they knew that no one would dare question them. For this Nation, to show complete and utter BLIND confidence in people who have committed
    atrocities. Such as, fraud and destroying documents that could incriminate them who have poisoned an entire Generation. Just proves, that the servant has now became the master. So they think!

    It’s past time,for those to be brought to justice. For poisoning a child is illegal, Poisoning a child finding out you did it and then trying to hide what you did and then poisoning more.

    That’s the definition, of domestic terrorism!

    The Indictment states,that he Poul worked on this Fraud with others known and unknown by this grand jury.

    At a Congressional hearing on Autism, US. Congressman
    Bill Posey said; “lets talk about that scumbag Poul Thorsen
    to CDC’s Colleen Boyle.

    She told the Congressman, that Poul was only involved in 2 studies. And, he did not have much input on either of them.

    She lied, and the Congressman caught her! and later said
    “how many did you say? he was involved in? she replied 2
    Congressman. He said NO! try 22 of the 24. So Colleen Boyle, of the CDC perjured her self. For lying straight faced as she did, to a Congressman. It is, a felony.

    For your health agencies to act like this, it no wonder we have runaway health care cost.

    We have criminal terrorist, in charge of public health. And none of them, can perform 1 st grade math.

  • Christopher Jannette

    Please provide referential links to studies with this. Otherwise it’s just a coincidence.. :(

  • ccdaddy

    Poor logic, is putting an IQ lowering neural toxic Mercury in babies. And expecting, no out comes.

    No! actually, that just plain STUPID!!!!

  • Baby A’s mum

    There are no articles on this case as we still have to stand trial in a few weeks , thank you Alit

  • Christopher Jannette

    Thiomersal is an organic mercury based compound that was introduced after children were dying in large numbers from staph infections caused by vaccines that lacked preservatives. It has been shown to be toxic and therefore I support its discontinuation. It is currently being phased out in the US and Europe along concerns raised by both the public and medical professionals. The thing is, well applied and thoroughly reasoned logic introduced it in the first place as all other preservatives interfered with the ability for the vaccines to their job, and well applied and intelligent decision making is what is taking it out. In fact, for a good while now, it’s important to note that thiomersal is NOT given to children in the US or Europe. 1.9% of adults have been shown to have an allergic reaction as well.

    This however, does not imply that Autism or Neurological disorders are a direct result, and the one case where a vaccine was shown to be liable for autism was with a child who had a prexisting mitochondrial condition.




  • Baby A’s mum

    Because there is no awareness in this subject in our country that is what we are trying to do

  • Rebecca Bailey



    http://www.thelibertybeacon.com/2013/05/27/the-problem-with-vaccines/ (the majority of this is written by a mother of four autistic children bt has many references to info elsewhere

    err…you just want the info to come to you, is that it? Trawl this and many other sites – and decide what motive people have in contesting the safety- we are not sickos, bt people who take all into consideration before injecting or children with toxic ‘vaccinations’ the effects of which have never been properly independently tested. Conversly, you could just be a sheep/drone/twat and jst believe what multi-national big pharma companies tell you when they are raking in their millions and adding ingredients willy nilly just to make their vaccinations easier and cheaper to make. It really is up to you. But there is NO point or REASON in attacking people who are going through torment and suffering through NO fault of their own and are just trying to find answers. You appear to be an arsey and self-centred man. But you carry on, being obedient, believing what the doctor tells you because he’s a doctor, happily following the conditionment of todays society and education… God forbid you question ANYTHING or THINK for yourself and communicate with others who have REAL experiences to share – not just empty, biased results to convince the world to trust a dodgy, ill-researched product just for money.

  • Droddy

    It is ludicrous that you would deduce that because this couple believes that vaccines caused the death of their child, that shaken baby syndrome doesn’t exist. THAT says something to me.

  • Christopher Jannette

    These sources don’t count. I need STUDIES or you have nothing to say.

  • Obvious

    Then why have a down vote? Oh yeah, you only want to hear one side of the story…notice the irony?

  • Obvious

    Wait, your research is the very website pushing this argument. That’s not research, that’s repetition. Furthermore, creating discussion is not ‘attacking people’, it is input for a reasoned continuance so you question information instead of following the ethos “you can’t prove there are no unicorns, so therefore there must be unicorns”. So just keep forwarding this rubbish whilst you are playing Farmville and pretending to be a responsible parent.

  • Joe Burns

    Please contact me through FaceBook, I have dealt with similar cases.

  • PL

    i would like to step in on behalf of the parents. I am a fellow South African and I was called to the Hospital. I personally seen this child and myself together with one of the sisters at the hospital hope these parents can get the justice they need. We cannot reveal any names yet however i can clear say these parents are innocent and the idiots in our country cannot and do not have the capabiliies to investigate this matter. The poor parents will be tried because people cant see the truth behind all this.
    Eventhough we are public servants I can say that this child looked perfectly normal to me and these parents would require all our support

  • Baby A’s mum

    What is your Facebook page?

  • Joe Burns

    On what do you base your theory? Do you think that vaccines are safe? The CDC and WHO don’t even claim that vaccines are either safe or effective. When you have read as many post mortems and hospital reports as I have I would be happy to debate the topic with you.

    If vaccines are safe, then why is there a Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS) and why has the Vaccine Injury Compensation Board paid out billions in claims?

    Ludicrous would be suggesting that it is even possible to shake a baby to the point where even one of the Triad of symptoms could be demonstrated. In the history of SBS, thousands of cases, nobody has ever witnessed a baby being shaken to the point of injury or death. In fact in hundreds of cases now where people were caught on nannycams violently shaking babies, not one of those babies ever demonstrated a single or symptom, that’s ludicrous.

    Maybe you should open your mind before accusing obviously innocent parents. Do the research before spouting off. You are accusing grieving parents of murder and YOU could be sued for slander.


  • Joe Burns
  • Rebecca Bailey

    What is farmville? And how DARE you accuse a total stranger of pretending to be a responsible parent?! This is what I am saying – there is NO NEED to be nasty and attack everybody! I was giving MY reasons for people questioning the ‘norm’ is all. Wow. What a reaction. I am doing just that – presenting that side of the debate, explaining to this very closed and aggressive man, the reasons why we are all here shouting about a subject that has brought us, personally, much suffering. S’all. Calm down and try to be more human.

  • Joe Burns

    In my experience there wont be a thorough investigation. Prosecutors love SBS. You don’t need a smoking gun, a witness or any evidence other than the Triad of symptoms. Anyone who has ever been convicted of SBS has only been convicted on the basis of circumstantial evidence, nobody has ever seen a baby being shaken where even one of the Triad could be demonstrated.

    Nobody has ever studied vaccine adverse reaction in babies because doctors believe it unethical to NOT vaccinate babies so there are NO double-blind, peer reviewed, empirical studies.

  • Joe Burns

    Funny you should say that. Everyone who has ever been prosecuted for SBS has been prosecuted on circumstantial evidence, nobody out of thousands of cases has ever been caught red handed shaking a baby to death. The prosecution is always based on charging the last person who was alone with the baby. For some reason in these cases correlating the Triad with the fact that someone was alone with the baby is cause enough for a conviction.

  • d thomas

    Partial immunity to small pox was accrued by people who had a history of keeping cattle as small pox was a mutation of the cowpox that allowed it to cross over to humans.
    Asian Islanders usually rely on fishing and agriculture for food sources and would be far less exposed to cowpox than people living in cattle farming areas. One would expect a higher mortality rate in such insular island populations.

  • Joe Burns

    Your slanderous comment has been reported to Christina.

  • Joe Burns

    SIDS is just a term for “we don’t know what caused the death”. If the myth of SBS was put to bed tomorrow then serious scientist could save thousands of babies from dying. There is no medical condition called SIDS. Your cousin should get get all the medical records and start suing, waiver or not.

    People who support the SBS theory are killing babies by not allowing science to study these deaths.

  • little green bag

    This is absolutely devastating… What a cruel reality to live with. This is happening to, too many parents these days. My sincere compassion and prayers to all those parents that experience this unexpected horror. Sounds like this is a global compliance to never blame or investigate the vaccines. Anyhow, I believe in karma…

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you little green bag, it is really appreciated by both my husband and I.

  • Baby A’s mum

    I have left a message on your Facebook page, thanks Joe

  • TetraMom

    I’m sure you do. i figured you’d want to have the last word, yet here is mine.
    I am apologizing for assuming that you were defaming another person, just because they are black, although in your initial statement you gave no grounds as to why you referenced the president an idiot, and left the interpretation open to others.
    Secondly, I am apologizing to the group here for adding more disharmony to these postings. This was my error and my life experiences getting in the way.
    Let’s see if you have the last word and follow suit and apologize directly to all of the people you have called an ‘idiot’ (myself, shatz178, etc), and ignorant, etc. and apologize to the group here on calling others, not on this post, devaluing names (e.g. Martin, and who knows else), instead of just apologizing to the parents for being offensive. I’m not sure how your prayers could transmit, anyway, since you appear to exude so much ‘hate’ for so many people. Show us, once again, who you are: Let’s see how much your hate shows through in your next post, since you absolutely must have the last word. Let’s see if you apologize to others or just rejustify yourself and call someone else out of their name, if their opinions don’t reflect your ‘facts.’

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Margaret we really appreciate it, we are also so sorry to hear about your kids, all the best of luck in your struggles

  • TetraMom

    Yes, I have apologized to the group for bringing this misunderstanding to the posts, and I am apologizing to you as well. You have had no time to grieve for the loss of your child. When I found out about my possible vaccine injury I was already an adult, and I had never heard about vaccine injury compensation, until I began to learn more about vaccines myself,in my 20’s for my own kids.(i had grandmal seizures for 6 years as a child). Yet, I was also was born with a cleft lip, which I think made me more susceptible to vaccine injury, and by that, there would be no ‘proof’ of such, even though I have learned of others directly whose children suffered the same, and they had no clefts. (A cleft can indicate a weakness in the brain along the schism of the cleft, and toxins can accumulate in any area of weakness/sensitive area in the body). I had nowhere near the amount of vaccines your poor baby had, as I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, and I was fortunate to learn about ways to antidote the negative effects of vaccines using energy practices at home, since my husband is still a traditional thinker. I know this is easier said than done, but please know that even though you only have the memories of your child to hold, the body of your child, as beautiful as she was, is only a glove, and that the soul of your child remains in the light and love of its creator. Thankyou for responding to me even during your trying times.

  • Rebecca Bailey

    ANd also…I did not say it was research, just articles presenting that side of the article – and they do not lead to this site!

  • Baby A’s mum

    Hi All, pls like us on our Facebook page and Christina will make arrangements and advertise those who would like to get into contact with us and help https://www.facebook.com/pages/Baby-As-parents/191747677669204

  • Obvious

    That is what I am saying too, I had issue that you were critical of those wanting proof, and how it feels to be on that side. Your passion shows that you are indeed vested in children’s interests and I retract my comment, and I apologise that my frustration with a wider community was taken out on you Rebecca. Baby A’s mum, I cannot imagine your sorrow and added insult of these charges, I hope that this case can shed some light on the responsible factors, whether the vaccines’ contents, the force of application you mentioned, the timings and frequency and such.

  • Baby A’s mum

    No need to apologize to me Tetramom, I am so sorry to hear of your uphill battles and wish only the best of luck for you and your family, thank you for taking the time to going onto this site, reading the article and commenting

  • Rebecca Bailey

    Tensions run high! Thanks obvious. Sorry for my overly passionate initial comment – I think, also, that tone is so often misconstrued when conversations are written instead of spoken! I do get frustrated at the moment – often things are too heavily weighted on the ‘evidence-based science’ bit and all too often, i find, the evidence we are shown is not the whole story – and the lowly patient is treated as if they couldn’t possibly know anything and their instinct means nothing (about their own baby too!) – it’s getting to me now, pure frustration! Such a shame they were ignored. I too take back any harshness and just wish everyone luck in not having to go through the same and in informing themselves however they see fit :) :) (y) will try to stay calmer and not take it out on others in future….

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Kim and family, my husband really do appreciate it, no offense taken by any of us, this is obviously not only a sensitive subject for my husband and I but for the rest of the world too which is totally understandable, we appreciate ur heartfelt comments and know that they are coming from a good place, people with passion and drive like yourself is the kind of people we need to be following as leaders. May you and your family continue to be blessed and we thank you for all your support

  • Obvious

    Aww, thanks Rebecca, now I feel a group hug is in order :) I think you highlight beautifully that we are all passionate about this topic from different perspectives and that we should all watch not only what we say but also how it can be taken (especially in print) and that discussions and any consolidation are aided by justifications over accusations. All the best :)

  • ccdaddy

    The world health organization WHO said when talking about giving Hep-b to African people. They told the CDC, you might as well be burning the money. They don’t have that problem there.

    So why did the CDC push to get the Hep=b vaccine in African people?

    Two reasons GREED and controlling the population!

    Bill Gates said we can use the Vaccines to control populations.

    His mother and dad, especially the dad were big in eugenics.

  • quicksilver

    [email protected]

    This is a charge of murder which can only follow after someone has lodged evidence that a crime has been committed. The only people who have the medical knowledge to know it is murder are those in the medical profession and often those who actually gave the injections which everyone here is blaming for the death.

    The police are in the hands of the medical/legal experts and cannot stand by and allow murderers to escape justice.

    In England such deaths/murders got up to a peak of nearly 2 000 a year with all mothers using the identical modus operandi to kill their child.

    In USA the deaths/murders got up well over 10 000 a year with the moms using the identical modus operandi as the UK moms.

    If you look at the very much fewer murders where a recently pregnant mum is not the suspect you find an almost infinite variety of modus operandi.

    How is it possible that more than a million mums are party to dead babies where the method for all is identical?

    And why are other murders so wide and varied in the way they are committed?

    Charles Richet actually explained how a life could be extinguished by the process of ANAPHYLAXIS.

    The only miracle here is that repeat vaccines in 2013 do not kill millions more babies.

    And the tragedy is that the police are rightly looking into a murder case but accept that the perpetrators are actually the innocent party and the mum falsely accused is 100 per cent guilty.

    I have investigated a very few such cases usually too late to help as the legal profession think they have the only expertise to get justice and end up as accomplices to a Witch Hunt or Lynching of the wrong person.

    Take the case of Sally Clark where I was guilty with 60 million others in thinking she was a MONSTER. Today I know she truly was persecuted even to the eventual cause of her death at the age of 42 after losing two children to vaccines given too early, repeated too often and with no regard to Charles Richet and his 100 year knowledge.

  • Rebecca Bailey

    Heehee :) I am down with that group hug idea! :) :D All the best to you too :)

  • ayreblossum

    As a child, I remember getting the shots I need before going to kindergarten. I got them in my right thigh. My thigh was badly bruised and my whole leg was swollen. I couldn’t walk for 5 day. I missed going to pre-school and my parents had to carry me around the house. This was here in the USA in 1988.

  • quicksilver

    It would be instructive to know who the experts are that think the parents/mum is the guilty person for murder as from distant memory I had an email exchange with a British expert who moved possibly to South Africa and has only one view on anyone accused of such crimes: GUILTY! 100 per cent guilty! What were they accused of?

    A little research into those involved is ESSENTIAL, as anyone who dares to say the mom is innocent will be judged almost as callous as the mom and his/her credentials as an expert even if he has them will be totally destroyed.

    On the other hand any witness for the prosecution of the mom will be treated like gods and not to be cross examined on their source of wisdom!

    Witch Hunting or Lynching is very close to the process in use.

    I have always campaigned for SIMPLE head measurements immediately before the vaccines and hours or a day or so later when the beneficial effects of the vaccine head explosion has worked through the babies body. I have one recorded case where the head exploded to nearly double the volume (91 per cent increase) with absolutely no mention of the consequences but simple condemnation of the last person looking after the baby who had recently been vaccinated. The consequences can be death, serious vegetable like state or if lucky just developmental and other delays (but not from the 91 per cent increase!)

  • Baby A’s mum

    I do not really understand what you are trying to get at, can you pls explain, with regards to the charges we were falsely accused with insufficient evidence brought in.

  • “… the pediatrician requested a biopsy to test the collagen for brittle bone disease”… For me this is a dead give away that pediatricians know all about the acute scorbut that vaccines are causing. The mechanism is that vitamin C is needed to neutralize the effect of the toxins in vaccines. Vitamin C is the major and essential substance for the creation of collagen, the building block of bones and blood vessels. These will break down as soon as the body starts taking out the vitamin C out of its own collagen…
    The resulting hemorrhaging and broken bones look a lot like the results of child abuse. However, checking the baby’s blood and serum levels of histamine and vitamin C will show which is the correct conclusion.
    Worldwide Western medicine and Big Pharma have committed to never ever allow that vaccines get linked to the major damage that in reality they are causing.
    So we can come up with evidence of the desastrous causal links till we are blue in the face…
    The answer is for parents to wake up to the fact that vaccinators are murderers. They massively need to learn to say NO to vaccines!

  • elnura

    In regards to the Denmark study, the researchers didn’t include all of the data. There is an email from one of them stating that fact: http://www.safeminds.org/news/documents/FOIA%20Denmark%20email%20from%20researcher-pg3.pdf

    I hope the link goes through.

  • Taiya Self

    Read the whole report but pay special attention to page 1605 paragraph 11. http://www.medicalveritas.com/manAlbayati9.pdf

  • Christine P. S.

    Joe, good comment… The double standard invariably at play again.

  • Christopher Jannette

    Vaccines or not, my heart goes out to the mom and dad. :(

  • Joel VRM

    What is categorized as SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome) typically has nothing to do with bad parenting ie. shaking your baby too aggressively. Similar misconceptions apply to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In both cases the baby is in agony, primarily due to massive brain swelling (Encephalitis – inflammation of the brain & meninges, manifesting as ‘diffuse and/or focal neuropsychological dysfunction‘) & Ischemia (clogging/singeing of the neural pathways which prevents vital oxygen from reaching the brain); triggered by an overload of vaccine derived synergistic toxicity impinging on their delicate. under-developed “electrical grid system” (comprising the Blood-Brain barrier, Myelin sheath & Meninges). Parents who have been maligned unfairly should take courage from this knowledge.

    Case in point, the HPV vaccines, Gardasil & Cervarix, contribute to “immune-mediated reactions to the nervous system” resulting in “Motor Neuron Disease” throughout the brain; and for those young teens whose threshold cannot withstand the toxic assault, due to a prolonged, compromised immune system (coupled with pre-existing medical conditions) stemming from the long-term accumulation of vaccine/anti-biotic/bad food choices inflicted erosion/saturation of the brain & gut, the eventuality of “multifocal or atypical demyelinating syndromes” (ie. Multiple Sclerosis). Gardasil, a composite of 4 viral strains of HPV, has been linked to infertility, and a heightened risk of acquiring (an otherwise avoidable) cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2, grade 3, and adenocarcinoma, and a 45% increased risk of precancerous lesions.

    The Hepatitis B vaccine, typically administered to newborns in the first 12-15 hours after birth, is similarly associated with an increased risk of Multiple Sclerosis, according to a Harvard University Study ‘These findings are consistent with the hypothesis that immunization with the recombinant hepatitis B vaccine is associated with an increased risk of MS, and challenge the idea that the relation between hepatitis B vaccination and risk of MS is well understood.’

    Recombinant hepatitis B vaccine and the risk of multiple sclerosis: A prospective study, Miguel A. Hernán, MD, DrPH, Susan S. Jick, DSc, Michael J. Olek, DO and Hershel Jick, MD

    It has also been blamed for triggering Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) – which notably resulted in the eventual death of an infant, Tambra Harris, in 2009; on who’s behalf her family filed & won ‘compensation for all damages’ to the sum of $ 475,000.

    Stipulated Damages; Hepatitis B/Petitioner, ) Vaccine; Alleged Injuries Include Systemic Lupus & Erythematosus (SLE)

    VRM: The Problem With Vaccines Part 4 – Primary Aspects of Vaccine Toxicity Affecting The Body

  • Tadvocate

    Studies are made and published by courtesy of BIG PHARMA
    How can you (@CJ) expect them to be true?
    Why is no study comparing not vaccinated children versus vaccinated ?
    Because the conclusion would be disastrous for vaccine supporters

  • Christopher Jannette

    You still don’t get it. I’m here for information.

    So you want Studies published by the alternative industry which also makes a lot of money? See the Alex Jones and Natural News Connection and the Conspiracy Industry..

    All I want is to parse through the information supporting both sides of the debate and THEN draw my own conclusion, Jesus Christ. We need applied rationality taught in schools. When I want to have an opinion on something I must first read as much literature on it as possible. Independently funded studies from Universities are the best and what I most prefer. The more rigorously peer reviewed and cited the better, but all I really need is THE DATA. I.E measurements, numbers, charts. sigh, I don’t care who was behind it, the facts will speak for themselves independent.

  • Christopher Jannette

    Thanks! :) This is why I am here. Can you link me the study from Harvard and show me how they arrived at that conclusion?

  • Joel VRM

    “Almost any vaccination can lead to noninfectious inflammatory reaction involving the nervous system. The common denominator consists of vasculopathy (disease of the blood vessels) that is often associated with demyelination (permeation of the critical “electrical” insulator of the brain cells).” Charles M. Poser, Harvard Medical School Department of Neurology, 1947

    Recombinant hepatitis B vaccine and the risk of multiple sclerosis

  • Christopher Jannette


    Inflammatory responses to trivalent influenza virus vaccine among pregnant women.

    Christian LM, Iams JD, Porter K, Glaser R.


    Department of Psychiatry, The Ohio State University Medical Center, Columbus, OH 43210, United States. [email protected]


    OK now that we have established that, it must still be noted that we are left with the following dilemma.
    1.Discontinue vaccine use worldvide possibly causing massive viral outbreaks,
    2.Find new vaccines that mitigate the dangers that can occur for a small minority.
    3. Continue vaccination programs and work to genetically identify individuals before they are given vaccines to make sure they don’t have an allergic reaction.

    I favor a combination of 2 and 3.

    What do you think?

  • Christopher Jannette

    word thanks

  • Joel VRM

    There is simply no middle ground, no compromise position in determining the merits of Vaccine safety & efficacy, the whole basis for & methodology behind Immunization as a means of overcoming viral & bacterial type infections and theoretically safeguarding the body’s immunological capacity. Either you are FOR Immunization or firmly AGAINST it. Those parents who subscribe to the belief that they are somehow erring on the side of cautionary wisdom by allowing their child/children to be vaccinated gradually or partially, according to the current Standard Immunization Schedule established by the CDC & local Government appointed Health “experts”, are woefully mistaken. The ENTIRE Vaccine Industry is a fraud, period. All vaccines, by their very nature, play off each other – a “synergistic” chain-reaction; triggering further infections & disorders. In many cases the very signature disease/disorder they claim to protect you against is PRECISELY that which they inadvertently spread.

    Natural Immunity is designed to take on and withstand any incoming infections which threaten your survival. The body can only do this when it is naturally, gradually exposed to disease & infectious agents lurking in the environment. We have been socially engineered by a blind-sighted Technocracy, deceived into believing all the lies put forth by Western Allopathic Medicine, the whole mistaken ideology & foundation surrounding Immunization as a practice; an antithetical approach which runs counter to nature, that of COMBATING or shielding yourself off from the environment by injecting toxins into deep muscle tissue/subcutaneously, artificially shocking or jump-starting the body into recognizing external “threats”, rather than holistically EMBRACING all that we come in contact with, thereby re-enforcing, through HARMONY, the inherent properties of natural immunity.

  • Christopher Jannette

    So will you deny rights of parents who want their kids to be vaccinated? There is evidence to support that side of the argument as well.

    The inverse correlation between increased vaccination use and disease mortality is undeniable. How do you counter that specific argument?

  • elnura

    You need to be specific in what you want butIi can tell you this for a fact: There are NO Independent double blind placebo controlled studies on the effectiveness or safety of ANY vaccine.
    The vaccine industry with the support of the CDC has refused, even to congressional members, to release ANY studies. Period. Not only have they refused to release studies if your child is damage by a vaccine YOU CANNOT SUE THEM. VAC INDUSTRY HAS BLANKET IMMUNITY.

    What may give you some insights into how the industry works is by reading this:
    Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information June 7-8, 2000 Simpsonwood Retreat Center Norcross, Georgia

    In June 2000, a group of top government scientists and health Simpsonwood conference center in Norcross, Georgia. Convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the meeting was held at this Methodist retreat center, nestled in wooded farmland next to the Chattahoochee River, to ensure complete secrecy. The agency had issued no public announcement of the sessions only private invitations to fifty-two attendees. There were high-level officials from the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration, the top vaccine specialist from the World Health Organization in Geneva and representatives of every major
    vaccine manufacturer, including GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Wyeth and Aventis Pasteur. All of the scientific data under discussion, CDC officials repeatedly reminded the participants, was strictly “embargoed.” There would be no making photocopies of documents, no taking papers with them when they left.

    This is a long challenging read so read Dr. Russell Blaylock review here: http://www.medicalveritas.com/manBlaylock.pdf. The truth behind the vaccine cover-up.

    -Why is this transcript so important? This is where the industry admits there is a problems with vaccines but will not do anything about it because 1. it would be too costly. 2. it would be an admission that there is a problem with vaccines and people would stop vaccinating which would be a disaster for the industry because it has become so lucrative. 3. It was at this meeting the decision to “fix” the problem was discussed. The problem is the rise in Autism. The decision was made for the data to be changed which is what brought it to the attention of Congressman Weldon, because he noticed in reports from the CDC data had been changed completely from 4 years previous.

    Researchers, Doctors who are against vaccination, Congressional Members and Parents have been asking the CDC to do a study comparing the health of unvaccinated children to the health of vaccinated but they continue to refuse. One of the reason stated in the transcript is it would be difficult to find any children without mercury in their system. This is not true. The Amish don’t vaccinate as well as Home schooled children in Chicago. The CDC and the industry know, vaccines don’t work.

    To demonstrate how little the industry cares about the health of humanity as a whole, at the conference they agreeed to DISCUSS removing mercury from vaccines but will not do it for vaccines going over seas. Also, These learned scientist didn’t know the difference between methylmercury and ethylmercury. (page 1715) Medical Veritas. Understandable for lay people but for scientist-unacceptable.

    When you read the information you will realize-the vaccine industry is a for profit industry, not a health industry. They use fear mongering and the government to intimidate, coerce and in some cases pay parents to offer their children up for this. To put some perspective on this: Vaccine makers that make Flu vaccines made a profit of 50 Billion dollars in last years Flu season. BTW Flu shot is a full mercury load.

  • quicksilver

    Hi Baby As mum:

    The vaccine industry is totally protected by Regulators, the Industry itself and the Government. (the RIGGERS)

    Harm from vaccines is kept from the public by governmental secret meetings.

    For most people there are no problems from vaccines and for the very few who suffer there is no criminal comeback on the parents.

    And when you whittle down billions who get safe vaccines, ignore the fraction of a million vaccine complaints as wrong, you come down to those who actually pay the price for a bad vaccine by going to prison to prove the vaccines are safe when they are clearly not always safe.

    Sally Clark got the vaccine for Harry Clark at 4.30pm and the child 8 weeks old died less than 6 hours later. Despite this, the experts argued that his chance of dying naturally was zero and the vaccine would actually make him more likely not to die and hence the experts proved the mum must have murdered Harry. The jury convicted her and once in prison nobody wanted to interfere with UK justice. It took a monumental effort to get her released and she was never actually ever found innocent. Her release coming on a tiny error that was to me so tiny as to be of no consequence and yet without this tiny error she would have rested in prison until she died. Sally was also a person with considerable and very influential friends and family and this technically plays no part in justice (it does though!) and actually was the very first case to break the mould of automatic prison sentences on the say so of madmen (medical experts like Roy Meadow who claims a personal tally of nearly 100 women some of whom still rest in UK jails).

    Never underestimate what force you are up against where in UK one motto of the high court judges was: Its good to put the guilty in prison but so much better to convict the innocent and put them in prison.

    If you win the day in court fine but if you dont then redress is then almost impossible and for the victim this is the first time vaccine harm has reared its head while the experts have 50 years or more knowledge to protect their sacred cow of vaccination from assault.

    A one sided battle with lawyers usually keeping out those with knowledge of vaccine harm until its too late.

    I once was refused the chance (after a firm promise from the lawyers) to witness for Angela Cannings who got double life in prison but was eventually cleared of all charges.

    The world of vaccines is completely fraudulent and for me it is now well over ten years of careful study which every day turns up new horrors kept from a compliant public who get vaccinated to 99 plus per cent and in my own circle of friends this is 100 per cent as even my research cant convince them otherwise to take care.

    It took one lady 18 years to prove harm from a vaccine for her child and this meant 18 years of research and probing. What chance in your case in less than a year with experts lining up for their 50 000 dollar extra- remuneration fees often several in a week?

    You need help and this comes only from careful study of facts that cant be done even in a year. The Sally Clark case for example represented 5 years of probing to get some sort of movement towards release with those in power realising their errors but totally unable to do anything! That tiny error just saved lots of red faces and the vaccine industry yet again.

  • Ronaldus Evers

    The persons who administered these vacines are who should be charged, along with the companies that produce them.

  • quicksilver

    Hi Christopher Jannette

    Are you up to date on Charles Richet and anaphylaxis?

    I have asked vaccine supporters very many times to explain why in 2013 we still take no note of this 100 year old research which actually took over a 100 years to discover.

    Quite literally it means EVERYONE on the UK and USA vaccine schedules risk DEATH and the only mystery is why the human immune system actually resist what was found to be normal for lower animals with a 100 per cent kill rate.

    Suspicious vaccine deaths (allowing that correlation doesnt equal cause as you copy from vaccine supporters) has already claimed a million lives and here we see clearly 1 million and ONE.

    I am also waiting for a simple answer to a KILLING campaign by most doctors who practise repeat vaccinations.

  • Joseph


    Reasonable question, so here’s my reasonable response.

  • Joseph

    I point out, Droddy, that my interpretation is based on what the police in this case seem to have believed. Yes, innocent until proven guilty, but in this case there was enough evidence for the police to make an arrest. I await the trial to make my final judgement on it, I am not the jury. And because I have a prejudgement in this matter, best that I am not on the jury.

    But I will say this: The claims that vaccines cause shaken baby syndrome are unproven. If you have, or anybody on here, has solid, sound, PEER REVIEWED and honest research to show me otherwise, please feel free to link it.

    I try to base my opinions on the weight of evidence, and I am willing to change my mind if strong evidence shows I am mistaken.


    Here is your chance to prove me wrong. :)

  • quicksilver

    Cite studies that show vaccine harm:

    Charles Richet and his Nobel Prize work is over 100 years old and the response of the vaccinators today in 2012 – 2013?

    Vaccinate and DONT BE DAMNED when you have more than a million dead infants just vaccinated (Harry Clark 8 weeks old – at the very earliest date for a UK vaccine to the day by a loving mum and DEAD within 6 hours).

    More up to date are the vaccine inserts themelves quoting deaths at a rate of more than 1 every 1 000 but dont worry the regulators tell us this isnt significant. Eg DTP in particular.

    To be blunt we are talking LIVES not JOBS WORTH medics (Andrew Wakefield Witch Hunted for 12 years because of his study of just 12 vaccine suffering babies now adult vaccine victims unrecognised as such) The Royal Free had the choice either remove ALL mention of vaccine involvement etc or you wont get the research published – so where are the research papers proving vaccine harm coming from if most are CENSORED?

    Please note most CONDEMNATION of vaccines for the harm they do come in FOREIGN publications proving no doubt the experts only understand ENGLISH as they dont understand vaccine science at all.

    Tom Verstraeten proved autism – vaccine relation and took 5 years to prove the opposite and got a top job with the vaccine industry (revolving doors syndrome?)

    Paol Thorsen embezzled lots of money so that he could just make up data proving vaccines dont harm. Last seen in Atlanta Georgia home of the CDC who protect the vaccine industry and make money from vaccines.

    And closer to home here where 8 vaccines at a time and many REPEAT vaccines are a breeze to experts like Paul Offitt and his we can take 10 000 or 100 000 insults a day and keep smiling, so why do ALL babies cry after one insulting vaccine?

  • quicksilver

    One important point is not to dispute the evidence from experts proving HARM.

    You will find that this actually HELPS the defence. I found one case where the experts claimed EVERY bone in the body had been battered by callous parents with one long bone showing evidence of over 100 BLOWS. I found that microscopic examination of this actual bone (not radio-photos) showed the presumed battering consisted of bumps at regular intervals so regular it would be 73 million to 1 against that this type of battering could be done by the parents (thanks ROY). The harm of chemical injury to all bones is the only possible explanation and hence makes a mockery out of any radio scans that are just photos and dont actually show the real bone with harm impossible to achieve manually.

    Put this with proof of head explosions after vaccines and hence induced bleeding of and in the brain and SBS falls to bits and vaccine harm has again to be HANDLED.

  • Joe Burns

    “First described whiplash” 1946. Whiplash and vehicle collisions don’t cause the Triad. Vehicle accidents tend to produce Epidural and not Subdural bleeds. If you look at the references it says 1974. Whiplash also causes neck injury, the proponents of SBS don’t like explaining that either. Also curious is how you can hold an infant and shake sufficient to produce brain injury but not the telltale thumbprint bruises you would expect on the anterior thorax.

    What disturbs me about reading that article is that doctors are expected to become investigators. Does the explanation seem plausible? How many doctors have training in investigation or Mechanism of Injury? This is like Dr Sherlock Homes, who of course was not a physician. A doctor, according to those Risk Factors is expected to judge the socio-economic status of the parent and judge based on their appearance? That they are young people? Give me a break, this is quackery.

    If it was within my power to prosecute these incompetent doctors who kill babies and then accuse the grieving parents, I would be a very busy man. The baby died of something and we are going to get to the bottom of what caused it. If the medical team or the vaccinations were responsible, someone is going to suffer the consequences. When doctors resort to quackery and back themselves into a corner by wrongly accusing innocent people, there has to be some consequences for their actions. Too many have got away with murder and if we don’t do something then more babies are going to die.

  • Heide

    I am wondering how you know this? Are you a doctor? Do you help parents who are accused of SBS? I know of a couple who could used your expertise, if so.

  • Heide

    Certainly not wanting to poach help from Baby A’s parents. It’s just that I wonder what your background is.

  • STOP

    Forcing people or giving young children vaccinations is disgusting. There has been cases everywhere about vaccinations gong wrong. How do we know that our bodies will actually accept the chemicals? It is said that the creaters of the vaccinations won’t even take it themselves. The government doesn’t care about the health of society it just wants to appear like it’s trying to help everyone. People who get vaccinations soon get the sickness and spread it to everyone. ILLNESSES MUTATE. It is always changing adapting to the world. If you have a vaccination your immune system can not handle it and you could possible die from it. Play it safe go against vaccinations. VACCINATIONS KILL. Kids have been put in wheel chairs because of it. The only thing the government is doing is HIDING the truth. Guys I’m 15, if I know this you should too.

  • Kelly’s Eye

    The Vaccine program worldwide is overseen by the WHO, themselves Vatican controlled. It is a deliberate program to weaken immunity and to contribute to chemical toxic overload when combined with fluoride in water, pesticides, GMO’s, SSRI’s etc…the Inquisition officially ended in 1834 but then became covert as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith…which at the core is ‘all heretics, infidels and liberals can be killed as God’s work…in this case their ‘God’ is actually the God of this world, Lucifer… Vaccines are eugenics pure and simple…

  • Joseph

    *nod* That was the name, and it has been changed to SBS. Sorry to disappoint you, but this problem predates vaccinations. It turns out it is fairly easy to shake an infant to death. (Go figure that one out.)

    It also turns out that there is nothing in any vaccine or combination of them that in any way causes similar injuries. Just doesn’t happen.

    I know the anti-vax forces always say: Do the research. I suggest that when you do your research you go off naturalnews, whale, and mercola type sites and look at hard facts from universities, the CDC, serioius health organizations, and so on and on. Please.

    Do the research, make sure your sources are good, get the information you need to make the best decision for your health.

  • Joseph

    Joe Burns: I base my belief that vaccines are safe on a mountain of hard data. It would be impossible for me to link everything you would like because I don’t have years in which to post, sorry.

    Here’s a good start. To find the rest, do the research. :)


    Yeah, it’s a government site. That, of course, means I’m a shill for them or for big pharma. :P If true, send me money because I am now and always have been broke.

    And obviously innocent parents? Sorry, based on what I believe to be true there is no way vaccines killed that infant. Something did, or somebody, and my money is on somebody. That puts the parents right square in the police line of fire. It might not have been them, mind. But I want the person who killed this child, (THE PERSON, because it sure the hell wasn’t the vaccines ) found, arrested, and tried.

  • Joseph

    Elnura, you get your information where you choose, I’ll get mine elsewhere. This is a link to the CDC’s vaccine information page, and if you use it intelligently you can get a lot of hard, factual information about the risks and benefits of vaccinations. It takes some time and effort, for which I apologize, but feel free to check the links.


    The information I can find about Eleanor McBean suggests this person has a long standing hatred of the vaccine industry. (I am the first to admit I haven’t had time to do an in depth search. I’m an old man, sorry. Oh yeah, I’m an old man who saw a measles epidemic take 8 of my schoolmates. I’m sorry about that, too. )

  • quicksilver

    I am qualified as a chemist (Aston and Bristol, UK) and not as a doctor and have studied unpaid the action of chemicals on health for over 50 years and for the past more than ten years investigated particularly vaccine harm.

    The reasons for the harm which is extremely tiny but can be extremely dangerous (here we see death as the NORMAL outcome of a vaccine designed to save life and keep babies healthy) is complex.

    One worry is the MERCURY put in most vaccines albeit at now vastly reduced levels and for which the only reason it is used is to KILL any life form which may compromise the vaccine and its safety. The problem is how do you both ensure 100 per cent kill rate and safety while a 0 per cent harm to humans vaccinated with mercury vaccines.

    The only answer to date is try it and see what happens!

    And yes sadly there are many who do kill and abuse children so would NEVER knowingly help those to escape justice!

  • quicksilver

    A toxicological principle not yet fully used in the profession is the rule that 0 + 0 = 100

    What this means is that you give one insult that is repudiated fully. Ie NO HARM

    Give another insult of the same magnitude. Ie no harm predicted!

    But the consequences of both result in certain DEATH.

    How is this possible and what are the mechanisms? To date the most we know is that it happens while the reasons generally are known to no one.

    Charles Richet is one of the earliest examples coming from 1903 research into specifically vaccines:

    Give an animal a vaccine and the animal is then protected for life from a vaccine preventable illness.

    A month later give the same vaccine and maybe now at half strength and amount.

    What would you expect?


    Wrong! Professor Richet found a 100 per cent KILL rate for the animals.

    Such was the disbelief of people that they had to see to BELIEVE.

    Today we dont believe and as here we have proof of the NORMAL result of repeat vaccines.

    0 + 0 = 100 for this infant and more than a million others (SIDS, cot death and SHORTLY after repeat vaccines).

    Today we place too much emphasis on qualifications, peer reviewed research and EXPERTS and little or nothing on simple and careful observations especially if we have no rational explanations to the extent of an almost total destruction of many infant lives.

    The carnage in USA and UK has been reduced fourfold but still continues there and apparently still in South Africa too.

  • quicksilver

    Ronaldus you have made the point that needs making.

    But how do you prosecute companies when the government give them permission to kill or do as they please?

    An individual is accountable for their actions ie attempted murder or actual murder perhaps.(Oscar Pistorius case?)

    But deaths from vaccines are EXEMPT from police prosecution (hence to salve justice; lets prosecute the INNOCENT and get them behind bars (Baby As parents – same country!)

  • quicksilver

    The studies ARE TRUE and are done carefully or as carefully as the expertise is of those doing them! What is often lacking is HONESTY in the interpretation.

    Take vaccines given to the pregnant mother. Proof shows that for many there are no disadvantages and NO additional RISKS. So why use them?

    But for mothers vaccinated immediately after conception there is a huge risk. What to do? Dont look and dont find this harm.

    And give just enough data to show possible, theoretical harm but use the rider it is not CONSISTENT, not SIGNIFICANT or its meaning is NOT CLEAR. If they dont put these statements they could in theory face charges of professional INCOMPETENCY.

    Nearly 100 per cent of studies on vaccines showing no harm will be replete with such phrases.

    And the abstract and title will imply FALSELY there are no problems with any vaccine, even ones WITHDRAWN, proved TOXIC or simply removed due to TECHNICAL difficulties in production.

    In this case we have repeat vaccines (Charles Richet) and we have polyvalent vaccines first proven harmful, then revamped and then hey presto; no we made a mistake they are actually SAFE.

    In fact as we see they are not only UNSAFE but fatally UNSAFE for the very few. Hence what do we mean by SAFE?

    And as one vaccine expert tells everyone:

    Vaccines are necessarily UNSAFE. Give them ONLY to a healthy baby and however few are involved. Those few are the proof that to save people from a vaccine preventable illness, those FEW are the price society deems as ACCEPTABLE and even to the point of DESTROYING the family still further as HERE.

  • quicksilver

    An example of the morass of information is the very first link PENTAXIM SAFETY:


    You have nearly 1 000 research articles to wade through. How long even for a medical expert to wade through all these? For the ordinary person they may mean little or nothing?

    But why did the research term pull up South Africa? Is this where the vaccine was trialled (3rd world country? What backhanders were given to government officials legal, medical and police? Ie lobby moneys).

    The study is by the industry SANOFI AVENTIS.

    Are they going to spend billions on development and then say no the vaccine is UNSAFE! Of course not in our real world (the almighty dollar).

    You dont need to look at nearly 1 000 studies. YOU need the raw data that this study pulled up. You need to TALK to those involved UNDER oath.

    And how long to do this? Not in a few weeks or months but it takes years.

    Or you can just go for INJUSTICE and IMPRISONMENT and sacrifice baby A to the god of MONEY and the vaccine industry?

    And this case if in the TRIAL (the sanofi – is the vaccine safe trial) would DAMN the vaccine!

    Hence the need to HANDLE this case and prove HARM from the family.

    So we have a trial ( show trial, witch hunt, lynching) to show the parents are bad and NOT the vaccine!

    PATHETIC by SANOFI to cover up harm from a dangerous vaccine by transferring the blame to the parents.

    LET US HOPE they cant fool those at the trial (legal criminal but hopefully HONEST trial).

    I would demand of the judge this case THROWN out for the reasons above on DAY ONE.

  • Joe Burns

    You haven’t addressed how it is possible to shake a baby to death and not leave a neck injury or bruises on the chest?

    Babies have always died of SIDS and also exhibited the Triad but because it happened in hospitals, SBS was ruled out. SBS only occurs apparently when a parent has been left alone wit an infant.

    I have done the research, including investigating post mortem reports and hospital records to get to the actual truth.

    I am not anti vax. I would love to believe that there is a magic pill that can be given to babies to protect them from disease. When the CDC, WHO and governments are ready to study the safety and efficacy of vaccines in babies under the age of 1 hour (when they receive their first shots) and when that study is performed to the Gold Standard, ie double-blind, placebo controlled, peer reviewed etc, then I will eliminate vaccines as a cause of injury. When vaccines are proven safe and effective we can also scrap VAERS and the Vaccine Injury Compensation Board. The $2 Billion they paid out in compensation probably would have solved the SIDS mystery, and along with it SBS.

    Do you really believe that babies don’t die because of vaccines? It’s called Herd Immunity. What it really should be called is Collateral Damage, if a few babies die because of vaccination then that is the price to be paid. “For the greater good of Society”. It’s a price too high in my book and goes against the most important rule of Medicine. “First, do no harm”.

    SBS is a myth that is slowly being busted. You cant use the term SBS in the UK courts now because there have been so many miscarriages of justice. They still cling to the myth and just rebranded it. http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/l_to_o/non_accidental_head_injury_cases/

    Forget vaccines for a moment, lets look at bio-mechanical studies. The original research based on the monkeys was a good observation by Dr Norman Gutkelch. He asked what caused the shearing of the Bridging Veins. Instead of his theory being studied, it was turned into the Religion of SBS.

    Even when scientists have pointed out that the Bridging Veins normally leak in newborns, which has hardly been studied, even when it has been demonstrated and studied that encephalitis, Sepsis and chemicals crossing the Blood/Brain Barrier can all cause Subdural bleeds, the SBS proponents still cling to the myth and decry anyone who suggests otherwise.

    The Biomechanics have been studied, on a human subject by 9 scientists and the evidence is clear, it is impossible to shake a baby to death or even where one of the Triad can be demonstrated. It turns out that a 1 year old has proven the scientific community wrong by bouncing himself around in his “Jolly Jumper” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xxR0MtCZj8

    Millions of babies violently shake themselves everyday with a myriad of products that have been around for decades, Nannys have been caught on nannycams violently shaking babies and never have any of these babies when examined ever demonstrated even one of the Triad of symptoms, how do you explain that? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZcJmPl3RmA

    Why is it usually grieving parents who are accused? it is fairly rare that babysitters are charged compared to the number of parents, particularly fathers. Why has nobody ever ever witnessed a baby being shaken to death even though there are now thousands of videos on YouTube showing babies being subjected to the same forces?

    Admit it, you are a devotee of the Religion of SBS and refuse to be blinded by Science.

  • elnura

    Yea, I’ve seen that CDC page. So what? If it’s from the government it’s most likey not reliable. If bush’s Iraqui war proved one thing-the government lies to you. The information I provided is from Children’s Hospital of Detroit, on their historical page. Gee, where do they get their information? I would be it’s from—the CDC.

    As far as McBean’s book, so what? People seem to think that because a person has a certain perspective they are incapable of doing cogent research. Did you read anything? Of course not. It’s far easier to dismiss something as invalid because it doesn’t fit your perspective. Typical vaccine apologist position. Just because you’re an old man doesn’t mean that you can’t learn something new. I was supportive of vaccines until 15 years ago when my cousin daughter regressed into Autism after a series of vaccinations. At the same time i was experiencing profound adverse side effects to a combination of cipro and kenalog after a surgical procedure. I learned first hand a couple of things from these experiences. 1. If a Dr gives you something and you have a side effect the first thing they do is deny it. They want you to think it’s in your head. When that doesn’t work they claim they were not aware of the side effects and you’re the only person on the planet who experienced this (a huge lie), when that doesn’t work they begin the Doctors go round. They send you to specialist after specialist after etc infinite. This is their way of frustrating you to stop investigating your problems and it lets them off the hook for basically malpractice. In the mean time, no one is helping you and you’re getting worse. Every specialist I saw agreeded that the problem’s I was experiencing were genuine UNTIL they read my medical file-complete 180 afterwards. It’s been 14 years and I still issues. I see an acupuncturist who is a Chines Medical Dr and I credit for helping get my health back. My cousin, the same treatment in regards to her daughter.

    I suggest you read McBeans historical perspective on vaccines. I also strongly recommend you read the following:
    -Simpsonwood Transcripts

    The following link takes you to Dr. Russell Blaylocks analysis of the transcript:
    -The Truth Behind the Vaccine Coverup

    I use to tell people I hope you have a negative experience with the medical/vaccine industry so you can feel the anger and helplessness of those who have but that’s wrong. I just now ask people to open their eyes and READ the data that’s out there. Droctors who say vaccinations are a bogus science have been saying this since the 1800’s. Perspective: Vaccine makers that product Flu shot made a 50 BILLION dollar profit in one flu season. Go here and check out why there is a media blackout on opposing vaccine views:http://www.ageofautism.com/2010/03/did-kathleen-sebelius-pressure-media-to-deny-vaccine-safety-voices.html
    Now read the industry’s profits for last year:

    This is not about helping humanity.

  • quicksilver

    Hi The South Africa PENTAXIM study goes way back to 2005 and has been repeated for India and China in more recent years. Japan actually suffered several deaths from a similar vaccine.

    U tube provides arguments for and against vaccines and this is a good excerpt of a longer video:


    Note the doctor (PALEVSKY) first questioned his training when USA began to give the Hep B vaccine on a babies first day of life.

    He does not mention the high amount of neurotoxic mercury that was eliminated after 8 years of the toxic chemical additive being used for tens of millions of babies from 1991 to 1999 when a university professor questioned the inclusion of mercury in vaccines and the vaccine world had just forgotten it was there as it wasnt actually called MERCURY but THIMEROSAL which did not give a big enough clue to those vaccine scientists of the day.

    Hep B is in that polyvalent vaccine (PENTAXIM) and for most children is simply not indicated whatsoever and presents all RISK and no benefit but to the vaccine company it is the reverse. To them it is all BENEFIT and no risk (government get out of jail free card for them).

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Christopher, everyone’s comforting comments are most greatly appreciated by both my husband and I this is definately the most support we have had throughout the entire case

  • Baby A’s parents

    Desiree, we have had the benefit of chatting to you and you are awesome, thanks for all your help

  • Baby A’s mum

    That sounds like what my baby went through, we really feel for you, thank you for commenting

  • Baby A’s mum

    Unfortunately you are right but there is a national vaccine injury compensation fund that do pay out to people who have suffered vaccine injury or even death, unfortunately it will never bring our loved ones back or even be worth having your life altered like that forever! But my argument is… If vaccine injury and death didn’t occur why would there be a special court for this and why would they have already paid out millions of dollars if this wasn’t true… Food for thought!

  • Baby A’s mum

    I agree, thank you for showing your support, both my husband and I appreciate it

  • ccdaddy

    There is evidence to support that side of the argument as well.

    Crooked, fraudulent treasonous evidence.

    The inverse correlation between increased vaccination use and disease mortality is undeniable. How do you counter that specific argument?

    Disease was all but gone, before vaccines entered the picture. Clean water, sanitary conditions and good nutrition is what knocked out childhood diseases.

  • Baby A’s mum

    That’s very true, thank you for showing your support Ronaldus

  • Baby A’s mum

    Hi Heidi, thank you for showing your support my husband and I both appreciate it, we hope that you are not going through the same thing we are or know of someone, as this is absolutely devastating, good luck in your journey

  • Baby A’s mum

    For a 15 year old you are very wise and mature, thank you for taking the time to read our story and commenting, we really appreciate it

  • Baby A’s mum

    Kelly’s eye, thank you so much for your comments and support, we really appreciate it

  • Baby A’s mum

    Quicksilver you are very knowledgeable and I would like to thank you for the links you have added on here for us I’m sure this will be a great deal of help to my husband and I

  • ccdaddy

    The CDC whom you trust, is the biggest criminal organization there is.

    Do you want to have a honest open debate, on the integrity of the CDC ?????

    I’m game! and I assure you because of the paper trail a mile long proving their track record of deceiving the American public. You will lose.

    But, lets do this.

  • dad

    Well, you should ALWAYS check what the vaccines – or ANY medicine – contains before letting stupid doctors give it to your baby or yourself. We were suggested by substitute family doctor – to give Pentaxim injections to our baby, i checked it out and said the doctor that she may F herself with this poison.

    Here we go, PENTAXIM contains:



    Formaldehyde has been classified as a known human carcinogen
    (cancer-causing substance) by the International Agency for Research on
    Cancer and as a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental
    Protection Agency.

    Research studies of workers exposed to formaldehyde have
    suggested an association between formaldehyde exposure and several
    cancers, including nasopharyngeal cancer and leukemia.



    Several cases of adverse reactions to aluminium in vaccines were
    reported. MMF is a type of inflammatory myopathy characterized by
    muscular infiltrate of macrophages containing aluminium inclusions (Di Muzio et al., 2004).
    Several cases of macrophagic myofaciitis were observed following i.m.
    injection of aluminium containing vaccines in both adult (Authier et al., 2001; Gherardi et al., 2001) and paediatric populations (Di Muzio et al., 2004; Gherardi et al., 2001; Lacson et al., 2002; Nevo et al., 2004).
    Clinical features of this condition include diffuse muscle pain, muscle
    weakness, fever, and in some cases overt CNS manifestations are
    apparent (Authier et al., 2001; Di Muzio et al, 2004). Authier et al. (2001)
    reported 7 cases of MMF accompanied by demyelinating CNS symptoms. All
    of these patients received an aluminium-containing vaccine 3-78 months
    before the presentation of symptoms.

    So – THINK and decide yourself. Most so-called “doctors” in western medicine system do not give a F what those poisons do to your family.

  • quicksilver

    No trouble please feel free if you have any special request or information needed.

    I have tried to put the most important points down first as there is so much knowledge and for you it will take years to get up to speed and know the history of all this vaccine controversy.

    I couldnt find the South Africa study on PENTAXIM but there is a full study from India available:


    The study needs reading carefully.

    I am surprised that there are less problems as more repeat vaccines are given and would query this seriously.

    Note that they admit to giving MORE vaccines in round 1 than later which must indicate that several people could NOT be induced to have more vaccines possibly?

    Note the reported reactions are near to 50 per cent with many reports they werent expecting coming in too.

    Here again I suspect the RAW DATA and this report will be as different as chalk and cheese and with a murder trial it is necessary to insist on the data to be studied for this and the China and South Africa trials.

    Note that there was an industry man looking on and contributing to the study. Hardly independent when lives are at stake?

    Also ask what the meaning of safe is when nearly half of those injected suffered enough to report harm or their parents did!

    Hardly equates to 1 adverse event in 50 million which was the case 60 years ago when I had my vaccines!

  • ccdaddy

    Here is the real reason, for the children’s vaccine program. Population control

    Health Impact News: Study: HPV Vaccine Linked to Premature Menopause in Young Girls

    Posted: 13 Aug 2013 10:26 PM PDT

    Dr. Deirdre Little, a pediatrician in Australia, was the first one to sound the alarm over the HPV vaccine causing premature menopause when she observed it in one of her 16 year old patients in 2012. Dr. Little published a paper in the British Medical Journal warning that the premature menopause of a healthy 16-year-old

  • Kimberly Gottschalk Lambdin

    God bless you and your husband….Praying and sharing your story… Hugs!!!!

  • Kimberly Gottschalk Lambdin

    I forgive you and apologize for not being more clear and concise with my words. I’m not used to people jumping to the race card.

  • quicksilver

    Hi Desiree

    The problem is that the test may well be for the known but EXTREMELY rare AOI or some such name where brittle bones are the result of a genetic fault in the parents being passed to the baby. Hardly likely to apply to any SBS case in reality!

    The fault you talk of is the same as seen in many, many more babies and to my knowledge has not been recognised widely or at all by the SBS bounty hunters who chase down SBS cases.

    I also believe it is crudely a vitamin C deficiency disease but I also feel it may be the actual result of the vaccine schedule. Either way our knowledge is rudimentary or non-existent (SBS experts for example).

    I spoke (Email exchanges) to a Scottish medical researcher (Patterson) more than a decade ago who went up against the bounty hunters (HILL) in court but was so attacked that he eventually refused to take on cases for fear of his very job. Science and vitamin C deficiency from whatever reason has advanced much since then!

    This type of attack on those with open minds has in turn led to the witch hunt and lynching that continues to this day. ( see for example Wakefield).

    I would be happy to share your ideas and knowledge with mine if you wish. I have somewhere still got the microscope slide of a long bone where the chemical attack was presented in court as battering by the dad! Incredible that they got away with such perjury!

    [email protected]

  • quicksilver

    BABY A Vaccine schedule with comments

    At BIRTH

    1 Polio Vaccine

    2 BCG Vaccine

    At less than 2 months

    1 Polio Vaccine A REPEAT vaccine

    2 PENTAXIM Vaccine

    3 Hep B Vaccine

    4 Rotavirus Vaccine

    5 PREVENAR Vaccine

    At less than 3 months

    1 Hep B Vaccine A REPEAT vaccine

    2 PENTAXIM Vaccine A REPEAT vaccine

    At less than 5 months


    2 Hep B Vaccine A REPEAT of a REPEAT

    3 Rotavirus Vaccine A REPEAT vaccine

    4 PREVENAR Vaccine A REPEAT vaccine

    At 5 months

    Allowed to die at the hospital –
    switch off the life machine – signs of a head size explosion and
    one of the the normal results of ANAPHYLAXIS ( Were head size
    measurements taken?)


    Baby A received 13 different vaccines
    in nearer to 4 months than 5 months.

    Baby A was given 6 vaccines that were
    repeat vaccines of those already given and contra-indicating the
    Nobel Work by Professor Charles Richet who received a Nobel Prize for
    his research showing NORMAL adverse reactions and DEATH following
    REPEAT vaccines for animals.

    There is often no alternative but to
    give medications to try to restrict such adverse events (seizures,
    fever etc) in humans after reacting badly to vaccines and the use of
    for example ACETAMINOPHEN is in itself almost certainly another
    dangerous medication (replacing another dangerous medication –
    aspirin) associated with many deaths and controversy (was the TYLENOL
    drug poisoned and laced with toxic chemicals leading to multiple
    withdrawals or was it the inherent toxicity of the acetaminophen?
    Note the one death after measles in South Wales this year (2013) was
    known to have used acetaminophen (chemically the same as tylenol) to
    control the measles fever!)

    After the first set of vaccines at
    BIRTH there were three separate occasions when REPEAT vaccines were
    given to Baby A and risking ANAPHYLAXIS.

    Where is the evidence to show that
    ANAPHYLAXIS is not the normal reaction to a REPEAT vaccines in 2013?

    I have seen no repudiation of Charles
    Richet and his work on ANAPHYLAXIS and no doctor today willing to
    even discuss this matter of importance, as all babies born today have
    REPEAT vaccines.

    The India study of the safety of
    PENTAXIM showed 53 per cent of those injected complained of adverse
    reactions even before being asked for their comments (the parents
    comments of course).

    It is virtually CERTAIN that adults
    also would suffer from such a course of vaccines in such a short time
    interval EVEN using the baby quantities.

    If the amounts were scaled up to the
    weight of an adult (normal toxiciological principles) the result of
    any such schedule would be CERTAIN DEATH to all stupid enough to
    accept such a regime of vaccines.

    The standard vaccine schedule in the
    modern world today is equivalent to a selection test where many lose
    out to :




    And many other maladies which have been

    Multiple Sclerosis

    Diabetes (particularly TYPE 2 Diabetes
    – previously virtually unknown to children)

    Cancers (eg leukemia)

    Proof of all or any of this of course
    almost impossible – Charles Richet and his work on ANAPHYLAXIS as
    the normal adverse event following repeat vaccines took over 100
    years to be discovered with Professor Richet and hundreds of other
    medical researchers working carefully over many years. Today we cant
    dispute the fin,dings but simply ignore it! Or hope we can control it
    by drugs or by blanket protection of the vaccine industry for any
    harm done as the government collect a sub from EVERY vaccine
    administered to COMPENSATE the unlucky few who become a thousand
    times fewer as the proof of vaccin harm is so often repudiated to the
    extent that an action in maw is PROHIBITED by the government
    administering both the scheme and the LAW of the land! ( A conflict
    of interest?)

    And if Baby A had survived, we can see from his chart he would receive the MMR at 9 months instead of the first recommended usage at 18 months when first used! Etc, etc, etc.

    One child in six now has neurological issues compared to previous levels measured at rates of one or so per ten thousand!

    The most obvious changes are of course the vaccine schedules which are still EVOLVING at ever faster rates!

    BABY A Vaccine schedule with comments

  • Queen Alice

    And since the vaccine industry has protected itself from liability, it is the healthcare providers who, if they don’t get SMART and EDUCATE themselves will be left holding the liability. As an adult and RN, I was forced to take the annual flu vaccine or lose my job. I did it last year and suffered vertigo for several weeks after. The same when I was once again forced to take the Pertussis combo injection as my titer was low. Again vertigo for several weeks. I am a fully grown adult. Not a tiny baby.

    This year I plan to refuse the injection. We’ll see how that goes. I am part of the Nurses Against Vaccines (on Facebook). Look it up. We are helping each other to stand against this health threat, not just to ourselves, but as advocates for our patients.

  • Queen Alice

    I am becoming more and more disillusioned as a nurse. I became a nurse to help people, but the longer I work and see the harm done by Big Pharma, it makes me want to quit nursing altogether. Now I try to help my patients make informed decisions. But I will probably get in trouble for that soon. We’ll see.

    Thank you, quicksilver, for helping Baby A’s parents.

    And Baby A parents – I will be praying for justice to be done and that you will not become the scapegoat for an industry that could be doing good for mankind, but instead chooses money.

  • Queen Alice

    But they are smart, like a fox, so to speak. They say these things are safe, even in the face of what you have shown us.

    But then they make sure to get government to hold them safe from liability.

  • elnura

    Good for you. You are a very important asset to the people on this site and others. I admire your tenacity.

  • elnura

    Another means of population control is:
    Tween 80 (Polysorbate 80) — Polyoxyethylene Sorbitan Monooleate
    (polyoxyethylenesorbitan monooleat)

    Page of links here: http://www.whale.to/v/tween_80.html

    Also, Gardasil contains Tween 80.

  • elnura

    Yes, I’m aware of the compensation fund. To date it’s paid out almost 2 billion in compensation. That in and of itself is an admission that vaccines cause damage. The majority of the money for this fund comes from the Vaccine Industry. The industry contributes anywhere from 2-5 dollars per shot into the fund. So this to me is an admission that they know vaccines are causing damage.

  • diane

    waiver forms for not getting vaccinations are available at most health departments – you need an apt for a 15 mins dissertation on the benefits of vaccines but then you can just say you still decline and they will sign the waiver. I live in Michigan and this was easy to do – it is easy in ohio too! just call the local health dept – do your research and see what it is you want to put into your childs body. I used to be a pediatric nurse as well and once it got to 4 injections at once I decided I could no longer do this to children and parents. – we would never know what they were reacting to. since then I have done much research on vaccinations and wish I would have been more informed back then – my girls have not received another vaccination since that day!

  • quicksilver

    PANADO given to baby A shortly before her death and a million other SIDS victims and others

    This drug otherwise known as TYLENOL or as PARACETAMOL is chemically ACETAMINOPHEN

    A dangerous chemical toxic substance given to many children and adults and almost certain to have killed people by the millions.

    To any chemist, it reveals its toxic nature by the PHENOL group and for this reason, until modern times was not used in the medical world for this simple and VERY toxic reason.

    On grounds of expediency and cheapness the drug found favour first in the USA and gradually got in favour around the world and came to South Africa as PANADO. Dont mind the toxicity, just count the PROFIT.

    When killings by this drug were brought to bear against TYLENOL there was an immediate cover up and discovery of CYANIDE in the product. What LUCK! Good job they had a bottle handy to doctor (excuse the pun) the drugs returned to the producer?

    It hardly needs CYANIDE or any toxic chemical for ACETAMINOPHEN to destroy every ORGAN in the human body.

    It is inconceivable for any honest witness to testify against any family for murder of their child who has been given this drug with the blessing of their own fraternity.

    Make no mistake this drug is a KILLER.

    But a KILLER that brings in billions of dollars to the companies and medical lobby from its continued and TOXIC use.

    NOTE: I may have extrapolated as to the cover up of TYLENOL harm but that extrapoloation is a thousand times less than anyone who says this drug is NON TOXIC ie BIg pHARMa et al. Only those involved at the various times actually know the truth and sadly we will never know the answer except that the drug has been on and off the market a dozen or more times for safety concerns.

  • Baby A’s mum

    That’s great advice Diane, I will definately do more research on that and how to get a waiver our future kids, and I am Glad you saw the light and decided not to, thank you for your support

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you cc’d addy for your continued support and comments, feel free to join us on our Facebook page

  • Baby A’s mum

    Thank you Elnura, you all have been great support to us, pls join us on our Facebook page

  • Baby A’s mum

    You are right Dad and we really wish that we had done the research before the time instead of getting brainwashed into believing that it was safe, now we need to fight for what’s right and that’s exactly what we are doing and what we will continue to do. Thank you for your support, pls join us on our Facebook page

  • Baby A’s mum

    Quicksilver, we wish we had your expertise and knowledge here in RSA. You have been a great help on this page and have been giving us all knowledge that we will take away with us forever, thank you for your support and pls join us on our Facebook page a

  • Baby A’s mum

    Hi everyone, pls like us on our Facebook page and friend us on our other page, feel free to contact us this way we look forward to hearing from you, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Baby-As-Parents/191747677669204 and https://www.facebook.com/BabyAParents

  • Margaret Williams

    The point was to give you at least a starting point for your search(es), not to do the work for you. The first site has the study names listed; you are free to look them up or not as you see fit. We made our choice for our children; you must do the same.

  • quicksilver

    ANAPHYLAXIS is the normal reaction to repeat vaccines.

    First found by Professor Charles Richet who coined the word ANAPHYLAXIS.

    This inherent problem in vaccines has NEVER been overcome and the only known process to save life or complications is to give an IMMEDIATE injection of ADRENALINE (various other names used).

    This is not possible for parents at home who are often recommended to give ACETAMINOPHEN which basically does nothing except add to the problems and certainly does nothing for the INFLAMMATION but simply buys time for the doctor who hopes no doubt that the baby will sink into a near coma where the parents may suspect the baby has responded WELL to the prscribed drug!

    Here Andrew Wakefield talks of ANAPHYLAXIS which is useful information for the ordinary person who may know little of this.


    He has been EXPELLED from the medical profession and works abroad as no authority in the UK would employ him possibly?

    As his research:knowledge actually cuts holes right through the vaccine programme (A trillion dollar business with bosses earning over ten million dollars) it is clear to the polically astute as to why he rests an OUTCAST to the medical powers that be around the Western world.

    Although he talks of MMR the same sequence of events occurs with ANY repeat vaccine and the last set of vaccines – four in all for Baby A – were all REPEAT vaccines indicating not just one chemical potentially causing ANAPHYLAXIS but at least FOUR and possibly DOZENS, as the vaccines are made up of dozens of components ALL of which on their own or together could set off ANAPHYLAXIS.

    Further Andrew reminds us of the early warning from previous vaccines that could alert us to this fatal process.

    The medical authority however choose the line that one bad reaction does not mean this will happen at the next set of repeat vaccines and sends the child or baby here on a certain route to doom.

    Andrew is an expert on gut health issues and has concentrated on the MMR vaccine but many children succumb, as Baby A, well before this next HURDLE has to be overcome.

  • quicksilver

    PANADO otherwise known amongst others as TYLENOL

    This pain killer is aptly named as it KILLS lots of little babies and can easily kill ADULTS too.


    Here we see a dad telling the world about its ability to KILL and in this case his VERY HEALTHY SON.

    What chance a BABY of 5 months already suffering from MULTIPLE ANAPHYLACTIC reactions?

    Note as in this discussion forum that there are people who can sacrifice other peoples lives and make complaints that this dad is FEAR MONGERING.

    Every person who ever takes this drug is DICING with DEATH.

    But to make a trillion dollars you have to take risks (with other peoples lives) to get the benefits of that almighty DOLLAR.

    And you can always lie about the reason so many die CYANOSIS or some person has made the TYLENOL toxic.

    It is already VERY VERY VERY TOXIC.

  • quicksilver

    The photo of baby A is diagnostic of the condition ANGIONEUROTIC EDEMA or a manifestaion of ANAPHYLAXIS or ALLERGY to vaccines and/or the PANADO.

    It is a known adverese reaction to PREVENAR (PREVNAR)

    And wikipedia gives a summary of this here


    They call it ANGIOEDEMA.

    Note the use of EPINEPHRINE which is our now familiar ADRENALINE used to counteract ANAPHYLAXIS.

    Note the :



    This is on the outside ONLY

    what is going on in the head is breakage of capillaries leading to BLEEDING.

    And if severe can lead to


    All of these

  • quicksilver

    Just to emphasise:

    ALL BABIES need to have their HEAD SIZE measured BEFORE and AFTER vaccines.

    Head explosions following vaccines are:



    And the parents or carer get the BLAME.

    There is only one reason this simple thing is not done:


    Just keep that MONEY rolling IN.

    ANAPHYLAXIS discovered in 1903 but dont let the vaccine band wagon slow down in 2013:

    We NOW have:

    ADRENALINE on hand to cope with the FALLOUT.

    Or simply Witch Find and Lynch the parents and carers?

  • quicksilver

    Most vaccines are NOW given direct into muscle tissue:

    The reason?

    Because if you inject under the skin you get more EVIDENCE OF HARM.

    Inject nicely into the DEEP MUSCLE and hey presto:

    You get the same harm:

    But no one NOTICES!

    And that ALUMINIUM?

    Known to be TOXIC like MERCURY.

    A French lady (forget her name for the moment) investigated the HARM to muscle tissue 20 years or more ago and the whole medical world backed her up to find the cause.

    When it was proven to be ALUMINIUM the medical world DID not want to know!

    Safer alternatives to both MERCURY and ALUMINIUM had already been PHASED out (eg CALCIUM) to ensure or MAXIMISE profits.

    Dont let HARM get in the way of PROFIT?

    And NO ONE has investigate dmuch on what happens when that muscle tissue is missed and the injection goes into the BLOOD STREAM.

    Injections given to the wrong place have led to SEVERE INJURIES and DEATH but the research on this is RUDIMENTARY (like most vaccine work, hence it is often referred to as an ART)

  • quicksilver

    Macrophagic myofasciitis and aluminium-containing vaccines

    That harm to muscles is not part of the problem for Baby A and is not life threatening but just indicates the depths of DENIAL right up to the top of the health system of the world who actually almost DENY it exists even!


  • Air

    This story contains multiple tragedies in one here. In addition to this baby’s death, I am equally saddened to learn that this family refused to donate organs on religious grounds. How horrible. What kind of a human being gets in front of a crowd to preach against giving the gift of life to others in need in the name of a god? Was this family prepared to watch their own baby die if there was a glimmer of hope for her through an organ donation? “No, we don’t want a heart for her, it is against our religion.” They missed out on changing someone’s world forever and sparing another set of parents feeling what they are now.

  • quicksilver

    Your comments are out of order.

    If the organs were given for the purpose you suppose they would not be available to provide justice for this family.

    In other words they would take the organs and the Witch Hunting would go ahead with no proof of innocence as the organs would have been disposed of.

    In any case where legal actions are taken you would be totally stupid to allow the evidence to disappear.

    Or is this revenge by the hospital because they would not donate organs?

    It also predisposes WHY normal people of age 5 months DESPERATELY NEED spare parts!

    TYLENOL used by millions is one good way to destroy the LIVER and without such insane drugs the need for spare livers might just go to ZERO?

  • quicksilver

    VAERS is a system where doctors, nurses and parents can note their reservations about well centre visits and their absent doctors examinations and a big bill for a pile of unwanted vaccines.

    Searching VAERS

    How to do it is here:


    The site to start is here:


    And actual reports for deaths to girls
    under 6 months are here:

    VAERS ID 54679 – 1 Similar to Baby A?

    Started having twitches wasn’t
    responsive at daycare. Pooped all over herself. Father picked her up
    and took her to the pediatrician. They called the hospital ambulance
    came and picked her up. They said it looked like she was having
    seizures gave her Adavant. Thought she had an infection but
    everything came back negative. She was having seizures and brain
    swelling. They couldn’t control them. She then suffered a massive
    stroke and was brain dead. Didn’t start acting like this until two
    days after her shots.

    And where the SBS experts are at work

    VAERS ID 352162 – 1 Similar to Baby
    A? But SBS experts cannot see vaccine/drug (PANADO) anaphylaxis here:

    The baby died under suspicious
    conditions this morning. 7/23/09 Medical records and DC summary
    received. Assessment: Multisystem organ failure, severe traumatic
    brain injury, acute respiratory distress syndrome, metabolic
    acidosis, rule out nonaccidental trauma. Patient presents with
    frontal traumatic brain injury, bilateral pneumothoraces, decreased
    hemoglobin and hematocrit. Pupils are 4 mm and fixed. Does not move
    face or extremities. GCS of 6T. Bruising to frontal scalp area, left
    knee. No corneal (reflex) no gag (reflex), no movement to pain.
    Diffuse hypotonia. Preretinal hemorrhage. Corneal edema. Anoxic
    encephalopathy. Depressed brain stem reflexes.

    VAERS ID 320407 – 1

    And another like Baby A?

    Patient presented to the ED on
    7/16/08 with seizure activity that was difficult to contol after
    starting to have seizures at home. She was finally stabilized then
    transferred to the PICU at hospital. After being here she had again
    started to have uncontrolled seizures. She was started on multiple
    seizure medications (Phenobarbital, Fosphenytoin, Pyridoxine) but
    still not controlled so placed into a Pentobarbital coma. This was
    initially weaned with a recurrence of seizures, so placed back into a
    Pentobarbital coma and Keppra was added. This was again weaned with
    the recurrence of seizures. Parents then decided that with the amount
    of brain damage noted on imaging that they would like to withdraw
    support. The patient then passed a few hours after support was
    withdrawn. 7/29/08-pending. no significant trauma, no gross natural
    disease, brain and spinal cord retained for neuropathology exam.
    8/11/08-records received for DOS 7/16-7/23/08-presented to ED after
    seizure, had low grade fever since Monday of last week 2 days after
    immunizations. Intubation. Bulging pulsating fontanelle, DX:seizure
    activity with cerebral edema.

    And a cry for help as to why a baby
    girl just dies after her vaccines

    I would like some help to find
    out if my daughters death was caused by a Vaccine Induced Reaction.
    This all started on November 13 2008. This is the day the i took my
    daughter to the clinic. She was supposed to be seen for her 2 month
    well child exam which she was was not. The primary doctor had only
    seen her once and this was on her 2 week well child exam. When we
    went in for her 2 month checkup we had seen a nurse practitioner. The
    doctor never came into see her not even once on this day nor did the
    nurse weigh her do any of the measurements of check to make sure that
    everything was growing normally. She had me sign for 2 vaccines when
    after all this i found out that she was given for 2 that i didn’t
    know about. We were sent home right after the vaccines were given and
    told to come back in 4 weeks for more and to expect drowsiness,
    fussiness, low appetite, not sleeping, irritability, that’s what had
    happened Thursday night. She slept most that afternoon and evening
    with very little to eat. Friday morning she was a little fussier then
    usual. Later on into the day we had noticed her to be warm to the
    touch but i had checked and it was normal a few more hours into the
    night. She developed a fairly high pitched cry and it seemed like she
    had a belly ache but yet eating very much. She was up about every 30
    min during that Friday night and she usually was a really good
    sleeper through the night. On saturday morning i had gotten up to
    feed her i made a 6 oz bottle she still had about 2 oz left. When she
    was finished i burped her changed her she was still really fussy so i
    laid her down on a u shaped pillow and put her on her belly and i
    laid down beside her and patted her on her bottom and i fell back
    asleep next to her and was woke up by her father that had just gotten
    out of bed and told me to make sure the baby is breathing. I grabbed
    her and her body was limp but still warm to touch. I held her close
    to my body and ran across the street to the police station where the
    ambulance had responded and took us to the hospital.

    Going through VAERS takes time and the record is like the fossil record and almost totally missing.

    The above are examples where some useful information was written down and some (not listed above) do go into deep clinical signs and tests which may be critical for this case?

    Knowledge is POWER:

    And SBS experts rely 100 per cent on the technique of LYNCHING.

  • quicksilver

    As AIR so rightly says and REMINDS us.

    There is a death and lets not mince words the EXPERTS cry MURDER so lets treat it as murder and I suggest the best form of defence is ATTACK and demand HEADS roll for this.

    I am outraged that over a million SIDS have occurred and doctors are still happy to write this down as if it is some fatal infectious illness that we havent got a vaccine for.

    It reminds me of EVERY doctors strike in HISTORY.

    PEOPLE just STOP dying.

  • quicksilver

    A high quality photo (not radio scan) of the long bones for which the SBS experts use as evidence for battering (SBS) would tell us much of the culpability of the family or perhaps of the SBS experts in PERJURY?

  • The article that dr. Viera Scheiber gave me on this subject is
    Hiller HG, Battered or not ~ a Reappraisal of Metaphyseal Fragility, Am J Roentgenol Radium Ther Nucl Med. 1972 Feb;114(2):241-6,
    This article speaks about a specific type of break, typical for scorbut.

  • quicksilver

    OFF TOPIC but of interest is the unknown attempt to run out of town doctors who dont agree with the accepted line of thought.

    Andrew Wakefield hounded out of his profession for believing single measles vaccine is the best thing to give protection from measles rather than adding other live viruses as well including one virus proven to be responsible for autism.

    Dr Patterson from Dundee scared to witness for SBS cases as he was going to be dismissed for supporting such carers as wrongly accused if he continued to give his knowledge for their benefit and justice.

    And now I see another case of a doctor who has been hassled so much he may have already been affected by the STRESS?


    The number of such people who are prepared to accept SCIENCE and FACT over WITCH FINDING, LYNCHING or just obeying Big pHARMa orders is very very very few indeed.

    And I hasten to add in the work situation this is ADVISABLE!

    Andrew Wakefield is HERO to autism parents or the vast vast vast majority of them but it doesnt pay the BILLS!

  • quicksilver

    May be the last post was not far off topic but presents one of the best sites for such cases of MISJUSTICE for parents and continuing SLAUGHTER of the INNOCENT.

    This article is one that should stir up your emotions to laughter in a serious condition with death at the hand of your physcian which will go unpunished as a million SIDS before did amuse me greatly. And that same physician can then punish the survivors in the family using a little police collaboration and remove the heat from his OBSCENE and KILLING practice.

    Did you know that life exists on the moon or it did hundreds of years ago!


    And about as true as SBS in 2013?

  • Lowell Hubbs

    National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – Payout Data

    If your doctor claims to that vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective, and that the risks of now multiple vaccinations are not much higher than the benefits, and if he or she beleives that; then he or she should have no problem filling out and signing this vaccine information and risks disclosure form. Be sure to do so before recieving any vaccines. I can tell you there is NOT a single one of them that will fill that form out, nor sign it. What should that tell you? WHAT, should that tell you?

    Informed Consent / Vaccine Risks Disclosure Form

  • Lowell Hubbs

    The fact is that numbers 2,3, and 4 are not happening and they will never happen. To do so would shed a negetive light on vaccination and the risks of vaccination, and they will deny those risks forever. Because there is simply to much for them to lose to ever admit to any of what has happened to thousands of children. The more vaccines added, the worse the problem has become. The CDC is still claiming to the risk being only a one in one million chance of an adverse and harmful and damaging reaction to any vaccine, and/or multiple vaccines, and even then they say it can’t be proven. How grossly delusional is that and irresponsible in regard to the publics health? They are not doing their job, and nor is the FDA doing their job. They have never donwe their job in protecting the public and they never will. They are all including the WHO, in bed with and protecting big pharma. If big pharma were ever forced to take responsibility for all the vaccine damage, then they go down the losing it all hole, with them. Do you actually think they will allow any of their their careers to be jeopardized, no matter how bad it gets and no matter how many children are vaccine harmed? And would and do you actually think all that is only just some, conspiracy theory? Really?


  • Lowell Hubbs

    Start sorting through these studies, and tell us again that Thimerosal and vaccines to include multiple vaccines in general, have no connection to ASD nor any other significant harm? I would compare the scandalous epidemiological studies that the CDC has funded, to these studies, many of which are actual physiological studies done on actual human beings.

    No matter how much more harm than good vaccines have done, the provaccine side will never stop promoting them as the savior of humanity. As well, no matter how much real truth is revealed regarding that the real historical record shows something far differant than we have been mislead to believe, as to the effectiveness of vaccines, they will continue to refuse to accept the information.

    Quoting you. “Had a prexisting mitochondrial condition”. Perhaps, that if so, likely would never have been known of, had it not been for the assault of up to nine vaccines given in a single well child visit. Nothing would be enough would it, Christopher Jannette. It certainly appears that you are NOT here to gain information nor to discuss and/ or debate both sides of the issue. You are clearly here to promote one side of the issue, the provaccine side; so why don’t you just go ahead now at this point and admit that. You have clearly exposed yourself as to your actual intent. How enlightening it would be if all people reply posting here had to first identify if they are employed in the medical arena and in what area, and as well identify their direct conflicts of interest.



  • Lowell Hubbs

    I will say it again, that you appear to be a fake shill, CJ; and a fraud. You are in my opinion not a person looking for, nor searching for the truth; as you are clearly only making the standard and well known shill gambit of arguments for the provaccine side, to include the promotion of its well known and false propaganda.

  • courageandhope

    After having read Dick Teresi’s book on “the undead” and organ donation, I would never donate my organs. I want everything possible to be done to keep me alive for my own sake, not for the sake of organ donation, for which a vast industry in resold “donated” body parts has sprung up. I agree, comments condemning these parents for failure to donate organs are way out of line. The poor little baby.

  • Lowell Hubbs

    Obviously you failed to even look at what was there, “Obvious”. The load of actual research studies on that page are taken much of it straight from Pubmed, and it (vacfacts) is not the same website nor connected to this one. I am the author of that site, and I certainly and obviously do not author this site. So you are calling all those studies that are actually as well many published in Pubmed, rubbish? What exactly for scientific research do you accept, then? Do you only accept studies then, such as epidmiological studies funded by and/or only those recognized and accepted by the CDC, or that promote the CDC agenda? All other studies are off limits? Sounds more like you simply do not want to face any truth.

    Here is as well an additional page of listed studies showing the mechanisms of vaccine harm and injury, for you.


  • Lowell Hubbs

    Mountain of hard data? Thats a mountain of hard data, and from the CDC? Where is the vaccinated verses entirely unvaccinated study? Where are their real physiological vaccine safety and effectiveness studies, and on any actual human being? How about in regard to multiple vaccines? Where are their unbiased studies that are not connected to financial interests that need to find nothing wrong anywhere, and in what they claim to? You are in deep denial of all, and obviously nothing would ever be enough. But yet you obviously have and would refuse the unbiased studies based in real human physiology that clearly show the more harm than good being done by vaccines. Correlation as well in your provaccine world never equals causation, unless we talking about so called disease erradication, then all that need for actual science, becomes only at that point the need for attempting to show correlation.

  • Lowell Hubbs

    No Argus, you have it backwards, it is your reply posting that is full of fiction. What is dispicable is the SBS death of infants and small children, blamed on the parents, and that was actually caused by the damage of vaccines. Because of the damage of and done by the vaccines, often all it would take is a simple fall for the child to be fatally injured. Think about that.

  • quicksilver

    Hi Desiree

    I have looked quickly at that Hiller research which is an ESSENTIAL piece for the Baby A trial to put in their defence armoury.

    It is old, so has there been follow up research done in the past over 40 years?

    What does this old study tell us? It tells us you can use radiography to condemn parents or carers for BATTERING.

    This refers to the old and more recent SBS experts and their WRONG use of X ray photos.

    It also tell us that this SBS expertise isnt just rubbish but criminally malevalent rubbish.

    Hiller went over more than a hundred cases where trauma was known and severe and found ZERO evidence of this finding in long bones.

    Put bluntly it means trauma DOES NOT cause the harm picked up on an X-Ray scan and used in court as INFALLIBLE evidence of battering!

    What does it indicate as it is a real event?

    The research doesnt help us and admits it is a mystery but it cert

  • quicksilver

    Here is alink to Andrew Wakefield and his effort to return to a SAFER means of controlling MEASLES:


    In South Wales is an epidemic of measles.

    Why should they need a vaccine for RUBELLA then?

    Why should they need a vaccine for MUMPS?

    What they need is a vaccine for MEASLES protection.

    But that vaccine is like trips to the moon they dont happen in 2013!

  • Sue Waterhouse

    Who the hell are you to judge? Have you ever lost a baby? Have you ever been is such a numbing situation?The biggest tragedy here is your lack of self control, in keeping your pathetic comments locked up inside your thick skull

  • quicksilver


    Just scanned through all the comments and note there is just ONE person who seems to think thet VACCINES can absolutely have no part to play in the death of Baby A.

    Yes, JOSEPH you are definitely the odd person out here.

    Are you the same Joseph that blogs elsewhere for example on left brain right brain and some lady highly qualified whose name escapes me who talks of how we should be glad we have children different from normal and healthy?

    In this case she would have a big problem? Unless she also believes this world is so evil (Big pHARMa et al?) so evil it is better not to be here? I seriously doubt it though! I think she loves Big pHARMa as much as you. Too much FAITH and not enough REASON?

    Yes, I too was around in 1946 and before and can vouch for the fact that we did get vaccines for smallpox and mighty glad too!

    I believe the admitted failure was one vaccine in 50 million.

    A long way from today where trials for one vaccine given to Baby A ie PENTAXIM gave more than 53 per cent unsolicited reports of adverse reactions.

    How do you equate 1 adverse event in 50 million 1946 with one (adverse events) in every two by two with modern vaccines?

    ONE million dead SIDS with NO KNOWN REASON

    TEN million Autism Spectrum Disorder children and adults with NO KNOWN REASON

    And here ONE more long term suffering then death to add to tens of thousands EVERY year from vaccines or something NOT known to science today that didnt happen as you say in 1946.

    Its all very well complaining that

    CORRELATION doesnt mean CAUSATION means death and injury AFTER vaccines means vaccines are SAFE.


    Links to peer reviewed research is meaningless if it comes from ANY site that looks at the vaccine harm side of the story in 2013 MUST be discounted as WRONG.

    As someone pointed out ORTHOMOLECULAR medicine and other fringe medicines are shunned and worse in mainstream medicine.

    I trust you practice what you preach and that you get your FLU vaccine every year to keep healthy but I hope you realise the deaths that follow after such vaccines come out at 1 for every 15 vaccines. This from mainstream research means that when you vaccinate 15 HEALTHY adults with the flu vaccine you will get one of them dead withing the year.

    A colleague at school INSISTED in his flu vaccine and for some unknown vaccine unrelated reason died 15 years into these vaccines and at the old age of 51 but he didnt die from SIDS but was a drawn out decline over those years.

    You will argue his decline was vaccine unrelated without knowing the history as you semm to say here.

    For my point of view the vaccines did NOTHING to save him.

    As to why vaccines WERE safe but ARENT now.

    You know about MERCURY, too many, too soon too many REPEATS and with too many antigens known and UNKNOWN in todays vaccines and yes we know there are LESS today as we ENGINEER bits of DNA rather than using the whole 10 000 bits of a bug or whatever.

    But my FIRST vaccine was at age 5 years (0.5ml) and fighting fit and very heavy with a secure blood brain barrier.

    Today the first vaccine is at the FIRST DAY of life (for venereal illnesses!) did have lots of TOXIC mercury now switched for even more lots of TOXIC aluminium. We give the same amount but for a baby tens of times lighter (and toxiciology would say that means its the same as pumping in a milk carton lot into a five year old child possibly?). And that blood brain barrier in the baby, What blood brain barrier!

  • quicksilver

    I understand there is a SIMPLE test to see if the death is to be regarded as vaccine related.

    All you need to do is to inject suitable tissue from the vaccine killed child into a test animal and see if the animal lives.

    Seems so simple!

    Take fluid from a healthy person and do this – NOTHING!

    But the biochemical pathways and cascade of events that kills EVERY cell in the body and DESTROYS every bone in the body (well wont do them any good!) will also if transferred to the same test animal that breezed through a bit of fluid from a healthy person but CANNOT survive now.

    This test HAS been done HASNT IT?????

    Or are the SBS EXPERTS really looking for:



    Or subscribe to that UK high court judge who says:

    Its really good to put the INNOCENT in prison.

  • quicksilver

    Bad news here:


    This paper is for people like Baby As parents and how to defend their case.


    Put bluntly, the fact that all the people here with one exception might find the defendants innocent will not hold ANY water with courts of law (modern day witch finders?).

    See page 53 for example where they talk of debates on SBS as here as being MEANINGLESS.

    Witch Finding and LYNCHING still holds the day in 2013.

    Joseph will be pleased no doubt?


    Because the signs of harm are SO HORRIFIC that it doesnt matter what people think; it is necessary to PUNISH people for these OUTRAGEOUS assaults on the baby. Nothing wriong there! But who is RESPONSIBLE????

    Hence the reason I state that it is absolutely necessary to counter charge the VACCINATORS with MURDER and a HORRIFIC MURDER that MUST not go unpunished!

    BUt how can you prove to a judge (with NO idea about VACCINE science) that it is the DOCTORS who need to be in court for MURDER!

    The best first start is to show the judge the Nobel Prize work of Professor Charles Richet who obviously cant witness as he is long since DEAD.

    His PROOF of anaphylaxis has NEVER been overturned.

    In other words every REPEAT vaccine risks exactly the signs of HORROR seen here for baby A.

    As someone pointed out there are no HALF measures and when you are up for murder its THEM or YOU.

    Make no mistake about this.

    Professor Sir Roy Meadow could go to court and get 100 per cent convictions and had to be sought out and destroyed (Merck will know what I mean).

    Today and for the last ten years Roy will not be able to TESTIFY in any court of law as his credibility has been totally destroyed. But he has at least 83 scalps or parents to his credit:

    Double life for SALLY CLARK

    Double life for ANGELA CANNINGS

    etc etc etc

    I worked with a group that wanted him charged with MURDER but the UK police chose merely to OUTLAW our group called PORTIA more than ten years ago.

    The group worked to get justice for those wrongly convicted and we can claim the two above as victories for common sense but it takes TIME (years), MONEY (millions) and INFLUENCE (parliament et al).

    The story of Sally can be seen on the net and from a book by a family friend and lawyer.


    I HOPE that the South Africa judges will not use the idea of WITCH FINDING and LYNCHING so favoured by Professor Roy Meadow et al for the sake of Baby As parents and for their own future CREDIBILITY as JUDGES!

  • quicksilver

    Whats at stake next month:

    Taken from the first two pages of the report mentioned earlier.

    Natalie Beard died on October 16, 1995

    That morning, her mother had brought the seven-month-old to the home of
    her day care provider, Audrey Edmunds.

    The baby was by all accounts fussy.

    According to the caregiver‘s account, shortly after the baby was delivered to
    her, Edmunds propped Natalie in her car seat with a
    bottle, left the room, and returned a half-hour later to discover her limp.

    Edmunds—herself a mother—immediately called 911 to report that Natalie appeared to have choked and was unresponsive.

    Rescue workers responded minutes later and flew the baby to the hospital,
    where she died that night.

    Prosecutors charged Edmunds with murder based on the theory that Natalie had been shaken to death.

    No witness claimed to have seen the defendant shake the baby.

    There were no apparent indicia of trauma.

    Edmunds maintained her innocence throughout.

    Yet a jury convicted Edmunds on the sole basis of expert testimony that
    Natalie suffered from Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS).

    A court sentenced Edmunds to eighteen years in prison.

    We have no evidence whether she was guilty or innocent but to the 1995 jury there was no doubt and from the HORRIFIC injuries and resulting death to a previously healthy baby who can blame them in finding guilt.

    Somebody 100 per cent had to PAY for this crime and nobody else was volunteering to take the blame.

    Certainly the vaccinators of the baby did not step up to save this lady.

    The parents will no doubt have cheered the verdict not knowing it could have been them if they had been half an hour late that morning!

    And its human nature:



    ONE VICTIM to pay. Or SEVERAL!

    Baby As parents need to present another set of victims:

    Like those who signed on that PIECE OF CONVICTION


    Perhaps some of them will have a CONSCIENCE if put forward for more :




    There will be no quarter given or taken in this fight and Baby As parents and their defenders MUST BE AWARE!

    At 18 years this mum will just be in prison or now dead (in usa they feed them with GMO matter and call it food!)

    See here what this new medical torture (GMO matter used as FOOD!) does to babies before birth:


  • Organ donation per definition causes the death of the donor. Brain death is a fake diagnosis. Brain dead patients are still alive, still able even to complete a pregnancy and produce a live baby… That is never explained in the business of organ donation. And note how all the stories and propaganda always are only about the recipient, NEVER about the donor!
    Off topic, but clearly speaking tot the fact that we are being lied to about everything! Vaccines are safe and effective… Yeah, right!
    Google the name of dr. Paul Byrne. He will set you straight, Air.

  • quicksilver

    With a review of this case it is self evident that there are many links to SIDS and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    As such it is of note that the DISCREDITED doctor Andrew Wakefield (discredited for daring to say VACCINES could harm babies) found HIGH methylmalonic acid in ALL of the autism patients.

    It is certain that methylmalonic acid is one chemical sign for vaccine harm and is a NECESSARY test to do on Baby A in the hunt for PROPER JUSTICE. Ie: Blood and urine levels of this chemical.

    It has been done by the prosecution scientists to establish that this isnt one of over 100 innocent EXPLANATIONS that might confound their idea of harm by the parents?

    And they have ruled out the other 100 innocent reasons or do they even know what they are?

    And that enigma:

    If you drum out of the profession every doctor that thinks like Charles Richet and his proof of ANAPHYLAXIS how will you prevent 1 400 cases of SBS for one country alone EVERY year (USA) and how will we get SAFE meaning SAFE vaccines for children they so badly need?

    Or is one million SIDS and rising:


    Ten million autism sufferers:

    The price not to get vaccine preventable illnesses

    But what about vaccines for AIDS (unfortunately introduced by virus infected vaccines so long ago!)? No signs yet and vaccines for lethal illness might just be needing to be SAFE and no safe vaccines seem to exist YET?

  • quicksilver

    ONE unnecessary vaccine that Baby A got was the HEP B vaccine on DAY ONE!

    And repeated counter to RISK of ANAPHYLAXIS

    Breakdown of the body process by a cascade process that interferes with normal bone formation etc etc etc.

    And this vaccine again repeated

    Repeating the risk for that cascade destruction process AGAIN.

    This article sums up most of my worries so well:


    And that is only one vaccine too soon and too much for BABY A.

    53 per cent unsolicited adverse event complaints from one other vaccine for Baby A and again repeated and then AGAIN.

  • quicksilver

    OFF TOPIC or is it?

    I reported the worry from one source of GMO harm to the foetus and could not help think:

    What about the health of mum?

    Here is the answer from USA in 2013:

    But they havent made the link yet to USA using GMO ENGINEERED matter and selling it as FOOD!

    MORE medical experiments.

    And do they use GMO matter in South Africa and pass it off for FOOD?


    Of course this article could be a COMPLETE LIE

    And only the regulators, industry and government are telling us the truth (the RIGGERS?).


    Shush dont tell anyone!

    In South Africa its murdering mums and everywhere else you look!

    And GMO matter as food thats just fine!

    People shouldnt have babies at the advanced age of 31! What else can they expect?

    Its NOT vaccines

    Its NOT ACETAMINOPHEN or any other doctors drug chest


    Its NOT GMO sold as FOOD.

    Its mum or dad or anyone who is a LUDDITE to blame for all this mayhem!

    NOTE Many vaccines are now ENGINEERED or GMO moities with all that that means – see work of Pustzai, see work of Seralini etc etc etc all hounded and some summarily dismissed after 35 years of valuable work for daring to find health effects from GMO matter sold as FOOD or put into baby As vaccines.

  • quicksilver

    A doctor who does believe in vaccine harm and has survived to retirement in spite of his dangerous but correct knowledge:


    He gives credit to workers in the field; sadly two at least now passed away ( no vaccine for old age yet!) and gives the clinical tests so necessary but are they done for all convictions or is it back to LYNCHING and WITCH FINDING of the MEADOWS era?

    One big issue for me is the accepted illogic that of 87 or so SEIZURE events ONLY ONE is vaccine related.

    How about the TRUTH please and 87 vaccine related seizures with just one not vaccine related.

    Has every practising doctor forgotten about Professor Charles Richet and the NORMAL anaphylaxis event after REPEAT vaccines?

    It seems that this has been so forgotten it isnt even permitted in a doctors EDUCATION.

    Doctors and lawyers seem to think LYNCHING and WITCH FINDING is preferable?

    We are not talking LIFE and DEATH.

    We are talking of KILLING by the million, harming by the TENS OF MILLIONS and going into DEEP DEEP DEEP DENIAL of ANAPHYLACTIC harm worked out and credit given to Richet but involving 250 other vaccine experts of the era who found the EXACT same harm not found today!

    Strange that!

    87 seizures not vaccine related for one that is.



    Sheer LIES and HEAD in the SAND blindness at the expense of the past, present and future babies of the world.

  • Roxanne

    Very good point… Doctors strike and iatrogencide (don’t know if that is correctly spelled) drops. You wrote part of a link up top but I can’t get
    anything… It’s re. a doctor who knows about vaccine harm and has
    “survived retirement”… Can you include the full link.

  • Heide

    The couple I know of also had a child become unresponsive 2 days after their baby’s four month vaccines (all but Hepatisis B were given according to the CDC schedule). How would one provide you more information about Lot #’s and other important points regarding the child’s medical history? It would be better to somehow find a more confidential exchange. Not sure how to do that. Thank you.

  • quicksilver

    Hi Sorry about links not working:



    And if it fails again google

    Autoimmunity and non-accidental injury in children

    Here is the side of the ESTABLISHMENT and the bigotry that Baby A s parents face in the WITCH HUNTING TRIAL


    Note how they claim SCIENCE is on the side of putting millions of mums in prison all miraculously following EXACTLY the same modus operandi that changes only slowly as the secret make up and vaccine policies change.

    The antivaccine lie that just won’t die: The claim that shaken baby syndrome is really due to “vaccine injury”

    The title is a give away to the fact that this person will never accept that vaccines do ANY harm. A viewpoint not taken by regulators, industry OR government even though they RIG the research studies themselves.

    And here to restore SANITY is an article a few months earlier


    Evidence-Based Medicine and Shaken Baby Syndrome

    And again some earlier article from Dr Innis in 2002 indicating his persistent and scientific work continues with no change from the facts and science he has discovered:


    And note the considerable overlaps as I was working personally on most if not all the cases mentioned.

    I think the gore in gorski comes from the fact that they were eventually all found INNOCENT or at least released or at least provided grounds for DOUBT to any honest and unbiased person.

    And yes often they did have dodgy records making them prime targets to be selected for destruction as only one in a thousand or whatever are taken to the courts.

    They made an error with Sally Clark although they persuaded a gullible public she was a hopeless ALCOHOLIC:

    Based on 2 bottles of wine in her shopping trolley ONCE


    A delayed post mortem showing lots of ALCOHOL in her body

    Note any organic matter decomposes via ALCOHOL to vinegar eventually.

    The first post mortem (before alcohol decomposing reactions AFTER death) shoed NO ALCOHOL in the body.

  • quicksilver

    An ESSENTIAL resource:


    Note that the lady mentioned by me on one link is now a free lady and has written a book on her miscarriage of justice as seen from the above link.

    This highlights one serious problem that even people like me who have worked on chemicals and health for over 50 years still miss important information to ensure justice and not LYNCHINGS at trials.

    I also worked on this case but am one of the hidden helpers who didnt get a mention.

    Dr Innis does and deservedly so!

    Note how AUTHOPRITY picks on those least able to defend themselves.

    It must look good to reel of previous crimes to slam home your Witch Finding or should that be a WIZARD HUNT?

  • quicksilver

    Another valuable resource for the defence and prosecution


    Note that the BMJ argues for the NEED to be SUSPICIOUS!


    This when a UK lady was very nearly put away for 18 to LIFE wrongly!

    Note this lady is now a LAWYER herself and fully trained and hopefully cognisant of the WITCH FINDING TRIAL she ORDEALED successfully but not without those still crying for JUSTICE aka LYNCHING to come back even for her.

    to search BMJ google NIH BMJ ARCHIVE

    do not use BMJ except to find an article first as they have to make that almighty dollar even though they are now fully BACKED by MURKY forces from the vaccine industry.

  • quicksilver

    if you try NIH BMJ you find this article on European ethics in medicine at the time I was born:


    Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité.

    Have times and ethics changed?

    I actually think we are a 1 000 times worse with arrogance, ignorance and incompetence from the medical / legal world

    Vaccine harm denied

    sugar replacement harm denied

    GMO harm denied

    Nuclear pollution harm denied

    etc etc etc

  • little green bag

    What an utterly flawed system we have! It seems its designed to protect the real perpetrators.

  • quicksilver
  • quicksilver

    While the RIGGERS deny harm from anything they are involved in:

    They will accept that ALL vaccines are safe especially ones with safe THIMEROSAL, safe unwanted viruses in them and especially if its a RETROVIRUS called SV40 found once in EVERY USA vaccine for POLIO.

    They accept that ALL GMO matter sold as food is so safe you MUST NOT label it, you must not test it and if they do you must try to get those people out of work IMMEDIATELY and use any current UK prime minister or USA president to help you. and certainly you must tell the world how silly to waste ten years and millions of euros to look at one GMO matter sold as food for 10 cents a kilo or so and will feed the world however many are still left after eating it.

    They accept that ANY sugar substitute is totally SAFE and talk of cancer, MS et al is sheer NONSENSE.

    But they wont accept help from anyone in the public to help them find WHY:

    ONE million SIDS have occurred and RISING

    TEN million autism sufferers and RISING


    Why animals fed GMO matter bleed to death.

    They say:


    working on these issues:



    IN JAIL for 18 years etc etc etc?

    And they either wont accept or DONT know of Nobel work by Professor Charles Richet?

  • quicksilver

    Many years ago people took CANARIES down mineshafts to WARN them of impending danger:

    Today we have CANARIES aka BABIES dead by the MILLION

    Today we have CANARIES aka BABIES autistic by the TEN MILLION

    But the canaries can die as long as adults dont?

    Seralini uses the term COBAYES which is a French word for GUINEA PIGS!

    And TODAY its not just those babies:

    We are all COBAYES today!

  • quicksilver

    The arrogance that Baby A family will suffer next month can be summed up in one comment from the Amanda Sadowski columns where as someone puts it:

    The court must not take the parents REFUSAL to explain how the baby girl got into the state that she was brought to hospital as an admission of GUILT.

    Where do these people come from?

    We have the parents INSTANTANEOUSLY saying the same thing:


    Remember these parents :


    They believed the vaccines were 100 per cent SAFE.

    Even the vaccine makers know this is RUBBISH.

    Even the governments now recognise this and have secret meetings in many countries to handle the adverse vaccine events including DEATHS.

    And no one has EVER proved ANAPHYLAXIS is not a true and NORMAL event after REPEAT vaccines.

    But the medical doctors have INSISTED that not explaining how your child got these TERRIBLE injuries should NOT be taken as proving guilt.

    We are using the same EMOTIONAL tactics in 2013 as Roy Meadow got away with for over several decades until he was OUTED.

    I could say to the parents tell the JUDGE: We dont know how these TERRIBLE injuries came about but:

    WE INSIST someone is punished for MURDER for committing them and we will work to that end for the rest of our lives.

    I have worked on ANAPHYLAXIS and we do not KNOW how it takes the lives of people and animals except that it does

    And such signs as seen here and in millions of other cases have been studiously ignored except to get EXTRA remuneration for using the PHENOMENON to punish parents and carers for what MAY or may not be ANAPHYLAXIS in action producing immediate SIDS or as here, destroying not one long bone but EVERY bone in the vaccinated babies body.

    Imagine having to explain to a court how a SHEEP turns grass into WOOL.


    How a cow turns the same grass into MILK.

    Nobody knows and nobody ever will.

    But you cant convict the cows handlers or the sheep handlers for not explaining how their loved for herds and flocks got the grass into this UNRECOGNISABLE state.


    And for our case of a dead BABY

    We want ANSWERS!


  • quicksilver

    Does ANAPHYLAXIS affect bones in any way?

    From SBS cases we get a definite yes or its murder by the parents.

    Which is the most likely explanation?

    Relying on SCIENCE wont help much as they are clueless to date on anaphylaxis as the advancements have been quasi ZERO in 100 years of not looking.


    The tripeptide feG ameliorates systemic inflammatory responses to rat intestinal anaphylaxis

    Fusun Turesin, Aida Sadr, Joseph S Davison and Ronald Mathison


    And consider this part of fairly dry research:

    Bone marrow counts:

    The effect of intestinal anaphylaxis and the treatment with feG on bone marrow counts was examined at 3 h after antigen challenge. In control-sensitized rats the bone marrow was 13.6 ± 1.2 (×106 cells), and this was not significantly altered by either antigen alone 11.0 ± 1.4 (×106cells) or in feG-treated challenged rats 11.1 ± 1.0 (×106 cells).

    This refers to what happens in 3 hours after an ANTIGEN challenge eg a vaccine or to be frank possibly a vaccine did supply up to 3 000 antigens AT ONCE and today still can reach DOUBLE FIGURES still. But the research looks at effects from just ONE antigen.

    So the researchers find a 20 per cent drop in the bone marrow in just 3 hours and claim that this means NOTHING!

    Try to tell the world that their pay packets wont affect them if they get a 20 per cent CUT.

    And what happens 6 hours later or 6 days later?

    And what happens if it is a vaccine with MANY MANY antigens?

    GIVE up as the research ONLY looked at the effect of 1 antigen after 3 short hours!

    And that MAGIC potion to reduce the ANAPHYLAXIS effect?

    That came out at having a less than 1 per cent difference (being generous).

    I wonder if its got FDA, CDC, WHO approval to curb anaphylaxis after vaccines yet?

  • quicksilver

    For the record:

    I believe this article dates to 2007 and contains many who are researching SBS and the Witch Hunt by doctors who see massive harm and can only imagine the parent or carer as the cause and not 100 other innocent explanations.

    Correlation is not Causation

    The last person with the child MAY NOT be responsible as vaccine adverse effects take weeks to come through and our science of the human biochemical pathways is blissfully incomplete.

    What is biochemical pathway grass to milk and grass to wool etc etc etc.


    It links to the work of C R Paterson of Dundee who was an expert on just one of the 100 plus INNOCENT explanations for this ANAPHYLAXIS event in many babies after their Well Centre visits etc.

  • quicksilver


    The word coined by Professor Charles Richet dates to 1901 and this article was written in 1913 on the occasion of his award of the highest honour for any scientist:


    The relevance to the fate of Baby A:

    The relevance to the PERJURY by SBS experts does not need to be explained:


    You have the scientific incapacity of an SBS expert.

  • quicksilver

    The description of ANAPHYLAXIS talks of continuing research into the phenomenon up to recent times.

    This is PROPAGANDA as nobody wants to think about ANAPHYLAXIS as it is an admission of possible and catastrophic vaccine failures (see Baby A – and hundreds of such cases every year in the UK and thousands in USA)

    Here is a 2011 link to a conference celbrating 110 years that we have known about ANAPHYLAXIS.

    It was the SECOND only and the article talks of the dearth of work


    The need to organise without Big pHARMa involvement!


  • quicksilver

    Here is an up to date review of ANAPHYLAXIS

    Not necessrily 100 per cent on target but as there is a calculated close to zero knowledge or close to 100 per cent denial by Big pHARMa the article gives the flavour of the horror that vaccines when repeated can do to the human baby in 2013 if they react badly.

    I do not agree with the idea that only the antigens that are foreign can cause harm as the most powerful toxins MIMIC the non-toxic equivalents and hence the use of human foetal tissue in vaccines must be criticised on ANAPHYLACTIC grounds and those completely separate to what has been seen before.

    For Baby A the current use of human foetal tissue and the reaction against that is self evident.


    Note the reference that we use today babys as COBAYES.

  • quicksilver

    Here is a Big pHARMa and authority view on ANAPHYLAXIS up to modern times and is deeply disturbing:


    Recognising MANY MANY deaths from anaphylaxis it also gives rates which are reaching percentage levels.

    Historically ALL illnesses were quoted out at a one or two per 10 000.

    87 per 10 000 is not a problem but a health CATASTROPHE.

    Since then we have in the vaccine field moved over to ENGINEERED forms and HUMAN tissue forms likely to lead to a big upswing over an already catastrophic position on anaphylaxis.

    No wonder we have moved from not knowing any person autistic to knowing lots of them.

  • quicksilver

    A technical and good explanation of our current knowledge on ANAPHYLAXIS is here:


    It admits VACCINE causation is one of the causes for ANAPHYLAXIS.

    Difficult to deny but note how the disclosure by authority is downbeat as if it is a minor problem and not a catastrophic vaccine problem.

    But particularly relevant to the Baby A case is the DEREGULATION of CALCIUM and hence bone formation processes and possibly a reason for the nanometre precise bumps and lumps on SBS case long bones.

    This of course wont happen INSTANTANEOUSLY!

    See page 4 for the technical explanation and known facts.

  • quicksilver

    Vera Scheibner must be one of the outstanding experts on SBS and this gives an excellent first step in understanding the problem:


    Part of the very voluminous work to get justice for Alan Yurko.

  • quicksilver

    Here is an authoritative study of bleeding in the brain and its significance:


    And from the mainstream store of research articles!

    It could be simplified if we knew long term effects from ANAPHYLAXIS but we seem to rest on the four hour window and assume either death or complete recovery.

    Logically missing out on long term effects etc etc etc for which there are as yet no studies and just innocent parents and carers paying for this lack of knowledge that permites emotion – we must punish ANYONE for these HORRIFIC injuries to a previously (before vaccines?) healthy child.

  • quicksilver

    This doctor is another great man and although now deceased this alone indicates the common sense for the health of babies that is so sorely needed today.


    In the article it indicates the necessary steps by police et al to provide evidence for both convictions and for the defence to arrange their defence.

    In many cases I have noted a tendency for the prosecution to lose any evidence that may be of use for the defence.

    I would reckon on a minimum of many many months to prepare a proper defence especially given the nature of previous quasi forced confessions of guilt to get out of a dilemma (life behind bars or freedom!) which in turn make the innocence pleas of later cases look suspicious.

    I would like to think the defence have all the clinical and police evidence available to them now and for some considerable time.

    Is this the case?

  • quicksilver

    it looks like vaccine harm but there are other things to consider and reject as often these as said are the multiple insults suffered by the child and here we have vaccines, repeat vaccines, too many at once and that ACETAMINOPHEN.

    But in previous elucidated cases we had METHOTREXATE therapy and vaccum births causing some or all of that triad amongst many other confounders.

    The full list is not 11 but over 100 innocent causes for what is described as SBS.


  • quicksilver

    Here is an authoritive guide to the triad


    An excellent idea of the work involved et al and errors that can convict wrongly and even if all is present there can be many innocent reasons unless you have other grounds for convicting.

    But there is a huge GAP.


    Where are all the other clinical signs and evidence:

    What happened to the heart?

    What happened to the liver?

    What about toxicological analyses?

    Or would these show up vaccine harm and anaphylaxis???

    METHYLMALONIC ACID in urine and blood?

    Effect of fluids injected into other test animals to see if they die – there is a procedure to do this with 100 per cent confidence almost but again if done might RECONVICT vaccines and anaphylaxis and with almost no one knowing of this test its absence is convenient an d always goes unnoticed possible to protect big pHARMa from embarrassment.

  • quicksilver

    linking SBS to later autism spectrum disorder (ASD)


    And also this site (click their link) indicates well what does not cause SBS

    I just think it sides with the SBS experts (Chadwick) too much.

    It does not indicate why 67 per cent of these cases even by their hard line are INNOCENT cases though.

    Is it too much to mention that all authority accepts ANAPHYLAXIS after repeat vaccines and the ENCEPHALITIS that must give the triad.

    And why does authority claim no problems after ANAPHYLAXIS but ASD after SBS for survivors?

    Do they not consider SBS and ASD are different signs of the same problem?

    VACCINES wrongly used.

  • quicksilver

    This case will be decided by Witch Finding:

    We know of the harm that is called SBS aka battering.

    We know of the piecing together of information that shows mechanical ie parent/carer generation of the clinical signs are impossible.

    The findings are FACT and need embracing, accepting but not condemning by OPINION, witch finding or LYNCHING.

    There are CAUSES for all these clincal signs.

    But at this time humans have not the answer as to why:

    And maybe NEVER will.

    It just HAPPENS.

    Charles Richet called this ANAPHYLAXIS.

    Sadly our knowledge of the LONG TERM effects of this are still NIL

    Except we say there are NONE.

    Who has looked? Nobody!

    We simply look at the immediate effects.

    We try to stop its destructive CHEMICAL action.

    But underneath there are hundreds of other biochemical pathways UNAFFECTED.

    The longer term consequences simply CANNOT be ZERO.

    We need to study them and not condemn parents by the thousand and excuse others by the million.

    This case is one of THOUSANDS taken to court and the parents / carers put in prison possibly 90 per cent of the time.

    But there are MILLIONS where babies die when the AUTHORITIES have charge and control of that infant. None of these EVER come to court. But the clinical signs are identical.

    A past PRIME MINISTER (Mr BROWN) of the UK had an infant that did not survive. No taking the PM to court. No taking the hospital to court. The praises for trying to save that child were infinite. But for some unknown reason that child DIED.

    The jury will be UNAWARE of the two sided debate.

    They will be unaware that Roy Meadow has been totally disgraced or that others have now been totally disgraced.

    They will be AWARE of EXPERTS on SBS revered by Big pHARMa and no doubt paid by them as well as 5 figure pay packets from the police and courts for condemning Baby A s parents.

    They will ACCEPT the PERJURY as truth.

    They will go along with the Witch Finders and LYNCH these parents.

    They nor will 99.99999999 per cent of the people in the world EVER regard the evidence for INNOCENCE.


    The evidence for guilt of ANAPHYLAXIS after REPEAT VACCINES.

    Looking at one important piece of RESEARCH to show innocent causes it gives the number of downloads for that paper.

    There were exactly an average of 1 per year!

    1 person in a population of more than 7 000 000 000 have looked at this and possibly thousands of other million dollar studies on vaccines, anaphylaxis etc etc etc.

    The IGNORANCE is QUASI total.

    And never more than SBS procecution experts giving their OPINIONS.

  • quicksilver

    A personal comment

    I worked for more than 5 years with Alan Yurko to help prove his INNOCENCE.

    I did not work for one day with him on the effects of VACCINES as a contributing cause to his sons death!

    At this time and for the first 50 years of my life I was a VACCINE believer and still am to some extent for serious or fatal illnesses.

    But for the mast nearly 20 years I have come to realise that this is just one of medical sciences BLUNDERS.

    AN APHYLAXIS known since ancient times and so well studied by 250 doctors culminating with thousands of research evidence and a Nobel Prize for one of the researchers in 1913 is one of the best kept secrets of the vaccine industry even though possibly more than 2 per cent are admitted by all authorities to be affected by it during there lives.

    We know nothing of the long term harm of anaphylaxis except that there is suspicion that SBS is one of the long term consequences.

    vitamins eg vitamin C, pharmaceutical drugs and chemical and biological toxins not excluded.

    Alan Yurko and his persistence and dedication have undoubtedly pushed forward our knowledge of the ADVERSE effects of a vaccine more than any other person on this planet in the past twenty years.

    And a good witness for the defence?

  • quicksilver

    Would I take these vaccines subjected to Baby A in that time frame and given to millions of infants around the world?

    NO. I would rather DIE first!

    France abandoned the Hep B at day one for the adverse health effects rightly or wrongly.

    It may or may not be creeping back in polyvalent vaccines?

    The French use of pharmaceutical drugs is the highest in the world.

    So even with a very moderate vaccine policy compared to South Africa they have an abnormally high number of autism (ASD) children now adults as well.

    You can go to any supermarket, market or place where people congregate and see the ASD children and young adults at every outing.

    As a school teacher I saw NONE of the same people EVER (retired 1995).

    The first time I ever met such a person was around 1997 and since then numbers have climbed without remit until today and it will be decades before we know if the peak has been reached.

    I believe that there is only ONE necessary vaccine preventable illness needed for the time frame of this childs life and that is one part of 7 antigens in PREVENAR and notably for TETANUS, a diabolically powerful chemical toxin that a baby has ZERO chance of ever encountering.

    So why repeat that vaccine and then repeat again defying ANAPHYLAXIS to destroy that child?

    I thought in my ignorance that BCG vaccines had been abolished?

    I was responsible for organising 29 children to get their BCG vaccines in the UK in or around 1994.

    All went well and nobody complained of any problems.

    But a year on at least and only one had died from BRAIN CANCER.


    Correlation Yes

    Causation Not according to anyone I know

    But to me in 2013 I Wonder?

  • quicksilver
  • Baby A’s mum

    Quicksilver, your comments are very informative and I am saving all of your links added on here, have you joined our Facebook page?

  • elnura

    Sorry, I don’t use Facebook or any of the social networking sites other than website blogs. I figure the government has enough information on me.

  • quicksilver

    This trial will be a public trial although in the UK they do have secret trials to supposedly protect the murdering and heinous mother according to the UK government but actually to protect people like Roy Meadow who presided in more Kangaroo courts, Witch Finding and Lynchings than he did in the glare of the public trials. When his perjury in public trials came to light ( as soon as he opened his mouth) he was fair game to all the world to prove what a perjure he was.

    This took a while but eventually he could not even dispute the courts themselves when disgraced and today although the story is convoluted he will NEVER appear in a trial to prosecute the innocent.

    In the South Africa case there will be similar people who put their own credibility on stake by proving ( to there flawed ability) this family killed their own daughter. It is important to know WHO they are; what their qualifications are to prove criminal acts by the parents and what they know about what has been discussed here and notably the work of Charles Richet and answer questions that have NEVER been answered to explain why ANY repeat vaccine should not explode the head of every infant vaccinated and destroy the bone growth.

    Charles Richet, 250 contemporary vaccine researchers and 4 000 research articles of that era list the downside and killing habit of a life saving vaccine.

    Today I claim the vaccine industry either are IGNORANT of all this work and knowledge on vaccines by so many or are party to GENOCIDE.

    There is evidence of GENOCIDE as they ADMIT ANAPHYLAXIS as an adverse effect of ANY of their vaccines in 2013. I repeat ANY vaccine can induce and will induce ANAPHYLAXIS.

    There will be something like 5 doctors who have signed up for MURDER by mom and dad. I know that amongst these five will be those who can reflect, think and see the evidence of HARM from a vaccine and will waver and concede.

    If not they must be sought out and destroyed in the murky tradition used by vaccine companies when they kill little babies.

    One million SIDS! We didnt do it say the vaccinators.

    Ten million autistic people and again the vaccinators say: WE DID NOT DO IT!

    But five people with limited knowledge know that amogst this carnage that in this case it was mom and dad who did it!

    Can we excuse them and get them to find who what and why those 11 million are dead or injured and perhaps I am therefore wrong to doubt their GENIUS?

  • quicksilver

    At the risk of being accused of INCEST here is an article from 2013 and barely a month old where babies have DIED after their vaccines and the vaccine company has ADMITTED it was vaccine anaphylaxis.


    But then they say KEEP CALM and KEEP ON with the KILLING.

    Well they might just as well have as that 11 million harmed then becomes 22 million and so on.

    What you have to do to save live today in the Big pHARMa industry!

    But they are protected from ANY and ALL attempts to INDITE them for murder.

    Unlike the parents of Baby A who need to be Witch Hunted so that Big pHARMa can carry on KILLING in peace and in the legal certainty they are actually really INNOCENT and its the victims own fault for being susceptible to ANAPHYLAXIS?.

  • quicksilver

    KALOKERINOS; Archie by name but now deceased was one of the great researchers into Shaken Baby Syndrome or rather a researcher into what CRIMINALLY incompetent medical types use to create high emotion and Witch Finding and even persuade the innocent to admit guilt.

    The research of this mans work and those he worked with are an essential for a successful defence against bigots.

    As he himself said: To do a proper job to defend yourself takes time – it takes years.

    I repeat a proper defence takes YEARS and that for people already with 50 years of medical science BEHIND them!

    Hence the reference to down-town lawyers and bereaved parents going like the proverbial LAMB to SLAUGHTER as no doubt here.

    I can already read the verdict and have seen it before so many times.

    And the eventual release and no shame by those taking the poisoned dollars.

    Uncompassionate arrogant and ignorant doctors which Archie knew and understood so well.

    They couldnt recognise a barn door when it struck them in the face!

    I sometimes see a reflection of myself in some of his work.

    Here he gave a testimonial for Alan Yurko and for JUSTICE:


    You will note the rather dubious link so remember it comes from someone who was searching for truth and not into LYNCHINGS and remember this site keeps a record of work in an amateur but credible way and without it you would simply possibly have this evidence and research missing or much much harder to find. Has not mentioned he is now DEAD.

    Personally The work by this man makes the hair on my neck stand up.

    And the knowledge he has has been reproduced by many others.

    I like personally his story (not here) of how a hatchet man was sent to destroy his crazy ideas and became one of his biggest converts.

    Oh that the S A experts may learn something from his memorial writings?

    If any one wants his book of April 2008 Email me or follow the link when it goes here later.

    [email protected]

  • quicksilver

    There must be a moral here as it happens all the time:

    Here we have genuine INFANTICIDE and the clues are so different to that triad.

    Reminds me of cases of infanticide in France. Putting your baby in the deep freeze for years is a bit different MO to the millions murdering moms who ALL choose the TRIAD for their hienous crime.


    So 24 months for a 100 per cent sure infanticide not based on the triad.

    But a loving mom who lost a child 6 hours after a set of VACCINES and conviction by the triad:

    That’ll be double life then.

    What are the doctors and courts protecting?

    That family from investigating the vaccine schedule of the current date.

    Note any doctor can whisper QUIETLY in to the police or judges ear!

    Sally Clark’s first statement to doctors and police:



    I believe but have no proof that they give the HEP B vaccine to all UK prisoners.

    Sally Clark died a mysterious death at the age of 42.

    If her two children died from the VACCINE then what is strange about Sally dying young as well from her vaccine?

    But no one is talking about what happened or even if she did get the VACCINE.

    She leaves one child very much ALIVE and WELL.

    The doctors this time REFUSED to vaccinate!

  • quicksilver

    Here we see Lucija Tomljenovic tearing into Big pHARMa vaccines:

    Read, understand and inwardly digest.


    And those vaccines that are a trillion dollar business?

    As they say:

    No risk no gain

    So take the risk so the chairman of a vaccinecompany can gain his ten million a year and dont forgoet your friendly doc who needs you to take that risk with the vaccine so he can gain his 200 000 dollars a year to help coordinate the plans whatever they are from the RIGGERS.

  • quicksilver

    Here is yet another doctor (Dr T Shea) who has spent over ten years researching vaccines:


    The comments may sound over the top at times and miraculously MOST babies seem to get through their vaccine initiation into life:

    GOD only knows HOW!

    Something to do with our million year built up immunity ?


    Not 200 years of controversy called IMMUNISATION

    For sure.

    If you disbelieve this and consider the vaccines are SAFE.

    Then you can make an easy 1 million or so by showing it by volunteering to go through the same baby course of vaccines.


    See you in HEAVEN



  • quicksilver

    For information:


    Baby A received the recommended 3 shots of PREVENAR

    This meant that Baby faced twice the risk of ANAPHYLAXIS and all that that entails for the human infant in 2012.

    A universal health risk from vaccines and accepted by the ENTIRE scientific and vaccine community.

    There is no way of knowing if your child will succumb and whether death or injury will result. The claim of no long term effects is a logical fallacy. How can some die and this be recognised and accepted while others escape with absolutely no adverse long term effects? The claim by the vaccine industry is propaganda to protect them or their chosen arbiters for justice ie the government to compensate and defend their interests from those harmed.

    The vaccine industry also recognise that this shot is INEFFECTIVE for Baby A and hence the reason she faced the risk of ANAPHYLAXIS twice over.

    If Baby A had waited until she was just 2 years old then she would require just ONE vaccine only and the theoretical risk of anaphylaxis falls to ABSOLUTE ZERO.

    See link for industry proof of this simple fact.

  • quicksilver


    The industry views on vaccines must be taken into account.

    They develop the vaccines, improve the vaccines and are the first people to prove its safety and efficacy.

    They are not stupid.

    They get 99 per cent of USA children vaccinated on at least a partial scale and most get the full whammy.

    The degree of knowledge is totally impressive and of the state of the art.

    But propaganda creeps in everywhere and the defence need to find the pin holes or more correctly the test the VARACITY of all the data which is often as leaky as a colander.

    Figures claiming 1 case of this preventable vaccine preventable illness for 10 000 babies sounds to some as if you DO need URGENT protection?

    But who are these people that get PNEUMONIA?

    Often underweight?

    Often with some genetic or metabolic deficiencies?

    Or in other words NATURE taking care of itself and adding insults to them wont change one thing?

    Compare this to vaccines some of which invoke up to 60 per cent reactions for babies or 6 000 adverse events per 10 000:

    And its like using that colander to ferry an infant across a stormy ocean on their own.

    CHEERIO my little babes!


    Here the news is that Baby A needed just one more PREVENAR for the maximum protection!

    Too late now!

    Roy Meadow might even argue that the fourth vaccine would have saved Baby A from certain death and it was a pity she didnt get her fourth injection EARLIER?

    But of course he wont be witnessing anywhere, any more thank goodness!

    This site must be full of GEMS for the defence and it takes time to go through all this propaganda for vaccines.

    But while they take four shots at you here rather than 5 or 3, 2 1 and out of their brains, they do not even agree with the vaccine company!

    The vaccine company specifically say for the over 2 years old it is ONE PREVENAR only! Not 2 not 3 and certainly not 4!

    The Industry view and the expert worldly wide accepted authority cant get their stories STRAIGHT!

    And note this industry site favouring vaccines means the over 65 need them REGULARLY!

    I hope the year survival rate for this vaccine is better than the 1 in 15 chance with the annual flu jabs!

    Note particularly the RAPID develop of many vaccines and in particular this one which has gone from 7 antigens to 13 antigens and now 23 antigens although SA lags behind with the old straight 7 antigens.

    And there’s 83, 77 or 67 antigens to be added for complete vaccine protection for this one vaccine preventable illness.

    Give 4 doses and thats going to be 360 antigen responses or 90 antigen responses repeated 270 times.

    And with recommendations for every 5 years, if you survive long enough how many antigen challenges will that be in a good life? That could be another 13 000 antigen challenges in your life to stack onto babies already 360 antigen challenges.

    And for each antigen rechallenge, you have the risk known to all science for ANAPHYLAXIS.

    Which is worse? The risk of not getting pneumonia or the risk of ANAPHYLAXIS.

    If you are at deaths door then this vaccine which no doubt works for many might be worthwhile? A lifesaver – yes but for everyone clearly another vaccine risk too far? And with death, whether proven vaccine related or not it is no longer much good for you.

    Most types of illness of this nature tend to scale up gradually as infections get deeper and deeper into the lungs. 18 years into retiremnt the flu so far touch wood gets easily into the top of the lungs once every 5 years or so and gets better in 14 days.

    Big pHARMa cures when they work will easily cure you in 2 weeks. But then if its PANADO, TYLENOL or PARACETAMOL WATCH OUT!

  • quicksilver

    PREVENAR – a non-industry view of this vaccine and the so called safety tests done to get it passed by regulators:


    This explains what lengths the vaccine industry will go to to get a killer vaccine into circulation (of the next generations). This vaccine may be totally safe but the trials are a farce and a crime against common sense!

    Note the industry CONTROL is to give the people who are to be compared with the PREVENAR another vaccine and possibly one of the top 3 most dangerous or controversial vaccines and one for example stopped for years in the French vaccine programme for the reason of ADVERSE VACCINE EVENTS true or not.

    How can a two month infant cheat the trial by pretending to react or not after a vaccine?

    But is it a cheat to use a known problematic vaccine to compare your new billion dollar vaccine hope against.

    Ah yes! The new PREVENAR vaccine about to be passed by REGULATORS is so much safer than the Hep B vaccine we gave to infants who had it just the day/week or month before for the nth time. (ANAPHYLAXIS et al)

    The analogy of comparing whisky drinkers with vodka drinkers and refusing to use tee-totalers to judge the effects is right on target.

    We have proof that either the vodka or the whisky HAS a dramatic protective effect on liver sclerosis.

    When we find which we are going to recommend babies get their whisky or vodka shots as often as we can make the regulators accept.

    And no doubt if the alcohol content goes ten times over the limit we can argue that in 6 months the average alcohol will be within acceptable daily levels for a baby?

  • quicksilver

    Lucy Rorke-Smith is a TOTAL believer in shaken baby syndrome (SBS) but has been party to an examination of brain tissue for over 5 thousand claims for vaccine compensation when death or serious brain damage occurred.

    Not much chance of anything getting through her as a present from the USA government with Lucy at the realm.

    But for those 5 000 cases, all ALLEGED to be due to vaccines, how many do you think had brain tissues taken for examination?

    I dont think! I know there were brain tissue samples for ALL cases and experts had examined them down to the ultra-molecular level.

    USA is after all the most advanced nation and leader in vaccine technology.

    I must admire her for this stalwart work of MARATHON proportions:

    Hang on a minute!

    How many had brain tissue samples taken?

    No! You are joking?

    You mean that they had brain tissue sample in 37 cases ONLY!

    The large team worked on 37 lots of samples ONLY out of well over 5 000 SIDS or similar.

    Is it wonder that we havent a clue about SIDS and that Lucy can make diamonds from claiming MURDER by carers.

    How can you prove anything when you have scientific evidence for under 1 per cent of those who may have been injured by vaccines.

    Is this science?

    Or the alchemy of the dark ages?

    Neuropathology of vaccination in infants and children.

    2011: Lucy B Rorke-Adams; Robert E Weibel; Geoffrey Evans; Rosemary

    Vaccine 2011;29(47):8754-9.

    A serious vaccine adverse study of over 5 000 dead or dying babies in 6 pages.


    But you mustnt do any SERIOUS science to upset the Big pHARMa and their TRILLION dollar industry.

    They cant spend time to collect one micro-specimen from those they are FALSELY (to Big pHARMa) accused of killing by vaccination.

    No! Its not SCANDALOUS!


    These babies are dead and the regulators, industry and government don’t give a DAMN.

    Except they want their POUND OF FLESH from the babies carers on what must be close to NO scientific EVIDENCE.

    Here she grudguingly admits you might in special circumstances do some science:

    Postmortem examination is a cornerstone in identifying the cause of unexplained
    sudden death in children. Even in cases of suspected or known abuse, an autopsy may help

    MAY help indeed!

    Safer to continue with:



    or those

    SECRET COURTS so much favoured in the UK perhaps.


    Guidelines for postmortem protocol for ocular investigation of sudden
    unexplained infant death and suspected physical child abuse.

    2007: M G F Gilliland; Alex V Levin; Robert W Enzenauer; Charles Smith; M Andrew Parsons; Lucy B Rorke-Adams; James R Lauridson; G Robert La Roche; Linda M Christmann; Marcellina Mian; Jeffrey M Jentzen; Kenneth B Simons; Yair Morad; Randell Alexander; Carole Jenny; Tamara Wygnanski-Jaffe

    The American journal of forensic medicine and pathology 2007;28(4):323-9.

    The more ASTUTE will note one HELPER in this WITCH FINDING

    The name of:


    Spanish Inquisitor in Chief for the New America’s?

    How many has he sent to the torture chambers of USA correctional institutions?


  • quicksilver

    In the UK it was Roy Meadow the top Witch FINDER

    But in the Americas they have :


    Doctor Charles Smith!

    Canadian Press : Feb. 01, 2011

    A disgraced pathologist whose misguided court testimony sent innocent people to jail has pleaded “no contest” to disgraceful conduct.

    Dr. Charles Smith admitted through his lawyer to unprofessional and incompetent acts at a disciplinary hearing Tuesday. He did not attend the hearing.

    Dr. Smith’s expert evidence on more than a dozen baby and child deaths saw several people prosecuted or jailed. A public inquiry three years ago savaged his methods.

    He has not practised medicine since August 2008, when his registration expired.
    Carolyn Silver, speaking for the college, said Dr. Smith failed in “multiple cases” to gather “relevant information.”

    “Dr. Smith expressed opinions … that were either contrary to, or not supported by, the evidence,” Ms. Silver told the hearing Tuesday, reading from an agreed statement of facts.

    “These failures compromised the administration of justice.”

    Dr. Smith blamed others for his mistakes, exaggerated his experience and offered opinions outside his expertise, the hearing was told. Those opinions were “overly dogmatic” as well as “speculative,” Ms. Silver said. His evidence was “misleading” and he “acted as an advocate” rather than offering unbiased opinions.

    “Dr. Smith will be pleading no contest,” said his lawyer, Jane Langford.
    “The statement (of facts) will be filed on consent.”

    The ONLY saving GRACE for Dr Charles Smith is that he is CONTRITE

    Meanwhile, Roy boy has NEVER apologised for sending loving mothers to prison to build and maintain his golden palace et al in Leeds UK.

  • quicksilver

    Roy Meadow MSBP expert now disbraced but not sorry

    Charles Smith SBS expert and wrong by his own admission – contrition?

    But there are others stepping in to replace them and making the same bigoted errors.

    Yes there are CRIMINALS all around us. And not always parents and carers but doctors.

    And you cant stop accidents or even in justice punish people for accidents.

    And to date you cant stop Big pHARMa for their accidents.

    No 3 and still hyperactive is Dr Daryl Steiner from Akron Ohio


    Gives a good overview of the Witch Finders ready to Lynch at a moments notice.

    And in there you will find Daryl:

    Dr. Daryl Steiner of Akron (Ohio) Children’s Hospital has dedicated his career to ferreting out cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome and leveling abuse allegations against parents and caregivers — 275 of them, so far. “The ramifications of my diagnosis are huge,” says Dr. Steiner. Indeed, they are — families torn apart, parents sent to prison, to name a few. Everyone says Dr. Steiner is never wrong. But he has been proven wrong twice recently. The fallibility of the infallible doctor.

    Here is a court looking close at Daryl and his lynchings:


    Note the child is 3 months old. And dad takes the FULL blame for possible vaccine and repeat vaccine harm.

    What will this child have undergone recently and repeatedly for ALL her short life to date?

    But ABSOLUTELY no mention of this vaccine ordeal and repeat vaccines leading to possible ANAPHYLAXIS and head explosions etc etc etc.

    But note the finding of STUFF oozing out of the brain the moment a hole was drilled in it.

    What happens apart from a babies head expanding after ANAPHYLAXIS and the brain matter has an escape route?


    Is this a medical description of a clinical event or some person with no medical training describing his observations?

    But we are in 2001 and criticisms of Daryl had yet to come to light and to come from judges that here had no doubt the Witch Finding by Daryl was correct and the Supreme Court here LYNCHED the victim the childs father: Gerard Hawkins.

    Note the old ploy if you dont try to describe how these findings appeared you will be automatically GUILTY.

    When they comply to satisfy the WItch Finders then it is turned around in court:

    Gerard admitted SHAKING!

    Of course he was suckered into ADMITTING it because the Witch Finders wanted it and NOT because it EVER happened! It will help save you they told him from imprisonment for life.

    Just tell us:


    We werent there!

    Here we see now in 2013 Daryl is hyperactive:


    400 cases for one town in the USA.

    Multiply that up for the whole country and you can see that nearly all the moms and dads are at it: KILLING their own children that they have waitied months for, spent thousands on and ALL now KILLING them and all in EXACTLY the same way.


    This hyperactivity by Daryl has doubled the haul of Witches in just TWO years!

    And in the UK the vaccine hot spot for such cases was in Leeds, the home and workplace of one Roy Meadow!

    But it wasnt vaccines what got the blame but the mom!

    But even years ago in 2007 people were complaining in public that Daryl was WRONG


    And in the same year it was shown that Daryl had LYNCHED on at least two occasions:

    GUILTY even if you INNOCENT


    But as we see from the above

    In 2013 he still operates and at twice the rate as in previous years.

    What has gone wrong?

  • quicksilver

    Richard Daryl Steiner (Doctor of Data)


    The courts have shown that before this case that Daryl as he likes to be known GOT IT WRONG twice.

    How can you GET IT WRONG:

    In court and come back to


    Rather than doubliong the number of LYNCHINGS in his little patch of the woods:

    He should be PROHIBITED from ever testifying anything but what a FOOL he is.

    It is only a newspaper article and comments but there are checkable claims of putting the wrong blood in a baby at risk and then making an innocent pay for medical error.

    Medical error – yes

    But now A criminal OFFENCE.

    Where are the cops?

    And why is this women still in prison?

    275 times he has been ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED he can Witch Find successfully.


    273 times the courts have taken him at his witch finding word.

  • quicksilver

    Shaken Baby Syndrome




    MSBP was clever as a person charged could not defend themselves without proving they were GUILTY.

    It was outlawed and via other attempts to self incriminate on the basis may be of ONE doctor we have now arrived at:


    Discussing this in court is to 99.99 per cent of people talking about how a MONSTER could do such things to their own child.

    It is CRIMINALLY emotional and gives the innocent O per cent chance of JUSTICE.


    100 per cent chance of Witch Finding

    100 per cent chance of LYNCHING

    100 per cent return to the INQUISITION

    SBS is an automatic reason for any SANE person to bring a guilty verdict.

    SBS is

    The ACTUAL clinical findings should be the basis of the doctors reports and not a self justifying reason to CONVICT on the say so of a doctor who as we see is often guilty of covering up

    Big pHARMa harm of prescription drugs such as PANADO

    Big pHARMa harm of vaccines and especially when repeated givng risk for ANAPHYLAXIS.

    And MEDICAL INCOMPETENCE – putting wrong blood in patient etc etc etc.

    Yes talk of a triad but remember there are a 100 innocent ways of getting this.

    And calling it SBS gets just one into the publics mind.

    Yes talk of bone problems but talk of ALL of them and again we know interference with Vitamin C usage leads to both BLEEDING from everywhere


    Bone growth defects – John Emory for example in his 1967 paper.

    AND what about all the other clinical findings?





    Biochemical results

    Methylmalonic Acid


    Sugar levels

    Time for blood to clot


    There are possibly 100 different clinical tests to be done and discussed.

    To pick on 3 and forget the others

    Is like describing the periodic table with just three elements out of a 100 or so.

    What to do?

    The courts FORBADE the Clark falmily from discussing the vaccine that Harry had 6 hours before death.



    The courts must not under any CIRCUMSTANCE use self damning medical diagnoses

    The patient has BABY A4S parents diod it syndrome


    Shaken Baby Syndrome (who else but the parents)

    And if so it must be grounds for dismissal of charges.

    Most deaths occur in hospital where

    SBS is never a term used.

    So why use it here?

  • quicksilver

    Lucy Balian Rorke-Adams

    And at 82 or so years old will have much experience and expertis behind her.

    And here she lays into the person that did this


    Note time and time and time again we are dealing with 3 month babies and after several rounds of vaccines and that means REPEAT vaccines and that means ANAPHYLAXIS which Richet knew meant DEATH.

    How do you die if not immediately as the body decomposes every bone, every tissue DYING from ANAPHYLAXIS

    And not some fictitious, factitious, MSBP, SBS carer or parent but ANAPHYLAXIS fromt those repeat vaccines.

    And here


    All the Witch Finders are here for the 11th get together on how best to LYNCH parents.

    Note it is at the home of the CDC and their ANAPHYLACTIC vaccine HQ.

    and many well into retirement and needing those 5 figure legal expenses/fees to keep them in the accustomed palatial state of living.

    Here is Lucy locked in battle in court:


    If you get her to witness for you you might think you would get off but with every discussion on SBS or shaking even the expertise of Lucy for the DEFENCE this time was not enough to get the parents found INNOCENT


    And again VACCINES never got mentioned!

  • quicksilver

    Big pHARMa

    Vaccines look GOOD for us!

    But dont LOOK too closely!

    Money for all the DISCIPLES?

    Lobby money for government employees
    typically in the USA averages 1 000 dollars per year per senator from
    each company and for those with power to aid Big pHARMa this can be
    10 000 dollars every year.

    Doctors get up to 100 000 dollars a
    year for getting high percentage results for patients use of
    vaccines. Dont mind the SIDS and autism just feel the weight of the

    Etc etc etc With the revolving door
    where Big pHARMa ex employees slip into government and legal office
    and back to keep the money rolling in and NO PROBLEMS please.

    Enough here to make a detailed study of
    the corruption in Health practice in the USA and elsewhere.

    Is this legitamate payments or bribes
    to turn a blind eye and forget Big pHARMa HARM?

    And the individual with the right
    expertise even if long retired can join in with this and get almost
    limitless handouts of CASH to help Big pHARMa.

    And again a LARGE subject for STUDY?

    Lucy Rorke-Adams has already been
    mentioned as a star witness for the star chambers of the 21st

    And here is her little effort to
    supplement her retirement income:


    A passionate lady, and an intelligent
    lady but is she a Witch Finder or just passionate for JUSTICE for
    parents and carers of babies?


    Is a malpractice site for information
    about the malpractice of Lucy! And for every other doctor!

    I wonder if those in prison by her
    expertise and justice would wish to lodge complaints here?


    Here we get a glimpse of her. The real

    And note how easy it is for humans to
    make MISTAKES

    Unless she is both Rorke and Roarke?

    We have matched Lucy to Charles Smith
    already in their research writings.

    Here we see she works in the same
    Hospital as one PAUL OFFIT


    No better person tha Paul to realise
    the long term benefit of subscribing to vaccine safety.

    He admits himself how wth NO PREVIOUS
    VACCINE SCIENCE knowledge he helped develop one vaccine (rotavirus)
    and made tens of millions of dollars from its widespread use.

    He is todays SINGLE most outspoken
    supporter of ANY vaccine schedule that regulators, industry and
    government choose to impose on anyone in the world. And this includes
    shipping out TERATOGENIC, MUTAGENIC and CARCINOGENIC filled vaccines
    FORBIDDEN in the USA.

    He believes the human body can
    withstand the onslaught of 10 000 antigens at once and some claim he
    said that was 100 000 at once.

    To him ANAPHYLAXIS is not a vaccine

    CARCINOGENIC filled vaccines for eveyone except USA babies too.


    And here from many many reports we see
    the GLOBAL point of view for the USA to protect USA and not possibly
    the others?

    Vaccinate the world so they can’t
    contaminate USA citizens.

    The world gets mercury vaccines while
    in USA this is decidedly against normal policy. Except when it suits
    them for suitable people?


    Here we see the tremendous value of
    vaccines saving MILLIONS of lives every year!

    They are the only thing between us and
    certain death?


    But vaccine knowledge ALSO doesn’t stop
    about the same number of MILLIONS of babies dying?

    Nice to admit the truth as well in


    Baby A both got the vaccines then to
    SAVE here life.



    Strange that?

    It must be the parents then we can
    expect at the TRIAL?

    Extrapolation is the game the vaccine
    promoters such as the propaganda from the home base of Lucy and Paul!

    In the UK the total deaths from vaccine
    preventable illness is close to ZERO.

    No hint of MILLIONS dying in the UK.

    Vaccines are ONE factor in Ten or more
    health efforts that save life and keep us healthy today.

    And improvements in the home etc and
    knowledge also plays its part without medical intervention!

    In the UK, the smallpox vaccine was
    stopped years before it was made extinct and with cries of the
    smallpox epidemics will return from the vaccinators.

    The epidemics never happened and not
    even one case and the illness just died off. With one notable
    exception AFTER the disease had disappeared when a university vaccine
    storage facility made an ERROR in Birmingham, England.

    By their own admission, the balance
    sheet is about even and the use of vaccines and repeat vaccines
    risking ANAPHYLAXIS are a risk too far in a healthy country and will
    damage the health of that country that follows blindly the propaganda
    about vaccine safety:

    And by IGNORANCE:

    Or covering up the harm of ANAPHYLAXIS:

    We will get more not less illness:

    And more not less deaths.

    This page and vaccine promotion looks

    And the vaccine role in its prevention.

    It can be shown to be a TOTAL lie.

    Over 90 per cent of the reduction in
    vaccine preventable deaths came BEFORE not AFTER vaccines.

    And for some the vaccine has never come
    to interfere with nature.

    And the illness is now not a serious
    problem; Scarlet Fever for example.

    But deaths attributed by some doctors
    to vaccines top the million (SIDS)

    And long term injury and harm top the
    tens of millions (autism).

    And efforts to shift blame from
    ANAPHYLAXIS after vaccines are just propaganda:



    And covering up vaccine ANAPHYLAXIS
    (proven FACT)

    Big pHARMa Vaccine catastrophes provide
    the world with HARM direct from Big pHARMa.

    And while the battle over vaccine harm

    Big pHarma moves on to:

    Doctoring our water supplies,

    Doctoring our medicines,

    Doctoring our foods,

    etc etc etc eg:

    Doctoring our environments

    But those are another set of stories.

  • quicksilver

    Shaking to death has never been witnessed by anyone with possibly the one exception of the interrogation of a prisoner by allied forces in recent years with no known publicised autopsy report.


    Anaphylaxis and death has been recorded millions of times and resulted in deaths over the past 200 years of the art of using vaccines.

    But strangely the pathology of such events is called SBS

  • quicksilver

    The defense could challenge the prosecution to prove shaking by doing it (shaking a dog for example) in front of the jury to show just how easy it is. (it is known to be impossible)

    And then get those pathologists who complain that Baby A’s parents are culpable to perform the autopsy.

    There is one problem and not that of ethics ( we are saving the miscarriage of justice to millions of babies from anaphylaxis going UNRECOGNISED):

    That problem is it is IMPOSSIBLE first to kill by shaking.

    And if the EXPERTS are given some dogs, it might just be the experts we need to do the post mortem on?

    And yes, we all know SHAKING is BAD for baby!

    But some experts cant recognise vaccines can be WORSE for baby (ANAPHYLAXIS).


    The same experts dont realise condemning the INNOCENT is the absolute WORST.

  • quicksilver

    We could demand of the EXPERTS to vaccinate a dog with the vaccines used for Baby A in court.

    Then come back in a month or according to the method of Richet:

    And re-vaccinate the same dog again with the same vaccines.

    AND watch for half an hour or so what happens.

    The result in 1901 or so was CERTAIN DEATH from Anaphylaxis for the re-injected animal.

    A subtle FLAW in vaccine technology and art never quite got over except by FALSELY ACCUSING of SBS or some other name (MSBP, factitious illness, poisoning etc etc etc)

  • quicksilver

    We could ask the EXPERTS about:


    Yes the BABY A is dead.


    But was it the parents?


    The VACCINE?

    For decades people have wanted to know why for example Harry Clark (one example) died within 6 hours of a vaccine and this has been repeated a million times and more.

    It cant be the vaccine the same EXPERTS above say:


  • quicksilver


    This baby and every SBS baby was killed by FORCES.

    Mechanical force – NEVER been seen or maybe ONCE.

    GRAVITY – yes, many deaths occur after falls – but for Baby A’s case it is not RELEVANT.

    CHEMICAL – MUCH more powerful than mechanical.

    Consider fireworks known since ancient times and the consequences of a mistake using them which can result in death and even destruction of town centres.

    Difficult to imagine an adult doing the same thing?

    NUCLEAR – we dont need reminding about CHERNOBYL, FUKUSHIMA etc etc etc

    But what about RADIOLOGY

    The only one I knew got CANCER at some early age.

    X Radiation is like nuclear – It causes harm and deaths.

    It is odd that X rays are taken while a child is UNWELL and then forget to account for the X rays in the part of her demise?

    Strange that.

    While not a major factor it certainly cant be proven to help her stay in life?

    To get a job as a teacher it was necessary to be X rayed and I complained.

    Get the X ray or no JOB

    Today its get a VACCINE or no job too

    A dilemma for all?

  • quicksilver

    returning to Daryl Steiner expert witness for the prosecution 275 times and only about 2 failures:

    In the UK a witness was proven WRONG once.

    The result:

    EVERY case he was involved with changed the verdicts from guilty to INNOCENT.

    Why is this not done for the 273 cases that Daryl got GUILTY verdicts?

    Or are we really practising:

    Witch Finding,



    Imprisoning the INNOCENT?

    And why is he still peddling his lies by omission et al?

  • quicksilver


    A baby girl died from HEAD INJURIES at 2 months of age.

    Right after how many vaccines and repeat vaccines? ANAPHYLAXIS!

    NO PROBLEM for the vaccine industry but possible life in prison for both mom and dad?

    Bonnie and Clyde et al?

    In the end Dad, got prison, mom got off free, JUST!

    And another:






    The appeal court gives the full details of the


    and then concurs with the verdict



    Note the usual:

    You were there:


    Tell us:


    What sort of proof is this in 2013 or 2012 or even 2010!

    Once the police OBTAINED the confession (21st century INQUISITION).

    There was no need for the SBS EXPERTS?

    Lets save money by not doing a FULL autopsy as well?

    Admit it and we’ll get a good deal for you!

    And look at that TRACK record of his!


    That UK judge knew what he was talking about

    So good to get an INNOCENT in JAIL for LIFE!

    WOW EEE!

    Kangaroo court

    Witch Finding






    One to put in the POLICE TRAINING MANUALS?

    Convict ’em first and do nothing afterwards perhaps even forget about them?

    No doubt those EXPERTS will identify on sight the monster here:


    Enough to send more shivers down the neck than when being ruled by those NASTIES in the middle of the last century?

  • quicksilver


    A common factor when getting VACCINE SAFETY to ‘work’:

    Is to get parents to blame carers:

    To get moms to blame dads or boy-friends:

    Or in this no sense man case, blame the kids!

    While people ADMIT guilt, when INNOCENT:

    While people are IGNORANT, about VACCINE ANAPHYLAXIS:

    There is the smell of BURNING and not JUSTICE:





    Are alive and well:


    Babies are DEAD and Buried:

    Alongside the COMMON RIGHTS of the parents and carers:

    In the 21st CENTURY.

  • quicksilver

    Let no one imagine people dont CRIMINALLY kill babies. They DO kill and injure the helpless.


    Here are Five cases:

    And ONE only is INNOCENT of the crime of killing a child i all probability.


    Under 6 months.

    After vaccines and repeat vaccines.

    Using the same MO as more than a million other cases.

    And not the clues to the diligent police in the others:

    1 Abuse to three people and the killing of two – the police successfully conclude FOUL PLAY. Note child was over 6 months of age.

    2 Killed the child and then killed himself – the police successfully conclude FOUL PLAY. Note child was over 6 months of age.

    Others are also ABUSE

    Note the shape of a ring imprinted on baby gave one clue to the police about a CRIME!

    But for a million babies the police STILL cant understand about ANAPHYLAXIS as the normal event after repeat vaccines.

    And NEVER will when the first to lodge charges gets his version accepted as truth.

    Perhaps everyone who gets an adverse vaccine reaction needs to FLOOD the police with their concern about the HARM in a weeks time, a months time or a year or more after?

    Let no one imagine REPEAT VACCINES dont CRIMINALLY kill babies. They DO kill and injure the helpless.

  • quicksilver

    Lucy or Waney?

    And does it have to either of them?


    Waney Squier argues that SBS is false and ILLEGAL in the UK.

    And Lucy argues that SBS is LEGAL everywhere else and must always be punished severely


    Lucy destroys the arguments of the SBS experts very nicely

    She talks of abuse as having a FIXED constellation of clinical signs.

    What nonsense although all SBS experts think the same.

    A gunshot wound is not a standard clinical sign but the result of a known CRIMINAL action and abuse;

    Impressions of rings embedded in a babies skull likewise can be found more from careful police observation that relying on some doctor who wants to be Perry Mason. Again signs indicative of criminal action and abuse once more.

    A doctors role is to first DO NO HARM to the baby

    And to investigate CLINICAL feaures and not CRIMINAL conduct.

    Lucy conveniently forgets both:

    She claims that VACCINES are an EXCUSE to explain the clinical signs found and that the worry of VACCINE harm dates ONLY from 2003.

    ANAPHYLAXIS is FACT, is from vaccine normal action and dates to 1901.

    A credibility gap of over 100 years according to Lucy and her vaccine worries commenced in 2003.

    Vaccine worries commenced from Day ONE over 200 years ago and have NEVER stopped since.

    This isnt new science or new OPINION but old fact, littered with DEAD BODIES and now DEAD BABIES.

    Note here that at the very end of this piece she concludes with the DISSERVICE that individuals do when they DISPUTE SBS diagnoses:

    Disservice to Witch Finding of course.

    This is right out of the Roy Meadow technique for convicting mothers except here it is EXPANDED not to include just the accused but to ALL those who choose to defend the accused.

    Basically Roy would say in my OPINION the mother is guilty and the courts JUST accepted that.

    If the mother disagreed with Roy then using his theory and OPINION the mother had committed the fatal sin of admitting her guilt because of her claims of INNOCENCE.

    Make what you can of this MADNESS but it work for him for 25 years as he built up his self-fulfilling prophecies for MSBP and an army of supporters who moved on to Factitious Illness and then around 2003 all had successfully moved to the new EMOTIVE SHAKEN (indicating CRIMINALITY not clinical findings) BABY (to target parents and carers) SYNDROME (indicating the doctors dont have a clue who or what it is and so use this term to mean anyone who diagnoses it or not will be in dispute on a pecking order scale with the top dogs being believed on any particular case – yes they have it – he is one of ours – or no it isnt true the man is off his head).

    she talks of a set of signs APPEARING to be …

    Note the degree of scientific proof here for SBS with a word/phrase like APPEARS to be. Hardly scientific but this apparent humility persuades all the ignorant and gullible (you can fool all of the people some of the time etc).

    In the next sentence she talks of the science being RECENT (so recent we still wait in bated breath for the science to APPEAR!)

    Next paragraph talks about LUMPING in or NOT LUMPING IN




    So again restrict yourself to the clinical findings and leave the courts to decide CRIMINALITY.

    How can you go to court with EXPERTS discussing SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME signs and expect ANY human jury member to bring in anything other than the RUBBER STAMPED GUILTY verdict?


    Hence I suspect why it has been made an illegal clinical finding for at least one advanced nation.


    talk of bleeding things all you like but not of SHAKEN BABIES – that is the courts job AND not the DOCTORS.

    With more than 20 other perceived ERRORS it is time to say if people are interested I can give my full analysis of this TWADDLE.

    But to EMPHASISE at the end she INSISTS in OPENESS AND being OPEN MINDED

    And in the next breath talks about DISSERVICE if you DISAGREE!

    Waney for the other view DOES NOT MENTION VACCINES ONCE!

  • quicksilver

    This article thanks Professor Risdon and quotes the disgraced Dr C Smith so is clearly in the Witch Finding first group of doctors.


    However there is much to be learned from their accuracy here and lack of it at times.

    They again cite the accidental explanations are flawed (around 100 of them) but there one explanation FITS ALL.

    Sounds like the vaccine policy and one size fits all. Seizures after the last vaccine? NO PROBLEM! We will give you an extra lot to make sure baby doesnt get seizures this time.

    Unwell? Then he especially needs vaccines!

    Head swollen up 90 per cent! Thats my nurse getting it wrong with her job but it is ALWAYS correct and SAFE with Big pHARMa vaccines and I do need just one more to get my bonus. I mean yes they are SAFE, SAFE, SAFE. Nothing to do with my pay packet of course.

    The authors claim there is no well documented evidence for their INNOCENT theory (they state just one of a 100 such innocent explanations).

    But forget they have not a single badly documented case of SBS.

    And obviously could not anticipate that in less than 2 years the diagnosis would be not allowed in the UK certainly for LEGAL cases.

    The doctors are just sparring up and DISAGREEING with each other.

    And as one JUDGE (Harrison?) said in Manchester (not the one that got Sally) you cant put people in prison dependent on which EXPERT you believe!

  • quicksilver

    SBS or Shaken Baby Syndrome EXPERTS rely on the TRIAD (3 clinical signs) to PROVE the baby has been battered by persons known or unknown.

    This cannot be EXPERT OPINION.

    As it is provably INCORRECT FACT.

    Consider sub-dural haemorrhage (SDH) one of the triad of signs for abuse.

    Evidence of SDH has been ACCEPTED in expert opinion as an INFALLIBLE part of the proof of harm from SBS and also in some mysterious manner it has been then linked to a carer, a mom, a dad, a friend of the family or usually to groups or combinations of these people.

    And in the Witch Finding scenario those who are innocent in the above melange are supporting the Witch Finders in the medieval Trial by Ordeal of those chosen to be put on trial by the Witch Finder General.

    SDH and its infallible link to SBS is about as secure as a colander in a Pacifique storm thousands of miles from land.

    In a court of law the TRIAD is INSECURE.

    It is a LIE.

    It is a blatant LIE.

    In court on oath that becomes PERJURY.

    Often it is claimed the baby that has died from criminal acts can be shown to have been murdered by this triad of signs and nothing else further needs to be done.

    And this bleeding (SDH) IS part of the ‘proof’ of the SBS experts.

    But it simply is not true.

    How can hundreds of parents and carers have been put in prison on the basis of the triad which includes SDH?

    They are ALL miscarriages of justice.

    The link of SDH to POSSIBLE criminal harm is typically much less than 50 per cent and can be less than 10 per cent depending on the research team studying SDH and ALL the causes known and unknown.

    Injury to the inside of the brain has been known and studied for over a 100 years and during this time various researchers have made a careful study of the damage.

    Typically mechanical harm is naturally part of the possible causes but one of many and possibly over 100 innocent causes.

    But consistently the link of mechanical abuse DOES NOT produce SDH!

    It can produce SDH (more accurately it is found) but it is not the finding most common for this harm or abuse.

    Trauma at birth is a certain and known cause of SDH.

    And also trauma even before birth is a known cause of SDH.

    Both these would in fact mean the hospital, doctors or nurses are guilty of the abuse if we are into charging people with ABUSE.

    This almost never happens.

    Does the SDH disappear rapidly?

    The SBS Witch Finders will claim it will be long gone by the time of the new ABUSE but this also cannot be true.

    Not true yet again.

    There are LONG term possibly LIFE LONG consequences of SDH.

    How can such methods of injustice (falsely accusing parents and carers) have succeeded for more than a decade?

    Dr John Thomson Clinical Types of CONVULSIVE SEIZURES in very young babies was the source of one paper from 1921!

    The three biggest sources of this bleeding et al:


    2 From the very infections that young babies in the 21st century are supposedly vaccine protected from!

    3 UNKNOWN causes

    Even in 1921 the researchers had linked 16 different causes for brain bleeds of which ABUSE by parents and carers was ABSENT.

    See the paper here:


    When vaccines came into mass use in the late 1940’s the incidence of SDH multiplied between 10 to 100 fold.

    In fact it is reckoned then and now if you look hard enough you may find today several times more cases than are admitted in the literature and by the authorities.

    SDH may account for some of the SIDS (1 million and rising)

    SDH may account for some of the autism (10 million and rising)

    BUT it does not account for many SBS cases and in more cases than not it will NOT be found as a clinical indicator at all.

    And for those where it is found, it is likely to be MORE indicative of risk for SIDS.

    And for those where it is found it is likely to be MORE indicative of risk for Autism.

    Years ago the diagnosis was used as the basis to HELP the child recover and support the family.

    Today with the level of science that pre-dates that of Dr Thomson we see:

    DEATH for the child or a poor quality of life.

    And DAMNATION for the family or carer of that child.

    And if the SDH has long term consequences then the damage at birth CANNOT be excluded as being the cause of the later trauma.

    Carers, parents being the unlucky people to take the blame for harm not from ABUSE but from the unknown FACT of that child carrying SDH for days, weeks or months before the seizure event.

    Wrong about the infallible link

    BUT also:

    Wrong to link the last person as necessarily being culpable.

  • quicksilver

    There is a lot of research showing SBS and SDH are not compatible together in most cases. People earning 5 figures sums for EXPERT fees are convicting the innocent for harm (almost certainly Big pHARMa harm or that of their co-workers the doctors and nurses who abuse the mother before birth with injections or at birth by the SBS equivalent of trauma for the baby as it is being delivered).


    The very definition (SBS) turns the EXPERT into finding the cases, getting them to court and obtaining the conviction by much EMOTION and little actual evidence. Once we embark on a Witch Hunt there is little or no need for any evidence, the diagnosis proves all.

    Dont let facts get in the way of a LYNCHING?

    And an amateur investigation of research before the Witch Finding days of the late 20 th century and early 21st century will show the fallacy of the CONSISTENT link of SDH to SBS.

    So if SDH is not caused necessarily by abuse then what of other links used by the Witch Finders?


    Dr John Caffey started the link possibly of long bone harm and SDH.

    Multiple Fractures in the Long Bones of Infants Suffering From Chronic Subdural Hematoma

    And again note the date to 1946 and Big pHARMa activities such as mass vaccinations becoming normal.


    Not a link yet to the full paper though but to others that have quoted his work.

    How does long bone harm and SDH link together BUT Not to SBS?

    The clue here is the FOOD and here the link is to non-normal ability to use Vitamin C (used up in some other process eg of detoxification of the vaccine) or possibly due to lack of Vitamin C.

    A second domino for Witch Finding and the lies of those Witch Finders makes their case non-existent already.

    But in a LYNCHING proof, facts or even guilty people are superfluous.

    You have the chosen victim for SACRIFICE

    So all is fine in 2013 Western world trails.

  • quicksilver

    JOHN CAFFEY – IS he the Witch Finder General?


    He starts the idea of parents or carers as the GUILTY party for:

    Long bone harm


    Sub Dural Hematoma (SDH)

    The paper is one of the worst examples possibly seen of vindicative and false science INTERPRETATION used to build up some idea that millions of parents who were in fact spending large sums of money, much time on preparation and then silently, unknown but not to John Caffey then in John Caffeys black mind were then sacrificing the new born on the altar of black magic and prolonged torture to turn them into vegetables where they then realised their INSANITY (not that of John Caffey) and then looked after a sick child for years until against all odds (help from Big pHARMa) eventually died at a very young age.

    It is difficult to read the paper in tranquility and difficult to imagine a scientific or even half intelligent world could be taken in by this GARBAGE.


    But we are in 1946 and for the next 50 years:

    NOBODY got taken in!

    NOBODY took up the CAFFEY challenge and went after PARENTS and CARERS.

    Search and DESTROY THEM!


    Well here is a good point:

    Caffey links long bone harm to SDH and that is part of the paper to accept possibly;

    He indicates long bone harm with NO sign of ABUSE and again we take this as a good finding.

    He talks of 23 fractures (in his patients) but then says most of the bodies bones are commpletely healthy. We know then and now radiology tells us little and can be dangerously misleading.

    It is a photo but not as good as a microsopic photo of the bones and MISSES much harm seen in a light photo (microscopic view of the bones). Today it is likely ALL the bones of these cases would be damaged and not restricted to just 23 fractures et al. Or would be in time (see Putman it take MONTHS).

    He then commences his Witch Finding:

    There is no evidence of infections or INNOCENT explanations for what he saw.

    He is a radiologist, what does he know of INFECTIONS? (out of his EXPERTISE where is the proof of absence of infection and from whom – this is SOLELY the work of John CAFFEY)

    He then detects signs of VITAMIN DEFICIENCY which is again to be applauded.

    But having shown vitamin deficiency he then in his best Witch Finding General manner tells the world that we must disbelieve an INNOCENT cause is the explanation for what he describes. (Again he is now a food and vitamin expert)

    He could have chosen to help CHILDREN and describe a NOVEL ILLNESS.

    But No. He had hs sites on destroying generations of children and set light a Witch Finding of the proportion NEVER before seen in the world. (he is now the worlds best detective?)

    Putman and Cushing found that SDH can take weeks or months to appear.


    The 2013 Witch Finders use the person last in contact with the baby
    as the guilty party and here the Witch Finder General talks of the
    time lag being of weeks or months and not days or hours as claimed in
    court by these DISCIPLES.

    John Caffey then admits these children had no history of ABUSE but decides
    in his Witch Finding hat that this is a LIE. (Now an expert on psychiatry?)

    John Caffey then destroys the credibility of any INNOCENT explanation
    being correct. (back to his detecting expertise)

    SEIZURES (ANAPHYLAXIS after vaccines for example) It cant be this. (he is now a better expert than Charles Richet INDEED)

    Vaccine induced illness in the body It cant be this. ( vaccine expert!)

    Toxic harm (lead, mercury and mnay others some secret and some denied as
    present in vaccines) It cant be this. (toxicology expert too)

    All previously linked to these clinical signs but John Caffey knows it
    isnt that but simply ABUSE by the parents. (WITCH FINDER GENERAL?)

    Needless to say the quality of his radiography (given that he missed harm to
    all bones) was at the frontier of RADIOLOGY (NUCLEAR RADIATIONS and
    PARTICLES could later harm these children?) was recognised as
    pioneering and his Witch Finding capabilities quietly EXCUSED,
    FORGOTTEN and NOT brought against the child or family until
    comparatively recently. (A TRUE RADIOLOGY pioneer – one out of ten John!)

    Did he really stand by this hard line of harm with no proof for all his life?

    Did he really believe that all the other researchers and their proofs of
    all NOT related to what he observed?

    Did he think that death and injury from such causes left absolutely no
    clinical trace?

    And why did he accept harm from parents when there was not a shred of

    WITCH FINDING provides a total answer to what must have been in his mind?

    Today it is because of John Caffey and this one SINGLE paper that rest the UNSAFE convictions of thousands of innocent parents.

    People need to select what is good and progress from there

    John Caffey did make a contribution

    But you need to have intelligence to see what is correct – his

    And what is RUBBISH – most, if not all of his CONCLUSIONS.

    BUT for criminal prosecutions, this paper is


    Total, complete and utter RUBBISH!

  • quicksilver

    Sub Dural Hematoma

    A survey of the scientific literature will show that this clinical finding can be without mechanical trauma (BATTERING, SHAKING, THROWING)

    Of course it can be found with BATTERING, SHAKING, THROWING but normally the BATTERING, SHAKING, THROWING will not be with such clinical signs in most cases.

    Take a gun shot killing – what would John Caffey expect to find?

    Take a knife killing again – what would John Caffey expect to find?

    But for John Caffey he finds SDH and therefore must find ABUSE too.

    Others fall for this same error.


    Neurochirurgie. 2001 Nov;47(5):461-3.

    Chronic subdural hematoma: historical studies

    Guénot M. Service de Neurochirurgie A (Pr Sindou), Hôpital Neurologique P.-Wertheimer, 59, boulevard Pinel, 69003 Lyon.

    Guénot discusses the history and must discuss John Caffey and his work and others who see trauma but notes:

    The first description of a chronic subdural hematoma was made in 1658 by
    J.J. Wepfer, followed in 1761 by Morgagni.

    Virchow, in 1857, denied a traumatic origin, and gave the name of “pachymeningitis hemorrhagica interna” to this pathology which he explained by inflammatory processes.

    Virchow is like Caffey (a photographer BUT using dangerous radiations and firing them into babies to make them well) an expert in his field (pathology) and for him SDH was INFLAMMATION.

    And Charles Richet was an expert on INFLAMMATION from repeat vaccines and ANAPHYLAXIS.

    And menigitis will not be dissimialr to harm from saccharides making up the PREVENAR vaccine and others met by Baby A?

  • quicksilver

    The defence against FALSE ACCUSATION of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) does not lie with defending against the clinical findings of the Witch Finders but by embracing them fully.

    Guthkelch 1953


    Guthkelch 1971

    Represents a U turn by this doctor and the view he has on causation.

    In 1953 he had no reason to suppose that SDH was from a criminal causation.

    And this despite research for example by John Caffey who had attempted to turn a growing problem in babies into a reason to persecute their parents.

    In 1953 he identified (see TABLE 1) 18 cases to study of which only 2 were with babies over the age of 6 months.

    Many (7 from a total of 18) were associated with birth injury (using the phraseology of SBS persons it was ABUSE by the hospital and doctors and not apparently even due to VACCINES directly)

    The clinical signs of inside harm to the brazin come from:


    ENLARGED HEADS 4 from 18 (typical from vaccine harm)

    FITS 11 cases from 18 ( or what today might be called SEIZURES, FEBRILE SEIZUES or EPILEPSY)

    VOMITING 7 from 18 (this almost certainly also includes PROJECTILE VOMITING)

    BULGING FONTANELLE 1 only! (not a sign of future intelligence due to large heads etc but due to TERRIBLE and developing INTERNAL damage to brain and blood systems)

    HEADACHE 1 only (headaches are NEVER benign and it is important to find why you have headaches although often this is impossible to discover as the real causes for this case?)

    BUT in 1971 it was ABUSE, SBS, developing research to Witch Find parents and carers.

    The title gives the clue WHIPLASH, Raw hides? and Roll em out? The parents and carers for TRIAL BY ORDEAL?

    He had joined forces with the devil?

    He first has to excuse himself from being a Witch Hunter

    ONLY 2.7 per cent of SBS cases involve SDH

    He means possibly that for 93.3 per cent the doctors let the parents off from Witch Finding with that was lucky for you as your ABUSE didnt quite come into the TRIAL BY ORDEAL category?

    In fact by using other research we see SDH comes from mostly INNOCENT reasons.

    Using SDH to punish parents is using false positives or false negatives possibly?

    The SDH is FACT but has less than 3 per cent at MOST to be anything to do with the Witch Finders diagnoses of SBS.

    SBS does not normally involve any SDH.

    §In 1971 Guthkelch is ignoring birth ABUSE by his own profession and turning a blind eye to multiple VACCINE INSULTS and hidden ANAPHYLAXIS.

    At 6 months this family seeking help from possible birth trauma and vaccine anaphylaxis (PUTMAN it takes MONTHS) got NO help from Guthkelch and to add to being party to killing an infant by medical neglect he then goes after the parents to indite them for TRIAL BY ORDEAL.

    We still have the features he saw long ago


    FITS (today called CONVULSIONS)

    FEVER ( not found by Guthkelch before but known to cause brain harm)

    SDH ( true for SBS in just 3 per cent of cases)

    And other clinical signs for the parents




    But no mention at all






    ANAPHYLAXIS exclusion

    OR 100 other innocent causes for SDH that occur more than 3 per cent of the time.

  • quicksilver


    Deals with Child killings in Australia


    KILLINGS of children can reach 39 per year and that of KILLINGS in general can be under 300 per year and so makes the crime of child killing surprisingly high to some people views maybe?

    The killings come into groups and the Baby A case fits three

    1 INFANTICIDE (at one time this got very little if any punishment though today this has reversed for SBS where the punishment is very severe compared to those deaths due to guns or knives et al)

    2 Non Accidental Injury (This can include suffocation, shaking, throwing, beating but rarely if ever guns or knives? This does indicate a beginning of Witch Finding without proper proof and certainly when known birth trauma, anaphylactic vaccines, dangerous pharma drugs have been used etcetc.)

    3 IATROGENIC (When death is from an unknown cause and big pharma is mute on this)

    Half of the child deaths INVOLVE beatings and again this is disturbing if there is no admittance or guilt by the parent. And confessions are the forte of the notion of Witch Finding. Just tell us what you did and all will be forgiven. It never is but is used to provide research papers to continue the Witch Finding);

    The figures are STABLE if you ignore tha fact that before Witch Finding, the numbers tended to be ZERO.

    In the UK the Witch Finding has reached or potentially could reach the thousands every year and up from an earlier era of more than 50 years with ZERO prosecutions.

    No body who is sane would want one single guilty person to ESCAPE justice but does any sane person want to condemn the innocent and allow dangerous Big pHARMa activities to continue and expand.

    The document does give background information but finally it is the individual stories that tell the tragedy and here there are no instnaces given of MISTAKES in Australian justice.

    But again sme might wonder of the reality of the skew to beatings and deaths to the under six months.

    They might also wonder why the government admits IATROGENIC but doesnt list it in the main groupings (7 in all) and mentions it as an after thought.

    SIDS has killed over one million previously healthy babies and peaks after EVERY round of vaccines without fail.

    It is not just background rates and to be expected.

    The decline in SIDS also indicates something causes SIDS today and certainly when the numbers were several times higher (4 times).

    The idea that all SIDS are killings where mom escapes is stupid but believed by what became known as the DIRTY DOCTORS of which Roy Meadow was one example alongside his disciples (Green, Southall, Chadwick etc)

  • quicksilver



    A technical paper with a clear message

    Retinal Hemorrhage


    Subdural Hematoma


    100 per cent indicative of

    Retinal Hemorrhage


    Subdural Hematoma

    BUT possibly less than 3 per cent indicative of:

    Shaken Baby Syndrome

    Beating Baby Syndrome



    In the hunt to prosecute the real perpetrators of CHILD ABUSE

    You cannot invent a FICTITIOUS set of clinical data to prove who is harming baby and who is innocent.

    The 2013 SBS experts (TRIAD members and believers) are party to MISCARRIAGES OF JUSTICE

    And allow 97 per cent of the perpetrators of :


    Never to even get charged with their crime.

    They do a great DISSERVICE to the protection of children.

    And they should be removed from their profession or imprisoned for crimes against innocent parents and carers using the legal system to condemn the innocent by perjury.

  • quicksilver


    Here we see a claimant for identifying the TRIAD as proof of SBS is at the age of 97 now claiming that MISCARRIAGES OF JUSTICE are common using his theories:

    But the Witch Finders are not going down quietly and see their pet theory and their credibility destroyed:


    He was not asked about his 1953 paper which seems to have escaped him when he relates harm from pre-birth injury, birth injury and obliquely vaccine injury.

    He talks of the period of 1971 or so when he knew then the TRIAD indicated proof of SBS

    Today he seems to have gone back to his earlier view of innocence.

    Asked why at 97 he is trying to reverse the work of Witch Finding he is CLEAR:


    Dont ask daft questions.

    Can SBS Witch Hunters survive SCIENCE

    Dont ask DAFT questions


    Seen by only 22 people in the WORLD (26 plus me?)

    As at 2013 August 27

  • quicksilver

    retinal haemorrhages

    Used to condemn parents and carers for their CHILD ABUSE.

    A child at birth has exactly the same bleeding (nearly one third of the time) that is used by SBS experts to prove harm from someone.

    The condition was first discovered in 1861 when special optical equipment was developed.

    To actually see harm it is usual to use liquids (cyclopentolate hydrochloride) and for some more liquid than others. The effect on a child near death from a seizure event might to the ordinary person mean that unnecessary tests in themselves amounted to ABUSE and certainly ethical concerns?


    Retinal and Conjunctival Haemorrhage in the Newborn

    J. D. BAUM and C. J. BULPITT

    This 1970 article shows that at birth there are nearly one third of the new borns who have this condition at birth.

    Thought to be due to birth trauma and in particular the lack of oxygen.

    In extreme cases the harm is permanent not just to bleeding but to normal life.

    The lack of oxygen for breathing can be due to 50 or so innocent reasons.

    But is it medical incompetence? Hardly. But when the baby presents later there are no explanations to some doctors that are innocent. The difference of just a few months changes the diagnosis from unavoidable harm from the birthing to ABUSE. There are as said dozens of innocent reasons why a very young child has breathing issues.

    Bearing in mind we have lost a million babies to SIDS mostly AFTER vaccines rather than just before though it does happen. Vaccines have been linked to incidents of near SIDS where the infant stops breathing for a short while (apnoea) then it is certain that such bleeding represents an INNOCENT trauma and not ABUSE which also can in some instances have the same effect?

    Note the difference in retinal bleeding with the THROMBOTEST results!

    This 1970 study accepting the high numbers of babies with this finding at birth, the almost certain way it is produced by shortness of breath (50 innocent ways by old and thorough medical taxts condensed down to just ABUSE in modern tomes!) make shtis diagnosis next to useless for diagnosing CHILD ABUSE.

    The modern research finding that these findings are not found by this or that trauma eg convulsions also means that the typical child abuse of shaken baby syndrome a form of convulsion by some malevalent carer would also not significantly produce retinal bleeding.

    But shortage of oxygen eg apnoea attack would most certainly lead to retinal bleeding.

    Fortunately these clear up without as yet long term harm to the eyes.


    Here we get a modern view of CHILD ABUSE with any evidence of innocent causes for these clinical signs either briefly mentioned and dismmised or more likely not mentioned and probably not known to the author?

    you get the impression this doctor is a police officer and not a doctor concerned with remedying ill health but collecting evidence for a Witch Hunt.

  • Baby A Mum

    Hi All this is Baby A’s Mum. Please assist us to raise money for our Legal battle against the State. http://www.gofundme.com/43vpqg

  • quicksilver

    Preparing a defence against FALSE
    accuations of CHILD ABUSE

    Leaving out anything here may be
    construed as giving in to Witch Finding?

    This case as in EVERY such case runs
    and will run on high emotion.

    Fueled by vicious attacks on people, on
    science and on UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED science (see the search and
    destroy tactics used AGAINST Andrew Wakefield to realise why there is
    nobody to defend us from Big pHARMa today. His paper ranks as the
    most EXAMINED paper in the history of science and concerns a HOSPITAL
    and over a DOZEN members of that hospital having very slight
    reservations about just one of the vaccines which Baby A did not live
    long enough to receive!)

    None less than the medical diagnosis
    for Baby A ALREADY attributes BLAME and CRIMINAL GUILT before the
    TRIAL to the parents begins(Witch Finding in 2013!).

    Can this ever be JUSTICE?

    Here is my own personal idea at this

    28th August 2013

    Start by a dedication to the child with
    anecdotes of her short life:

    We will never experience, or know the
    missed life of this once healthy child.

    There is an ABSOLUTE need to find those
    responsible for this HEINOUS ATROCITY.

    The child A died after less than 6
    months and in previous good health.

    There is ABSOLUTELY no INNOCENT reason
    for this death.

    The defence AGREES with the prosecution
    and demands full clinical details of Each and EVERY trauma found on
    this child.

    EACH and EVERY and not a TOKEN example.

    We need total light on this death and
    demand it by natural rights in law.

    Only in this way can we hope find the
    CRIMINAL person, persons or groups RESPONSIBLE.

    Omitting tests, messing up tests, not
    mentioning ALL tests and results will aid Witch Finding, prevent
    justice and be a cause of technical failings in a court of law over
    the highest matter – LIFE and DEATH, CRIME and PUNISHMENT and the
    escape once again by TEFLON Big pHARMa.

    If we take ANY short cut on justice
    then Baby A’s parents will be found GUILTY FALSELY and we will be
    arguing for 5 to 10 years to get JUSTICE restored in this country and
    around the globe..

    People, doctors, scientists, professors
    have been working to expose the harm from chemicals, drugs and
    vaccines for 200 years. You can fool all of the people some of the
    time, some of the people all of the time but we do see for some
    people they cannot be fooled.

    Baby A’s parents are NEW to this
    debate. This doesnt put them just at a disadvantage it puts them
    directly in PRISON by what was known as TRIAL BY ORDEAL.

    There is no way BABY A’s parents can do
    what the above have failed to do in over 200 years. They cannot prove
    what caused the death of Baby A as all the people who put their
    brains to this have still to convince the majority.

    We are not EINSTEIN’S!

    And the defending lawyers, doctors and
    friends who support us do not claim to be EINSTEIN’S!

    How do we go about our defense?

    First of all we are 100 per cent
    INNOCENT of all charges.

    The police interrogations was … (put
    in your treatment good or bad, forced or amical discussion etc etc

    The hospital staff was … ( again put
    in any relevant comments the same)

    The doctors …

    But our client is innocent!

    Therefore to us it is clear something
    else however UNLIKELY is to blame for the proven Shaken Baby Syndrome
    or now referred to for all time by us as SBS.

    There is NO DISPUTE what we see is

    If it wasnt Baby A’s parentswho or
    what could it have been?

    We are not sure but people we speak to
    tell us of things like:

    VACCINE NORMAL but UNWANTED events can
    and do kill AFTER vaccines and that it is not just in the first 4
    hours but it takes days, weeks and months (and this from those that
    condemn people like Baby A’s parents no less)

    More specifically these include:


    And briefly this is what Charles Richet
    professor and Nobel Prize winner had to say on this during his
    address to the scientists of the time.

    Give parts you think appropriate for
    the moment – not too long choose one or two sentences here.

    His work had been verified by over 250
    top vaccine researchers of the day.

    Many thousand research papers were
    published on the theme of ANAPHYLAXIS.

    This NORMAL vaccine effect can, does
    and is blamed by many for the deaths known as SIDS.

    Authority has not accepted this but has
    reduced the deaths first noted from 1969 and peaking sometime in the
    1990’s. Why then and not before? We cannot answer this as
    formulations change rapidly without the public being told and the
    increase and age of first injections is now so low it comes even
    before BIRTH!

    How could this be death after vaccines
    be reduced when we today have MORE vaccines, MUCH sooner?

    The answer is easy:

    Vaccine producers are not into the
    business of KILLING but of preventing us getting vaccine preventable

    We will show that ther eis reasonable
    doubt that any vaccine in the world can be claimed as SAFE.

    It is passed as SAFE but the Big pHARMa
    have a different meaning to SAFE than many in the general public.
    Many would expect SAFE to mean there is NO risk of one million
    unexplained deaths and rising from the after effects of a vaccine for
    the very young baby and SAFE might mean even if the parents agreed to
    their infant being sacrificed for the public good they would not be
    HUNTED down, brought before the courts on a charge where GUILT has
    been pre-determined.

    Big pHARMa do succeed and develop
    better and better vaccines and safer and safer vaccines as time
    passes and hence we would expect and demand less KILLINGs from their

    But they have not and never will
    produce a totally SAFE vaccine by INJECTION.

    Again if hundreds of scientists and
    especially the SEMINAL work of Richet and thousands of research
    papers have not stopped the killings from vaccine normal unwanted
    effects I beg to inform the court and the jury to expect NO MIRACLES
    from the parents and defence team during this trial. But they will
    discover that the issue is one that has been argued over by
    scientists for over 200 years without any resolution in sight as of
    2013 (insert todays date).

    Hence we beg to give the court and jury
    we the defence are of the opinion that the trial is nothing short of:




    And protecting the TRILLION (not
    billion) dollar interests of what one person and many more tell is
    big pHARMa where the apt discription is in the second to fourth words
    or the HARM they are known to cause to many innocent victims is
    provably true to any reasonable person by almost any yardstick they
    choose to look at this problem.

    Yes they save life

    Yes their vaccines work

    Yes their drugs are all powerful

    BUT they suffer from FRIENDLY FIRE as
    we will see in this case.

    The trial will be full of emotion.

    A child has died not from being ill

    Not from SIDS or the lack of obther to
    find ALL clinical signs for the death. How can one million die and
    leave no clue as to how death intervened?

    Baby A died from horrific injuries that
    every person on the planet has the RIGHT to demand punishment and
    issues that as said needs addressing.

    It is not inconceivable that this death
    go unpunished. If you have water tight government protection as we do
    for the pharmaceuticla industry they can kill and use any excuse even
    as we see here to TRANSFER the blame to someone else or SOMETHING
    else; (TYLENOL/PANADO – it was someone putting a toxin in the drug
    – how do you put a toxin into something that has killed an unknown
    and large number of people and often with no suspicion it was

    And it may be construed as Witch
    Finding to blame vaccines which according to the vaccine industry
    have saved 400 million lives or whatever they claim.

    And it may be construed as Witch
    Finding to blame drugs recommended to this child in her life such as
    PANADO or known in USA under the trade name of TYLENOL or in the UK

    But the defence will show these Big
    pHARMa treatments are not 100 per cent free from blame.

    And the defence knows for 100 per cent
    certainty that the trial of Baby A’s parents is 100 per cent pure




    And we will explain who the Witch
    Finder General is and why he has ceased to Witch Find in 2003. For he
    believes we have had enough MARTYRS and now need to return to

    Normal Guthkelch claims and is
    recognised by many as the Witch Finder General of convicting the
    innocent but his disciples in abandonning him in his compassion claim
    the science has moved on and prove his theories. They have only moved
    on to prove the wrongness of the TRIAd as it is known with a few
    extensions to convince a jury they are giving the Baby A parents a
    chance by showing they are not just 100 per cent guilty but are 200
    per cent guilty.

    But which theories need we know for
    Norman Guthkelch?

    Those of 1953 where he describes MANY
    signs from adverse reactions to VACCINES!


    Those of 1971 and his then WHIP LASH
    and dead babies piling up from murdering parents by the 40 million if
    we take the Witch Finders at their very worst.

    At this point the slow rise of SIDS was
    so slow the deaths were thought naturally ALL to be murder.

    And only in the 1990’s had they got the
    numbers down to levels where again the Witch Finding trials could
    commence in real earnest.

    MSBP, Toxic poisoning, Factitious
    Illness, Beating baby and finall it rests on SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME.

    For they (the withc finders) claim MOST
    (parents who have vaccinated and lost their child) get away with
    their crimes

    And we are all 100 per cent sure I hope
    that in this process:

    The guilty person,persons or
    enterprises according to judicial law will not escape CONDEMNATION

    But they will be exonerated from going
    to trial.

    The jury must put away its emotions.

    The jury must put away preconceive
    ideas or PROPAGANDA.

    The jury must look at the evidence put
    together in weeks and not the hundreds of years when every scientist
    in the world has failed to convince the vaccinators they need to take
    care with very young babies lives.

    Many vaccines given to babies are
    forbidden for ADULTS and this without scaling up the amount injected!

    The vaccine killers really do have
    government immunity for the NORMAL UNWANTED effects of vaccines.

    The vaccines are given for benefit of
    the GREATER GOOD of us all but not as we will see for greater good of
    the life of BABY A and at least one million other infants in recent

    May JUSTICE prevail in the courts this

    But a final plea that with the evidence
    collected of such dimensions we move for an abandonament of this
    trial in favour of Baby A’s parents


    We demand exceptional rights to put
    forward ALL the material we have in the way we wish to present it to
    the world and to this jury without LET.

    In a famous USA case an EXPERT witness
    travelled from Australia to the USA and was FORBIDDEN, EXCLUDED,
    PREVENTED from giving evidence in favour of a condemned person and
    AGAINST the vaccine industry. (The matter of Archie Kalokerinos and
    the death from vaccine harm to Alan Yurko junior. Alan yurko senior
    working without let for years to accumulate sufficient evidence of
    vaccine harm and prosecution blunders amounting to such trivia as
    reporting on the autopsy and death to a baby girl and most
    intellignet people realise Alan is actually a boy!)

    We want no such prohibitions to evidence
    in this case and will not support any shortcomings of the prosecution
    in their inexpertise.

  • quicksilver

    Baby A’s parents ask for financial assistence.

    In the case of Sally clark the family were nigh on bankrupted dispite selling thei luxury house valued then at around 400 000 pounds GBP and would today be worth well over a million pounds.

    Further as lawyers themselves they would earn possibly ten times that of most people.

    Sufficient to get a guilty verdict by successful Witch Finding by Roy Meadow.

    When you imagine that Roy probably got around 50 000 to condemn this mother thats a huge loss to help him in his Witch Finding and to fund his manor house et al.

    And the UK state will have spent out millions for the trial, paying for experts of the high calibre as Roy and for keeping Sally in prison and of course injecting her for vaccine prevenatable illnesses.

    Roy received his KNIGHTHOOD (prime minister recommendations) after this conviction which saved the face of Big pHARMa who had injected her son to death just 6 hours earlier.

    The same prime minister as that who got Arpad Pustzia out of his 35 year job two days after he complained of yet more unrelated hazards (possibly or possibly not!)
    from engineering matter and calling it food. In connivance this time with the president of USA!

    That same UK prime minister received Andrew at his official residence and probably or not used his recommendations in vaccine matters? But did not intervene in the subsequent big pHARMa search and destruction against Andrew.

  • quicksilver

    Its important to get your shots!

    I wonder if Baby A’s parents would give the same vaccines or any vaccines to the next child of theirs?

    Can you reply please Baby A’s parents?

    I ask because of this case:

    Same year:

    Same vaccines:

    Not the same result:

    This baby survived!

    And in the other case the hospitals HELPED to save the child from DEATH!

    And did not do tests (more abuse?) to see if there was a case for Shaken Baby Syndrome.



    This site tells people of the dire consequences of NOT vaccinating but fails to explain how a vaccinated child got the same illness they were vaccinated to protect them from.

    The excuse of they didnt get 2 or three REPEAT vaccines for PROTECTION (from ANAPHYLAXIS?) would be enough almost to get Richet rising from his grave?

    But at four months there might have been the chance for several repeat vaccines if they believed and followed the vaccine schedule correctly?

    Note the operation on the SKULL (see pic) to relieve possibly congealed blood and effusions there?

    Note any similarites here?

  • Pete

    Blood in the brain and broken bones? Obviously caused by vaccinations. I got a vaccination once. Broke my leg. True story.

  • quicksilver

    Hi Pete

    I am a 50 year supporter of vaccines and now 20 year advocate of Charles Richet and anaphylaxis from repeat vaccines.

    And yes, we still need them and this is not about those who breeze through vaccines but the price they pay for our safety.

    Dont engage your pen before doing some research. Like Ten years worth please!

    You summarize exactly the chances of these parents with your knowledge themselves and faced with high emotion in court with DIRTY scientists condemning them on no evidence to make a quick 50 grand.

    And every conviction makes the next victim so much easier to get in jail

    And makes vaccines look safer than the safe they are now.

    This case is about parents who gave the normal vaccines to protect their child from vaccine preventable illness.

    Something millions of others do in safety.

    Are you aware of the work of Charles Richet?

    Are you aware that most attempts to get legal redress for vaccine harm actually fail and rarely succeed even though it is supposed to be AUTOMATIC? That is if they are allowed to complain officially.

    Have a look at one dissenting judge (Justice Sotomeyer) in a claim against a vaccine company which is not norùmally allowed even if (they never do) put CYANIDE in the shot.


    The legislative history confirms petitioners’ interpretation of §22(b)(1) and sheds further light on its pre-emptive scope. The House Energy and Commerce Committee Report accompanying the Vaccine Act, H. R. Rep. No. 99–908, pt. 1 (1986) (hereinafter 1986 Report), explains in relevant part:

    “Subsection (b)—Unavoidable Adverse Side Effects; Direct Warnings.—This provision sets forth the principle contained in Comment K of Section 402A of the Restatement of Torts (Second) that a vaccine manufacturer should not be liable for injuries or deaths resulting from unavoidable side effects even though the vaccine was properly prepared and accompanied by proper directions and warnings.

    “The Committee has set forth Comment K in this bill because it intends that the principle in Comment K regarding ‘unavoidably unsafe’ products, i.e., those products which in the present state of human skill and knowledge cannot be made safe, apply to the vaccines covered in the bill and that such products not be the subject of liability in the tort system.” Id., at 25–26.

    Note the phrase:

    Unavoidable Adverse Side Effects

    Many vaccine developers, researchers and scientists realise that repeat vaccines carry the UNAVOIDABLE risk of anaphylaxis


    Unavoidable Adverse Side Effects as the dissenting judge said in the USA Supreme Court.

    And these can lead to death.

    And every sort of illness in between.

    The effects are biochemical, not 100 per cent understood but are thought to mimick the loss of vitamin C illness.

    Are you familiar with what happens or did happen to sailors years ago on long voyages with loss of vitamin C?

    The body decayed in exactly the same way as here;

    Loss of bone formation.

    Bleeding from every part of the body.

    etc etc etc

    And death was nearly always.

    an unavoidable side effect.

    It took nearly 100 years to realise the importance of Vitamin C


    200 years to forget it again.

  • quicksilver

    Hi Pete

    This one extract from the lecture by Richet:

    And as a student of vaccines unavoidable effects; a book by Richet on ANAPHYLAXIS is one of the prizes of my collection of :


    For vaccines unavoidable harm to little babies.

    Note this concentrates on death with lots of blood.

    It takes time for those bone effects to work though. (months maybe)

    So much simpler if its sudden infant death and pathology finds nothing!

    The lethal dose was of the order of 0.1 liquid per kilo live weight of subject.

    But certain of the dogs survived, either because the dose was not strong enough or for some other reason. At the end of two, three or four weeks, as they seemed normal, I made use of them for a new experiment.

    An unexpected phenomenon arose, which we thought extraordinary. A dog when injected previously even with the smallest dose, say of 0.005 liquid per kilo, immediately showed serious symptoms : vomiting, blood diarrhoea, syncope, unconsciousness, asphyxia and death. This basic experiment was repeated at various times and by 1902 we were able to state three main factors which are the corner-stone of the history of anaphylaxis: (1) a subject that had a previous injection is far more sensitive than a new subject; (2) that the symptoms characteristic of the second injection, namely swift and total depression of the nervous system, do not in any way resemble the symptoms characterizing the first injection; (3) a three or four week period must elapse before the anaphylactic state results. This is the period of incubation.

    Once these first factors in anaphylaxis were well grounded, the field opened right up, thanks to the skilled and fruitful research of many investigators.

    In 1903 Arthus, in Lausanne, showed that a first intravenous injection of serum on a rabbit causes anaphylaxis, i.e. three weeks after the first injection the rabbit is hypersensitive to the second injection. The phenomenon of anaphylaxis was becoming of general application. Instead of applying only to toxins and toxalbumins, it held good for all proteins, whether toxic at the first injection or not.

    Two years later Rosenau and Anderson, two American physiologists, demonstrated in a noteworthy piece of work that the phenomenon of anaphylaxis occurs after every injection of serum, even when the injection is minute, for example of 0.00001 ml which is an infinitely small amount but nevertheless sufficient to anaphylactize an animal. They quoted examples of anaphylaxis from all organic liquids: milk, serum, egg, muscle extract. They specified the reaction and clearly showed that of all the subjects, the guinea-pig appeared the most sensitive in anaphylactic terms.

    In 1907 I conducted an experiment which shed much light on the pathogeny of anaphylaxis. An anaphylactic state is produced by taking the blood of an anaphylactized animal and injecting it into a normal animal subject. The anaphylactogen poison is therefore a chemical substance contained in the blood.

    Never been able to stop this except by procedures not often used today but were common knowledge 100 years ago!

    And those bones they talk of are not just one or two but will be ALL of the bones in the body as its a SYSTEMIC form of DAMAGE.

    You would have to be a torturer never seen EVER, to mimic this harm!

    It is immposible for any human to reproduce except by:


  • quicksilver

    HI Pete

    Are you out there or were you just letting off your emotions we share with you that someone MUST be held responsible.

    And Witch Finding should have been finished with but still hasnt as vaccine companies lobbying causes doctors, judges, government et al to excuse vaccine liability for over 25 years.

    From October 1, 1988 that responsibility was shunned by the vaccine company Lederle with alittle help from their lobbying abilities.

    “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action

    for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury

    or death associated with the administration of a vaccine

    after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted

    from side effects that were unavoidable even

    though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied

    by proper directions and warnings.”

    Note the phrase UNAVOIDABLE injury or death.

    Not specifying Richet and effectively fooling ALL the world as nobody much knew about this work so long ago.

    It looks as if the company is bending over backwards to help the world. Any expert would immediately realise why the wording was phrased in this way.

    The harm to Hannah matches closely in time to that of the gradual decline experiences by Baby A and like all decline it goes unnoticed.

    And one million other baby deaths put down as unexplained, sudden infant death and now more often as MURDER most foul as we cant have babies dying for NO
    GOOD reason. Let Witch Finding commence. Do you know of Norman Guthkelch and his DIRTY ideas of these murdering moms by the million?

    Nobody has succeeded in proving that vaccines are responsible and maybe they are not responsible for all the deaths and injuries as there are so many competing toxic insults for all of us and every year these increase as we fail to stop the last insult and so they build up on top of each other making discovery a scientific IMPOSSIBILITY.

    When young we reckoned on 4 toxic chemicals in our body.

    Today this is over 100.

    And for one that of mercury it has long passed the point of harm for us.

    So which of these help ANAPHYLAXIS and organ destroying prescribed medications for Baby A?

    Or were they superfluous to the cause of death?

    Hence, even if in the past we were not harmed by vaccines, today for many and complex reasons we are increasingly harmed and arguably some harm, real or latent has now passed the 50 per cent mark. (Some of the vaccines she had gave UNSOLICITED complaints of 53 per cent – see trials data for prevenar)

    Remember these parents have already lost their 5 month baby girl and now face bankruptcy or accepting summary TRIAL BY ORDEAL.

    Or by some just the knife in the back along some dark alley seems just fine?

    You are lucky and I suspect you survived your vaccines without incident but so too did I.

    However for some unknown reason the last lot of children who had a vaccine while I was a teacher at the age of 14 years went uneventfully until suddenly over a two week period one of them died from a brain cancer and brains are the prime place for vaccine adverse effects to start. (called ENCEPHALITIS)

    Strange that and the case is NOT, nor will be ever called a vaccine adverse reaction as about a year on, how can you prove the decline started on day one of the vaccine? (except for the case of Karen Wetterhahn not a vaccine induced death but of interest as the toxin was present in many vaccines until 1999 when they cut some of them down and only use half a ton a year in Europe for vaccines today)

    For Harry Clark it was likewise totally IMPOSSIBLE with death to an 8 week baby coming in 6 hours and nobody even thinking of vaccine harm even though as might occur here the mother got life behind bars for her murder of her son

    Strange that?

    But bad news when doctors instead of trying to save a baby do more abuse to collect their evidence for harm.

    We know of the harm very clearly!

    But do we know who did it?

    I know that we do not and never will for sure.

    And how do you condemn parents on this when experts disagree.

    Oh! Are you an expert on this matter?

    yopu may be able to help me with some simple questions I need answering on this matter from a knowledgeabe vaccine person and qualifications dont matter even if I have a handful myself from 7 years full time work at various UK universities.

  • Pete

    Come on. This isn’t a case of ‘unavoidably unsafe’ vaccines. There’s no way that any side effect of a vaccine caused enough ‘loss of bone formation’ in a couple days to lead to spontaneously fractured arm and leg bones in a 5 month old kid. I understand that in extremely rare cases, vaccines hurt or kill patients, but this is clearly not one of those cases.

  • quicksilver

    An essential resource for the defence is a statistical view of the Witch Finding and its full extent.


    The number of alleged child abuse deaths in the USA is currently over 1 500 each year.

    Some of these will no doubt be genuine (we hope they all will be or the number of innicents in prison will be in the hundred thousands around the world.

    The maximum number of SIDS or sudden death to previously healthy babies was around 12 000 showing that murders in this group were over 10 per cent.

    An incredible number that defies common sense as we know most are innocent as to cause by the parents if not to Big pHARMa and it is illogical to imagine a 10 per cent or more amount of murderers in this group of mostly sad and unexplained deaths.

    For a period of 75 years in the UK the prosecutions were ZERO (population about 5 times or so less)

    Regard the chart for example showing MURDER of the under one year is at least THREE times higher than other years.

    This is a logical impossibility as we would not expect this degree of difference.

    Indicating a 60 per cent or so mistake of ABUSE when other innocent factors would be expected to be true.

    Comparing this to the causes eg neglect is the worst offender then the miscarriages of justice have just doubled again.

    The TRIAD and broken bones in every bone of the body had better be correct by the Witch Finders or they are sending up to and over 75 per cent to prisons when the reason is INNOCENCE for the parents now in prison.

    The references might be expected to lead to more Witch Finding?

    But check


    Is a disturbing DAMNATION of the medical service and their chaotic inability to study properly dead and dying children after vaccines.

    And the CERTAINTY of the Witch Finders who use evidence provably faulty would also be exposed by common sense views on the chaos in the medical world of 2103 USA.

    Previous studies of death certificates have shown ONLY a 30 per cent accuracy and for putting people in prison this is one more reason for accusation of Witch Finding.

    Here in the SIDS document we see deliberate altering of diagnoses in the all too typical way to massage figures.

    SIDS falls because we call it anything else including MURDER and damn the consequence to a family already destroyed once by medical incompetence.

    I suppose they reckon


  • Pete

    And I’m truly not implying that I know whether or not the parents are guilty. I’m sure there are things I don’t understand about the situation. The failing of the article is that it doesn’t give any suggestion as to what, other than parental malfeasance, might have caused the injury. Just saying that vaccinations were administered x number of days prior doesn’t tell anyone anything about the child’s injuries. It’s data. My ankle was sore this morning. Yesterday, I drank a Pepsi. I can’t then say Pepsi cases ankle injuries. Both statements are true, but it’s a false causality.

  • Brook

    There are enough scams out there and I don’t have money to throw away. Thus I will assist you with this information that I posted on other websites: Low Vitamin C levels combined with the stress of vaccines can cause
    symptoms similar to infantile scurvy. The symptoms include bruising, bleeding, fractures, subdural hematoma and retinal haemorrhages. But they need to do tests to confirm low Vitamin C levels and high histamine levels. A variant form of Barlow’s disease could also cause these symptoms.

    Please refer to an online article called Is It Child Abuse — Or Something Else Entirely? by Susan Pearce

    Or copy and paste this address into your browser. http://www.vaclib.org/basic/childabuse.htm

    PS I have no confidence in lawyers and believe that you could defend yourselves in this case. The law is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is tell your story in a concise chronological order, collect your evidence to present to the court and hit the defence with it when they leastexpect it.

  • Bill

    No way. This could be a scam and you could be looking for easy money. What a JOKE.

  • Brook

    Sorry you are the defence. You better hit the prosecution with your evidence. Either way it won’t matter as long as you present enough evidence to support your case.

  • quicksilver

    Hi Pete

    I have given my email for anyone including the parents to contact me and that includes you.

    [email protected]

    The first vaccine was at day one.

    Hence the body has five months to produce these bone healing and repair seen on an MRI, radioscan or whatever.

    And yes there is no evidence of vaccine cause to the injuries.

    But there is dangerous medications used – PANADO – which in USA is TYLENOL and has been subject to countless withdrawals reduction in amounts etc etc including accusations that someone put toxin in a toxic drug!

    The point is that there could be up to a million such cases the same as above and they cant all be murder or the parents killing their babies would outnumber all other serious crime.

    The statistics dont add up and you cant hang a person because they have the look of a murderer.

    Your correlation to causation applies equally to linking the injuries to the parents.

    We cant explain the link but by blaming the parents you put off the day when understanding or belief comes.


    This was from a nine months study and no link to vaccine harm but a link to medical and legal incompetence, altering data and not even bothering to examine cases.

    We see fitional series for hopsitals and police and here we see REALITY.


  • quicksilver

    Hi Brook

    You are perfectly correct and thanks for the link.

    It simply proves the wealth of material on both sides and of all qualities from bad to very bad.

    We have no good information or there wouldnt be a raging debate over vaccine safety still in 2013 August.

    As to not supporting this family, I can concur as for twenty years nobody has given me one cent to my work not that it matters.

    But if various governments had listend they could have saved themselves a BILLION euros.

    In this battle it is wastage all the way to an early grave today.


    Shorter lives, poorer health for USA.

    In the rush to get everyone vaccinated the country has fallen from the best of health and life expectancy to the very worst amongst 17 top nations.

    More incompetency, ignorance and belief system in big pHARMa?

  • quicksilver

    Hi Brook

    Not sure what you mean by hit the prosecution with my evidence.

    I am not involved in any way with this case EXCEPT to try to level the David versus Goliath battle that is about to ensue.

    The knowledge of vaccine anaphylaxis and the toxic nature of the drugs prescribed to the child have taken me over 10 years of careful research and study of the literature together with deciphering all that it means.

    The chance of the defence lawyer or the family to know this or even learn it in time for the trial is zero.

    From personal experience of other trials the prosecution collude together (not allowed), hide evidence (not allowed) and omit the full details of the case either to help the defence win or spare the jury the full details of what happened (to make the Witch Finding seem more fact than its fiction – they have the duty to tell everything good or bad for anyone or anything)

    And finally a favourite tactic of the prosecution and as a result of all that colluding it is usual for the prosecution to leave the defence without the material and evidence they have.

    Here we see nothing about the prosecution case at all. What is here is what is repeated at various levels in every SIDS case which in most cases has not been investigated or it would give the sense to this case that there has been a cover up on SIDS for 40 years.

    A child cannot die without some reason and that reason for me includes toxic harm from a variety of exposures from pesticides, vaccines, drugs and conditions in the home and yes that may include stupidity but not criminality from the parents.

    Time to do a bit more than just say the angle of sleeping for an infant is life or death. The doctors gave that advice first and now give completely different advice showig you can rely on them for causing death and illness but in a court of law you rely on them for Witch Finding only.

  • quicksilver


    Between a rock and a hard place here.

    And we see in addition to the Witch Finding, we see that other trait of human nature.

    When a mans down kick him in the groin and rob him.

    You could have turned the other cheek and said nothing?

  • quicksilver



    Tylenol is the same chemical substance as in PANADO taken by Baby A.

    The story is of a two year old (4 times the age of Baby A at death) and recounts the miracle of how the toxic effects kicked in but against all odds the child survived with no long term effects.


    And the Baby A’s parents will be praying likewise for a miracle to prove to the Witch Finders that while each of several toxic exposures might be survivable on their own, the complex and probably never complete toxic mix that Baby A endured turned recoverable toxicity into death.

    0 + 0 = 1 in this sad world of SIDS, and deaths put down by dirty doctors as MSBP (now discredited), SBS (now illegal to use this emotive term in the UK), shaking etc etc etc.

    Where one other zero that becomes ONE with other toxins are the series of vaccines and repeat vaccines and more seizure risks from them.

  • quicksilver

    Many people seem aghast that a baby can on its own, decompose so quickly, so that every bone leaves signs of abuse and the brain blown up like a football can occur from simple exposure to multiple and repeat toxic insult.

    But in simple thermodynamics the human is a scientific impossibility.

    We defy the laws of science and exist for a while before returning back literally to dust.

    In such a state of thermodynamic INSTABILITY it is possible for any single CATALYST or ENZYME to reverse the UNSTABLE state we are and return us to CHAOTIC dust again in short time.

    Chemical explosives one second beautiful crystalline powder in some shell and a split second later as thermodynamic destruction kicks in all this beauty turns to dust and DESTRUCTION.

    Baby A was doing what we all do and for a short while defy the scientific laws of THERMODYNAMICS only to be exposed to some single or mix of catalysts and/or enzymes and return to dust quicker than she deserved.

    And vaccines and pharmoactive drugs have the habit of doing what they were designed to do – save life and reduce suffering.

    But in a thermodynamic reaction:

    DEATH and an end to suffering in life come all too quick.

    And for Baby A’s parents

    We see:

    LIFE (perhaps in prison?) and MORE suffering than any parent on this planet deserves.

    Somebody, something is responsible for all this.

    For the baby A it is all chaos.

    But for baby A’s parents we know EXACTLY who is responsible for their TRIALS and SUFFERING.

    May they be spared the pain they choose so unwisely to inflict on others.

  • quicksilver

    More thermodynamic instability and after effects on babies:

    From ANY big pHARMa medication, drug, injectable and vaccine.

    They very very very rarely happen they are not always this bad but can be worse (death).

    When you get that vaccine or drug and you need it then you should be warned of adverse effects and can make an educated decision if you wish to go ahead?

    How on earth did Baby A make any decision on here medications and vaccines and if she would be asked at birth what would she say to Big pHARMa using HINDSIGHT?


    Doubting thomases please read:

    Not all these signs manifest themselves


    Note the swelling of the eyes and compare to the photo of Baby A after her drugs and vaccines.

  • quicksilver



    This lady gets all the emotions of the journalist

    tears of anguish

    Just fed and watered the darlings

    But she is classed as in the fraternity of hospital staff, doctors and nurses and such and has her GET OUT OF JAIL CARD FREE!

    But imagine if 5 doctors got together and signed her up for


    What would the Baby A parents are guilty have to say on this case if it was presented differently

    A male with criminal record etc etc

    A true POST CODE lottery of what happens when you present with dead babies.

    And note too this is in South Africa.

    What a difference a thousand miles and different but now DIRTY doctors make to your suffering and grief over a baby death (to add to the million already unknown cause deaths to healthy infants) for reasons unknown to you and the whole world.

  • quicksilver

    I listened to the discussion between a journalist, the family and a police officer who investigates suspicious sudden deaths et al to babies together with the writer of this column.



    It shocked me.

    There is too much to discuss in one post but it again confirms clearly the idea of Witch Finding that is and has been in use inj the modern MEDICAL world since the 1970’s and particularly in the past 15 years or so.

    Police Officer Chris Savage epitomises the problem.

    He is or was party to the Witch Finding process. He would recount the death of the baby and note particular things, anything that the prosecution or Witch Finders could latch on to.

    One that he may or may not have mentioned but is increasingly common is the idea of sharing your bed with your baby or sharing baby with another child and then finding baby dead in the morning. That’s easy it was suffocation by the parents or by the other child in the house.

    This bears as much resemblance to the truth as the UNIVERSAL cries of MSBP, factitious whatever illness, beating baby, suffocating baby, toxifying baby or now SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME. If bed sharing is a problem, then OUTLAW the practice and make it a HANGING OFFENCE. It isn’t a hanging offence, never will be and in most cases has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the deaths to babies except to AVERT suspicion from that VACCINE; series of VACCINES or repeat VACCINES, that produced the UNAVOIDABLE UNSAFE anaphylactic VACCINE reaction and sudden infant death for no known reason (it cant be the VACCINES!):

    As a doctor:


    So how can those LIFE SAVING vaccines have contributed even 3 per cent to the death of any baby.

    Its not possible, for we all know that doctors:


    But hang on a minute in this case the hospital doctors, the hospital nurse and the family talk of a swollen leg after VACCINES and the worry of what might happen internally to the bones, muscles and every cell in that leg and hence to other parts of the body too.

    The hospitals INSIST this is or was NORMAL

    It ALWAYS happens and will go down again rapidly.


    I do actually WORRY.

    Is a blown up leg of no clinical sign or importance of ANAPHYLAXIS or of danger to life in a baby infant?

    Can we all blow up our legs and think that we have a vaccine type response which can save us from terrible vaccine preventable illnesses? Is it a clinical sign we should try to emulate?

    Or are we being mad to expect a leg to blow up from every vaccine given and this is what has been needed to. Get the vaccine reaction and protection and wtach the blowing up of parts of the body and head to get that KICK or help with protection against deadly vaccine preventable illness. Pity we never got the MEASLES protection vaccine etc etc etc.

    Someone here is LYING.

    A blowing up like this is not NORMAL but is described as NORMAL and hence we must take the word of these good doctors that this is what vaccines are all about?

    And we must take their word when they talk of the savage beating and destruction of this baby by the parents who we all know did not want this baby and took every available opportunity to destroy it and particularly every time they took it for vaccines they could go home and gloat how they persuaded the doctors to help them in their evil plan.

    No someone here is a LIAR and for me it is EVERY doctor who put their name down to SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME.

    And as for Police Officer Savage and his life long working with the doctors to condemn innocents and get them in prison in best 21st century Witch Finding ways.

    THANK GOODNESS in his retirement he can now tell us it was all nothing but WITCH FINDING and it WAS the vaccines what did it after all!

    GO MAN GO DESTROY your ex-Witch Finders and the Witch Finder General himslef has renounced his lies

    See interview with Norman Guthkelch at 97 and finally a


  • quicksilver

    The radio broadcast the date of which is not clear talks of the defence being DEPRIVED of clinical evidence for the trial scheduled for 30th September 2013.

    How is it possible for a defence to be achieved in this short space of time when the evidence for the prosecution is still being ALTERED, HANDLED and SIFTED so that only that of use to the prosecution is needed for successful Witch Finding?

    If this is indeed the case or even if belatedly the material is now in the hands of the advocate for the defence then COMPLAINTS must be laid with the courts by RECORDED delivery with a receipt about what is in the deposition.

    For any NATURAL justice this would be grounds for dismissal of the case.

    You are on trial but are NOT ALLOWEd to see what evidence we hold against you (or are still FABRICATING?)

    Have I seen thiswithholding of evidence before?

    Yes in every Witch Finding trail in HISTORY!

  • quicksilver

    A book list of nearly 100 books on the dangers of vaccines and/or Big pHARMA


    At 97 books it will take just a small push to get it over that magic 100.

    Here is one suggestion

    STOLEN INNOCENCE A Mother’s Fight for Justice byu John Batt

    ISBN 009 190 070 – 0

    ‘Unless we are sure of guilt, the dreadful possibility always remains that a mother, already brutally scarred by the unexplained deaths of her babies, may find herself in prison for life for killing them when she should not be there at all’

    LORD Justie Judge UK High Court Judge

    If I was defending Baby A’s paerent sin court I would give each member of the Jury and the judges in the case hard copies of this book.

    In fact it is to me obligatory that all those that seek to punish or not the family and are involved MUST have this book.

    It recounts a similar story and you can find that the villains were not the mother (or father) but were the expert witnesses who finally had to agree they were no experts but BIGOTS.

  • quicksilver

    The Witch Finding used in this trial and for a million other cases involve the same sort of bigotry. Here we see the doctors defending the rights of the baby and in this case Baby A.

    Baby A has been murdered (correct – by vaccines on their own or plus something else) and we doctors are going to prove it is baby A’s parents that did it (wrong they are innocent).

    It is correct that they (doctors) seek punishment but as explained you cannot punish the people who are guilty (doctors not parents) as they are directly or indirectly the government itself who bring this trial. And many who put their name to this Witch Finding will be the criminals but in their eyes but dont see this. We are innocent.

    One million dead SIDS, ten million injured autism children and simple denial absolves your own sins.

    But not for Baby A’s parents who will be bankrupted even if they are spared from the Trial by Ordeal by sensible, reasonable and thinking jury members who separate the atrocious findings from a loving family and place it on toxic abuse from toxic vaccines.

    Regard the writings of Archie Kalokerinos as he recognised lots of dead babies after vaccines while his colleagues found no such slaughter but when he looked closely it was much worse for them!

    The reason is that government protect Big pHARMa and so ultimately this trial is to convince an increasingly sceptical world that vaccines are not invariably unsafe and that the research by Richet et al is no longer true since we have MSBP et al to cover up this unavoidable normal unwanted effect of vaccines. And look at the success we have achieved!

    If the doctors find the parents sort of admit they were culpable then sometimes they help them as for sharing beds where there is still yet to be one criminal trial for this offence and where most of the time it is more lies by the vaccine protectors. Bed sharing probably hasnt killed any baby unless the parents know for a fact which they never do. As Roy himself pointed out strangulation is almost impossible to do unless you are there for a long time. Pearl divers under water for 15 minutes or more dont die.

    Where the fight gets really nasty is where claims of vaccine harm are raised and then Witch finding goes into OVERDRIVE.

    The parents claim they havent raised vaccine issues while not realising to intelligent and often wily doctors it is blatantly apparent that vaccines have always been the first target for these parents. This is an UNFORGIVEABLE sin in the eyes of the medical world. You are not allowed to suggest such things, basically because more people are realising we are in the middle of a tobacco war fight or lead war fight, or sulphur dioxide fight, or radioactive pollution fight etc etc etc. Denial goes all the way to the bitter end and often there just is no end in sight.

    All science and reason goes. Witch Finding succeeds easily when you have a trillion dollar industry under siege. And your lobbying ability and experts in place.

    In addition we have the fact that vaccines are seen by most people as life savers. It takes personal tragedy to realise the pack of lies from Big pHARMa on almost everyhting they promote. How many truly have not had a vaccine – almost nobody.

    Looking at animals is interesting and here the UK has gone from NO vaccines for rabies and no cases of rabies to hundreds of millions of rabies injections and no rabies but hundred or more animals suffering and becoming ill where before they didnt. An area ripe for further exploration.

    It is easy to go to court and say we know there are parents beating their children ergo this family are guilty.

    You may as well get some one standing by a dead body he has found and find him guilty by the same analogy and in the UK this has happened too many times.

    But conversely the justice system can be seen as too lenient with genuine cases too.

    But the fight today and in court will be over vaccines that were muted as causing baby A’s injuries and suffering during most of her life.

    And blaming vaccines means the medical world and this hospital wont be taking a hard line; they will demand your life and why not the life of your partner too to silence your researched knowledge that vaccines were proved culpable.

    Vaccines shown to be UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE over 100 years ago.

    BUT for the greater good we will sacrifice babies by the million and persecute those who have the Galileo sort of OBSTINACY that they are culpable:

    But VACCINES killed our baby!

    I saw it and the proof is in those pathology reports.

    That went MISSING for so long.

    And where did that test for proof of vaccine harm go to?

    That was not lost as it was never carried out as an innocent reason to discount.

    Inncoent explanations are over 100 and not confined to some ultra rare genetic defect.

  • quicksilver

    The talk through on the radio programme spoke of the police investigation at the time the family brought their baby to hospital. It was claimed that there were no marks, no signs of abuse, no external bruising etc etc.

    For the police this was routine and no charges would be brought or could be brought.

    In hospital custody the child deteriorated even though on ICU and after 7 days the parents were more or less forced to pull the plug on their decling, decaying, decomposing baby.

    You dont have to be the leading pathology expert in your country to realise the gradual harm that will be now discovered.

    Pathology books often talk about discovering the time of death et al and here although death did arrive many, many days after the child came to the hospital, the pathology in court must not be prejudicial against the parents for the fact it was them and not the parents that decide to pull the plug on the infant. Pathology by its nature cannot be done BEFORE death or here pulling the plug. And we know from external appearances there was NO harm on admission. But immense harm on autopsy. Ergo the harm came while in HOSPITAL custody and is not the fault of the parents.

    There are counter arguments that bruising would take an hour or so to start but there was no bruising as witnessed then by th epolice who came in again rather late for the parents justice.

    The police who witnessed the no harm to the child when brought in will give a different view to those who saw the infant after death and after a time lapse to autiopsy. These police officers and their REPORTS are vital evidence and need checking for ALTERATIONS.

    And hospital records for it seems to an outsider that there was ABUSE and FAILINGS in care by the hospital.

    Further the ploy of there is no hurry was rapidly changed to there is need for hurry (to get evidence of conviction which time was removing from the dirty doctors?). It seems certain doctors were more interested in getting a name as medico-legal experts than giving BEST care to a seriously ill baby.

    The evidence of harm to the leg after vaccine was a long time before any worries for sudden death or even prolonged death by incompetent ICU. But the parents kept shouting: The child is in pain and the leg is SWOLLEN, while hospital keep shouting ITS NORMAL, ALL BABIES have this and its down to YOU. LOOK after the (xxxx) child with this TRAUMA for we will do NOTHING except say its NORMAL to have TRAUMA after vaccines.

    Who was being ABUSIVE and NEGLECTING in their care. The hospital for fobbing off a major TRAUMA and ABUSE while leaving an ignorant and uninformed at the time set of parents to COPE AS BEST THEY COULD.

    What real benefit would the towel therapy actually do and where are the precedents for this treatment? Or is it just a ploy to prevent parents lodging a well founded ABUSE case from the doctors mistreating their child or baby A.

    Logic tells you that the benefit of the warm towel will be less than ZERO. Is there proof of who and why this treatment was suggested.

    And what was the TECHNIQUE or was it simply the hospital technique for baby ABUSE?

  • quicksilver

    Organisation is key also:

    In Stolen Innocence the husband talks of 15 lever arch files FULL of information.

    And over 200 files on his computer.

    I have collected to date three libraries of information on chemicals and health.

    And my present computer has a third of a million files.

    Steven lost the fight to keep his wife out of prison:

    You must not make the same mistake.

    ORGANISATION is the key here to JUSTICE

    Dont give in to WITCH FINDING

    And the vaccine fight although it is guilty here and elsewhere is SECONDARY.

    Most important is JUSTICE and FREEDOM.

    And make them PAY for your time, imprisonment and costs incurred keep a note down to the cent of all this.

    Sadly as you see from your fund NOT SET UP BY YOU but by a person once a minor Witch Finder himself!

    The best experts cost money

    And hence also why many PERJURE themselves to and damnation to the innocent in their fight for the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR.

    This case would NEVER go to court if there was a proper file of information anyone could interrogate.

    The problem is like INCOMPETENT experts


    Not only isnt there a set of files for your use but many you have to pay outrageous sums for

    And finally many in the vaccine world will never have heard of Charles Richet but rely on propaganda doled out by the shovel full while training as a doctor.

    I too find it easy to read evidence for the benefit and safety of vaccines until you get past the title and abstract and find they lie.

    Compare the standard employed against that paper by Andrew Wakefield

    As a gold standard and nothing produced by these Witch Finders would be published EVER, past, present or future.

  • quicksilver


    To fight this case on the basis of:

    1 Vaccine induced harm and death

    2 PANADO adverse reactions

    You will need to demand ALL known adverse reports and their history which are currently lodged with the vaccine makers and the government.

    This wont include all, as many will be killed by vaccines but be talked out of it as they tried with you:


    Has probably resulted in saving a bad vaccine over and over again.


    Condemning those million SIDS to death and ten million to be autistic children.

    This hidden data must be shared with you and the courts.

    How do you get justice otherwise?

    Roy Meadow had secret meetings about deaths after vaccines but went to court honoring the secrecy agreements with the government and vaccine industry to the detriment of natural justice.

    Roy was effecitively transferring blame to moms and away from Big pHARMa.

    He was knighted by the UK government for such actions.

    In the THALIDOMIDE scandal the precedent was set. The director of the company that made the thalidomide was also KNIGHTED 35 years before.

    These disclosures are not easy to get and in a court case like yours it is one way to force them into the open.

    A proper investigation does not just take years to prepare but years to explain in courts.

    Delays if offered have to be taken but just add to your suffering and costs.

    In cases where there are reasonable grounds that vaccine harm will be proven, it is necessary to have PROPER FUNDING and not loans or just nothing on offer.

    Charles Richet et al showed the:


    And in 2013 we still see and recognise this as a TRUTH.

  • quicksilver

    In that talk through by the parents of Baby A it was discussed if the couple anti-vaccine views were known.

    Here we see UNICEF admitting they do track such sites:


    A stunning new report reveals that the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been monitoring independent health sites and their users

    Dates to 2013 April

    Not withstanding the prison sentence in USa

    And the

    Excommunication of other whistle blowers on spying on any and all of us.

    such as Snowden

  • Evan Eberhardt

    Rotten vaccines, rotten medicine, rotten government.

  • quicksilver

    Looking at specific tests for anaphylaxis and connecting it to the bone fracturing reveals that the science maybe non-existent or limited in extent or that scientists havent matched the two together very well or very convincingly.

    These ideas are new to me and they will need time to be accepted or disproved.



    An enzyme in high amounts ie 2 to 10 times normal levels is associated both with :



    Activated Mast cells or some known or unknow bone growth involvement

    This test is therefore one that a fair minded prosecution scientist might want to order to rule out vaccine anaphylaxis affecting thios parameter.

    The linkage is still under development but while a high tryptase level would certainly indicate INNOCENCE a normal level would not mean automatic guilt as we see from prosecution evidence the clinical signs for any condition or syndrome can be totally silent, we can have all signs or some complex mix of signs.

    And the overlap to other illness and disorder means we need to rule out about a 100 different conditions or syndromes.

    And bear in mind like the tryptase levels the science is often bew or even yet unknown.

    And if we look at tryptase and high levels being positively realted to anaphylaxis

    we see other woprk indicating that high levels are related to not getting anphylaxis!

    Make what you can of this argument and conflict satelliting round needed and necessary tests to show innocence for the family and we begin to see in science we have ideas, tests but at the end of the day what theory succeeds or is correct is based on the level of expertise of the scientists, their standing in authority and their ability to argue their case.

    All this means when their is dispute anyone who actually judges guilt of innocence on a arguing mad professors none of whom can agree with their opponents and even maybe with those with whom they have sided makes any use of science for guilt or innocence immpossible.

    And the arguments centre on the certainty that anaphylaxis can easily cause death, so to present with a satellite of signs especially as effectively the child was not a viable human life form for seven days the decay, decomposition was enormous.

    And that autopsy far too late afterwards.

    In criminal cases to get guilt you need that autopsy IMMEDIATELY and certainly any more than a day is prejudicial to a fair trial.

  • quicksilver

    A 30 minute u tube film on SBS and possible miscarriages of justice

    Some have since been released indicating the serendipity of convicting the right or in this case the wrong person.


    I did not see any vaccine involvement in the part I looked at but did get the idea of spider bites which came up once in a case I looked at but wasn’t proved but on the autopsy was mentioned a double puncture mark and the likely spider would have been the black widow spider which was common in that area.

    Needless to say this person got life without parole.

    Did the spider do it?

    We will never know?

    But in conjunction with human interventions:

    Pesticide spray in the house


    etc etc

    It was the last person with the baby.

    Witch Finding?

    And inaccuracies in the autopsy to add to the confusion

  • quicksilver

    A good start guide to vitamin C and what happens when it is in short supply or its biochemistry is blocked.

    Note today the other environmental insults will have changed but the message is there that vitamin C has drastic effects that Witch Finders use.


    Infantile scurvy: the centenary of Barlow’s disease

    PHILIP R EVANS BMJ 1983 December 17

  • quicksilver

    The present day radiological photos are both used to convict a carer of child abuse with the proviso that the radio pictures are not sufficient evidence alone.

    A perfect Witch Finders ploy.

    The scans or photos tell absolutely nothing except there are anomalies and tell us nothing about whether they are caused by abuse, by conditions known to us or by conditions not known or denied (vaccine induced harm).

    One set of dirty experts can say ABUSE and as admitted there is no proof.

    The defending experts talk of vaccine induced harm by interfering with vitamin C and again the proofs are not 100 per cent.

    Conversely known examples of beating babies should provide evidence and they do not.

    And Vitamin C and its effects on bones provide the exact match to that in many shaken baby cases.

    It is foolish for the defence to claim 100 per cent it is a vitamin effect but there are grounds for being sure it is a genuine effect.

    For the prosecution their 100 per cent proof is of a child dying and nothing else.

    And while babies do die from cruelty there are enough SIDS to show overwhelmingly two things

    We havent the faintest idea why they die as we deny vaccine involvement

    The statistics or a million SIDS and thousands of so called battered babie should make the common sense view that murder is a chance only for 1 in 1 000

    And there are reasonable reseach to show these kind of bone effects done more than a 100 years ago

    And why is there no such research today on harm to bones in SIDS cases and only theories of abuse while ignoring a 100 or so innocent explanations almost tot he extent you have to look at old books or journals to find these innocent explanations that are denied as most unlikely.

    They are not most unlikely but simply prove that modern experts are not just fallible, but bigoted, see only their own speciality and fail or do not want to learn of a 100 other causes for reasons of time or perhaps lack of intellect.

  • quicksilver

    JUSTICE or Witch Finding?

    The concerns about vaccines and harm to the baby are never better explained than by the work of Charles Richet

    The known use of PANADO is the known use of medically prescribed drug that can destroy the body organs and must therefore have other effects known and unknown.

    And in this it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to have a list and time and amounts of all treatments during, after but MORE important before the birth of Baby A.

    Too many people claim their child was injured before the birth and therefore it couldnt be vaccines (and those drugs after birth).

    And with ten million sufferers alone for autism this means many almost certainly were harmed at the birth time or maybe before:

    This may or may not be implicated but serves as an example:



    Sounds harmless enough but masking its ORGANOFLUORINE chemical structure and therefor in a group which includes some of the most TOXIC and NEUROTOXIC compounds we know of.

    And in addition FLUORINE and simple fluorine compounds put in water do affect bones. Is there fluorine in the water supply? It may be there naturally and far from the sea the saving effects of chlorine, bromine and iodine compounds may be missing?

    Here we might mention Doctors Data or some such do a complete analysis for such elements and many others that may explain the harm done.

    In fairness to a fair trial you have had hair, nail, blood and urine tested for the full range of elements including ones like URANIUM, PLUTONIUM, MERCURY, LEAD et al?

    Or is this truly a Witch Finding Trial?

    But back to Big pHARMa and his drug cabinet for the unsuspecting pregnant mother and specifically the girl foetus!

    Obstetrics[edit source | editbeta]

    Dexamethasone may be given to women at risk of delivering prematurely to promotematuration of the fetus’ lungs. This has been associated with low birth weight, although not with increased rates of neonatal death.[8]

    [8] Bloom SL, Sheffield JS, McIntire DD, Leveno KJ (April 2001). “Antenatal dexamethasone and decreased birth weight”. Obstet Gynecol 97 (4): 485–90. doi:10.1016/S0029-7844(00)01206-0. PMID 11275014.

    and link to many research papers such as



    Avascular necrosis of bone after high doses of dexamethasone during neurosurgery.

    J McCluskey, D H Gutteridge

    Br Med J (Clin Res Ed) 1982;284:333 (Published 30 January 1982)

    This refers to adverse health risks to adult and babies if INSULTED with this organofluorine neurotoxin may behave much more quickly and from much less amount than harms adults?

    Compounds used in drug therapy are chosen for the power and efficacy but it is simplistic to think ANY powerful and efficacious drug will restrict itself to the one action that allows it to be INSULTED into all of us through our drinking water supplies as it goes through the WATER CYCLE.

    And if you have been prescribed such a drug.



    But not this time for Baby A?

  • Inga

    I am not a lawyer but I have put several court cases together and on 3 occasions when a lawyer could not be engaged I represented the cases in court. Every case was successful and the only time there was a problem was when barristers wouldn’t follow my advice, this resulted in the barristers apologising to me because they realised I was right, fortunately we still won the case and set a precedent. Thus I believe that the parents could represent themselves and win this case.

  • Inga

    You have a pretty easy case here if you present it properly
    you could easily win it.
    1st there is plenty of evidence to show that vaccines are not properly tested before they are released to the public.
    2nd the public are thus being used as human guineapigs. 3rd as the public are being used as human guineapigs full extent of side effects to these drugs can only be seen in those who have been given the drugs, because the drugs weren’t properly tested in the first place.
    4th when drugs are properly tested people can still have an unusual rare side effect to these drugs and this is why drugs are supposed to undergo ongoing surveillance. Sadly the ongoing surveillance has been ignored when it comes to vaccines and there is plenty of evidence to support this.
    5th by continually denying the less prevalent adverse reactions of vaccinations the safety of these drugs cannot
    be effectively evaluated.
    6th when these parents informed the immuniser that their child had experienced a reaction at an earlier date; what action did the immuniser take to ensure the child’s safety. In my opinion the child should have been sent to a children’s hospital or a paediatrician for a proper assessment before any more vaccines were administered. If this was not done then the correct protocol was not followed.
    7th knowing that the child had an earlier reaction to
    vaccinations; did the immuniser give the parents any special instructions, such as seek medical assistance if your child develops various symptoms. If this was not done then protocol was not followed.
    8th what tests did the hospital or coroner do to establish that the child died from abuse? Were any tests done to rule out child abuse? Did they rule out other possible causes such as scurvy? If these steps were not taken then they have no case against the parents and have been negligent in establishing the cause of death.
    9th did the child have a history of abuse, or were the parents supporting and loving. Again the prosecution has to prove that there is evidence of abuse because without that they have no case.
    I could go on and on but I am sure you get the picture.

  • quicksilver

    Hi Inga

    Thanks for the feedback

    Yes, I believe you can get a good result and like you I have in the very few cases I have been involved with got some successes although often there is no thanks or even knowledge of what people do. I helped get justice for Angela Cannings and she probably is 100 per cent unaware etc etc etc.

    I have mentioned one case on U tube where the defence offered NO evidence and got life. Not suprising and a defence of no I didn’t do it fails with everybody including me in the jury! Similarly pleas of I did a little to appease the prosecutors plays right into them.

    Attack is the best defence and when they say did you or do you know of any harm done by you I would say Yes it was all my fault.

    I let the doctors inject POISON into my baby on 4 occasions. I am guilty of neglect and preventing them shooting TOXINS into Baby A that caused her decline and death.

    The cases always seem to involve defendents who have a tragedy and really do not know of the furure behind the scenes or worse nobody seem to know.

    Take GMO: I have a serious (well lots) reason why they are dangerous but nobody seems to get thjis knowledge in the public domain and my information hits a brick wall. The veto plus the propaganda allows catastrophes to occur and then people say whats going on.

    SIDS has been killing for 50 years at least and we do not see it

    Autism too for 75 years has left casualities and we cannot see it. (the main causes by big pHARMa)

    Here the SBS prosecutors have built up a castle which is heavily fortified and defended. You cannot breakthrough in one go.

    You say you get the message and wont go on with your ideas for defence plans.

    It is imperative to lay out everything as I am certain from past experience Baby A’s parents are still shell shocked and subject to huge pressures to admit their guilt to avoid the real murderers even getting a suspicion they did it (big pHARMa).

    And too often the parents ACTUALLY are convinced themselves they did it, so convincing is the propaganda. Thus when an obstinate innocent person comes along they are CRUCIFIED.

    [email protected]

    is my email and to date just one person ONLY has responded for a short while only.

    We need to get together and work out strategies, documents and be better than the prosecutors.

    And I have to say at present it is

    99 to the prosecution and 1 to us to date.

    And that is being generous.

    These are really

    Lambs led to slaughter.

    And it has to STOP!

    Getting an innocent from the jury will save ten years of slog after!

    They need to read up and become an expert in no time and I am always here to provide 50 years of experience as a qualified chemist on what I know which is limitless or nearly so.

    Others need to be at hand also to provide the answer to poblems the prosecutors through up at the defence.

    It neednt be vaccines though it surely is a big part.

    Today we have so many environmental factors bearing down on us.

    Take a look at the Chernobyl disaster and amounts dead claimed by authority of 4 or 50 or so.

    Then look at the population of the country and explain to me where 15 million people have disappeared too!

  • quicksilver

    Pictures taken before and after vaccines and changes can help a defence case



    vaccines and Brain Damage

  • quicksilver


    see here:


    To find the proof of


    Sub dural haemorrhage


    Retinal bleeding

    It is not necessary to use MRI or CT
    scanning procedures et al.

    In this case there is additional talk
    of broken bones.

    These are not broken bones but
    reactions to X Ray, or other means of examination and like all tesing
    we get:

    False Positives


    False Negatives

    So with a false positive you
    incarcerate perhaps a guilty person by your medical inexactitude.


    With a false negative someone has just
    escaped a just punishment maybe. More medical inexactitude helping
    the guilty continue their crimes?

    X Rays are using ionising radiation and
    constitute theoretical abuse of the child and present an ethical

    Is it permissible to use CHILD ABUSE to
    prove CHILD ABUSE?

    And if the results are argumentable
    then this complicates the issue further.

    People and parents do give permission
    for X-Radiation but there are people and I am one who forbad
    X-Radiation for my child at birth (they X-Rayed anyway) and for my
    job it was necessary ( I registered an initial REFUSAL and then gave
    in threatening without any chance of success that I would remember
    who X-Rayed me if I had any X-Ray related injuries in the next months
    or years even. In fact there was no problem for more than 20 years
    but I always REFUSE any X-Ray in normal circumstances).

    In, SBS cases some methods are not used
    as the SBS prosecutors know in advance it will give a negative result
    while others will give positive results even when it is a false
    positve. This is Witch Finding.

    MRI for example is the favourite of the
    Witch finders but involves not only more CHILD ABUSE but a procedure
    that to be used in child abuse cases is OBSCENE.

    The fields used are highly magnetic and
    we found out only recently that some animals have magnets inside them
    that could be destroyed by such procedures.

    Human knowledge is always partial and

    See video evidence of such harm to
    large and small metal objects near an MRI machine and even warnings
    from the makers.

    A chemical injection is often used and
    the nature of this is being investigated but it is known to be TOXIC.

    In fact it is so TOXIC you cannot
    pre-test for toxicity in ANY human or it would then be unethical to
    use it and in cases of CHILD ABUSE to prove child abuse it is in fact
    a procedure that is arguably 100 per cent abusive to the child.

    And for healthy children it presents a
    risk of DEATH.

    For a child hanging on to life by a
    thread it is the VERY LAST procedure to be used under any
    circumstances and to use it just to get a SAFE (medical definition ie
    UNSAFE) conviction is pure 100 per cent Witch Finding.

    For example see this video: (same as above link!)


    Translation provided to me:

    Child had nose injury, was taken to a Teaching Hospital. Doctors
    in the Teaching Hospital suggested MRI & the child walked to
    Prashanti National Radiology. The tragic accident occurred there.

    The doctor injected the child. It is not clear whether the child
    was given a contrast agent or a

    The health of child deteriorated immediately after the injection,
    he died 20 minutes later.

    No indication of anything other than adverse reaction to the

    This comment was countered by this one:

    Side effects of what? The contrast agent? No side effects are
    normally encountered. The adverse reaction
    rate is extremely rare, if encountered, usually reversed quickly
    with standard anti-reaction medications.

    Showing immeduiately in medicine there
    is often at least two sides to every diagnosis, interpretation or
    what we can accept is always 100 per cent someones OPINION.

    Do you hang or condemn on peoples
    OPINIONS or facts?

    Comments are very interesting and for
    me and everyone this topic is not absolutely 100 per cent safe even
    down to adults being ALWAYS given a button for emergencies if
    anything goes wrong.

    Was Baby A given the same safety means.

    And why is there always NOBODY anywhere
    near the machine if it is so safe.

    OPERATORS always retreat to a room

    and this comment

    Your mother’s reaction doesn’t sound like MRI contrast reaction;
    rather, a CT or Xray contrast reaction (those two use the same
    contrast, a iodinated one).
    Nevertheless, there is no way to safely perform a “skin test”
    with these agents, as they can cause chemical skin surface burns
    when infiltrated into the skin (which would look like a allergic
    reaction). This sounds more like a unmonitored overdose of a
    sedative than anything else.

    Plus many others even more damning!

  • quicksilver

    MRI scans for Baby A

    Were they done?

    When were they done?

    Why were they done?

    Did the hospital know about the family concerns for baby A and their view that each new injection presented a real and significant danger for her well being and safety.

    Do they know that the parents actually lodged one or more than one complaints about the reactions after vaccines.

    Are any adverse reactions trivial?

    Is the swelling up of limbs trivial?

    How much did the leg swellup?

    What was the professional medical response to a patient with legs swelling up and the full extent may not have arrived when viewed?

    Or was it simply a telephone diagnosis?

    And in the light of all this possible adverse effects after injections and the concern or otherwise by the hospital.

    Why did they then inject gadolinium rare earth compounds into the baby A (di they do this!)

    Do they know how many adverse reactions we can expect when we inject gadolinium into adults?

    Would we expect more or less risk with a baby?

    If an ANAPHYLACTIC reaction occurred the adult could RAISE THE ALARM (medical staff are as far away as seems appropriate)

    And if Baby A had an ANAPHYLACTIC reaction what would she have done?

    Was she informed of the risk (how much?) and what to do in an EMERGENCY.

    Or was she expected to have that anaphylactic reaction and cope until the Dirty Doctors had collected all the evidence for encephalitis cause by the parents and not just now by the possible reaction to more antigens injected into the baby?

    And those adverse reactions are typically of the order of 1 in 20.

    Is this risk acceptable when the patient is:

    Not an adult

    Not very well


    Known to have anaphylactic type reactions to every injection she has received in her short life.

    In short wh are likely to have been the abusers?

    The parents with an impeccable record


    hospital staff who tell us blowing up of the limbs and presumable the head as well is NORMAL.

    At one in 20 they at least get some things correct.


    We can accuse the hospital of ABUSING Baby A on every occasion they gave the injections EXCEPT for the first time when we can say it should have been a WARNING

    To stop

    To desist

    And put the safety of the baby

    Above that of giving her VALUABLE vaccine protetcion

    And more injections

    To prove CHILD ABUSE (by who?)

    With no concern that this procedure is yet more hospital ABUSE.


    Video already given on death to person (child) during MRI

    And here:


    3. How is gadolinium contrast medium given to me?

    Gadolinium contrast medium is given by intravenous injection, that is, through a small needle into a vein in your arm, either by hand injection or by an automated injector.

    6. What are the risks of gadolinium contrast medium injections?

    Gadolinium contrast medium is generally very safe. Side effects or reactions are uncommon but may occur. The most common adverse reactions are brief headache, nausea (feeling sick) and dizziness for a brief time following the injection. This occurs in 1% to 5% of contrast injections. Infrequently, a feeling of coldness may occur at the injection site.

    Allergic (anaphylactic) reactions to gadolinium contrast medium have occurred but are extremely rare. These severe reactions, which may involve difficulty breathing and swelling of the lips and mouth, occur in about 1 in every 10,000 people who have gadolinium. These severe reactions generally respond very well to emergency drug treatment. This treatment is given while in the MRI department of the hospital or private radiology practice.

  • quicksilver

    The MRI scan was done to prove a
    diagnosis of CHILD ABUSE.

    Were the parents asked permission for
    this invasive procedure?

    Were they told why it was being done?

    It had little hope of being able to
    improve the health of the child.

    It is a case of hospital abuse of child
    and parents.

    Such approval in such circumstances
    must be written down and not ANECDOTAL.

    Parents may forget, may not have
    understood that injections were to be given or the 5 per cent risk
    from the injection could be a 100 per cent risk to those injured and
    those most likely to be affected are those with proven adverse
    effects to previous injections.

    Hospital may claim they had verbal
    approval and had explained but in a case of law where the parents
    will get life then proper police procedures are in use in all
    civilised countries.

    How does the law of South Africa apply
    in such a case.

    Grounds for technical fault with this
    Witch Finding trial?

    We are dealing with a medical mafia that assume the role of accusers, judges and convictions by a process identical to Witch Finding.

    Time and time again they have been stopped only after decades when reason prevails and the whole world is entrapped in their false allegations.

    The police should be in CONTROL

    The judges should be in CONTROL

    The doctors have loyality to the patient not to abuse or cause harm that ended in death (repeat injections contrary to common sense on 4 separate occasions we know of).

    And when found guilty of harm they have not the right to invoke lies and accusations that we know there are criminals in the world and lots of them and that the parents of Baby A are crooks and there abuse is just FIRST DOING NO HARM.

    I accuse the doctors and hospital of ABUSE.

  • quicksilver

    More on that MRI

    See this:


    A very thorough try to MINIMISE the adverse health risks from what is generally a safe procedure but can if you are sloppy KILL and cause serious harm.

    Note the great preliminary plan you need to ensure SAFETY.

    With MRI you cannot go in blasting magnetic radiations and injecting liquids willy nilly into patients and certainly not tiny babies and babies with KNOWN adverse effects to injections.

    Charles Richet is ABSOLUTELY clear on this matter.

    ANAPHYLAXIS comes from allargy type response to any injections of even simple molecules and into the blood direct is the VERY VERY VERY worst.

    With the babies history, this procedure if it was done is ATTEMPTED MURDER no less.

    And for what benefit?

    certainly not the baby A

    And most certainly not the parents who probably had zero idea of the purpose of the test or what it entailed.


    I (we) understand that there may be a
    possibility I will need an injection and/or oral dose of contrast to
    complete my diagnostic exam. I (we) also

    understand there is a possibility that
    I may have an allergic reaction to the contrast and/or an
    extravasation of contrast into the surrounding

    tissues of where my intravenous
    catheter is placed. Both can be minor to severe. Reactions may
    include, but are not limited to: nausea,

    vomiting, warm sensation, altered
    taste, itching, hives, rash, headache, pallor, nasal stuffiness,
    dizziness, chills, swelling around the face and

    eyes, anxiety, tachycardia,
    hypertension, hypotension, shortness of breath, wheezing,
    laryngospasm, bronchospasm, anaphlaxis, convulsions,

    cardiopulmonary arrest and death.
    Extravasations (leakage into tissue) may be minor with small amounts
    of contrast, but can be severe if tissues

    react to the contrast. Large volume
    extravasations may possibly lead to surgical intervention.

    And WRITTEN SIGNATURE that all this is KNOWN

    All of this is EXACTLY what baby A died from.

    LIQUIDS running into other tissues and especially the EYES and the BRAIN.

    and a known risk from this procedure of MRI with injections.

    AWFUL for a baby that was brought to hopsital for being very sick and poorly.

    This type of PROCEDURE should be FORBIDDEN for such children at risk.

  • quicksilver

    someone else not liking MRI

    Join Date: Jul 2000

    the usual dust, pollen, grass etc.
    but I went for an abnominal MRI with infusion and right after the test I sneezed. I thought the radiology tech was going to have a hear attack. I just thought it was really dusty in there. Turns out I’m allergic to the contrast dye. I was covered in hives and couldn’t breathe. Fortunately I was already in the emergancy room and they shot me up with Benadryl and epinephrine. They gave me so much Benadryl that I actually fell dead asleep on my gurney for 2 hours. What was amazing about that was that the ER was so crowded that they had parked me right next to the nurse’s stations and I slept though everything.
    Now I have to check everything for iodine. Slimfast, Powerbars, Cliff bars,…a little iodine and I get a mild reaction. Hives and some stomach gurgling. You cannot believe what they put iodine in.
    Go figure


    Not so rare but do the MRI people keep quiet about all this adverse effect.

    According to some these events almost NEVER occur.

    What a bunch of ????

    Thje more you look the more you wonder but we dont know yet if baby A was given this procedure or even an MRI.

    Why EXACTLY have they LOST the hospital records?

    I WONDER and only a few days to go to the trial by ordeal!

  • quicksilver

    Just a thought at this time

    How many times have some of these concerns if ever come up in such trials which have gone from ZERO in 75 years to a current several hundred in USA, UK and unknown numbers elsewhere.

    Hospitals and doctors can and do get away with MURDER.

    Parents and carers cant even escape Witch Finding and imprisonment when they are loving parents and carers.

    And the eventual justice always involves the authority NOT accepting you are innocent but they let you out because they know you are INNOCENT but dont want to admit it.

    You see authority when faced with proof of innocence do nothing and certainly keep the innocent in prison for months or years longer to save FACE.

    A notorious doctor in the south of the UK was put away for a dozen or so murders but in fact it is sure it was ALL his patients that were fitting his scheme for a fitting end for them.

    the trouble was that with doctors losing so many patients no one but no one even suspected FOUL play ever.

    The mistake came when after one appointment (the patient died) the next of kin thought it odd that the deceased after such a short time in this doctors care should leave all the money, houses and cars he had accumulated in a life time of business etc.

    Very perceptive of the police when they found a doctor possibly more CRIMINAL than anyopne they had come across before!

    Life and times of DR HAROLD SHIPMAN

    In prison the inmates preffered him to the prison doctor!

    I cant say I blmaed them as Sally Clark who lost babies to vaccines would almost surely have had vaccines to protect her from vaccine preventable illness etc.

    What a lot of ????


    Your life in their hands

    Or here

    You life in PRISON in their hands

    Watch out Baby A’s parents.

    There really is a doctor trying to get in your house.

  • quicksilver

    Very often the key to problems such as baby A’s parents face this month can be found in medical journals and as human beings we are limited in our reading. The medical literature is vast and people just do not interest themselves in old journals unless they are dedicated to book writing or being completely cognisant with the development of their interest.

    Witch Finders go to court and say they have proof that the parents or carers have strangled their child and Roy Meadows was the best at this as he described how to murder a baby and then turned round to the accused as if he had magically watched them do the murder with his own eyes.

    No jury would fail to convict after such outrageous Witch Finding.

    Modern textbooks seem unable to give much more than the criminal version Roy used in court with a 100 per cent record for conviction.

    But look back at old texts no longer used as we have moved on to more modern and exciting discoveries and you will find 50 other ways the body can be starved of oxygen fatally or near fatally.

    Here we have not just starvation of oxygen but the damage to the bones, the brain and the eyes to account for.

    Witch Finders account for it by condemning the parents to life in prison and claiming the one or two other ways that might explain it dont apply hear but we are expert on all such reasons for lack of oxygen.

    It might be good for the defence to ask these experts to go through the innocent methods babies can lack oxygen for breathing.

    And this is not just listing them but going into why they dont apply in this case or explain how and when they occur.

    You could ask then how many cases they have defended as the parents or carers had these innocent findings but I think the answer will be zero for their knowledge of innicent reasons is zero in fact.

    Here is one explanation for how anaphylaxis destroys the body after repeat vaccines. The theory is uncomfortable for Witch Finders as our modern knowledge of anaphylaxis is fatally incorrect for all the SIDS, autism children and now SBS parents with the common denominator of not really knowing how they occur except for SBS where suddenly Withc finders claim their opinions are fact.

    We are no closer to finding the cause of the TRIAD of SIDS, autism and SBS than we were a generation ago but we may have solved the reason for the TRIAD by at the latest 1925 with the TRIAD first getting noticed variously by 1969, 1943 and in the 1990’s.

    See for example the lectures and works of Dr Dale of the Medical Research Council in the 1920’s.

  • quicksilver

    An early explanation for the mechanism of ANAPHYLAXIS and how it affected the life and death of baby A:


    Is the first of a series of two lectures by Dr Dale;

    It explains two ways in which blood capillaries react when they meet repeat vaccines.

    What happens to the body is not pretty and is something the vaccine lobby do not want talked about.

    It actually shows that giving anaphylaxis to stop the clear anaphylactic and seizure events does nothing for the internal organs, muscles and bones.

    Dr Dale explains clearly the terrible carnage done to the body although externally after administering adrenaline the current view is that everything is fine.

    Dr Dale clearly shows everything is not fine and an anaphylactic reaction means sudden death or lots of health problems almost guaranteed for the child.

    Giving a vaccine so many times and repeating them in contradiction of known science of anaphylaxis and then claiming adrenaline treatment fixes everything is scientific NONSENSE.

    Anaphylaxis has been known and explained 100 years ago and the limited effect of adrenaline on stopping harm known for 90 years.

    And the witch finding of today has to stop with this TRIAL.

  • quicksilver

    What does Dr Dale tell us:

    Our blood capillaries which supply oxygen to keep us supplied with this vital life giving product has an active system or rather two active systems:

    1 The ability to open up the capillaries when oxygen is demanded and this is by a factor of up to 30 times.

    2 The ability of the volume of the capillaries to increase and this increase is enormous as the volume can increase 750 times.

    All this means our body is magnificently adapted to supplying oxygen as and when required.

    The baby is just developing these abilities nicely.

    Then along comes a TOXIC vaccine (some have been measured to be toxic even when diluted 200 fold and with no difference in amounts for many whether you are a 100 Kg adult or a 3 Kg premature infant the difference in toxic shock is in that ratio 100:3 or the baby has 30 times more difficulty coping with what to an adult is nothing at all except PROTECTION). If this toxin harms the baby (and some vaccines come with 53 per cent adverse effects unsolicited even in trials where the subjects are chosen to minimise harm found) then seizures, allergy or anaphylaxis or hypersenstivity to the vaccine sets off 1 and 2 in adefence mechanism that goes haywire.

    Dr Dale explains how blood etc flows from the capillaries (into muscle and brain tissue) leaving a sludge behind in the capilaries and blocks them. This in turn will cause lack of oxygen and degeneration of the entire body and with fast growing bones we get what Witch Finders call ABUSE but it is ABUSE from vaccines, repeated vaccines and ABUSe from the medical profession.

    And if you needed adrenaline, it will only be slightly effective and you need to COMPLAIN before you get in the Witch Finders clutches.

    The police need to realise just who the ABUSERS are in a world that vaccinates now before birth as well as on the very first day of life with TOXINS that were known 100 years ago to risk ANAPHYLAXIS with no known ANTIDOTE except to cover up external harm and hope parents wont notice the wreckage to the developing infant even when you accuse THEM of the harm later.

    Read carefully the lecture and KNOW who is the ABUSER.

  • quicksilver

    How Did Baby A die?

    The prosecution are the dirty doctors (they come in packs of 5 or so) who will tell of the pathology that proves the crime and the perpetrator. For them it is simple: In some game of musical chairs the very last person takes the electric chair. With just one rule: In this monopoly version there is a get out of jail free card for nurses, doctors and hospitals; for the very last person alive with Baby A, for the last week she was ALIVE was the hospital!

    The defence, sadly for some cases like these is ZERO. The reason – COST. A good prosecuting doctor can earn 100 000 dollars from a state pot with no bottom. The defence experts have to put in money to take the trip to court from half way around the world and in many cases are then REFUSED permission to give their knowledge to the courts. We see already this happening with the fund set up and contributions from those with knowledge of innocence.

    None of this of course answers the question of who killed Baby A; for KILLED she was.

    And in this life and now death game with the medical world protecting the interests of a global trillion dollar empire, the interests of exactly why Baby A died in order to save future deaths go not to the bottom of the fact finding pile but are actively buried and we see the prosecuting doctors tried to get parts of the baby used to save the life of others babies and be excluded from examination. Is this justice and why do we need half a dozen parts to help half a dozen other infants rest in life.

    What is going wrong with the health of people today?

    And why also do we in our ignorance and denial also need to punish the family further?

  • quicksilver

    The history of shaken baby syndrome and the birth of a new form of Witch Finding is an ideal subject for both a book and no doubt a film.

    Based on trying to pin clinical signs from criminals who abuse their children to a set of clinical signs or even just one sign, has built up a profile in 2013 that allows dirty doctors to put innocent parents in prison and to enable the true abusers to escape the clutches of the police despite overwhelming non-clinical evidence of harm.

    The spin off is huge expert witness expenses for the prosecution witnesses while at times zero evidence for the defence; building up Witch Finding into straight lynching;

    A diagnosis that not only proves guilt but assigns blame as well, is a tool that even the ancient Witch Finders often lacked and has obtained almost 100 per cent conviction rates and attacks on those that try to defend the innocent.

    I personally know of one such person who close to retirement withdrew from witnessing to escape retribution and loss of his job and pension from witnesssing against the Witch Finders.

    Reading medical literature from 90 to 100 years ago shows that the clinical signs were known then and for decades before and resulted from a normal reaction to vaccines known as ANAPHYLAXIS.

    Modern witch finders have sought to match the anaphylaxis events to that of wilful and monstrous abuse that encompasses multiple attacks (up to 100) on every bone of the childs body, damage to the brain with blood in the eyes and brain itself and long term developmental delay and even death to those abused.

    The logic and impossibility of such harm by any human to any other human does not preclude any person from abusing a baby with all the different methods that a criminal might choose which could itself show itself in hundreds of different ways.

    SBS homes in on just the set of features that result from normal adverse vaccine events and expects intelligent humans to imagine modern monsters only know of one or one set of ways to abuse their baby that which is identical to anaphylaxis.

    Imagine further the scenario of a failed attack of abuse and then a life of dedicating yourself to the protection, education and care of that baby for the next 40 years of your life. Is it likely that anyone would abuse a child in such a prolonged way and then resign themselves to a life of devotion, expense and privation for the next 40 years for a few weeks of perceived pleasure (imagined by dirty doctors) from abusing a helpless baby? It is sheer invention and any person involved in this case must demand first of all blanking out the horrific abuse from assigning blame to anyone but to demand proof of how such real and horrific injuries can arise in the real world of 2013 and not in the imaginary witch finding world of bigots.

    The injuries cannot arise from shaking or any mechanical inflicted harm accidental or deliberate. But such harm can and does occur from anaphylaxis and this has been written about 90 years ago, 100 years ago and even back into the middle 19th century when admittedly it was confused with a vitamin deficiency.

    SBS is the work of doctors with limited knowledge and a passion to punish child abusers which over-extends into the realm of fantasing a scenario and then forcing clinical signs to fit this fantasy whether they fit it or only fit it to the extent of less than 5 per cent.

    Anaphylaxis fits the clinical signs to a frightening degree of accuracy bearing in mind that todays toixns, environment and vaccines bears no relation to those of 1900 to 1925.

    There can be no of the harm from the normal adverse reaction to a vaccine called anaphylaxis and no doubt that the cases that come to court may account for a fraction of a per cent of those in todays world.

    The universal cry that we CANNOT have babies to test such a hypothesis under any circumstances damns babies and damns us to ignorance of the real cause of harm to Baby A for all time until we get 20 20 vision which could just be by 2020 if we drop our prejudices?

  • Meris Michaels

    Please identify the source of this story. One reader of my blog, Mieux Prévenir, where the French version is posted, thinks this story is just a lot of “wind.” Thanks.

  • quicksilver

    A lot of wind or not the SBS Witch Finders do get hundreds of innocent people in prison for life.

    I take this as genuine and have personally spent a lot of time collecting evidence which shows that SBS cases have no basis in science whatsoever.

    Child abuse sadly has increased a lot in recent years but the triad has nothing to do with more than very few per cent of child abuse cases simply because even vaccine damaged babies can be abused by parents!

    A case last year set mother against father with each thinking the other was guilty. Such is the power of Witch Finding.

  • quicksilver


    A 1986 article on child abuse;

    The important finding of this study is that you absolutely cannot diagnose child abuse only from the fractures.

    This make the diagnosis of SBS of zero per cent accuracy from actual research that probably over diagnosed child abuse in any event.

    The findings for Baby A are horrific and identical to all such cases.*

    But the clear message is that without proof of cruel parents or carers that the fractures almost certainly represent harm from the treatments in hospital and from the doctors and this includes drugs before and after birth, vaccines and drugs to treat the baby before and after their vaccines.

    The blowing up of the leg after vaccine is clear abuse from the vaccines and even though these adverse effects are small it is a 100 per cent risk for Baby A and an opportunity for Witch Finding and extra large incomes for experts who need to be exposed as crooks.

  • quicksilver


    A 1986 article on child abuse;

    The important finding of this study is that you absolutely cannot diagnose child abuse only from the fractures.

    This make the diagnosis of SBS of zero per cent accuracy from actual research that probably over diagnosed child abuse in any event.

    The findings for Baby A are horrific and identical to all such cases.*

    But the clear message is that without proof of cruel parents or carers that the fractures almost certainly represent harm from the treatments in hospital and from the doctors and this includes drugs before and after birth, vaccines and drugs to treat the baby before and after their vaccines.

    The blowing up of the leg after vaccine is clear abuse from the vaccines and even though these adverse effects are small it is a 100 per cent risk for Baby A and an opportunity for Witch Finding and extra large incomes for experts who need to be exposed as crooks.

  • quicksilver

    A downright malicious piece of Witch Finding comes from Alison Kemp et al;


    And further compared to actual and real research done over the past 100 years it homes in on child abuse by parents and carers and makes a sort of list for gamblers so they can either convict on short or long odds but not on science when things like knife wounds, bullet holes, being found dead in a fridge and the infinite certainty of a foul crimes does not occur to Ms KEMP who prefers to side with Witch Finders.

    Looking at the good points from an evil paper I noted sense from a Dr LeFanu who bases his comments on actual cases and not from reading the literature of Witch Finders.

    The reply of Ms Kemp is illuminating.

    After more or less agreeing that he has a point:

    For example absolutely ZERO research on the type of fracture found!

    Absolutely NONE.

    Hence Witch Finding of 100per cent?

    She then proceeds to show her colours by insisting that the type of fracture does not leave external marks like 100 per cent of any other trauma does.

    She must totally destroy credibilty here.

    And an 80 per cent correlation is a 100 per cent correlation to Witch Finding.

    No mention of vaccines, anphylaxis for differential diagnoses!

    Nothing like having your head in the sand here!


  • quicksilver

    Waney Squier has produced an article on the features used by SBS prosecutors


    The ‘‘Shaken Baby’’ syndrome: pathology and mechanisms

    Waney Squier

    Vaccinations get only passing mention:

    Vaccination Infants may collapse with the triad in the

    days following immunisations, possibly due to a

    pyrexial response triggering seizures.


    The differential diagnosis of a baby with the triad is wide

    and includes birth difficulties, coagulopathy, arterial

    occlusive disease and venous thrombosis, metabolic and

    nutritional disorders, infections, hypoxia–ischaemia (e.g.

    airway, respiratory, cardiac, or circulatory compromise) and

    seizures. Multifactorial and secondary cascades are common, for example ‘‘trivial trauma’’ in the context of

    predisposing or complicating medical conditions such as

    prematurity, pre-existing subdural haemorrhage, coagulopathy and infectious or post-infectious condition (e.g. recent

    vaccination). Death occurring within the context of a recent

    vaccination should be reported to the appropriate agencies.

    A complete and thorough review of current and past

    medical history involving scrutiny of perinatal and neonatal records, laboratory tests and the clinical management

    of the child is required. If the baby dies the gold standard is

    a thorough and complete autopsy where neuropathology

    has a key role.

    see also from Harold Buttram


    Shaken baby syndrome or vaccine-induced encephalitis?

  • Anno Nymous

    Hi I am the commenter mentioned above. As I said on Meris’ website, I have no clue about the culpability, or lack of it, of the parents relating to the child abuse case. What I have a problem with is your contention that vaccines might be the cause.

    In short I said that:
    – some of your citations are inaccurate and taken out of context
    – Some of Mr Horvath citations are self contradicting, poorly researched, and sometimes flat out wrong.
    – Some of the references given in support of your contention are so poorly written that they could not be published anywhere where a serious scientist work.

    So if you think that the parents are innocent, and they very well might be, why do not you look for real explanations, instead of spouting science fiction? You are not helping anyone, just making a fool of yourself.

  • quicksilver

    Hi to an anonymous person who challenges my contribution as that of making myself a fool.

    Hi to an anonymous person who challenges my contribution as that of quoting out of context.

    Hi to an anonymous person who challenges my contribution as poorly written.

    Can you explain how I am making a fool of myself with ONE example out of the hundreds I have written.

    Can you give me just one example out of hundreds where I quote out of context.

    As to the poorly written I admit that what I have written is very hurried and not checked properly for grammar and accuracy and I am probably 100 per cent guilty as English is not my strongest subject just like science is not yours in my opinion.

    As to guilt of innocence I have absolutely no clue if the parents are innocent or guilty.

    The only thing I know is that a medical definition that assumes guilt by the very definition of SBS is a perfect example of Wtich Finding and one which the medical profession have fallen into countless times before until it blew up in their dirty faces.

    In all instances those found guilty of lynching have been supported fully by their own kind and often gone on to achieve great futures success in the same business and I suspect mmay be behind the nonsense called SBS.

    I note you are so convinced of your own brilliance you also choose to hide like some asssain in the dark and convict these people and those wrongly convicted in the past.

    I have worked on cases like Sally Clark and Angela Cannings with success and on many more without success due to ignorant people who seek to punish regardless of who is responsible..

  • quicksilver

    Hi to an anonymous person who challenges my contribution as that of quoting out of context.

    The arguments of the SBS prosecutors are so stupid that only fools can be taken in by their arrogant lies.

    The science of today at times is so negative that it creates the notion that most people have almost no brains.

    You could post up web references like the one below to show the knowledge we had over a hundred years ago when medicine was striving successfully to improve the health of the nation rather than actively and passively destroying life and intelligence as we do today with aspartame, SBS Witch Finders, GMO etc etc etc..


    Is work by just one or two one of the hundreds of scientists that proved anaphylaxis as the NORMAL but unwanted reaction to a vaccine.

    Sir Henry Dale is or was one the greatest scientists of his time and today would show up ignorance in an instant rather like that of Norman Guthkelch is doing to right those that have miostaken what he wrote so long ago.

    THe wrok should be a warning for vaccine scientist today if they but read the knowledge so hard gained over the past years:

    The immediate effect was a marked respiratory impediment, resulting

    in violent but largely ineffective inspiratory efforts, during which the

    lower ribs were drawn in. After a time the respiratory convulsions

    ceased, and the aninal lay comatose, though the heart continued

    beating for some time longer.

    A speck of such material could easily kill almost any living creature.

    If they survived, the article spells out some of the exact harm which affects up to 47 per cent of us today. Harm to the insulin control in us.

    Vaccines are not to be entered into lightly and certainly not for the foetus or one day baby?

    Saving the possible few deaths to affect the health of almost as many people as those left unaffected is not a good trade especially when you pay a hundred dollars for the privilege.

    You cannot convict anyone of murder when half the scientific world thinks you are making a fool of yourself and the opponents think likewise as well!

    Baby A’s parents and all the others sent to prison on the triad plus bone harm are sent their on bigotry and perjury no less and possibly much more?

    Note above VIOLENT as in VIOLENCE


    Chemical forces can be extreme and the effect of violent chemical forces on the ribs does what?

  • quicksilver


    One almost certain cause of harm is that due to degeneration of bodies after death which liberate certain amino acids of which HISTAMINE is just one. Some are well studied while others are still relatively unknown or at least not studied well so we are restricted to observations without chemically known pathways to harm.

    Nobody can explain all the chemistry of a body decomposing but this doent mean it doesn’t happen.

    Vaccines are capable of liberating HISTAMINE by the process that all scientists recognise as a REAL normal and unwanted event from ALL vaccines including the very first vaccine given to any person.

    Of HISTAMINE we know a great deal and we have known of it for over 100 years since its first discovery.

    In short it EXPLAINS all of the findings in what is called SBS plus those of the broken bones which are in effect not broken in the sense of the bone being in two distinct halves but due to interruption of the normal and rapid growth to our bones and in particular as you may imagine showing up first or worst in the long bones.

    We need to put away our prejudices and of course our ignorance, incompetences and arrogance.

    We need to put the sword of dispute of those who support SBS against those who describe it as a fictitious syndrome and understand our scientific limitations.

    We need to accept these cases called SBS as the in exptremis result of whatever and probably vaccine indused harm.

    For these are sentinel cases of much worse in sense of numbers of lesser harm done to our children today in the name of PROTECTION.

    Asthma, food intolerances, autism, diabetes, cancers for children are the NORMAL unwanted repercussions of an over- zealous vaccination policy that puts the absolute need for vaccine protection in jeopardy.

    The foetus or the one day baby or any baby under the age of 6 months CANNOT stand the strain of the normal ANAPHYLACTIC process from their very first vaccine and ONLY due to the inherent inbuilt immunity from disaster is it fact that we dont kill all babies when we inject in the past over 3 000 antigens in one go and even today more than a dozen at a time and all in time liberating small or big cascades that degread their bodies and set up life-long health issues.

  • quicksilver

    Unrelated to this Baby A case but following on from reading the research on HISTAMINE leads us to predict bleeding problems if and when a pregnant mother is given a vaccine.

    Further this would lead to partial separation of the placenta associated with the bleeding.

    Dr Clemetson work together with that built up from Charles Richet, Henry Dale et al lead us to predict the givng of vaccines is not a matter to be entered into lightly, without taking precautions of the nutritional kind before and if necessary to measure important clinical signs not yet done even though the warning have been apparent for more than 30 years or possibly more than 100 years.

    Vaccines can protect but the safety systems in place have to a large extent been removed by taking any blame and comeback from the vaccine producer from the doctors or nurses et al giving the shots and worst of all to turn such abrogation of responsibility and turn it on the parents and carers with dark age voodoo, witch finding and striaght lynching by inciting the feeling that the monster that did the harm was the parent and carer and not the medical mafia.

  • radio voice

    A little girl is dead. Keep this in mind. Her parents were deliberately uninformed, and looked to the allopathic system [overseen viciously by the big pharmaceutical companies] for her “health” care. However, when the vaccines laden with known carcinogens caused the high inflammation that her tiny body could not handle…. the very same allopathic system failed this family AGAIN by ignoring the obvious, dangerous reactions to these very vaccines and were absolutely Negligent in their pathetic lack of proper emergency care for this girl. She needed immediate Oxygen, Ozone, and other modalities to help neutralize the terrible trauma injected into her bloodstream. The vaccines killed this girl. She died a death that no one reading this blog would ever want or could imagine for their own children. Yet, the very white coated doctors and nurses did virtually nothing for this girl, and instead, let her die without the care she needed. Every hospital has Oxygen, Magnesium, and other life saving modalities… but it appears that the bumbling doctors insisted on doing x-rays and ct scans rather than see this as a serious case of toxic poisoning and react with urgency and accuracy? The system is totally insane. These diagnostics are not for a child who has turned blue, cannot breathe, and needs immediate oxygen to her body. Outrageous and horrible. The parents have been victimized twice, and to add insult to injury, the bureaucratic government cannot see this clear case for what it is: Genocide by pharmaceutical vaccine injection.

  • Anno Nymous

    A phenol group? Just like in the terrible poison known as tyrosine? That would be truly scary if it was not so wrong.

    Any chemist would know that you are ignorant and spouting stupidity. Acetaminophen is toxic at high dosage, without a doubt, but leave the phenol ring alone, that is not its fault. And if used at safe doses, it is perfectly safe. As often many things are dangerous if you take too much (including water), yet perfectly safe at lower dose.

  • Anno Nymous

    Hi and thanks for the welcoming words.

    As I said, I did not comment on the SBS, as I am not qualified in medicine and diagnostic by internet and press release is not exactly reliable (i.e. never trust or attempt.Ever.)

    On the other hand I criticized some of your assertions:

    – The out of context quotes in the original articles. For example the list of anaphylaxis symptoms given in the vaccine pamphlet listed as recognized side effects of Prevnar. They are not per se, they are a list of things that would warrant a call to emergency if they were observed.

    – The assertion that the vaccine was causing multiple death by SIDS in a small tested population. However, the number of cause of death were observed in a population of more than 17000 infants vaccinated, and the number of case of SIDS is in line with the prevalence in the US, so it appears that neither the vaccine group nor the control group (also said to be exposed to dangerous chemicals) died more than what would be expected in the normal population.

    – The line about prevnar being banned for Use in the Netherlands, actually refers to *one* specific lot that was identified as soon as 3 death were linked (not causally though) with inoculation using it. That is quite good pharmacovigilance, even if one has to regret all death the Dutch acted very quickly.

    -Your assertion that acetaminophen is toxic because of the presence of a phenol (phenyl) group is, as I pointed out ridiculous and based in ignorance of chemistry. I gave an example of an essential molecule carrying the exact same group, yet not accused of any toxicity. I could say also that although cyanide can be fatal at low doses (as Hydrogen or potassium conjugate) it can also be completely safe in other form (Ferrocyanide is an anticaking agent in table salt).

    – The fact that in your attack against acetaminophen you completely forget dose-response mechanisms. A molecule can be useful or necessary at some concentration, yet fatal in higher concentration. I gave water as an example: You need it, but drink too much too fast and it can cause fatal hyponatremia.

    – I also note that in your comment about the paper you link at the top of your answer, which is not related to anaphylaxis per se, you point a the violence of the drawing of breath (caused by muscles, eh, not by a chemical reaction, the rabbits were dying to breathe if I may say so) causing the lower ribs to be drawn in, yet nowhere was the violence described as strong enough to break bones. Neither was such a violent reaction (it would be quite remarkable and noteworthy, even more so in a newspaper) described in the case of baby A.

    So yes, you might be quoting a lot of scientific paper, but you appear to have problem reading them. You might want to read this: http://violentmetaphors.com/2013/08/25/how-to-read-and-understand-a-scientific-paper-2/ and update on your scientific knowledge. In the meantime you are talking a lot, but not making much sense, and your opinion should be taken with a lot of caution as it appears to be based on misconceptions and ignorance.

  • quicksilver

    Thanks for replying to my comments.

    The idea here is to give help to an innocent person who is confronted with Witch Finding where the victims are invited to explain how they are guilty or else be held up in court as not talking/co-operating with the doctors or the police.

    In this respect I state there are at least 50 different innocent reasons and have quoted several that seem relevant here.

    First VACCINES and the 100 years known science of ANAPHYLAXIS.

    You admit to the fact that some of the vaccines have killed SEVERAL people in one country but in the next breath that is good vigilance and that it was not actually the vaccine that killed the people.

    Isnt this a bit like the trial here but in reverse? In the trial the vaccines are innocent and the death is down to the family.

    In that incident the vaccines are not to blame but the government draw the line at condemning the parents in this case.

    This is classic Witch Hunting and classic white washing at work.

    Anaphylactic events if you trust hundreds of scientists from a hundred years ago occur 100 per cent of the time and do not always occur in the 4 hour window reduced from previous windows of up 24 hours as the complaints were overturned. Anaphylactic response can take days or weeks to manifest. Fortunately the effects are controlled by a sophisticated human immune system fighting a crude vaccine attack of an unknown mix of ingredients.

    Yes, we might want them at an age when WE can judge the risk and benefit but the parents in Baby A case made the wrong choice based on criminal FRAUD from the medical world.

    I will answer your other comments and you can reach me at:

    [email protected]

    I have to say they are not totally relevant to the almost certain LYNCHING we are about to be party to in South Africa.

    Yes we must find and convict ALL people guilty of ABUSING babies and ESPECIALLY if as here they are almost certainly the doctors, midwives and nurses whether they believe their vaccines are totally safe or not.

    To maintain they are FAR better than not taking them is not good enough for Baby A and certainly not good enough reason to Witch Find parents who just



  • quicksilver

    Anno Nymous UNRELATED to this case

    Your reference leads to a very young person who has views on vaccines, GMO et al that agree with the USA government, USA industry but not some countries, like France that HAS to import GMO matter and use it as food against the WISHES of the GOVERNMENT and PEOPLE of FRANCE!

    As a person in France I can witness the RAPID changes in peoples health here.

    Professor Seralini and a world team of scientists have monitored one of thousands of man-made GMO material sold as food (MONSANTO NK603 GMO matter).

    Their result of TEN YEARS work is that this GMO matter is not fit to use or sell as FOOD.

    The site you directed me to agrees with a 1 day evaluation based on no known safety tests for this material and condemns out of hand ten years of careful study.


    reply to


    The first time this type of ENGINEERING was done provoked this response from Robert Pollack


    It took me 50 years to see through some bad vaccines

    But less than the day to see through GMO matter and the absolute need for RETROVIRUSES in every bit of any GMO matter. (also E Coli is used)

    Clue: In Pre – GMO days humans knew of no retro-virus illness that troubled them.

    Today AIDS is one of thousands of pathogenic retroviruses that affect people.

    And those illnesses like AIDS are changing and adapting to humans at an alarming rate.

    E Coli (the other half of the GMO engineering cycle) has mutated from an essential bug in our guts to more than 200 rapidly evolving human killer strains.

  • quicksilver


    In the UK there are say 600 000 or so
    new births every year

    Most will be healthy but a certain
    number will show signs of what the SBS group call abuse by the
    parents or carers

    SDH (Subdural Haemorrhage)

    RH (Retinal Haemorrhage)


    Broken or fractured bones

    In this model the SBS group consider

    1 group of 600 000

    A second group

    1 group of 250 who have been battered

    And from this group around 12 or so are
    CHOSEN for public punishment and LIFE in prison.

    The result:

    238 get LET OFF from punishment for a
    crime against HUMANITY!

    There are ALTERNATIVE models

    Again we have 1 group of 600 000

    We still have the second group

    1 group of 250 again who have been

    And another group say of around 50 or
    so who also have been BATTERED.

    Group 3 – the 50:

    They will show signs of bullet holes

    They will show signs of knife wounds

    They will show bruises, marks from
    rings or cigarettes etc

    They have been abused but dont appear
    in the SBS model.


    For the most part they are HIDDEN in
    the 600 000 healthy babies group.

    They are hardly likely to take the baby
    to the hospital and say we shot the baby but regret it now.

    They turn up as the result of criminal
    investigation by the POLICE

    And not from the MEDICAL groups which
    include SBS Witch Finders.

    So then we have group 2:

    The 250 who have been BATTERED by
    people or persons UNKNOWN

    Let us make an outrageous suggestion
    that this is the :


    And by:

    HOSPITAL treatments before birth

    HOSPITAL treatments at birth

    And HOSPITAL treatmens after birth
    which includes the VACCINES.

    Anaphylactic events will lead to:





    Broken or fractured bones over the
    whole of the body

    There will be no APPARENT overlap here
    with healthy babies

    There will be close to 100 per cent
    referrals to the hospital or doctors for treatments to reduce the
    damage from whatever is the cause and here we call it vaccine
    possibly plus acetaminophen or adrenaline or antibiotic treatments et
    al that failed to work.

    And in this model we can expect 10 000
    or so cases that do respond to vaccines and treatments to give
    limited but less severe cases that mix into the HEALTHY group. The
    AUTISM group maybe?

    The overlap of the REAL 50 abusers with
    the 250 we call vaccine et al harmed is around 5 per cent or LESS.

    This overlap is what the SBS group have
    built into Witch Finding.

    The overlap of the vaccine harmed group
    is so big that 99.5 per cent actually are in the HEALTHY group!

    And there is the matter of the FALSELY
    CONVICTED that are called by the SBS group the

    DIRTY DOZEN in prison for baby

    By probably less than :

    Half a dozen DIRTY DOCTORS.

    These models are not meant to be 100
    per cent what is happening but models for DISCUSSION.

    And for ACTION

    Let us hope in south Africa this month
    we can:

    CONSIDER more than the SIMPLISTIC

    SBS model?

    And a plea to leave:

    Doctoring to doctors.

    And policing to police.

  • Anno Nymous

    Hi Quicksilver,

    The link I gave you is an how to guide on reading scientific paper. It is thorough and extremely complete, independently of the age or view of the author.
    You can witness the change of the health situation in France, but how can you attribute it to one factor. I lived in France too (before moving to a different country) and I have witnessed too massive changes in the society between my generation and that of my parents. Many of those societal and economic changes have strong impact on health at the population level. I doubt that you can prove that GMO is worse that income inequality, loss of many middle-class jobs, increased unemployment and so on.
    And if you knew a bit more about retroviruses you would know that many of the disease they caused have a long history predating the release of GMO. And this includes HIV/VIH (cases were observed as early as 1981) which was causing trouble long before GMO were even in the realm of possible.
    Your ignorance of E. coli is just as staggering it has never been just an essential bug in our guts, it has always been this two faced bacteria that is both very common in human intestine, and a nasty disease causing agent that can harm and kill when in possession of a weak host and the right virulence genes. Those 2 sides of its life have existed for (probably) millions of years and are absolutely not linked to anything we do (except maybe terrible farming practices that encourage their transmission, and cost cutting in industrial food preparation that encourage cutting corners in Health and safety)

  • quicksilver

    Hi I GAVE YOU my email to discuss these issues civilly.

    The subject here is





    And not whether you or me is an ignoramous!

  • quicksilver

    A criticism of a 1998 Witch Finding paper used by the courts against Baby A’s parents:



    Subdural haemorrhages in infants:
    population based study

    BMJ 1998; 5 December, pages 1558-61

    S Jayawant

    A Rawlinson

    F Gibbon

    J Price

    J Schulte

    P Sharples

    J R sibert

    Alison Mary Kemp

    Correspondence to:


    The paper studies one section only of
    infants that suffer subdural haemorrhages (SDH) and then both
    confirms to themselves that subdural haemorrhage is indicative of
    child abuse and then retreats from this to suggesting a panoply of
    parties then confirms what it says it has purported to have proved.

    The groups excluded were:

    1 Those who got subdural haemorrhages
    at hospital in the neonatal unit

    2 Those who developed subdural
    haemorrhages after an infection

    3 Those who developed subdural
    haemorrhages after some hospital intervention (neurological)

    Included were children up to the age of
    2 years.

    This would include those who developed
    subdural haemorrhage following an anaphylactic type reaction (all
    those vaccinated will suffer this to some degree).

    It does not just look at specifically
    the age at which vaccines are given:

    1st at 2 months

    2nd lot at 3 months

    3rd lot at 6 months

    To examine case of 1 to 2 years should
    be separate from the study for those who may develop SDH DIRECTLY
    after vaccines.

    We need to look at specifically what
    happens for these clinical signs following vaccinations, the first 3
    lots of which are complete by 6 months. And this apart from birth
    trauma is exactly the time when such adverese effects will be largest
    and most severe.

    But such research implying vaccines
    come with a problem as well as the undoubted benefit would be frowned
    on severely by the medical health service of the UK and the UK
    political and legal governments there too.

    Questions relative to any comprehensive
    study should include and inform us about:

    1 How many newborn UK children have
    subdural haemorrhages?

    2 How many UK children(foetuses) are
    not viable to term.

    3 How many UK stillborn children have
    SDH et al?

    What significance do these amounts of
    SDH for various groups of infants mean to using SDH as a proof of
    child abuse in courts of law?

    The study appears to be a study to
    build up fictitious evidence that SDH can be used in complete
    confidence on its own or with other clinical findings to form a
    syndrome of child abuse that blames, that judges and then condemns
    parents or carers and even makes one turn against the other in a bid
    to escape a syndrome that does not exist.

    The child abuse is proved unless they
    can give evidence they harmed the child accidentally.

    It does not consider other innocent
    ways these or this clinical sign appears in babies.

    Many real causes for SDH actually turn
    the blame back on the accusers (medical mafia) if they have been
    concerned before, during or after the birth in any way.

    The paper is concerned with 33 children
    with SDH of which they admit to just 6 not highly suggestive of

    What exactly is the meaning of not
    highly suggestive?

    It implies perhaps that the researchers
    know they have been abused but are letting them off from authority
    blame in this case due to their compassion or lack of 100 per cent
    proof of harm?

    For 27 there is no doubt: They have
    been child abused for sure.

    But what does this mean?

    Does it mean the 27 are now in prison
    for life?

    Or does it mean the researchers know
    they are guilty but no-one else does?

    Are we putting just 27 child abusers in
    jails or less than 27?

    Have we let 6 guilty people go free?

    The researchers are full of criminal
    responsibility for aiding child abusers by being lenient but give no
    idea of the real proof of who has done what and what was done to
    those responsible.

    The paper is full of inconsistencies.

    After claiming SDH is due to child
    abuse only for the most part, it then accepts that the condition of
    SDH is common.

    What does common mean? The maximum
    levels for SDH given were 21 cases per 100 000 and this is presumably
    the criteria for common?

    Three quarters with SDH die or have
    profound disability.

    What about treating SDH?

    The plea for a more thorough clinical
    investigation is good but does imply the research here and before
    must by their admission be UNSATISFACTORY as a basis for any criminal


    Here we are told that SDH has been used
    as a marker for child abuse since 1860 or before.

    It then builds up the inconsistencies
    by admitting now that SDH is not a sign of anything other than SDH.

    Is it an accident or is it abuse?

    Back to Witch Finding. Tell us you
    harmed your baby and we can help you.

    Tell us that nothing happened and our
    poorly constructed paper with others means you are condemned both as
    a child abuser and for failing to implicate how you battered your

    Not anything about how in 50 different
    innocent ways these conditions such as SDH can occur to a baby, many
    of which are directly concerned with abuse by the hospital, doctors,
    nurses and midwives either by incompetence, ignorance or arrogance.

    The Witch Finding or thrid degree is
    shown by the gloating over the parents giving several DIFFERENT
    explanations as to the harm.

    No, we cant accept this! life in

    No, we cant accept this! 20 years in

    OK we will do nothing and you are free
    to go but we have one more concrete proof that the parents are ALWAYS
    battering their children.

    You CANNOT excuse child abuse.


    You cannot build up FALSE EVIDENCE to
    convict others who will only tell the TRUTH and not escape justice by
    saying what the medical examiners want them to say.

    Child abusers need finding and exposing
    but you cannot make a syndrome that explains how all child abuse is

    Every case of child abuse is likely to
    be unique:

    And not fit:

    A pre-determined set of clinical signs.

    When millions have the same signs, then
    you need to check the TREATMENTS, the FOOD and the ENVIRONMENT before
    you begin to fault the parenting.

    Only in this way can you both avoid
    Witch Finding:


    Cut down a rising degree of poor health
    and shorter lives in 2013.

    The history of Witch Finding does not
    date back to 1860 or earlier.

    It does not even date to 1953 and the
    first SDH paper by Norman Guthkelch.

    But the idea of child abuse came around
    the late 1960’s and very early 1970’s, at the time when COT DEATHS
    began to escalate to almost 2 000 a year in the UK.

    I WONDER if there is a connection?

    And by the 1990’s, the trickle of crown
    prosecutions for child abuse became a steady stream which momentarily
    halted ONLY when Professor Sir Roy Meadow was exposed for his PERJURY
    in court.

    Today, we have seemlessly moved from
    the debacle of MSBP and on to SBS or in the UK this is now officially

    The paper does have limited merit in
    that it gives some value to the SDH cases in infants and does include
    the need for a coagulation screen but not WHY!

    The theory of anaphylaxis, release of
    histamine, the opening of capillaries to blood and fluid loss does
    involve the notion that the blood is converted so that its clotting
    properties are reduced and AFFECTS the coagulation parameters.

    The authors suffer totally from TUNNEL
    VISION where they ONLY see CHILD ABUSE or parents too clever for them
    to PROVE they harmed their child.

    The reality is TOTALLY different where
    child abusers and child abuse overlaps SDH et al to the extent
    perhaps of less than 5 per cent.

    A careful reading of the life and works
    or Charles Richet, Sir Henry Dale etc etc etc will give a fuller
    picture of what is happening and just how wrong your (ALISON MARY
    KEMP) research can be:

    TOTALLY wrong!

    JUST as for thousands of years EVERYONE
    just knew the sun and moon circled the EARTH.

    Here we have the same tunnel vision of
    SDH is child abuse even when there is no REAL proof of harm by
    parents or carers UNTIL EXTORTED during the INQUISITION.

    In fact just as the sun isnt secondary
    to the earth, so too:

    SDH is not any sign of CHILD ABUSE.

    But ABUSE by multiple and repeat
    injections, as one example, at an age when the babies simply cannot
    stand the TOXIC CHEMICAL SHOCK and react in a Charles Richet
    ANAPHYLACTIC repsonse 100 per cent of the time and for up to 21 per
    100 000 in a very severe or fatal manner.

    The two rapid responses were BOTH
    critical of the authors and their conclusions but the authors did not

    In Witch Finding their is NO DEFENCE
    except to do MORE Witch Finding to prove your techniques STILL WORK
    until you are EXPOSED?

    In one there was a case of mistaken

    And the other CRITICISM from mere

    Questioning the WISDOM of their older
    and betters!

    I wonder what their honesty and
    incredulity of this diabolic study did for their future in the
    medical profession?

    At or around 2000, it was at this time
    IMPOSSIBLE to get into UK child care unless you SUBSCRIBED to the now
    broken theory of MSBP.

    A cautionary tale for the years to the
    present and the continuance of Witch Finding under newer and more
    ingenious guises.

    And a more up to date thought from the

    2013 September:

    When a doctor goes wrong

    is all perfectly true, but is nothing to do with being a doctor. He
    has been a doctor for no more than 6 years, and a dictator for 19.

    medically trained or not, would be corrupted by such absolute power.
    Those old enough to remember Mrs Thatcher can tell you that after 13
    years her behaviour became that of someone who believes her word is

    are no different and should not fool ourselves that our medical
    training protects us from the toxic effects of too much power on the
    human brain.

    They could almost be talking about :


  • quicksilver

    The Baby

  • quicksilver

    Another essential for preparation


    Accused Of Shaken Baby Syndrome?

    The advice is good but I could suggest some additons.

    But it is the basics.

    The vaccine record is important and will be the biggest thorn for the prosecution especially using the Charles Richet notion of the 100 per cent anaphylaxis that builds up in every vaccinated person.

    Not peer reviewed as this cuts out any research but the Nobel Prize must count for something.

    Peer review does mean to some people that unwanted attacks on the current accepted medical recommendations will not get published or they will be attacked in court to the nth degree. See debacle of Andrew Wakefield, G Seralini, A Pustzai et al to see you cannot attack the status quo and survive easily.

    I take it that all defence witnesses NOW have all this material and more?

    Or are we lynching again?

  • quicksilver

    Here we see the gouge report summarised well.

    Defence must watch eagerly for ALL such shortcomings mentioned here.

    Prosecution will do the same!

    But the SBS is built on Witch Finding and EVERYTHING needs CHALLENGING

    But with evidence to back it up or it will put the defence in a bad light.

    The single thing that stands out is SBS is not like fingerprints or DNA it is in the DIRTY MIND of a DIRTY EXPERT who is talking RUBBISH.

    SDH, RH prove nothing except they are there or NOT.

    They do not explain CAUSE and man does not know the cause of a stack of things.

    What causes SIDS

    What causes AUTISM

    What causes SBS


    But the millions that all suffer these RELATED things



  • quicksilver


    Here is the reason.

    Always talk through a LAWYER


    Virtually anything you say to the police can be used against against against you in court.

  • quicksilver

    Andrew Wakefield is held up by some as the first person to note that vaccines come with a downside or give unwanted adverse effects.

    This of course is silly as vaccines have always had their critics for every time someone died after their vaccines which was from the very first one given. The lad who was saved from rabies POSSIBLY did in fact die by the age of 21 years and hardly the normal life expectancy even for those days.

    It was over a hundred years ago that the normal anaphylactic events following vaccines became known to hundreds of vaccine researchers. This event took about 21 days to prime the body to react violently rather than to be protected. One person even got the Nobel Prize specifically for this adverse effect of a vaccine.

    So while we get protection from the live or dead bugs or bits of bugs we also get the downside or anaphylaxis from more than 50 different chemicals in every vaccine injected into us. And some of those chemicals we are not allowed even to know what they are.

    By the time Andrew Wakefield had examined his patients they would have been injected with neurotoxic chemicals such as ORGANOMERCURY compounds including in that organomercury product impurities again such as the same family as those implicated in causing neurodegeneration of adults let alone 8 weeks old babies.

    His work was criticised exactly for the same reason Charles Richet got his Nobel Prize and while we can see the work of Charles Richet the work of this doctor or this one was removed from the journal and used to eject him from his profession along with at least one other of the 13 who refused to dilute their findings by lying to save their careers.

    Yes he got paid money by a firm of solicitors (reputable solicitors chosen by the UK government) and receiving money for work done is not yet illegal in the UK.

  • quicksilver

    Why are Baby A’s parents on trial. Is it for the damage of anaphylactic reactions to four lots of vaccines before the baby was 5 months old?

    Are they on trial for the fact that the legs and probably everything else blew up to nearly double the size immediately after vaccines and the hospital docotrs refused to do more than say you are on your own, we read a 100 years ago that putting a warm towel on the lumps and bumps will get us out of trouble and you into trouble?

    No, the real reason they are on trial this month is for BLASPHEMY.

    The religious powers that be (aka THE MEDICAL MAFIA) will have nothing said AGAINST their GOD the VACCINE.

    We have seen how the medical mafia took twelve years and now continue for over 15 years to hound that old critic of vaccines, Andrew Wakefield, into another country and in that country have hounded him from his job there.

    In South Africa, the parents of Baby A just asked NICELY if a bad reaction IMMEDIATELY after a round of vaccines meant that they were the first EVER to have seen such things and perhaps they were at the forefront for recognising a TINY pin prick of a problem with them?

    There is NOTHING wrong with any vaccine ever made. (see 600 industry paid for studies)

    Its all a BIG MYTH (and not PROPAGANDA from us)

    VACCINES to the medical world, government and regulators are SAFE.

    VACCINES to the medical world, government and regulators are their GOD.

    VACCINES to the medical world, government and regulators are BEYOND ANY REPROACH. (it is UNETHICAL even to DOUBT them)

    You MESS with vaccines.

    And you mess with our GOD;

    You mess with the medical MAFIA.

    And you will be dealt with SEVERELY:




    If you go to prison

    But you may be


    Any one who wont get this message will follow the way of Andrew Wakefield or Baby A’s parents.



  • quicksilver

    retinal haemorrhage

    Can a vaccine produce retinal haemorrhage?



    A Neurological Note on Vaccination against Influenza

    C. E. C. WELLS

    Case studies for adults who had retinal bleeding following vaccines.

    These occurred throughout the blood system of the eye.

    They took in one case 16 days to appear.

    They were also visible 6 months later.

    There is no definite proof these are vaccine reactions


    No proof they are not vaccine effects.

    A Paul Bunnell test showed possible SERUM SICKNESS

    One reason for bleeding is the increase in time for blood to clot.

    And while looking for prothrombin times there was a criminal link to TIME very important for the defence as they will always claim abuse at many times during the life of the child (coinciding with vaccines?)



    A legal dictionary is obviously IMPORTANT to the defence.

    It is normal that the prosectuion give the TIME and HOUR for these abuses.

    Do not accept several healed fractures et al.

    DEMAND when and where for after all you may have stone solid alibis you werent there to abuse (eg baby getting a vaccine or abused while in hospital care at birth etc).

    In any event there are DOZENS of non-vaccine and non-abuse ways you get bleeding in the eyes.

    From small to massive amounts and from localised places to all over the eyes.

    You can only use retinal bleeding to convict if you subscribe to:





  • quicksilver

    SBS the self-fulfilling prophecy?

    But first the OLD MODEL:

    MSBP was a gift to the child abuse experts. The more you denied the charge the more you were the abuser.

    Most cases centred around mothers et al who had lost a child AFTER vaccines.

    And in most cases the parents worry about whether the vaccine was responsible was expertly and surgically removed from all future legal actions.

    Of course there was a complete answer to MSBP. You simply admit you are guilty and then the experts can see about accommodating you with their compassion for humans and children etc.

    And as the admissions came in to get clemency so the whole Witch Finding expanded to fill a gap of no parents charged for over 75 years until the whole rotten edifice fell down with the disgrace of Roy Meadow the Witch Finder General.

    So on to today’s latest model: SBS or shaken baby syndrome and like MSBP it does come in other models:

    BBB Battered Baby Syndrome

    NAI Non Accidental injury
    etc etc etc

    Here again we deal with moms usually who again think vaccines may be responsible for their babies death.

    And again the vaccine myth is surgically removed from the proceedings.

    And again we have the self fulfilling prophecy:

    Admit you harmed the child

    And we can help.

    Admit nothing ( we cant entertain vaccine harm!) And you are doomed.

    And again the early cases of admission and redemption from the caring Witch Finders has built up a dossier of over 500 papers showing they are RIGHT.

    Just like MSBP:

    The whole rotten edifice of SBS will fall one day.

    It just takes a jury with GUTS.

    And thats another problem with vaccines (See Andrew Wakfield)

    And with everyone today having survived vaccines, they may find the guts are not up to the job yet of expelling WITCH FINDERS?

  • quicksilver

    Over 500 papers supporting the idea of SBS!


    No, quite the opposite.

    Why do you need so many papers if its good science?

    Everyone accepts fingerprints.

    Everyone accepts DNA evidence.

    But that bleeding eyes mean a baby has been murdered by its own mother!

    That doesnt make sense!

    The 500 papers support this but look at evidence of other ways of harm and you see an almost ZERO correlation.

    And CORRELATION does not mean CAUSATION;

    But here there is NO CORRELATION.

    How do you get bleeding eyes?

    1 Not by SBS! It detaches your eyes from their sockets etc.

    2 Birth trauma and who is responsible?

    3 Various and many drug treatments and who again is responsible?

    4 Vaccines give anaphylaxis 100 per cent of the time and the path can lead to bleeding eyes again! And who is responsible?

    And listen! Here comes the charging BLACK knights with their SBS experts in the saddle.

    For 50 000 dollars/pounds/rands:

    They can expurge any vaccine blame.

    And use those 500 papers to save the day.

    Pity about the family though!

    In the field of chemistry until 1962 all CHEMISTS KNEW that the INERT GASES were because there were no compounds of them. Inert meant INERT!

    In 1962 that idea got shaken, battered and KILLED off not by 500 papers but simply by ONE SCIENTIFIC study.

    Xenon reacts with fluorine to give xenon difluoride.

    It was that simple!

    But there was no need for 499 more papers to justify FACT.

    But even 5 000 more FICTITIOUS papers can never prove FICTION is FACT!

    And those gases are now NOBLE gases.

    But the idea of SBS is IGNOBLE.

    And there is every sign the brains of such experts are totally INERT.

  • quicksilver

    Looking at babies today (see video link below) I failed to associate with my time as a parent and father.

    Evidently today babies cry!

    I cant remember ever having this problem!

    By crying it is said is normal today and that means a baby will CRY almost from birth or say 2 weeks of age and continue CRYING until they are 3 months old.

    The crying increases every day and gets worse!

    It can last for 8 hours at a time!

    The baby will be in pain (they say – look as if in pain!)

    This is NORMAL?

    See Dr Ronald Barr for his explanation:


    For me, this cannot be NORMAL but if you ask for HELP!

    You will be told it is NORMAL!

    The problem may not affect Baby A but for me again this is something that indicates to a sensible person that someone has ABUSE the baby but the medical experts say it is normal.

    What ABUSE has been done to the infant that makes the above NORMAL?

    What is universally done is to inject, reinject and reinject again with a mix of TOXINS.

    The equivalent for an ADULT is 25 ml and not the 0.5ml.

    Whether you are a baby (cry baby even!) or an adult you get 0.5ml.

    But for the cry baby this is like givng an adult 25ml of toxic vaccine liquid

    And some babies are given up to 10 or so at once.

    That is like pumping in 250 ml of toxic liquid into an adult!

    No wonder brains, legs and body swells up!

    Its NORMAL!

    And the baby NORMALLY cries through this toxic vaccine injecting period from around 2 weeks to 3 to 4 months and with ever increasding force and PAIN?

    This is NORMAL to the medical MAFIA.

    I have to say it is not NORMAL to me.

    It is not ETHICAL to me.

    It is a CRIME!

    See work by Charles Richet and ANAPHYLAXIS from EVERY vaccine and taking yes, normally maybe, possibly or probably around 2 weeks to come through the system!

  • quicksilver

    Get it right first time

    Baby A’s parents have ONE chance to get their defence correct.

    And it is a trial by ordeal:

    Witch Finding


    Bounty Hunting

    in the 21st century

    Lord Justice Moses puts this process into LONG, DREARY and DANGEROUS Witch Finding SPEAK:


    But with life in prison you need to study this and find that WOODEN STAKE to destroy the monster of FALSE ACCUSATION.

    Here is a criticism of the HIGH COURT JUDGE:


    Doctrine, once sown, strikes deep its root,

    Quite so but the roots of SBS are actually very, very, very shallow.

    Go back before the 1990 and the SBS cases

    And you have the careful nurture of SBS from around 1970 or thereabouts.

    But before then you have the SCIENCE of ANAPHYLAXIS.

    And the work so ably spoke about of the cataclysmic destruction of bones, tissues and life itself as histamine et al destroys the body itself. (Sir Henry Dale on capillary action)

    You cannot take one real criminal event and extrapolate to every imagined ‘criminal’ case.

    For SBS is built up on the premise that every criminal chooses the same way to murder their own flesh and blood.

    SBS therefore should explain why VACCINES are to blame.

    For this is the ONLY single UNIFYING feature for all SBS deaths.

    But at the moment RELIGION cannot be challenged.

    And even the likes of Galileo had to wait 400 years to get his pardon.

    But of course today we dont LIVE for 400 years.

    Better PARDON comes today and not when we have 20/20 vison and thats not likely to be in 7 years with Lord Justice Moses stuck somewher up the NILE with his NULL ideas.

  • quicksilver


    Everyone cries and it is always, always and always for a REASON.

    This is NORMAL.

    That everyone now accepts that a baby cries from about two weeks into life until they are old enough to take TOXIC insults without crying is not NORMAL.

    It is ABUSE.

    When I was twenty something I spilled less than 5ml of hot oil on my hand.

    The pain was such that I just could not STOP crying.

    It went on for HOURS.

    But I could not stop!

    When that baby cries for hours and there is NO reason.

    We can be sure that there is a REASON.

    And work by Charles Richet gives us one reason that FITS the BABY exactly.

    ANAPHYLACTIC shock from your very first vaccine!

    But the time interval is known to be around 12 days before it normally begins.

    And for a new baby that is like 25 ml for a grown man like me for example.

    And just 5ml turned me into a CRY baby.

    But I knew the reason.

    The people in hopsital did not know:

    Until I told them.

    Babies KNOW why they cry with PURPLE crying;

    But they cannot TELL!

  • quicksilver

    Andrew Wakefield is a key figure in the dispute over vaccine SAFETY or rather its inherent UNSAFETYNESS.

    He is like all people not always right but his paper for the 1998 LANCET was a LANDMARK for a reason NEVER talked about.

    He was the FIRST person to look at people who are UNWELL and in his FULL evaluation he considered:

    ALL CAUSES for their condition.

    And ALL causes, MEANT he recorded that several had their symptoms FOLLOWING vaccines.

    He was not the FIRST to know vaccines give ADVERSE REACTIONS.

    He was not the FIRST to know vaccines cause ANAPHYLAXIS

    He was not the FIRST to know vaccines can KILL adults as well as CHILDREN, suddenly.

    But he was the first medical doctor in history to INCLUDE all the possible causes for a patients well being.

    And that HAS to include the FULL vaccine record.

    Alongside all the other clinical test data collected.

    If you look back through medical research papers, time and again it shouts of vaccine harm.

    But there is no record of the vaccine status of the person referred to.

    See for example the research of THOMAS BARLOW.

    Today we leave out the vaccine status of any person ill or dead:

    At the risk of that illness or death being noted as UNKNOWN.

    And worse:

    We can be UNSURE when we convict or blame your partner, your carer for that illness or death.

    And of course in a real world it may be them.

    And it may not!

    But thanks to Andrew Wakefield.

    We will ALWAYS put the VACCINE RECORD:


    Unless we are:






  • quicksilver

    Vaccines work.

    Anyone who doubts this is a FOOL.

    But vaccines are TOXIC.

    But vaccines are SUPER PUISSANT.

    But vaccines can ONLY be taken easily by ADULTS.

    Anyone who doubts that a vaccine is TOXIC is a FOOL.

    Anyone who imagines that giving a vaccine to a baby is safer than giving a vaccine to an adult is a FOOL.

    But even FOOLS can recognise that even an adult can be HARMED by one small PRICK.


    Is a POLICY to ACCELERATE the death to a few CHOSEN babies.

    And a DECELERATED vaccine policy means that some babies can live LONGER.

    The UK current vaccine policy STARTS at 8 weeks

    The current FAVOURITE time for anyone to DIE is 8 weeks.

    In the DECELERATED vaccine programme for UK pre-1991:

    The then vaccine policy began at 12 weeks:

    And have you guessed it?

    The then favourite time to DIE was at 12 weeks.


    And VACCINES do work.

    first at 1é weeks and today at 8 weeks!

  • quicksilver

    The pertussis part of the DTP vaccine is known to cause brain damage.

    IN 1970’s and 1980’s a fierce argument ensued over which DTP vaccines destroyed how many brains and which of two manufacturers produced the vaccines that harmed those vaccinated.

    The fact of encephalitis (brain damage) was admitted in a 1981 government book on whooping cough (pertussis). The BMJ in May 1981 had an article talking about more than a 1 000 such cases in the UK. Some died, some had spasms or convulsions. The long term outlook was for delays in development. We have with hindsight the prediction even of an AUTISM holocaust from using vaccines.

    We need to remember that at this time the uptake of the vaccine was low and in some areas zero. It was normal to have the vaccine never normally before at least 4 months of age if ever.

    With such a low uptake and the relative advanced age before the vaccine it is logical that the adverse effects could be lower than in 2013.

    There is the complication even here that even with two manufacters the industry changed and adapted the vaccine, adding or changing the antigens and the process used. Some used carbon and others aluminium with no mention of mercury.

    Some were open to the harm hile others denied the obvious.

    And in 1986 cases came to courteg Johnnie KINNEAR who was brain damaged allegedly from a Wellcome vaccine. Mr Justice Smith refused to accept what had been admitted and the case had first to prove that vaccines could cause anaphylaxis and brain damage even. All the work of Charles Richet and hundreds of scientists and thousands of research papers were denied simply by one judge. Professor Gordon Stewart was dissected and destroyed in the crossfire and everything that common sense might tell you of vaccine harm was seemingly denied in the court of law and the case simply collapsed.

    Even in these early days the hand of the vaccine industry colluding with government meant the religious faith in vaccines was maintained even adding financial ruin to that of a family with a brain destroyed son.

    At this time they had not advanced to the 1990’s and 21st century idea of convicting the family or carers for murder. The rguments in the BMJ were long and acrimonious and eventually power won with NO CONTEST.

    The thousands harmed were in fact by law and by vaccines not harmed. Their demise was put this way. The vaccines did not harm anyone. They would have ended up brain damaged without their vaccines.

    Such was the attitude then.

    Today it is just





  • quicksilver

    Pertussis in the 1990’s

    Previously the pertussis vaccine was linked to serious brain damage and deaths. The link to sudden infant death was broken and by the 1990’s even the neurological harm had been reduced by powerful forces to hardly associative and the whole thing was now precarious.

    Evidence of dleayed development failed by the argument that you did not know before of the development status.In short the whole idea of harm had been expunged not by facts but by the handling and the vaccine rates climbed and the autism rates climbed to but we in 2013 are still clueless of any cause except its not vaccines and those developmental delays had not been challenged in court o much as not allowed to go to court in most cases.


    Goes through all the slippery ideas to prove the vaccine was SAFE.

    And the sudden deaths, autism, shaken baby syndromes (SBS) et al were just something we could do nothing about except we could for SBS use

    Witch Finding



    bounty Hunting

    for parents have limited wealth



    Dont need wealth they are the LAW


    industry who buy up the weaker for 60 plus BILLION pounds/dollars/rands

    Well they have the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR.

  • quicksilver

    Current pertussis is a different type to that used decades ago and comes with less adverse reactions.

    A strange comment in view of the DENIAL by governments and industry of any adverse events.

    A clear indication that they cannot be trusted when it comes to advocating a religious faith in vaccines.

    Theoretically this new vaccine while REALLY giving less apparent adverse effects does make it apparently SAFER.

    But there is science to indicate that this is a MYTH.

    We have the explosion of AUTISM and the confusion as to what causes it and the denial of vaccines cannot be denied until we have an explanation for all autism.

    Anaphylaxis events can be of the simmering kind beneath the surface and going unnoticed.

    All hypothesis but the presence for example of subdural haemorrhage is related to the extent we look for it and for many these adverese events can be sorted out given time.

    The normal crying is not normal and if DTP was a cause for neurological concern then DTaP today must be monitored more carefully and not assumed SAFE in the same way the government and industry always accepted the DTP to be SAFE.

    It is all down to definitions.

    Linking vaccine harm simply to temporal association is unwise goven the time to harm is likely to be LONGER than the time between baby vaccines meaning that 1 convulsion accepted as of vaccine origin and 80 not related would seem a nonsense.

    We need to accpet the worst case scenario.

    How can one event be vaccine related and 80 of the same type mostly of unknown cause not be with a vaccine cause if only partial.

    The increase in vaccines and the new almost yearly vaccines for some illnesses contrasts with old notions of ten years development and testing and then denying for example any DTP harm even when first proven but denied by more CAREFUL testing.

  • Prevent ing meningitis

    And now the children do not die of meningitis or other diseases prevented by the vaccines so we can speculate whether the neurologilal damage was or was not present before the vaccines were given.

  • quicksilver


    The defence against the 1 000 ‘s of claimants for vaccine harm and death in 1981 depended on the judge NOT accepting that vaccines would cause for example brain damage.

    This despite statistical association of up to 40 fold in the worst case scenarios.

    In the end the proof was not sufficent to enable ANY case to succeed.

    In those day with take up of vaccines down to less than 10 per cent it was then possible to use epidemiology to show vaccine harm even though the court of law did not see it the way of scientists like G T Stewart et al;

    Who really thinks Baby A’s parents are guilty of murder?

    Not the police – see article

    It is the dirty doctors who club together to give not just the accusation but also the PROOF that baby A’s parents are murderers;

    Hence the vaccine issue or the other 50 innocent reasons are not the first objective.

    The first objective is to get the prosecution or the dirty doctors to prove their dirty concept.

    We have a murder or at the very least a death and no idea who or what is responsible.

    It is senseless to blame vaccines although this can explain all things.

    The objective is to get the doctors to prove that their idea both of what was the cause of death which automatically implicates Baby A’s parents to be EXAMINED in the same way that the concept of vaccine harm was successfully challenged in UK 1981.

    Even the most diehard doctors will not say subdural haemorrhage is PROOF of Baby A’s parents guilt.

    And so forth.

    You cannot then lump together ideas and opinions that mean nothing and then say JUST three or maybe throw in this as well means 100 per cent parental or carer guilt.

    But the theory like MSBP is based on NO PROOF of any harm done by the parents and like MSBP is the tool of a





    This is supposedly the first EVER such case in South Africa and the future safety of both babies and the paarents or carers depend on getting this right first time.

    And the first objective is to get the proof that those that condemn out of hand the parents to explain just where there proof comes from.

    And for the defence to go through the so called ideas with a fine tooth comb;

    Retinal haemorrhage occurs at birth when the parents (in general) cannot be implicated in crimes.

    To say the haemorrhages go needs PROOF;

    The only proof we have is they can stay for months before disappearing.

    Everything literally everything is not just shaky in shaken bay sysndrome but can be shown to be PERJURY almost depending on the view of the JUDGE.

  • quicksilver


    The defence cannot withstand a diagnosis of a doctor or group of doctors who give a diagnosis of shaken baby syndrome or some such that actually does not JUST give the clinical findings but is judgemental in apportioning the blame to the parents or carers.

    And then say: LET THE JUDGE DECIDE!

    Nobody is denying ANY of the signs for this baby or the 1 400 every year in USA or it must be hundreds of thousands with near identical signs.

    Signs that are usually only different because the investigators did not do the full tests for them. Bones borken and fractured over the whole body ( by CT scan, radio X rays and MRI et al but NOT from examination of the ACTUAL bones) together with the TRIAD. And not a single mark of abuse on the OUTSIDE but total destruction INSIDE and the baby hardly through the first three or four rounds of vaccines and barely 5 months old. A finding that the SBS people think NORMAL!

    The defence NEED to challenge this NORMALITY. Let them explain how you batter a baby MANY times during the 5 months of life including several (4 in this case) trips for the vaccine INSULTS (all vaccines are TOXIC and some in the past remained TOXIC when diluted 200 fold and the amount equivalent for a man is 25ml and not the 0.5ml a fit forty man receives JUST like baby).

    I cannot explain how any SINGLE mother, father or carer can batter and leave no external marks but we have to explain how a hundred thousand such people can seem to do this effortlessly to their own flesh and blood they have sacrificed so much time and love on until the first day of life when that baby is vaccinated against a venereal illness and screams the hospital down so after a few hours they get dumped on a chemically drugged mother who didnt realise that they have a brain damaged baby to look after.

    I would love to be in court to hear how the SBS people explain this so easily with their more than 500 research papers worth of PROOF!


    Here we see one person badly PERSECUTED who is fighting back.

    If this is NOT


    Then the court and the judge will be as eager as me to have it explained why this SBS diagnosis is correct and I for one can abandon seeking any further means of protecting MURDERERS.

    And we can use the honourable high court judges degree of proof that was lacking for vaccines and anaphylaxis.

    Vaccines for the high court judges are innocent of causing anaphylaxis not because they dont cause it but simply because no scientist today can prove they cause it.

    This is sheer nonsense as in an experiment performed by Charles richet over 100 years ago:

    I am going to give this animal one tenth of the same vaccination I gave a month ago and you will see this animal DIE.

    And his co-workers (PORTIER) watched in disbelief as over the next half hour or so the animal writhed and DIED.

    But thats no proof for the UK high court judge.

    But as Galileo says IT MOVES!

    Richet and us might say:


  • quicksilver

    Dr Yazbak


    His expertise in this matter is that of the best in the world.

    His work speaks for itself.

  • quicksilver

    Steven Gabaeff


    Here in a comment we see the wonderful statement of FACT that we all seek to emulate:

    a false allegation (of SBS) is child abuse and people need to come to grips with this since now false allegations most likely out number the number of cases of real abuse that makes it to court.

    This is the biggest medical fraud in history.

    This is the biggest medical fraud in history.

    This is the biggest medical fraud in history.

    And so it is

    This is the biggest medical fraud in history.

    Until another one comes along thats EVEN BIGGER and BETTER than the last one;

  • quicksilver

    Cerebral edema

    This is one of the pillars of SBS

    There are at least 18 causes mentioned by one medical group and this does not include SBS or vaccine or any other medical cause by doctors, specialists and nurses.

    The SBS must explain first of all what it is.

    I say this because of at least four types of edema and there is complete dispute and argument over what these are and if they are recognised correctly.

    Hardly a good start when it is a hanging offence.

    How does it relate to shaking as really there can be no proof it is caused by shaking.

    And then there are those other 17 plus causes to be eliminated.

    Medical people wont advertise causes by incompetence but people will still take the courage to write about them especially when their child is a medical mafia victim.


    AND Nancy tells us:

    my baby had a horrid birth. misuse of vaccum extractor. he had fetal distress 5 times during my labor. they did give me an aminio infusion. well, during pushig the baby went into severe distress. he applied vacuum and forcefully pulled him out. he was born blue and not breathing. 3 minutes later he was trying to gasp for air. they took him to intensive care. well, we found out he had CERBRAL EDEMA, SEIZURES, SUBDURAL HEMATOMAS IN TEMPORAL LOBES, INTUBATED, and transported out to another hospital for 7 days. i thought he would have cerebral palsy. but the white and gray matter was hardly touched. he has AUTISM!!

    And then the SBS must explain the triad as eveytime you see cerebral edema you see subdural haemorrhage.

    So are we hanging not a triad but on a diode or whatever.

    Whatever the one way is for doctors to diagnose and then one way only to prison for life and write my cheque for my EXPERT services (they stung us with their medical expert fees one investigating officer told me in the Sally Clark case!)

  • quicksilver

    A worker who it seems is prepared to look at vaccines in a strightforward way is to be found here:


    Vaccines and autoimmunity.

    2009: Nancy Agmon-Levin; Ziv Paz; Eitan Israeli; Yehuda Shoenfeld

    Nature reviews. Rheumatology 2009;5(11):648-52.


    Here are more than 3 dozen research papers on VACCINES.

    And here


    We see he is the NO 1 in the world.

    They dont come topper than top on vaccines and autoimmunity.

  • quicksilver

    cerebral edema

    66 causes or 18 causes or just ONE DIRTY CAUSE!

    Does it matter?

    To the dirty doctors no just the one will do HAG EM HIGH

    And pay the expert cheque to XXXX

    Some medical experts realise there may be 18 different causes.

    And this is important for the defence to realise there is not just:

    ONE dirty option.

    And other medical experts know of 66 causes for cerebral edema

    And I can BEAT that:

    What about 67 with


    But there is a credibility gap of 17 or 65 or maybe 66 or maybe MORE.

    And the expert doctors will demand their expert fees for INEXPERT opinion.

    If it was me I would give all the EXPERTS who condemn a big fine slightly more than their inflated FEES!




    And then there is COMPENSATION

    for the Parents of Baby A for their



    and there is the matter of putting an end to





    In 2013.

  • quicksilver

    what do they do in their spare time when they are not





    I came across one BOUNTY HUNTER

    who seeks to perpetuate the MYTH of SBS.

    And I found what she does when she is not spouting on the medical exactitude of the triad for condemning WITCHES.

    We ought to call that the DIODE as at least two come together.

    Which is more than we can say for the BRAIN cells of SBS lynchers.

    Well surprise, surprise.

    When Rorke-Adams is not bounty hunting for the SBS cause:

    What does she do?


    She is dismounting the work of Charles Richet, Sir Henry Dale on the NORMAL ADVERSE ANAPHYLACTIC response to a first vaccine and then the repeat vaccines and the RE-repeat vaccines and the RE-RE-repeat vaccines.

    Charles and 250 others and 4 000 research papers showed the detail of ANAPHYLAXIS and the release of HISTAMINE as the capillary blood leaked out over bones, tissues and our brain trying to stem the perceived harm from vaccine ANTIGENS.



    Neuropathology of vaccination in infants and children.

    AuthorsRorke-Adams LB, et a

    Over 5 000 claims against the STATE (you cant claim against the VACCINE makers!)

    And what did she find?

    NOT ONE WAS genuine.

    Send em all to prison


    No change here for Rorke Smith

    How much did she get for this


  • quicksilver


    Her ideas that shaken baby syndrome have been known about for 150 years and back to antiquity need challenging.

    How man y mothers, fathers and carers have been charged with murder.

    I know for a fact that in the UK there was a 75 year period when NOBODY got punished for murdering the child in their care.

    And before that we are in WITCH FINDING country.

    And the rise in mothers in prison for me comes from the 1990’s making the veritable truth or fiction of this member of the human race directly CHALLENGEABLE.

  • quicksilver

    Thanks for your (un)helpful comment not even based on the TRUTH.

    Can you for example let me have the deaths or cases of meningitis in line with introduction of vaccines.

    You seem to have a slanted view of the situation.

    Here in the small town I live we have very recently had one death from this illness that you seem to think is an illness of the past.

    Most cases of meningitis come when for example students go to college and get vaccinated and then die mysteriously from meningitis with no metion of the vaccines they had just before.

    Look at polio and when it was introduced and see the meningitis figures go through the roof.

    Meningitis is mistakeable for POLIO as the doctors have a very poor record for accuracy in anything but cannot be faulted often for ARROGANCE, INCOMPETENCE and FIRST DOING HARM.

  • quicksilver

    The LATE Dr Tinus Smits

    Gives a homeopathic view of how to RECOVER babies damaged by a VACCINE:


    THE POST –






    Dr. Tinus Smits

    The PVS can be divided into an acute and a chronic syndrome. The following are the main symptoms of the acutesyndrome: fever, convulsions, absent-mindedness, encephalitis and/or meningitis, limbs swollen around the point of inoculation, whooping-type cough, bronchitis, diarrhoea, excessive somnolence, frequent and inconsolable crying, penetrating and heart-rending shrieking (cri encéphalique), fainting/shock, pneumonia, death, cot death (since the Japanese delayed the whooping-cough vaccination to the age of two years, cot deaths has been practically obliterated in Japan1).

    By carefully studying and recording the cases we arrive at the following catalogue of chronic post-vaccination symptoms: colds, amber or green phlegm, inflamed eyes, et al

    later he writes


    When the parents themselves experienced problems after vaccination, which may often have passed unnoticed, there is an increased likelihood of their offspring suffering from PVS. The fact that several children in the same family have suffered illness in the vaccination period can be a pointer to this.

    and also


    To accept that a connexion between vaccination and its consequences can only be verified if the malady becomes apparent within three times 24 hours is to disavow the reality of the PVS. This period of three times 24 hours would only allow for the possibility of an acute PVS so the most pronounced and at the same time most important manifestation of the PVS, the chronic cases, would necessarily be excluded from consideration. This acceptance shuts out what should in reality be the fundamental subject-matter of the study. The available statistics about the side-effects of vaccination then become completely meaningless, especially when (as is the case in The Netherlands) those responsible for the implementation of the vaccination policy are included in the side-effects committee and disorders have to be explained by word of mouth. A large part of the damage develops almost unnoticed and can only be established at a later date when the symptoms only appear weeks or even months after vaccination.

    And all this was written in 1997!

  • quicksilver


    Charles Richet and the hundreds of researchers and thousands of research papers have helped make vaccines safer but with the proviso they are not safe in the sense the publich means but safe in the sense that doctors believe.

    The critical difference is that at the time of this research vaccines or injections at any rate were injected PURPOSELY at times into the human blood vessels.

    Today we no longer much use the technique originally used of scraping live material onto the skin or rather just under it. Today we tend to use injections into muscle tissue and neither under the skin or UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES into the blood for vaccines.

    The other advances are many, varied and complex and to discuss these purposefully would leave 99.9 per cent of us in the dark.

    But that 100 per cent ANAPHYLACTIC event when the blood reacts by release of HISTAMINE to purposely try to save the body from an INVADER is a very powerful CHEMICAL event that can lead the body to DESTROY itself in the attempt to SAVE itself;

    These can lead to all the clinical signs for shaken baby syndrome and for those CT scans, MRI and X-ray photos apparently showing fractures or breaks in every bone but showing the rampage as blood leaks everywhere and the body degrades day by day.

    If we dont inject into the blood there is no ANAPHYLAXIS, there is no DEGRADATION of the body and hopefully if all of todays regulators, industry and government are CORRECT in the same sense we use CORRECT then all goes well and those 5 out of 6 in the USA are clearly and as far as we can tell OK.

    We cant guarantee they are vaccine protected but we can HOPE they are well.

    Baby A’s parents DESCRIBE STABBING, they describe injecting HARSHLY and I am fairly sure they cannot appreciate exactly why this is so importanT.

    And looking at all the comments here and for other cases it appears that this fact is conveniently FORGOTTEN.

    For EVERY single HONEST doctor, medical expert et al will KNOW exactly the consequences of either DELIBERATE, CARELESS or INCOMPETENT administratiopn of vaccines or injections into the WRONG area of our bodies.

    And one of the common clinicla signs of DELIBERATE, CARELESS or INCOMPETENT injections is BAWLING BABIES, SICK SUBJECTS and the DEAD and DYING around you.

    Vaccines are SAFe in the medical sense of the word.

    Injections can be used to TERMINATE traitors

    And hopitals and doctors may be 99.9 per cent PERFECT but still need

    more PRACTICE to be right 100 per cent of the time;

  • quicksilver

    Flu for 1918

    This flu killed more people from this illness than ever before or since.

    The reasons are known and may not be one single cause.

    But this was virtually the first time we used vaccines to fight illness of this type.

    The result is well known and rarely do people blame vaccines as the sole cause of death or as part of the problem.

    But for whatever reason the use of flu vaccines more or less died out until more than a decade later.

    In fact if you look at most vaccine history you will see no recognition of the fight to save life in 1918 by massive vaccine campaigns.

    The theory that vaccines actually caused this mass kill is evident in part or whole by vaccines that th emedical world to a man forgot about afterwards.

    There are many hundred such reports, research and recommendations in the BMJ alone and here is the first I found today:


    And not at the end

    I regret that I feel obliged to criticize adversely the

    recommendations of the War Office Conference of October

    14tlh, which were published in the BRITISH MBDICAL

    JOURNAL of October 26th. If the errors contained in these

    conclusions are not recognized now, I challenge their

    future comparison with tlhe orthodox teaching as it will

    stand, say, two years hence. It is not properly recognized

    that the dosage for therapeutic immunization is essentially

    different from that required for protective inoculation.

    The doses recommended are, so far as my own experience

    enables me to ‘judge, strangely wide of the mark. The

    30 million dose of BacilIus influenzae, given as the initial

    one, works out at about 0.005 mg. This is a small therapeutic dose, and neither it nor the second dose of double

    the amount can be expected to afford any valutble degree

    of protection against infection. ‘

    But did it serve to KILL millions in 1918 or thereabouts?

  • Prudence

    Quicksilver, I’m starting to think you wrote every single comment on here and we’re at 434. :)
    Anyway, does anyone have an update on this situation? These poor, poor parents. My heart absolutely breaks for people in this situation.

  • quicksilver

    Hi Prudence

    Thanks for the support!

    The theory of SBS is completely broken and this is an opportunity which comes rarely to sort the situation out and send these people to prison (the WITCH FINDERS).

    The police have a job to do and when HONEST, INDEPENDENT PILLARS of society tell the police that a child has been MURDERED and they not only know who did it but have the PROOF of how they did it, what can the police do?

    BUT any GOOD, SERIOUS and THOROUGH police investigation would first look to the motives of the ACCUSERS and if they were aware of a hundred plus years of medical science they would (the police) realise that adverse effects to a vaccine can explain all these findings. This means the very people who are accusing, judging and condemning the parents have a part knowing or unknowing in the death of Baby A.

    This is not a debate but of knowing medical science from the beginning through to today (2013 September). Charles Richet, Sir Henry Dale et al.

    Nobody is condoning crimes but the medical profession have a job to save life and make people better. When they accuse, judge and condemn they are TRESSPASSING into areas beyond their knowledge. But sadly they are also trespassing into Witch Finding, Lynching and Bounty Hunting too.

    I have concentrated on just the vaccine possible role in this case. There are possibly 50 plus more reasons to doubt the parents are guilty. Have these Witch Finders seriously considered those 50 plus reasons before jumping to their dirty conclusions? Have they considered more than one other reason; that of brittle bone disease which sadly is the only one to have seriously come to court until the Witch Finders demolished the credibility of Professor C Paterson and he has even told me before this event:

    THEY ARE AFTER ME, JOHN (The Witch Finders)

    And even though he trod carefully, he was denounced, tried and expelled from the medical profession.

    How can we get justice when dissenters of the status quo are treated in this despicable way? The list is long and growing.

    The judge can say this is not part of medical knowledge but then he shows ignorance.

    For it was established medical knowledge until the myth of SBS got built up and ALL dissenters in the profession were chased out one by one.

    But many still remain and wont be silenced.

    C R Paterson, A Wakefield, W Squiers, M Cohen etc etc etc.

    And one not mentioned was even denounced by a colleague who in front of her told her how brilliant she was while anonymously tried to get her thrown out of the profession so he could give his Witch Finding testimonies in tranquility.

    A Wakefield and his brilliant study not by him but by a dozen others and by an eminent Hospital. How can this be subject to a 15 year Withc Hunt just to target the most brilliant of the dozen who did this work? And led by that famous MEDIC Brian Deer (several degrees in BULLSHIT and an expert producer of almost the same) whose writing and methods make Andrew look like not a SAINT but more in comparison to his partiality and links indirectly to large sources of funding which people need to look for.

    Another DISCOVERY process for the defence to ask for?

  • quicksilver


    Merck are a highly reputable chemical company.

    They produce drugs to save life.

    They produce vaccines to prevent us getting vaccine preventable illnesses

    They put money into the big name journals to keep them financially afloat and thriving.

    But thats the corporate Big Pharma view.

    Their bosses dont get 330 000 a year but thats not because they philanthropic.

    They get 10 MILLION a year.

    And those glowing tributes could be read as the reverse:

    Their leading vaccine developer has some once censored views about AIDS, infectitious illnessesin foreign countries et al (Maurice Hilleman and how he created AIDS for the world etc)

    Their last blockbuster drug killed probably ten times as many people as ever will be admitted and only in the USA has anyone got one cent back for deaths in the family – including one centime for here!

    They take over medical journal without anyone knowing until it leaks out years later. They have an educational deal with the BMJ for example.

    But one that is not easy to find unless you know is their policy to


    Not illnesses

    Not bad drugs

    But anyone who they perceive as crossing their path.

    Doctors, judges and journalists



    full of four letter expletives like



    and others

  • quicksilver



    What does this have to do with Baby A and a possible vaccine cause?

    It shows us the CATASTROPHIC breakdown of a human body can happen so easily and from causes that are unclear.

    Thermodynamically we should not exist at all!

    But is this catastrophic breakdown really caused by bugs like MENINGITIS and POLIO or do they just takeover a body already failing due to its lack of control of for example BLOOD PRESSURE control and the associated HISTAMINE release etc.

    The similarities to ANAPHYLAXIS after your first vaccine and with increased risk from repeat vaccines may cause us to think there is a LINK.

    Treatments for SEPTIC SHOCK and ANAPHYLAXIS are the same.

    Clinical signs are a low blood pressure for SEPTIC SHOCK and ANAPHYLAXIS

    And also

    Lack of oxygen where it is needed for SEPTIC SHOCK and ANAPHYLAXIS

    And immediately we have a TRIAD of signs et al to link the two.

    SEPTIC SHOCK is bad news affects more than 20 million of us every year and is RISING in well vaccinated countries.


    Baby A had a CATASTROPHIC breakdown of the body from head to toe and while those 20 million are for grown adults succumbing to SEPTIC SHOCK, I wonder how the clinical signs might be different for the yet unformed, immature but heavily PRICKED body with CHEMICAL TOXINS of which each SINGLE vaccine boasts probably 50 major known and unknown TOXINS. (old DTP boasted over 3 000 antigens alone)

  • quicksilver


    The theory of anaphylaxis or shock after a vaccine means the blood pressure drops and blood leaks from ALL capillaries and that includes the head and the bones.

    What affect would this have on the bone?

    Watch this


    And imagine the dilemma of bone formation when the bleeding tubes are leaking fluid in order to repair what the body has been fooled into thinking needs repairing.

    It seems logical to me that a lump or bump will form in exactly those places where the cappilaries lie on top of the bones.

    And as there are many such capillaries we wil get what the radio X ray folk et al take as old fractures from old abuse.

    It is not old healed fractures but leaky capillaries engorging the surrounding with congealing matter in a pin-point regular fashion corresponding to the capillaries?

    In any event if you have vaccines galore and anaphylaxis galore its all gore in the head and bones of those ABUSED by those VACCINES.

    But the SBS lot will have the EXPLANATIONS galore too?

  • quicksilver

    Here we see the defence possibly as wrong as the prosecution


    Yes the defence must challenge the idea that SBS theory is wrong.

    But to use accidental injuries which did not happen is not the way to go.

    Chemical changes are vastly more powerful than any mechanical actions abusive or accidental.

    And ANAPHYLAXIS is often a terminal event well understood in 1913 but not evidently in 2013.

  • quicksilver

    Baby A had many vaccines but looking at one only that of the vaccines including PERTUSSIS:

    We have a USA system where adverse effects are recorded.

    This is a government operated PASSIVE system so will only have those complaints where people have taken the effort to report. And this is not many so figures may have to raised 10 fold, 100 fold or more!

    The system attracts critics who are in effect criticising the USA government as incompetent in such a task.

    It also cast discredit on doctors and it ignores that most complaints come from the medical personnel, simply because many normal people are not aware this system is in place and it is only for USA but they do accept complaints from anywhere in a separate section.

    And as we see here: Where do you start in assigning complaints of adverse effects in any event where those people will have multiple vaccines?

    Here is the place to start your searches:


    Important to keep this handy otherwise you may not find this link even if you try to look!

    Pertussis complaints for USA now total over 35 000 for those who are in the Baby A range and comprise more than 50 per cent of the complaints.

    Taking life threatening event this falls down to just over 900 but the danger of Baby A age range is now 88 per cent of all complaints of this type.

    For deaths we see 193 reports with again over 80 per cent in Baby A age range and no reported deaths for ADULTS whatsoever.

    The notion that adults can take 0.5 ml of a toxin is well founded in theory and in the data here.

    An adult has little to fear from death.

    An adult more than 150 times LESS at risk of a hospitalisation after a vaccine.

    And for minor problems a less than 25 times risk compared to Baby or Baby A.

    Adults dont really take or ACCEPT risks.

    Babies bawl as NORMAL today and not like this before vaccines at such early ages.

    Babies are clearly taking RISKS 25 times, 150 times or INFINITE risks compared to the adults that develop and test these vaccines.

    What do they do to people like Baby A then?

    Here is the first report from the last group DEATH from a VACCINE

    Or as the regulators, industry and government tell you.

    Its all in the babies MIND and the family who COMPLAINED.

    HANG EM HIGH (those that complain about vaccines)

  • quicksilver

    Not too related but a worry is the GARDASIL adverts and the idea in them of

    ONE LESS after your vaccine – what does it mean?

    For some this may mean one less child born into the world as there are claims of ANTI-FERTILITY from gardasil and with inclusion of HISTIDINE/HISTAMINE you wonder if they know about anaphylaxis or whether they want anaphylaxis events?

    But for some they may die and we see that to kill an adult with a vaccine is much harder than a baby.

    ONE LESS person?


    ONE less new person in the world?

    What does MERCK really mean with this SNAPPY slogan for vaccines?


    Gardasil Warning!!! Don’t Be One Less!!!

    This facebook page is created by those of us who love Gabi. We are praying for three things.

    #1. First and Foremost that God provide a miracle, either through a Doctor’s findings, or just an “unexplained” miracle to heal our amazing friend Gabi.

    #2. To get the word out TO STOP giving this shot to your daughter’s until the FDA and Merck (the pharmacitucal company) figure out WHAT the problem in.

    #3. THE GET THE FDA and MERCK to PAY ATTENTION, because as of RIGHT NOW they are still promoting this as a SAFE drug!

    And what about vaccines for the GABI’s that are 20 times less able to resist vaccines.

    And get 20 times as many?

    Vaccines are SAFE!

    But what do they mean by SAFE.

  • quicksilver

    Certain countries especially in Africa believe the WHO medicaments and vaccines in particular are designed in the eugenics sense of stopping children from being born.

    Are doctors when they give vaccines innocently carrying out a HOLOCAUST on those parents to be in a generations time?

    And if this policy is already in place are we getting the results of man made interventions in good faith going sadly wrong?

    We are entering speculative areas but with rock solid research evidence to back them up.

    Eugenics was discussed openly in the 1930’s and we dont need to go into Nazi type actions of that time or the fact that most doctors who were responsible for experimenting went on to lucrative jobs after the war to develop what?

    But for the defence we need to demand FULL disclosure of the content of the vaccines for Baby A and also those for the parents!

    The idea is what happens if children are born but their systems are not 100 per cent correct! Ie surviving the attempted vaccine abortions.

  • quicksilver


    This vaccine is linked to SIDS by many people who think it is the most dangerous vaccine of all the baby vaccines.

    The NAS have produced an authoritive study of the pertussis vaccine that is important for it is certain the adverse effects match that of SBS.

    Adverse Effects of

    Pertussis and Rubella


    A Report of the Committee to Review the Adverse

    Consequences of Pertussis and Rubella Vaccines

    Christopher P. Howson, Cynthia J. Howe, and Harvey V.

    Fineberg, Editors


    This book dates to 1991 but is still relevant in the sense that anaphylaxis is always the normal effect of any vaccine wfor which any further insult of the vaccine kind or anything else can start the process of body degradation which we see in VAERS is reported as meningitis etc.

    And taking just one of the references


    Terminal symptoms in children dying suddenly and

    unexpectedly at home

    Preliminary report of the DHSS multicentre study of postneonatal mortality


    This 1978 paper with John Emery a famous UK paediatrician as one of the authors.

    It starts by liking SIDS to meningitis and if the link wasnt evident then to vaccines then with the VAERS and the seemingly forgotten work of Charles Richet on anaphylaxis from EVERY vaccine we see that often the suddeness as it was called is a misnomer for many sudden deaths are anything but sudden.

    But in the confusion of the medical world and the total imprecision of almost anything togehter with fundamental errors we should never take sudden in the medical sense to correlate with the ordinary person sudden.

    Again they are totally different.

    Also those no signs and no cause for the death to a healthy infant is seen to be far from reality again;

    A TRIAD of finding for the about to be SIDS victim is given by Emery et al.

    It seems triads or the thing for paediatricians and here the three are





  • quicksilver

    Fed up with my comments?

    How about using the growing list of books on vaccines by people who STUDY vaccines rather than stick them into babies to up their salary by a third every year (this several times more than most people earn from labouring).


    This list is the same as used here and needs updating but I take some which may be of use but with the proviso my funds and needs dont run to any of these yet.

    But for the defence they cant be without some of them and if permitted to let the jury borrow if they have a moment to look at them!

  • quicksilver

    John Emery

    In the UK there was a spate of deaths where high levels of sodium were found and many chemists jumped on the Witch Finding trail and claimed there was no way a baby could get a lethal level of salt without being deliberately POISONED.

    At least one of these got my typical blast from another chemist suggesting he was a fool. When he told me he had very many other cases to prove his Witch Finding was not Lynching but he couldnt dismiss an accusation of Bounty Hunting I asked him to publish these studies so we could all examine them.

    It is difficult in the morass of research to find evidence that he was convicting INNOCENT people but in my work for Baby A and justice I found this from Dr John Emery.


    John Emery had turned a tide of deaths from TOXIC salt poisoning!

    I suspect that this revelation came in 1972 and then and onl ythen did he find that this problem has been around for more than 50 years.

    Once warned then in Sheffield UK at least thanks to John the SIDS from this cause fell to ZERO.

    I little learning can be a DANGEROUS thing.

    20 years later and there were a spate of such deaths that led to people being put in prison FALSELY. For all I know they STILL be rotting in a UK jail and FORGOTTEN.

    And if you think this isnt possible then check the recent USA case in September 2013.

    Letters need to go to those who are harbouring innocents in prison ASAP.

    When SIDS was unknown there was little chance of CRIMINAL proceedings.

    Roy Meadow and that chemist whose name fails me jumped on the band wagon of sodium killings and Roy even killed a baby to prove his point! But of course not even the hope of an examination for a knight of the realm. Totally protected even though guilty he almost certainly is.

    And the little or no knowledge of anaphylaxis, septic shock and meningitis has led to the close on 20 year Witch Finding that is long overdue for the medical history books of yet another cockup by them?

  • quicksilver

    The defence need to ask the certainty with which their triad equates to the person being guilty.

    Is it a diagnosis of 90 per cent accuracy or they will get it wrong for 1 person in 10?

    Is it a diagnosis of 99 per cent accuracy?

    Is it a diagnosis of 99.9 per cent accuracy?

    Or even one of 99.99 per cent accuracy?

    Unless tha diagnosis is 100.00 per cent then they are statistically speaking just guessing as to the guilt of Baby A’s parents.

    We see that innocent causes are possible for all the clinical signs of the triad and all the other clinical signs.

    No diagnosis for SBS is exclusively and 100.00 per cent indicative of murder.

    There are no bullets in the baby for a 100.00 per cent finding.

    There are no knives or knife wounds on the baby for a 100.00 per cent finding.

    The baby wasnt found in the deep freeze for a 100.00 per cent finding.

    Lets assume for a UK example that the findings are 99.99 per cent indicative for murder by the clinical signs very very very rarely found in other babies.

    The judge, jury and the man in the street could EASILY be tempted to say


    But hold on a minute

    With 600 000 or so babies born and 99.99 per cent chance we got a murderer and murderess or two in one go.

    But 99.99 means one chance in 10 000 that we have made an ERROR and those two murderers are INNOCENT.

    And with 600 000 births with possible signs of SBS symptoms (the more we look the more we find) then there could be up to 60 innocent people also suspected of being a murderer.

    Accurate odds of guilt or innocence are not as simple as this but I have a feeling that the SBS experts equate a finding of 99.99 per cent as good enough to put two people in prison for life but in fact with many innocent parents getting babies with some of these findings that apparent 99.99 per cent certainty actually means that there could be 60 errors with this certainty than actual murderers.

    These sort of caclulation are absolutely necessary and BEFORE a trial.

    A trial is no place to work out new ways to find people guilty or to find innocent people guilty.

    And further if it is POSSIBLE for just one person or baby to have these signs and not be murderers then how can we selectively use it here to condemn Baby A’s parents or 60 others and perhaps 600 or 6 000 depending on the actual level of certainty that these clinical signs are ALWAYS a sign of a murder.

    We saw for John emery and the 10 fold babies that died with a gastro complaint more than the control actually meant there were many more babies with this serious condition that survived and with research they may have been the autism babies of today?

    For Sally Clark the expert witness against her came up with a statistic that it was 73 million to one she was guilty and the jury convicted on this or the whole evidence but the Royal Statistical Society and others made the calculation about EVEN or a one chance in two the conviction would be SAFE.

    In the event this played no part at all in her release but not INNOCENCE and the release was because of DIRTY dealings by the prosecution who FAILED to put to the court evidence that may have proved her INNOCENCE.

    Such was the Witch Finding of Dr Green et al who was well known and dubbed the DIRTY DOCTOR and with Roy Meadow made a formidable team to prosecute safely anyone they teamed up together to witness against.

    I have a feeling of DEJA VUE in the SBS trials.

    The odds are not as great as they sound, they are never actually put into figures for if they were a statistician would see they probably represent overwhelming INNOCENCE.

    But so many of these signs in people who survive as John Emery found should ALERT people to the exposures and insulmts in common for all babies then and now and vaccines especially the pertussis are known to induce brain harm as we see for Baby A.

  • quicksilver

    The best defence is attack and here the SBS prosecution of the family distracts them from what they had to do and that is to put in a claim for vaccine harm and the subsequent death to their baby daughter.

    The fact that a trial has been put in place by those who vaccinated and killed a child is a horrific micarriage of justice and one that means the specific charges MUST not be against the hospital or the vaccine company but specifically naming those who injected the baby to death.

    The fact there are so many is not the problem of the family but of the justice system.

    It amount almost to a continuation of th elynching of the parents.

    Who threw the stone that killed them during that lynching that i s about to start?

    And which nurse or which doctor is responsible for the particular vaccine that ensured the death of baby A. They are all responsible to greater of lesser degrees of culpabability and to renounce responsibility when clear evidence of pain and suffering was reported is another different ground for complaint.

    I am available to review any evidence if necessary.

  • quicksilver

    John Emery and his communications to the BMJ for the record

    Note the link to vaccines never gets mentioned – is this purposeful or not being aware of Charles Richet and anaphylaxis?

    Looking at the clinical signs he mentions it does overlap considerably that of Charles Richet.

    Note the rise in these deaths overwhelms the pathology departments.

    Does this mean they rarely if ever look for damage to the brain.

    John did examine the eyes and so we we have knowledge in this area that is UNIQUE.


    Effects of Obstruction to Respiration in Infants, with Particular Reference
    to Mattresses, Pillows, and their Coverings

    J.L. Emery, J. A. Thornton

    Br Med J 1968;3:209 (Published 27 July 1968)


    Cot Deaths

    John L. Emery

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    Welfare of Families of Children Found Unexpectedly Dead (“Cot Deaths”)

    John L. Emery

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    Terminal symptoms in children dying suddenly and unexpectedly at home.
    Preliminary report of the DHSS multicentre study of postneonatal mortality.

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    Family and community factors associated with infant deaths that might be

    Elizabeth M Taylor, John L Emery

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    Apnea monitors and accidental strangulation.

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    BMJ 1992;304:117.4 (Published 11 January 1992)


    Debate on cot death

    BMJ 2000;320:310 (Published 29 January 2000)

    Any problems with getting these please contact me:

    [email protected]

  • quicksilver

    There are currently publicity adverts where a policemen fires a shot after practising his cowboy ability and it richochets around the block and ends up in the brain of JFK. The policeman putting his gun back in his holster ponts to some far off building and says the shot came from there; the fourth floor!

    This reminds me of R A Minns and his criminal conspiracy theory of subdural haemorrhages (SDH) et al and how this is proof of battering by moms.

    SDH is common after botched birth trauma and is the normal after insane insults to many infants at birth when they are just adapting to life in an air medium for their first time.

    But the staggering thing about Minns is his justification to place this vulnerable baby on top of an exploding Chernobyl or decaying Fukushima plant or its medical mafia equivalent the CT scanner.

    Quite what the benefit is of IRRADIATING a dying infant with radioactive isotopes that make the perpetrators wear protective clothing and retreat behind 6 inch protective barriers to watch the RESULT of their further injections into a baby already half dead from previous injections is a feat of outstanding ARROGANCE from Dr Minns!

    Doctors practising their COWBOY tactics on Baby A and then shouting its the PARENTS, look they have bashed, battered and bullied the infant babe.

    Did the baby get this CT scan so beloved by dirty doctors such as Dr Minns?

    Christina reminds us

    They managed to resuscitate her and put her in the NICU, they then took her to get a CT scan and then said they needed to take x-rays as well.”


    More grounds for the defence to lodge criminal law suits methinks?

    They saved the baby and then ABUSE here not once (CT scans) but twice: X radiation just to make sure?

    And the setninel theory of the SBS et al mafia:

    The GUILTY person is the last with the child.

    And exactly who was the last with the child for nearly a week with the medical mafia keep telling parents we could do with taking a few organs from your baby while she is still ALIVE!

    Decades ago a person I knew was in a coma for 2 months before coming back into our world for a short time sadly only. And from head injuries from a car accident and LUCID for half a day before entering that coma. And no attempt to look for bleeding in the brain or performing a thousand year old opertaion of relieving pressure in the brain.

    We never learnt then and it seems we still havent learnt in 2013.

  • quicksilver

    subdural haemorrhage (SDH) and the accusation of shaken baby syndrome (SBS)

    The evidence for this has been at the root cause of the upsurge in shaken
    baby syndrome cases. The name is meaningless and has already been
    changed from many other terms the most diabolical of all possibly the
    term MSBP where the mother could admit her guilt or by saying nothing
    admit that she was really guilty. The reasoning here was that the
    mother was seeking to be in control and have more knowledge of the
    medical profession than the accusers. Probably true!

    Shaken Baby Syndrome is another term for the same. The dead child must be
    killed by the carer unless the carer explains how the injuries arose.

    The problem and fundamental mistake made is that the medical profession
    profess thay have no explanation for the injuries but can be 100 per
    cent certain they have been inflicted not by a person unknown but
    that the injuries were by the carer only.

    The mistake made by all accused of murder is to accept that the injuries
    must be caused by a criminal with criminal force and they then have
    to explain everytime they moved baby and how that might have
    initiated harm or harm that was latent. For they at least know there
    was no criminal and in their innocent minds would not suspect the
    treatments from the accusers might be the criminal force that killed
    their child.

    If the medical profession cannot explain how the injuries arose, then
    how can someone, often with no medical background, compete with
    experts that study shaken baby syndrome to the extent they are world
    experts in demand for this invention but know nothing of other
    aspects of medicine, such as saving life harmed by them or their

    This new invention of SBS or whatever you call it today continues the
    Witch Finding of other disgraced SBS doctors such as Dr Smith and Dr
    Meadow. Dr Meadow profiting from his expensive expertise obtaining
    both a professorship and then the knight of the realm. And as we see
    below with the work continued by his disciples.

    Dr Minns did a review for subdural haemorrhage and came up with the
    diagnosis that certain abuse was proven. How can a simple read of a
    couple of hand-picked medical research lead to any progress except
    that of giving the reader a pocket view of what is chosen as partial
    and an impossibility. Dr Minns does nothing to further the cause of
    the genuineness or otherwise of SBS but simply provides a summary
    what is known from reading a one-sided view. And here he fails
    miserably for he takes the view of the dirty doctors and amplifies
    their dirtiness to new heights. If only he used his brains instead of
    accepting the ideas of the dirty docotrs as correct.


    Will lead to this review and gives his contact data for this period of

    This leads us in turn to two comments that got amended to his review:

    First from Dr Hobbs (a Meadow Disciple!)


    Chris Hobbs comes from Leeds and has worked closely with Meadow and must be
    there simply because of his hard views which I have challenged a long
    time ago.

    He notes birth trauma is an uncommon cause of SDH. Why does he say this?
    Because every uncommon time it happens there is one more innocent
    person LIABLE to spend the rest of his life in prison because of the
    arrogance of Chris Hobbs and the dirty doctors.

    If he bothered to check the medical journals he would KNOW that the
    incidence of SDH is proportional to the degree doctors look for it.

    Or the FALSE CONVICTIONS are proportional to the amount of scrutiny put
    into them.

    I have previously found many wanting before the governments, doctors
    and lawyers were ready to accept that in this mass criminal world
    there may some in the medical profession (excepting of couse Dr
    Shipman who never blamed any parents for the crimes he did!)

    And here we see Chris Hobbs trying not to look for it (trauma at birth?
    Whats that?) and downing its significance to UNCOMMON.

    In a court of law what use is UNCOMMON?

    Is it uncommon to the extent it doesnt occur and every SDH case is

    Is it uncommon to the extent it to the extent of 1 per cent so that in 1
    per cent of cases we send the wrong person to prison?

    And why do we not send those who inflicted the SDH to prison? These are
    medical workers at the hospital and do not get judged with the same
    degree of severity. It was just one of those things and if we dont
    look or tell perhaps mom will never know even when we add to our
    income by informing on her malice?

    I suggest doctors use warm damp towel trick to avoid their

    Major causes for suspicion are vomiting, large heads, fits but again no
    mention of crying a lot? Thats just normal after so many vaccines!

    The paper is valuable as it does look at many features and needs careful
    scrutiny; very careful scrutiny but the OPINIONS are just OPINIONS
    and as we see if there is one innocent case missed from earlier
    inflicted hospital harm in the infants life it is spurious to call
    this earlier beatings, shakings or suffocation attempts but may well
    be PROOF of the BIRTH TRAUMA! Shhh! Dont tell on SID at the hospital
    who ABUSED this baby as he is PROTECTED by his medical degrees.

    So! Two dirty doctors where to now?

    Datta and yet another dirty doctor!


    And the full paper here:


    All very depressing news with absolutely no doubt to these people they
    are seeing massive abuse all carried out by parents all over the
    world inflicting hundreds of breaks, fractures and bleeds in exactly
    the same areas all over the body and head.


    None have stopped to realise the implications of what they say or more
    likely they do not care?

    Not here the ancient attempts to save a babies life but today: Sacrifice
    the infant and get proof to their dirty minds that a murder has been
    committed by probably more parents than have babies (500 000 in the
    UK and more than 3 million in the USA every year – ABUSE by carers!)

    These cases are the chosen victims or the chosen carer who is put out on
    the rack trying to explain what the doctors did at birth or by their
    vaccines and drugs.

    Dr Jayawant and Dr Kemp provide the back up of dirtiness.

    In here we have at least one case we can be happy is murder and this
    has subtle differences to most of the others:

    Case 4

    a) Skull fracture here with many others showing NO skull fracture!

    b) Swelling at the point of fracture and many others showing NO swelling
    at the missing skull fracture or anywhere else. And often at
    completely remote places!

    c) SDH at the exact point of the fracture while NO others showed this
    finding and in fact tended to show multiple SDH’s indicating
    possibly the complete breakdown of the cappilaries after shock,
    septic shock, meningitis or ANAPHYLAXIS after vaccines or a fatal
    response to INJECTIONS.

    The TRIAD to show most cases are not murder but innocent?

    Yes, we can accept evidence for CRIMINALITY but we cant accept the whole
    world, magically being able to produce 100’s of clinical signs
    missing on the one sentinel case of nigh on PROVEN ABUSE.

    The paper is IMPORTANT for the defence as the RESEARCH is first class and
    not bettered anywhere.

    the opinions are mostly BUNKUM.

    research team provide DRAMATIC proof of the work of Richet and the
    explanation of Dale so long ago using techniques not available to
    them and thery seem to forget or dont know this!


    The millions of children denied such treatments or diagnosis as the dirty
    doctors could see no future in following up their dirty ideas in
    court for MONEY. If there is no suspicion of abuse they do not get
    the full tests given to these children.

    SIDS was at one time death to a child for no apparent reason.

    Needless to say people dont die for no reason.

    These doctors DO provide reasons for all those cot deaths et al but blaming
    the carer, putting the carer in prison for life and setting parent
    against parent or parent against carer is Witch Finding;


    The mountains of criticisms implying the incorrectness of the OPINION of
    murder while accepting the clinical genius of those doing all this
    work or review must come in another piece or the leads need to be
    followed through which is easy unless you have a dirty mind and one
    not open to reason or FACT.

    Many doctors have exposed the false ideas of these dirty doctors above.

  • quicksilver

    There is an awful lot of nuts in Brazil

    And here is a remarkable reviw article from the same country:



    Abusive head trauma in children: a literature review,

    Lopes, Eisenstein and Williams 2012

    This has a section on crying which repeat what we have seen before.

    Crying can tell when something is wrong but here it is the cause for shaken baby syndrome only!

    Other give away signs for child abuse by mom are:







    Not just a TRIAD for child abuse but a DOUBLE TRIAD of proof for mom harming her child!

    But did they not think that this is the DOUBLE TRIAD of proof of VACCINE HARM too!

  • quicksilver

    How abou this story:


    B.C. children spent years in limbo after shaken baby accusation

    Court proceedings dragged on for 4 years

    Internal bleeding! Sounds like that might cause

    bones to form lumops and bumps as they heal?

    the head to leak blood in MULIPLE SDH events?

    The eyes to leak out blood?

    And as that blood leaks anything that can blow up will BLOW UP heads and legs and arms et al;

    Anyway the baby got taken away.

    When they complained they took two older children AWAY!

    And so it went on.

    UNTIL they admitted they nothing about child abuse

    But that was four years LATE.

    Here we are playing for DOUBLE LIFE in prison.

    Just to protect vaccines

    Charles Richet normal anaphylaxis events (lets forget this please!)

    And Henry Dale with his explanation of what goes on in the capillaries (lets forget him too)


    And pay our cheque to WITCH FINDERS INC.

  • quicksilver

    The WORST child abusers in HISTORY?


    No just another set of SBS doctors getting it WRONG again.

    And note the similarity to Baby A case where the parents wouldnt co-operate and blame each other!

  • quicksilver

    Here is an especially sad case:

    20 years in prison on a fixed SBS Witch Finding, Lynching and Bounty Hunting bonanza.

    It disagrees with many current ideas about harm from shaking:

    Eg the notion that fluid comes first and then blood weeks or months later.

    And note the finding of feed coming out of the nose. Not sure what this means but it is a common finding.

    But the worst is the discovery that there was BIRTH TRAUMA.

    And that was written out of the scenario by the SBS expert.

    Who to be fair wasnt even aware of it!

    When he got confirmation of his brilliant SBS prowess this set back hardly stopped him from re-inventing the resaon it was not involved in the death.

    What a FRAME UP

    and if I read it correctly this lady went back to JAIL?

    Another judge who gets pleasure from putting the innocent in prison?

    How can someone not associated with the law know the fine points that could have saved her going to prison and then even when found there was a get out clause so they could now forget this information which would free her.

    Its back to





    PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN, Plaintiff-Appellee,

    TONIA JOYCE MILLER Defendant-Appellant

  • quicksilver

    The GOUDGE inquiry is a massive insight into the working of one SBS EXPERTS Dr Smith.

    The investigation was so thorough that even Dr Smith eventually saw the folly of his ways and APOLOGISED!


    Will get you into the main parts and here is one extract for you:


    First, I want to speak briefly about the
    8 nature of forensic pathology, and my submission will be
    9 that it is — was, is, and remains an inexact
    10 interpretive science, one that is as much art as science.
    11 Secondly, I will make submissions
    12 regarding Dr. Smith’s practices during the years of the
    13 mandate. And my submission is that he lacked three (3)
    14 essential ingredients for an expert working within the
    15 coroner’s system: competence, professionalism, and
    16 objectivity.
    17 Thirdly, I’ll make submissions dealing
    18 with oversight and accountability. Our thesis in our
    19 submission is that during 1991 to 2001 and beyond, up
    20 until as late as 2003 no one at the Chief Coroner’s
    21 Office took responsibility for Dr. Smith’s errors, nor
    22 was he held accountable for them.

    And can we repeat

    First, I want to speak briefly about the
    8 nature of forensic pathology, and my submission will be
    9 that it is — was, is, and remains an inexact
    10 interpretive science, one that is as much art as science.

    or to put it another way

    First, I want to speak briefly about the
    8 nature of forensic pathology, and my submission will be
    9 that it is — was, is, and remains an inexact
    10 interpretive science, one that is as much art as science.

    Not Enough To Hang A Cat By s that original Witch Finder Norman Guthkelch tells us in 2013 in his mature 97 years old view and LONG experience of getting it wrong and wanting to make amends in 2013 because:

    Its MY DUTY.

    And for the SBS expert he chose this rebuke:

    he lacked three (3)
    14 essential ingredients for an expert working within the
    15 coroner’s system: competence, professionalism, and
    16 objectivity.

    Once again

    he lacked three (3)
    14 essential ingredients for an expert working within the
    15 coroner’s system: competence, professionalism, and
    16 objectivity.

    I would put it differently


    But the take home message is much the same.

    These people are convicting the INNOCENT

    And letting the GUILTY go free!

  • quicksilver

    Looking closely at the Goudge inquiry is disturbing for justice for the past 20 years throughout the world:


    From Page 19
    They examined forty-five (45) cases of
    18 suspicious child deaths where Dr. Charles Smith performed
    19 the autopsy or was consulted. In twenty (20) of those
    20 cases they found that some of his conclusions were not
    21 reasonably supported by the materials available.

    Wrong almost more than a third of the time and in agreement with
    other pathology experts around the world today.

    Not anywhere near acceptable
    credibility even to convict a cat for killing a mouse.

    inadequate paediatric
    12 forensic pathology. The broad challenge is to determine
    13 the best corrective measures that ought to be available
    14 in these circumstances.
    15 Our investigation to date raises issues
    16 about systemic failings in all of these areas, in the
    17 paediatric forensic pathology available to the criminal
    18 justice system, in the communication of it to that
    19 system, in the roles played by the other main actors and
    20 in the corrective measures available after the fact. Our
    21 list of eighty (80) systemic issues

    Page 25 shows 80 reasons not to trust the pathology as the universal
    arbiter of crime, judgement or the punishment due.

    At all times, Dr. Smith endeavoured to use
    4 whatever knowledge and expertise he possessed to render
    5 accurate pathologic opinions. In retrospect, he
    6 understands that in some of the twenty (20) cases which
    7 form the basis of this Inquiry, his work, while to the
    8 best of his ability at the time, was simply not good
    9 enough

    Page 29

    One of worlds best pathologists not
    good enough.

    And implying that either he bungled the
    pathology or that NOBODY can achieve the standards necessary ALONE
    for a safe conviction for anyone.

    Anyone disagreeing with this and it is
    possible to go through as many cases of misjustice as is necessary to
    show mistakes not only can occur but do occur such as to make you
    almost think black is actually white. Black to BLANC or white! Its
    that easy.

    So can we trust the others (pathology,
    doctors and often just local doctors who may never have seen this
    sort of case before or likely to again – unless genetics is
    important!) if we look deeply into their work?

    Moreover, the science of pediatric
    7 forensic pathology is constantly evolving.
    8 Unquestionably, what may have represented a consensus of
    9 professional opinion in the 1980s and the 1990s may very
    10 well be viewed differently in 2007.

    Page 30 Opinions are evolving (note no mention we are ever dealing
    with science or fact!)

    But even here we can argue with Goudge!

    The consensus before was of no guilt to
    the family and cot death SIDS or whatever the latest name was was
    accepted as beyond comprehension. It just happened! With no regard
    for the increase in vaccines, the numbers of repeats and the ever
    earlier ages of administering them. And the suspect role of
    introducing the pertussis vaccine known to induce cerebral attacks at
    much higher levels than other established vaccines except for
    possibly the flu vaccine.

    Legislatively, it is the coroner who is responsible for
    14 conducting the death investigation and reaching a
    15 conclusion as to the manner of death.

    Page 30 Note It is not for doctors or pathologists to decide who
    killed who. They take away responsibility. A point that needs
    emphasising and re-emphasising. Doctors and pathologists are there to
    help justice not pervert justice.

    We see in our arguments these doctors
    and / or pathologists are possibly culpable with dangerous
    treatments, traumatic birth, vaccines and abusive testings. Perhaps
    they would be better directing their energies here?

    They then pontificate that ionising
    radiations, injections of radioactive matter into a tiny baby plays
    absolutely no part in the death and often such harm not found at
    first but later as the ionisation and radioactive elements have TIME
    to interact with the already seriously harmed infant in need of
    medical help not hindrance.

    Vaccines give anaphylaxis 100 per cent
    of time (Richet et al circa 1913) and the time of 4 hours for 2013
    doctors and pathologists to accept such harm is not agreeing with
    established fact but merely protecting an arguable good technique
    (preventing illness) by avoiding the harm done (100 per cent
    anaphylactic shock) as well.

    in practice, it is frequently not
    23 the coroner but the pathologist from whom an opinion on
    24 manner of death is sought by the police and later by the
    25 Crown. This creates difficulties. There may be an

    1 informational disconnect.

    The police and the government effectively over-ride the person who
    has overall responsibility and place the doctors and pathologists as
    the sole arbiter on who or who has not been a criminal.

    They are taking a role that is above
    and beyond natural and proper justice.

    OPINION trumps good policing, legal
    trials and sound judgement!

    Effectively any doctor or pathologist
    can and has obtained almost unique responsiblity on himself for the
    fate of those families he has been given to look at but not after.

    Not quite but similar to picking
    someone at random to choose people to bring to court when your
    opinion as to what they have done and what their punishment is to be
    is taken as accepted by the police, the coroner, the judge, the jury
    and the public who honour you for your infinite wisdom and guidance
    with professorships, knighthoods and piles of dirty money.

    Total acceptance IN FACT of :

    Witch Finding



    Bounty Hunting

  • quicksilver

    Part 2


    Dr. Smith wishes to make clear
    21 that he acknowledges the important systemic objective of
    22 this Inquiry. To date, Dr. Smith has refrained from
    23 commenting publicly on the individual cases or the
    24 systemic issues that will be considered by this
    25 Commission in a desire not to attempt to influence or

    1 distract the work of the Inquiry. However, he has and
    2 intends to continue to provide the Commission with his
    3 assistance in the attainment of its important mandate.

    From page 50/51

    There was a change
    20 in the mid 1990s where deaths that took place in nursing
    21 homes and other extended care facilities were no longer
    22 all investigated.
    23 At that time, there were closer to thirty
    24 thousand (30,000) death investigations per year. With
    25 that change in legislation, it came down to approximately

    1 twenty thousand (20,000), and since then, you know, plus
    2 or minus a few thousand, it’s been consistent.

    Page 53

    11 approximate number of non-warranted autopsies would be in
    12 Ontario on average?

    No proper answer given!

    Most autopsies done by CONSENT:

    Criminal autopsies are actually very

    Two hundred (200)
    6 to two hundred and fifty (250).

    And the numbers have gone up

    The number has gone up
    11 over the past decade and is usually in the past five (5)
    12 years in the range between a hundred and seventy-five
    13 (175) and two hundred and fifty (250).

    The number has more than doubled?

    All right. And has
    21 that number of five (5) to fifteen (15) per year changed
    22 since the early ’90s. Do you know?
    23 DR. BARRY MCLELLAN: It’s my
    24 understanding that the number has been quite consistent
    25 for a decade.

    This is surprising as the numbers just
    appear here!

    And not the no change for a decade
    AVOIDS the fact that we can expect the numbers were actually ZERO

    The change came sometime in the 1990
    and before that would be grouped as SIDS?

    Not hiding in SIDS but actually a fair
    estimate of why SIDS babies die – bleeding ALL over the body in
    micro bleeds from capillaries building up in rare cases to SUDDEN
    INFANT DEATH to a previous apparently healthy child that in fact was
    not healthy from BIRTH TRAUMA or the very first VACCINE.

    Note the credibility gap even here of
    medical journals talking of 75 per cent to 100 per cent mothers
    abusing their babies (500 000 plus accusations UK to 3.5 million in
    USA per year) is down to 5 to 15 criminal autopsies in Ontario,
    Canada with more than a third not so much botched as not being the
    black and white murder that the pathology expert would have the
    police, judge and jury convict on his WRONG evidence.

    Page 67 talking of 7 000 autopsies by
    VERY few people

    Well, typically,
    20 we would divide autopsies into those that are criminally
    21 suspicious or homicidal and then another category which
    22 you’ve called “routine”, and not to diminish their
    23 importance, but require less specific knowledge about
    24 forensic pathology.

    Page 86

    hundred and ninety (190)
    7 pathologists are employed by — employed by hospitals
    8 doing fee-for-service work for the OCCO as well.

    A fee of 300 dollars per autopsy is normal. See Page 97 for example.

    which has been effective
    2 since April 1 of ’06 is three hundred dollars ($300) per
    3 case,

    Here we see the sensible classification
    of criminality – search for the bullet et al!

    In the subset of
    21 cases of criminally suspicious and homicide.
    22 Before we talk about the role of the
    23 pathologist, I think, Dr. Pollanen, it would be helpful
    24 if we could define some terms again, because lawyers
    25 throw them around loosely, and God knows, we — we don’t

    1 understand the nuance differences.
    2 So manner of death, start with that; and
    3 then I want you to distinguish it from mode of death,
    4 mechanism of death, so that we all have a level playing
    5 field for the terminology.
    6 DR. MICHAEL POLLANEN: Well it’s — it’s
    7 most convenient to start with cause of death.
    8 MS. LINDA ROTHSTEIN: Okay. Fair enough.
    9 DR. MICHAEL POLLANEN: Because everything
    10 essentially flows from cause.
    11 The — the cause of death is the injury or
    12 disease that ends life, quite simply. Now it can, in —
    13 in practice, be far more complicated than that, involving
    14 analyses — analysis of causal change, et cetera, but
    15 that’s ultimately the issue.
    16 The manner of death, or rather the
    17 mechanism — lets do the mechanism next. The mechanism
    18 of death is the series of abnormal physiological
    19 processes that ultimately results in life ending due to
    20 the cause of death. So an example of that would be, a
    21 cause of death might be a stab wound of the neck, and the
    22 mechanism of death would be exsanguination.
    23 So it’s the loss of blood is really the —
    24 the mechanism of death. Another convenient example would
    25 be a cause of death such as manual strangulation, and the

    1 mechanism of death would be asphyxia which is starvation
    2 of the — of the brain of oxygen.
    3 So you have cause of death, you have
    4 mechanism of death, and cause of death and mechanism of
    5 death are then distinguished from the third which is
    6 manner of death. And manner of death is defined as the
    7 means by which the cause of death occurred.
    8 And it — just a very simple analysis will
    9 — you will see, that the manner of death is more protean
    10 and involves a greater set of data; specifically, and
    11 most importantly, circumstances.
    12 The circumstances of the case, while
    13 undeniably important in — in cause of death, clearly
    14 important in cause of death, becomes even more important
    15 in manner of death.
    16 And a simple example will suffice.
    17 Somebody may have a gunshot wound to the head, but it may
    18 be suicidal, accidental or homicidal, which are the —
    19 you know, the three (3) cardinal manners of death. And
    20 on the basis of the autopsy findings, it may be not
    21 possible from purely an examination of the body to
    22 determine the manner of death, although the cause and
    23 mechanism are — are quite clear.
    24 So we — we recognize on that basis five
    25 (5) universal manners of death: natural, accident,

    1 suicide, homicide, and then an interesting category
    2 called undetermined.

    Page 150 / 151

    The five (5) steps
    18 of the medical legal autopsy are:
    19 First: Consideration of the scene and
    20 history.
    21 Second: The external examination of the
    22 body.
    23 Third: The internal examination of the
    24 body or dissection.
    25 Fourth: Ancillary testing, which takes a

    1 variety of forms including examination of tissues under
    2 the microscope, which we call histology, toxicology,
    3 radiology, various ancillary tests.
    4 And the fifth step — and the step,
    5 surprisingly, that is often excluded from this analysis –
    6 – is the decision-making step —

    What is an absolutely critical step along
    7 the way is obtaining information about the context of the
    8 case. This includes the scene appearance, the medical
    9 history including illnesses, medications, the events
    10 surrounding the case.

    Vaccines must come here?

    Well, the best
    21 example would be, for example, x-rays. If somebody is
    22 shot, by history then we would x-ray the body, whereas,
    23 if the — if the person dies suddenly in bed, we might
    24 not; in fact, we probably wouldn’t.
    25 A certain range of ancillary tests might

    1 include tests that we would not normally think of doing.
    2 For example, if somebody dies in the middle of eating
    3 their Chinese lunch, and it has shrimp in it, and we
    4 don’t know to test for anaphylaxis, then we will miss the
    5 diagnosis of shrimp allergy, so — because that —
    6 autopsy findings don’t necessarily allow us to conclude
    7 directly that there was a shrimp allergy, we need to
    8 obtain testing for that.

    Did they do tests for vaccine anaphylaxis?


    Page 163

    The investigation is often ongoing for
    17 many weeks, sometimes months; there’s information that
    18 one’s waiting for such as toxicology.
    The Centre for
    6 Forensic Sciences has tried to have a 90 percent
    7 completion within ninety days (90) role,

    Page 179

    Does this imply you suggest homicide
    today for you cannot justify natural causes:

    Is this the germ for 2013 Witch

    where the forensic pathologist can not give a cause of
    10 death, can not exclude natural causes, but can not
    11 conclude for example, homicidal ones, that he or she
    12 provide again, the reasoned exposition for that
    13 conclusion?

    Page 181 gives more

    what then is the next step for the
    13 Coroner in conducting this investigation into a
    14 criminally suspicious death?
    Well, that report
    16 would included with the totality of all of the
    17 information with a case that’s criminally suspicious or –
    18 – or concluded at that point, to be a homicide. The
    19 investigation is left open until any criminal proceedings
    20 are complete, so, the Coroner would, at that point,
    21 submit an investigation report with the understanding
    22 that the investigation would not be completed until any
    23 criminal proceedings were over.

    Page 183

    COLLUSION between people? Is this
    change the one that brought in modern day Witch Finding?

    One of the changes in recent years has
    14 been to hold case conferences early on following a — a
    15 death where it’s felt to be criminally suspicious or
    16 homicide; that’s to ensure that all of the members of the
    17 team understand what is known and what is not known at
    18 that time to make it clear what’s outstanding.

    All keyed up to find the dirt and not the explanation?

    Page 190

    All right. So, if
    13 I can ask both of you now to focus even on a smaller
    14 subset of cases. So we’ve gone from all of the coroner’s
    15 investigations; some seven thousand (7,000) a year, or
    16 rather — yeah, twenty thousand (20,000) a year to the
    17 seven thousand (7,000) in which there’s post-mortem
    18 examinations, to the smaller subset in which they’re
    19 criminally suspicious, and, now, the smallest subset, for
    20 our purposes, of the criminally suspicious deaths
    21 involving children.

    In general terms, we
    3 now look at deaths under the age of five (5) years as
    4 falling into a category where we have a standardized
    5 approach to the investigation which is very thorough and
    6 comprehensive. And I don’t mean to suggest that the
    7 investigation into a six (6) year old is not, but this is
    8 consistently applied to the entire group under the age of
    9 five (5).
    And is that them
    20 memo known as Memo 631, Dr. McLellan?

    So, particularly, let’s start with the
    13 infants. Whether we define them as one (1) or two (2)
    14 years of age, one of the things that many of us have
    15 heard spoken of, but have very little real understanding
    16 of is SID, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
    17 Can you help us with the definition of
    18 that and some understanding of how — how far medicine
    19 has come in understanding that particular syndrome?
    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is
    23 the — is an enigma in forensic pathology.
    24 And it has a very long and complicated
    25 history in forensic medicine. But, currently, we had —

    1 we view SIDS as the unexplained death of an infant less
    2 then one — usually less then nine (9) months, but less
    3 then one — in which the cause of death is unascertained
    4 after a comprehensive post-mortem examination and death
    5 investigation which includes all of the ancillary tests
    6 that are appropriate in — in the — in that age group:
    7 x-rays, metabolic screening, histology, toxicology, scene
    8 investigation, et cetera.

    Page 195

    When you look at the incidents of death
    14 in infancy and in childhood, there is a very large peak
    15 less than one (1), so it’s a — it is a homogeneous
    16 entity in terms of its descriptive statistics.
    And then, in addition, because by
    4 convention it’s a diagnosis of exclusion, you have to
    5 demonstrate the absence of certain things and this
    6 includes, for example, fractures — multiple
    7 healed/healing fractures — which are common pattern in
    8 child abuse, need to be demonstrably absent.

    And this — these exclusionary criteria —
    10 I could go through many of them — form the basis of the
    11 1995 protocol that was issued by our office. And I’ll —
    12 I’ll tell you that that — that did represent a very
    13 important contribution to the investigation of infant
    14 death in this province, because it was a recognition for
    15 the first time that there needed to be an organized
    16 response to this — this unique entity.


    This is an important change as the
    mechanism of anaphylaxis is to release blood which by certain poor
    tests will be called FRACTURES

    Note a normal baby has PLASTIC bones as
    they do not become adult at this age!

    A fact seemingly forgotten?

    Again evidence that finding of harm
    from anaphylaxis, bleeding etc was not used to pin down the causes
    for SIDS from 1969 through to 1995 or so:

    We’ve touched on the issues that created
    24 the need for this protocol, that are — Dr. McLellan
    25 outlined at the bottom of that first page — the concern

    1 that autopsies weren’t being done enough of the times,
    2 skeletal X-rays not being done, toxicology not being done
    3 and so on.
    4 And I take it that those concerns were
    5 concerns that were present in Ontario as well?

    Page 203 / 204



    highlight the paragraph immediately following number 7,
    22 the Paediatric Death Review Committee, and you’ll note
    23 that it reads:
    24 “Unfortunately, in this day and age,
    25 child abuse is a real issue, and it is

    1 extremely important that all members of
    2 the investigative team “Think Dirty.”
    3 They must actively investigate each
    4 case as potential child abuse,

    This approach is a secret approach not
    NORMALLY written down:

    The “think dirty”
    19 philosophy is not well represented in the major textbooks
    20 of forensic pathology. If you survey the major textbooks
    21 in forensic pathology, you will find that the
    22 philosophical framework for forensic pathologists is
    23 usually a search-for-the-truth framework; and that is
    24 embodied in — in other nomenclature, such as think
    25 objectively.

    Again we dont think dirty!

    “Think Dirty” is a way of segmenting or
    11 drawing attention to a certain type of possibility or
    12 certain type of death which is, essentially, unnecessary
    13 if one is engaging the case from first principles, with
    14 an open mind, with a search for the truth.

    A discussion of SIDS

    These issues — the enigma of SIDS plus
    10 the challenges related to shaken babies and related areas
    11 — further complicate the first instance where you may
    12 have — and — and this is — this is self-evidently true
    13 — a child who is found dead in bed under non-suspicious
    14 circumstances, that for all intents and purposes to the
    15 police and the coroner, appears to be non-suspicious, and
    16 in the one circumstance, the autopsy will reveal SIDS,
    17 and the other, Shaken Baby Syndrome. And it’s an
    18 entirely medical determination associated with all of the
    19 issues — the scientific issues — that underlie those
    20 two (2).

    There is a comment here to be made

    With the pathology service under
    pressure there seems no evidence to secure a safe theory of SBS by
    finding fractures et al to the extent of a degree of certainty for
    conviction of any sort that is SAFE.

    But having said this those that are
    condemned are never released on what is shown here to be partiality.

    We have got a real Witch Finding going

    How about checking cases 100 per cent
    (to SBS experts that are INNOCENT to them – if they believe any
    SIDS are not murdering moms!) INNOCENT.

    Let them do checks for micro-bleeds,
    false reports of breaks and fractures to bones all over the body in
    these INNOCENT cases.

    It seems evident that we may find all
    SIDS give an exact match to SBS and this would imply that the
    vaccines, the anaphylaxis of Richet, the explanation of Dale is FIRM!

    We have murder


    We have the wrong suspects in COURT.

  • quicksilver

    Retinal Haemorrhage

    One of the TRIAD used by SBS doctors
    to prove abuse.

    We have seen how these and other signs
    are likely not to be separate clinical signs but can occur together
    eg from an anphylactic reaction to a vaccine or such.

    Or here from the head swelling and not any shaking or whiplash effect of some delinquent.


    Page 46 and 47

    DR. MICHAEL POLLANEN: So, in the — in
    14 the Gaurov case, which — which is the shaken baby issue,
    15 one (1) of the issues there, that we’ll discuss later, is
    16 the — the presence of the triad — a group of three (3)
    17 findings — is often used as evidence to support the
    18 presence of Shaken Baby Syndrome.
    19 Yet, in — and at autopsy, indeed, Gaurov
    20 had the triad but on initial admission to hospital one (1)
    21 element of the triad was absent on initial examination.
    22 So —
    23 MR. MARK SANDLER: And that was the
    24 retinal hemorrhaging?
    25 DR. MICHAEL POLLANEN: Correct. Now, that

    1 leads to one (1) of two (2) possibilities. The one (1)
    2 possibility is that the doctor who examined the back of
    3 the eye simply missed them which sometimes happens, or
    4 that they weren’t there and they developed subsequently
    5 through another process. And there is, in fact, in the
    6 case, evidence of another process that could produce them,
    7 which was brain swelling.

    So we have two of the three and not retinal haemorrhage for this
    particular case.

    And yet later the retinal haemorrhages
    were seen.

    As they say it show the normal
    production of such signs can be caused without ABUSE but are a follow
    on from on of the two signs ie that of an head expansion or swelling
    will cause these injuuries.

    Subdural hemorrhage is bleeding on the

    1 surface of the brain and that is specifically between two
    2 (2) membranes: one (1) called the dura and the other is
    3 the arachnoid. There’s another variant of bleeding on the
    4 surface of the brain called subarachnoid hemorrhage but
    5 that’s a separate issue.
    6 Then we have retinal hemorrhages which are
    7 hemorrhages in the back of the eyes and the layer inside
    8 the eye where vision essentially is — visual signals are
    9 transmitted to the brain.
    10 And hypoxic encephalopathy is essentially
    11 brain damage sometimes associated with considerable
    12 swelling that occurs when the brain is starved of oxygen.
    13 MR. MARK SANDLER: All right. Why don’t
    14 you go ahead and — and describe what the triad is and how
    15 it informs the discussion.
    16 DR. MICHAEL POLLANEN: So, through the
    17 evolution of understanding of infant head injury — and I
    18 won’t go through the history — but there — there’s an
    19 entity now that’s — that’s denoted as the “triad”. And
    20 the triad is a combination of three (3) observations that
    21 form a syndromic constellation.
    22 So that it’s sort of like a syndrome which
    23 essentially contains three components that in and of
    24 themselves are not specific, but when they come together
    25 in that combination we call it the triad, and is the

    1 subdural hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhage and hypoxic-
    2 encephalopathy or hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. And
    3 that’s sometime enlarged in the traditional definition as
    4 “brain swelling”.
    5 MR. MARK SANDLER: Or cerebral edema?
    6 DR. MICHAEL POLLANEN: Correct, yes.
    7 And the issue then that’s arisen is that
    8 the — there’s a view, it’s a widely received view, that
    9 the tri — the presence of the triad is a good marker for
    10 the so-called Shaken Baby Syndrome.
    11 And the Shaken Baby Syndrome is a head
    12 injury that’s due to violent shaking of a baby. And
    13 essentially, where the baby is grasped through the torso
    14 and then through a series of whiplash motions, either sort
    15 of front to back or, to some extent, side to side, you
    16 essentially get this shaking process set up and it causes
    17 these points of bleeding and these brain changes.

    So the arguments are that each separate clinical sign does not
    indicate abuse but the three togeth do.

    But in the first case a retinal
    bleeding was not present at first and this indicates simple head
    swelling can lead amongst other things to RETINAL BLEEDING.

    Ie the retinal bleeding comes with NO
    SHAKING so again the triad becomes at most two findings as here the
    theory is that it was the head swelling that caused the bleeding in
    the eyes.

    And logically this surely means that
    bleeding in other parts of the brain are possible from a general head
    swelling event?

    And mechanical abuse produces a
    localised swelling with localised bleeding at that point of impact.

    See Datta for example Case 4 Arch Dis
    Child 15 Jun 2004

  • quicksilver

    Here we see that the DEATH PENALTY is
    demanded from DOCTORS:


    Page 28

    That Dr. Smith consulted and testified for
    13 the prosecution in September 2000 in a case called Ohio
    14 v. Fuller. That was a case where the prosecution sought
    15 the death penalty, where the jury recommended the death
    16 penalty,

    The points to be made here are so many that it takes ones breath away
    to the dirtiness of SBS doctors.

    Just one to mention:

    The case was in USA and not Canada.

    The death penalty is ILLEGAL in Canada
    where Smith worked.

    He was breaking the law and trust of
    that country (Canada) by his actions in USA to help carry out what
    would have been ILLEGAL in his country.

    We are dealing with SBS doctors where
    money and your prowess in court and your mastery over others is taken
    over and above loyalty, science and honesty.

    This arrogance was also shared by the
    USA judiciary system and USA government itself who could see no wrong
    in this contrast of LEGALITY and ILLEGALITY between countries,
    judiciaries and expert witnessing.

    Not relevant to this case but missed by
    the Goudge committee is that they never considered any other cause
    for the triad and shaken baby syndrome except either accidental
    injury or non-accidental injury.

    The 66 other causes including one of
    vaccine anaphylaxis was a mistake by the Goudge committee that could
    see the harm done by this doctor but not the harm from the mistaken
    idea that mechanical force was the only reason we could get such harm
    to a less than 6 month baby.

    In fact chemical harm is not only
    indicated but indicated to the EXCLUSION of mechanical harm of any
    kind whether deliberate or not.

  • quicksilver

    Defence Lawyers and the money they dont
    get but they were the people that brought the perjury and malpractice
    of Smith to an end:


    Page 108

    It’s difficult to get enough money for
    4 experts. To pay them at their actual rate, that’s just
    5 out of the question.

    MR. JOHN STRUTHERS: Well, with the
    24 greatest of respect, it wasn’t the Coroner’s Office that
    25 solved this problem, and it wasn’t the Crown Attorney’s

    1 Office that solved this problem, and it certainly wasn’t
    2 the police or the Hospital for Sick Children. It was a
    3 bunch of lawyers being paid the Legal Aid rate to
    4 challenge Dr. Smith and basically, to point out to a
    5 Court of law, in a manner that they accepted, that he was
    6 really off the rails.
    7 And if you want — you know, we live in an
    8 adversarial system. The theory is that the Crown doesn’t
    9 seek convictions; that’s not been my experience, but
    10 that’s theoretically the rule, Bushey.
    11 My position would be that if you want to
    12 defend people charged with outrageous allegations that
    13 have no foundation in fact, in law, or in science, then
    14 the way to do that is to have prepared, competent,
    15 skilled, and experienced defence lawyers who are willing
    16 to take the case is to challenge this kind of evidence,
    17 and you’re not going to get it at this current rate of
    18 pay.
    19 A lot of people take the position that
    20 they graduate out of Legal Aid; they don’t take Legal Aid
    21 cases anymore because the rate of pay is just completely
    22 unacceptable.
    23 And if you want somebody with twenty-two
    24 (22) years experience to take homicide cases of great
    25 difficulty, complexity, and that require a level of

    1 expertise in specific areas that are outside of the legal
    2 framework, then you’re going to have those people paid
    3 properly and right now they’re not.
    4 Extremely serious cases, including the
    5 terrorist case in — in Brampton and other cases like
    6 this, require people with a level of expertise that
    7 perhaps, is not commonplace.
    8 And as a result, it would be my position
    9 that Legal Aid should construct a tier 4 of payment.
    10 Right now there are three (3) tiers; people with less
    11 than four (4) years experience, people with less than ten
    12 (10) years experience, and people with more than ten (10)
    13 years experience.
    14 It would be my view that there should be a
    15 tier 4. There should be actually a accreditation process
    16 for people who are capable of dealing with extremely
    17 serious cases re — based on their level of expertise,
    18 their experience, their history; people that have
    19 actually done a murder case, for starters, might be a
    20 good plan.
    21 And at the same time, to say to those
    22 people that if you’re competent in this sort of area —
    23 that you are able to do extremely serious cases — that
    24 there will be a level 4 tier for Legal Aid, so the people
    25 are paid properly, and I — I said this; it was excerpted

    1 from my — my statement.
    2 We’ve got a room full of lawyers here — a
    3 room full of lawyers here — solving or trying to clean
    4 up a problem that Dr. Smith caused. Everybody in this
    5 room is being paid three (3) times the Legal Aid rate
    6 minimum — minimum — to solve a problem that was solved
    7 by lawyers being paid at the Legal Aid rate; it’s not
    8 right.
    9 The money is better spent at Legal Aid to
    10 prevent this sort of thing from happening. To provide
    11 proper remuneration for lawyers. It’s just wrong.

    And note in there to

    12 defend people charged with outrageous allegations that
    13 have no foundation in fact, in law, or in science, then
    14 the way to do that is to have prepared, competent,
    15 skilled, and experienced defence lawyers who are willing
    16 to take the case is to challenge this kind of evidence,

    Shaken Baby Syndrome is the subject under review!

    Witch Finding in the 21st century.

  • quicksilver

    What have we learned about Shaken Baby Syndrome?

    The idea of child abuse is well founded in a world of imperfect people.

    The accusations can be shown to outnumber reality by 4 to 1.

    In the attempt to not miss cases we are thinking dirty so that more people suffer from child abuse processes than are actual child abusers.

    For Baby A parents they not only have lost their child but now face serious charges that in some countries would automatically mean the death penalty.

    We are not dealing with someone who the doctors say got upset by their crying infant we are dealing with life and death for Baby A which resulted in death.

    For Baby A’s parents the life and death struggle is life in prison with no possible release until they are dead.

    The punishment for a horrible crime that any reasonable person might demand.

    And the medical doctors provide both the accusations and the attribution of guilt.

    The lawyers and government et al are merely invited to rubber stamp the medical expertise of 2013 to close the case with confidence.

    The parents have no proper explanation for the insults and so are helping to to convict themselves.

  • quicksilver

    One of the problem areas in vaccines is the pertussis vaccine.

    This has been the subject of long argument and many rightly or wrongly blame the vaccine for the gradual rise in SIDS in the 1970’s through tot he time when neuroimaging allowed the numbers to fall as the convictions for SBS rose.


    Is the vaccine industry and CDC view in 1989 at the end of a decade of litigation and battles to deny the self-obvious harm of a dangerous vaccine and its disputed link to cot deaths;

    What is admitted about this vaccine?

    Of more concern are the uncommon adverse events of persistent inconsolable crying,

    abnormal high-pitched crying, seizures, and hypotonic hyporesponsive episodes.

    Today crying is considered normal but is not normal.

    Hypotonicity is another way of describing ANAPHYLACTIC responses of varying degrees to all vaccines and especially this dangerous vaccine.

    Again just as SBS is known by a myriad of names so to the anaphylaxis response to vaccines is shrouded in different names to try to reduce its impact.

    One of the most heart rending things touched on here by vaccine supporters is the acceptance that the vaccine is too dangerous for the over 7 year olds but is happily given to babies explaining they can stand this vaccine that us adults cannot.

    This is contrary to all TOXICOLOGY which measures toxicity by the weight of the organism. Lethal chemicals for insects do not harm humans with similar nervous systems as the weight protects us.

    So a child 20 times less heavy is given a vaccine that adults react to. This isnt science or using vaccines to protect children it is blatant CHILD ABUSE.

  • quicksilver

    More on the pertussis vaccine


    The history of the pertussis vaccine makes grim reading.

    Add this to the known harm from the research of Charles Richet on anaphylaxis and the specific attack on the nervous system by an unknown part of the pertussis vaccine and you have a vaccine that yes brings down the numbers of vaccine preventable illness while adding enormously to the risks such that many were claiming that this contributed to the rise in SIDS that was unstoppable until the pertussis vaccine was made SAFER.

    But was it made SAFE as the public understood or SAFE in that the denied SIDS from the vaccine did not even raise concern that the improved vaccine might be causing delayed development years after the last dose of the vaccine was given.

    Because the babies cannot speak the harm was reduced to persistant crying so that the baby doctors told parents crying was normal and when the babies got measurably found harm from neuroimaging that harm discovered more and more from 1995 was turned against ^parents by dirty doctors persuading other doctors to think DIRTY.

  • quicksilver

    The history of the pertussis vaccine is known fact and not a myth as J D Cherry would like to say. This person in 30 year old values received millions of dollars for his idea of the truth concerning the pertussis vaccine and the concern of Lederle, Connaught and Wyeth for the health of all those vaccinated with its pertussis vaccines.

    Golden accepted there were convulsions after vaccines but that convulsions meant you did not suffer any brain damage at all and that you never got epilepsy either.

    Today we still accept this fact that a child can have convulsive seizures after their every vaccine but that doesnt mean the brain is harmed, doesnt mean it is epileptic brain seizure and doesnt mean the brain is damaged in any way at all.

    Totally reassuring for us all as we give permission to a one day baby to embark on a series of multiple rounds of vaccines with multiple shots and each with multiple antigens that the body can get used to in its system.


    And never forget that for 81 events of seizures only one of those will have anything to do with the vaccine.

    Most are just one of those unknown things that happen when we get vaccines but hardly ever at other times.


    But true to J D Cherry and his disciples in 2013 that dont get 2 million or more dollars as time have changed and money is worth much less today.

  • quicksilver

    More on pertussis vaccines

    Here is a strange document:


    In 1987 with SIDS rising out of control in the early vaccinated world the vaccine promoters ACTUALLY ands eriously looked at returning the vaccine schedule BACK to the days a decade or two before when the vaccines were given at a more advanced age.

    353 less dead babies


    1 311 more seizures

    Strange and not owrthy of comment except how do they get these figures and what do they mean?

    Bear in mind that for 81 seizure events already only one is vaccine admitted.

    Does this mean that the 1 311 means we can divide that number by 80 which means 16 only seizures.

    In which case the DELAY in vaccines is EVIDENT, GOOD and EFFICACE.

  • quicksilver

    While the use of DTP has eliminated the D and the T almost totally:

    Watch the normal cycle of the P:


    Pertussis an illness that sufferers get over and over and over.

    A suitable candidate for vaccines when it is has the denied harm of:

    not working

    causing encephalopathy (well admitted by many authorities)

    causing cot deaths

    And does it cause Shaken Baby Syndrome?

    Not yet even under much suspicion despite the similarity of the illness and the clinical signs claimed to a match for SBS and NOTHING ELSE!

  • quicksilver

    Sit back and listen:



    Six minutes to 11 minute at least!

    Shows the attitudes of the South African doctors?


    Dont listen!

    Just tellthem.

    Get the vaccines


    Get out of the office!

    Intimidate your patients

    Destroy the childs life.

  • Marrie

    My prayers are with the parents. My daughter died on January 4th,2013 at 3 months old, 11 days after recieving 4 vaccines. Her father is being charged with her death because the doctors found bleeding around her brain and they say she had been shook. There was no external injuries, previous abuse or fractured bones. Innocent parents are being accused of their children deaths and it just isn’t right.

  • quicksilver

    Thanks Marrie for your comments.

    SBS Witch Finding has to stop.

    And this case is the best chance to date.

    And we need to find those who shoot bullets, knives and poisons into babies who are truly GUILTY of child abuse.

    But just go on to make money from expert fees to persecute the family.

    As nobody is yet ready to query vaccines after their 200 year success by hiding the :


  • quicksilver


    Profile of a Pertussis Vaccine Injury

    And this amount of harm was done to a 15 month infant girl.

    Encephalopathy or BRAIN SWELLING.

    And all that that entails.

    And so well explained and known to ALL SBS experts.

    Who find the clinical signs.

    But not the real cause.

  • quicksilver


    Not all babies die from their vaccines.

    This is one mother from possibly more than ten million that missed being cot deaths or accusations of SBS.

    The changes in vaccines are complex, the reduction in antigen challenges has reduced dramatically.

    But with extra vaccines and with many still with reduced mercury compounds and increased aluminium compounds they still cause illness and death.

    And to vaccinate the pregnant mother fro no apparent gain is the latest insane change in the vaccine schedules.

    comments such as

    My mother said I had no health problems. I hardly ever cried until my first vaccine three months later in 1961. All hell descended on me. Severe eczema to this day. Crying constantly as a baby and on and on.

    I have B negative blood. I had 1 Rhogam shot in 1996 while my son was in utero PLUS another right after he was born plus an adult-sized flu shot while pregnant. And, yes, he got the Hep-B shot on Day 1 and the rest. My son had colic and reflux, was diagnosed with sensory integration dysfunction, OCD, and suspected of mild aspergers. Had issues w/constipation for years on/off — severe enough to put him in a coma-ish sleep funks for a week at a time. Can anyone speak to the Rhogam shots?

    The rhesus factor is just one of many insults that provide more injections and therefore more anaphylactic events even before birth and another high risk that is denied with no evidence to show that this reduces any risk for autism, cot death or false accusations of SBS.

  • quicksilver


    Nancy Banks is not one of the most outspoken commentators against vaccines and is unknown to nearly everyone.

    That does not distract from her message which is eloquently and carefully put across in a simple and understandable format that has incited much opposition and ony shows the medical dilemma that faces us is being fought in science and has no place in the court of law where those such as Baby A’s parents are paying severely to prop up a long broekn system where the debate is not over the billions saved by them but the life term harm and death to what is in the tens of millions and RISING.

    Baby A has already paid the price society demands so adults can go around without children spreading vaccine preventable illnesses.

  • quicksilver

    Vaccine anaphylaxis and Baby A

    The good from vaccines is not the issue for a dead infant.

    Any good from these or the timing of the protective vaccines for Baby A must be classed as abominable.

    If we can blame the parents then we can save the good from the vaccine schedule and continue to increase the sudden infant deaths, blame them on abuse by whatever name.

    But even the most fervent supporters of vaccines (excluding those taken in by propaganda) ADMIT there is a price to pay so they and every adult is not surrounded by infectious and infective babies, infants and children.

  • quicksilver

    Relook at data from datta

    This paper has been mentioned before and describes the harm from abuse to babies.

    But does it show harm or does it show partiality?

    74 cases judged by confession, criminal conviction and doctors ability to tell a crook when they see one.

    Confessions are often forced and are unreliable. Tell us what you did and life becomes a year or so in prison is a big incentive to lie to save 50 years behind bars? If you dont admit guilt then you are a lost soul! The stuff of Witch Finding here?

    Take the convictions in court as safe and here for baby A the judge and jury are being invited to rubber stamp this guilt.

    And doctors who think dirty but with judiciary that see common sense.

    For 74 cases this reduces to just 8 convicted in courts!

    A failure rate for dirty doctors of 88 per cent.

    Are 88 per cent of abusers escaping or are the doctors not good at this police work they assume?

    Table 1 lists 16 abusers to them but only 1 easily identifiable abusers to sceptics. That of 4 which we take to be fallen down the stairs possibly?

    Note that the others had MULTIPLE SDH’s. We can assume these are possibly hundreds and all over the brain indicating possible reaction to ANAPHYLAXIS and not a samck on the head?

    Move to table 3 and see case 4 comes with cigarette burns. This would confirm the abuse as REAL! For most of the others we seeat least 15 times that parents had tried and FAILED before to get hospital help for their child but had been TURNED AWAY!

    To add to the insane vaccine policy we see an INSANE responsiblity for the previous HARM of a vaccine and the known 21 days for an ANAPHYLAXIS reaction.

  • quicksilver


    This years research by the SBS experts.

    Note that it isnt necessary to screen for rare cases of bleeding disorders when you convict the abusers! So the 2013 Witch Finders claim!

    And one is present in more than one in a thousand and if we take this to apply to females only does this mean the real risk drops to 1 in 500 for girls?

    What is wrong here and with ALL the research on SBS is the complete lack of even the remotest notion of vaccine adverse effects despite industry and government recognition of:


    Head Swelling


    Thrombosis events

    And even industry admission if not by the courts and governments of




    etc etc etc.

    All of these or combinations are taken as 100 per cent proof of SBS by the parent or carer.

    Why do they IGNORE the printed material in vaccine inserts and possibly 6 rounds of baby vaccines with complaints from families of SEIZURE events, bulged fontanelles, failure to thrive, crying and difficulty breathing?

    Do they want to wait for those who die to then bring charges for abuse.

    All such research also lacks CONTROLS on babies with genuine undisputed deaths such as to the Mr Gordon Brown baby or do we raise the abuse stakes to include this strata of abusers too.

    SBS occurs at all levels in society!

  • quicksilver


    This 2000 piece of research or the accumulation of evidence for a SAFE Witch Finding is remarkable.

    Advances in neuroimaging now enable scans of heads to show ABUSE it tells us.

    This neuroimaging has been around now for more than 30 years but possibly wasnt used before as it cost too much and with babies dying like flies all over the vaccine world it would be difficult to indite the entire generation of mothers for abuse.

    Wait until the numbers drop down to punishible with life in prison levels and those thousands of antigens babies respond to is down to more manageable levels for them?

    This document is full of DISSENT even amongst these DIRTY doctors.

    This document actually suggests that bleeding in the brain ALONE is sufficient to put parents in prison! No benefit of 2013 known bleeding problems and the biggest not to bother to test for them anway!

    Note the two biggest give aways for ABUSE:



    Head Swelling events.

    Amazing that vaccine companies admit these as adverse vaccine events.

    It looks to the casual observer as if the SBS experts are using their expert knowledge to prop up a vaccine industry that is causing mayhem to the health of babies today?

    Rorke Adams for one can be seen both to be an expert on recognising SBS when it is not there.


    Rorke Adams on vaccine committees looking at deaths to babies after vaccines fails to see vaccine adverse effects as causing harm to babies! Is this for the same reason as Roy Meadows – they are sworn to secrecy?

  • quicksilver


    Dr Atlas in 1993 was not pleased with MRI neuroimaging.

    The reason is the CHANGE in magnetic properties of blood which over time can be variously INVISIBLE or INTENSE on the photo plates.

    So much so that CT scans can miss the bleeds while MRI shows it up.

    What is still relevant today for the same and other more serious reasons is this:

    The quality of the literature is disappointingly weak, misleading and WRONG! (paraphrased).

    With the REFUSAL to compare SBS with Vaccine adverse effects we can SAFELY say that all SBS research which avoids this issue is CRIMINALLY false and leads to massive FALSE IMPRISONMENT when the government, judiciary and the police accept on trust and deny dissenting scientific views from explaining the MALICE of these experts in court.

  • quicksilver

    Not entirely relevant to this case but the previous link by Dr Atlas to that of Linus Pauling is worthy of mention:

    Pauling L, Coryell C. The magnetic properties and structure of the hemochromogens and related substances. Proc NatI Acad Sci 1936; 22:159-163


    And you see in 1936 the quality of science that made me want to be a scientist.

    Today and the work of S BS experts shows that today you would only want to be a scientist if you were a CROOK!

  • quicksilver

    recent papers on anaphylaxis after vaccines:


    Relatively little is known about the characteristics of patients who visit the emergency department for acute allergic reaction. The earliest symptoms are swelling of tissues, sweating, restlessness, itching, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing or wheezing. Hypotension, circulatory failure and cardiac arrest may occur suddenly, often associated with bronchial spasm or laryngeal oedema.

    Thje swelling that occurred after vaccines again in this modern paper is indicative of ANAPHYLAXIS events.

  • quicksilver

    Fritsche and his paper on hypersensitivity give a view of vaccines is so safe it is hardly worth considering any adverse effects and those you get are never life threatening.

    Further he states that nearly every previous bad reaction to any vaccine doesnt mean you need fear the next vaccine.

    And finally when there is clear evidence the next vaccine will kill you he lays out the 6 point plan to enable you to get the vaccine anyway.

    All this in a review article in 2010;

    The last time I read anything as silly as this was in 1991 when one person was given a large sum of money to review the vaccines for the UK and on the basis of this review they advanced both the time for the first vaccine and the time when all babies first died.

    But Fritsche is clear on this:

    Sudden infant death is not because of vaccines.

    And neither are any of the millions with autism.

    Reading this I can be ABSOLUTELY confident of getting 1 500 000 vaccines and not have a moments worry.

    115 peer reviewed research papers confirm the lack of harm from any vaccine making them the only products from the pharmaceutical company that do not come with any health worries.

    It puts even Dr Offitt and his 100 000 antigens is safe into the background with no risks here after a million vaccines given.

    All this confirms the safety of vaccines or the DANGER in taking any view as the TRUTH.

    Andrew Wakefield et al produced a paper showing the clinical signs in a dozen infants and after reviewing this paper for 12 years we found that the paper was a fake. The infants didnt have the clinical signs that were written down in the paper and this was taken to mean it was fraud.

    More than a hundred years ago it was found that every vaccine came with a normal anaphylactic response that this reviewer seems to have all but ignored.

    He uses the term sensitivity rather than ANAPHYLAXIS.

    When forced to use another term he chooses an Arhus reaction one of many other researchers of the epoch of Richet that found and agreed that anaphylaxis is the normal reaction to any vaccine.

    Today with neuroimaging we are beginning to see this normal anaphylaxis but at present as we only look at cases where we are confident there is cause to think of abuse (neuroimaging ONLY) so we fail to see that many vaccinated suffer this attack on their blood pressure and the consequences.

    If Richet, Arhus et al were correct which they were then the anaphylaxis should be seen in many vaccinated people. And only the latest neuroimaging techniques show this.

    Given time the body will heal itself and hence the finding in every good neuroimaging of past and healed events as would be expected from all the earlier vaccines.

    Sudden Infant Death is vaccine related.

    Gardasil is the clue to what is going on.

  • quicksilver

    How do reviewers like Fritsche get estimates of 1 adverse event (nothing to worry about) per 1 500 000 injections?

    The peer reviewed literature abounds with similar SCIENCE to shwo anyone who doesnt get his vaccines is a CRY BABY.

    But crying babies are now normal and increasing as the vaccine schedules increase.

    Before PREVNAR we had DTP and for one the trials were chilling. Something like 1 per son per 1 000 in both the vaccinated arm and the non-vaccinated arms arrived DEAD.

    How do you equate 1 dead baby in a thousand with safety reviewers talking of 1 death per 1 500 000 and this of no serious risk to life.

    Well if you remember that 12 year hunt to prove the research of Wakefield was fraud. How long would it take to show you cant have deaths per thousand and peer review of no deaths after 1 500 000 vaccinations.

    Something, somewhere and somehow is not CORRECT.

    It is not in a court of law when trying people for murder to sort out why industry tell the truth and why individuals for large sums of money cant agree with industry.

    But just to say industry has established its own science journals, bought into reputable medical journals and even offers people large sums of money not to do reasearch, write up research but just PUT THEIR name to an already produced piece of FICTION.

  • quicksilver

    Fraud is everywhere

    Here Dr Reuben is competing for the gold cup for fraud:

    He worked for on eof the MAJOR makers PFIZER.


  • quicksilver

    Just for reference

    This article gives normal levels for sugar, magnesium and calcium and often these are abnormal after vaccines:


  • quicksilver

    Use of science in the law courts


    Havent explored this but it is evident that neuroimaging although more than 25 years old has only been used for 10 to 15 years to prosecute and that alternative reasons for the images have never been challenged.

    Hundreds of micro-bleeds revealed increasingly are NOT from of a heavy blow or blow but the normal response to anaphylaxis etc etc etc.


    In criminal and regulatory cases, it is a breach of fundamental justice to penalize someone without reliable evidence that they committed an offence.

    The images are images and without seeing the actual bones et al reveal nothing.

  • quicksilver

    The case against Baby A’s parents rests on science and observations.

    The evidence is plain.

    There has been terrible injuries inflicted to the infant such that life came to a premature end at 5 months of age.

    We should not underestimate the extent of the injuries.

    They are or were SYSTEMIC and throughout the body;

    They affected bones, soft tissues or the whole body.

    No part was spared.

    Are we to believe that baby A’s parents did this?

    Or are we to believe that medical interventions are responsible?

  • quicksilver

    As the case opens tomorrow in theory it is relevant to point out that the charges are serious – life in prison for two people is the worst crime and punishment normal except for gang killings.

    The previous defences have rested on trying to downplay the harm found and excusing this with shaking that that must have caused the problem.

    This is no defence and one that is rightly treated with absolute disdane and in fact such defence is an admission of guilt.

    Science will decide who is right and who is wrong and from 50 years of reflection of chemical caused illness and the universal reluctance to admit such harm the defence has no easy task and certainly if the jury convict even I would not like to present evidence at the appeal as no appeal will succeed on the current over reliance or the intrusion of science into the court room which is not science but opinion and based solely on the hatred of child abusers to the extent that judgement over rides considered science.

    Looking at the accumulating literature of case history it seems evident that the sheer number of micro-bleeds in the head and the sheer numbers of bones where neuroimaging takes this to be interpretted as broken bones and healing bones presents an impossible scenario only made possible by restricting the facts of how many bleeds or fractures and how many per bone were found.

    Further evidence of harm from vaccines is hijacked as further supporting evidence for a safe conviction.

    In fact all the evidence not only fits the Charles Richet/Dale explanation for capillaries and our schoolboy knowledge of how bones grow that this defence or the proper explanation of what happened and who is responsible is the only way forward.

    And my last months work to go through what is involved MUSt be used or the parents will regret severely the attampt at QUICK JUSTICE.

    I bhave to say in the time available I have covered less than 1 per cent of what needs to be said and only considered a fraction of a per cent of other contributing factors.

  • quicksilver


    This page is disturbing for it shows that we are all on the same side but are blinkered:

    This rat bag writer claims that vaccines cant cause brain injury but is obviously discounting the work of Richet, 250 other contemporary scientists and htousands of published research.

    The idea that vaccines cause cigarette burns is only attributable to the rat bags writer and not Dr Sheibner. A typical ploy to put words in the mouths of your enemies.

  • quicksilver

    Tomorrow is not a day to look forward to if the trial is on schedule. You have my best wishes to get justice and my email to consider any evidence that is thrown at you:

    [email protected]

    For me this is the best chance in 30 years to prove that SIDS and a lot of other ills to humans and anaimals have arose from the insane vaccine policies that defy description as they get worse today with multiple vaccines for the pregant mother and not even the industry pretending their is any advantages.

  • quicksilver

    Baby A’s death would have been classed years ago as SIDS and that diagnosis has to change when neuroimaging reveals what was previously invisible:

    So here is a good guide to SIDS around the world today and at the peak was 2 deaths per 1 000 shwoing that if vaccines are the cause as evidenced by microbleeds in brain and bones then the true figure for vaccine harm is different to those figures quoted.


    And if you count in autism and child cancers then the figure reaches 2 per 100 or thereabouts.

    And with no proper causes identified this worst case figure should be used until we know better possibly or would that mean an end to compulsory vaccines?

    but with SIDS dropping almost to zero by 6 months then waiting until 6 months would be the best option for the vaccine industry but if they dont act now then they must be held liable for loss of confidence in them.

  • quicksilver

    Detailed clinical results of anaphylaxis for humans are rare probably because doctors do not want to remind themselves of another death on their hands.

    This reluctance led to the diagnosis of SIDS and later as it climbed too high it was first halved by using another diagnosis of SUIDS and then amongst the many others the latest fashion in the last 20 years to diagnose SBS.

    All this deflects the blame from medical interventions and then when people accept this they then add to the debacle by beginning to suspect they are infallible and so the signs by the million must be at the hand of careless or criminal parents and carers.

  • quicksilver


    These must follow certain common sense rules

    see this article for leads


    They need to provide EVIDENCE

    And for SBS there is no evidence only forced confessions.

    As everyone says it is not allowed to shake babies so the hypotheses are based on GUESSWORK.

    And earlier work by Richet and Dale etc etc show all the clinical signs occur AFTER vaccines and ANAPHYLAXIS.

    And before NEUROIMAGING there was no alternative but to call the death SIDS or SUIDS or cot death etc etc etc.

    This neuroimaging should have been used at the outset and not left until the numbers dropped to prosecutable levels.

    A death to a baby for no good reason is an admission of MEDICAL IGNORANCE.

    And a sign of possible not wanting to examine ALL the medical interventions in the life of that now dead baby.

    And ALL means to examine critically the vaccines and why PERTUSSIS for example is used to induce SEIZURES and is in the baby vaccines schedule and repeated and repeated for Baby A until brain seizure type events induced death.

  • quicksilver

    General health and prospects for babies in South Africa:

    In Europe and USA we expect something like a death rate of 5 babies per 1 000 after being proclaimed apparently fit and healthy.

    Working on the same basis the unexpected death to a child in South Africa does deserve the full attention of the health and welfare services.

    But todays expected life for the healthy new born baby may not be up to the levels we would expect in Europe or America With just consideration of babies for their very first month we see 90 deaths per 1 000 is the current expectation of life.

    Worse for the past 20 years the situation has actually got WORSE.

    Something in the world more and more common is the principle of backward technology.

    From trips to the moon

    From supersonic transport for the public

    To declining life expectancy for South Africa children.

    The world has lost the ability to PROGRESS.

    And while we argue and postulate over the unexpected death to Baby A and whether we need to PUNISH the parents for this death:

    We forget 20 000 healthy babies that come into South Africa life:


    To be dead in LESS than 4 weeks.


    Easy to be JUDGEMENTAL.

    But is it:

    BAD medical care?

    BAD water and food


    BAD parenting?

    Easy to blame th eparents before taking a look at what:





    Can do to improve the health prospects for the new generations


    Protect the adults from Witch Finding.

  • quicksilver

    More on the history of the PERTUSSIS vaccine:


    And in particular this part

    1947 The British Medical Research Council begins testing 50,000 children in Britain with the Pertussis vaccine. All children tested are more than 14 months old (not newborns). Eight infants had convulsions within 72 hours of the shot, 34 had convulsions within 28 days of the shot. British doctors denied a connection between the vaccine and the convulsions, declaring the tests a success and began administering it to all British children.

    Giving the more reasonable 1 adverse effect per 1 000 and making the link to SIDS as something that needs considering a bit more carefully than simple, striaghtforward, and suspect DENIAL.

    1948 Randolph K. Byers and Frederick C. Moll of the Harvard Medical School publish an article describing children who had suffered brain damage after receiving Pertussis vaccine. The findings provided the first clear evidence that the vaccine caused the serious neurological complications in children.

  • quicksilver

    Before spending the past month examining the possibility that vaccines can have harmed Baby A and NOT the parents, I was in contact with another person harmed by a vaccine and today I have just received a video update of that VACCINE ADVERSE REACTION and the denials by the vaccine company alongside THREATS from that vaccine company who want to maintain that vaccines do not harm.

    That investigation has not yet been started by me except to say that getting the illness you hoped to be vaccinated and protected from is the RISK you take. Do you want to get yellow fever and probably make an uneventful recovery or do you want to be like this man who cant be fobbed off by Witch Finding his wife or in Baby A’s case BOTH parents;

    This is just two minutes long and if it goes to the court it should be played at the start of EACH days SESSION:


    and the account of the findings so far are here:


    Anyone with brain cells will realise vaccines despite their UNDENIBLE benefits can ALSO represent a serious threat to BRAIN CELLS.

  • quicksilver

    Dr Sircus has strong views on how UNsafe the vaccine schedule is and like Charles Richet knows it is not so much the vaccine as the inert chemicals that are there in abundance and in your vitamin K INJECTION the vitamin is good but all the rest is BAD!


    In the context of Humane Pediatrics it is strongly advised to avoid vaccines altogether so as to avoid the threatening edifice of medical and health complications that can stem from them. It should be obvious to the humane among us that it is also to avoid a type of suffering we should not wish on our dearest enemies – that of having to deal with a vaccine-damaged child.

    And lets not forget parents and carers having to EXPLAIN vaccine harm or ADMIT they have harmed the baby to get a LIGHTER sentence.

    Dont mention the vaccines or it might incite the good DOCTOR to cry CHILD ABUSE to the POLICE and suggest :

    Let the court DECIDE!

    Pay our expert fee cheques to :



    Witch Finders



    Bounty Hunters Co Ltd.

  • quicksilver

    Here we have 40 PARALYSED but vaccinated against vaccine preventable disease:


    And at 7 YEARS to 18 YEARS SURELY the risks for babies and Baby A would be HIGHER?

  • quicksilver

    More than TEN MILLION children now suffer from autism a brain disordering condition virtually UNKNOWN 80 years ago.

    Autism is those who didnt DIE but nearly did.


    Note the VIDEO and the fact you cannot demand documents from these special courts.

    But in BABY A’s case

    It is essential to demand documents of harm notified to the vaccine companies concerned.


  • quicksilver

    Vaccines and autism document here:


    And autism implies some damage has occurred to the brain.

    And the levels are somewhat higher than a few years ago.

    And at levels most normal people would call UNACCEPTABLE.

    Page 18

    Page 51

    References lead to

    When the incidence of pertussis increased despite vaccination rates of about 90 percent, the recommended infant vaccine was withdrawn in 1979. Since then, Sweden has had no licensed pertussis vaccine

    So all risk and no benefits?

  • quicksilver

    A vaccine that Baby A would have had if she survived.

    This vaccine like the Hep B is to stave off the effects of venereal illness and the purported links to cancer.

    The company that market this MERCK use the slogan:


    But dont explain fully what this means.

    And what did this mean to this young girl?


    Are vaccines dangerous?

    Did they kill this girl,

    Or would she have died anyway?

    Merck, all the other vaccine companies and SBS experts will tell you as Roy Meadow did tell the JURY in the Sally Clark case that the vaccine actually made it LESS likely that the baby (in this case HARRY) would die AFTER his vaccine.

    Roy had to keep SECRET his work on the vaccine committee that worked on other sad cases of sudden death after vaccines where the vaccines were known to be involved. (Did this mean his testimony was PERJURY?).

    And if this happens to fit 18 years olds what chance for Harry dead in 6 hours after his life saving, illness preventing shots? And Baby A? And one million SIDS who were fully vaccinated too?

  • quicksilver

    18 years old

    3 vaccines

    And six months to die from possible vaccine adverse events?


    This shows that vaccines are possibly good (so the reguklators, industry and government keep informiong us) but not always good for all (this case and TENS of THOUSANDS of other for this vaccine alone).

    If it take 6 months from the third vaccine to kill:

    Then would 5 months

    And 4 lots of multi-vaccines be sufficient time to kill a baby that reacts in an identical fashion?

    Is 100 per cent denial of vaccine harm the best way forward?

    Imagine for the aircraft industry if we adopted the same attitudes:

    The plane didnt crash it went into the fourth dimension or something equally plausible used by the RIGGERS?

    The vaccine companies

    The governments

    All HIDE an unknown number of dossiers that can only be obtained from them in extreme circumstances – life in prison for two adults who have lost a baby possibly to multiple and repeat vaccines?

    Is this grounds for DISCOVERY of documents on the vaccines given to baby A?

    What is not evident here but seems a common thread is that the people that suffer are those you least expect as they are often fitter and healthier than those that take the vaccines with no problems.

  • quicksilver

    Vaccines dont always KILL

    Here is a story of a fighter.

    But note the weak bones that broke easily:


    Note that two vaccines later the idea of vaccine harm came to her.

    Note the denials from the EXPERTS.

    But note the specialist who asked the SAVING question for her life and her future:


    By treating for VACCINE HARM

    This lady got better.

    And no thanks to vaccines.

    And no thanks to experts.

    And hopefully NO THANKS to MORE VACCINES.

  • quicksilver

    Horace Gardner has done much scieintific work to explain why parents are increasingly being Witch Found for harm that comes from natural causes.


    Lack of Vitamin C

    Excess of Histamine

    Form just a first TRIAD of risk factors for babies to suffer from what has been called wrongly shaken baby syndrome.

    And here:


    We see having a BIG head when born is not necessarily good for your future intelligence.

    This may or may not have relevance to the Baby A case?

  • quicksilver

    Brain problems are being maliciously used by SBS experts to condemn innocents to prison for life.

    The MRI and other imaging far from indicating problems with medical interventions in the pro-active sense (vaccine preventable illness) is simply being used knowingly or unknowingly to prop up a good system of illnesse prevention and using the system so early in life that it is counter-productive.

    Evidence is coming in that other doctors are using MRI not for the purpose of putting innocents in prison for life but to determine how far the technique may be used to anticipate and possibly reduce the onset of disease states increasing insidiously for the past 20 years.


    Reports that EXCESS fluid in the brain may be a marker for increased risks of AUTISM.

    We know from 100 year old research that vaccines can cause lowering of blood pressure.

    And from 90 year old studies this can be explainable by colourless blood products going from the blood into the brain spaces and leading to higher amounts of AUTISM

    And in extremis to DEATH or severe injuries to the infant baby.

    Not caused by CHILD ABUSE by PARENTS

    But CHILD ABUSE by the medical madness of early and repeat vaccines.

    It is not for the science of Charles Richet and Sir Henry Dale to actively condemn the doctors and nurses who administered the vaccines despite common sense INDICATIONS they were not BENEFICIAL.

    But a possible case to examine for the police, the courts and the jusry?

  • quicksilver


    1 hour 48 minutes

    on VACCINES:



    And LEARN!

    Freely available for short time

  • quicksilver

    Histamine release after vaccines was discovered 90 years ago as the result of anaphylaxis from vaccine injections of even simple molecules and today although proteins as antigens in vaccines stimulate antibodies the process can occur with almost any of the 50 plus chemicals in the vaccine and the potential for anaphylaxis is huge, varied and repeated as the next round of injections are given.

    The process was well described by Sir Henry Dale and good modern descriptions are not easy to find for obvious reasons that it is counter or parallel to the prophylaxis desired from a vaccine.

    But this site has some up to date ideas of histamine release and anaphylaxis in a genearl sense but even so does not give the full power to the chemical processes as being somuch greater than any mechanical attempts to mimick this breakdown of the body and its defences.


    Histamine is a chemical compound present in the body that is formed and stored in cells called mast cells and basophiles. Histamine plays an important role in the immune system and is part of the body’s protective mechanisms against foreign bodies or germs. It is also present as a neurotransmitter, or chemical messenger in the brain, and helps to release gastric acid in the stomach. The Cleveland Clinic notes that in some individuals, hypersensitivity reactions cause excessive release of histamine

    Symptoms of allergy-related asthma result from high levels of histamine in the bloodstream. The excessive histamine causes swelling of the mucosa that line the airways of the lungs, bronchial smooth muscle contractions in the lungs, and increased mucous secretion, which form plugs in the airway leading to symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, wheezing and chest tightness,

    Red, watery eyes are a mild allergic symptom resulting from high histamine levels that cause watery secretions from the lining of the surface of the eyeballs and the eyelids, leading to redness, itching, watering and swelling,

    raised swollen areas on the skin, which suddenly appear for a few hours

    Anaphylaxis is a form of allergic shock that is a severe and potentially life threatening condition resulting from sudden, large amounts of histamine released

    High levels of histamine also cause sudden low blood pressure as it causes blood vessels to dilate and leak.

    Are a few phrases from the article shwoing the extreme danger to adults who are fit and strong.

    The effects on a baby of one day challenged not by the prophylaxis but by the parallel ANAPHYLAXIS should have been worked out by the million SIDS who have died over the past decades AFTER their vaccines and with modern NEUROIMAGING the apparent no reason for death is today:

    Misrepresentation of the images to mean fractures and breaks in EVERY bone

    Real release of liquids first colourless and later bloody in the head as it bulges and blows up.

    And the swelling and redness due to blood is described well in the article.

  • quicksilver

    Very Important

    The anaphylaxis event normal after vaccines and repeat vaccines releases fluid from blood systemically, all over the body.

    Such a loss of blood will mimick a bone break or a bone fracture as after every bone break or bone fracture the first step in mending that bone is the formation of a hematoma or collection of blood cells that can form the repair.

    Hence the loss of blood from this anaphylaxis will fool the body to think that the bone is damaged and needs repair. This leads to hyaline cartilage callous formation as the second step and then followed by conversion to bony callous and hence we will see knobly bits where the blood is leaking out. this means perhaps a hundred or so regularly spaced events along a bone.


    5c Bone remodelling and Growth

    Is an excellent U Tube video going through the bone and its formation etc.

    The fracture repair section starts about 18 minutes into this video.

    A bit technical but the growth and repair of our bones is perhaps a fact of nature and an event not possible to be reproduced by man.

    At one point they compare the weight of the whole body system of bones and relate that an equivalent man made equivalent would be head size only for the same weight. Making our bones 5 times of more sophisticated than normal man-made equivalents.

    Again we need to question carefully whether neuroimaging is showing breaks (many the author states CANNOT repair of themselves with out splints or bolts etc to secure them) or is it showing what is predicted to be from anaphylaxis events AFTER vaccines.

    Ie leakage of blood products

    Leakage of blood

    And the body naturally replacing blood with hyaline cartilage

    And then replacing hyaline cartilage with bone

    And depending on calcium levels perhaps laying down calcium deposits rather than bone etc etc etc.

    But we need to emphasise neuro-imaging photos show areas of black and white but do not indicate fully what is happening and there is an absolute necessity to see the real bones.

  • quicksilver

    Suzanne Humphries on vaccines et al


    Is the baby born healthy and able to protect themselves or does it need pro-active vaccine protection and toxic mercury, toxic aluminium and human carcinogenic formaldehyde etc etc to survive the first months of life?

    Is mothers milk good enough or should we use cows milk et albecause nature after 7 billion years got it wrong.

    In the past 200 years we have moved from deciding that first one and now maybe up to 50 illnesses need mans interventions from in the womb and at regular intervals until baby uis fully protected and hopefully

    Not Dead 1 in 500 risk at height of SIDS


    Not permanently brain disabled with autism as one example at a level of attack now reaching more than 1 in 50 for boys well vaccinated.

  • quicksilver

    A Scientific Affair only to be discussed in the Scientific Community

    Vaccines made to give long term health effects CANCERS.

    And when genetically altered AIDS

    Here we see a failed business manager get to the top of developing such vaccines as we use today.


    Charles Richet had already shown that vaccines gave us ANAPHYLAXIS.

    But now we had the chance to add



    possibly later AIDS

    And lets not forget the rise of SIDS.

    Another famous TRIAD

    Yesterdays good science

    Affecting us TODAY.

  • quicksilver

    Spend a day looking at videos by REAL experts on the brain and on the bones and what do you discover?

    A video of a man with a horrific blow on the head in one place and eyes that are remote but completely bloodshot might indicate to the man in the street that bleeding in the brain might just ALSO cause bleeding problems elsewhere. The TRIAD for shaken baby syndrome drops down to just two different findings with bleeding eyes and bleeding in the head actually just one health problem. The TRIAD just got SHAKY itself.

    And that is before other findings that reveal we are looking not at a cluster of disparate signs but at the body reacting to some insult mechanical, biological or chemical.

    Back to that man with horrific injuries to the head and you find that horrificness is VISIBLE to the man in the street.

    You dont need to be a Shaken Baby Expert to realis this man has received a MECHANICAL shock or blow to the head.

    So what are shaken baby experts talking about when there are horrific injuries to the head in this case of Baby A but not the horrificness of the sign of the purported IMPACT?

    Another video this time from a real expert on heads and who delievers many almost hour long talks on the same does in one place indicate a ONE MONTH delay from bleeding injuries before they become APPARENT. A person receives a MECHANICAL shock from a car accident and all seems well. ONE MONTH later they collapse from this mechanical insult ONE MONTH previously. A LUCID interval from the time of the mechanical insult or insult to the time that it becomes a HEALTH ISSUE.

    YES we might get the right CULPRIT if we put in prison the last lot of people seen with a battered baby. But we might be up to ONE MONTH out in getting the right person in prison. So what are Shaken Baby Experts talking about?

  • quicksilver

    Found this today


    Could be the same story as Baby A.

    And of hundreds of thousands of others?

    Note the abolition of justice for Witch Finding as jury members favourable for vaccine harm were weeded out one by one during the trial!

    If it wasnt a factual trial I would hav ethought it a story book about how to lynch successfully.

    . The accusation alone was enough to destroy someone’s life.

    My colleague Gary Krasner, Director of Coalition For Informed Choice, and I were sure that vaccination played a part in this baby’s demise. We both called the defense lawyers at the time to alert them to the connection between vaccination and brain injury. I learned others did the same.

    only two weeks later, she had gained less than one pound, grown only one-half inch, she was still in the 5% group, yet her head circumference grew 20 percentile units.

    If vaccines have been observed to initiate brain hemorrhages and swelling in babies without a predisposition like Mariah had, why did the doctor begin and continue to vaccinate her?

    her head was growing faster than the rest of her (contraindications to vaccination),

    On the third well baby visit one month later, he noted “no bad reactions” even though there were some. He noted “possible clonis-spastic displegia” a neurological impairment. Was this the result of the four vaccines given at the prior visit?

    she was still congested and fussy and had been more irritable after the last vaccinations.

    They tried to establish the definition of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) which implies a cause

    Silver also said that he had seen about 25 “SBS” babies who, like Mariah, had not a mark on them. How, I kept asking myself, can they believe that it is possible to generate enough force so that “to an observer it appears the baby’s head would fly off” with no grip marks, with no neck injuries, with no chipped vertebrae, and no fractured bones? I believe that vaccine injuries and deaths are being hidden in this “syndrome” in the same way they have been hidden within the mis-diagnosis of “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” for some 30 years.

    Of course, there is a diagnosis called Tursin syndrome, coined in 1904, which describes the very same brain and retinal hemorrhages seen in Mariah. No cause is implied because it is simply an observation. One doctor called it a “waste basket diagnosis”. For that matter, so is SBS.

    He gave Mariah vaccines when she was the equivalent of 12 days old, one month and 12 days, and 2 months and 6 days. That’s one and one-half months early, and three or four weeks apart. The norm is 2, 4, and 6 months of age.

    But Dr. Mastry, the neuropathologist who prepared the microscopic slides, did not conclude that Mariah’s death was caused by shaking. Interestingly, she was not called by the prosecutor to testify.

  • quicksilver

    Science is knowledge but that knowledge is not always evident and often our senses fail us completely.

    How many can honestly say they knew that the earth circles the sun and not the reverse? For a very long time anyone who thought that we circled the sun was thought stupid. Those that insisted in this stupidity were punished for spreading false lies.

    Today we have the stupidity to think that when a baby is taken to hospital with no apparent signs of abuse that it was the last person in contact with the baby who is guilty. That is excluding any medical personnel who we know never abuse children.

    The Malcolm Scoon case tells us that even this is not always true. Here a child abuse specialist who spent tens of thousands of dollars to get a child really only wanted to spend large sums of money so he could continually abuse this child when born for a five month period so he could then lose all his wordly wealth and more and spend his life in prison. And since this case something like HALF A MILLION other such cases have happened.

    All using the same idea of spending much to have a family to abuse and then go to prison.


    We can be certain people are criminals.

    We can be certain that this baby and all those other HALF A MILLION have all been abused.

    But we have no certainties as to guilt except in ALL cases they had:


    They all had abused their baby approximately the same number of times as the rounds of vaccines.

    And we can be certain chemical forces are often much stronger than mechanical forces.

    Believe it or not, vaccines despite being one of the best ways to advance our health.

    Do come with regulator, industry and government STATED risks of:

    Sudden Death:



    Swelling events of limbs, tissues and heads.

    Until we recognise the limits of mans intelligence.

    We will unintelligently think doctors are always INTELLIGENT when extrapolating light and dark marks on bits of paper to mean that the dad did it.

    While those who say vaccines are toxic in agreement with regulators, industry and government should be DENIED credibility.

  • quicksilver

    Though remote from this battle to recognise regulators, industry and government may not always be correct the story of DDT and the role of Rachel Carson shows that peer reviewed science may be merely a veto and a censure on common sense and affront to both humans and the rest of life on our planet.

    The world is not just those who rule us and control us but belongs to us all.

    We pay for their mistakes!


    Both videos are important to watch.

  • quicksilver

    An important paper on the health problems (ADVERSE VACCINE EVENTS) is in this 45 page review of government knowledge of health problems largely hidden from the public to maintain confidence in a system not good for us all.



    section “7.1 Whooping cough vaccine –CSM advice” (contents of the statement that CSM

    wished to modify; http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/FreedomOfInformation/


    “No scientifically unassailable link has been established between DTP immunisation and

    serious neurological illness but we have come to conclusion, on the basis of all present

    evidence, that there is a prima facie case that such a link may exist. We would also agree

    that the evidence suggests that the vaccine causes convulsions in some children.”


    In conclusion, by apparently prioritizing vaccination policy over vaccine safety, the JCVI, the DH
    and the Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM) may have shown a disregard for the safety of

  • quicksilver

    A mention of Tursin Syndrome in 1904 gets nowhere.


    For those who react badly to vaccines then swelling is one of the effects.


    This is a very brief article of the harm vaccines do.

    The title of this article makes light of a serious condition called encephalitis. What is encephalitis? And, how serious is this condition? According to research, encephalitis is irritation and swelling (inflammation) of the brain, most often due to infections. Because the brain tissue swells (cerebral edema), it may destroy nerve cells, cause bleeding in the brain (intracerebral hemorrhage), and brain damage.

    Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

    Encephalitis is potential side-effct of vaccination. However, it is also a potential result of diseases vaccines are designed to prevent. This creates a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” type of situation. Encephalitis occurs more often in the first year of life and decreases with age.

    But the comments are of exceptional quality and CONCERN:

    my son recieved the rotovirus vaccine and a day later he went into kidney failure and cardiac arrest. My son was born completely healthy and happy and perfect and who would have thouht that the one thing that was supposed to help protect him almost killed him… for years I blamed his father and his family and just recently I was going through my babys medical records and put two and two together and now because its over the “three year” mark we can not do anything about it. I think it is complete bullshit considering I have the medical records dating back to when I was pregnant. No body will understand what we go through on a day to day basis because he now has permanate brain damage. My son will be 4 in march

    This is not head swelling, eye bleeds and subdural blood or effusions but simply points to another huge problem with VACCINES.

    There used to be an illness called BRIGHTS DISEASE but today this term is not in favour! WHY?

    The illness was first noticed in the early 1800’s so would be typically noticed if it was due to VACCINES.

    Is this the reason it has been abandoned as a widely used disease term?

    Although concerned as here with kidney problems it could easily be due to the follow on from head expansions, bleeding which as we see in this case would not be noticed EXCEPT for all the very modern NEUROIMAGING.

    But as this leads to ALBUMIN rising in the blood this will eventually clog the kidneys and lead to what was known as BRIGHTS DISEASE but today is broken down further into many AUTOIMMUNE DIORDERS.

    As seen here it can lead to AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS.

  • quicksilver

    1904 research







    Mostly concerns the mother but the problems are of head swelling from TOXINS

    In 1872 Quinrcke noted the free

    communication of the subarachnoid spaces of the brain

    and spinal cord, anii again in 1891 he called attention to

    this fact and to the possibility of tapping the spinal cord

    in the lumbar region. Since that time many cases have

    been recorded, chiefly of meningitis in children, but also

    some cases of persistent headache and coma in lead poisoning

    and chronic Bright’s disease, in which the method has been

    employed and relief has been obtained. It was in November

    of last year that I decided to apply this method of treatment

    ta puerperal eclampsia.

    It does show the high quality of medicine in this era.

  • quicksilver

    Brights Disease as we see could have a vaccine cause amogst others.

    Here in 1888 we see even then it has the power to produce blood in the eye.




    What is important is the fact that there is ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION of MECHANICAL FORCE either ACCIDENTAL or DELIBERATE being involved:

    It talks of the result of increased tension and that it is good if the blood is released for example through the nose


    the haemorrhage may, however, take place into the brain or retina, and cause serious mischief.


    If, as I venture to propose, the retinal changes, whether haemorrhagic or degenerative, are due to the increased arterial tension, and this is caused by poisoned blood, it must be that the retinal change indicates a high degree of blood-disorder, and consequently a severe phase of the general disease.

    It is relevant to note that for Harry Clark (Sally Clark got double life for this death circa 1997!) that there was a record of blood coming from his nose but in the even he also died in less than 6 hours after receiving vaccines.

  • quicksilver

    A recent research paper shows the incredible damage to bones of infants from vitamin C deficiency


    Osteoskeletal Manifestation of Scurvy in a Male Infant (Case


    Nada Pop-Jordanova, Nevenka Slavevska, Stojka Fustic

    Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences. 2008 Sep 15; 1(1):64-67.

    The reports of similar findings after vaccines means we must not exclude the possiblility that vaccine exacerbate this condition.

    Kwashiorkor is similar but does not respond well to vitamin C input.

  • quicksilver


    Shows that this crime that has caused tens of thousands to go falsely to prison has been called out by the film makers.

    His four-month-old baby lay brain-dead in a pediatric ICU. The doctors believed it was “shaken baby” abuse, and Adrian Thomas became the main suspect.

    And so began a psychological battle: the detectives repeatedly lied to – and manipulated – their suspect. And they reassured Adrian Thomas that if he told them what happened, the police would view it as an accident, without jail time.

    For the first few hours, Thomas denied harming his child, but with encouragement from police, he began speculating about mishaps with his child.

    Every false confession builds up a shaky proof to a non-existent shaken baby syndrome and helps make vaccines look safer than those that may have killed a million infants in recent years but is too horrendous for a vaccinated society to comprehend.

    Latest research shows the bigger you are the harder you fall when vaccinated. So what makes the one day baby so safe to be vaccinated, when later it hurst your health?

    Got it yet?


    Vaccine arent safe and if you look at regulators, industry and government they NEVER have said they are safe.

    Only bloggers who like to object to others, experts who get paid too much to convict and gullible law enforcers who follow the footseps of others and LIE.

    And so 21st century Witch Finding is fluorishing, blooming and growing.

    Pity so many vaccinated babies cant join in all this FUN:

    And LIES.

    They just LIE and LIE and LIE for EVER DEAD.


    This 5 month old, HEALTHY infant DIED from TWENTY-ONE (21) vaccinations! I would call this MURDER! Another article states that the amount of vaccinations given to NEWBORNS is equal to 30 given to an Adult, which is PROHIBITED due to toxicity! The other factor here is that infants below the age of 12 months do not have an immune system that is mature enough to create antibodies to anything much less the vaccines that are given to these children. Now there is a required vaccination given to newborns! I do not understand how the CDC and WHO as well as Pediatricians can sanction and create the requirements for these death injections!

  • Shirley Ramirez White

    How do you explain a child that has autism but didnt receive vaccines?

  • mummy knows best

    my daughter suffered with an allergic reaction after her baby jabs…. a reaction that swelled up her injection sites an allergy to the aluminium in the needle…. she’s now 18 ….and type 1 diabetic…. and whilst in hospital via diabetes received a ” routine injection for blood clots… after the 3rd day we left… she was suffering a severe reaction to this routine jab… and all her internal organs had swollen…… life threatening…. how safe are we in the hands of the n.h.s

  • Shadow

    why are parents being charged exactly? when the docs were the ones who gave too many vaccines and didnt listen to parents about something being wrong. Why is it always the parents fault???

  • quicksilver

    Hi Shirley

    Not sure that vaccines have the only known cause for autism!

    In fact in the scientific world vaccines are the only known thing NOT to cause autism.

    Rubella viruses were found fairly recently to cause autism as just one of very many accepted causes for autism.

    You can get live rubella viruses in your routine vaccines but it isnt a very likely cause of autism but in the world of reality nothing can be positively dismissed when the real causes for most autism is simply not known or accepted;

    Imagine a pregnant mother getting a rubella vaccine! This is a catastrophe and for this reason the rubella live virus vaccines have been pushed back well before the time the child will be likely to be pregnant.

    But the big flaw in this huge safety net is that the pregnant mother may be around with other children of their own or others who have just had the rubella live virus and the virus may shed itself onto the pregnant mother with the consequent autism child AT BIRTH.

    This is all theoretical and no authoritive source believes this is possible or has actually done convincing studies to disprove this idea.

    I have been talking about this for over a decade and there is just a slight realisation that this is a possibility but it has been powerfully put down as NONSENSE.

    And of course nonsense it is most certainly not.

    A pregnant mother might actually get passive vaccination protection from receiving the virus and developing antibodies but we know as fact that the older a child is the better the antibody response becomes.

    Ergo the antibody response for the foetus might be ZERO and the known development of autism may then happen.

    For this and many other reasons the debate over the benefits of a three different receipt of live viruses at ever younger ages is a matter of heated debate and argument backed up by either good science or junk science depending on the science you take as good or bad.

    This is a worst case scenario and there are many other hypotheses to try to explain the ever increasing numbers of autism now reaching towards 2 per cent and therefore striking at towards 10 per cent of families.

    Either way and for any cause, real or imagines it is a 21st century health CATASTROPHE for government and medicine which is still not solved.

    Arguments and denials will only cause the the cause to be delayed or even NEVER found.

    The thalidomide harm was ALMOST missed! Imagine today 2 per cent of babies born with no arms and legs and everyone running around in circles trying to identify the cause; except those harmed by the medicine STILL in use today!

  • quicksilver

    If you read the case you see that the parents were QUESTIONING the safety of the vaccines given the ADVERSE effect on their child.

    If you examine similar cases brought against parents this is a common thread.

    Arguing with AUTHORITY is not a win win situation as you see here.

    Even if they win they are likely to be in debt for the rest of their lives.

    If you go against authority be prepared for FIREWORKS!

    Some people fortunately do fight for those of us who are cowards or believe that no government or doctor would EVER do anything to harm you.

  • quicksilver

    Pre-diabetes is now at 47 per cent in the USA but we have no clue as to the cause for this but adverse reactions seen after vaccines in no way enable us to see the CERTAIN INTERNAL harm done.

  • quicksilver

    Clearly the vaccines didnt WORK in this exceptional case!

    But SAFETY checks on GMO matter sold as BABY FOOD by NESTLE et al is checked for safety for 90 days and clearly this child did live for more than 90 days. Vaccines of course are not checked for safety AT ALL as this is UNETHICAL!

  • Vac hater

    You are a whacko

  • Concerned Citizen

    This article is ridicuous like all of the others I have read on this site. It is taken completely from the side of traumatized parents, the writer never examined the baby, never spoke to the doctor, never reviewed any of the medical reports but she knows it was the vaccines. The parents need to blame someone and I completely understand and sympathize with that but to pass all of the blame with nothing but anecdotal evidence at best is irresponsible and frankly exploitative. The woman who wrote this article should be ashamed of herself for using the memory of an innocent child to further her own agenda with no substantial proof at all.

    You have every right to chose not to vaccinate but where is the website showcasing all of the malformities caused by polio, all of the infant deaths from pertussis, all of the brain injuries from meningitis? You chose to expose your children to these very real threats then you are solely to blame if they come to harm from any one of them. Vaccines certainly are not perfect, like any medication there is the risk of side effects but given a choice between an allergic reaction and meninigitis induce encephalopathy I choose the reaction.

  • Magrieta Sussan Botha

    Well I think the Doc and the staff that helped baby A must be responsible.Where in the hell can you give baby at that age that much vaccination.The Doc get away with far too much,they can wiggle everything through to blame the public if something goes wrong.Some of the hosp nurses are not fit to do the job.Sorry talking of experience.

  • Magrieta Sussan Botha

    Well I had a hip replacement in Feb this year,and till this day I can’t walk without a crutch.And the leg is a inch longer than the other one.Went to see the doc he said oh you can buy shoes that will help.Now where do we go when they make these mistakes?

  • Wake up people

    The proof is that the baby is dead! The infant was given a huge load of toxins and then the baby died. Where is the disconnection ? Is it because you see a white coat and you atomatically think ” Genious”, Do you know many doctors personally? It is incredible to me that people put so much trust in pharmaceuticals… Despite the warnings that come with them that state …yes! this medicine can cause death…. it is a possible side effect… But we’re going to put 20 doses into your infant and then go home and sit on our butts, and watch useless t.v. shows , and come back tomorrow and do it again to someone elses baby…because I have a nurses badge… and I know what im doing!

  • Lilie Mnuk

    This is happening more than just this article states. Parents have won the battle and gotten out of jail. An older children received 8 vaccines and died, her parents used and won in court. Why would this case be any different? Polio vaccines are causing 20,000+ in Syria right now to actually have polio. Bad example! Do some research and you will see that vaccines are preventing these diseases from completely going away and actually causing epidemics. All diseases were in decline before vaccination, and the decline continued as previous with no change after vaccination. 70% + vaccinated come done with illness vaccinated against in all currents cases! and in some cases among 100% vaccinated. Some of us learned the hard way. Some will never learn. Until then the fight is on to end vaccination and instead research natural prevention and cures for these common mild childhood diseases.

  • Barbara Ford

    Even if the reaction is death? Just remember that once you vaccinate you can’t unvaccinate. So it seems to me that parents that do informed consent and don’t just blindly follow the white coat’s directions are the smarter ones. And just because someone is writing about the facts doesn’t mean they have an agenda, other than to help others make an informed choice. And of course it’s emotional. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or any “scientist” for the matter, to use logic in that one day my child was fine and a few days after being vaxed, died. And, yes, there could be mitigating factors, but this baby dying after vax is not an isolated event.

  • mellokittyx4

    While I agree that this is a one sided article, there are several references listed, which I like. As with any extreme point of view, it is always best to look at all resources. I like this one. http://www.uscfc.uscourts.gov/opinions_decisions_vaccine/Published

  • Pro Vax

    I suppose the vaccinations fractured the baby’s legs?

  • quicksilver

    If you look and read the article then you see the concenrs of the parents about adverse effects of vaccines were answered by even more vaccines followed by death.

    Is this a common sense reaction to perceived danger?

    In 999 cases out of 1 000 perhaps the perceived danger is unreal but in this case we have parents not pleased with what they regarded as dangerous reactions to vaccines followed by contempt for their belief and then more contempt for blaming them for the childs death.

  • quicksilver

    The problem of fractures is complex and will be resolved by microscopic examination at autopsy ONLY.

    Radio pictures of bones have been mistaken for decades as fractures and breaks.

    This neuroimaging problem is used to make radiographers more powerful than the best police and police techniques of fingerprints and DNA. In short a credibility gap that is punishing parents and carers as police lamely accept this false idea of competence in proving harm by forensic radiography sadly misplaced.

    In many cases the results come down to vitamin deficiency of which the cause has yet to be established.

    Are babies suffering from TRUE deficiency or induced deficiency from vaccines and the reaction to those vaccines.

    We dont know as it is unethical to think vaccines might be HARMFUL.

    Hence your very true reflection of medical consensus that vaccines only have GOOF effects.

    Clearly TRUE in 99 per cent of cases but unfortunate for some who dont provide the PROPHYLAXIS as the desired effect.

    Read the work of Professor Charles Richet, hundreds of other early vaccine researchers and thousand of research papers of earlier times.

  • quicksilver

    A very true thought and very powerful.

    For most things we do in life there are ways of undoing harm done but for many and vaccines is one, once the anaphylaxis commences even giving shots of adrenaline only cover up harm already done internally and harm that continues unabated until the body sorts itself out with no apparent damage right up to just DYING.

  • quicksilver

    Nothing in life is simple and nobody on either side is always right.

    Here we can see evidence of vaccine harm.

    Vaccines are useful and do work but must we always think they can never harm some of us?

    Until we realise the shortcomings of mans intellect and that of science and progress we will continue to hurt people (here an infant and the family after) but the same idea goes from vaccines to nuclear power generation across to chemical farming and pollution in general of a world previously fit for life but clearly less suitable for life as time passes and mans arrogance grows.

    This case has doubts on both sides and clearly without 100 proof the concept of innocence must be sacrosanct.

  • Lilie Mnuk

    I agree. My biggest problem with vaccines is all the correlation that they cause harm. It has been proven over and over again in vaccine courts and in parents own experience that more likely than not it was the vaccines that caused damage, or that no other possible culprit was found. I believe all these cases, the VAERS data times 10 at least, since under reporting is well known, should be taken in consideration when deciding the odds for and against vaccination. This is precisely why I find that it is not in the best interest for me and my family to vaccinate since we are in a very low risk group of having any adverse events to these diseases. Further more, Research suggests that doctors clearly over diagnose in the unvaccinated and under diagnose or change the disease name due to vaccination status. When looking at the whole picture and researching these specific diseases and treatments available, I feel more willing to take a short term treatment rather than a lifelong extensive potential treatment that may or may not cure an adverse reaction to the vaccine that the professional is will deny the vaccine even caused, or having to mourn a child in the extreme event, but more likey chance of vaccination disease

  • josh

    In almost every case of an disease outbreak the vast majority of infected is vaccinated kids. The effectiveness of these are very questionable at best. The deaths contributed to pertussis at time of vaccine introduction was under 10:100k and around 1 in 100k in polio. The vaccines did not eradicate these things they came in when they were naturally on the way out and took credit for it. Chemicals have never and will never prevent or cure ailments, they will however lead to “side effects” which can include death like this and many more cases.

  • josh

    I strongly disagree with your 3rd paragraph. Vaccines or anything containing very harmful toxins or not useful and will never be effective in curing or preventing disease, it can only cause it. Nutritional deficiencies, because of our very unhealthy diets, cause our bodies to not be able to heal itself effectively. Once you add the needed nutrients the body will go back to healing itself.

  • josh

    allopathy- a system of medical practice that aims to combat disease by use of remedies (as drugs or surgery) producing effects different from those produced by the disease being treated.
    The very definition of their kind of medicine, only attempts to mask symptoms and not cure anything

  • josh

    They are blaming the death on shaken baby syndrome. So, they are being accused of shaking the baby, in an attempt to hide the real cause.

  • josh

    Get her on natural cures for this, some being: black cumin, milk thistle, and coconut oil

  • Ori LegFav
  • Michael Clarke

    “The results of this test are not known because Baby A’s medical records have since gone missing.” That, RIGHT THERE is a red flag, telling you that this hospital/these physicians are trying to cover up something that THEY did, that was ethically and or morally irresponsible. And that WHAT THEY DID might very well have led to this child’s death

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  • Gloria

    brittle bone disease fool

  • Gloria

    way to many vaccinations for a baby

  • Kala

    That’s just terrible — the TRUE CRIME is the GENOCIDE of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS because if we KNEW the TRUTH about NATURE and what it does for the Human Body …

    There would be NO WAY IN HELL!

    Human Beings would ALLOW these Doctors to pump our babies with poisons or toxins.

    Instead we’d ALL BE IN THE RIGHT MIND & KEEP our BABIES IMMUNE SYSTEMS STRONG and leave the FEAR of becoming sick …

    Where the FEAR BELONGS … to those who are RECEIVING a PAY CHECK because people GET SICK.

  • Just Another You

    There’s always a way. Every person on Earth _needs_ to take this into perspective. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5n_bRmMA5Q

  • Barbara Armstead


  • Hope Bruns

    no but the way the nurse administered them may have along with severe swelling on top of it adding pressure to the bones… It states that the nurse was very rough .. which I have seen some health department nurses who just dont care anymore and they do get a bit rough or annoyed and seem to take it out on the babies

  • Hope Bruns

    A sad truth is also that if you exercise your right to not vaccinate your child , then you can not enroll them in daycares / preK / or school.. I have one of my 5 not vaccinated due to her immune disorder, and we have to have a very specific letter detailing why she does not have her shots. I tried the we believe in not vaccinating, and they said they could not allow her to attend school unless it was medically deemed , not just a belief . So a lot of places leave you no choice. Which is bs but what can you do when you go to place your child in school. It is a medically run world no matter how you look at it.. It is their thoughts and their ideas that are always right and used, never the right of the parents or the knowledge of the parents when they know their child best.. Parents are the expert on how their child acts , not a medical professional that seen them for less than 5 mins!

  • Sena Turner

    No but the swelling if severe enough could, which stems from the vaccines..

  • Grandma

    Our grandson was behind on some vaccinations, and upon a visit to his Dr. because he was ill was given a large total of vaccines like 10. When our daughter refused they said they would call children services, being intimidated they gave him the shots. That night he became extremely sick,,high fever, muscle pain, stiffness. He was around 3 years at the time, he has never been able to run like other children, had physical therapy, multiple Dr. visits, and they would never give a diagnosis like we were crazy or something. He continued to have pain all over his body, the muscles in his legs would draw up at night and he would cry and scream in pain. They said none of this was due to those shots, yet that is when he got worse after the high fevers, headaches,and etc. He is 19 years old now, and still has extreme pain he visits chiropractors for a form of therapy, and does stretching exercises to relieve it as much as possible. The Dr. left the clinic short after that, and nothing can ever be done because people won’t believe the truth about this vaccine murder of our children’s health, and even their lives. I am totally against pumping our children full of these chemicals. There has to be something done

    about this before more beautiful babies die.

  • panamacarol

    I would like to know if the vaccines were mercury free. Thymerasol (not sure of spelling) is used as a preservative in most vaccines. They should have had the babies hair tested for mercury toxicity.

  • Lavina

    You have the right to refuse vaccinations for your children! Know your rights!!!

  • Pamela

    Giving a shot slowly is cruel and painful. A quick jab is much easier on the patient. The syringe is held with 3 fingers. If you would like to check it out for yourself ask the nurse the next time you need an IM injection to do it real slow and see how that feels. Seriously, I doubt you could find one who would unless you said it was important for research. Nurses don’t go into nursing to hurt people.

  • Pamela

    I don’t think it’s ridiculous at all. I can see all kinds of issues on both sides of this. The parents chose to drive their child to the hospital. Is there not emergency transport services available? If there was EMS this was a tragic choice and not very smart. The mother blamed the nurse for being rough while injecting vaccines; sounds like she is trying to place blame on anyone. A child’s leg needs to be kept still for a vaccine and the injection has to be quick to minimize pain. It’s ridiculous to give anyone that many vaccines at one time.

  • Pamela

    Heparin and Lovenox are routinely given to hospitalized patients to prevent blood clots because blood clots can kill you. Is this the medication you are referring to? How do you know it was a reaction to the medication? How were swollen internal organs diagnosed?

  • Sheryl

    I’m a granma with seven grandsons, and I’ve seen these nurses violently stab a thick needle in a child’s leg! Unnecessary force – I thought I would faint! Stabbing several needles one after the other in a five month old’s legs, could possibly fracture their legs…

  • steph

    I’ve been unable to find out the laws concerning vaccines in our state. I only found opinions… Not knowing our rights in this matter did end in my being intimidated into allowing vaccinations of one of my children. I have since avoided doctor visits unless critical, not wanting to be forced again without knowledge to protect my kids. Where do I learn this kind of legal info to have ground to defend my decisions on their behalf?

  • Prudence Dagg

    Steph, you might check vaclib.org which has information on every state if it is up to date. The last I knew, every state offered at least medical and religious exemption forms EXCEPT Mississippi and West Virginia (which I find interesting, to say the least…), which offer ONLY medical. Several states allow philosophical exemptions in addition to medical or religious. BUT these exemptions are for school (and possibly daycare?) purposes. While the child is young and in your home, you owe no one an explanation or exemption form.

    In the meantime, if you must go to the doctor or hospital, you could say that you are discussing the vaccine schedule with your pediatrician. I am not an official expert but have spent a fair amount of time helping people with this over the past two years. Please contact me at [email protected] or on facebook if I might be able to help you (same for any other reader).

  • Prudence Dagg

    Lilie, are you referring to these parents being out of jail? Or other situations? The situation makes me sick at heart. I know of someone else recently released who (I believe) was wrongfully blamed for the death of her daughter. I cannot imagine going through anything so horrible.

  • Prudence Dagg

    What is the status of the parents now? Were they released?

  • True

    What a ridiculous article. Basically, without any evidence at all, you’re saying the parents are telling the truth, and this baby didn’t die from being shaken. Babies die from being shaken. They don’t die from vaccinations.

  • beahnshee

    No one that advocates vaccinations say there is no risk for side effects, no one is saying its ok to give a baby too many vaccinations at once. that is too much for a little body. the fact is the benefits outweigh the risks when administered properly. When you don’t vaccinate you are detrimental in destroying herd immunity. Do vaccines eradicate these diseases? no. There is always a possibility but when more and more people refuse vaccinations for their children you are putting everyone at risk. As far as these people saying that these diseases were on the way out and vaccines just happened to come along at that time, What a coincidence! You are wrong and like my grandmother told me, if you’ve ever seen a hospital ward of suffering children.. if you’ve ever seen a baby you love suffer from pertussis.. you wont think twice about vaccinating your child. ps i have three kids, all vaccinated. all healthy and happy.

  • bdavis1127

    Yes babies do die from vaccinations all the time. Have you done any research from what you have just posted?? Obviously not. They are saying it is possible they are telling the truth and calling for a proper investigation to be done.

    Brittany, RN

  • Solomon Brenda Kleinsasser

    Go to your home states codified laws website and do a search.

  • disqus_k3oycamN0W

    Ethylmercury from thimerosal easily penetrates blood-brain barrier (placental too) and accumulates in the brain. From the past research, the concentration of mercury in the brain may be 6 times higher than in the blood (Hair will not show real picture)
    Brain tissue had to be examined by independent doctor and lab, but who will do that? The hospital, to get the evidence against themselves?

  • Prudence Dagg

    Oh, Marrie, praying for your family. I hope her father has been cleared.

  • Prudence Dagg

    Thank you, diqus_k. This is still in moderation or something, so I can’t post a reply to you directly. I think you’re exactly right. I think being on the more-cautious side is always good.

    I did say that I was discussing it with my pediatrician (which I did–the discussion was very brief :) ), but thankfully my hospital was less-hostile than some.

    I think the balance between standing firm and having an unnecessary argument is a difficult one. If you can say no thanks nicely, that’s better. Save the confrontations for when you’re not waiting to take your precious child home.

    Also, if your doctor is not sympathetic, find one who is. This is paramount. You most likely won’t need to see a doctor as often with an unvaccinated child, but if you are brought into question, from what I hear a pediatrician who knows you can be a lifesaver.

    And do NOT under any circumstances open your door to people who just want to “talk” about these issues. Refer them to the 4th amendment.

    Later…and thank you!

  • panamacarol

    Exactly…hence all the denial of the mercury being a problem. I am sure there are other factors, but this is/was a big one. It is too bad that some would rather cover their asses rather than do what is right for the children.

  • Trinity

    Not true.
    I had blood drawn once and she stabbed (I say stabbed because her movements and overall method seemed MALICIOUS) me with a needle several times stating she couldn’t locate a vein. I think she even SMILED!
    I have a fairly high tolerance to pain but this was horrible and I actually fought back tears. I think what bothered me the most was that she seemed to enjoy how it was hurting me. I would go as far as to say she was a bit sadistic in her enthusiasm.
    Oh, and three days later I had a bruise on both arms the size of a softball, SOFTBALL not a baseball. There is a difference. They were dark purple and blackish and lasted nearly 3 weeks before they even began to turn that ugly yellow green color…then another two weeks before I felt like I would walk around in short selves again… To this day I regret having not filed a complaint against her. She should not be allowed to practice nursing.
    I’m not saying every nurse goes into nursing to hurt people. There are some wonderful and amazing nurses who generally care for the health of their patients. There are also really really awful nurses. My brother spent almost 2/3rds of his life in hospitals. I’ve met great ones and ones that never should have made it out of nursing school.
    And guess what there are bad people out there and many of them gravitate towards careers or positions (not just medical either) which give them a level trust and that put them in a setting where they exploit and abuse others. Not saying at all that this is the case in the story featured above or even that it happens often but come on to say it NEVER happens is just plain stupid.

  • Pamela

    Trinity- blood is drawn from a vein and IVs are inserted into veins. Vaccines are injected into muscle. It is a totally different procedure. Bruising from IV starts and blood draws are unfortunate, but very common. A huge hematoma and situation you described are not normal. Hopefully nothing like that will never happen again, but if it did I would suggest reporting the situation to a supervisor.

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  • Non believer

    What is happening with this case? Have you followed up with the parents? Is it true that they had a 2nd baby who also died of SIDS?

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