Jodie’s Story: A Little Girl Lost After Illegally Given an Untested 8-in-1 Vaccine


This historical vaccine injury case, to be ruled on in court soon, involves a doctor who seriously put an infant’s life at risk, the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and parents of a permanently and severely vaccine-damaged child, Jodie Marchant. The Marchants share with us what happened after they took their one year-old…

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1 in 88: What’s Causing the Increase in Autism? Lots of Things—Just Not Vaccines

Government health officials avoid putting the pieces together regarding vaccine-induced autism.

Last week the CDC released the new autism statistics – 1 in 88. What’s behind the explosion of autism in our children?

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Dr. Wakefield Comments After the GMC Recants; Will Dr. Andrew Wakefield Be Next?

The General Medical Council is trying to erase a huge mistake.

The General Medical Council (GMC) of the United Kingdom has cleared the medical flack surrounding one of Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s medical colleagues, Professor John Walker-Smith, and recanted their censure against him. Here is what Dr. Wakefield had to say…

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Wakefield–Hero or Villain–Decide For Yourself!

Mainstream media, supported by large pharmaceutical companies, label Dr. Andrew Wakefield a villain. Evidence shows the true story…

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The Gloves Are On For Dr. Andrew Wakefield

The ‘gloves’ are on with Dr. Andrew Wakefield in one corner, and Brian Deer, the British Medical Journal (BMJ), and Dr. Fiona Godley in the other corner! Andrew Wakefield, as plaintiff is not about to take the destruction of his reputation lying down.

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Was Dr. Andrew Wakefield Right After All?

Maybe those who were quick to professionally eviscerate Dr. Wakefield ought to listen up to what’s breaking in cutting-edge scientific research regarding autism and intestinal/gut problems associated with children on the autism spectrum.

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72 Page Document Shows Merck Paid Doctors at Least $18,810,495.52

A 72-page document shows Merck Pharmaceuticals paying $18,641,195.52 to doctors. At the very least, this little document shines sunlight on what many parents of vaccine injured children have been saying all the while: Maybe it’s the cost of keeping the herd quiet.

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Dr Andrew Wakefield To Speak At National Autistic Association Conference On Autism And False Accusations Of MSBP

The National Autism Association is having Dr Andrew Wakefield speak at their forthcoming conference about his new book which is to be released in the spring.

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Families Sue Their Lawyers For Negligence Over MMR Cases

The Times reported that three families are taking legal action against their former lawyers, claiming that the Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccination withdrawn in 1992, caused their children to develop encephalitis and not autism.

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Murdoch’s Vaccine World

Everyone by now has heard about the phone tapping scandal that rocked both the British newspaper world and Rupert Murdoch’s business empire. But what needs to be spotlighted, I think, is the possible role that Murdoch’s London Times may have played in the professional evisceration of respected British gastroenterologist, Dr. Andrew Wakefield. William Newton did…

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