Congressional Shenanigans: Vaccine Teams Coming To Your Home And Vaccinating Your Child?

Congress often passes laws benefiting corporations.

Just imagine this: Health officials coming to your house and force-vaccinating your children.

It seems a bit outrageous initially. But, put into context, that is small potatoes compared with the U.S. Congress recently passing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

I’ll show you later on in this article how public health and school officials will probably make up the bulk of these ‘Task Forces’. If you want to know more and what you can do about it, please read on.

California = A TEST

Before I explain the law, you should have an example, I think.

You may recall recently that school officials in Natomas, California, were going door-to-door searching for unvaccinated children.

School officials attempted to vaccinate children (mostly home-schooled children) with a whooping cough vaccine.  Parents were infuriated and used some salty language when slamming doors in officials’ faces.

During a recent newscast, Heyman Matlock, a public education servant, is seen attempting to intimidate a mother by stating, “Okay, we are coming today to give her, her TDaP if she hasn’t had it done yet.”

However, there’s a dirty little secret involved. That secret is, who is funding the Natomas operation.  It is likely buried in over 2000 pages of congressional red tape. Parents who don’t vaccinate their child(ren) can expect similar goons knocking at their doors.

Let me explain.


Congress Authorizes ‘Vaccine Squads’

On Christmas Eve, 2009, the U.S. Senate passed H.R. 3590. The bill eventually became Public Law No. 111-148, which gives the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authorization to create “vaccination squads” in local communities and seek out unvaccinated children. The ‘vaccine squads’ are called the “Community Preventive Services Task Force.”

Not only will the Task Force be working with the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, as Cindy Loveland notes in an article, but on page 1202 of that law, the most relevant responsibilities are listed as:

“(D) carrying out immunization-promoting strategies for participants or clients of public programs, including assessments of immunization status, referrals to health care providers, education, provision [provide] of on-site immunizations, or incentives for immunization;

“(E) providing for home visits that promote immunization through education, assessments of need, referrals, provision of immunizations, or other services;”

“(F) providing reminders or recalls for immunization providers;”

“(G) conducting assessments of, and providing feedback to, immunization providers;”

“(H) any combination of one or more interventions described in this paragraph; or”

“(I) immunization information systems to allow all States to have electronic databases for immunization records.”

These aggressive measures are the fruits of pharmaceutical industry’s lobbying and influence. I can only imagine police or sheriffs escorting the vaccine squad(s) for “non-compliant” parents. This should be of great concern to parents.  To understand how such things become a reality, you have to understand that ‘money talks’.

Just check out how much Big Pharma contributes to Congressional members campaign coffers.

But, the bigger question that I have is, “Who is in charge?”


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Says, “It’s good to be king!”

The most troubling aspect of Public Law No. 111-148 is it puts the director of the Centers for Disease Control in the driver’s seat for creating the Task Force.

Page 1126 admits,

(a) ESTABLISHMENT AND PURPOSE.—The Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shall convene an independent Community Preventive Services Task Force (referred to in this subsection as the ‘Task Force’) to be composed of individuals with appropriate expertise.”

Why should this be of concern?  The concern is that pharmaceutical companies ‘own’ public health officials, almost literally.

A blatant example is explained by health expert Robert Scott Bell writing about former head of the CDC, Julie Gerberding, “The most recent in a long list of government bureaucrats to leave the public dole and take up the high-paying cause of Big Pharma is none other than former head of the CDC Julie Gerberding. One year and one day from the date of departure from the Taxpayer payroll, Ms. Gerberding takes the reins as president of the vaccine division of the principle descendant of I.G. Farben: Merck Pharmaceuticals.”

FACT: Pharmaceutical Companies Have Significant Influence Over Public Health Officials.


SMASH Fear – Positive Steps You Can Take Right Now To Make a Difference!

1. Learn how much money pharmaceutical companies spend on influencing congressional representatives.
2. Understand that corporations are considered a ‘person’. See how much money the pharmaceutical companies have paid in criminal charges. Do a search for the key terms “Criminal [company name]”.
3. Research your state’s vaccine exemption laws and know your rights. Even though you will be pressured, it’s okay to say ‘NO!’
4. Know how to keep yourself healthy by reading articles on and
5. Listen to powerful and hard-hitting Internet radio programs like the Robert Scott Bell Show and InfoWars.
6. Educate yourself about the toxic chemicals and dangerous biological agents pharmaceutical companies want to inject into your children.


Vaccines are not making children healthier!  Demographics say otherwise with children who are vaccinated contracting the very same disease(s) for which they supposedly have been ‘immunized’. Parents should realize there is a choice. Parents and legal guardians have the power—and legal right—to say “NO!” to those who want to inject their children with dangerous biological and neurotoxic agents.

With the growing population of informed parents, it’s obvious pharmaceutical companies are running scared and doing whatever it takes to vaccinate children.  How do you feel about that?  Are they YOUR children, or are they the states and Big Pharmas?  That really is the issue here and at law, I think.

Maybe there ought to be a law mandating all Congresspersons get every vaccination a child receives up to 18 years of age on the very first day of his or her congressional term to prove they are efficacious. What do you think?





Photo Credit: Kyle Rush

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