Argentina, We Cry For You

Chidren in Argentina participating in a vaccine trial died.

Years ago a song titled, “Don’t cry for me, Argentina,” [I chose freedom…is part of the lyrics], was popularized by Madonna, which brings to mind that the scientific world and everyone who values transparency in healthcare research needs to lament what happened to vaccinated babies in Argentina.

The ‘happening’ was that 14 babies who participated in trials for GlaxoSmithKline’s new pneumonia/earache vaccine, Synflorix, DIED.  However, Argentine health officials allege there was no connection to the vaccine.  Okay, I think we’ve heard that story before, which seems like a repeat or rerun strategy.  Anyone check out the CDC’s VAERS reports recently, especially on the HPV vaccine?  Deaths appear to be attributed to healthy young girls who received the HPV vaccine.  You would think someone in Congress would want to investigate close to 100 deaths from HPV vaccine, wouldn’t you?

This vaccine nightmare in Argentina may not get broad coverage in the USA media/press because U.S. consumers are led to believe that vaccines of any sort are the next-best thing to sliced white bread, which we know that both are not.  Oh, by the way, in the USA “I chose freedom” cannot be said about vaccinations, which now are being mandated fiercely.

What seems to be more of a problem in Argentina is how the trials were conducted, rather than dead babies.  An Argentine judge fined two investigators close to $70,000 each because consent forms were signed by illiterate parents or people who did not have legal custody of the babies—a tactic that appears in many trials in foreign, third world countries where many folks are not educated or are illiterate.  Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

According to CNN News International,

The Argentinian Federation of Health Professionals accuses drug maker GlaxoSmithKline of misleading participants and pressuring poor families into joining a trial for the Synflorix vaccine, which the company says protects against bacterial pneumonia and meningitis.

But GlaxoSmithKline, the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company, denies those accusations and says it will appeal a judge’s approval of Argentina’s National Administration of Medicine, Food and Medical Technology’s fining the company and two doctors a total of nearly $240,000 for irregularities in documentation of the trial.

Such pressuring tactics are nothing new from what I’ve gathered over the years, and that’s why, in my opinion, many vaccine trials are done in foreign countries because heavy-handed tactics can be used on unsuspecting parents or others, which would not ‘fly’ very well in the USA.

Personally, I think the U.S. CDC, FDA, and Congress should recapitulate about pharmaceutical makers vaccines approved for use in the USA population and retract ALL approvals for vaccines that were ‘trialed’ outside of the USA as NOT valid scientific research, since many have been fraught with fraudulent methods, techniques, and pseudo-science, probably.  One such notable case is that of the Danish researcher Poul Thorsen, who allegedly stole over a $1 Million from the U.S. CDC, all while extolling his alleged fraudulent research regarding autism and exposure to vaccines.

Also, check out this site

Isn’t it about time that healthcare consumers everywhere, just not in Argentina, wake up to see the wool that’s being pulled over their eyes by vaccine makers?

Isn’t it about time that the U.S. Congress gets off its collective duff and undo the harm it has done to U.S. children by passing the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-660), that supposed National Vaccine Injury Compensation (?) act, which really protects vaccine makers from financial and legal liability for harming and/or killing innocent infants, children, and some adults with their vaccines?

Isn’t it about time vaccine makers get their day under the microscopes of immunology science, tort law, and ethical standards? And not just slaps on the wrist with monetary fines.  What do you think?


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