3 Powerful Facts Discovered About Suppressed Cancer Treatments and the American Medical Association

“Public and private funds have been thrown around like confetti at a country fair to close up and destroy clinics, hospitals, and scientific research laboratories which do not conform to the viewpoint of medical associations,” stated Benedict Fitzgerald. [1]

Fitzgerald was special counsel to the Senate Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee in 1953. He was commissioned by Congressman Charles Tobey of Massachusetts to investigate the obstruction of natural cancer treatments by the American Medical Association.

His report to the committee is known as “The Fitzgerald Report” of 1953.

Alone, this information is a bombshell. But, to my knowledge the information you are about to read hasn’t been put into the same or connect-the-dots context before.

If anything else, know this simple fact: While the AMA was actively suppressing natural cures for cancer, millions of Americans were being injected with vaccines contaminated with a cancer-causing monkey virus, SV40.

Before I tell you what Fitzgerald concluded, you may be thinking this information is from the 1950s so it is outdated and can be discredited.

Please realize, though, the ‘success’ of the Rockefeller-funded polio vaccine program set the precedent for the entire U.S. vaccine program, which apparently is being followed to this day. With the explosion of cancer in the United States, this information deserves serious consideration and further investigation.

Additionally, I’m going to give you evidence of congressional testimony that cancer was in those vaccines, and that fact was covered up. If you want to know more, read on.

Fact #1: Fitzgerald Exposes the American Medical Association for Suppressing Cancer Cures

It’s my opinion treating cancer in the United States is still big business. It’s important for parents to know, vaccines have not been tested for causing cancer. I’ll tell you more how cancer and vaccines are related in a moment, but first let’s cover the main points of the Fitzgerald Report.

Fitzgerald vividly described what he uncovered stating,

“…There is reason to believe that the AMA (American Medical Association) has been hasty, capricious, arbitrary, and outright dishonest, and of course if the doctrine of ‘respondeat suprior‘ to be observed, the alleged machinations of Dr. J.J. Moore (for the past 10 years the treasurer of the AMA, could involve the AMA and others in an interstate conspiracy of alarming proportions.” [2]

And if that’s not enough, Fitzgerald continues…

“Behind and over all this is the weirdest conglomeration of corrupt motives, intrigue, selfishness, jealousy, obstruction, and conspiracy that I have ever seen.” [3]

Head of AMA Exposed

Fitzgerald then specifically refers to the (Harry) Hoxsey Cancer Clinic because they revealed the true nature of the AMA in court. It was uncovered that,

“A running fight has been going on between officials, especially Dr. Morris Fishbein, of the American Medical Association through the journal of that organization, and the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic…”

Morris Fishbein, who admitted that he had never practiced medicine one day in his life, and never had a private patient…admitted that Hoxsey could cure external cancer but contended that his medicine for internal cancer had no therapeutic value.”

“It is significant to note that a great number of these doctors (testifying in the Hoxsey case) admitted that X-ray therapy could cause cancer.” [4]

What did the report conclude?

“Accordingly, we should determine whether existing agencies, both public and private, are engaged and have pursued a policy of harassment, ridicule, slander, and libelous attacks on others sincerely engaged in stamping out this curse (cancer) of mankind. Have medical associations, through their officers, agents, servants and employees engaged in this practice? My investigation to date should convince this committee that a conspiracy does exist to stop the free flow and use of drugs in interstate commerce which allegedly has solid therapeutic value. Public and private funds have been thrown around like confetti at a country fair to close up and destroy clinics, hospitals, and scientific research laboratories which do not conform to the viewpoint of medical associations.” [5]

And here’s the kicker, at the same time Americans were lining up by the millions to get injected with contaminated polio vaccines! But, please remember this …

Fact #2: Cancer Virus Discovered in the Vaccine

Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine with heavy funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (March of Dimes).

In order to make the vaccine, Salk grew the poliovirus on ground monkey kidneys and testicles.

It was later discovered by Merck researchers, Benjamin Sweet and Maurice Hilleman, the monkey tissues used for vaccine manufacturing were contaminated with a cancer virus called SV40. [6] The scientific literature well-establishes this fact along with testimony at a Congressional hearing some fifty years later.

But, more to the point of this article, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) supported and published Salk’s work. [7, 8]

If you recall, the same person named in the Fitzgerald Report for destroying cancer clinics, head of the American Medical Association, Morris Fishbein, was heavily involved with poliomyelitis and vaccine research information. As you will see, the AMA was certainly not ignorant to the methods employed by Jonas Salk to create a polio vaccine.

Head of AMA an Officer to International Poliomyelitis Conference

Morris Fishbein was an officer at the International Poliomyelitis Conferences.

The most important question should be asked, “Was Morris Fishbein ignorant to Jonas Salk using monkey tissue to make the polio vaccine?” 

The answer is, “No!” Not only is it likely Fishbein knew the methods of Jonas Salk and vaccine development, he actually held the title ‘Chairman Committee on Publications’ to the First International Poliomyelitis Conference [9] and was Vice-President to the Second and Third International Polio Conferences. [10, 11]

This places Fishbein at the same conferences in which Jonas Salk presented his methods and materials used to create the vaccine.

Therefore, it stands to reason, once it became known the polio vaccine was contaminated with a cancer-causing virus, the AMA was suppressing certain cancer treatments while supporting others is especially important to note due to possible conflicts of interest and lack of transparency in medical research.

You will read below how polio vaccines containing the cancer virus were actually kept on the shelves, as not to erode public confidence in the (at the time) newly established vaccine program.

Perhaps that explains why the AMA dogmatically supported vaccines instead of informing the public about the impending epidemic of cancer (a lack of transparency in medical research).

Virus Research and Cancer Acknowledged at Polio Conference

Another strange piece of information for your consideration is Basil O’Connor, head of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, discussing cancer research at the Third International Poliomyelitis Conference,

There is reason to think that the changes that occur in normal cells when cancer occurs are similar to those caused by virus invasion. It is within the limits of possibility, therefore, that, out of researches on viruses-perhaps the virus of poliomyelitis-a new understanding of cancer will emerge.”  [12]

It’s out of the ordinary acknowledging this fact: millions of Americans were injected with viruses. Given in context, it’s a tragically profound and revealing statement. Maybe Basil and Morris knew something the rest of us wouldn’t discover until many years later.

Fact #3: A Hero’s Discovery is Suppressed; Vaccines With Cancer Virus Left On Shelves

There is evidence in the Fitzgerald Report that supports a cancer cover-up. The story is best told in the Congressional papers of a courageous scientist, Bernice Eddy. The Executive Reorganization and Government Research of the Committee on Government Operations United States Senate, Ninety-Second Congress, Second Session [1972] states on page 502,

“In 1954 Eddy, as a polio control officer, found live virus in supposedly killed polio vaccine; in 1955 she was relieved of her duties as polio control officer…After her discoveries concerning the SV40 virus, her staff and animal space were reduced and she was demoted from head of a section to head of a unit.” [13]

Page 500,

“The next and only serious vaccine crisis that has occurred since the polio episode was the realization in mid-1961 that a monkey virus later shown to cause tumors in hamsters was contaminating both polio and adenovirus vaccines. The virus, known as SV40, was entering the vaccines and, just as in the polio case were surviving the formalin treatment.

There were several states by which the full extent of the SV40 problem became known. First was the discovery in 1959-1960 by a DBS scientist, once again Bernice Eddy, that an unknown agent in the monkey kidney cells used to produce polio and adenovirus vaccines would cause tumors when the cells were injected into hamsters.” [14]

Page 505,

…even when the contaminating virus was found to be oncogenic [cancer causing] in hamsters, the DBS [Division of Biologics Standards] and its expert advisory committee decided to leave existing stocks on the market rather than risk eroding public confidence by a recall. [15]


There has been a tendency on the part of certain higher government circles to play down any open discussion of problems associated with vaccines…” [16]

Let me repeat that vaccines with a cancer-causing virus were left on the shelf because YOU, the person into whom they would be injected, would lose confidence in the vaccine program!

This is a very important piece of the puzzle. But why?

Product Inserts State Vaccines Are Not Tested for Causing Cancer

To this day, vaccines are still not tested for causing cancer! Let me tell you more.

If you look at any vaccine product insert and search for the term ‘carcinogenesis’ (causing cancer), you will discover the following common phrase regarding most vaccines, “This vaccine has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potentials or impairment of fertility.

See a list of vaccine product inserts here: http://vactruth.com/vaccine-inserts

What happens when millions of children are injected with a cancer-causing virus? No one would really want to take responsibility for that, would they?  That is especially the case if private corporations were discovered profiting heavily from cancer treatments.


Reading the Fitzgerald Report of 1953 will give you a different perspective on perhaps why there is such an explosion of cancers. And, yet, we are not offered treatment answers outside of chemotherapy and chemical-based solutions. Why?

According to the Fitzgerald Report, the AMA actively suppressed natural cures for cancer. It’s pretty evident to me, at least, that the AMA has been propping up the pharmacological pseudo-science of vaccinology, pharmaceuticals, and the industry known as Big Pharma. Over 50 years later, they’re still attempting to cover their tracks. [17]

We have to wonder what kind of coincidence it is that the same men and organizations were also involved in millions of Americans being injected with vaccines contaminated with a cancer-causing monkey virus, SV40.



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