Is A Universal Pandemic Vaccine On the Way?

The Centers for Disease Control attempts to look into the future to guess in a virus strain to use in vaccines.

There’s a push to create a universal vaccine against influenza pandemics that may be coming to fruition sooner than we know.  Supposedly, those who were vaccinated against the 2009 pandemic—that never materialized—have developed antibodies against many other strains of influenza, including H1N1.

Rafi Ahmed, PhD, director of the Emory Vaccine Center, confirms his team is working on creating a universal influenza vaccine that can be given to everyone. The Emory team’s work centers on 24 healthy individuals who received the 2009 H1N1 vaccination.

Emery researchers found that those 24 individuals had something they apparently were looking for: certain antibodies that adhered to the “stalk” of the influenza virus.  To understand the importance of that to the researchers, we need to realize that a virus has a “head” that mutates between strains, but the “stalk” does not and remains intact or the same.  Usually, antibodies bind to the head, which is where the ‘crap shoot’ comes in, in designing an influenza-specific vaccine.  The apparent ‘eureka’ moment in vaccinology came when researchers found that flu antibodies were binding to the “stalk,” which does not mutate or change and, those 24 people had antibodies that could serve as the basis of a universal influenza vaccine.

Since this research apparently is revolutionary in the field of vaccinology, one has to question what will be the ramifications of such immunological manipulation.  There may be some problems that develop because of what this writer feels may present conflicts with natural immunity processes within the human organism.

The science of immunology desperately is working to superimpose its scientific model upon the way Mother Nature has been implementing the immune system response apparently since the beginning of human time.  Therein probably lies a problem.  That problem could be the immune system is either overworking to produce new or exacerbated allergies, or ‘failing’ by allowing chronic disease(s) to manifest, as is now apparently happening with very young children. That was an anomaly prior to the 1990s, which most likely resulted after the mandated push to vaccinate infants, toddlers, and older children.

Adjuvants in vaccines have been shown to induce chronic disease such as rheumatoid arthritis in rat studies.  The particular adjuvant involved was squalene.  Apparently squalene was an ingredient in the flu vaccine that has triggered narcolepsy.  It seems there’s a Pandora’s box of many surprises when it comes to vaccines.

One of the health issues vaccinologists may not be including regarding a universal flu vaccine is this: Influenza usually does not kill; it’s pneumonia the flu patient usually contracts that kills!  Pneumonia is one of the antimicrobial resistant diseases.  See item 3 below.

It would seem that vaccinology is not embracing the historical evidence for natural immunity, but forges ahead to reprogram not only human DNA but also the very mechanism by which humans remain healthy—natural immunity.  Several things point to that, which apparently are being ignored, I think.  They include: 

  1. Vaccinated children are coming down with pertussis (whooping cough), measles, and other diseases, which they are vaccinated against.  That says that either vaccines are not effective or the microorganisms are becoming so sophisticated they are morphing into super strains from the wild strains that humans evolved with.
  2. Federal health agencies such as the U.S. CDC and FDA enforce booster vaccinations because the vaccines apparently do not produce life-long immunity that occurs once an infectious disease is experienced and overcome, which has been historically apparent but overlooked by immunology science.  Furthermore, natural immunity does not produce revenue for Big Pharma.
  3. Vaccines and vaccinations do not produce natural immunity; they produce what are termed “antibodies” that vaccinologists rely on as ‘evidence’ that vaccines provide immunity.  Antibody production only is regarded and measured as ‘efficacy’ in vaccines.  If there are antibodies produced from vaccines to protect, why do vaccinated children still come down with whooping cough and other infectious diseases for which they have been vaccinated?  This writer ventures to say the reason is there is no natural immunity or the microorganisms (viruses and bacteria) have morphed into something different than the ‘wild’ diseases.  Consider what antibiotics have done to program diseases like MRSA, etc.  If you think there is only one or two antibiotic-resistant diseases, check out the CDC’s “Diseases/Pathogens Associated with Antimicrobial Resistance” at  That website lists numerous bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites as “antimicrobial resistant.”  Immunology science may be creating new and more ‘sophisticated’ microorganisms as a result of an inability to accept the concept of natural immunity, in my opinion.
  4. One classic example that vaccines do not ‘protect’ revolves around the tetanus vaccine.  According to what this writer knows, there is no evidence in the medical/scientific literature that tetanus vaccine protects!  If there is such evidence, I ask for the references, please.
  5. Maternal immunity transfer problems may occur in breastfeeding infants if mom had a universal flu vaccine before she became pregnant.  Currently there is talk about discouraging mothers from breastfeeding because it interferes with vaccines’ ‘efficacy’.  That indicates to this writer just how determined Big Pharma is to make vaccines ‘work’, even to the point of disregarding how the human body functions and to reprogram it to Big Pharma’s dictates.

Even though the long-term goals of the Ahmed research team at Emory are “to understand the mechanisms of immunological memory and to use this information to develop new vaccines for the prevention and treatment of disease,” healthcare consumers need to realize that they may be looking down a proverbial gun barrel of unknowns from which no one will be exempt from mass immunization programs similar to the one that was ‘floated’ in 1976 but shot down because of Guillian Barré syndrome.  Only God knows what will happen with the next mass vaccination mandate, and He is not telling anyone yet, it seems.




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