How to Find a Physician to Support Your Vaccine Choice

Working with a physician who supports your vaccine choice is essential for developing a cooperative, supportive relationship. Unfortunately, many doctors in private practice refuse to see patients who do not follow the aggressive Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccination schedule. These physicians may be willing to make some allowances, but will push for many vaccinations.

Other medical doctors employed by hospitals receiving government funding will likely favor vaccines, but are legally forced to accept parent choices regarding vaccinations and provide medical care to all patients. Where can one find a health care provider who respects parent vaccine choice and the right to not vaccinate?

Why are physicians so strongly pro-vaccine?

Why Do Most Physicians Favor Vaccines?

The medical training that physicians receive in medical school is heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical companies and CDC. Both the CDC and pharmaceutical companies push for a growing, aggressive vaccine schedule for children.

Physicians are only taught one side of the vaccine issue and are told that vaccines are safe and effective. Data regarding vaccine injury is minimized greatly. Physician education is also focused on compliance and how to diffuse parental concern about vaccine safety. Doctors are rewarded financially for vaccinating patients and sometimes penalized when their vaccination rates drop. [1]


The Importance Of Working With A Pro-Vaccine Choice Doctor

Doctors who support your decision to not vaccinate your child are more likely to understand and support your overall parenting style. The conflict and discord should be reduced, making for an improved doctor-patient relationship.

The decision to not vaccinate is usually a very thoughtful choice made by parents who have spent considerable time doing tremendous research on the topic. To work with a physician who does not understand or respect this decision will likely create animosity, distrust and negative feelings. A majority of time may be spent debating with the physician about your vaccine decision with the doctor continually pressuring to vaccinate, instead of spending precious time discussing the heath of your child.

Physicians Employed By Hospitals Receiving Government Funding

Doctors employed by hospitals receiving government funding are not permitted to discriminate and deny services to patients based on vaccine choice, assuming that exemptions exist in that state. All states permit medical vaccine exemptions. Only two states, California and Mississippi, do not allow religious exemptions. Many states allow philosophical exemptions. To check on your particular state’s vaccine exemption laws, visit the National Vaccine Information Center’s website. It is important to be informed and assertive about the laws and your rights to make vaccine decisions for yourself and your child. [2]

Physicians Identified As Anti-Vaccine

Hundreds of physicians question vaccine safety, and hundreds more have concluded vaccines are harmful and dangerous to health. These physicians will support patients who choose not to vaccinate. A list of 240 doctors is provided by a health blogger. Their location and specific practice information is not identified, but the list may be useful as a starting point.

The International Medical Council on Vaccinations is a group of hundreds of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals who have identified themselves as anti-vaccination. These professionals have spent hundreds of hours examining the research and observing the vaccine damage done to patients. At one time, a list of practitioners was available on their site, but it was not available at this time. They continue to be an excellent source for information on vaccinations. [3]

Resources For Locating Physicians Who Support Your Vaccine Choice Rights

Physicians who associate with integrative or holistic health groups are more likely to support vaccine choice. These groups of heath care providers who likely support vaccine choice include the following organizations. The links go directly to their group’s page, allowing one to enter local zip codes to facilitate finding a practitioner close to home:

Other Sources To Help Identify Physicians Who Will Support Your Vaccine Choice

One can talk to other pro-vaccine choice parents to see which physicians they use. Parents can google doctors in their area and call ahead to ask if they accept patients who are not vaccinated or choose alternative vaccine schedules. Local natural health food stores are often good resources for finding local, holistic-oriented doctors.


For those thoughtful parents who choose not to vaccinate or vaccinate on an alternative schedule, finding a physician to support this decision can be challenging. However, there are many resources available to assist. Legally, hospital-based physicians who are receiving government funding are not able to discriminate and deny services to patients who do not vaccinate, assuming your state has vaccine exemptions; 48 states allow both medical and religious exemptions.

Spending time to find a physician who will support your vaccine choices is time well spent. The relationship with your physician will likely be much better if your physician respects your vaccine choice. Time can be devoted to maximizing your child’s health instead of debating the vaccine issue at every visit.


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About the Author:

Michelle Goldstein is a mental health therapist who is passionate about holistic health, natural healing, nutrient-dense foods and the politics that impact them. She has published articles for Natural News, VacTruth, and other health websites. All of her published articles to date can be found at her health website, Holistic Health to Go. She can also be followed on her Facebook Page, Holistic Health to Go.


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Michelle Goldstein

Michelle Goldstein is a mental health therapist who is passionate about holistic health, natural healing, nutrient-dense foods and the politics that impact them. She has published articles for Natural News, VacTruth, and other health websites. All of her published articles to date can be found at her health website, Holistic Health to Go. She can also be followed on her Facebook Page.

  • liam young

    Great article and reminder that there are some physicians out there that want to look at this issues rationally and always in the best interest of their patients and not the pharma companies.
    Do you have similar recommendations or lists for Canada?

  • Joseph Kilgus

    We live in Austin, Texas and had found only two area pediatricians who would see our children, who were on a “alternate vaccine schedule”. (Our children have never been vaccinated and will never be.) After seeing the same pediatrician for three years (at Bee Cave’s Pediatric), they told us to have our two children vaccinated or they could no longer see us. The other area pediatrician has taken a similar approach. The area clinic, Austin Regional Clinic, has also refused to see our children because they are unvaccinated. It’s crazy to me that those protesting that they care about our children and their health, are the same people who will deny them health care because they are unvaccinated and “pose a risk to [their] other patients”. Good riddance! We don’t want practitioners who are so blind and uncaring as to sever a relationship with us and our children simply because we CARE so much and so deeply about our children’s health and future. We will not be bullied! If anyone knows of another Austin or Round Rock area pedatrician who doesn’t mind seeing unvaccinated children, please let me know!

  • AndyMac

    Doctors in Australia all promote vaccination. The Australian Government’s “No Jab No PAY” policy ensures this. Along with the “No Jab No PLAY” policy where if a child is not vaccinated it cannot financially afford to be in childcare, their parent is left with no option but to oppose those in power. Our AU PM this week is suffering from the ‘flu … (which strain? was there a vaccine for it?)

  • June

    Doctors support vaccines because, Science.

    Speaking from Canada, there are no, none, zero financial incentives for doctors to vaccinate children. They are paid for their time between $1.50-$2.30 per shot depending on the province. Many anti-vaxxers seek care instead from ND or Homeopaths, who the fact that they provide non-evidence based care aside, are able to directly sell the products they prescribe in their office. (which, btw, have absolutely NO regulations to restrict or disclose their exact contents). That is a conflict of interest people should question.

    To suggest that doctors are knowingly harming children to make coffee money is shocking, and frankly insane. They are trying to protect children, all children from unnecessary disease and suffering. Our collective memory is so painfully brief that we’ve forgotten what our parents and grandparents generations suffered due to illness and disease.

    When doctors decline to care for your unvaccinated child, it is because they are afraid of your child showing up in the waiting room with Whooping cough, and infecting a few newborns and immunosuppressed cancer patients. It is not a vendetta against you. Doctors worry about your children but it is not within their rights or the law to force you to vaccinate. You choose not to protect your child? Your child contracts and dies of bacterial meningitis, you get to live with the knowledge that you chose not to prevent it. That is punishment enough. But your sick child infects an innocent newborn who dies of whooping cough….that is who the doctors are trying to protect.

  • del1974

    June, you are mistaken. Ontario, with the largest population in Canada, does indeed have financial incentives for doctors to have your practice fully vaccinated for the influenza vaccine (seniors) and “childhood immunization”. For childhood immunizations, if 85% of the practice is vaccinated with all available vaccinations receives $440, while 95% of the practice the doctor’s bonus is $2200. You will find the details at this webpage (PDF) http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/ohip/bulletins/11000/bul11042_2.pdf While I don’t have time to search out other provinces, it is possible that they may have a similar program to Ontario.

    My family has never been healthier since we stopped the vaccinations and taking antiobotics and other drugs prescribed like they were candy.

  • Ranjit Sandhu

    I can’t imagine all doctors are pro-vaccination simply for monetary reasons. However, my experience with doctors is that many blindly vaccinate without the due diligence and base their reasoning simply on the fact that we have vaccinated for decades…it’s what we did, it’s what our parents did. The suggestion that the philosophy behind choosing not to vaccinate is non-evidence based is crazy. There is ample evidence to suggest that allowing our children to develop their own immune system naturally is far more effective and certainly less invasive that innoculating our little ones with vaccines that have known side effects…..crippling ones and often fatal ones.

    My oldest child is now 13. He was the first one in our family not to be vaccinated. Since then, the other 8 children from both my side and my wife’s are all vaccination free. They are all very healthy children. In fact, both my boys had the least absenteeism in there respective schools. In other words, my choice to allow them to develop their natural immunity equated to an immune system that is working as well as other children…..in fact, probably more efficiently. It’s simply neuro-immunology. Artificial immunity will always have it’s flaws. Just some thoughts?

  • eggman2

    I think that we antivaccine people have a new tool to ignore and erase the comments of provaccine psychopathic propaganda prostitutes. I have been using the blocking feature of disqus.

    That might be another way to ruin their money making ability , disrupting their job as propaganda prostitutes
    working for the medical mafia. As I very well see the need for us to do that.

  • AutismDadd

    Great info…thanks

  • eggman2

    Doctors ( physicians ) support vaccines because of what I call civilized stupidity syndrome which is the condition that promotes stupid ,useless ,or dangerous things just because they are part or have been part of civilization.

    It has nothing to do with science , but it’s rather a false religion, putting the faith where you should not be putting it.

  • onyormark

    Yes, the pro vax-choicers should exercise this choice!

  • eggman2

    They don’t need it because they already have millions of dollars from the medical mafia on their side to pay for hackers to disrupt the computers of antivaccine people. ( Talk to cia Parker ) Right now I am having difficulty writing this , and they burned one computer on me a while ago. And they put out many propaganda sites , and they pay millions of propaganda
    Prostitutes like yourself.

  • eggman2

    Sometimes they’re stupid, too.
    But intelligent people throughout history have been against vaccines.

    ” I am, and have been for years, a confirmed anti-vaccinationist… I have not the least doubt in my mind that vaccination is a filthy process that is harmful in the end. “– Mahatma Gandhi. ( from the book : Vaccines, Are They Really Safe and Effective ? )

  • eggman2

    My father said that my grandfather died from taking too much penicillin because it was a fad in his day.

    That’s what vaccines are — a fad. Or rather, vaccination is a faddish religion that is promoted
    by business.

  • onyormark

    I agree with you eggman 2. The antivaccine ppl are the vax pro-choicers I speak of. Capeche.

  • June

    I’m not intending to be condescending when I say; spoken like someone who does not understand the scientific process. Please read this link on the Dunning-kruger effect.

  • June

    Interesting program. To my knowledge we don’t have this in my province, but lets do the math to keep it in context.

    An average GP will carry a roster of 1500 patients, and maybe 30 of those patients are the appropriate age for this program (some much much more, maybe some less). The one-time bonus per patient would be $14.67. Doctors then pay 25-35% of all income on overhead, which leaves $9.50-$11 bonus per patient. Before taxes.

    Even IF they get their vaccination rates up to 95%, this would amount to $73 per child. An average of $50 per child after overhead. After a 35% income tax, the doctor will take home $32.5 per child if 95% are fully vaccinated. Unfortunately very few practices are meeting that rate, so most would stand to take home $7.20 per patient for that year.

    If you honestly believe that Doctors are knowingly harming your child for an extra $7.20-$32.50? These paranoid and persecutory believes are confusing. Healthy skepticism is a great thing, its part of the foundation of science, but sharing programs like this help fuel the fear mongering unless people take the time to look at it critically and rationally.

    This program similarly applies to cancer screening, is it upsetting to know Doctors are also being paid to achieve high rates of those life saving tests?

  • Debra Gehring

    Is there a list of doctors in Canada of anti vaccine doctors?

  • eggman2

    Shove the thing that you call the scientific process — which is actually the unscientific process — up your where-the-sun-doesn’t-shine.

    Like a real scientist said , ” Doctors ( referring to physicians ) are not scientists. ” — Linus Pauling PhD.

    How could they be scientists if they don’t do any experiments ? How could they be scientists if they can’t even reason and follow blindly their practice without any scrutiny but like a religion ? The parturition method and vaccines are totally wrong, yet they form a big part of their medical religion.

  • eggman2

    That bullshit article in Wikipedia doesn’t apply to a class of ” so called professionals ” that are the third cause of death in the USA. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL and other publications have reported medical error as the third cause of death in the USA. I say it is the first, because the first and the second are heart disease and cancer , but doctors give drugs for heart disease that cause heart disease and drugs for cancer that cause cancer.

    So, you are full of crap.

  • eggman2

    Pro VAX choicer is as bad a term as pro-choice when it comes to abortion. I am not about to sit idly while some of my future American citizens have their brain and body destroyed because their stupid parents chose to inject them with ” GMO-PUTREFACTIVE-BIOHAZARDOUS material in a SOUP OF CARCINOGENS, MUTAGENS, AND TERATOGENS ” ( VACCINES ).

  • eggman2

    Do those stupid guys, that did that study , know about Cristoforo Colombo ( ” il laniolo ” a poor peasant that worked shearing wool , but liked to read a lot ) who was rejected by at least two royal courts in Europe because their ” so called ” best thinkers thought that he was crazy. Then , a woman, the queen of Spain didn’t think that he was crazy , to the glory of her Kingdom.

    Do those stupid guys know that the best German scientific minds rejected Einstein.

    Do those stupid guys know that the best minds of the Catholic Church interrupted Galileo Galilei’s scientific work and threatened him with death if he tried it again.

    To hell with your ” so called ” experts.

  • Chuck Robey

    My family is on Medi-cal/IEHP and as such are having a really hard time finding a Doctor who will aid us in getting a Waiver for our 5 kids still in school. We even have trouble helping our 18 yr old son find a Dr who will give him a waiver for College as all California Universities require students to be fully vaccinated. We live in Barstow CA, I am also a Disabled Veteran and we live off of $2700.00 a month so we can’t even pay out of pocket to have a Dr do the waivers for us case in point Dr. Sears he charges $180 per child to give out the Waiver and with 5 kids ages 4-16 we could never afford it.. Any Real Help would be appreciated..