New Vaccine Made From Dog Cells May Trigger Allergies To Dogs

A new vaccine may trigger allergies in those who are allergic to dogs.

It appears that a new vaccine is being slipped into private clinics via the back door without anyone noticing. Medi-Mumps is a single mumps vaccine that will be available for use in the UK from June 2012.

The new vaccine is cultured on canine kidney cells instead of chick embryos making it suitable for those children allergic to eggs; however, the new wonder vaccine may not be suitable for those allergic to dogs. To understand the reason why, please read on.

The Early Onset website (1) announcing the news states:

The availability of the single mumps vaccine will come as a huge relief to parents of children who have yet to be immunised against the virus due to the lack of supply of the vaccine in the UK over the last three years. (sic)

For those of you who are unaware, although the mumps vaccine was available in private clinics until 2009, it was only being offered as an unlicensed product. This was because if a parent specifically requests a single vaccine, a private clinic can apply to the MHRA for permission to use an unlicensed product in the patient’s name.

This was referenced in the Hansard document 4 Dec 2002 (2) by Ms. Blears:

Single mumps vaccines being prescribed and administered, as part of single measles, mumps and rubella vaccination programmes such as MMR SepVax, are unlicensed imported medicines. Medicines legislation allows a doctor or dentist to prescribe an unlicensed medicine to meet the special clinical needs of his individual patients, on his direct personal responsibility.

So where did the vaccine Medi-Mumps originate from?

It is difficult to say exactly where this vaccine has come from or indeed why the UK needs a separate mumps vaccine if the MMR is as successful as it is made out to be. The true situation in respect of this new product Medi-Mumps has been somewhat obscured with one report stating that the new vaccine is to be manufactured on British soil and another reporting that neither Almac Pharma Services Ltd or Medical Imports Ltd the two companies associated with the vaccine are manufacturing it.

It has been reported on the ruleof6ix (3) website by Connor Bamford that he was advised by a representative of Almac Pharma Services Ltd that they were not manufacturing the vaccine but merely importing and packaging it.

He states:

“So when I got in contact with Almac Pharma Services Ltd, the quality care guy there assured me that they nor Medical Imports Ltd. were not in fact manufacturing it but only importing and packaging it for the UK market; it was being made in a facility in the Czech Republic. He noted that it’s importation was being held up by some regulatory issues to do with the way the vaccine was produced. ” (sic)

Medi-Mumps is said to be a vaccine suitable for children suffering from an allergy to eggs. This is because the vaccine is cultured on canine kidney cells instead of the usual chick embryo fibroblast (CEF) cell cultures, enabling the vaccine to be administered to babies who are allergic to eggs. The vaccine has been proven to be clinically safe in Europe and approved by the WHO.(1)

Is An Increase In Egg Allergies The Real Reason For Medi-Mumps?

I have to wonder if Medi-Mumps being introduced to private clinics has anything to do with an increase in the numbers of children suffering from egg allergies.

In 2010 an article in the Guardian (4) stated that:

The number of people at risk from severe and fatal allergic reactions has increased sharply every year for the past 15 years, according to new NHS figures. The number of adults developing potentially lethal new allergies for the first time has also accelerated dramatically.

The CNN Website (5) states that ‘Eggs are one of the most common allergy-causing foods in children’.

Interestingly Medi-Mumps is extremely similar to the banned vaccine Pavivac. The Pavivac vaccine was also manufactured in the Czech Republic and cultured on canine kidney cells but this vaccine was rejected by the CSM (Committee on the Safety of Medicines) in 2002 because of safety concerns. (6)

As a precautionary measure, the Committee on the Safety of Medicines (CSM) has advised that the use of an unlicensed single mumps vaccine, Pavivac, should be suspended, pending further investigations by the Medicines Controls Agency (MCA).

The MCA should also continue to oppose further imports of this product.

The CSM met following concerns raised over the manufacture, testing and storage of the vaccine. At its meeting yesterday (13 November 2002), the independent scientific advisory body reviewed the most up to date data available on Pavivac. The CSM said that it had insufficient information.

The CSM (7) also expressed further concerns in another paper stating:

The activities of clinics and private practitioners offering single dose measles and mumps vaccine gives rise for concern. The Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM) had to intervene to advise against the importation of unlicensed “Pavivac” mumps vaccine due to concerns surrounding the use of dog kidney cells in its manufacture and the risk from unknown infections.

Of course the Medi-Mumps vaccine could in fact be the Pavivac vaccine with a new name, after all this would not be the first time that a rogue vaccine has been brought into the UK boasting a brand new identity. If we cast our minds back to 1988 the JCVI (Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunizations) introduced Canada’s banned MMR vaccine Trivirix to the UK with the new name Pluserix causing a huge number of children to suffer horrendous side effects including encephalitis, seizures and deafness.

Do the UK authorities now have the missing data on safety and efficacy to argue allowing the importation of this similar type vaccine in June/July 2012 into the UK? I am sure parents will be keen for some answers on this especially if they have children with egg allergies who have suffered a severe adverse reaction to the MMR vaccine.

As we all know governments want as many children vaccinated as possible. If parents with children suffering from egg allergies are refusing the MMR vaccine, then it makes sense to have an alternative to hand. It could explain this sudden change of heart and why a vaccine similar to a previously refused vaccine is now entering the UK market.

Medi-Mumps May Not Be Suitable For Children Allergic To Dog Hair

Whilst the Medi-Mumps vaccine may be good news for parents of children suffering an egg allergy, it may not be so good if they are also allergic to dog hair. Like Pavivac, Medi-Mumps is cultured on canine kidney cells therefore; it could also have the same contraindications. On the Pavivac product sheet (8) in the section marked contraindications it clearly states that any person with an allergy to proteins of canine hair should not receive the vaccine. It says:

hypersensitivity to any components of the vaccine (e.g. neomycin, proteins of canine hair)

Whatever the reasons behind the introduction of this new vaccine I am beginning to suspect foul play, or could it be simply a case of dogged determination in a bid to have all children vaccinated come what may? Let’s face it neither chick eggs nor the kidney cells from dogs are desirable products to be adding to children’s vaccinations in the first place.

So How Do Vaccine Manufacturers Obtain Canine Kidney Cells?

The answer to the above question is simple, they breed their own supply. When the CSM originally rejected the Pavivac vaccine they rejected it because kidney cells from dogs were used to make it. The CSM felt that there was a possible risk of infection by using materials of animal origin in vaccinations.

To reassure the CSM the export director for Sevapharma, Miroslav Reinhardt, said that the vaccine was safe and that his company had cooperated with UK officials. He told the Prague Post (9)

The kidney cells were taken from dogs bred at farms that follow laws regulating such practices.”


“We cooperated with the Medicines Control Agency (MCA) intensely — we provided them with our documentation and we hope they will reconsider their decision.”

It rather looks as if they have doesn’t it? However, I have to wonder if the real reason for this sudden change of heart is that egg allergy sufferers ARE ACTUALLY AT RISK if they receive the MMR vaccine. If this is so then why do the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) and the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) both state that the MMR is entirely safe for children allergic to eggs?

Several studies have documented the safety of measles and mumps vaccine (which are grown in chick embryo tissue culture) in children with severe egg allergy. Neither the AAP’s “Red Book” Committee nor ACIP consider egg allergy as a contraindication to MMR vaccine. ACIP recommends routine vaccination of egg-allergic children without the use of special protocols or desensitization procedures. (10)

This is all very strange because the first MMR license issued on the 17th August 1972 by Merck Sharpe and Dohme Ltd in the UK did NOT advocate the MMR for anyone with so much as a feather allergy let alone an egg allergy!! (11)

This license was changed in August 1987 to accommodate a switch in the rubella strain and became MMR II. On the information sheet for the MMR11, Merck (12) quote the AAP and state that it is safe to give children the MMR even if they suffer from an egg allergy. Merck’s says:




The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) has stated,

“Most children with a history of anaphylactic reactions to eggs have no untoward reactions to measles or MMR vaccine. Persons are not at increased risk if they have egg allergies that are not anaphylactic, and they should be vaccinated in the usual manner. In addition, skin testing of egg-allergic children with vaccine has not been predictive of which children will have an immediate hypersensitivity reaction…Persons with allergies to chickens or chicken feathers are not at increased risk of reaction to the vaccine.” (my emphasis)

I wish they would all make up their minds because whatever is going on it is all very suspicious and I have to wonder if the UK is now going to see the return of the single vaccines due to more and more parents boycotting the MMR due to safety concerns.



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Christina England, BA Hons

  • Dr. Jordan

    More importantly……what canine viruses will these vaccines be dragging across into those forced to take this jab? Distemper ?  Rabies? Herpes? Already the vaccines drag along viral sequences of viruses that occur in those animals who are slaughtered for their organs to grow viruses on. Kidney and Teste cells contain the very highest viral loads. How do you think we got monkey and mice viruses into us now? Via tha Jab. The children’s vaccines have already been found to contain chicken leukosis virus, simian viruses and pig viruses from using those sources to grow virus. Now we have the dog and with that, look out, the distemper which is similar to measles, the rabies, need I say more….this is the continuance of insanity from the franchise vaccine machine that will still be responsible for more deaths, disease and disability. Herpes viruses are already found contaminating human vaccines canine herpes! What is next……rabies?

  • betsyanne

    Babies and children are not generally allergic to the yolk of an egg, just the white. 

    I wouldn’t give this or any other vaccine to a dog I didn’t like, much less to a child I loved.


  • disgusted

    Crazy! Just pure insanity. What next? It amazes me that the medical industry have this image of doctors in white coats, “high tect medicine”, a professional image in public but the public full for this sharade daily and just automatically trust.  Look and read behind that and it is much much sinister and dangerous.  Extremely deceptive… If only more people realised this.

  • disgusted

    Crazy! Just pure insanity. What next? It amazes me that the medical industry have this image of doctors in white coats, “high tect medicine”, a professional image in public but the public full for this sharade daily and just automatically trust.  Look and read behind that and it is much much sinister and dangerous.  Extremely deceptive… If only more people realised this.

  • Yet another brilliant article from Christina E.

    Just LOOK at what kinds of DNA may be in vaccines – and which FDA openly admits may
    be impossible to remove!


  • The mixing of human and animal DNA by way of vaccines started with the idiotic cow pox vaccinations of Edward Jenner. Idiotic, because he claimed to ‘immunize’ the recipients of his concoctions of cow pox, horse grease, and/or swine pox against small pox. All he did was introducing non-human viruses, DNA and RNA into our blood stream. Jenner is the reason that humans carry the cow infection syphilis…

    Small pox is caused by a completely different microbial entity (variola minor or vera) than cow pox (variolae vaccinae). Small pox is an illness rearing its ugly head in circumstances in which there is a lack of vitamin C (after a bad harvest). Administering vitamin C to a small pos patient will modulate the seriousness of the illlness, inhibiting the scarring etc.


    My esteemed friend, dr. Viera Scheibner, the world’s authority on vaccine damage, at whose house I stayed for almost three months at the beginning of this year, told me her experiences with another one of her visitors. This was a woman who had been vaccinated with a vaccine cultured on canine cells and had acquired the scent and hearing acuity of a dog…

    Vaccination not only maims and kills the human race, it compromises our human genetic code, turning us into chimeras…

    I am sure that somewhere at the top of the food chain there are psychopaths who know exactly what they are doing…

    We’d better stop them.


    Say (and do) NO against vaccines…

    …ANY vaccine!

  • Argus

    “This was a woman who had been vaccinated with a vaccine cultured on canine cells and had acquired the scent and hearing acuity of a dog…”

    Yeah, right.  Thanks for the laugh.

  • Argus

    And how are we going to remove the DNA from the food we eat as well???

    Oh no!!!

  • Lou

    “I have to wonder if Medi-Mumps being introduced to private clinics has anything to do with an increase in the numbers of children suffering from egg allergies.”

    I would hope this new abomination is the result of more mothers waking  up to the extreme demonstrated dangers of the infamous MMR toxin.

    We can hope.

  • Lou

    “I have to wonder if Medi-Mumps being introduced to private clinics has anything to do with an increase in the numbers of children suffering from egg allergies.”

    I would hope this new abomination is the result of more mothers waking  up to the extreme demonstrated dangers of the infamous MMR toxin.

    We can hope.

  • Lou

     “I am sure that somewhere at the top of the food chain there are psychopaths who know exactly what they are doing. We’d better stop them.”

    Yes I am afraid you are completely correct. In less than a generation, if we continue on this insane path our rulers will have IQs some 50 or so points above ours and we will not be cognizant of it.

    IMO only mothers who are aware that their children have been intentionally harmed can stop them. Please pass on the word.

  • Christina England

    Thank you for your comments.

    I have no doubt in my mind that Desiree is correct especially if she was told by Viera Scheibner who is also a very dear friend of mine.

    Lou I hope that you are right and that mothers are finally waking up to the dangers of the MMR but single vaccines are no better whatever is in them.

    Please read Dr Rebecca Carley’s  http://www.drcarley.com/ INOCULATIONS: THE TRUE WEAPONS OF



  • Thanks, Lou. So happy to see that there still are some more sane people! 
    If only parents would read the product inserts of the vaccines BEFORE they let their baby’s be injected with all the foreign substances and toxins that are in them. Distracted by the governmental fear mongering parents hardly ever do that … while they’d never buy a car without making a test ride first.
    On my website (www.desireerover.nl) I tabulated ALL the information given in the product inserts of all the vaccines used in the Dutch governmental vaccine programme.
    No matter what language you speak, just looking at these data will make utterly clear that the practice of vaccination can never result in a healthy person.
    Health is never a question of enough vaccines and/or medication! 
    BTW, ‘to govern’ means ‘to steer’; ‘ment’ means ‘mind’. 
    Government = mind control!

  • Donna Judge

    Argus, your logic is flawed.  In case you forgot, food is not injected under the skin.  It is broken down by stomach acid and processed by the intestines before it reaches the blood stream.

  • Hi there, 

    I investigated this report a few months back, see my post: http://ruleof6ix.fieldofscience.com/2012/04/single-mumps-vaccine-jab-versus-mmr-in.html

    I think you are right in realising that certain clinics (the Children’s Immunisation Centre) are attempting to bring this single mumps vaccine into the UK. Their vaccine goes under the name of Medi-Mumps but I have no doubt in my mind that this Pavivac only rebranded.

    This vaccine is unlicensed in the UK as it has not yet passed full safety tests and there are questions over how good the protection actually is from it. In fact the Czech Republic have witnessed some of the largest mumps outbreaks in the last three years. I know that this is an active area of research. Only then would the UK deem this vaccine acceptable for use. But you will have to wait for those results. The MMR-II vaccine is the much safer alternative. But remember that Pavivac is grown from the vaccine in the MMR.

    As for the egg allergy story, this is clearly not the real reason as Merck’s MMR II vaccine can be safely administered to kids with this reaction. No doubt these clinics are only trying to capitalise on the distrust in the combined MMR vaccine. Over the last few decades as more and more safety info came out they realised that they were able to do this. 

    I guess it is good that people will get the chance to vaccinate their kids against mumps (Europe and the US are witnessing a re-emergence of this virus) but by not getting the combined vaccine you are ultimately leaving your children unprotected in between the time it takes to receive the multiple shots one after another.

    I would be worried about the dog kidney cells especially as there are other ways to produce this vaccine (where you don’t have to kill dogs) but to my knowledge the Czech Republic have not reported any untoward effects on those vaccinated. These dogs and the cells would be screened for ay infectious agents. They will also be vaccinated against those viruses “Dr. Jordan” mentioned.

    Connor Bamford

  • Christina England

     Thank you for your informative comment.

    Mr Bamford you may be interested to read this site http://www.petmd.com/dog/conditions/infectious-parasitic/c_multi_leptospirosis#.T9IQL5gc8wo


  • Christina,

    I don’t really don’t think leptospirosis is an issue. Any infected dog on these farms would be rapidly discovered and I haven’t heard of any pavivac-caused human leptosperosis cases.


  • Christina England

     Neither have I Connor but I was asked to pass the information to you. Christina

  • Vaccines are Military

     Argus is a TROLL!   He’s here to try to tell us that Vaccine Hell is
    going to be lovely and we should all accept his invitation.  No thank you,
    Un-vaccinated children are much healthier!   My friends who have
    not given their children even one vaccine have had zero childhood diseases and
    zero colds/flu.  All the fully vaccinated kids I see at the Kindy are all
    coughing and snotty nosed.  

  • vaccines are military

     Argus is a TROLL.   Big Pharma is so panicked that we have found out their evil game that they pay him to try to confuse us by making snide, sarcastic and dismissive comments so that we will not realize that we’re being injected with soft kill (or not so soft kill) agents (vaccines).   Sarcasm in this serious arena is evil Argus.   Very bad taste at best.

  • vaccines are military

    So sweet and innocent, Connor!
    The Sv-40 Cancer virus was rapidly discovered by the Vaccine scientists but it will still given to HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of trusting souls.   And a massive increase in soft tissues cancers came after.   Read “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” , a scintillating read,  to find out how deep this rabbit hole goes.
    Search “Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines.  As if these
    kind of deceptions don’t happen any more…..They are speeding up and piling up one atop another.

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/033584_Dr_Maurice_Hilleman_SV40.html#ixzz1y7rNYCBj 

  • vaccines are military

    Vaccine manufacturers have known that SV-40 Cancer Viruses have been in Polio Vaccines since the 50’s!!!!!!   Look at this link for a case in the late 90’s where they tortured to death slowly and with great profit,  a little boy with highly intelligent and well educated, brave parents.   


    Dog kidneys, huh?  Sacrificing dogs touse their kidneys for witches brew to be injected into babies.  Great idea!   Sounds healthy.   Maybe that’s why the NDAA passed recently in the USA has a provision for making legal bestiality in the military.  Vaccinated children have animal DNA.

  • Louise

    As a sufferer of allergies, I believe they are caused by needles (among other things) – anything which bypasses the usual ways to enter the body and enters the blood directly can trigger a sensitivity (I believe). Benzyl Alcohol was used as a preservative in a vaccine of a person I know, and now this person has an allergy to this.
    It is also thought that those which suffer from eczema and have their skin sore and open are more likely to become sensitized to anything their open skin may have come in contact with.
    There has also been research into foreign proteins in our foods from food agriculture and manufacturing. Live vaccines would possibly be better, as would oral vaccines. For any children I have, I have to choose between them having a possible lethal allergy for the rest of their life or a chance they could catch a possible lethal disease that could cause complications. It’s an extremely difficult decision and one that doctors will not even entertain. If there was some promise of after care for a vaccine that went wrong maybe it would be easier – but I know that if that ever happened there would be denials and complete lack of support.