Vaccines Are Harming Our Children—Admit It, Fix It

There is no incentive or penalty for vaccine manufacturers when their product injures or kills a child

Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

How long are the medical profession and our government going to defend the safety of the current vaccine schedule? A year from now, will we be embroiled in the same fight? Two years from now? Five? Ten?

The U.S. is the most vaccinated country in the world. And yet, we are number 31 in infant mortality. Time and money are being wasted. Our kids are sick. They are suffering. For far too many, their childhoods are lost. Their families are suffering. Parents are divorced, financially destitute, exhausted, and heartbroken. They are out of time.


My last article was for parents and included advice for ways they could help their children with autism. This article is for the medical profession and government and anyone else who is has a financial investment in vaccines. True, they are a powerful and wealthy force. Power and wealth are their motivation. But greed can’t compete with parents’ motivation. The stakes just don’t get any higher than our children.

That being said, here are my pleas to “the other side.”

Medical Profession

For doctors who are helping parents recover their children, thank you is pretty inadequate. Please continue helping them. Keep sharing your stories of recovery with other doctors.

For doctors who are on the other side of the fence or perhaps on the fence, listen to your peers’ success stories. Stop blindly accepting what you read in professional journals. Question it. Ask yourself if it makes sense. For example, do you think a Merck consultant who writes an article published in a “scientific” journal telling you how to deal with the “anti-vaccinationists’ galaxy” is unbiased?

Listen to parents. Open your minds, and hear their stories. They are the most reliable source of information out there. They will tell you what vaccines did to their children and what they are doing to recover them.

Really think about recovery. Ask yourself what could possibly explain why some children with autism are getting better. Could it be because the biomedical therapies are detoxifying them? To quote Merriam-Webster (my favorite dictionary), detoxify means:

a : to remove a harmful substance (as a poison or toxin) or the effect of such from

b : to render (a harmful substance) harmless

If you use treatments to remove toxins from the body (such as those contained in vaccines), and the treatments work, could it be because the toxins were removed? Most children who are recovering are doing so because their bodies and minds are both being treated. As their physical health improves, many of them are regaining communication social, and skills of daily living they once had but lost after a vaccine.

But how do you doctors explain recovery? You say the child never had autism in the first place. The same doctors who originally said that the child had autism all long and nobody, including you, noticed it. You, with all your years of medical school and experience, didn’t see autism when it was staring you in the face. Perhaps you might want to consider another occupation.

Stop the guilt trip for parents who won’t vaccinate their children or want them vaccinated on an alternate schedule. Stop throwing them out of your practice.

Stop ignoring the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 that requires you to report serious health problems, hospitalizations, and deaths after vaccines to VAERS. It has been estimated that less than 10 percent of doctors follow that law. Every year, 30,000 adverse events are reported, making the real number more like 300,000. [1] It’s a federal law. Stop breaking it.

Stop accepting “incentives” from the CDC. You know. Things like an awards dinner at the annual AAP meeting, write-ups in a state or local newsletter, plaques for “the most improved practices,” office luncheons, and free registration at an immunization conference. The CDC’s AFIX program [2] even offers you the eXchange where you, as an “immunization champion,” can help other doctors improve their immunization rates. Not to mention “Suggestions to Improve Your Immunization Service,” which includes statements like this one:

If no immunization record exists for a patient at the time of the visit and we are unable to obtain records by phone, we give the vaccinations that we THINK are indicated, based on the history provided by the patient/parent. We have the patient/ parent sign a release of records to obtain immunization records from previous providers. If no records of previous vaccinations can be located, the patient is treated as if unimmunized. [3]

With four dozen doses of vaccines given to a child by the time he is four years old, are you doctors really comfortable giving the ones you THINK are indicated? Do you have the parents sign a form releasing you from harm? Can you honestly say this is safe? Would you do this to your own child?


FDA. CDC. NIH. Congress. … You have even more power than the medical profession to stop the insanity. You set the standards. You make the laws.

Stop wasting time and money looking at genes and flame retardant in pajamas and proximity to a freeway and the father’s age and the amount of weight the mom gained when she was pregnant and the baby’s exposure to household cleaners and dust while in the womb and—the newest one—the mom who had a fever when she was pregnant.

If you want to study something, how about vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children? Or the safety (or lack thereof) of the individual ingredients in vaccines? The safety (or lack thereof) of the combination of ingredients? The safety (or lack thereof) of giving multiple vaccines at the same time?

And how about studying children who have recovered through biomedical, behavioral, and other treatments? There are thousands and thousands. While you’re at it, encourage legislation that mandates insurance coverage for these treatments. They are working. Our children deserve help, and you owe it to them and their families.

Stop allowing and encouraging the production of more vaccines and larger combination vaccines. Their safety—or their effectiveness and necessity—have not been proven. The studies haven’t been done. Do them.

Stop trying to take away vaccine exemptions. Dr. Mercola sums it up well:

It is a well-documented fact that the pharmaceutical industry has more lobbyists on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures than almost any other industry. They know how to leverage their resources by donating money to politicians, who will vote for legislation that give them an unfair advantage in the marketplace. Such legislation favoring pharmaceutical companies is typically implemented through enactment of regulatory laws that are carried out by federal regulatory and policymaking agencies like the FDA and the CDC. [4]

Stop ignoring your responsibility. And that is to protect our children and stand up for them. That’s what you get paid for. Parents are doing the best they can, but they need help. Do your job.


Autism is rising. As long as the vaccine schedule remains the same (or more vaccine are added), this trend will continue. And it will continue until someone with the power to make a change takes a long, hard look at the dozens of vaccines and says, “There’s something wrong here. This can’t be safe.” If the current rate of autism (1 in 88, the CDC’s figure based on children who are now 12 years old) isn’t a national healthcare crisis—and disaster—I don’t know what is. What’s happening to our children is deplorable and unconscionable. It’s criminal.

To both the medical profession and our government: Admit that vaccines can and do cause autism. You are responsible. Admit it, and fix it.




1. www.nvic.org/reportreaction.aspx

2. www.cdc.gov/vaccines/programs/afix/index.html

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4. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/06/02/bribery-affects-vaccination-rates.aspx


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Jennifer Hutchinson

Jennifer Hutchinson is a freelance editor and writer. She has devoted the last few years to helping Jake recover, researching autism and vaccines, and sharing what she knows with others. She lives in Winchester, Virginia, with Ann and Jake.

  • Read this:
    Your Life Is Their Toy: Rackets-Social Service and Medical by Emmanuel Josephson.  You will discover the origins of a lot of this alleged “medical” treatment and they aren’t pretty.  Did you know that John D. Rockefeller founded the American Medical Association? 

  • Jesslaurel12

    Thank You!

  • On the subject of adjuvants, read Gary Matsumoto’s book Vaccine A.  It is  not just mercury that is toxic.  Aluminum is bad news.  The OIL suspension is KNOWN to cause autoimmune problems.  Vaccination is not a benign event.  It is a major invasion of the body.  

  • jgoddard

    Wonderful, truthful article, I have no young children , Thank GOD, but I am very aware that what children are being exposed to by the Vaccine industry is insane….
    74% rise in autism in four years and this is only up to 2008 stats. Are we all mad?
    Are we in some sort of trance?
    What will it take, maybe all children getting autism before the penny drops?
    How can a mother line up and allow this to happen to her baby?
    Why does she not ask the common sense questions, Is it safe?
    I need the proof, better still do the research before you line up….

  • Gdk450

    Our non vac baby is progressing fast. Vaccines are for animals not humans.

  • Lori Langone

    Well said, Jennifer.

  • Lori Langone

    I don’t think animals should be getting them either.  Many of them are also being harmed by vaccines.

  • Excellent article thank you Jennifer. Your well formulated pleas should be sent to doctors and to FDA, CDC, NIH and Congress.

  • Lou

    “FDA. CDC. NIH. Congress. … You have even more power than the medical
    profession to stop the insanity. You set the standards. You make the laws.”

    I am afraid we are talking to the wall here. LOTS of great people work for all these organizations and some of their science is top notch. However the POLITICAL bosses run things and the political bosses are 100% committed to the depopulation agenda.

    This is horrible but this is the way it is I am afraid.

    The only ones that can stop this premeditated murder are MOTHERS. The  good news is they appear to be waking up.

  • Davidjohnkenna

    animals get vaccinated too which is why 150,000 in the US cats get cancer at the site of the vaccination.No surprise there. They the Pharma are wondering what could cause it
    and getting vets to inject in the tail so that in the event of cancer then it maight not be so bad in the tail. They can cut it off.!!! 

  • Davidjohnkenna

    That is 150000 every year.

  • JPower

    Excellent article.  Thank you!

  • Hmlwebb0

    Thank you Jennifer. That was so well said.

  • Catherine J Frompovich

    Applause, applause, applause!  Finally, someone called a ‘spade a spade’.  Job very well done, and thank you.

  • Catherine J Frompovich

    BTW: Please read this article that ought to send shivers up and down every thinking person’s consciousness: 

  • not sure

    Waiting for the CDC or the FDA to open their eyes doesn’t make sense. they know that these vaccines are harmful. they are happy with that. they are sociopaths. the cdc is in the business of disease control. not prevention. the fda or federal death association has so many conflicts of interest that to site either one of these organization as a source of information would destroy anyone’s credibility. they are a joke.

  • not sure

    Waiting for the CDC or the FDA to open their eyes doesn’t make sense. they know that these vaccines are harmful. they are happy with that. they are sociopaths. the cdc is in the business of disease control. not prevention. the fda or federal death association has so many conflicts of interest that to site either one of these organization as a source of information would destroy anyone’s credibility. they are a joke.

  • not sure

    The long term bad health effects from vaccines produces are very predictable extremely profitable source of illnesses to treat over a persons life. its the new form of genocide. they are killing us slowly and leaching every dollar out of us. everything from off the shelf pain killers to super expensive cancer treatments. most disease is probably coming from the vaccines.

  • Lowell Hubbs

    This article is over the top, and the best article I have ever read from a parent of a vaccine harmed child. Facts on top of facts, and and in their face going for the jugular is the only thing they just might understand. Thank you Jennifer.

    Every member of congress should be sent a copy, and read it. Send a copy to Paul Offit as well, and every employee of the CDC and FDA.  Will the CDC and FDA ever listen and change their standing on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, and that many vaccines? Not likely; because they clearly already know the truth, and have known the truth as to the danger and harm of vaccines already now for a long time. Thats what makes it literally criminal. It is criminal, period. They have to much to lose. Think of the ramifications for them of admitting to even as much as all the unrecoverd from harm and death Gardasil has done and caused; much more that caused by the whole vaccine schedule. There is nothing that would be enough, all to obviously. And their solution, as well as such as Mercks solution, is to keep hammering at eliminating vaccine exemptions, and taking the rights from parents to decide; such as their test case that has been going on in CA, for one. They do know exactly how strong the vaccine truth movement has become. Parents are fed up with the misinformation and lies about vaccines. They are fed up with the safe and effective mantra, and the severe reactions are rare, lie. That, while one child after another is harmed, and/or develops ASD/autism.

    The stories and accounts of recovered from ASD children are everywhere; there are to many of them to any longer be ignored and falsey chastised and labeled as unproven and dangerous. That, while as well mainstream has no answers nor solutions other then therapy and more pharmaceutical drugs to mask the behavior. There are now as well many research studies that have been done, showing the benefit of biomedical treatment; to many to ignore.

    Advances in Research

    Here is just one of these amazing stories of recovery, right here. There is as well an outline the the protocols used.

    Recovering Caroline

    Vac Facts.Info

  •  Thanks for your encouragement and ideas. As I was writing this article, I actually thought of drafting it as a letter to the CDC, FDA, etc. I might just do it.

  • Mlwestie77

    I agree with Lori, animals shouldnt either. I vaccinated my cat when she was a kitten and one more time a year after that. She developed a cancerous tumor in her back leg (the one where her vaccines were injected) the cancer spread to her liver and I had to euthanize her a month after she turned 5. If I could go back and redo it, I would not get her vaccinated at all. I wasnt ever going to vaccinate her again after those first two rounds, but those initial vaccines were all it took. :(

  • Mlwestie77

    my cat got cancer in the injection site. I only had her vaccinated twice. It spread to her liver. I had to put her to sleep 1 month after she turned 5 :(

  • Fran

    You should do it.  I am an RN at a hospital and we now are required by law to push the flu and pneumonia vaccines on each and every patient that walks through the door.  We hand them a little one page, cheerful explanation of all the wonders of the vaccine they are about to have injected into them, with a small paragraph on contraindications.  I always leave the page with the patient and encourage them to read it thouroughly.  One woman said she decided not to have the pneumonia vaccine because it said to wait if you are moderately ill.  She asked me if I thought her condition qualified as “moderately ill”.  I told her that I did. (She was VERY sick). It used to be we only “offered” pneumonia vaccines to certain succeptible patients, but since last year, we are going full speed ahead to vaccinate everyone!!!!  And they are in the hospital because they are siiiiick!  It makes me crazy, and all my coworkers know how I feel about vaccines in general.  Some roll their eyes, some listen.  But most think Im a little extreame.  That is the problem.  The vaccine promoters have done a great job making people who question the status quo seem crazy. The autism rate is unbelievable.  Criminal.  And I believe the reason it has gone this far is because most new moms and dads are young, trusting and easily bullied by the medical profession.  Very sad. Maybe someone needs to come up with an ad to put in magazines pregnant women and new mom’s read, encouraging them to educate themselves, and giving pertinent statistics.  Maybe The Donald could finance it!  The only people who can stop this craziness are the parents themselves REFUSING to be bullied and intimidated, and maybe an add campaign is in order.  I bet it would be darn hard to find a magazine who wouldnt be afraid to carry the ad though.  Maybe a TV ad…?  On some alternative type station…..