Congressional Hearing on Autism—From the Awesome to the Ignorance and Outright Lies

Dr. Alan Guttmacher, from the National Institute of Health, attempts to minimize the role vaccines play in autism during a congressional hearing.

I had originally planned to attend the congressional hearing on autism that was held November 29, 2012. At the last minute, something came up, and I wasn’t able to go. I was so disappointed, I couldn’t think about it without crying. But I ended up watching it live on www.c-span.org, which turned out to be a great experience. As I posted my thoughts on Facebook, I felt like I was at the hearing—only I was able to “chat” nonstop with all my friends in the autism community the entire time. We shared quotes, opinions, and plenty of emotion. We were outraged, in pain, and ecstatic.

I took notes throughout, jotting down a slew of unbelievable ignorance and outright lies combined with words of passion, brilliance, and truth. All amidst eye rolling and head shaking from Katie Wright and others in the audience.

There are already dozens of incredible articles on the Internet covering the hearing, so I won’t give a blow-by-blow account with specific quotes. I’ll just provide the gist of things—from the awesome to the ignorance and outright lies. (I apologize if I use exact quotes without giving credit—I’m writing from my notes.)



The first panel consisted of the Members of Congress. They were prepared and had clearly done their homework. Their questions and persistence and compassion were amazing. They asked tough questions that needed to be answered. They demanded that proof be submitted to the permanent record. Here are some of their questions:

Mercury is a toxin. Why has it never been tested?

If pregnant women are told not to eat fish with mercury, how can it be safe to inject it into the mom and/or the baby?

What is the cumulative effect of the mercury in all those shots?

The FDA has admitted that there’s no conclusive evidence that mercury causes neurological damage. Since that means there is some doubt, why not err on the side of safety and remove it from all vaccines?

Why is mercury still in multiple-vial shots? Why can’t single vials be used?

If mercury is so safe, why was it taken out of all but a few vaccines?

Why so many shots in one day? Sometimes 9 at a time. Kids used to get 3, if that. Why are there more than 40 now?

Why not spread out the shots, giving only one at a time, until more evidence is in?

Why not test the safety of giving multiple shots in the same day?

How about comparing families who have children with autism with families who don’t?

Where is the study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children?

Is anyone looking at the geographic disparities?

What about finding treatments that are effective?

Where’s the accountability for the autism epidemic?

What about the “integrity” of Dr. Poul Thorsen, who was involved in 21 of the CDC’s 24 vaccine studies?

Where did the law shielding vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits originate?

What will it take to develop a comprehensive national strategy to make things better?

What about improved coordination among federal agencies?

Why are things getting worse and worse in spite of everything that’s being done?

How do we effectively and efficiently use our energy and our passion to get something done? We’re looking into causes, etc., but the people in this room need help right now.

Why aren’t you listening to the families and focusing on what they are telling you and what they need? There is too much parental evidence of the same story over and over—my child was normal and healthy, then got vaccines and changed overnight.

Autism is a public health crisis. Why isn’t it on the front burner of the CDC every day?

We’ve been at this for more than a decade. We’ve spent huge amounts of money. The 1 in 88 number is terrible. From 1 in 10,000 [in the 1960s] to 1 in 88 today. We don’t want to hear about better detection. It can’t account for these numbers. It’s common sense—our kids are overvaccinated.


The second panel, with representatives from groups like SafeMinds and the Autism Society, were outspoken and also persistent. And they were just plain right. Truth and personal experience were on their side.

Autism is very serious. It’s a public health crisis of historic proportions that is devastating an entire generation of children and their families.

Autism must be a priority.

Stop wasting money on the autism gene hunt.

The increase is not about better diagnosis. The increase is about more autism. Just a few years ago, adults with autism rarely existed. No one can find them, although they have looked. On the other hand, you don’t have to look far to find a child with autism.

Let’s look at the great unmentionables—vaccines and mercury—to find a plausible explanation for the increase in autism.

How about studying the total health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children?

The CDC uses statistical trickery in their studies. They cover up what they don’t want us to know.

People with autism need more services. Children need, among other things, ABA therapy in their homes and better educational strategies. Adults who age out of the system must have help preparing for the rest of their lives, to improve their quality of life and their opportunities for employment, schooling, and housing.

Medical professionals need continuing education.

This country must have a national strategic plan, including an autism advisory committee and an IACC that won’t miss the mark.

We need accountability for the NIH and CDC as well as the Combating Autism Act funding. The failures, waste, and fraud need to be rooted out.


The two federal representatives—Coleen Boyle from the CDC and Alan Guttmacher from the NIH—left me speechless at times, screaming at others. Unlike Congress and the advocates, they were completely unprepared and uninformed. They went on and on about better diagnosis and early detection and ridiculous potential causes. Worse, they were evasive and lied under oath. How the families sat there with their mouths shut, I’ll never know.

Basically, here’s what Dr. Boyle and Dr. Guttmacher said:

We’ve come a long way in the field of autism.

It’s a national health priority.

The numbers have increased due to better diagnosis and increased recognition.

There have been numerous studies—and there are others in progress—to determine what accounts for the increase.

Surveillance tracking has been done in 12 states.

A lot of money has been spent for things like early detection in babies as young as 6 months old.

We’re working on a 5-minute questionnaire that will diagnosis autism as early as 1 year of age.

No one knows the cause, although car emissions and the age of the mother when pregnant could be to blame.

More research is needed before, during, and after pregnancy.

We don’t know how to prevent it, so we should focus on a cure.

The IACC has tools in place to identify best practices and risk factors and improve the lives of those with autism.

Lives—not to mention money—have been saved because of vaccines.

Mercury was removed from all vaccines in 2001.

Since mercury is safe, we don’t know why it was removed from most shots, but we’ll look into it and get back to you.

We don’t know how many multi-vial vaccines still contain mercury.

The reason so many shots are given at the same time is to make sure all kids get them. They use the opportunity to make sure it happens.

Forty is a little high for the number of shots. I don’t think children get that many.

All the vaccines and the schedule have been perfectly thought out by experts.

There is a body of evidence that shows no relation between vaccines and autism.

Vaccines have been proven safe in study after study.

It’s a puzzle—we’re putting the pieces together.


We know that the NIH and CDC have fallen way short in recognizing, let alone fixing, this autism epidemic. They’ve proven that time and time again. But Congress is listening. They understand that autism is an emergency, that it’s not genetic, that something is terribly wrong. Most important, something must be done. At the hearing, they didn’t let Boyle and Guttmacher drop the ball. They demanded answers. For the first time, they talked about vaccines.

Call the congressmen on the panel and express your appreciation. Thank you, Christine Zichittella-Heeren, for compiling a list of their names and phone numbers and allowing me to share it.

Rep. Darrell E. Issa (CA-49) Chairman (202) 225-3906
Rep. Elijah Cummings (MD-7) Ranking Member (202) 225-4741
Rep. Dan Burton (IN-05) (202) 225-2276
Rep. Paul Gosar (AZ-1) (202) 225-2315
Rep. Pat Meehan (PA-7) (202) 225-2011
Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14) (202) 225-7944
Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.) (202) 225-8050
Rep. Dennis Kucinich (OH-10) (202) 225-5871
Rep. John Tierney (MA-6) (202) 225-8020
Rep. Danny Davis (IL-7) (202) 225-5006
Rep. John Yarmuth (KY-3) (202) 225-5401
Rep. Jim Matheson (UT-2) (202) 225-3011
Rep. Vern Buchanan (FL-13) (202) 225-5015
Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-4) (202) 225-3765
Rep. Bill Posey (FL-15) (202) 225-3671
Rep. Mike Kelly (PA-3) (202) 225-5406

Ask them to stay on this issue. To make a change before things get any worse. Here are some ideas.

Help for victims. Talk to parents and advocacy groups who know better than anyone the challenges families of children with autism face. Parents who watched their children change after a vaccine, who KNOW what caused the autism, who know what their kids need and what treatments are working. These families need insurance coverage for successful therapies and, if they have no insurance, they need affordable or free therapies. They need respite services. The children need better treatments and educational accommodations. Adults with autism who have already aged out of the system, or soon will, desperately need help with schooling, employment, and housing.

Unbiased scientific studies. Stop the studies on gene research. Start looking for the environmental causes of autism, including vaccines. Studies of every ingredient in each vaccine as well as the combination of ingredients and multiple vaccines. Their side effects. Their success and failure rates. Their necessity. The vaccine schedule. Vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. Studies of biomedical and other treatments for autism. Make sure the people doing the studies don’t have a financial interest in the outcome. That rules out vaccine manufacturers or anyone else associated with Big Pharma. We need studies conducted by those who will report the truth and not skew the statistics to their advantage.

Agency accountability and objectivity. When Obama ran for president 4 years ago, he called himself the Autism President. He promised all kinds of things, including insurance coverage for therapies, a federal government position responsible for autism policy, and increased funding. He hasn’t kept those promises. During this year’s campaign, he said, “Autism is an enormous issue and I have a plan.” What plan? Things are worse now than they were 4 years ago. President Obama needs to be held accountable. The NIH and CDC, as well as all agencies involved with autism, also need to be accountable. They have failed our children and their families. They are uneducated about autism. These groups need a complete overhaul. Their members cannot have a financial interest in vaccines. This means no Dr. Offit on the IOM. It means the IACC can’t have members who are connected to the AAP or CDC, are former pharmaceutical company employees, or are members of an autism organization funded by vaccine manufacturers. [I don’t think these last few points were raised at the hearing, but they should have been.]

Injury compensation. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program needs to do what it was intended to do, and that is to compensate families who have vaccine-injured children. Make the process simpler and more accessible. Make it work. And stop protecting vaccine manufacturers from liability. They know what they’re doing. They’re making big bucks off their products. They owe our children and their families for the damage they have caused.

Civil rights protection. All states must have school vaccine exemptions (medical, religious, and philosophical). Parents need to be informed of their right to say no to vaccines and not be made to jump through hoops to make choices to protect their children.

Education. It’s clear that federal agencies such as the NIH and CDC are ignorant when it comes to vaccines. The same can be said for pediatricians and other medical professionals. Whether willfully or blindly, they are ignorant. They need to be taught how to dissect “studies” claiming vaccine safety. They need to follow the money, as parents who have concerns about vaccines do. The VAERS is available. It needs to be used. It’s estimated that only about 1% of reactions are reported. Doctors must be required to not only recognize adverse reactions to vaccines but to REPORT them. And this must be taken a step further. The information in VAERS should be analyzed and the results published. Parents, too, need education. As with other pharmaceuticals, they should know every possible side effect of every vaccine that is injected into their children. In other words, informed consent.

Vaccine restrictions. Today’s children receive 49 doses of vaccines before kindergarten, with some getting 9 doses in one doctor’s visit. As the hearing participants pointed out, there is no reason why the shots can’t be spread out and given in single-vial doses. A committee of true vaccine experts could determine which vaccines—if any—are necessary and safe and the safest way—if there is one—to administer them. At this moment, more than 300 new vaccines are in development. The money and time spent on most of these is a waste and should be stopped immediately.

Media. An investigation into financial donations to various media outlets needs to be conducted. It will no doubt expose large contributions from both Big Pharma as well as the political arena, which will explain the lack of coverage on what should be breaking news when it comes to autism. For instance, with the exception of C-SPAN, Fox 5, and The Examiner, who else covered the congressional hearing?

Consequences. Are there consequences for knowingly, willingly pushing toxin-filled vaccines that have no objective, scientific safety studies behind them? Who is going to be forced to pay for the damage? What is the consequence for fraud? For the cover-up? For lying under oath before Congress? The guilty should face criminal charges and be punished for their part in this country’s deplorable vaccine program.


The congressional hearing on autism was a historic event. We deserve to bask in that knowledge. But let’s not stop talking and writing and demanding change. We still have a lot of work to do.

If you missed the hearing, you can watch it at www.c-span.org/Events/Lawmakers-Look-into-Federal-Response-to-Rising-Rates-of-Autism/10737436113-1/. And pass the link onto your family, friends, coworkers, and anyone who will listen. They need to hear the truth as it’s never been told before with such magnitude.



Jennifer Hutchinson

Jennifer Hutchinson is a freelance editor and writer. She has devoted the last few years to helping Jake recover, researching autism and vaccines, and sharing what she knows with others. She lives in Winchester, Virginia, with Ann and Jake.

  • justsayno

    Why are you not stating the obvious.   Vaccines are neither safe or effective and in fact cannot avoid harming your child.   So why aren’t we just refusing them all and getting the word out?   Is it OK to hurt them some, or a little or half way?   Make a stand
    and stop abusing the kids and yourselves with toxic shots.

  • just say no

    just say no

  • OMG_

    Yes I agree,  the only safe vaccine is no vaccine. I don’t believe that ANY child should be sacrificed for the sake of  *protecting* some or most…. for *the greater good*, as they say.  What a crock!  We have been totally sold down the river with these false prophets of medicine. The whole practice goes totally against the laws of nature, destroying our genetic code and contaminating our blood etc ; wrecking our overall health, forever.  It is an insult to our creator.  Anything that goes against nature is playing with fire.  Modern Medicine lacks common sense in this instance.  Our best wealth is our health is what my father used to say.

    Big Pharma are intentionally out to profit / destroy our greatest asset.  It is in my opinion, obvious to me because of their complete failure to investigate the many questions as Jennifer stated above for too many years.  Their complete lack of interest (to investigate) and unaccountability stinks all the way to hell. Too many smoke and mirrors.  Lets hope we can retain the right to say “NO”.Thanks for the article Jennifer.    

  • Carol Bird60@ntlworld.com

    As there ever anyone ask the question about the antibiotics they put in vaccines sometimes two lots .my own opinion that what’s contributing to the epidemic of autisum and most of the children’s illness today I agree there should not be heavy metals in vaccines it’s a scandal ,but nobody seems to mention antibiotics at all .why have we got epidemics of allergies ,asthma, over use of antibiotics.carol bird England

  • eleanor catherine clifford


  • I.V. Nurse

    I appreciate the phone numbers of the congressional representatives. It would be even MORE beneficial if you could provide email addresses.  My time schedule could much more effectively manage an email to all of them, as opposed to phone calls.  Thank you SO MUCH for your article.

  • Mizraeofsunshine

     The public cannot comprehend
    this weapon,
    and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued
    a weapon.
        The public might instinctively
    that something is wrong, but that is because of the technical nature of
    the silent weapon, they cannot express their feeling in a rational way,
    or handle the problem with intelligence. Therefore, they do not know
    to cry for help, and do not know how to associate with others to defend
    themselves against it.

        When a silent weapon is applied
    the public adjusts/adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its
    on their lives until the pressure (psychological via economic) becomes
    too great and they crack up.

        Therefore, the silent weapon is
    a type
    of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, and mobility
    the individuals of a society by knowing, understanding, manipulating,
    attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their
    mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

  • Gretchen Wilson

     Dr. Alan Guttmacher, Congressman.  Thank you for writing your statement & questions asked of CDC & others responsible for autism & vaccines.  I would like to say that Bill Gates has a vaccine company.  He went to Africa & gave the children vaccines at gun shots.  There children became ill or developed autism.  Additional, flu shot given to pregnant women, their babies stopped moving in several day & were still  born.  Another, I want you to be aware of is that my Grandson, Sean Ashley’s mom was give a booster in her 3rd trimester as she was exposed to Rubella . We know this is when everything is forming.,( http://www.seanashleyhouse.org Please read our story)  Sean is autistic is autistic & blind.  A couple years ago I discovered that the booster up to the trimester can cause autism, blindness & mental retardation.
    Again, Thank you much for being involved!!!  I’t like a prayer from God.
    Gretchen Wilson

  • Gretchen Wilson

    Congressman Guffmacher, I would like to ad that there is a move on for the New World Order to decrease the population.  There is a video of Bill Gates saying that.  As well, The Elite is in the movement.  Another issue is Monsanto’s GMIOs. California’s Proposition 37 tried to just get the food labeled.  The 1st yr. Obama was president he made a promise that all foods would be labeled.  Rather than that, he gave an appointment to Michael Taylor to the FDA who was Monsanto’s former attorney.  GMOs are very dangerous making people sick & can cause autism.  MONSANTO is protected by all government agencies.  He is like the Maria of food.  Recently the were law suits against hm & was cleared of all charges, I think his name is Michael Jackson.  He was a former atty. for Monsanto too.  He should have never taken the case & dismissed himself  as a friend of Monsanto.  I beg you to check into Monsanto’s foods & drinks.  GMOs are detrimental to people’s heath.  It runs organs & can even make men sterile  He want to own all the food in the world.  He should be charged with all of his crimes to the highest extent of the law.  Thank you for your work~~~
    Gretchen Wilson.

  • Gretchen Wilson

    I forgot to say, if you are not aware of GMOs, that they are sprayed with poisons, beginning genetically modifies with organisms being inject into foods, they are making people ill, yet CDC, FDA, USDA are blocking all attempts to get it off the markets.  Politicians have known about it since President George Bush when he was vice president.  There is a video of him going through the lab seeing everything.

  • Jane Remington

    Carol Bird – you are right on the money.  Antibiotics are in all vaccines, along with mercury, aluminum, aborted fetal cells, cowpox pus, pig, sheep, and horse blood, formaldehyde, glutamate (as in MSG), dog and monkey kidney cells, rabbit brain and a host of other health-destroying chemicals.  Antibiotics fuel fungus, which in turn fuel allergies, asthma, cancer – and autism.

    I researched this subject carefully for my book, Recaging the Beast, available at Amazon.  I have chapters on vaccines, autism, and antibiotics.  You and I couldn’t agree more!  God bless…

    Jane Remington 

  • I am

    Let’s all stop this groupthink mentality of “asking for permission!” I totally agree with “Just say No” and “OMG” – vaccines are NOT SAFE. Get rid of government – Save your kids.

  • I am

    Oh! There
    are multiple, “what the heck” points concerning the two feds, but
    does anyone else see anything wrong with, “Surveillance
    tracking has been done in 12 states.”  Surveillance? Really? Do we
    need to have our eyes ripped open anymore than this? 



  • OMG_

    Yes that certainly did get my attention.  Whole other issue really…  Makes me think of the book “1984” George Oswell LOL

  • animalhoru

     I found 3 committee members who made a pitch for the CDC and the flu
    vaccine during the national swine flu swindle: Yarmuth (KY), John Tierney (MA), and Elijah Cummings (MD) (has he really
    changed his mind?)

  • VaccineRisks

    Excellent article.
    There will never be any headway until unbiased toxicologists and vaccinologists come on the stage.

  • If we Think like that OF COURSE the Truth will never come out! The government/corporatist beast will never admit it, but We the People must force it out of them by exposing it! Then they will have no longer have the option of denial, unless they just want to further demonize themselves…

  • Learn about this rising police state & how to fight it at InfoWarsDOTcom & NaturalNewsDOTcom! Check out the 1st site’s online radio show & host Alex Jones’ CRUCIALLY informative documentaries!
    The Soulution is in communicating the Truth to the masses…

  • I do hope your wrote or called him with that message. He certainly won’t be reading it here…

  • I Think they are just trying to present the data in a way that newcomers to all of this will be able to objectively perceive without the hinderance of that dreaded cognitive dissonance… Baby steps for the newborn/reborn of Mind.

  • OMG_

    Sorry to disappoint you but I personally think Mr Jones is controlled opposition.  He’s too mainstream now. 

  • Ellendiann

    The Austim rate is outrages and there is NO TIME for more testing or stupid pondering by the stupid scientists who KNOW the vaccines are the cause of Autism along with most all of the horrific diseases seen in children today.  The AMISH do not get autism, auto immune disorders, tumors, cancers etc.  That is why vaccines should be outlawed for two years and we will have all the evidence we need.  Pediatritions may find new customers will become almost non existent, but that would be a good thing.  Time is NOW to do this and save lives.  The fear mongering to support the use of vaccines is nothing but that, fear mongering and it is a lie as well.

  • EllenDiann

    It will remain a cover up.  This is not the first hearings.  It all a facade to placate the people.  It is time people stop expecting government to do what is right and just refuse the vaccines altogether.  All who reject the vaccines can be the examples of children wh DO NOT GET AUTISM as the Amish do not get Autism because they do not vaccinate.  The vaccines are a total fraud and until we stop clamoring on the same fense with the lying drug companies and cross over to full truth, we can be deceived, manipulated and controlled by these idiots in drug companies who are overun with self and greed. 

  • EllenDiann

    This is absolutely the only way there will be change because the drug companies are a forced market, not a free market and not even a good product.  The drug companies own medical schools, research, doctors and our government.  They are an example how evil the love of money can be as we see millions murdered for profit.

  • Chris J

    I am a stupid scientist working on a vaccine. I assure you they’re is no way we would develop a vaccine if we would know it’s bad for kids. The link between Autism and vaccines have been debunked by numerous well controlled epidemiological studies:
    Mrozek-Budzyn D, Kiełtyka A, Majewska R. Lack of association between measles–mumps–rubella vaccination and autism in children: a case-control study. Pediatr Infect Dis J.2010;29:397–400.

    Baird G, Pickles A, Simonoff E, et al. Measles vaccination and antibody response in autism spectrum disorders. Arch Dis Child. 2008;93:832–7.Uchiyama T, Kurosawa M, Inaba Y. MMR-vaccine and regression in autism spectrum disorders: negative results presented from Japan. J Autism Dev Disord. 2007;37:210–7.There are many, many, many more and I can give you more references if you want to. Of course there are also papers (a few) like this one:Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism?
    Tomljenovic L, Shaw CA.J Inorg Biochem. 2011 Nov;105(11):1489-99. doi: 10.1016/j.jinorgbio.2011.08.008. Epub 2011 Aug 23.Suggesting a relation between alumn and autism. But you have to understand that all they show is the presence of alumn and the increase of autism happened somewhat in parallel. But Autism is more important in develop countries, where there are more vaccines, but also more allergies, more cases of multiple sclerosis… Do you infer that all that is caused by vaccination?? The increase in the number of pirates also greatly correlates with the global warming, should we conclude that the pirates are the cause of that??It may be true that the Amish have different proportions of diseased individuals when it comes to autism, auto immune disorder and cancer. But aside from not being vaccinated, they also do not have cars (except menonnites), they don’t eat mass produced pizza, they don’t drink coca-cola (with some exceptions), they live away from highly polluted areas… There are so many differences that you cannot infer causality just because we do and they don’t! However I do agree that autism is a very important issue and we’re obviously doing something wrong but we have yet to find it.

  • Dr Michael

     Unfortunately, you have ‘it -the- nail- on- the- head’. The CDC controllers & their One World governance have been working world-wide for at least since 1986 (when multi-valent vaccines began) – as part of their  plan to ‘stop population’ growth’. The previous CDC boss, Dr Julie Geberding, was very aggresive and active. It is interesting to note some of the names involved (Geberding, Guttmacher), much like the German take-over of Europe, via Common Market (this maybe speculative) .
    When Gerberding’s time was ‘up’ (and she had to admit a link between mercury and vaccines damage) she wrote a letter to Congress about a corrupt Database (the Vaccine Safety Link) and admitted ‘misleading problems’.
    What can we do about this ‘take-over’? Nothing, it seems, unless the paid-up journalistic media stops being a ‘a prostitute’ (as a former Editor of NY Times described the control over media – way back in 1880’s !).  We need to get the grass-roots people (world-wide) rise-up about their damaged children — Any thoughts or plans?

  • Michael


    To Chris J. You described yourself as a ‘”stupid” scientist working on a vaccine”.  It is much more serious than being stupid – there are multiple deaths and millions of reactions recorded from vaccines: see below for some in VAERS: 
    Judicial Watch Uncovers New FDA Records Detailing Ten
    New Deaths & 140 “Serious” Adverse Events Related to Gardasil  June
    30, 2008

    Judicial Watch, the public interest
    group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released a report based on new documents obtained
    from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the provisions of the
    Freedom of Information Act, detailing reports of adverse reactions to the
    vaccination for human papillomavirus (HPV), Gardasil. The adverse reactions
    include 10 deaths since September, 2007. (The total
    number of death reports is at least 18 and as many as 20.) The FDA also
    produced 140 “serious” reports (27 of which were
    categorized as “life threatening”), 10 spontaneous abortions and six cases of Guillain-Barre
    Syndrome – all since January 2008.


  • Chris J

    If you knew only a little bit what you were talking about you would know that an adverse event is not necessarily linked to the vaccine. Any symptoms linked OR NOT that happens after vaccination is reported. If a guy kills himself because he drank too much after getting a shot… Bam! Adverse event! Did the vaccine cause that??? Maybe, maybe not!
    I don’t mean to defend the industry or anything but you people need to stop seeing conspiracies everywhere. And I don’t mean to say that vaccines are safe as water either. They are not (maybe except some passive immunization vaccines), every drug has it’s side effects, then it’s yours to do the math, do you want to risk having x disease or do you risk dealing with potential side effects. No one is trying to kill anyone here. The industry is simply trying to make drugs available (of course the goal is making money here I’m not naive) and the FDA tries to make sure it’s as safe and efficacious as possible. 

    Oh and how many people were vaccinated to get those 6 cases of Guillain Barré? Dr Michael for sure is aware that cases of Guillain Barré appears in the general population as well. A paper was published just this week showing that the incidence of GBS in vaccinated people and general pop is similar. Here’s the link.
    They still don’t shut the door between triggering GBS and vaccine (because their vaccinated pop was not a normal gaussian distribution) and that, no one’s trying to hide it, but the fact remains that the rate is the same between both populations. 

    BTW I don’t describe myself as a stupid scientist, it was an answer to Ellendiann who is certainly way more brilliant than any scientists (yes it’s sarcasm)

  • Chris J

    If you knew only a little bit what you were talking about you would know that an adverse event is not necessarily linked to the vaccine. Any symptoms linked OR NOT that happens after vaccination is reported. If a guy kills himself because he drank too much after getting a shot… Bam! Adverse event! Did the vaccine cause that??? Maybe, maybe not!
    I don’t mean to defend the industry or anything but you people need to stop seeing conspiracies everywhere. And I don’t mean to say that vaccines are safe as water either. They are not (maybe except some passive immunization vaccines), every drug has it’s side effects, then it’s yours to do the math, do you want to risk having x disease or do you risk dealing with potential side effects. No one is trying to kill anyone here. The industry is simply trying to make drugs available (of course the goal is making money here I’m not naive) and the FDA tries to make sure it’s as safe and efficacious as possible. 

    Oh and how many people were vaccinated to get those 6 cases of Guillain Barré? Dr Michael for sure is aware that cases of Guillain Barré appears in the general population as well. A paper was published just this week showing that the incidence of GBS in vaccinated people and general pop is similar. Here’s the link.
    They still don’t shut the door between triggering GBS and vaccine (because their vaccinated pop was not a normal gaussian distribution) and that, no one’s trying to hide it, but the fact remains that the rate is the same between both populations. 

    BTW I don’t describe myself as a stupid scientist, it was an answer to Ellendiann who is certainly way more brilliant than any scientists (yes it’s sarcasm)

  • Truth_seeker777

    The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program http://www.uscfc.uscourts.gov/vaccine-programoffice-special-masters

  • compartmentalised

    Chris.   Stupid, ignorant and/or compartmentalised, you are participating in 
    a mass manipulation of the genome and the culling of humanity.   Whether
    you acknowledge it or not, they call the armies of facilitators such as yourself  ‘useful idiots’ and will cull you a little later or when they’re done with you.   Search   Try to get back a bit of natural logic
    and work out that, just perhaps,  injecting children with toxic substances is not really such a great idea after all.

  • Chris J

    My God, you really think that pharmaceutical companies are trying to kill your children?? I agree the vaccines are not safe as water that’s clear. Some of them may even have serious side effects on a scale of 1/100 000 or more, agreed. The companies main goal is to make money, agreed. We are compartmentalized in a way that the team that tests the vaccine in clinical trials don’t necessarily know all the details about the test that were done upstream (although the info is available if needed), and that I (at the very base of the research process) have nothing to say about the value of the project once it’s out of my hands , also agreed. But no one is trying to hide any of that from anyone! 
    If you want to fight against something fight against the charlatans that sell you water and sugar (homeopathic “drugs”) telling you it’s going to cure you. Also fight against the natural products that are sold as such because they weren’t efficacious in clinical trials and that since this label doesn’t require that you show efficacy well they can sell them under that label and keep pretending it’s efficacious. 

  • Scientists are not priests

    Whether willfully or blindly, your ignorance and callous disregard is showing and no I will not fall tomy knees and worship a false god when you say ‘trust me, I’m a scientist’.
    “My God, you really think that pharmaceutical companies are trying to kill your children??” answer:  Yes I do.  They kill and maim every day so                absolutely yes, they must be fine with it.                 It’s happening whether you, Chris J                     are trying or not.  They are dangerous and                this is admitted in the vaccine inserts.               If something has to hurt or kill to help then               it’s not medicine.   The vaccine industry                is a multi-billion dollar scheme and the so               called ‘scientific trials’ have often been                proved to be rigged or conducted and/or               funded by the company that produces the               product.   The classic fox in the henhouse.               For the HPV Vaccine they used aluminium               in the control group, for heavens sake.  Do yourself a favour, get a bottle of wine, suspend your arrogance and false training, get some impartial thinking, read this website from start to finish and have a good hard look.  You are hurting people and that ignorance is no longer anexcuse.   And no, vaccines do not save lives.  They work with the food to  make the children sick.  And that is incredibly SICK.   Why otherwise are there food additives in the vaccines.  Wouldn’t that give the children sensitivity to said additives?   Bingo!Also, if you’ve got some wine left, go and have a look at how many Vaccine patents are MILITARY.One of the most evil companies in the world, Dyncorp (of child trafficking fame) owns the greenmonkey kidney patent.    Ok Chris, now it’s time tosober up, man up, and quite your job.              

  • Chris J is frightened

    VACCINES ARE BINARY WEAPONS.   You can’t blame the hordes of Autistic on the food because it’s the combination of the food (genetically modified and additives), the chemicals and the vaccines that have been designed to work together.   Read Patrick Jordan’s books.  Also read his articles on this site.   Chris J, I don’t blame you for desperately clinging to your false god and your salary because when the house of cards falls and the number of people who have woken up to what you and your ilk have done to their children and the genome of the human race reaches tipping point…………………………………………………………………………

    I dare you to answer this post!   The plans have been decoded.  You are complicit because you have now been told and can no longer claim ignorance.  Condemnation of information without investigation is the height of ignorance and in  the case of murder, ignorance is no excuse.   

  • ponerology

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.
    Willful ignorance is not an excuse; legal or moral.
    If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.
    And forget pleading with Congress. You heard that good-for-nothing Congressman whose own grandchild was damaged by vaccines and he said at the end of the video he showed that he didn’t want to take immunity away from big pharma for the vaccines he just wanted the mercury taken out and MORE RE-SEARCH to be done. RE-SEARCH means just that; the SEARCH has been DONE and the cause(s) are already known.  
    WITHDRAW YOUR CONSENT. THAT IS THE ONLY AMMUNITION YOU HAVE. If you don’t you are accepting the Disneyworld version of reality that is fed to you like predigested pablum.

  • ponerology

    STOP SPINNING YOUR WHEELS WITH ADVOCACY GROUPS, NGOs, CONGRESS, “education”, pleading for money, etc., etc. IT WILL COME TO NAUGHT.  If you or a loved one has been damaged by vaccines you ARE ON YOUR OWN. No one, other than friends, family and neighbors will help you. GET OUT OF THE NGO, GOV’T, MEDICAL, EDUCATIONAL “help” trap.  Those ‘entities’ don’t help; they keep you spinning in the same sphere of influence. 
    The anti-cigarette lobby didn’t “win” a DAMN thing until IT WAS TIME FOR THEM TO “win”.  Stop being used.  Ms. Hutchinson talks about a “vaccine committee” to decide which single dose vaccines should be given to YOUR child…sorry, come again?  Why would anyone with a functioning brain trust a ‘committee’ and consensus YET AGAIN???  And the NIH and CDC are “IGNORANT” Ms. Hutchinson?? That must be a joke, correct??  THEY ARE THE NEW PRIESTHOOD, with hundreds of millions of dollars in funding every year and they are “IGNORANT”???  And you are waiting for “UNBIASED SCIENTIFIC STUDIES”…OKay, hold your breath then.
    I apologize for my bluntness, but you MUST BE A FOOL.

  • compartmentalised

    CHRIS…wake up and then RUN….The Vaccine companies are not only trying to kill the  children. they tried to KILL YOU!!!  Ever heard of SV40?  You’ve  been given cancer virus on purpose to wait in your body for the right time to strike.   You are a walking time bomb unless you abandon the sinking ship that is Allopathic medicine.  Slap yourself a few times and switch your brain to ‘human’ mode, then withdraw your consent.   Also see comments by