California Infant Dies after 8 Vaccines, Family Gets Him Back from Hospital Cremated

Update: 4-26-16

Matthew Gage Downing-Powers passed away on October 9, 2013. He was 5 ½ months old and died less than 2 days after receiving 8 vaccines. After Matthew’s lifeless body was taken to the hospital, his parents were kept from seeing him, to say their good-byes. A month and a half later, he was returned cremated. Then Matthew’s parents were denied a copy of his autopsy report.

Matthew’s mother, Crystal Downing-Powers, found a vaccine injury attorney to help her file a vaccine injury claim. This vaccine injury attorney was handling this case for six months and then one day, he sent Crystal a letter in the mail saying he didn’t have enough evidence regarding the death of Matthew, so he was dropping them. That was it. There was no further correspondence from him.

With no progression on their case, Matthew’s parents were further shattered. They were unsure of what to do next, because the deadline to file a vaccine injury claim is two years after a parent loses their baby to vaccines. This left them with barely any time to find another vaccine injury attorney to help them.

Crystal was distraught and in tears, feeling more helpless than ever at this point. The VacTruth team immediately helped her find another vaccine injury attorney. It is very difficult for any vaccine injury attorney to win a vaccine injury case, involving a child who died after being vaccinated. Nearly seventy percent of vaccine injury claims get denied. It takes a lot of time to fight these cases and some attorneys just aren’t willing to put in the time or effort. Others just don’t have the experience.

Thankfully, this new attorney has been fully supportive and understanding of the situation and is willing to fight for Matthew’s family. Crystal was thankful that her new attorney filed their claim in September 2015, less than one month before the deadline. He also submitted a request to receive Matthew’s autopsy report, being denied to his parents. Weeks continued to pass after the request was put in.

In January 2016, Matthew’s autopsy report was finally provided in full to the lawyer, detailing the vaccines Matthew received prior to his death, the time he was vaccinated and the time he passed away.

Matthew’s death was ruled UNDETERMINED.

Crystal was thankful the autopsy report was finally available but had no words to describe the pain this has caused them and the frustration of having to wait more than two years and three months to get a copy of their son’s autopsy report.

When her lawyer viewed the report, he mentioned of the many autopsy reports he has reviewed, viewing Matthew’s was one of the most difficult to look at. Even he felt it would be too much for Crystal to look at, or for anyone to look at. The images of her son in that report remain unseen by Crystal to this day.

After losing her son, Crystal wants us to know she is optimistic they will win their case. Once they do win, she wants to go as far as she can go, to open people’s eyes! She has seen 13 babies die in the past year from vaccines, even though the vaccines are denied as the cause of death, parents know the truth. This breaks her heart to see this and makes her relive the worst nightmare in her own life.

Crystal wants people to know that these innocent children dying from vaccines needs to stop and if she has to be that person to stop this, then she will be.

Crystal has since given birth to their rainbow baby Wyatt. This term represents a baby born after a baby lost. Wyatt is an extremely healthy child. She has witnessed first-hand, like many parents before her, how he is the healthiest child of hers, because he is unvaccinated.

Crystal reminds us that none of their children will ever receive any further vaccines and she has filed vaccine exemptions for them in California. She is also disgusted that SB277 passed, after what happened to her son. It became clearer to her that these politicians don’t care about people’s health, because when the vaccines harm, the injured get ignored.

Matthew’s parents always feel a part of them missing. Their precious gift of life is dead now because of poisonous injections that didn’t protect him from any disease.

We are outraged at what is happening to families and at those who are in a position to do something, to change things, but continue to do nothing to help the vaccine-injured community and to prevent these tragedies from continuing.

We are incredibly sorry for Matthew’s loss. His parents live each day with so much pain, knowing the vaccines took the life of their fourth son. Matthew’s brothers suffer each day too, they miss their brother tremendously.

Matthew would be turning 3 years old today.

We hope you never forget him and what his short life has taught us.

Original Publication: February 26, 2015

Parents in California are distraught after losing their infant son after being vaccinated. He died in his sleep and was taken to the hospital already deceased. Hospital staff ruled his death as sudden infant death syndrome. The couple was told an autopsy was required to be performed on their son.

After returning home, waiting to get an update, they never received one. Numerous phone calls were made to get answers. Weeks went by. Finally, they received verbal confirmation and told their son was best not to be seen prior to being cremated, because of the condition he was in. Once cremated, they could pick up the remains of their child from the crematory. They were not given the chance to say their goodbyes.

More than one year and four months have passed and the family has yet to receive his autopsy report. It turns out their son was given a vaccine not approved for his age and an extra dose of the hepatitis B vaccine that he shouldn’t have received until later on.

This harrowing story is a reminder that vaccines can be lethal. Parents shall maintain the rights to choose what medical interventions they feel are safe for their child. After all, they are the ones who have to live with the consequences.

Crystal Downing shares with us what happened to her son Matthew, in hopes to remind parents to research vaccines before offering their child to be injected with whatever the doctor says.

One Less Baby Boy

“Our sweet little fussy bear Matthew Gage Downing-Powers was born healthy on April 26, 2013. In the hospital, he was given the Hepatitis B vaccine after birth. That’s what they do here in the United States and what the CDC recommends newborns receive, following the current schedule. His reactions to the shot were deemed normal and I have older children that have been fully vaccinated, so I was aware of what to expect.

I took Matthew in for his 2 month well baby checkup on July 2, 2013. During this appointment, he was given 8 vaccines for DTaP (3 in 1), Polio, Hib, Hep B, Pneumococcal PCV and the oral Rotavirus vaccine. Then I was late getting him to his 4 month checkup. I brought him as soon as I was able.

On Monday October 7, 2013, when Matthew was 5 ½ month’s old, I brought him in for his 4 month delayed visit. The doctor said they could get him caught up on his shots. I thought ok, you can do that. Matthew received 8 vaccines, DTaP, Polio, Hib, Pneumococcal, Hep B and Hep A. These would be the last vaccines he would ever receive.

After the shots, he didn’t have a fever or a low grade one. We didn’t give him Tylenol. He was just grumpy and crying some. We checked him every hour. His temperature stayed normal but he wasn’t his happy go lucky self. All my kids got grumpy after their shots.

I didn’t call the doctor on Tuesday. I knew these were typical behaviors after the kids received the vaccines. He is my 4th son. We had our other 3 vaccinated and knew what to expect.

I thought I would give it another day to see if he was still grumpy but we didn’t get to the next day. Matthew was gone by then. He was found lifeless. He went to bed that Tuesday night and my husband found him Wednesday morning.

My husband Zack and I both performed CPR on our son and so did my dad and step mom. He had some light pinkish-brown tinged mucous coming from his nose and mouth. I wasn’t willing to believe he was gone. None of us were willing to give up on him.

My husband called 911 but they were taking so long. I ran my baby to the hospital that was 2 blocks away. I took him to Needles hospital which is called Colorado River Medical Center in Needles, CA. The hospital also did CPR on him and said he died of SIDS, soon after I brought him in. He had been gone for hours they said. They told me he passed sometime between 11 PM (after he was put to bed) and 7 AM Wednesday morning (shortly before he was found).

My life has been full of heartache since we lost our baby. That was the worst day of my life, seeing my son that way but still believing he would come back to me.

Hospital staff said I would be under investigation and it was California law when a baby passes, to undergo an autopsy. From the hospital in Needles, Matthew was transferred from that hospital to the coroner’s office, in San Bernardino, CA. We had chosen to have Matthew cremated at a funeral home in San Bernardino.

After leaving Matthew at the hospital, we were told to go home and wait for an update when the autopsy would be done. We planned to see him at the funeral home we picked out, after deciding we would have him cremated. I was told I’d be informed when the autopsy was to be done and when it would be completed and that I could view him before being cremated.

I didn’t write down the names of the staff members I left my son with. I didn’t think of that when it happened. But I should have. No one called me to inform me what was going on. I called numerous times and kept getting the runaround. Absolutely no one would give me answers.

Weeks went by before I received a call back. By this time, I was informed Matthew was not in a condition I’d want to remember him in. I felt helpless and convinced I should sign a paper letting them cremate him. Prior to this, the funeral home confirmed the remains were Matthew’s. They asked me what urn I would like and then confirmed it was him. I also sent a picture of him, to make sure.

Matthew didn’t get brought back to our home in Needles, California until November 20, 2013. A month and a half after he passed away.

I don’t think they cremated him before telling me but part of me feels they did, to cover up his death. I will never know but my instincts tell me something was being hidden. I think the funeral home did a nice job, they were very patient with me, they understood why I kept calling them so many times, to see if somebody there could tell me what happened to my son’s body.

I didn’t know where my sons body was. I didn’t know what was going on at the coroner’s office. I was never notified whatsoever and to be honest, I was really flipping out. I wanted to know what was going on with my baby and what answers did they have for me so far.

The coroner was informed of the vaccines Matthew had just received. I had even asked the coroner if it was possible the vaccines killed my son. The coroner straight lied to my face, or more, over the phone, saying that no, it was not the vaccinations that killed him.

There was only one time they contacted me and that was over how many people had done CPR on him. And that was the last time I heard from them.

I did contact him after we had received his death certificate saying pending investigation still and I asked if they had finished with his autopsy report. They told me no. I called once more and they told me that they couldn’t give me anymore information and that I would have to call the coroner’s office here in Needles, California. I have done that and still no answer, no nothing.

The coroner said it wasn’t my fault and sometimes this just happens. I couldn’t believe what I was just told.

It took me a long time to speak up and share my story because of this pain. I decided to come forward because I don’t want Matthew to die in vain because of vaccine manufacturers not doing a better job making safer vaccines, before pushing them onto unsuspecting parents and their innocent babies they view as profitable beings.

Why are infants getting so many at one time? Has it been proven it’s safe to give these kids all the vaccines they are shooting them up with during these well baby checkups? From what I’ve learned since all of this, the answer is no.

Later, I learned two of the vaccines given at his last appointment, should not have been given to him. Babies are not supposed to be given the Hepatitis A vaccine until at least 1 year of age and this was given to Matthew at 5 1/2 months old.

I also learned he was given the third dose of Hepatitis B too soon. Matthew wasn’t supposed to get that until his next visit during the 6 month checkup which would’ve also been delayed to space out the shots, because we were late getting him the 4 month vaccines.

I think it was right after the funeral I learned that they had given him the Hep A vaccine too soon. When I had learned this, it killed me. I started blaming my self and still do because I never took the time to know what vaccines were supposed be given to a child, at what month, how many doses, etc.

I felt because I didn’t do the research until after Matthew died, I was foolish and this was somehow my fault. I felt in some way this was my fault because I was late on his vaccinations. My thoughts were if I would’ve followed the CDC’s schedule and not been late to that 4 month check up, he probably would not have gotten the wrong vaccines. Now he’s gone.

I do understand he could’ve been taken sooner even if the correct vaccines were given on the schedule. It’s just something I live with.

It’s been over a year and four months since Matthew passed on October 9, 2013 and I still haven’t gotten the autopsy report that I told them I wanted a copy of. I keep getting the run around!

I went to the doctor’s office recently and found out the nurse that injected Matthew is no longer working there. I was told she got fired because she didn’t know what she was doing when giving vaccines.

I said to the office if it turns out his death was because of her ignorance, I will be going after them all. My son shouldn’t have died because you guys were too lazy to train her to give vaccines properly. They didn’t even apologize to me. I’m just beyond angry at this point. I can’t wait to get my answers.

They said my baby is the only one who had passed away since she started working, until the end of her working. Who knows if that is true? There could’ve been more lives taken and they wouldn’t admit it.

I want to tell other parents, they say vaccinations are safe, but in reality, they aren’t.

Ask questions and know which vaccines they plan to give to your baby. Know the risks associated with all of the vaccines they plan to give during the checkup. And remember, it’s your choice. It’s your child. And whatever you do, don’t let them mix the vaccines into one needle or give them so many at once because if you don’t think this won’t harm your child, then look at the child I lost. It is possible.

Matthew was given DTaP, IPV, Hib, PCV, Hep B and Hep A in 3 shots, one in his right arm and two in his left leg.

Now I’m pregnant with my 5th child. I have to stay strong. I have too. I have to remain less stressed for my family and during my pregnancy. I have 3 boys, a hubby and soon my rainbow baby, all counting on me, to hold this family together.

In all honesty though, sometimes I feel so overwhelmed because I miss Matthew so much and people are so unaware how often vaccines take the lives of infants. I’m beyond angry that this has happened to my baby. And scared it can happen again with the kids I do have. And that I’ll be forced to vaccinate this unborn baby.

A bill was currently put forth by our California state politicians to take away my right to exempt my children from further vaccines due to personal beliefs. If this passes, this would take my parental right away, to choose vaccinating my children in the future. What they should do is create a new exemption for parents to file that took one for the team! We should be able to opt out for that reason alone.

Was it not enough Matthew was taken? He should be honored by these people but instead, they deny his existence by pushing bills that slap parents in the face that have lost their child to vaccines or to those parents with vaccine injured children. Maybe if they would make safer vaccines, more would want to get them.

My son was injected with 8 vaccines, if you don’t know what is in them, learn! When I did, I was shocked and mad at myself for not questioning this before. Matthew is the reason I opened my eyes, to see what vaccines can really do to a baby, let alone anyone. I’m not the only one who believes vaccines are not what they claim they are. I really hope this opens parent’s eyes who do vaccinate their children.

My older son is having a hard time, my second son said he is afraid of the shots now and my third son is 3 years old, he just knows his baby brother is gone. As for my hubby, he keeps it in, so it’s kind of hard to know what he is feeling.

To this day, I still haven’t received his autopsy report. They keep giving me the run around. So the investigation is still pending. I have filed a report with the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). I’ve learned they sometimes don’t follow up with parents, which prevents them from reporting a reaction. Until I receive an autopsy report, it makes it difficult to file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). I feel they are stalling us because the time frame to file when you lose a child to vaccines is 2 years, it’s going on a 1 ½ years for us. We won’t give up. My son should still be here.

His shot records don’t lie! They shouldn’t cover up these reactions to vaccines these kids suffer from. They should not stifle parents from pursuing the already time consuming and deterring recourse they’ve set up, talking about the vaccine injury compensation program.

Since I looked into this more, I’ve learned how common it is for babies to die right after getting vaccinated. I just want it to be known that this can happen and I hope mothers ask questions first, before handing their child over to get shot up. How many of us moms helped hold our own child down, to keep them restrained while being vaccinated, knowing we helped them hurt our own?

Matthew’s death was a high price to pay in the name of preventing any of these diseases my kid would’ve been fine dealing with.

I didn’t believe a few people who told me this can happen, but it did. And now I have to live with that for the rest of my life, knowing I should have asked questions and researched first, before blindly agreeing to them injecting or giving him anything. I didn’t research. I didn’t question what vaccines were given to all of my children. I had no reason to distrust doctors, until now. Since this happened to Matthew, my eyes are wide open now. Now I’m not afraid to question everything that is done to my children.

It’s a parent’s decision to make, to vaccinate their child or not. Parents need to research both sides, for and against. Then make their decision on the matter. My dad told me I didn’t get sick till after I started school and had to have those required vaccines. After that, my dad never vaccinated me again. My dad said it a few times before all of this happened, but I didn’t pay attention. I wish I had listened to him.

I just let the doctors and nurses do what they said was needed. No questions asked. I thought they would tell me if there were severe risks involved. Nobody told me anything like that. I trusted them with my child’s life and would’ve liked to have known that death from vaccination is an associated risk. Why didn’t the doctors or nurse tell me this? I really wished I researched and asked questions instead of just trusting the system and doctors. And now because I didn’t, my child is gone.

There are a lot more parents out there like me. Some don’t come forward due to fact they are afraid of what people would say. Sometimes people can be really cruel and not understand what parents like me go through.

I just want his story to be told. My hubby and I say thank you to everyone lending their support. We are so blessed to have the short time we had with our little fussy bear. I hope sharing this will help mothers know it can happen.

I want it well known I’m not telling parents not to vaccinate their child. I’m simply saying to research before you vaccinate. Learn if you choose to vaccinate, then that is your choice, not someone else’s to make because you will be stuck with the consequences.

Don’t disrespect parents like me, who have lost their child to vaccines. And don’t disrespect parents of living vaccine injured children. Our rights to choose these medical interventions need to be preserved. It is beyond disturbing that bought politicians think they can choose what gets injected into our children. They don’t care about your child’s health. Clearly many are dying and getting injured from these vaccines and they turn a blind eye. That should tell you something.

I miss my baby so much. A huge part of me was taken when he was. I cannot let this happen again. I cannot put my other children at risk of being vaccine injured any longer.

Matthew took one for the team and his life didn’t matter to those wanting to strip my rights to opt out of further vaccinating. Why does he not matter? Why do mild cases involving the measles get reported all over the news, but not babies dying after getting the MMR shot or other vaccinations? Why don’t the vaccine injured children matter?

We miss and love you so much Matthew. You are always thought of every day. You are always in my heart and I will never stop loving you.

Love Your Momma,
Crystal Downing-Powers”


Matthew Gage Downing-Powers


April 26, 2013 – October 9, 2013

Passed away at 5 ½ months old, less than 2 days after receiving 8 vaccines




As long as vaccine manufacturers avoid doing causation studies, as long as this data doesn’t exist, health officials and published vaccine-promoting, peer-reviewed literature can state there is no proof vaccines cause SIDS or other vaccine injuries.

How can a medical examiner be sure of which vaccine caused a person’s health to decline when multiple vaccines are given at a time? Overstimulating the immune system via vaccination can lead to a fatal outcome. Since it is proven difficult to narrow down which vaccine contributed to a child’s death after vaccination, giving numerous or combination vaccines should be a concern.

Augustina Ursino

Augustina Ursino has spent many years researching vaccine ingredients and vaccine reactions. Once she became aware of so many children and adults dying after vaccinations and that most people that survived them are living with vaccine injuries, this impelled her to write these stories. She earned a BS in Marine Biology, focusing on conservation biology and realized it didn’t make sense to inject life forms with the ingredients used in vaccines, under the guise of keeping us healthy. Augustina now writes for VacTruth and continues to help families negatively affected from vaccines.

  • Holly

    Your story touched me deeply! What you have faced is a complete outrage, you deserve justice in every way possible. My heart breaks for you, our sons would be almost the exact same age. You are strong and amazing to share this story that NEEDS to be heard! What happened to you and your sweet angel baby is so unbelievably terrible-people need to know the truth this damage can do. Your experiences are not in vain I know this will save another baby from this tradegy when an uninformed mama reads this. Blessings to you sweet mama and your family and baby on the way, may you all be filled with joy and healing I pray for your hearts to be healed!! Thank you for being courageous to share!

  • Jerilyn Watkins

    Try having your loved one incarcerated behind this, having been convicted of murder of her infant daughter. This has to stop

  • LeAnn Addleman

    It breaks my heart reading story after story like this everyday. What the medical “profession” is doing to babies today is criminal and yet all they receive is profits. More people need to continue to tell their stories to make others aware of what they are subjecting their children to. I am so thankful I have not had anyone in my family affected by this but it could still happen. My children are grown and my grandchildren are healthy so far.
    This does need to stop!!

  • Natural Nurture

    What a sad consequence of bully boy tactics for the purposes of profit with neglect of prudence. When they say that the science doesn’t show causality between SIDS and vaccines…THAT PART IS TRUE…because they don’t do the studies to find out. Read any trade journal to see the side of the Pharma. Now that their 50 year old patents are running out and they can’t gouge the hospitals and public on those drugs they have turned to Vaccines as the holy grail and a cash cow that will boost their bottom end once again….

    I WOULD LIKE TO KICK THEIR BOTTOM END RIGHT INTO JAIL!…were it belongs. But like the BANKS…the PharmSurgicalComplex is TOO BIG TO FAIL….when we prop them up with our DOLLARS and NOW OUR CHILDREN…we thought the INCA were nuts because they sacrificed their young in rituals…


  • Jean Welch Tobin

    Matthews life was not in vain! He came from heaven so you could warn others and he has returned to heaven and knows that his loving mother will inform as many people as possible and it will be because of his life! I’m crying as I write this. May God’s power and love be with you!

  • Melissa DiBiase

    My heart is breaking for your family. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I can’t find the right words to say to you. I don’t think there are any. I am a mother of 5 also, my oldest son who is now 12 was vaccine injured fro his 6 month vaccines. I thank God everyday that I was given another chance to make things better. I have had 3 more babies since his injury and I no longer vaccinate any of my children. I wish I could find the words to help other parents who are on the fence about vaccines but until it is your baby it is hard to believe someone in an authority position and who has chosen the path of healer, would not know all there is to know about the medications they are giving our precious babies. Once again my heart is broken for you. I am praying for your family and wish you the best of luck with your rainbow baby. I am so sorry.

  • Susan Pearce

    I’m so sorry about the death of your son. I pray that God gives you the strength that you need and that you realize that many people feel deeply for you and your family and what you are going through. We care.

    Would it help to get things moving if you contact a good attorney and ask him what can be done to get the autopsy report?

    Susan Pearce, co-founder
    Wyoming Vaccine Information Network

  • S.M.

    Here is your study that proves your point!


  • Trish West

    Unless the mother has Hepatitis B, WHY do they give that to infants??? You can only get it through sex, sharing needles, or through giving birth.
    Common ways HBV is transmitted include:Sexual contact. You may become infected if you have unprotected sex with an infected partner whose blood, saliva, semen or vaginal secretions enter your body.
    Sharing of needles. HBV is easily transmitted through needles and syringes contaminated with infected blood. Sharing intravenous (IV) drug paraphernalia puts you at high risk of hepatitis B.
    Accidental needle sticks. Hepatitis B is a concern for health care workers and anyone else who comes in contact with human blood.
    Mother to child. Pregnant women infected with HBV can pass the virus to their babies during childbirth. However, the newborn can be vaccinated to avoid getting infected in almost all cases. Talk to your doctor about being tested for hepatitis B if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant.

  • Planet Autism

    I would get a lawyer to call the coroner telling them you will be attending their office in e.g. a week’s time to personally collect the autopsy report, with your lawyer alongside. Let’s see how much of a runaround they can give you then.

  • Steve

    Please fix the typos. It’s ‘hepatitis’ not ‘hepatits’ <— That's just weird.

  • Toril

    I would get an attorney and file with vaccine injury court now before the deadline and get in the system, you can always get an extension to get the report if it moves faster than you expect.

  • Freedom

    Several parents in CA WAIT until before child goes to kindergarten, when the child’s BODY IS LARGER and can handle the vaccinations, to give vaccinations to their child . You do NOT need to use all vaccinations. Choose which ones you want. You still have freedoms. Talk to authorities with confidence and knowledge.

    Parents in CA can fill out a “Personal Belief Exemption to Required Immunizations.” You can PRINT the EXEMPTION FORM at this site. http://eziz.org/assets/docs/CDPH-8262.pdf

    If your school insists on an Exemption form, some public schools are reasonable about vaccinations or Exemption form, ask your SCHOOL NURSE to sign the Exemption form. She probably won’t sign but she will file the form and your child attends public school with no vaccinations.

    The Exemption form has a line for a nurse or dr. to sign form.

  • MA


  • Derek

    I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your precious baby boy. We will pray for you and your family. God loves you and your family and knows the pain that you feel. He knew Matthew before he was born (Psalm 139) and will know and love him throughout all eternity. He is in the loving arms of the mighty and powerful God of the universe. He cares for you and is able to heal the great pain you feel as well. Cast all your care upon Him. He is not far away, but so very close and ready to heal your hurts and give peace to your body, soul and spirit. He knows the tears you have cried and understands the brokenness you feel. He also Himself gave up his only son to be crucified on a cross, to bear our punishment and penalty for our sins against a Holy God, and die in our place, at the hands of greedy and cruel men, so that you and I could have forgiveness of our sins, once for all. Now by faith in Jesus Christ and his saving work on the cross and by the confession of our mouths that we have sinned against a Holy God, and the Jesus paid our debt of sin, we can be forgiven and receive everlasting life in heaven. God does understand our hurts and in in control of all things. If you have a Bible I encourage you to take the time to read the book of John. I would also encourage you, if I may, to be careful to not let bitterness and unforgiveness have place in our heart and life. These can cause great consequences not only emotionally, but also physically. Please take care of yourself so that you are at your best to take care of your family in the way God has designed you. Thank you for taking the time to read this. My family has also decided to reject any vaccinations for our children and the notion that they are “safe.” I watched how they “helped” my son when he got six shots at one time to the tune of over 700 dollars!!! They caused him great pain at a very outrageous cost! That did it for us. It is a bold face lie to say that these are safe for children. I am so very sorry that parents like you have to suffer because of the greed and neglect of others. We stand with you and your family and your pursuit to help others to know the truth so that there precious children do not have to suffer the same fate. I would prayerfully recommend finding a lawyer who understands these kinds of cases, who you can trust, to represent your family in this matter. There may be lawyers out there who deal with specific thing! They should have, by law, already given you this autopsy report. I do pray that all this is resolved for you and your family.

  • Elizabeth Martin

    What is particularly appalling re: infant vaccinations is that is it well-known scientifically that infants have unformed/immature immune systems, so even IF vaccines worked, which they do not, the medical profession knows full well they CANNOT work on infants. They start infants being vaccinated to TRAIN THE PARENTS, as I have heard myself on a recording of medical sales-people being instructed on this “training”. Additional, pre-screening of pregnant women for any type of Hepatitis is standard (or should be), NOT vaccinating infants for a disease they cannot possibly have or aquire otherwise. This whole scam is tragically out of control, and only education and freedom of choice can save the children, and adults as well.

  • G.M

    My heart is broken for you reading this and I am very sorry about Matthew. I hope you get the autopsy report as soon as possible and Hope that with your story parents will do more research before vaccinating their children. My only child stopped breathing after his 6 month vaccines fortunately he was co sleeping with us so I was able to resuscitate him. He is vaccine injured and diagnosed with autism now. No more vaccines for us. I wish you the best for your rainbow child.

  • Elizabeth Martin

    Go away, troll. YOU are the one who is weird, Steve, and a useless harasser…………cheers!

  • Rima E Laibow MD

    I am so sorry for your loss and so grieved that you were victimized as part of the well-propagandized many who believed they were helping their child by allowing vaccination.
    We are now facing adult vaccination mandates, too, with more distress and disease to follow.
    Please, please go to http://TinyURL.com/VaccinationISViolation and take the two actions there to create massive push back.
    You can take these action items once for each member of your family.
    When you have done this, share the link as widely as you can.
    The need is urgent and the window of opportunity to make it clear that we will not agree to mandatory vaccinations is vanishing.
    Yours in health and freedom,
    Dr. Rima
    Rima E. Laibow, MD
    Medical Director
    Natural Solutions Foundation

  • Cynthia Reedy Ruiz-Pineda

    I am so sorry for your loss. I have 10 vaccine free kids. I try and inform others as much as possible and I get called: idiot, I hope your kids get polio, you should have never been allowed to have kids, you name it, but I know I am doing what’s best for my babies. God Bless and I hope you make those bastards pay for what the took from you.

  • Hidden Realities

    So many ethics violations in this heartbreaking story. Those involved should have their licenses taken away–. The reckless treatment of this child and the total disregard for disclosure and consent is beyond belief. Please don’t let this story die or fade away. It should be told everywhere.

  • Susan Pearce

    As a mother, I would think twice about vaccinating my newborn with hepatitis B vaccine even if I did have the disease because giving a toxic vaccine is not going to help the child be healthy. I would encourage people to study alternative hepatitis B treatments first, like this one at http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/ayurvedic-herbal-formula-proven-treat-hepatitis-b . If a person decides after studying the alternative and mainstream treatments, to go ahead and give the vaccination to the infant, then that’s the parent’s decision to make. Just don’t automatically allow the vaccination without studying first.

  • Lea

    In the U.S. it’s all about the $$$$$!!

    UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Japan, and some Canadian provinces only give the Hep B shot if mom tests positive.

    The 3 series HepB shots for infants is a crime against humanity, especially since any protection received will wear off YEARS before the child may be at an age to engage in high risk behaviors that could possibly lead to infection.

  • Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski

    I am so sorry for your loss and hop that you are considerin charges against the hospital! I have been ill since Rubella (Post-partum vax) i 1989, Pneumonia and Tetanus given in 2007 so many AI diseases I have and now FMD Fibromuscualr dysplasia after many MRI’s for undxd Lyme, teh miedcial community NEEDS to wake up and stop poisonig us. say NO to MRI COntrat and NO to ALL VACCINES!

  • Samantha Braun

    I’m so sorry you lost your little one–your bravery is in our hearts… and his short life will continue to live on in the ripples of his story and yours. We will get there–what’s going on isn’t safe, and it isn’t right. Tipping points and magic happen when enough eyes and hearts are opened <3


    family absolutely needs to sue the doctor.. the poor doctors and
    nurses are victims of big pharma’s vaccine machine, too, but their
    mistake was deadly and needs to be exposed..

  • Lea

    Poor doctors and nurses?? These crimes against humanity would not be happening if it weren’t for the cooperation of these WILLFULLY IGNORANT puppets for pHARMa and the CDC!
    These “coincidences” have been happening for decades now! The vast majority of doctors continue to lie, deny and deflect, as it is far easier for them to continue their profitable business with the “CDC recommended program” than it is to face an inconvenient TRUTH.

    It is the “program” that matters now….NOT the individual!! I have NO sympathy for these ignorant quacks just following their CDC marching orders!

  • Heather

    I wouldn’t bother with getting a lawyer just yet. Stop making phone calls. I would have suggested sending a notarized, certified letter of demand for the autopsy report at 6 months. Now, I would go to court and get a subpoena against the coroner’s office to release the autopsy report immediately. These documents are stored on a computer database. No more excuses or runaround. Only results by force.

    I would suggest you start typing the details of your case and have it ready so you are able to include the autopsy report and file your claims immediately upon receipt. Use the same system to help you that harmed you. Good luck! <3

  • Heather

    Lea, most people are completely unaware their healthcare providers are brainwashed by the textbooks written and schools financed by . . . Big Pharma. As long as we are programmed/brainwashed to believe what we read in all textbooks (starting with elementary school) there will always be naïve people believing everything they are taught, then becoming the educators who perpetuate the misinformation & lies to future generations.

  • silkhead

    they burned the evidence…how convenient…how can they cremate without the parents consent?

  • alic jones

    Stay strong and be sure to strictly stick to the schedule. I get scared everytime i have to take my kids in but o do vaccinate i double check just to be sure they recieve only the scheduled ones no more than that and refused the flu shot for my six month old as it didnt feel right. Im 5 weeks pg with my thid ill be just as worried there scary plain and simple.

  • John

    There is no question that this event requires a lot of legal action to take place to get to the bottom of what happened. Then this needs to be publicized by the lamestream media, but to get that to happen, you will have to find a “champion” reporter to take it on. That’s not going to be easy.

    The truth is being hidden about how terrible events like this are happening on a very large scale, but we have medical terrorists, drug companies, and doctors that are not coming forward with the details. VAERS is not getting the input from the medical community for all kinds of reasons. SIDS has no known medical cause according to the medical community, but the evidence is clear when you look at comparing vaccination percentages with SIDS percentages. Like in Australia where 50% of the public stopped vaccinating and SIDS dropped 50%. Just that fact alone should raise some alarms!

  • Teresa Briggs

    I never stuck to the schedule when my son was young. I’ve been a nurse for over 30 years, had been a nurse for 5 years when my son was born. He got 1 shot per visit, the only time he got more than one Vacccine at a time was the MMR vac, which only came in combo at that time. Yes, I had many more office visits, and paid a lot more copays, but IMO, the advantage of having onlly one shot at a time, and knowing, if he did have an adverse reaction, exactly which vaccine caused it, was worth it. My son was born 28 years ago, and the vaccine schedule was much less than it is now, and was still double what I got as a child. I’m very much pro vaccine, most nurses are, but I’m very much against forcing parents to vaccinate their children. Anyone who says “vaccines are absolutely safe” has never read a vaccine insert.

  • Lea

    I am not blaming the unsuspecting parents. The fact that health providers are brainwashed is no longer an excuse….these Drs see firsthand what happens to infants & toddlers after vaccines (or too many vaccines at one time), yet they turn a blind eye to the damage and deny the vaccine link.
    The vast majority of the MD’s threw their Hippocratic Oath out the window years ago…
    They do not want to face scrutiny, so they put the “program” & their pofit$ ahead of the innocents….I have zero sympathy for them!

  • Caitlin McCloskey

    The mother consented to the cremation.

  • JohnathanStein

    2 words: Criminal Prosecution

    The nurse was grossly negligent, as was her supervising doctor.

    File your paperwork with Vaccine Court NOW, to stop the clock running — get the ball rolling! If that fails, note that while that Court precludes lawsuit in State courts, you can still sue in Federal court.

    For your next child, be careful — some hospitals vaccinate IMMEDIATELY, unless you show proof of Hep B vaccination for the mother & father. You will have to WATCH LIKE A HAWK, or they will give the shot to your newborn.

    Look hard at the official Vaccination Schedule…they are now up to 49 vaccines by age 6! You might compare that to other countries — I believe Japan’s health agency now recommends holding off vaccines until 6 months to 2 years, which is far more sensible.

    If I had it to do over again, I would be VERY selective about which vaccines were given AND I would also look at sourcing elsewhere any which are grown in aborted fetal cells (WI-38 and MRC-5 in the ingredients list), to help avoid future Asthma from developing.

    Sorry for your loss…

  • Teresa Briggs

    That’s not quite true, I recieved the hep b vac before my before my 28 year old son was born, and I’m still titer positive today. (I got the vaccine because as a nurse, I was high risk for Hep B.)

  • Kim

    First of all, the cremation was tampering with evidence. Secondly, Crystal needs a good personal injury attorney. He’ll be able to file a legal request to obtain Matthew’s medical records including the autopsy. Secondly, a wrongful death lawsuit needs to be filed against the doctors office that administered the vaccines. The VICP will only pay $250K for death. The docs malpractice insurance will pay way more. Now, I know that no amount of $$ will bring this angel back. But this isn’t about the money. It’s about sending a message and holding the vaxx pushers accountable for their blind trust and careless attitudes toward vaccination. Until you hurt them where it counts, they will not change!

  • Nikki

    Crystal, my heart goes out to you… as I read the story of Matthew, it hit so close to home for me! My brother Zachary died 20 years ago just 33 hours after receiving his vaccinations in Riverside County California. I found my brother lifeless in his crib that morning; Matthew and Zachary have such similar stories that I could not help but cry and feel your pain. Like Matthew, Zachary’s death was ruled as SIDS; my mother had to fight for years (literally up to just a few years ago) for the real cause of my brothers death. I am now a mother to 2 totally healthy unvaccinated children; after what I have lived through there is no way in the world anyone could ever convince me that vaccines are completely safe; it is a basic human rights violation to try to force vaccination. Once you have been a victim to a “possible side effect” the risks become 100%! Thank you for sharing your story; you are not alone! My prayers are with you and your family. Don’t ever give up fighting.

  • Susan

    Freedom of Information Act. And a lawyer.

  • Susan

    Nurses practice independently, under their own license. They are not supervised by doctors.

    I agree with your sentiments about vaccination; my children are adults now but I vaccinated on a delayed schedule. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Nurse

    Please be sure if you are EVER sick to avoid all hospitals staffed by these ignorant quacks you speak of. Instead stay home and read your google articles and webmd and treat yourself you scum. Both doctors and nurses put their lives and their licenses on the line every day fighting for patient rights and patient safety. It is ignorant bastards like you who create the health care disparities that exist today. You thinking that doctors or nurses are in any way affiliated or involved at all in the pharmaceutical companies tactics is exactly why problems exist in health care today.

  • Kay Braswell

    You cant directly sue Dr.s or Pharmaceutical companies for vaccine injures or death in most cases. The only recourse they may have there was that the nurse gave a wrong injection. However if that injection was indicated on the release form that was signed prior to being given it probably wouldnt hold up. That is why the author talks about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Something like .75 is charged as a tax for each vaccine given and that goes into this fund. When a child is injured or killed (or adult) you or your family can get a special attorney (vaccine attorney) to apply to win a no fault award of a predetermined amount. There is no recourse to the Dr.s or the Companies producing or selling the vaccines though. More information about the NVICP can be readily found by searching online or visiting the National Vaccine Information Center at http://www.nvic.org/

  • Ana Bella

    I feel so deeply for you. I do not believe in vaccines at all. I’ve researched these dangerous ingredients and I believe there is no benefit in injecting harmful toxins into newborns, toddlers, children or even adults. each child had a different chemical makeup and theres no telling how each child will react to these High levels of deadly toxins. Research VACC friendly drs in your area and do what u have to do NOT to vacc your children again. A healthy immune system is an UNACCENTED one. Refrain from feeding your children Anything containing artificial flavors stay away from all the dyes, partially hydrogenated oils, research all the chemicals to stay away from.basically feed your babies organic and they will have a healthy immune so when they do get ill they will Fight off disease much quicker. GOOD LUCK to you

  • Lea

    Doctors are not putting their lives or their licenses on the line when they follow the recommended CDC criminal schedule, but they are putting innocent infants lives on the line.

    You sound very unstable….too many vaccines perhaps?

  • Colleen

    As far as I understand, the reason Hep B is given at birth is NOT because it’s the most important or the worst thing you can get… It’s supposedly the only one that is even slightly effective in newborns. Most vaccines have a minimum age of 2 months or 6 months because they are useless if given any younger. There’s no reason that newborns should have this vaccine just because it’s the only one that will have an effect for them. I can see that they want children to have all the vaccines as young as possible to avoid all of these diseases, but it’s just too many too soon. I would hope that all the attention that the anti-fax movement is getting (from the Disneyland measles outbreak) that someone might listen, wake up, and start researching and creating safer vaccines with safer ingredients. It’s not like anti-vaxxers want their children to be susceptible to deadly diseases, but the risks are terribly worrisome. I’ll bet plenty of people would get vaccines if they were safer and didn’t carry so many risks! SO QUIT DODGING THE BAD ATTENTION AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, PHARMA!

    I’m so heartbroken for this family. Love and prayers to you!

  • JohnathanStein

    >>They are not supervised by doctors.

    Um, that’s news to me. Is that a California thing?

    Around here — and most places, I thought — even Nurse-Practitioners must work under an M.D.

  • Laura Jean

    Is this a spam email? It randomly popped up in my feed. Is this a promotion for the movie you mentioned? Who are you? My deepest empathy goes out to parents who lose a child, but it is wrong to use propaganda to promote the movie you mentioned. People need to be vaccinated infants, everyone- it’s a matter of public health—- with the exception of the very ill and children who have allergies. Very inappropriate considering the recent Measles outbreak in California. This is tasteless.

  • Laura Jean

    You should live in another country on an island with all of the other people who choose this way of life- who threaten public safety and health and who live under the advice of Jenny McCarthy.

  • Diogenes Diaz

    Vaccine were made to control population growth.Let’s stop fooling ourselves!

  • Earth mum

    How dare they cremate ur baby with out your consent.
    I feel for your loss.
    They have lots to answer for.
    It sounds like a cover up.
    What happened to Human Rights being number one priority.
    All the very best , don’t give up , you have every right to keep on seeking , no time limit on the passing of a loved one.
    Go for it , rally rally rally.
    Congrats on you new baby

  • Frankay

    There isn’t a single fact in this article that is for or against vaccines. The baby died from SIDS and is a more common reason for death in babies. This is sad and should not happen but it does, it must not have been in the big plan for him to stay with us.

  • Laura Jean troll


  • Laura Jean troll

    U a gov.troll this lady just lost her kid and ur sitting here telling people to keep going and inject themselves with poison this is the problem with society do some research there is plenty out there or keep pulling the blanket over ur head like it’s going to go away all by itself………..

  • Laura Jean troll

    O and measles by the way parents used to bring their kids to the house where the kid had the measles so the other kids would too get the measles and then build their immunity now u know. We put wat to many foreign substances in our body’s it’s time to tell them no more!!

  • Get a clue

    All the states that I have lived in nurses follow doctors orders ie they don’t give a medication unless it has been ordered by the md

  • Laura Jean troll

    SIDS is caused by vaccines do some research frankay before u write down stuff u don’t understand.

  • Laura Jean troll

    Everyone call the CDC(center for disease creation) and ask them where the safety results are for the vaccines they put into our children THEY DON’T HAVE ANY get IT. And now the want to start vaccinating adults. Do research everyone and see all the chemicals we are letting them put into our children it’s a crime against humanity……………………PEACE&LOVE ALL

  • Linda

    Wow talk about inappropriate ^^

  • Guest

    Do not vaccinate until baby is two year old.Demand individual vaccines.If I would have a baby today,I would not vaccinate at all.They do not need all these aluminum adjuvants,mercury,MSG,peanut oil,aborted fetal cells,etc. These poor babies are part of an experiment,the results are horrific.Kids are sicker than ever,chronic illnesses are rising,SIDs,Autism,Auto-immune disorders,Diabetes are all increasing.A truly shameful situation.

  • Guest

    I agree 100%,a profit driven crime against humanity.

  • Mr oblameya

    Thank you for speaking the TRUTH it’s nice to hear from time to time

  • Colleen

    I find your comment very inappropriate. Did you even read the story? She is not trying to get people to not vaccinate, she’s just sharing her experience, hoping people will do research and be aware. How can you even compare the death of this woman’s child to an outbreak of a disease that not that long ago was contracted by everyone in childhood (along with mumps, chicken pox, etc)? I know there can be awful complications to measles, and that is a problem… But that is not the issue here! To say “very inappropriate considering the recent measles outbreak in Calfornia” is ludicrous. This has nothing to do with that.

    P.s.- what movie are you talking about?

  • Joy McQueen

    it would be lawsuit against them .,they didnt care about yor feeling

  • eileen

    Certainly not Pharma’s big plan. They have been gearing up for this legislative assault for a long time

  • Terri DeBruler



  • Terri DeBruler


  • Dave Robinson

    newsflash the AMA doesnt love you.They worship satan. If that sounds too far fetched to consider, you deserve your fate

  • You’ve never heard of infants getting vaccines? You’ve never heard of infants dying after vaccines? Seriously how dare you question the pain this parent went through! It happens all the time. It happens every day.

  • 441019

    It is a fact that the “elite” who are running this world want to greatly reduce the population. The human race is slowly being poisoned through harmful ingredients in our food, air, and water, and vaccines. This is not a conspiracy theory but these things can be verified by anyone doing their own research. Doctors themselves are indoctrinated to believe that vaccines are safe and effecive.

    The purpose of “well baby visits” is for the doctor to administer vaccines to the baby–not to make sure that the baby is healthy.

    My deepest sympathy to Crystal Downing on the tragic loss of her son–I have no doubt he is in heaven & she’ll someday see him again.

    It is discouraging to me that people believe what they are told by doctors and the media. The mainstream media are obviously controlled, because they often lie by saying that vaccines are safe & effective & that there is no connection between vaccines and autism. There have been cases of autistic children receiving compensation from the federal vaccine court, in some cases in which the court was not able to deny the connection between vaccines and the child’s disability. However, even in these cases, it was usually called “brain damage” or something equivalent to that, and the word “autism” was not used in the claim.

    One of my brothers came down with whooping cough after his shots, which were supposed to protect him. And my youngest brother, who had no vaccinations as a child, was always very healthy.

  • 441019

    The baby died within two days after receiving 8 vaccines–it was not SIDS.

  • The definition of SIDS is an unexplained death. SIDS deaths very often happen right after vaccines and yet doctors refuse to draw a correlation. Death is a known side effect of vaccines and is acknowledged by the vaccine manufacturers in the vaccine inserts and in numerous studies.

  • 441019

    I was born in the forties, and when I was growing up there was no measles vaccine, and measles was not considered a dangerous disease–but a normal childhood illness. Autism was almost unheard of.

  • Lea

    The pHARMa trolls are heartless.

  • Sarah
  • TH

    Thank you for coming forward with the story. We also believe that vaccines can be armful if you look at the toxic element they had to it . Mercury (toxic), Aluminum (toxic) – all that to preserve the vaccine and make it more cost effective. All this is bringing a nation down where half of the population has a neurological issues, you see it every day at school, work , retirement homes. Number of children with Autism is growing and spreading in our country and other countries where vaccine contain toxic elements. VACCINES CAN BE USEFUL IF THEY ARE SAFE !

  • You don’t believe this article is TRUE?! You have never heard of infants getting vaccines???!!! They give the Hep B the day of birth. Where have you been? The media doesn’t put this all over the news. These cases happen all the time and don’t get reported because the doctors don’t want to admit there is any danger in vaccines. They maintain the lie that the benefits outweigh the risks. Reporters who go against the mainstream lose their jobs. I am practically speechless at your post. This poor mother is sharing her heartbreaking experience and you don’t believe it because your head has been buried in the California sand!!!

  • Don’t vaccinate period. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn said the only safe vaccine is the one not given!!

  • Missy

    Why is this the picture on the news for the dead 2 month old found in a slough after being kidnapped??? Makes me think this is a flase article

  • Don’t you know what SIDS means???? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome!!!! They use the term when they can’t explain the death or don’t want to. A doctor in Australia, Dr. Vera Scheibner, a leading researcher in the anti-vaccination field who has been writing and lecturing about vaccination since her study in the 1980s of babies’ stress-induced breathing patterns after their vaccinations, introduced her to the subject and led her to collect and study more than 100,000 pages of medical papers on vaccination. Her husband had invented a breathing monitor and they were simply testing it, not trying to prove vaccines were dangerous. But when they did the testing, they discovered the correlation between the vaccinations and the deaths which were all designated SIDS. She said to her husband “What are we going to do? We’re killing the babies with the vaccinations!!” Since then she has been very vocal but no one wants to listen because vaccines are big bucks.

  • So obvious to all but those who are blinded by profits.

  • What “big plan” are you talking about. Don’t you dare blame God for this. He gave babies an immune system that would mature and develop into a fortress against illness. He was never the inspiration behind injecting poisons into this system.

  • Nicole Middleton

    There are no words. I am so so sorry for your loss and what you have had to go through. Just know there are parents out there that support you. Sometimes everyone gets to sucked into the pro vaccine and anti vaccine debate and forget we are all just parents that love our children deeply and are doing our best.

  • Guest

    I had heard it happened in our area-but no-one talks about.The doctors are in complete denials.I wonder how many cases are swept under the carpet or parents get blamed or investigated after vaccine causes death.

  • What do you mean SIDS is the more common reason??? What reason?? The only reason is they don’t know the reason!!! Do think it stands for a disease?? SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME – no reason or explanation given. It’s a cop-out term.

  • Bob Bob

    “The newborn drank water and died, therefore drinking water will kill your baby.”

  • Giselle Wilding

    Happens all the time.Ex big pharma insider. I believe two main causes in SIDS. Immune response to vaccines plus possibly too much iron in pregnacy from supplements and diet. I do not think it is additives to vaccine. Tragic.

  • Lea

    SIDS = Shot Induced Death Syndrome

  • Giselle Wilding

    I worked for big pharma and was věry pro vaccined. The Hib vaccine caused moře deaths from diabetes than the disease.

  • Guest

    It is not in the news,it is part of the population control agenda.Don’t you know that “””vaccines are safe and effective””” -that is why USA is at the 34th (or lower) place on the chart -infant mortality and morbidity.Take your head out of the sand,the truth is not in the news.

  • guest

    Infants have been receiving vaccinations for decades!

  • Nicole Cruise

    You are being too kind, we all know where Terri’s head is buried and it’s not in the sand! So sad, probably a regular Fox News fan, never questions anything and if it isn’t in the mainstream media it just can’t be true! Good Grief, Wake Up!!!

  • Guest

    They do NOT know what is in the vaccines,they may have never looked at a VAERS database to check for death and/or for adverse side effects.They are blindly following orders.I asked a nurse,(what is in the vaccine? she had no clue) she just does what the doctors orders,they do not know the ingredients).That is why I do not go to doctors anymore.I do more research all over the world than they do.

  • Kas

    Why do you assume the choices we make for our children are based on anything Jenny McCarthy has based her decisions on? My husband and I did our research when Jenny McCarthy was 14 years old. Our children attended public schools/colleges and are now raising their children vaccine free. They are fully supported in this decision by their spouses (who did receive vaccines) after educating themselves together (not with Jenny McCarthy articles). News flash all the children they grew up with, played with, and went to school with lived, and never caught any diseases from them.

  • The only thing tasteless here is your callous reply. This is not propaganda. I don’t know to which movie you are referring but I recently watched “Bought” which is an hour and a half documentary, well-researched with interviews with doctors and parents of vaccine-injured children and their children. It is a must see for anyone who wants to know the truth about vaccines. The measles outbreak is nothing!!!! We all had measles in the 50’s and 60’s. It is an immune-building illness that serves a purpose as do all the childhood illnesses. If you would do some REAL scientific research and not be content to be spoon-fed propaganda by Big Pharma and the CDC, you would realize that vaccines are destroying public health. It is in the very interest of public health that the vaccines need to be stopped.

  • Nina Babigian

    Uhh,,, it should kinda go w/o say that parents should most def have right to choose which vaccines their child should have, if any!! What in the fuck is happening to this country and its Freedom!!!!!

  • Ditto. We all got it and people came to visit and brought gifts. It was fun and a week home from school.

  • Lea

    There was virtually no such thing as juvenile diabetes before 1960. There are abundant clinical studies since the 1980’s showing a strong connection between vaccines and diabetes. It was the high incidence of juv. diabetes from the Hib vaccines which banned the shot forever in Finland. We still give 4 doses in the U.S. , and what is the incidence of juvenile diabetes in the past couple of decades?

    The MMR vaccine has also been implicated in the skyrocketing rates of type 1 diabetes.

  • Well said.

  • Nina Babigian

    Yea,, if thee..’elite’ could only be humane enough to make them safe. They are NOT safe enough, it is a total absurdity

  • Stacey Borenstein Clay

    If a child dies from vaccines the mainstream media won’t report it.

  • Beaep

    Your child must be one year before the flu shot even if you believe in vaccination. Never ever allow someone to give it to an infant. They might have just started giving it to 6mo+ but that is very recent… It would be horrible for a 6 month old to get the flu shot and then acquired RSV shortly after (many children get this before 3 years old, my son had it at 2mo)

  • Evelyn GB

    I am so sorry, incredibly sad. Hugs and love to you and your family xoxox

  • Check for yourself it’s out T


  • Stacey Borenstein Clay

    We didn’t even see a doctor when we got measles. It was a pretty benign disease.

  • Lea

    It is on the recommended CDC schedule to give pregnant women the flu shot and to all babies starting at 6 months, and every year thereafter. They are also recommending the Tdap shot for pregnant women.
    It’s criminal.

  • Check for yourself it’s out T

    He should actually be teaching everyone that’s how smart this guy is full of wisdom you can’t get unless u have the big bucks$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Why do you even vaccinate? They do absolutely nothing to protect anyone. Read the ingredients on the insert. Aluminum is in almost all of them and that more than anything is what triggers autism, Alzheimers, ADHD and learning disabilites as well as a host of other ailments. They are not responsible for the decline of disease. If you look at the stats, measles and polio declined years before the vaccine was invented. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn who wrote How to Raise A Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor, said there were no benefits, only risks and that the only safe vaccine was one that was not given. Check out
    http://www.vaccinechoicecanada.com (formerly vran.org)
    The book – DPT A Shot in the Dark – Barbara Loe Fisher.

    Don’t be scared. Arm yourself with the facts.

  • Caped Crusader

    Vaccines still alter DNA and activate genes at any age.

  • Dawn

    I didn’t read down through all the comments but I already see the “anti” vaccination issue starting. This has NOTHING to do with the vaccines. The STAFF screwed up and gave the wrong vaccines. Then covered it up. ANY medicine can kill anyone if given the wrong kind or dose. This is all about the staff, and nothing to do with the vaccines. Stop manipulating articles for your own agenda.

  • Rachel

    where is the article for the 2 month old found in a slough? I’ve google searched it and found nothing about a child found in a slough? If it was on the news, surely I would be able to find it in a google search

  • I don’t know how they got that big. I just cut and pasted.

  • But not until she said goodbye to her baby.

  • Steve

    Sounds like the vaccines weren’t the problem it was the fact the hospital gave him double the shots it is still a heartbreaking story and I feel for the family but bottom line ALWAYS KNOW WHAT SHOTS YOUR CHILD HAS RECEIVED and no matter what tell the doctors everytime this is what he or she’s received.

  • Lea

    Yep…I heard the same thing from a nurse when I asked her what was in a vaccine, she had no clue. I realize that they are blindly following orders….sounds pretty dangerous to me when we’re talking about our most precious, innocent, and treasured citizens.

    Just the words “blindly following orders” kind of makes me think of an era many decades ago, which didn’t turn out so well for many innocent people.

    The doctors KNOW and continue to lie and deny….with the exception of some brave and honest souls that have a heart and a conscience.

  • Guest

    The big plan? The babies kidneys and liver is immature,their blood brain barrier is weak,their immune system can NOT handle the toxic load.Please only comment if you understand the issues. The vaccines go straight into the body and cause inflammation and a total havoc with the immune system.SIDs mostly happen at around 2-4 months of age. This should be a period (when the brain is growing,maturing) without inflammation and damages to the neurons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andy bellerjeau


  • Teena Verret

    I just want to say im so so sorry for what has happened to your beautiful baby boy. My daughter and I only give some of the vaccines but have the privilege as of right now to file with the state on the ones we don’t approve of. Please don’t blame yourself I know how beating yourself up over a death feels. Im there my husband passed away in 09 and im still not over it and blame myself even though it wasn’t my fault. Keep pressing forward and know I am praying for favor for you to get that autopsy back in time to nail those idiots. God bless you. And know your being heard.

  • Patrice

    I am sorry for your loss. I lost my son on Christmas Day in 1999 from a fatal seizure. My Matt developed Autism and a Seizure disorder a few days after his DTP booster when he was 3 years old. He was born normal. I count my Matt as a causualty of vaccines. They are not safe. Matt lived a tortured life with severe Autism and uncontrolled seizure for 14 years before he passed away at age 17. What a loss it has been for for our family, and what a tragic way to destroy and end a life.

  • Guest

    It is blame the baby term. (the system always blames the patient). Example: Auto-immune disorder- translation: your body/your immune system could NOT handle our toxins.

  • backwardsprogress

    Being a conservative who agrees and has see the dangers of vaccines first hand in my own children, we need to stop demonizing the left/right on this issue. The left demonizes those who oppose vaccines in the same way the right does if not more because the right consists of many who use religious exemptions to not have to get vaccinated.

  • Sandra Peachey Hurst

    Prayers for your family. No one should have to endure such pain but what makes it worse is no one is being made accountable for wrong doing. You need to contact the news media and or your state reps to help put the pressure in getting the answers you need. As a mother of a special needs child i have learned that to be heard or get things done we as parents have to yell and make the lives of those who think they are above the law and do not do as we want miserable till we get answers. I do not condon violence and that is not what i am refering to but you were given a voice for a reason so use.

  • Guest

    The staff can NOT screw up handling someone’s precious baby!!!
    The numbers speak for themselves,our kids are hurting.If anyone manipulates,that would be big pharma to cover up the truth and push their 40 billion plus $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ vaccine mandates.

  • Lea

    Sounds like the vaccines WERE the problem. They gave him the shots according to the Centers for Deceipt & Corruption schedule.

    The current infant/child vaccine schedule has NOT been tested for safety. Not once. Ever.


    This schedule compares the 1983 and 2015 vaccine $chedule……CRIMINAL!!

  • Babette Gamel

    You had three children who were fully and properly vaccinated and they are fine. Your son’s death is awful, but you cannot blame vaccinations. Blame the person who gave him the WRONG medication. While you were irresponsible for being six weeks behind in your son’s check-ups, that didn’t kill your son. Improperly trained staff seems to have been an issue. Or he may have died of SIDS. Did you do enough research to know whether or not the combination was lethal? Being two weeks early on a vaccination isn’t lethal or cause for concern. With your 5th child, keep your scheduled appointment so your child is vaccinated on time and make sure he/she is given vaccinations according to CDC schedule. Don’t leave him vulnerable to numerous diseases that can make him/her sick or even kill him/her just because you are now afraid of vaccinations! How will you feel if your 5th child dies of something that could have been prevented by a vaccine?

  • A mom

    I have 5 kids, the oldest 2 were vaccinated at 8 weeks and were fine, my third was vaccinated within 2 hours of birth and it caused her heart to act up. I didnt find out until later she had even been vaccinated because after the father left the room the doctors gave ME (who was doped up and exhausted) the paperwork to sign. I dont remember signing anything but my signature was there.

  • Babette Gamel

    Why blame vaccines for diabetes? How about we blame the emergence of fast food restaurants on every street corner and the fact that too many parents are too damn lazy to cook healthy foods for their children! I cook home cooked meals for my kids and they are healthy. Too many feed their kids fast food and soda and junk food far too often. Back in the 60’s and before, parents COOKED! Now parents go through the drive through. SMH

  • Sirena

    Type 1 diabetes is also associated with c sections and the rate of c sections goes up every year in the United States.

  • Pam Pj Wiggin Burnham

    “Should live in another country on an island with all of the other people who choose this way of life?” Really?? It “threatens public safety and health and who live under the advice of Jenny McCarthy?” One….who the HECK is Jenny McCarthy? Two…WHAT are you THINKING???? If these “so-called safe” vaccines are so GREAT, and everyone should have them, then how in the WORLD could an un-vaccinated child possibly INFECT them? If your child IS vaccinated, and my child ISN’T, shouldn’t that vaccine be DOING IT’S “alleged” JOB so your child WON’T get sick? Isn’t that what it’s for? If you can STILL get sick AFTER having the poisonous vaccine, why get it? Wow! You’re “pro” vaccine, but you just made THE best comment on NOT getting vaccinated!!

  • A m

    By the time I had my 4th and 5th children I refused to let either be vaccinated at the hospital or at the recommended 2 weeks. i waited 8 weeks like i did with my older children. After i had my last child i found out they were no longer vaccinating at birth (wonder why!) All my kids are fully vaccinated and are fine now. I think children are given vaccines way to early and I have no doubt that this woman’s story is true.

  • Savanah

    Link? I did an image search and only see these pictures on articles related to this one.

  • CM

    You suck.

  • Richard_Carlson

    Did a google search, yielding only the Vactruth story, but the search did list three on line fund raising campaigns for the Downing family. Can’t find any info on the individuals who started these campaigns. No other media links to this story. Also did a search on the Needles daily newspaper, for any thing related to Crystal Downing, no search results. I am not convinced that this story is ligit.

  • Richard_Carlson

    why does someone not accepting this story at face value disturb you so much? Shouldn’t we all try to test and verify anything put in front of us?n Or should we just believe everything?

  • Richard_Carlson

    No one is questioning their pain, just trying to verify if the story is true. It looks a little suspicious. I’m not saying either way, but there doesn’t seem to be any collaborating evidence.

  • Rachel

    Your claim that this is a false article without any proof makes me think, this is a false accusation aimed at discrediting this poor mothers loss of her infant child.

  • Lea

    Nope…back in the 60’s kids were eating fast food, sugary cereals, twinkles, etc, etc. and you didn’t see “health food & vitamin stores on every corner like you do now. Kids back then were breathing in a lot more cigarette smoke as just about everyone was smoking in homes & public places, and kids were living in homes with lead paint covered walls, & asbestos filled attics, and breathing in much more pollution spewing out of cars.
    We are living in a MUCH more clean & health conscious environment today….The only problem is the quadrupling of the vaccines given to babies & children at much younger ages and many more toxins injected at one time.
    If we would just stop injecting them with copious amounts of neurotoxic, mutagenic, allergenic, carcinogenic & endocrine disrupting substances, our children wouldn’t be just about at the bottom of the barrel in health statistics for developed countries.

  • Valarie

    Just an FYI.. Type 1/Juvenile diabetes is completely different than Type 2. I really wish more people took the time know the difference before bashing parents for feeding their kids garbage.

  • annettemhall

    You should sue EVERYONE they didn’t do their job — negligence! I posted your story on Kidjacked. Feel free to join us. https://www.facebook.com/kidjacked

  • smith454

    Wow…. I I hope you don’t have children because if you do you don’t deserve them

  • Lea

    She/it is a heartless troll shilling for a few bucks. Disgraceful.

  • Guest

    That is why some people uses the word medical fascism-profit driven corporations determine the health care agenda-our children are paying the price. Those scientist that speak up or differ in their opinions (from big pharma) are silenced or destroyed or do not get funded.Just look at what happened to Dr.Wakefield and many others.

  • sarah

    At least you had a son for 17 years. If people don’t vaccinate their children some people won’t be lucky enough to have children that live even that old because they’ll be dying from the measles, polio, and small pox.

  • Andrew

    everything is a poison it is but the dose that kills you. This is a bad case of human error, very sad to say the least but has nothing to do with the vaccines. look at the movie seven, death by gluttony, eating to much spaghetti.

  • momoftwingirls

    The Elite want to reduce the human population to under 500,000,000 people…just look at the Georgia Guidestones…..check it out on YouTube..

  • Bayareamom


    Vaccines can cause harm to each individual, but depending on the precise genetic make up of an individual, vaccine reactions may not appear in one sibling, but cause untold damage to another. Review Dr. Russell Blaylock’s research into vaccination. He was a Board Certified Neurosurgeon who has given numerous lectures re the issues of vaccination. Here is something else for you to consider: The following is stated by Dr. Boyd Haley, one of the world’s leading experts on mercury toxicity: “The real problem with people like Dr. Offit, they have no
    training in toxicology at all. Medical doctors do not receive training
    in toxicology to the extent that would qualify them to comment on
    whether or not an injection of a certain amount of a toxic chemical like
    thimerosal or mercury in the body would be toxic. They’re just not
    trained to evaluate that.”

    “There’s a big difference in the immune response between an
    actual infection and getting an injection. For example, if you get
    injected with the measles vaccine, you can get the measles. People do.
    If you get the measles, if you get it naturally, you’ll never get the
    measles a second time.”

    “In the United States, we vaccinate earlier and more often and
    for more diseases than any other country in the world, yet we have the
    highest infant death rate of the 43 most modern countries. We’re at the
    bottom of the heap with regard to being able to protect our children.
    And I think a legitimate question to ask, if our vaccines are preventing
    infectious diseases, and deaths from infectious diseases, what are
    American children dying of that make them have one of the highest infant
    death rates in the world?”

    On safety, referring to VAERS, the vaccine safety reporting system, Dr. Haley said,
    “Less than one out of ten adverse effects are reported. And I would
    say, that if you think vaccines are so safe, then explain to me why this
    country that has the highest and the earliest vaccine rate in the
    world, has such a high level of infant mortality–much higher than those
    who give much less vacines and give them a lot later in the child’s

    “Vaccines should be totally safe. You shouldn’t be injecting
    anything into a baby that is toxic and known to be toxic, that increases
    the health risks to that baby. And that’s what we’re been doing.
    We’re injecting aluminum…ethyl mercuryinto these children. In some
    vaccines, we’ve seen they have component parts of DNA from pigs, bovine,
    and chickens. . . That’s not safe to do that. ”

    “There is a lot of logic as to why we think thimerosal, or
    mercury exposure to children, caused the autism epidemic. …Autism
    didn’t exist before we started using organic mercury in vaccines and
    biological system. The first cases reported were in 1941 and we started
    using mercury in vaccines and biologicals in 1933. . . .

    “The autism epidemic . . . in the United States started in 1988.
    It went up in every state in the Union. . . There has to be an
    environmental toxin because we have established there is no genetic
    cause of autism. It didn’t exist and you don’t have genetics caused
    epidemics. You can have a genetic susceptibility to a toxin. Introduce
    a new toxin and you can cause an epidemic. . . . These are genetically
    susceptible people being exposed to a new toxin. . . .

    “. . .We think thimerosal did that [because] it went up in all 50
    states at the same time, at the same time we started the CDC mandated
    vaccine program.

    “. . . It has to be something that the child is exposed to before
    two years of age, because the average age of diagnosis is four and a
    half years of age. So they have to be exposed quite early in life. The
    vaccine program fits that. . . .

    “Mercury affects the male species much more than it does the female specs . . .

    “Dr. Offit is ignorant of the biochemistry involved in autism, if
    he says mercury or thimerosal exposure can’t cause that. Because what
    we’ve seen and what other people have done in research as far away as
    Poland, Germany, Japan, Korea etc.,

    they have shown that thimerosal will induce the same biochemical abnormalities as you see in autism.”
    “There is nothing but solid proof that thimerosal is incredibly toxic. .

  • sherry frady

    who the hell do you think you are?? irresponsible?? you dont know what her reasons were,,maybe she was sick,,didnt have a car,,theres lots of reasons. but whatever her reason you have no right to call her an irresponsible parent. have you ever kissed your beautiful angel and put them to bed,,only to find them cold and not breathing the next morning?? until you do dont presume to know shit about anything…Vaccines Kill!!# thats a fact. its mindless sheeple like you who buy all the lies being spoon fed to us by our goverment ,,that is gping to help take the choice to vaccinate out of the hands of parents,,where it should be. -on october 5. 2014 I lost my granddaughter Angel Isabella Frady she was a victim of vaccines..I to have told my angels story many times because I want parents to.know that vaccines kill…

  • momoftwingirls

    In 2005, when my twins were born premature, they had to stay in the NICU for two weeks. Before they left, they were given a Hep B shot on their bottom left foot. It was not until I was diagnosed with M.S. in 2006 that I began researching the evils of vaccines. You see, the last vaccine I had was a flu shot in 1998..you know, as a good little adult human being. Yes, ever since that flu shot, which had me sicker than a dog for a week, and out of work for a week, did I ever think I would ever be diagnosed with a disease that will eventually kill me…I mean, who knew…..some vaccines will work instantly to kill you and some, like that flu vaccine I took in 1998, well, it took until 2006 to show up in my body and the symptoms were horrible..I could not walk, talk and my vision was going away..now, ironically, I have to inject myself with a drug called Copaxone 3x a week…just to keep me alive…Anyway, the last vaccine my girls had was the chicken pox and I wish I would not have given that to them because my hubby and I both had chicken pox and we lived through it..in fact, I remember going to a chicken pox party in the 70s…

  • Lea

    Decades ago it was only children who were diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Then in the 1990’s adults started to be diagnosed with type 1, and no one seemed to understand why.
    We do understand why now, as vaccines are endocrine disrupters and more & more are being given. Many military men are complaining of being diagnosed with JUVENILE diabetes after all the shots they must receive while in the service.

    It is a very serious life long, life threatening ailment, but I guess pHARMa just sees the $$$$$$ with every diagnosis.

  • rach

    It would never be in the news. Do research. There are 108 deaths from the MMR vaccine in10 years that is only the ones that are recorded. 0 deaths from measles in 10 years. It is very difficult for people to put injuries and deaths on the vaers system. There are studies done showing no link to autism which obly the media reports yet there are plenty of peer reviewed scientific studies showing a clear link to autism. People in the CDC have confessed to messing with data that showed a 300% increase in autism for african american males but they stated no causal relationship. If we continue to just listen to the biased media we do not get the real facts. My brother died from a vaccine and it was labelled sids. Do you think my grief stricken parents would fight this, absolutely not. I worked with children with autism and it was more than a coincidence that every parent said it was right after having a vaccine. All totally unreported not listed as a statistic anywhere and doctors would say no causal relationship.

  • momoftwingirls

    Part of Agenda 21…depopulation….the engenics movement that never stopped after WWII.

  • Susan

    That doesn’t mean that the nurse is being supervised by the doctor. It means nurses can’t diagnose or treat medical illnesses, though there are plenty of nursing diagnoses they can diagnose and treat.

    Paramedics are supervised by doctors and operate under standing orders. The standing orders are signed off by the medical director.

    I’ve been a paramedic for nearly 20 years, finally let it lapse this year and I’ve been a nurse for 7 years, just got my master’s degree. I know both sides of it and which is an MD/DO supervised position.

    I rather suspect the ‘nurse’ in this case was a medical assistant anyway; in my experience as a nurse most doctor’s offices can’t afford to hire a nurse. They hire medical assistants who ARE supervised by the doctors, and whose training is significantly less – and their pay reflects that.

  • Lynn bastian

    Yes it does have to do with the vaccines my 31/2 month old died the night of her baby shots

  • Susan

    Not so. It depends on the state and the administrative law. No nurse is supervised by an MD meaning their work has to be signed off by an MD. Paramedics are.

    Advanced practice nurses, as in nurse practitioners, may or may not be required to have a collaborative or consulting relationship with a doctor. That means a doctor who is willing to consult with the NP on complicated cases, or every so many cases. There may or may not be restrictions on what the NP can prescribe. In my state, NP’s practice independently. They are encouraged to establish a collaborative relationship, but there is nothing requiring a formal contract as there is in many other states. NP’s also have independent prescribing privileges in my state, which are the same as for doctors except an NP cannot prescribe marijuana.

    This is contrasted with PA’s who are required to have every so many charts signed off by their supervising physician, and who do not have the same prescribing privileges as NP’s or physicians.

    California is very restrictive and has a lot of frankly weird rules about medical personnel generally. Paramedics are governed by the counties in which they are employed – meaning they might be able to, for instance, start a central line in ‘x’ county but if they go into ‘y’ county to the hospital they could get into trouble because it’s not allowed in ‘y’ county.

  • rachel

    get a good lawyer and get to the truth that they are covering up. my prayers are with you and good luck to your soon to be new baby

  • Aleks Sharamaylyuk-Wambolt

    Vaccinations are FILLED with harmful chemicals and substances like mercury. When babies get their shots they received 8 TIMES that amount of mercury because they’re giving them 8 vaccines! How is that not harmful!? She’s lucky her other kids haven’t fell ill yet. Do you think the effects from vaccines are instant? And SIDS are WIDELY linked to vaccinations. There are SO many cases out there yet people fail to recognize them or chalk it up to coincidence. If you blame this poor woman for failing to follow the schedule…there is something wrong with you. The doctors should NOT have double dosed him in the first place because vaccines ARE DANGEROUS and they DO have side effects. Have you ever read the insert for any vaccine? Probably not. Every single child I know who is vaccinated, gets sick. My kids aren’t, age 8 yrs and 3 yrs and they are strong and very healthy. They never have had to go to the hospital or doctors. How I fight illness is with NATURAL immunity, which is what is supposed to happen! I breastfed them both for 2 years solid, they eat healthy, no junk food, no medications. They get outside to get fresh air and exercise and they aren’t exposed to harmful environments such as tobacco. Yet let me go find my friends with vaccinated kids and ask them how often their kids get sick. At least once every few weeks or so, if not more – ear infection, runny nose, flu, fever, you name it. My kids…maybe once or twice a year and its always minor and resolves ITSELF in a day or so. I don’t pump them full of drugs and vaccines to protect them…because humans can protect themselves!!! It’s what we’re meant to do. When we were born, did we pop out of the stomach with a vaccine in our hand to help protect us? NO, we popped out with an immune system which is supposed to be built by natural means because that’s the way nature intended us to survive. Getting sick is GOOD! It builds our immune system and creates antibodies, but trying to build these antibodies through artificial ways does NOT work the same and can have adverse effects. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to vaccinate because they’re ignorant. It’s our right to chose what’s BEST for our kids! Most diseases in the past were already on the decline due to proper NUTRITION, SANITATION and HYGIENE! And this is recorded in medical history through CDC! Yes, your trusted CDC. Vaccines were NOT needed. They are a money grab just like alcohol and tobacco. And we all know how bad those substances are yet they’re still legal. So what makes you think they will ban vaccines or admit they’re bad when they make so much money administering them? When you read statistics about diseases like measles killing people, why don’t you find out WHERE those deaths occurred?? The answer is in 3rd world or developing countries WITHOUT proper sanitation or living conditions! Where the immune systems are compromised because they don’t have the MEANS to build a strong immune system and that’s why they die or grow very ill! Now look at the deaths in US, UK, Canada from these major diseases – There are very very few deaths far and in between because we ARE NOT developing countries. We have proper sewage, sanitation, nutrition, living conditions. And what’s to say the very few people that did die from those diseases didn’t have a genetic disorder or an autoimmune disorder? Or what’s to say they weren’t breastfed and never got the natural immunities from the mother? You don’t stop to think of the big picture here. If people weren’t so ignorant, lazy and uneducated, vaccines would not be needed. But instead we continue to tell ourselves we can live our lives HOWEVER we want – that includes eating junk food, becoming more obese by the day and pumping our body with toxins – BUT as long as we get our vaccines we’re safe? Right!? LOL Come on people OPEN YOUR EYES! I am thankful every day that I did REAL research instead of believing the media or government paid officials. My child will not be one of those children affected by vaccines. And luckily I live in Canada where our medical rights haven’t been taken away. And they day they try, is the day I fight and win. Because NO parent should have to forfeit their medical or parental rights. You are basically taking our freedom…And that’s exactly what the government wants to do. Everybody fall in line! We need more robots!!!

  • Aleks Sharamaylyuk-Wambolt

    Your so ignorant and uneducated. GO read a book or some statistics on vaccines before bluntly making such a bold statement. Or you go pump your baby full of vaccines and see what happens…do it to yourself. Go take more doses than needed. See what happens. Read a vaccine insert for christ sakes. Whats wrong with you???

  • angellynn261

    There are very few cases of measles related deaths!!! Smallpox and Polio were already on the decline. Don’t troll someone who has had to endure the pain of knowing that a vaccine ruined their child’s quality of life. Really, shame on you. Better educate yourself on the real statistics and risks, and don’t just believe everything you hear on TV.

  • guest

    My first cousin infant son died of SIDS back in the mid-1960’s. I remember my Mom asking my Aunt after the funeral why didn’t the Doctors notice something was wrong with the baby, he saw him a couple of days before he died. My Aunt’s response was Oh, he was just there for his shots so they really didn’t do a check up. No other discussion on the subject. I asked my sister, who was close to y cousin years later did they ever think it was the shot?. This as about 8 years go. She said Caroline did but they told her she was just grieving and reaching for straws. Some straw. Mom’s know!

  • Daniel R Jackson
  • Hol

    Exactly, who do you think you are???? Your rude judgment is not helping this mom at all!! If you do not have anything nice to say then close your mouth. This is a horrible tragedy that is happening all too often and like I say to everyone who battles my family in the vaccine topic after my daughter was affected, once I can sue the vaccine makers for wrong doing I will feel they arelooking out for our best interest. Until then, it’s about politics and money to me and I am not willing to have my family “take one for the team”. Please be a little more sympathetic to what this poor family has been through and the fact she has finally had the courage to speak out. Shame in the medical staff and inverse gators for not providing her with the autopsy reports!!!

  • lastrid

    Small Pox only exists in a lab these days. People should be allowed to weigh the risks and the benefits and make their own decision about what they feel is right for their family.

  • Guest

    What a sou less zombie creature you are. Go back to the
    dilapidated cemetery slab you crawled from under and tell it to the underworld. That’s your ilk!

  • oldenough2remember

    If your child is vaccinated and protected from these diseases, you have nothing to fear from unvaccinated children. Try to think it through…..

  • guest

    Yep, it’s a proven fact now. Trolls have no soul. You place in the zombie line in the Night of the Living Dead is waiting on you.

  • Lisa

    When I was 8 1/2 months pregnant, my sister inlaw had her baby girl and inoculated her babe after born for hepB – this was 1999. Two weks later when my son was born, I questioned the type of vaccines and why the hepB wasn’t offered. The answer was TOO MUCH MERCURY WAS IN THE VACCINE.
    Thisadee think how they give a vaccine one month, but not the next. Who put this vaccine on the list knowing and giving it to newborns in the first place.
    At that point, I realized I was AND MY CHILDREN were just guinee pigs within the pharmaceutical industry. I didn’t vaccinate my children within a certain time frame, I didn’t take my babes out and about in large public happenings, I chose the foods carefully as well.
    I do not trust nor believe that “we the people and babes” are more important than the pharmaceutical and chemical industeries financial gain.

  • Roslyn Halperin

    believing in reincarnation i want to believe Matthew returned as your new baby . There is no way you are responsible but i do hope vaccines and the amount of vaccines are changed in the future . thank you for sharing. your story

  • OhZone

    sarah, you are sooo Wrong!!! I grew up in the days when Everyone in school got the Measles…NO ONE died. Death from measles is very, very rare. And “small pox”? Really? When was the last epidemic of that? I don’t even remember ever hearing of any cases. Do you?

    Those children who have been vaccinated shed live virus for many months and are a hazard to all other children.

    Vaccines Kill!!!

  • guest

    I’m very much pro vaccine, most nurses are, but I’m very much against
    forcing parents to vaccinate their children. Anyone who says “vaccines
    are absolutely safe” has never read a vaccine insert.

    You know what’s in a vaccine and you’re still Pro-Vaccine? Do you inform parents when they go for shots? Have you informed parents what’s in vaccines in your 30 year career? Informed consent is a federal law do you follow that or do you just stand by and watch as toxins are injected into children? I am not impressed by your saying parents should have a choice but unless you, the medical professional, is informing the parents what’s in the vaccines parents are operating in the dark. If you are not informing them that makes you no better than the people who are trying to take away parents right to choose. Your stance on “choice” is just a way to make you feel better because you are not informing parents what the dangers are.

  • Edward May

    Citations please.

  • Edward May

    Citations, please.

  • Guest

    A snow ball’s chance in hell that would happen. Noone is dying from vaccine preventable diseases.

  • Lisa

    Death by spaghetti? Really? A baby died and your tying it to make a joke or compare to over consumption? In all actuality we are the ones dying from the gluttony of greed from the pharmaceutical industry.

  • nodramaqueens

    As a nurse, I am very sorry for this family’s loss. I am very interested in helping this family see the autopsy and SIDS investigation reports for some answers to some very important questions. Both of these SHOULD have been done. I would be more than willing to assist the family in obtaining this very important records to help the family get the answers they need.

    That said, I believe it is irresponsible to blame this baby’s death on immunizations. There is absolutely NO evidence that other than an anaphylactic reaction, which tends to happen within 20 minutes of administration, that immunizations would be the cause. We have no scientific basis to believe this. NONE. The MMR and autism “study” done years ago was admitted by the author to be a complete and total LIE. He admitted blatantly LYING.

    As a mother, I have absolutely NO reason to tell other mothers to give their babies shots. I don’t get a kickback or any sort of monetary gain to do so. I want other mommies to have safe and healthy babies. I want THIS mommy in this article to know why her sweet, beautiful baby died. I humbly believe it was NOT immunizations. I have been a nurse for 17 years, a mommy of 2 for 19.

  • Edward May

    Studies, links, peer reviewed studies please.

  • Angela

    So sorry for your loss. Did anyone acknowledge a link?

  • Guest

    There is no longer thimerisol (mercury)) in childhood immunizations. FYI. Even so, the amount of thimerisol in the flu vaccines is less than we are environmentally exposed to on any given day. I don’t care if people choose to receive or not receive. I just want people to have the knowledge.

  • Julie

    You have no idea! Vaccinations do kill & cause Autism and Seizures and this especially happens if the vaccines are given before the age of 2. I know kids this has happened to.

    I lived through Measles, Mumps & Chicken Pox. These are childhood diseases that help make children’s immune systems stronger.

    I like other parent’s took my daughter around other kids with the chicken pox and she got it early. My son was not so lucky. He did not get it when he was little and got it when he was 18. He made it through and his immune system is better for it.

    And the flu vaccination is a farce! When I was younger; my Mom decided to get us kids the flu shot and we ended up with the long flu; got better and then got the short flu. So to hell with that and all these shots!

    I’d rather take my chances on the diseases and giving my kids and grand kids things that really help; than to take a chance on these vaccines that are just for the pharmaceutical industry to make money on and the doctors and the kick back they get. It’s all about money!

    Let’s really care about children and worry more about breast feeding ONLY for 9 months, and keeping them off sugar and crap so their immune systems can take care of them.

  • nodramaqueens

    There is no longer thimerisol (mercury)) in childhood immunizations. FYI. Even so, the amount of thimerisol in the flu vaccines is less than we are environmentally exposed to on any given day. I don’t care if people choose to receive or not receive. I just want people to have the knowledge

  • me

    Your such an ass…. at least you had him for 17 years? Unbelievable, no miss or mr thing, not everyone would get measles, mumps or all the other diseases. Educate yourself, some of us have NOT had these vacinations and turned out just fine. Pathetic you are.

  • Savanah
  • C E Phillips


  • Christine

    Dr. Wakefield NEVER admitted to lying. He still stands by his study and believes that he will be vindicated in time. Do some research and you will see. Also, there will never be proof of the detriment of vaccines as long as every time there is a death or disability it is ruled as unrelated.

  • causeandeffect

    I think it is safe to say that the real cause of all these deaths is car seats. Everyone of these children went home in car seats, therefore using the same cause and effect logic used here, clearly the car seat caused the death.

  • guest

    People need to be vaccinated infants, everyone- it’s a matter of
    public health—- with the exception of the very ill and children who
    have allergies. Very inappropriate considering the recent Measles
    outbreak in California. This is tasteless.

    People don’t need be vaccinated because there are no studies that confirm vaccine are safe or effective. And they don’t work. If they did people would not have to be threatened to take them. Since it’s never been proven they work the government has to threaten and manipulate people into taking them. I say to them and you-YOU FIRST!

    As far as California is concerned:100-150 cases, SO WHAT! More to the point these people who got measles are spread across the country-all not in California. Most importantly 63% of the people are adults who were vaccinated as children and never had immunity. California was a False Flag attack on the psyche of the American people to use an already planned attack on medical rights in this country and you are a card carrying tool of the government. Trolling has been off the wall since December. Are you guys getting double time for anise comments such as yours.

    Have you gotten your adult vaccinations. I’ll help you out here:
    Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule—United States – 2015
    http://www.cdc (dot) gov/vaccines/schedules/downloads/adult/adult-schedule.pdf

    The US Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS): “The Adult Immunization Plan.”
    (See National Adult Immunization Plan National Vaccine Program Office DRAFT: National Vaccine Program Office February 5, 2015 and also Solicitation of Written Comments on the Draft National Adult Immunization Plan (HHS, 02/06/2015))

    -All healthcare professionals must ensure that adult patients are fully immunized.”
    Translation: During every office visit, doctors must check the
    vaccination status of their adult patients and pressure them to take
    their injections.

    When all is said and done, laura jean or whatever you name is-you’ll be lined up first for those shots you feel everyone needs because the CDC will seek you out because you have been one of their useful fools and they know where you live.

  • AutismDad

    The injection delivery system if fraught with complications. Anaphylactic shock, fainting, seizures after vaccination are serious evidence of toxic shock. You want to say the TEND TO HAPPEN??? Yea they do, so its not something you should minimize. Most of you post reeks of TROLL and fakery.

  • guest

    If you handlers didn’t provide you with the data on vaccine reactions, there is a 28 day window that severe adverse affect occur. The DTAP vaccine vial insert list SIDS as a sever reaction. The baby had the DTAP.

  • AutismDad

    That is a load of _____. You need knowledge yourself.

  • DEBY

    Crystal I almost died from a hepatitis vaccine alone let alone 8 vaccines. I had the best vaccine injury atty in the united states. Very wonderful man who was on one of the morning shows after he won in the courts in Washington that vaccines do cause autism. Wasn’t long before the drug manufacturers got that over turned but his law practice deals in vaccine injury alone, nothing else. Shoemaker and Associates on the web. Look at his site. It will take you to the Washington DC rulings on an enormous amount of cases the courts have ruled on and gives all the details of what happened. Call him to discuss Matthews case. He can direct you, He can also get a subpoena for Matthews autopsy. It makes me sick of the cover up by the CDC and so many more! When I called them when I was getting ill CDC said nope no other reports of Hep B making any one ill. Called an Indiana Atty., she informed me One doctor and two other nurses besides myself has hired her that month alone all with reactions to Hep B injections! Its a highly skilled law firm, my Indiana atty referred me there. I even had a lot of special doctors that that was all they did was pour over the cases and then testify if they thought there was a case. Hope this helps get some justice for Matthew!!! Blessings to your family!!! Debra Steiner

  • AutismDad

    Andrew is a terrible person. Nuff said

  • marie

    Oh honey♡ none of this is your fault, plz don’t ever feel that way!!!♡♡♡ unfortunately, it takes stories like this or someone close to a person to get injured for ppl to become aware… I never knew until I was told, none of us ever know until we r told ♡ I am so sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to u! Praying for u in this pregnancy ♡ Godbless you

  • Brooke

    This comment make me both angry and frustrated. The denial among medical professionals that these type of vaccine injuries and deaths can occur is honestly terrifying. How are we even supposed to know the risks if people like yourself are not submitting accurate data to VAERS and dismissing the experiences of parents, dismissing data from vaccine safety studies, that yes, in rare instances deaths DO occur from vaccines. They are RARE but they do happen sometimes days after vaccination, anaphylactic shock only happens in children who are allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine (which parents are not given a full list of ingredients prior to vaccination). Also who mentioned Andrew Wakefield?

  • Brooke

    You’re an insensitive idiot.

  • nodramaqueens

    I stand by every word. The family can message me, and I will assist this family in any way. I don’t know why you are so angry. Why can’t we just agree to disagree?

    I respect your view. Truly, I do. Don’t immunize all day long. However, to share this article with DIFININITIVE certainty that immunizations killed this baby is irresponsible. We simply do not know it is true. The article admittedly says they did not see the autopsy.

    I am sad for this family. If what they say is true; if they were not allowed their baby, to see their baby…. that is atrocious. Someone needs to answer for that. Nurses are advocates. I would be willing to assist.

    Again, why be so angry? I seek to inform, and to learn. If you have information that is truly non biased, link it. I Will read it. I will not be bullied, will not be called names, etc. Thank you in advance….

  • AutismDad

    Go away. There must a forum for cruel and heartless somewhere.

  • Brooke

    The flu vaccine is still recommended for infants and yes many vaccines contain trace amounts of thimersol. We do not regularly inject ourselves with mercury by the way.

  • nodramaqueens

    Well, nurses do not usually administer vaccinations. It is most often a medical assistant in a doctor’s office. A nurse will most often administer a vaccination at a hospital or local health department. If an adverse reaction occurs by a licensed nurse, we are trained to submit adverse reaction forms, and they ARE entered in a data base. This neurologist you speak of is about 10 years behind the times in study. I know you hate to hear that, but he IS. I don’t gain ANYTHING by saying that, but HE does. HE sells stuff, I DON’T.

  • Teresa

    Really a crappy thing to say, Sarah! Why don’t you check your heart?

  • DEBY

    I imagine you have in depth knowledge what these vaccines contain and how many injuries have been established in our DC courts. Im just a nurse that was on deaths door from a Hepatits B injection that was fully proven in Washington DC so why would I know anything about the vaccines. We will all take your very educated reply and ignore it if we are smart!

  • nodramaqueens

    You can ask for preservative free. And YES, you ARE exposed to it in our everyday environment sadly. Our air, our water, our fish. I live on the same planet as you. I have kids. It makes me angry, makes me sad. I gain NOTHING by being objective.

  • DEBY

    Think GBS instead of anaphylactic reactions.

  • vjohnyboy

    well let me say this if he could have had a reaction to vaccine. military men and women are experiencing alot of reaction to them. ALS is becoming more commen amoung the military than other people. The doctors are looking into the vaccines received. i not against vaccines but i believe that to many at once and certain ones can be dangerous. and medical mistakes happen. and to put this family through this. (not knowing details) they should been able to get a second opinion.

  • Brooke

    I didn’t refer to any neurologist? Are you talking about Wakefield? Um as far as I know he does not selling anything? Are you on drugs?

  • DEBY

    I give these injections but fully inform people of what can occur. People need to be informed.

  • nodramaqueens

    I agree with you. I don’t like that they are being ignored.

  • It was proven that Wakefield lied about the medical records of the patients in his paper. His attempt at an anti-SLAPP in Texas failed because it was once again proven that he was/is a fraud. The High Court of England found that he is a fraud (made clear under “undisputed facts” in the court document), but perhaps he should not have been found guilty of professional misconduct as a doctor because he never examined any of the children in his paper. It has also been clearly established that he only suggested that the competing MMR vaccine might be linked to the fake autism diagnoses in his paper, but not the MMR vaccine he developed for a competing company. So if you want to hang your hat on this utter fraud and disgrace to the medical and research field, keep in mind that he is a fraud based on the facts of evidence, not conjecture or tin-hat conspiracy theories.

  • Guest

    Are you working for big pharma? Please enough of this non-sense.

  • AutismDad

    It supports many stories of adverse events after a series of vaccines. Case closed.

  • guest

    You don’t need a study. It’s a common medical term used when cause of death can’t be specifically determined. Like Sudden unexpected death syndrome, Sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome (SUNDS), Sudden Unknown Death Syndrome, or Sudden Adult Death Syndrom. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3170075/

  • nodramaqueens

    It is not a load of crap. It all comes down to bio chemistry. There is no need for the hatred.

  • Shauna

    This is my absolute worst fear—one of my children dying. I faced the threat of this when my yiungest was 8 months old, he was on a vent for a week after choking. i agree we must be cautious with vaccines–there are dangerous componets/ingredients in them, there are risks, and i cant speak fot her dr office but i feel that for every set of shots each of my 3 boys received i also received literature and had to sign acknowledging that i received it—to actually read it was up to me. I also know that while their are risks involved with vaccines—the threat of the diseases is even more likely and threatening. (Recent disney out break, the high rate of flu related deaths this year). There can never be too much research into the risks or benefits and i agree there should be more and ongoing studies. My biggest point to contend from this article however—is the blamen placed on the nurse. In order to give the vaccine she would need a dr order—unless she gave without an order, she was following the orders of a doctor and if the wrong Vaccine was ordered it is on him, not her. If she did in fact give contrary to his order—their would be med discrepancy that would have caused red flags and someone would have investigated. Maybe there was a cover up—that is pure speculation from the mom. Clearly their was something fishy with the autopsy and getting reaults and the body, but it is not likely that a cover up reached the level of the coroner and finially the funeral home just to cover some nurses mistake—she would have to be hella important or really know the right person to have everyone on several levels, several cities, and facilities cover. Just not likely. Again my heart pours out to this mom, and if placing blame and being angry at anyone helps then i can completly understand her need to do so—and i applaud her for stepping up and giving her baby a voice—women like her cae change by calling attention to problems, i just feel her jab at the nurse was not helpful in her plea for change.

  • john

    1. What evidence was presented that it was the vaccines that kIlled the baby? I did not see any. 2. If it was due to the vaccines, the real cause is medical malpractice, not the vaccines, since they were not administered as they should have been. Anything can be toxic if used improperly.

  • AutismDad


  • AutismDad

    In a word YES

  • guest

    Don’t quit your day job. Oh, sorry this is your day job, It’s also your night job. It’s probably the only job you could get.

  • Brooke

    SMH. No, you cannot. Again, we do not inject ourselves with mercury. Ingesting mercury is different than injecting it.

  • AutismDad

    The USA sold its soul for vaccines in 1986

  • Steve

    Well the Tdap has aluminum in it. Is that normal? I’m pretty sure it’s not.

  • Kathleen Kelly Hallal

    My heart just goes out to you. Big Pharma is heavily influencing our politicians. If this decision to vaccinate can cause death, or any other serious injury, which it can- the state has no right to force us. If they do, each state should be liable- AS WELL AS the pharmaceutical industry. The fact that they have arranged laws so that they cannot be sued for damages is outrageous. I am very very sorry to hear of your loss of your sweet baby Matthew. My condolences. I feel so sad, and outraged, at the same time.

  • Kim

    I am a nurse also. Guess what. Nursing school teaches you to follow orders and follow the systems. Being a nurse does not make you right. Being a nurse taught me essentially nothing about real health, only sickness.

  • carissa

    Thank so much for speaking up about your story. You are so very brave. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • AutismDad

    Some people are too damn lazy to read about vaccine side effects too.

  • nodramaqueens

    My nursing school taught me much more than that. If all you do is follow orders, you aren’t a very good nurse.

    And my years of being a nurse has taught me so much more. Catch up and learn. You will learn about so much more. At least, I hope so for you. I really, truly do.

  • Guest

    Lot of the text book written by pharma-they cover up issues that does not support their agenda (adverse effects,paralysis,SIDs) or you can call it
    MINIMIZING.It takes some hard research and a few thousand hours just to see how bad,really bad things are. Check out the research done but Dr.Shaw regarding aluminum adjuvants and the neurological damage that these alum salts caused in animal research.These aluminum adjuvants are used in vaccines and damaging (neurons) our children and daughters.(example Hep-B, Gardasil etc.)

  • Kelly Ann

    I’m very sorry for your loss:( Big pharma has become so insanely focused on profit that it’s getting out of control. People are finally starting to see what’s happening here…even without doing the actual research..they know something just isn’t right. They fund the schools who teach the students, who become the doctors who push the products, who receive the benefits,,, it’s a cycle that won’t stop until people wake upend see it for what it is. …Meanwhile..this happens:(

  • AutismDad

    Injection delivery is fraught with issues, not to mention what they inject or plan to inject. Vaccine makers have no boundries when it comes to ingredients, just read them. And they need preservatives to preserve this witches brew. Something that prevents life or kills it.

  • Shauna

    Thank u!!!! I personally feel that their is a risk with vaccines—as with bringing my child to a pool, giving him food (never know if their will be a recall on it for whatwver disease it has), playing with toys ( paint could end up having lead)..,and on and on and on—their are risks to EVERYTHINg—and NOT VACCINATING is way more risky then to do so—-we know what hep A does, what measles and the flu, and all the rest—ThEY KILL!!! Vaccines protect! If my son is playing near water i put on a life vest, even though more then one kid has been strangled by the cords on them, WHY—because its more likely my son will drown without it then get tangled up and be strangled with it!
    Also—as a nurse i think placing blame on the nurse without knowing if she actually did anytjing wrong is not right—if the dr ordered the vaccines she was following his orders (yes i understand we can question doctors orders) but still feel that blaming her without even knowing if the vaccines caused death or if she gave them without orders is not fair. And everyone wanting to sue—thats why health care and medicine/ vaccines is so costly, dont sue, save the pharm companies money to put toward research

  • AutismDad

    She might be a tad tipsy…hic

  • AutismDad

    So many stories of vaccine horror. All the best, live long and proper.

  • jyladvik

    Get your kids vaccinated. If my infant catches an illness from your un-vaxed child, I will SUE YOU.

  • nodramaqueens

    You are assuming you know what I know. I offered my assistance. I am said that nursing has taught you only about sickness. Most traditional nursing schools DO only teach about illness. Interestingly enough, holistic nursing, nutrition, and alternative branches of nursing can be pursued, with CEUs to be obtained. Awesome isn’t it?!?! People utilizing vitamin c therapy in lieu of chemo was my last CEU course. Who knew???

  • Shauna

    You know what else happens—diseases—pandemics, epidemics, thats why anyone ever bothered with vaccines to begin with. If we didnt contain these diseases via the majority of people being vaccinated they would be everywhere and the risk of dying from them would far far far out run the risks associated with vaccines. Also—anaphalaxis can happen with peanuts, strawberries—any and all goods—i imagine u give ur child food despite the risk of unknown allerigies n allergic reactions. Strawberries kill—peanuts kill—vaccines kill—dosease kills! Im not minimising these symptoms so much as putting in perspective

  • Josi

    You are really lost if you think the news reports everything that happens,or the truth.

  • Nile

    Blah blah blah

  • chris

    2 crimes here, Malpractice (administering a vaccine not documented for the age) and 2, cremation (can’t cremate a body when the cause of death is not certain). so, where’s the arrest warrant??

  • Jan Woods

    Wakefield was a gastroenterologist anyway, not a neurologist! (gastrointestinal doc) She’s very confused.

  • Carlos

    If you sue me I will kill you.

  • Josi

    Guess they were a little low on trolls, and just hired anyone.

  • Jan Woods

    I really hope the family does not accept your assistance. You sound very untrustworthy and definitely not empathetic to the situation. And not very professional, if you really ARE a nurse!

  • Chlytie

    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (coincidentally a family member’s doctor), has written a book about vaccines, Saying No To Vaccines, and she is also interviewed on webpage linked below… The book is currently sold out, but I found the interview very informative and eye-opening. My heart goes out to this mother and to her family.


  • April

    Malpractice. Not the fault of vaccinations but of those administering them.

  • Chlytie

    Here is an article by Dr. Elice, who also has a intelligent things to say about vaccines

  • guest

    Werne J and Garrow I.
    Fetal anaphylactic shock: occurrence in identical twins following second injection of diphtheria toxoid and pertussis antigen. JAMA 1946; 131: 730-35.

    -Noble, GR., et al. Acellular and whole-cell pertussis vaccines in Japan; report of a visit by U.S. scientist. Jama 1987; 257; 1351-56.

    -Cherry, JD, et al. Report of the task force on pertussis and pertussis immunization. Pediatr (jun 198); 81(6); 933-84.

    -Madsen T. Vaccinations against whooping cough JAMA 1993; 101: 187-88.

  • Incredulous

    Your kid will die from a vaccine first.

  • freudulant

    Please, leave the world in suspense, don’t open your mouth and confirm that you are an imbecile.

  • informed


  • Lover of Truth

    Unfortunately we live under a corporate oligarchy who essentially buy elections through super-pacs, dark money, (basically legalized bribery) as well as have the funds to have full time lobbyists in each ear of every congressman in congress (not an exaggeration). This is exponentially compounded by Citizens United. The ordinary citizen which must take much of their time out of their lives to just survive doesn’t have much left let alone for personal lobbying.

    The overall effect of all this is though it appears we live under a democracy we in fact are a fascist state instead. Fascism is a combination of corporation/monied interests and state. Once entrenched into the government not only does the government become their own personal piggy bank but they then start to literally write the laws in their favor. This is how we have come to see the pharmaceutical companies have literally no liability when it comes to vaccines and the consumer. In fact the government through our taxes must pay for any awarded injuries. How messed up is that?

    They wrangled the laws so that kids that don’t get vaccinated can’t go to school without an exemption. And states like Mississippi, which has the worse health rating in the nation, made it mandatory a while back and we can all see the results of that. Regardless now other states are threatening to follow on the heels of mass media (6 corporations own 90% of it) pushing fear mongering as news.

    We either take a stand now our we lose our parental and personal rights and simply become money makers for the shadow government at large. It’s sad but really this is what we now face. Time to choose. Choose wisely and never give up the fight.

  • DEBY

    Guillian Bare Syndrome has taken many lives a lot due to vaccines. It is a deranged immune respose to a substance not isolated in other words different things may cause your body to have a deranged immune respose. Vaccines have been proven to be one substance that can illicit this response. What Im wondering is that the family is unable to get the results from the autopsy. Possible a cover up to protect this doctor that allowed someone to give not one but TWO Hep-B injections at the same time! Just not done safely!! Poor lil guy and his family has been put through this nightmare with total disregard from the coroner nor the physicians office.

  • guest

    Baby boy in hospital after vaccinations: http://www.thechronicle (dot) com.au/news/baby-boy-in-hospital-after-vaccinations/2541710/?ref=hs

    WHEN Kellie Evans bought her 10-week-old baby into a Rockhampton
    medical centre, she didn’t think twice about giving him his routine

    But within minutes of young Brooklyn receiving two immunisations, he stopped breathing.

    After being resuscitated by doctors at the clinic he started having seizures and stopped breathing twice more in that hour.

    Kellie and her husband Darren have been with Brooklyn in a Brisbane
    hospital since Friday, when he was taken from Rockhampton Hospital by
    the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

    Darren, who is a local jockey, said Kellie has been by Brooklyn’s side 24/7 since he was hospitalized.

    “He was pretty much dead,” he said.
    “They had to close the medical center down and call the ambulance.
    “We’re pretty much shell-shocked … the worst part is just waiting.”

    Darren said doctors still don’t know what caused Brooklyn to stop
    breathing or start having seizures, which have returned each day.

    For all you trolls who are disrespecting Crystal Downing. This child was close to being a victim. I’m still trying to find out what his condition is.

  • Shauna

    They are also looking into the places theyve been—its as likely their exposure to the unknown while deployed anywhere they may need out of the ordinary vaccines is the cause of the increase of ALS rather then the vaccines they are receiving. Or maybe its from all the motrin they prescribe ;) (not to make light of this discussion sorry)

  • guest

    Malpractice. Not the fault of vaccinations but of those administering them.

    Fault of BOTH.

  • Shauna

    I thought she presented a good argument and has sincere intentions and no hidden agenda for or against vaccination—she is the only one interested in advocating for this mother and child and not JUST the argument on vaccination. All this and no one has any clue whatsoever of the childs death is in any way related to vaccines

  • DEBY

    I also now do wellness clinics instead of caring for the ill, of which I had done for 34 years. Many health insurance companies are now ordering wellness clinics for the places that they insure to point people in the right direction with their health after getting counseling from the nurses .So yes, times are changing in the right direction. I understand the argument about vaccines doing more good than harm, but tell that to a mother and father that lost their child to the vaccines. Not so comforting. My life since 1993 from Hep-B vaccine has been a struggle. If only Id known you bet Id of refused it!

  • Shauna

    You need to do some actual research sir—before blasting people as presenting “crap” as that is the only thing seeming to come from you

  • guest

    Bring it on. The vaccinated child is the one CONTAGIOUS. All is needed is a blood fat or tissue sample to determined medically who is jacked up with viruses.

    In 1995, Golding and Scott,2
    published the need for strategies to make vaccines that would generate
    the “required” Th cell to the corresponding microorganism. Since that
    time, attempts to produce vaccines that would generate a “natural”- type
    response have failed. So, we are left with vaccines that generate
    “protective” responses as a second choice. How does this work? In
    vaccine-induced Th2 responses, called humoral responses, the body
    produces large quantities of specific antibodies that block the virus
    from entering cells. This response is why a vaccinated child doesn’t get
    a full blown infection and why the child won’t spread as many viruses
    into the environment. However, antibodies cannot get into cells to
    eliminate viruses once the viruses are in the cells or cannot kill
    infected cells themselves. Therefore, the body has no choice other than
    to internalize the virus and be chronically infected when the body is
    forced into a Th2 antibody response. The body is essentially constipated
    with viruses that it cannot expel!

    Golding S., Scott
    DE., Vaccine Strategy: Targeting Helper T Cell Responses. Ann.
    NY Acad. Sci. 754:126-137, May 31, 1995

    Yea, it’s not going to be hard to determine which kid is the contagious one. You and your kid are constipated with viruses.

  • Mohd Nadroj

    Someone who calls vaccines immunizations has no credibility to speak. If the shots were immunizations, you wouldn’t see the raging monster come out in women who have vaccinated kids when they see one that is not vaccinated.

  • DEBY

    Im so sorry for your loss! Praying for your family. God Bless!

  • Shauna

    This is just evidence that research IS occuring!!! Most of the anti vaccine posts on here say there is NO research, clearly their is—based on your post. clinical trials can point out obvious issues but they contain small populations—real world vaccination and studies is the lnly way to clearly understand and research effectivly

  • Taylor

    Maybe you should go read a book on grammar before calling someone ignorant and uneducated… Just a thought.

  • Free People


  • Rebecca Saunders

    I am also a nurse for over40 years.My children are grown,and were vaccinated.However,if I had to do it again,I would not . It’s all about the money.If you don’t think so fo some research and wake the hell up.

  • Perfect. That’s should be what we call it from now one.

  • Lea

    Well said!!

  • jill

    please go to the office direct to get the report NOW.. get a lawyer if u have too.

  • NicBee05

    Praying u get answers.and that u get the things u rightfully deserve..an autopsy report.u should get a lawyer involved in this..for a few reasons..1) they will not give u the autopsy report..thats against the law..ur child is a minor..u r his parent n u rightfully deserve it. 2) by law a cremation can not be performed without permission to do so.either the parent (in cases involving minors) or the children (in cases involving adults) must sign papers for it to be done.just went thru it with my dad..they by law could not do the cremation until me n my sister signed papers n returned them.plus if it is vaccine caused..u should sue for every cent u can get.cuz someone who injected him with something ahead of schedule it caused him to die..shouldnt b allowed to “get away with it” get justice for ur son.

  • guest

    What evidence that it wasn’t? Considering SIDS is listed on the Dtap Vaccine Vial package insert as a serious reaction-the arrow points to the vaccine considering there is a 28 days period that is in the window for adverse reactions. The pertussis vaccine is the most deadliest vaccine given to children.

    -Sudden Infant Death syndrome mortality rate in the period zero to three
    days following DTP was found to be 7.3 times higher than in the period
    30 days after immunization.
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih (dot) gov/pubmed/3496805

    -The epidemiology of fatalities reported to the vaccine adverse event reporting system 1990-1997. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih (dot) gov/pubmed/11760487

    -Sudden infant death syndrome and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis-poliomyelitis vaccination status. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih (dot) gov/pubmed/7557822

    -Revisiting the possibility of serious adverse events from the whole
    cell pertussis vaccine: were metabolically vulnerable children at risk?
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih (dot) gov/pubmed/19660877

    -Possible temporal association between diphtheria-tetanus toxoid-pertussis vaccination and sudden infant death syndrome. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih (dot) gov/pubmed/6835859

    -Analysis on the adverse events following immunization of 10 infants death after hepatitis B vaccination. Hepatitis B vaccination has been linked to anaphylactic shock and death in infants. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih (dot) gov/pubmed/20077677

    -Vaccination and cot deaths in perspective.

    1985 twin boys simultaneously succumbed to sudden unexpected deaths two
    to three hours after vaccination with diphtheria, tetanus, and
    pertussis vaccine (DTP).http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih (dot) gov/pubmed/3498443

  • Taylor

    You do realize there hasn’t been an epidemic of smallpox because it was eradicated thanks to vaccines?

  • Sophia Carmichael

    She is suspicious because she hasn’t received the autopsy results and I understand that. However, SIDS doesn’t show anything on autopsy. It could be complete coincidence that the baby died a few days after his visit to the pediatrician.

  • guest

    I’ve seen this same comment on other websites. Do try and post something original…..and clever. Don’t quit your day job troll. Oh this is your day job!

  • Sophia Carmichael

    he was being sarcastic to make a point

  • Tay

    Unvaccinated children weaken herd immunity which helps prevent people who can’t get vaccinations… Maybe you should “try to think it through…”

  • Sophia Carmichael

    What in the world are you talking about? smh

  • guest

    This is very good. You managed to sleaze in and invoke Dr. Wakefield’s name and blame him for fraud all under the guise of compassion. THIS IS THE SOLE REASON YOU POSTED THIS COMMENT. TO REMIND PEOPLE ABOUT DR. WAKEFIELD. To bad you only came on this site to post your scripted comment because if you were a regular you’d know that people on VAC TRUTH engage in TRUTH. Which means regulars know the truth about Wakefield and you are just another troll. I’d say you were something else but the spam filters would stop it from being posted. Wakfield rocks!

  • guest

    The definitive study that proves vaccines cause Autism:

    Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information June 7-8, 2000 Simpsonwood Retreat Center Norcross, Georgia. http://www.putchildrenfirst (dot) org/media/2.9.pdfOf course you do need to know how to read and not just follow orders.

  • Are you a total idiot??!! The germs are everywhere – in the air, on doorknobs, money, food – everywhere! They are not in our unvaxed children. They are in your vaxed children, don’t you get it? How can you be so blooming blind? Use some logic. If vaccines worked, you shouldn’t be worried. If your vaccinated child gets sick, it’s because the poisons you have allowed to be injected into his body have compromised his immune system. His immune system is trying to deal with foreign matter like aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, monkey kidney, blood products, human fetal tissue, chick embryo and myriad of toxic substances that were never meant to enter the human body. Anyone with half a brain should be able to figure that out. I am convinced that many like you have already been brain damaged from your own vaccinations!!!

  • Lea

    Yes….at CDC headquarters.

  • guest

    Every troll with a computer is on this site tonight because Crystal’s story is so powerful that it will make anyone take notice to the dangers of vaccines. For the last two hours 37-45 new comments are added and mostly from trolls making stupid remarks. The idea is to distract. Also they invoke the names of Wakefield & Jenny McCarthy-dead troll giveaways. My suggestion is to keep setting the records straight.

  • Shawna Waisath

    It’s been scientifically proven that vaccines do NOT cause autism! The doctor that had proof was found to be a liar and lost his license! Do some research before opening your trap moron!

  • AutismDad

    You nailed it Lea

  • AutismDad

    After you. And by the way I don’t take orders from you/

  • Free People

    You nailed it. I’m shocked at the amount of trolls on this site. Proof big pHARMafia is desperate to cover up their criminality. People are waking up to the vaccine fraud and not vaccinating, so they’ve got to send in the Brigade with their lies and ridiculous comments.

  • freudulant

    I recognise sarcasm, I also see past it and recognise that the point itself is moronic. If we extrapolate to a similar situation it becomes clear why he has to reach to the ridiculous to make his non-point. Most people by now understand the concept of correlation does not equal causation. This does not mean you illogically disregard plausible explanations for a phenomenon, particularly when it is possible to discover the causal mechanism with investigation. If a person became ill within 24 hours of dining out, would he ridicule the person for suspecting that they might have food poisoning? Would he ridicule a person for thinking that an insect bite could be the source of sudden unwellness? No you would apply the appropriate tests to determine if there is indeed a causal link and not merely a coincidence!

  • AutismDad

    Look up squalene adjuvant

  • maddie

    I still support vaccines….what would this country be if there were no controls on child hood disease ‘s….something went wrong with something some where and the vaccines are always the blame..He was really young to have had that many so soon….. I would check the facility closer

  • guest

    De. Wakefield NEVER apologized and this lie continue to be perpetuated by troll on the payroll of big phrma. Please provide the genuine verifiable document demonstrating where Dr. Wakefield had apologized. Below is the court case that was adjudicated in England. The judge found just one problem with the paper and it’s indicated in the condensed version of the transcript. You can go and read the entire thing yourself. Wakefield was not the only researcher on the REPORT-NOT A STUDY. Big pharma in the US and Europe will do and take out anybody to prevent Dr. Wakefield from having his day in the British courts because they have created such a conspiracy theory (in this case the term applies) that they know if he is exonerated-GAME OVER.

    http://www.bailii (dot) org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2012/503.html
    England and Wales High Court (Administrative Court)
    Decision Between:

    CHRISTOPHER MELLOR (instructed by FIELD FISHER WATERHOUSE LLP) for the Respondent
    Hearing dates: 13th. 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th February 2012

    But following the successful appeal of the paper’s senior clinical investigator – John Walker-Smith – the GMC findings that served as the basis for Lancet’s retraction have since been overturned.

    With regard to the GMC’s false claims that the patients in the paper were not “consecutively referred”:

    “157. …Thus construed, this paper does not bear the meaning put upon it by the [GMC] panel. The phrase “consecutively referred” means no more than that the
    children were referred successively, rather than as a single batch, to the Department of Paediatric Gastroenterology.”

    Similarly, the GMC’s rulings that the children in the Lancet paper were subjects of a research project that did not gain ethical approval also proved unfounded:

    “158. …The [GMC] panel’s finding that the description of the patient population in the Lancet paper was misleading would only have been justified if its primary finding that all of the Lancet children were referred for the purposes of research as part of Project 172-96 is sustainable. Because, for the reasons which I have given, it was not, this aspect of its findings must also fall.”

    *****The judge found only one misleading statement in the paper, but it was not because investigations undertaken were unethical experiments described as gaining ethical approval in the paper according to the now-overturned findings on which the paper’s retraction was based. On the contrary, it was because investigations in the paper were described as being ethically approved when most
    were clinically indicated and required no such approval, although a few investigations were ethically approved. This may require an erratum, but it does not justify keeping the paper fully retracted.******

    My research has indicated that Wakefield’s only public statement on the matter occurred during a single press interview, sometime in the late 90’s where the interviewing press person asked a series of leading questions and Wakefield simply made a recommendation that people utilize the single shot. However, I wasn’t “there” so I don’t know for sure. Is there some evidence that Wakefield
    was actively DEMANDING that the U.K. utilize the single shots? I just don’t think that was really the situation and that statement may be misleading. It was the press, in response to Wakefield’s one-time recommendation to err on the side of caution. Also, the letter above states that the retracted Lancet report… it was an “early report” of the clinical findings of the 12 children undergoing treatment by Smith… the report did NOT contain a hypothesis about a link between MMR & autism. I will admit that the hypothesis of the connection of autism to the MMR could be applied to further studies using the scientific method based on the observations reported in the Lancet paper, however, the paper clearly stated that the “official conclusion” was that there was an environmental link.

    I would also like to remind everyone, or anyone new to this subject, that Wakefield claims that he and the other writers of the retracted paper, were asked to remove their reporting of the parents claims. I think it was 9 of the
    12 PARENTS claimed that their children adversely regressed within a short time following their MMR vaccines. Three of the scientists/doctors involved in the
    writing of the paper refused to remove the information about the parents claims. The other writers eventually removed their names from the paper. Wakefield was
    fired, then YEARS LATER out of the blue, accused of misconduct by a journalist. None of the parents who worked with Wakefield and Smith, filed any complaint
    about misconduct by Wakefield or Smith. Smith and Wakefield went up in front of the General Medical Counsel and had their licenses revoked. NONE of the “science” of the paper was EVER found to be “fraudulent” and ALL the children were actually IMPROVING under the care of Smith & with Wakefield’s research efforts. They lost their licenses because the GMC decided that they did not get
    the proper signatures somewhere along the way. Eventually, Smith appealed the ruling by the GMC and his license was reinstated. Wakefield is working to file
    for libel against the journalist & another medical journal that published the journalists false accusations against him.

  • guest


  • Sara

    If YOUR baby’s vaccinated, he shouldn’t be at risk of catching anything from an unvaccinated kid, RIGHT?

  • guest

    one double-blind, placebo-controlled study that can prove the safety and
    effectiveness of vaccines.

    Provide scientific evidence on ANY study which can confirm the long-term safety
    and effectiveness of vaccines.

    Provide scientific evidence which can prove that disease reduction in any part
    of the world, at any point in history was attributable to inoculation of

  • I like your constipation analogy. And consider what happens if the brain becomes “constipated”. It may eventually bloat and brain damage can occur. (Sometimes the parents’ brains get constipated too, for other reasons, making them unable to follow your reasoning.) As far as not being able to get a full-blown infection, I do know 3 moms whose kids got full-blown measles following their shots.

  • AutismDad

    You are off the mark. Vaccines commence allergic reactions and anaphylactic reactions. Peanut oil has been used in vaccines to CAUSE immune system reactions. It then becomes an allegen. Vaccines may also have contaminants and substances that resemble other things like mylein sheath, cartiledge etc. The body is thereby programed to attack itself and react violently to exposures of peanuts etc. The act of vaccinating is unnatural and causes the body to go into immune system shock( fainting, weakness, seizures). Any future exposre triggers a similar response.

  • AutismDad

    I’ll chose who I hate. and I’ll call a load of ___ when I see one.

  • Babette Gamel

    My children were all vaccinated on schedule according to CDC regulations, and they are all perfectly healthy. We have all been getting our flu shots for 13 years and NONE of us has gotten the flu! I’ll take my shots and so will my kids to avoid disease and illness! IDK about a breast feeding time limit, but I do agree with keeping sugar and junk food away from kids!

  • Exactly. The very fact that they got the government to “immunize” them from all liability for vaccine damages should be a red flag to everyone. Obviously, they wouldn’t worry about being sued if they thought their vaccines were harmless.

  • Babette Gamel

    I agree that the mother deserves closure and the reports should have been completed and released to her a very long time ago. To say that vaccines are bad because a nurse may have given her son an overdose of vaccinations or the wrong ones does not make vaccinations bad. It makes the nurse and her supervising doctor negligent in his death. That would be like someone saying their kid was bit by a poodle so now all poodles should be put to sleep. Really?!?! Just ignorant!

  • Becky

    Hope you have a good lawyer and get a Congressman involved or a Senator–and a journalist–your story need to be brought into mainstream. Do it for the baby!

  • guest

    Clinton Orders Human Experiments By Timothy W. Maier
    Executive Order 13139 is requiring military personnel to receive experimental vaccines not approved by the Food and
    Drug Administration. Courts-martial are pending. (White House website no longer has the ex.order posted)

    Anthrax Vaccine Side Effects Disable Many Military
    Veterans, Yet Very Little Help Is Available: http://www.whale (dot) to/vaccine/anthrax_vaccine_side_effects.html


    Military must take all vaccines and mos are experimental. If they don’t they will be court martialed.

    All of American has been subjected to human experiments by the government for decades. Read this obtained by the FOIA: Secret US Human Biological Experimentation
    http://www.apfn (dot) org/apfn/experiment.htm

  • Babette Gamel

    You are too funny Aleks! The only one ignorant and uneducated is you! Please go back to high school or even grade school and learn proper grammar LOL. YOU’RE just too funny!

  • Lea

    You might want to read how the CDC handles vaccine study results that are not consistent with their profit agenda…

    The Great Thimerosal coverup

    TPTB are INTENTIONALLY using innocent babies as ca$h cows for pHARMa dividend$, and the sooner parents wake up to this fact, the sooner we can stop the autism EPIDEMIC!

  • What more evidence do you need? There is no safe way to administer poison. 8 vaccines? Dr. Robert Mendelsohn said the only safe vaccine was the one not given. The amount of aluminum in the vaccines is many times the allowable amount that could be considered safe and aluminum accumulates in your body, leading to dementia and Alzheimer’s, eventually. You sound like you have quite an accumulation of it and are well on your way.

  • Shawna Waisath

    There is NO link to vaccinations and autism! The studies that say there is are a crock of shit! The doctor that did the studies was discredited and lost his license for being a fraud! Take off the tinfoil had because it’s melting your brain!

  • Sara

    Very well said! Get it girl

  • What great information.

  • Good one.

  • guest

    Extremely dangerous.

    Vaccine A: The Covert Government
    Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers and Why GIs Are Only the First Victims By Gary Matsumoto

    1. Many new vaccines feature recombinant DNA. One piece of a deadly germ is inserted or spliced into other organisms, creating bio-engineered microbial
    molecules. To prompt the body to create antibodies to these recombinants, scientists have created deadly oil-based vaccine additives called adjuvants.
    Oil-based adjuvants cause extreme inflammation and animals injected with them always develop painful, incurable auto-immune diseases like multiple sclerosis,
    rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus.

    2. Since Gulf War I, the military has been secretly putting an oil-based adjuvant called SQUALENE into certain experimental lots of military vaccines. Just like lab animals, thousands of soldiers given SQUALENE- laced vaccines have developed disabling auto-immune diseases. Independent researchers have found
    SQUALENE antibodies in these sick soldiers. In 2005, the military admitted that 1,200 military personnel who received anthrax vaccine before going to Iraq recently developed serious illnesses, including memory loss and chronic fatigue.

    3. The military and federal health agencies have long kept their SQUALENE experiments on U.S. military troops secret because they know that oil-based adjuvants wreak havoc with immune function, causing the body to attack itself. Matsumoto documents how federal and military officials have often been caught lying about the SQUALENE in military vaccines.

    4. Matsumoto warns that the National Institutes of Health has funded production of new vaccines for flu, human papilloma virus, malaria, HIV and herpes that also contain SQUALENE. The federal government has been running human clinical tests on these new commercial vaccines and test subjects have not been properly informed of the grave health dangers. Researchers have even found SQUALENE in some of the older vaccines containing tetanus and diphtheria toxoids. Should we wonder why auto-immune diseases like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are now rampant?

    5. The Bush administration is funding development of new bio-warfare vaccines that will also contain oil- based SQUALENE adjuvants like MF59 or MPL. Because
    federal officials know that these vaccines may cause disability or death, legislation to protect vaccine makers from lawsuits is expected to be passed by Congress before the end of 2005.*

    If you become chronically ill from these vaccines, tough luck!

  • Babette Gamel

    LOL. This isn’t about a bad reaction to a properly administered, properly scheduled vaccine. This is about a child possibly dying of SIDS or possibly dying from a nurse’s negligence in possibly giving the wrong vaccine or too much of one vaccine or something other than a vaccine. If she was too sick to take her child to the doctor, then she was clearly too sick to care for her kids so whoever was caring for them should have taken her son to the doctor. If she doesn’t have a car, then that is irresponsible. Nonetheless, she lived two blocks from the hospital. But I happen to know that she DID have a car and a job and simply didn’t take the time to take him to the doctor.

  • stylus

    This is so unbelievably EVIL. You have at least the consolation that he’s in Heaven. God Bless your family. Stay strong.

  • Shawn

    Now Shawna, before you go spouting off scientific terms like “moron”, remember that science doesn’t prove or disprove anything absolutely – it only shows a level of certainty in regard to a given theory. The doctor you are referring to was just one of many theories that vaccines can cause harmful effects. Some, the science community agrees with (but is debatable on whether the smaller risk outweighs the supposed “greater good”). And one unlikely theory does not automatically debunk them all.

  • I think you should take your own advice. Obviously, you missed the point of that remark about seatbelts. Get Sheldon to explain it to you.

  • guest

    There is no documentation that thimerosal has been removed.l Removal was voluntary. Documentation to prove it’s been removed is voluntary. There has been and still is no oversight. Read this:

    Has Mercury Really Been Removed from Vaccines?
    Last month I emailed the CDC to ask this question:
    http://www.ageofautism (dot) com/2007/12/emails-from-cdc.html

  • Babette Gamel

    You think you do? WOW! Too funny! I have three and they have all been properly vaccinated on time according to the CDC schedule and they are all healthy. Oh, and we get the flu shot every year and have not had the flu in over 13 years! Take that crazy!

  • Anna

    We should probably keep in mind that there is no proof that this baby died because of the vaccinations. No one knows exactly what happened. That needs to be figured out first before we start blaming any and everyone. When people are greiving they are looking for someone or something to blame especially when there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer. I recently performed CPR on a two year old who died during an afternoon nap for no apparent reason. He had not recently received any medication or vaccinations and he was also in good health. Unfortunately babies do die unexpectedly without apparent cause.

  • Let’s hear your kind of logic.

  • Shawna Waisath

    Sorry for your loss! It’s possible that she had a allergic reaction to the vaccine. Some people do have issues with vaccines, but not everyone has a problem with them. I’ve been vaccinated and so have my children. Only one of them never had the chickenpox vaccine because he had them in 2009. He ended up passing them to me and I was 29 years old.

  • Babette Gamel
  • Babette Gamel

    That’s true.

  • Babette Gamel

    That is only because people were vaccinated against the disease! That’s why it no longer exists! There was no one left that had it, which is why it died out. DUH! Had it not been for the vaccine, people would still be getting and some dying from it.

  • Shawna Waisath

    Vaccines do NOT cause autism! The doctor who said there was a link was discredited and lost his license.

  • guest

    No, you need to research. The CD, Vaccine makers nor the FDA has provided ABSOLUTELY NO TESTING DOCUMENTS to prove that Thimerosal has been removed from vaccines. It was decided that nothing would be done until the current stock had been used up. So for years after the CDC told the public that no vaccines had thimerosal in them-they were lying. They and the vaccine makers were not going to lose that money. They decided definitely to KEEP Thimerosal in vaccines going to third world countries.

    The AAP flipped it’s position in 2012 and decided they would like Thimerosal to remain in vaccines:

    American Academy of Pediatrics endorses the WHO and states mercury should remain in vaccines. The AAP endorsement of keeping mercury in vaccines is a reversal from its 1999 decision to remove mercury from vaccines.http://www.aap (dot) org/en-us/about-the-aap/aap-press-room/pages/aap-endorses-who-statement-on-thimerosal-in-vaccines.aspx?nfstatus=401&nftoken=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000&nfstatusdescription=ERROR%3a+No+local+token.

    Considering congress and the CDC voted that everything the vaccine makers do is voluntary-including saying what’s in a vaccine-do we really know what is being injected into people.

  • Babette Gamel

    The vaccines were NOT given on schedule. Read again. He was a month and a half behind!!!

  • Shawna Waisath

    I think OhZone’s tinfoil hat has melted his/her brain

  • Babette Gamel

    So if the kid has one type over the other, it is ok to feed their kids garbage? Good to know LOL.

  • guest

    On my comments I provide studies. I notice the pro- vaccine zealots and trolls dmake comments but provide nothing to substantiate their comments. So you people are just engaging in comment blasting just to distract from the story Crystal allowed to be posted.

  • Shawna Waisath

    There are other medical reasons for seizures. Quit blaming vaccines and NO they do NOT cause autism!

  • Babette Gamel

    Clean and health conscious environment? Who are you kidding, other than yourself?

  • Shawna Waisath

    That’s usually an allergic reaction.

  • Babette Gamel

    I agree. Some people are! I always took the time to read about possible side affects before my scheduled appointments. But yes, some don’t read them at all.

  • guest

    There is no longer thimerisol (mercury)) in childhood immunizations.

    Prove it. Please provide the documentation from the CDC. FDA, vaccine maker demonstrating that thimerosal has been removed. All vaccines have “trace” amounts, even the CDC admits it on their website, because it’s the only way they can be purified even though vaccines are the most disgusting product you could ever inject in a person. Vaccines can never be purified.

  • Shawna Waisath

    Go back living under your rock!

  • guest

    “Our air, our water, our fish. I live on the same planet as you”
    troll jargon.

  • guest

    Ingesting mercury is different than injecting it.

    Thank you for pointing that out. I’m waiting for the tuna sandwich analogy to pop up.

  • guest

    It also has formaldehyde.

  • Shawna Waisath

    I’d rather vaccinate then having a chance of getting the diseases. My grandfather had polio and ended up crippled! I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

  • guest


  • Shawna Waisath

    I’ve been vaccinated and I don’t have diabetes. I think your tinfoil hat is on too tight!

  • guest

    Troll talk.

  • Marishka Noyb

    So sorry for your loss…….hope you find out for sure what happened…..and hope you find some peace……………….

  • Shawna Waisath

    As I keep saying in earlier posts, vaccines do NOT cause autism! The doctor that said there was a link lost his license for being a fraud!

  • Who says he apologized? He’s a proven fraud. That is an indisputable fact. Yes, I have a complete copy of the Court of England reading. It is not an exoneration.

  • Shawna Waisath

    Thank you! I had to keep posting that vaccines do not cause autism. :)

  • guest

    SIDS is listed on the Dtap vaccine vial insert. Also, for a vaccine reaction there is a 28 day window. Do some research on PUBMED.

    Possible temporal association between diphtheria-tetanus toxoid-pertussis vaccination and sudden infant death syndrome. Pediatr Infect Dis. 1983 Jan-Feb;2(1):7-11.

    Sudden infant death syndrome and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis-poliomyelitis vaccination status. Fundam Clin Pharmacol. 1995;9(3):263-70.

    Recurrent seizures after diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccine immunization. Onset less than 24 hours after vaccination. DPT vaccines have been associated with recurrent seizures. Am J Dis Child. 1984 Oct;138(10):908-11.

  • guest

    You’re a troll so you operate in misinformation and deceit. I don’t think too many people are going to believe you.

  • Sara

    Just bc you read it on the internet doesn’t make it true..of course the ppl running this shit hole country want you to believe the drs a fraud and he’s out a job, him being otherwise would be unfavorable to their gig. Get it?

  • Shawna Waisath

    The doctor who did the study that says vaccines is the cause of autism lost his medical license for being a fraud! Vaccines do NOT cause autism!

  • guest

    Yes, they do. Read:
    Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information June 7-8, 2000 Simpsonwood Retreat Center Norcross, Georgia. http://www.thinktwice (dot)com/simpwood.pdf

    This is the study the CDC went to great lengths to hide because it confirms that vaccines cause Autism. Also, the former head of the CDC states it:

    CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism:
    https://www.youtube (dot) com/watch?v=Dh-nkD5LSIg&x-yt-cl=85114404&x-yt-ts=1422579428

    96 studies that link vaccines to Autism: http://adventuresinautism.blogspot (dot) com/2007/06/no-evidence-of-any-link.html

  • Lea

    Maybe you should inform Dr Verstraeten, as he was hired by the CDC many years ago to research the vaccine autism link.
    Dr Verstraeten was in a near panic as the data he was analyzing was showing a clear,unassailable, ugly truth: there was a statistically significant relationship between the amount of mercury children were receiving though their vaccines and autism….No matter how he tried to run the numbers he wrote, “The association just won’t go away.”

    Maybe you should also inform CDC Vaccine Scientist Dr William Thompson, who last summer admitted to falsifying studies conducted over 10 years ago to hide the link between the MMR vaccine and autism.
    “Oh my God, I did not believe we did what we did, but we did. It’s all there…this is the lowest point in my career, that I went along with that paper. I have great shame now when I meet families of kids with autism, because I have been part of the problem.”

    -Dr William Thompson, CDC Senior Scientist

  • Doc

    And you will lose and be labled an idiot.

  • guest

    Please provide documentation, studies & data that substantiates that statement “they’ll be dying from the measles, polio, and small pox.”

  • guest

    Can’t check what she doesn’t have. Plus having a heart is beyond her pay grade.

  • Angela Marie

    Then why won’t they give her an autopsy report? It’s been over a year. Why all the run around? Smells extremely fishy to me.

  • Shawna Waisath

    Vaccines do NOT cause autism! Get a clue!

  • Shawna Waisath

    Show proof.

  • Shawna Waisath

    SIDS can happen to a infant up to a year old. I had a friend who lost her son at 6 months from SIDS

  • HelenJo

    Maybe you wont consider this “scientific”, but explain why the Amish communities have virtually NO AUTISM….maybe because they dont vaccinate??? We’re talkin communities of 20,000 people — none! Not ONE case of autism.

  • Shawna Waisath

    Both of you need to take off your tinfoil hats

  • Letitgo

    …but your kid is vaccinated so what do you care

  • guest

    Smallpox vaccine killed more people than it helped. There is not a single study that demonstrated that the smallpox vaccine was effective. Want some numbers:

    Compulsory Vaccination:
    – In 1854, the year England’s compulsory law went into effect, there were dramatic outbreaks throughout the
    – London’s epidemic of 1857-1859 had 14,000 deaths
    1871-1873 all of Europe was wept with the worst epidemic in recorded history, as England and other countries boasted near universal coverage. England
    and Wales incurred more than 45,000 deaths alone.
    – The Philippines’ epidemic of 1917-1919 brought 70,000 deaths (in a population of 11 million) after the US staged a compulsory vaccination campaign there.
    -India’s epidemic of 1953 revealed that 80% of the diseased had at least one small pox vaccination and 50%
    had two or three. (Kempe, 1960)

    Prussia passed a mandatory vaccination law in 1834 for smallpox along with Britain. Even to the point of
    forced vaccination. The results: in Prussia 35 years after this vaccination law, a smallpox epidemic which killed “124,978 of her vaccinated and re-vaccinated
    citizens after thirty-five years of compulsory vaccination!

    1857-9 — 14,244 deaths
    1863-5 — 20,059 deaths
    1868 ——– 44,840 deaths

    ..It is worth pointing out that Edward Jenner, widely feted as the inventor of the smallpox vaccine, tried out the
    first smallpox vaccination on his own 10 month old son. His son remained mentally retarded until his death at the age of 21. Jenner refused to have his second child vaccinated. “—- Dr Vernon Coleman MB http://www.vernoncoleman (dot) com/vaccines.htm

    “During 10 outbreaks of smallpox between 1947 and 1974 nearly 100 people became ill with smallpox—even though they had been vaccinated.”Dr Buchwald
    (The Decline of Tuberculosis despite “Protective” Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D. p. 134

    Smallpox vaccine can lead to TB. Miliraty Doctors discovered this in WWI because something in the vaccine lodges in the lungs.

    CDC director Jeffrey Koplan has admitted that universal
    smallpox vaccination could unleash a significant
    number of side-effects. He said that because many parts of our population do not have a “robust immune system,” a fair number of people could have serious reactions.
    ~Koplan speaking on the PBS special”Bioterror Propaganda” aired by WETA, November 14, 2001

    *Smallpox shot infects soldier’s toddler son Boy critically ill; mom also stricken By Jeremy Manier Tribune staff reporter Published March 17, 2007. Also is on Reuters news service. Also on FOX.

    *July 16, 2009 – Stricken Marine spurs lawmaker’s amendment – Marine Corps Times

    *[2009 July] Vaccine leaves nurse disabled. Nurse fights hospital over smallpox shot” & Vaccine leaves nurse disabled. Nurse fights hospital over smallpox shot The Cincinnati Enquirer • July 12, 2009

    Smallpox was declared eradicated, yet still
    infects humans today. By Viera Scheibner, PhD

    Dr. John Marcinak of the University of Chicago,
    together with CDC experts, confirmed that American Military Personnel are CONTAGIOUS after being Vaccinated.

    You an do a Google search for these articles because they have been moved since originally posted. Or you can go to WHALE.

  • guest

    You’ll be paid for your comment but here you comment is LAME.

  • Shawna Waisath

    My friend lost her son when he was 6 moths old and he hadn’t had his 6 month vaccinations yet

  • Ana Bella

    Babies have been dying unexpectedly for hundreds of years as early as the 1900’s, all within hours of vaccination. Sad but horrifically true. Once the blood of an infant or child is poisoned with High levels of toxins death.can occur with hours or even days.

  • Ana Bella

    Exactly!!! Because they are covering up just like they have been for many many years.

  • freudulant

    Obviously you are another imbecile. Please explain how seatbelts are analogous to vaccines, an invasive procedure. From my own experience they simply sit across your body, they don’t get embedded under your skin or threaten to strangle you when fitted appropriately. They don’t pop open of their own accord during the trip requiring you to put them back on to ensure you are indeed protected by them.

  • freudulant

    Either a moron or he is on the payroll

  • Ana Bella

    Where,would this country be without vaccines??? Seriously there would be 1000’s and 1000’s of less deaths. A healthy immune system can fight off disease better than one poisoned with deadly toxins. Truth is far back as early 1900’s more children and infants died from vaccines then the actual disease itself. Unfortunately big pharma pays off the cdc they pay off,the medical association and everyone coveres up the truth….it’s a big money scam and our precious babies are the lab rats… WAKE UP PEOPLE

  • freudulant

    Can’t prove a negative moron!

  • Dot

    Just take all of the information you currently have and hunt a GOOD MALPRACTICE attorney

  • guest

    Please provide a scientific study that confirms that unvaccinated children have weak immune systems.

    Herd immunity is a failure because it never existed.

    Herd immunity has no basis in vaccine-induced antibody
    production, it is not a scientifically validated concept,
    is not an immunologic idea, but rather an epidemiologic
    construct and cannot be applied to vaccinated communities
    because VACCINES were not part of the OBSERVATION.
    This notion was built on the understanding that children
    developed immunity to a disease after suffering from it.
    Nowadays, we are told that vaccines can achieve the same.
    If we vaccinate the bulk of the herd, we can achieve
    herd immunity. Interestingly, the magic number has gone
    from 50% to 68% and is now 95%! Vaccination campaigns
    are aimed at reaching 95% compliance.
    Vaccinologists adopted the phrase and increased the figure
    from 68% to 95% with no scientific justification as to why,
    and then stated that there had to be 95% vaccine coverage
    to achieve immunity. Essentially, they took Hedrich’s study
    and manipulated it to promote their vaccination programs.

    Difficulties in eliminating measles and controlling rubella and
    mumps: a cross-sectional study of a first measles and rubella
    vaccination and a second measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination. PLoS One. 2014 ;9(2):e89361. Epub 2014 Feb 20. PMID: 24586717
    *China has one of the most vaccination compliant
    populations in the world. In fact, measles vaccine
    is mandatory. So why have they had over 700 measles
    outbreaks from 2009 and 2012 alone? The reported
    coverage of the measles-rubella (MR) or measles-mumps-rubella
    (MMR) vaccine is greater than 99.0% in Zhejiang province.
    However, the incidence of measles, mumps, and rubella
    remains high.”

    -Measles Outbreak in 99.7% Vaccinated Population:
    In A Highly Vaccinated Population Modes Of Transmission And Risk
    Factors For Disease. Am J Epidemiol 1989;129:173-82.

    -Measles Vaccine Failure Amongst 98% Vaccinated
    Student Population:
    Hull HF, Montes JM, Hays PC, Lucero RL. Risk factors
    for measles vaccine failure among immunized students.
    Pediatrics. 1985 Oct;76(4):518-23.

    The 1993 epidemic of pertussis in Cincinnati. Resurgence of
    disease in a highly immunized population of children.
    Christie CD1, Marx ML, Marchant CD, Reising SF.
    N Engl J Med. 1994 Jul 7;331(1):16-21.
    CONCLUSIONS: Since the 1993 pertussis epidemic
    in Cincinnati occurred primarily among children who
    had been appropriately immunized, it is clear that the
    whole-cell pertussis vaccine failed to give full protection
    against the disease.

    I have 47 pages of childhood illness outbreaks in highly vaccinated
    populations. Highly vaccinated means 95% or higher.

  • guest

    Go to Africa. It still exists:

    Smallpox was declared eradicated, yet still infects humans today. By Viera Scheibner, PhDhttp://www.vaccinationcouncil (dot) org/2012/04/02/smallpox-declared-eradicated-while-still-alive-and-well-by-viera-scheibner-phd/

  • guest

    Wrong. Read response to taylor.

  • Gerry los banos

    Where this world be without vaccinces? Simple: dying from countless viral infections and crippled from polio. Vaccines are likely responsible for your being alive and healthy.

  • guest

    Can you say “exonerated”?

  • Flor Jimenez

    Yah probably there is no proof that Mathew die because the 8 vaccinations he got. (Jet) What is so obvious is that documents are been hide for a reason. I know as a fact tha Dr. (Most of them) don’t care about their patients the way they supost too. They are called *practitioners* for a reason. I DONT TRUST DR. All about money. I’m so sorry for your lost Crystal! I’m very very sorry! I lost my baby too… 2 times… Dr. Didn’t know..he told me it was normal , it happens sometimes.. not my fult. I should trust my instincts. But i trust them more.

  • Shawna Waisath

    Vaccines do NOT cause autism! Moron!

  • Babette Gamel

    What’s wrong? Can’t handle the truth lmao.

  • Babette Gamel

    How do we know that she doesn’t have the report? This isn’t a reputable news article or facts submitted into evidence in a court of law. I guarantee you that if this happened to me I would hire an attorney to help me find the truth. It’s been over a year.

  • guest

    Recurrent seizures after diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccine immunization. Onset less than 24 hours after vaccination. Am J Dis Child. 1984 Oct;138(10):908-11.

    The CDC has stated on their webpage on vaccines that seizures are normal after children are vaccinated.

    http://www.fda (dot) gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/SafetyAvailability/VaccineSafety/ucm240037.htm

    The makers of this year’s flu vaccine for children, Sanofi-Aventis, have admitted to a higher than normal incidence of febrile seizures after administration of their vaccine but still insist that no causal link has been made. The uptick in seizures was detected by an early-warning system of the CDC and the FDA, called the Vaccine Adverse
    Event Reporting System (VAERS), that is designed to track vaccine safety.

    IOM report, even though it goes out of its way to excuse vaccines and dismiss safety concerns, still openly admits that vaccines cause measles, febrile seizures, anaphylactic shock and other potentially fatal side effects.
    It also admits that other vaccines are linked to a whole host of bizarre side effects, including skin lesions, difficulty breathing and live virus infections.

    Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality
    http://naturalnews (dot) com/files/Adverse-Effects-of-Vaccines-Evidence-Causality.pdf

  • guest

    Troll response.

  • Shawna Waisath

    If you get sick then don’t go to the doctor or hospital. Go ahead and keep your head in the sand,

  • Excuse yourself please. We are not scum and we are not the other derogatory name you called us. We are definitely not the ignorant ones here. I have a lot of friends who are nurses and they sincerely believe they are doing the right thing when they do the vaccine clinics. My mother was a nurse and when she did the research with me, she totally changed her mind. At one time we all believed in vaccines but it takes strength of character and courage to admit you were wrong and become willing to face the truth. Personally, I do avoid hospitals at all costs. My daughter had 3 rounds of DPT and developed minimal brain damage. My son had one tetanus shot and within an hour he couldn’t walk. He looked at me with such reproach and said “Mummy why did you let that man do this to me?” We used alternative therapies to get the vaccine residue out of their bodies. There were no more vaccines for either of them and no hospital visits for anything other than a broken wrist and a broken elbow from soccer accidents. I appreciate doctors for setting bones and treating emergencies. I never gave either of my children antibiotics or Tylenol – ever. They are 30 and 27, totally healthy. Have the courage to watch the documentary “Bought” and check out scientific evidence on these sites:
    http://www.vaccinechoicecanada.com (formerly vran.org)
    The book – DPT A Shot in the Dark – Barbara Loe Fisher.
    If you don’t take the time to objectively view the other side then you have no right to accuse us as you have. None of us has used such rude terminology as you have.

  • guest

    Please provide a study that confirms schedule matters. Considering there are no studies that confirm vaccines work and are effective I’m sure there is no study that confirms scheduling is an issue.

  • Shawna Waisath

    Go live in a cave then and stay away from me and my kids! Moron!

  • Shawna Waisath

    Jenny McCarthy is a moron!

  • guest

    This has NOTHING to do with the vaccines. The STAFF screwed up and gave the wrong vaccines.

    Really because there are parent on other sites that have complained that Doctors wanted to give their child as many as 14 injections. Catch up with vaccines is a common thing and Doctors don’t blink when it’s done. the fact that the child got double something is nothing new. When a child catches up, something is being doubled.

    Baby boy in hospital after vaccinations: http://www.thechronicle (dot) com.au/news/baby-boy-in-hospital-after-vaccinations/2541710/?ref=hs

    WHEN Kellie Evans bought her 10-week-old baby into a Rockhampton
    medical centre, she didn’t think twice about giving him his routine
    But within minutes of young Brooklyn receiving two immunisations, he stopped breathing.
    After being resuscitated by doctors at the clinic he started having seizures and stopped breathing twice more in that hour.

    Your comment is self-serving nonsense.

  • freudulant

    or the aluminium in breast milk analogy or the formaldehyde in pears or occurring naturally in the body! *rolls eyes*

  • Ana Bella

    Are you speaking for me because. I have never been VACCINATED.

  • Shawna Waisath

    OMG! Vaccines do NOT cause autism! The studies linking the 2 was debunked and the doctor who did the study lost his doctor’s license for being a fraud! Get a clue moron!

  • guest

    No one is stopping you. I’m sure others on this comment board would gladly allow you to be first in line if mandatory vaccine are pushed through. Here’s to get you started:

    Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule—United States – 2015- http://www.cdc (dot) gov/vaccines/schedules/downloads/adult/adult-schedule.pdf

    There is a catch up schedule HHS is working on in conjunction with the CDC. Please take them all and report back your experience.

  • freudulant

    Dose and interactions – both provide all the more reason to actually study the impact of giving numerous vaccines to infants.

  • Watch DR TENT!!!!!!!

    Watch dr tent AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES on U-TUBE u will be glad u did

  • guest

    “I’ve been vaccinated and I don’t have diabetes.”
    But you do have brain damage!

  • Windwhisperer

    You should get an attorney. You’ll have the autopsy report and can then proceed with a law suit if appropriate.

  • Watch DR TENT!!!!!!!


  • Wrong Shawna. The opposite is in fact true. I’m afraid you haven’t kept up with the case. Andrew Wakefield’s partner was exonerated by the court and Wakefield himself will be soon. There is also a whistleblower from the CDC who is testifying that he participated in a coverup, ignoring the studies they had that showed evidence the shots triggered the onset of autism. Sooner or later the truth will be apparent to all, unfortunately, for many children it will be later.

  • guest

    Review of Vaccine Induced Immune Overload and the Resulting Epidemics of
    Type 1 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, Emphasis on Explaining the RecentAccelerations in the Risk of Prediabetes and other Immune Mediated Disease
    http://www.vaccines (dot) net/vaccine-induced-immune-overload.pdf

    Dokheel, T M, “An Epidemic of Childhood

    Diabetes in the United States? Evidence from ….”, Diabetes

    Care, 1993, 16:1606-1611.

    Parent ME, et al, “Bacille

    Calmette-Guerin vaccination and incidence of IDDM in Montreal,

    Canada,” Diabetes Care 1997 May; 20(5):767-772.

    House DV, Winter WE, “Autoimmune

    diabetes. The role of auto-antibody markers in the prediction and

    prevention of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus,” Clin Lab

    Med 1997 Sep; 17(3):499-545.

    Zeigler, M et al , “[Autoantibodies

    in type 1 diabetes mellitus]” Z Arztl Fortbild (Jena). 1994

    Aug; 88(7-8):561-5

  • SHAWNA read the above please and be careful who you call a moron.

  • Watch DR TENT!!!!!!!


  • Annunaki Eddie Monaghan

    Ya when i read pro vaccine comments . If your unvaccinated kid gets my vaccinated kid sick i will sue you ..Ok your kid is vaccinated and if you worship these vaccines so much. Then how is your vaccinated child gone to get sick .. Cause you believe in some herd immunity corporate lies ?Its just pathetic ..I think the pro vaccine subliminally think if my kid gets messed up by vaccines then yours should to ..We want to take you down with us .

  • guest

    Nice try but epic FAIL!

  • guest

    I agree with you.

  • guest

    Wow !!!!!! You actually are a true believer in the MSM. You belong in a museum.

  • Roxanne

    Right? Like Scarlet Fever for which NO vaccine was readily administered. You’ve bought hook, line and sinker the vaccine rescue heroics myth. Mortality from infectious diseases had already plummeted by up to 90% decades prior to the advent of vaccines thanks to improved nutrition, sanitation etc. NOT vaccines which simply rode the coat-tails to claim commercial credit.

  • Edie

    So sorry for your loss of Mathew, but the blame goes squarely on the provider who ordered the injections.

  • Kyla Hamlin
  • HAB
  • Susan

    That prove absolutely nothing, you ignorant fool. You have been protected from countless deadly diseases because the people around you have been vaccinated. Gerry has it right, you are simply ignorant and wrong.

  • llj51

    How about your infant shedding the virus to all the other vaccinated and non-vaccinated children/adults… nice try, troll.

  • It’s funny that these raging mothers don’t see the difference in the vitality of the healthy, vibrant, unvaccinated children, like my grandson, compared to theirs. I see so many babies that stare vacantly and just sit listlessly in their strollers. Their eyes have no sparkle. My daughter and I can recognize vaccine damage when we see it and it makes us very sad that parents are sacrificing their children because the doctors tell them they must follow the schedule. I pray that my grandson can find an equally healthy, unvaccinated girl when he grows up.

  • No test results for safety

    Where are the test results and the safety reports and records I would like to see them and go over them,that’s right THEY DON’T HAVE THEM LOOK AND CALL THEM AND ASK FOR THE SAFETY REPORTS AND WHY THEY DECIEDED TO CHANGE THE VACCINE SCHEDULE???????

  • Roxanne

    Gerry, I used to blindly believe, like you, in the polio vaccine heroics myth, till I was forced to wake up the hard way. Below is the tip of the needle. Please note, that it includes admissions from officialdom… Then there are all the cancers induced by the SV40 contamination which I haven’t even touched on here.
    1) Polio was already on the decline prior to the introduction of the vaccine

    2)- The definition and diagnosis of Polio was changed after the vaccine thereby skewing stats to favour commercial interests

    3)- The link between ‘polio-like paralysis’and DDT spraying has been suppressed

    4)- The devastation caused by both the Salk and Sabin vaccines has been suppressed including SV-40 linked to untold cancers.

    From 1923 to 1953 before the Salk killed virus vaccine was introduced, the polio death rate in the United States and England had already declined on its own by 47% and 55% respectively.
    ***International Mortality Statistics

    “Official data shows that large scale vaccination has failed to obtain any significant improvement of the diseases
    against which they were supposed to provide protection.”
    ***Dr. Albert Sabin, Developer of the Oral Polio vaccine

    “Prior to 1954 any physician who reported paralytic poliomyelitis was doing his patient a service by way of
    subsidizing the cost of hospitalization… two examinations at least twenty-four hours apart was all that was required… In 1955 the criteria were changed …residual paralysis was determined ten to twenty days after onset of illness and again fifty to seventy days after onset…This change In definition meant that in 1955, we started reporting a new disease… Furthermore, diagnostic procedures have continued to be Re-defined. Cocksackie virus
    infections and aseptic meningitis have been distinguished from poliomyelitis…Thus simply in the Change of diagnosis criteria, the number of paralytic cases was pre-deterrmined to decrease.”
    ***Dr. Bernard Greenberg, Chairman of the Committee on Evaluation & Standards of The American Policy Health Association during 1950s testifying
    before Congressional Hearings, 1962

    ***”After vaccination was introduced, cases of aseptic meningitis were reported as a separate disease from polio, but such were counted as polio before the vaccine was introduced. The Ministry of Health admitted that the vaccine status of the individual is a guiding factor
    in diagnosis…If a person who is vaccinated contracts the disease, the disease is simply recorded under a different name…Those who contracted polio after the first inoculation were placed on the non-inoculated list…It’s obvious that this practice of screening statistics, apparently in order to suppress facts unfavourable to immunization, invalidates most of the evidence brought
    forward by the supporters of immunization.”
    ***Maurice Meadow Bayly MRCS, LRCP, ‘The Case Against Vaccination’

    “The U.S.P.H.S. reported that more children who received the Salk vaccine made by Wyeth Labs suffered polio than
    could normally be expected.”
    ***Washington Bureau of the Detroit Free Press, 6/13/55

    “In 1957, a spokesman for the North Carolina Health Department made glowing claims for the efficacy of the Salk vaccine, showing how polio steadily decrease from 1953 to 1957. Hi figures were challenged by Dr. Fred Klenner who pointed out that it wasn’t until 1955 that a
    single person in the state received a polio vaccine injection. Even then injections were administered on a limited basis because of the number of polio
    cases resulting from the vaccine. It wasn’t until 1956 that a single person in the state received a polio vaccine Even then injections were administered on a limited basis because of the number of polio cases resulting from the vaccine. It wasn’t until 1956 that polio vaccinations assumed inspired proportion. The 61% drop in polio cases in 1954 was credited to the Salk vaccine when it wasn’t
    even in the state. By 1957 polio was on the increase.”
    Dr. Walene James, ‘Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth’

    “Doctors and scientists on the staff of the National Institutes of Health during the 1950s were all aware that the Salk vaccine was causing polio. Some frankly stated that it was ‘worthless as a preventative and dangerous to take.’ They refused to vaccinate their own
    children. Health departments banned the inoculation. The Idaho State Health Director angrily declared ‘I hold Salk vaccine and its manufacturers responsible ‘for a polio
    outbreak that several killed Idahoans and hospitalized dozens more…” ‘Vaccines: Are They really Safe and Effective’, N. Miller citing ‘The Poisoned needle’ and data taken from government statistics as reported “Where compulsory vaccination was practiced as in North Carolina
    and Tenesse, Bealle’s investigations report a 400% increase in paralytic and non-paralytic polio during 1959 over 1958.”
    ***William Frederick Koch MD, PhD

    “I got a phone call… This was the health officer of the city of Los Angeles and he said they just got two reports of polio in sime children who had been vaccinated days earlier.”
    ***James Shannon, then Associate Director, National Institute of Health

    “English authorities have cancelled the
    Salk vaccine program as too dangerous.”
    ***Herbert Ratner MD Editor, Bulletin of Public Health Officials

    “When you inoculate children with a polio vaccine you don’t sleep well for two or three weeks.”
    ***Dr. Jonas Salk, Developer of the Killed Virus Polio Vaccine

    “In 1976, Dr. Jonas Salk, the developer of the killed-virus vaccine testified that the live virus vaccine was “the
    principal if not the sole” cause of polio in the U.S. since 1961”
    ***Washington Post 9/ 24/76

    “According to the CDC, 133 people contracted polio between 1980 and 1994. A total of 125 of those cases or an average of eight per year were caused directly by the oral polio vaccine, which consists of a live but weakened virus, the CDC said.”
    ***Associated Press, 1/ 20/97

    “We have heard of localities where the
    polio incidence rose after DDT spraying.”
    Rodale Encyclopedia of Common Diseases, 1963

    “It is quite clear that the authorities are keeping certain information secret. They do their best to hide their
    contributing role concerning the production and misuse of DDT behind a polio-virus and a supposed miracle-vaccine.”
    Gerhard Buchwald MD, citing ‘Polio: An Illness caused by pesticides?’ by Vlado Petek-Dimner

    “In 1983, via new legislation, DDT was allowed back into the U.S. marketplaces but only in pesticide blends. Within only a few months of this re-entry, a new kind of polio epidemic re-emerged labeled “post-polio”…this correlation is not even a whisper in the mainstream media…Central nervous system diseases continue: acute flaccid
    paralysis, chronic fatigue syndrome, encephalitis, meningitis, muscular sclerosis.”
    ‘Environmental Aspects of post Polio Syndrome’

  • RKGgirl

    Sad :( I personally had a terrible reaction to vaccine. We are not quacks and we are not just making things up for the fun of it. Please continue to speak up! Please consider writing/emailing about this issue, and the attempt to propose Adult immunizations plan (no, I am not joking) – The deadline is march 9th, 2015!!!

  • Steve

    Apparently trolling must pay well. The other day I posted a link to an article about the brilliant multi-degreed Dr. Andrew Moulden who at age 49 unexpectedly died in 2013 just two weeks before plans to present some breakthrough information about vaccine risks. He says that every vaccine causes harm because the resultant inflammation dispatches white blood cells into the 60,000 miles of tiny capillaries; that crowds out the much smaller oxygen-carrying red blood cells and so microvascular (stroke) and nerve damage occurs. This can be seen when it affects the 12 cranial nerves by observing the face – you’ll see non-symmetrical eye positions or a drooping of the corner of the mouth. See the lengthy video at http://tiny.cc/vaccinedamage. After I posted the link the other day, within 15 minutes a troll appeared to reply “junk science”.

  • Roxanne

    Really??? So who is protecting you from succumbing to Scarlet Fever for which NO vaccine was readily administered?! Mortality from infectious diseases – shown
    through historical documentation and graphs shows that death from infectious diseases had already plummeted
    drastically decades prior to vaccination thanks to better
    nutrition, sanitation, cleaner drinking water etc.
    BTW, since you seem so concerned about “protecting”
    children, please address how having a generation of
    mothers vaccinated against measles (artificial, inferior
    temporal “immunity” as opposed to natural lifelong immunity) who have inferior and reduced ability to pass on antibodies to their newborns are “protecting” them??? Vaccines – besides all the ill health and harm they cause – are backfiring, including shifting largely benign childhood diseases to OTHER age ranges when the child or adult is more vulnerable.

  • Kevin Straub

    Not in heaven. That is not what the Christian Bible teaches. NOTE:

    Eccl. 9:5 For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.
    9:6 Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any [thing] that is done under the sun.

    The Bible teaches a resurrection at the second coming and THIS is to be our comfort. NOTE the apostle Paul writes:

    1 Thess. 4:13 But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.
    4:14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him [“WITH HIM”-BY THE POWER OF HIS RESURRECTED LIFE].
    4:15 For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive [and] remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them [GO AHEAD OF THEM] which are asleep.
    4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
    4:17 Then we which are alive [and] remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
    4:18 Wherefore comfort one another with these words.

  • Roxanne

    It would be a hell of a lot healthier without ever sicklier children with dumbed down immune systems prone to allergies, ear infections, neurological disabilities, asthma, diabetes, cancer, auto-immune conditions etc… conditions that can be caused or contributed by the poisoned needle.

  • Roxanne

    Your absolutely right. Vaccines are a backward, archaic, outdated,
    irrational modality based on FLAWED assumptions and limited understanding of the incredibly complex immune system – especially that of mere infants.

  • Roxanne

    last paragraph from above should read:

    Vaccines – besides all the ill health and harm they cause – are backfiring, including shifting largely benign childhood diseases to OTHER age ranges when a baby or adult is more vulnerable.

  • Canadian

    Seriously, listen to yourself. If you don’t inject yourself with several carcinogens and animal DNA and several GMO viruses, you won’t be healthy. You’re one of those people that believed doctors when they said smoking was healthy and didn’t cause cancer 50 years ago. Good grief, you make it sound like people were dropping like flies without vaccinations. Using third world statistics to scare you sure worked didn’t it.

  • Roxanne

    Your so lucky not to have had your blood brain barrier violated as a baby, had your thymus function significantly compromised etc by vaccines … I only wish my family and I had woken up many years back to vaccine myths. It would have spared all of us so much needless suffering.

  • Canadian

    Calling others for being ignorant is very ironic when the only leg you have to stand on is the herd immunity myth. You do know even by CDC standards vaccines only work 5-10 years, and that is being generous. Have you gone back and taken the 40 plus vaccines they want to give to every baby regardless of birth weight, premature or underlying medical conditions? Has your partner, your parents, siblings, all your friends and co-workers taken those vaccines? Herd immunity doesn’t exist and hasn’t for decades. That’s just common sense but I see your fear has taken over and dictating your decisions.

  • guest

    not my fult. I should trust my instincts. But i trust them more.

    First, you’re so busy trying to get your 25 cents per word you missed the spell check. Second, if you have no instincts-please don’t have children because you will be a pain to everyone you know because you will be unable to make a decision without asking someone for confirmation. You would be the worst kind of parent because things would not get done in a timely manner except…..for the vaccines. Yea, don’t have kids.

  • Roxanne

    Hmm… If vaccines are responsible for us being alive, please
    explain to me how I’ve known/know plenty of family and friends who passed in their 90’s or 100’s or who are currently those ages and who never got a single vaccine in their lives
    or only got one or two and certainly NOT as babies when
    their critically important blood-brain barriers were not even

  • guest

    We should probably keep in mind that there is no proof that this baby died because of the vaccinations.

    No, we should all keep in mind that this comment board is saturated with trolls like you.

  • guest

    How do we know that she doesn’t have the report?

    why you are a ray of sunshine aren’t you. Your continuous attempts to disparage this Mom has done nothing but the opposite. Like the over saturation of the false flag measles event. Way over the top and at some point it become met thinks they protest too much. Your comments became just chatter a couple of hours ago.

  • av

    I would sue the shit out of those basterds….so bad ooooooo dam when I would be done oooooo lord

  • guest

    I still support vaccines…Good for you. Here’s what in store for the supporters:

    Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule—United States – 2015
    http://www.cdc (dot) gov/vaccines/schedules/downloads/adult/adult-schedule.pdf

    HHS with the CDC are currently working on a catch up schedule. You know, like the one that this child was subjected to so when you go for your vaccines, expect at least 8 maybe 10 depending on your age. I hope you fare better than Matthew did.

  • Roxanne

    What a loss Moulden’s passing is… And meanwhile vaccine
    pusher$ like Paul Offit (Profit!) keep peddling their propaganda and poison which the ignorant, comatose, controlled mass media obediently regurgitate.

  • guest

    Where,would this country be without vaccines???

    Well, the country wouldn’t be experiencing this:

    1976: 1 child in 30 was learning disabled
    →2013: 1 child in 6 is learning disabled.

    1980: 1 child in 27 had asthma
    →2013: 1 child in 9 has asthma.

    1990’s: 1 child in 555 developed autism
    →2013: 1 child in 50 develops autism.

    2001: 1 child in 500 had diabetes
    →2013: 1 child in 400 has diabetes.

    1953: CDC recommended 16 doses of 4 vaccines (smallpox, DPT) between two months and age six.
    1983: CDC recommended 23 doses of 7 vaccines (DPT, MMR, polio) between two months and age six.
    2013: CDC recommended 49 doses of 14 vaccines between day of birth and age six and 69 doses of 16 vaccines between day of birth and age 1.

    Over 50% of children have a chronic condition and 1 in 6 have a neurodevelomental disorder (aka vaccine caused brain injury). Autism and autoimmune disorders are skyrocketing. Injecting aluminum, mercury, aborted fetal tissue, formaldehyde, MSG, diseased monkey kidney, etc. does not bring health.
    Trends in the Prevalence of Developmental Disabilities in US Children, 1997–2008
    -CONCLUSIONS: Developmental disabilities are common and were reported in ∼1 in 6 children in the United States in 2006–2008. The number of children with select developmental disabilities (autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other developmental delays) has increased, requiring more health and education services. Additional study of the influence of risk-factor shifts, changes in acceptance, and benefits of early services is needed.

    The numbers re probably higher now.

  • john

    Classic antivaxer response. Instead of real science based discussion, resorts to name calling to deflect the real issues. There is a real lack of knowledge of the scientific method in this country, it also explains why every respected scientist in the country recognizes global warming is real but much of the lay citizens of the country rejects the notion.

  • guest

    -Please provide study or data to substantiate that statement.

    -Please provide: scientific evidence which can prove that disease reduction in any part of the world, at any point in history was attributable to inoculation of populations?

    -Provide scientific justification on how a vaccine would prevent viruses from mutating?

    -Provide scientific justification as to how injecting a human being with a confirmed neurotoxin is beneficial to
    human health and prevents disease?

    All studies or data must be from Independent scientist/researchers.

  • Roxanne

    “Genetically engineered Hepatitis B vaccines contain polypeptide sequences that are present in human neurologic tissues such as myelin, and that by a mechanism called molecular mimicry, these polypeptides can act as autoantigens which can induce autoimmune demyelinating disease of the brain such as Multiple Sclerosis…. One wonders how the CDC continues to reassure the public about the safety of the Hepatitis B vaccine when they must be aware of thousands of reports to the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System following vaccination including Multiple Sclerosis, Guillan Barre, and autoimmune arthritis; and when there are at least twenty articles in peer reviewed journals medical literature of diseases such as MS and optic neuritis that occurred after Hep. B Vaccanation.”
    ‘A Mortatorium Should Be Placed on This Experiment’, Burton Waisbren MD, FACP, Cell Biologist, Infectious Disease Specialist

  • Babette Gamel

    It’s sad how clueless you are!

  • Roxanne

    So very sorry for your loss and the injustice that invisible vaccine victims –
    whether through death or a multitude of diseases – needlessly suffer….
    *** “As nurses we continually see more and more damaged children entering our schools, and we are very concerned that a major portion of that damage may be due to the Hepatitis B vaccine’s assault on the newborn neurological and immune system…The elementary grades are overwhelmed with children who have symptoms of neurological and/or immune system damage: epilepsy, seizures disorders, various kinds of vision/hearing loss and a multitude of behavior disorders.”

    Patti White, R.N. (To the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice 1999)

  • guest

    Are you talking about the mythical herd immunity. The fact that there are outbreaks of childhood illnesses all around the world disproves that myth. American children are the most vaccinated in the industrialized world. The level of immunization as of 2013 was at 95%. That’s why the current measles episode is pure BS. Where did I get that number-The CDC’s National Vital Statics Reports. It’s the only database they haven’t manipulated.

    American Children Highly Vaccinated.
    In August and September (2013) the CDC published annual reports that once again confirmed American children are among the most highly vaccinated
    in the world. In 2012, 95% of children entering kindergarten had gotten two MMR shots and so had more than 90% of high school students. About 1.8%
    of kindergarten children had a medical or personal belief exemption to vaccination on file with schools.

    Bottom line: 95% of the approximately 75 million children under age 18 have gotten two doses of MMR vaccine and there is also a high measles vaccination rate among young adults in their 20’s and mid-30’s because,
    since 1981, 95% of all children entering kindergarten have received at least one dose of MMR vaccine and three or more doses of diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio containing vaccines.
    CDC website.

  • guest

    Maddie is a troll.

  • guest

    I’ve read DR. Moulden papers. What a brilliant man. I find it highly suspect he died the night he gave the vaccine industry the finger and decided to continue with his work publicly.

  • Babette Gamel

    Only 5% of people with diabetes have type 1. It is very uncommon. Nice try though. So many of you need to do your research. There are no reputable sources that can connect the very rare type 1 diabetes with vaccines. Nice try though!

  • Babette Gamel

    I’m realistic. You should try it some time!

  • guest

    Distraction. Where is the study? The study will speak for itself. Otherwise you’re just talking loud and saying nothing.

  • guest

    So you’ve you’ve read the studies? Because the only way you could make a comment so quickly is if you’ve read the studies. so, did you read the studies? Yes, I’ve read them and have them in a file folder. Downloaded them years ago.

  • Canadian

    regurgitating what the MMS tells you through the screen doesn’t count as research and doesn’t make you well informed either so calling someone else a moron is ironic. And if you did your own research you would realize studying only one ingredient and stating in studies that it doesn’t cause autism is completely invalid. Heard of synergy? There are multiple toxic chemical in vaccines, one will enhance the effects of another when mixed together. The fact that you have to resort to name calling and not address the points says you have nothing to debate with. You are either misinformed or a troll.

  • guest

    No, you’re not realistic, you’re just plain evil. There is a difference.

  • zooii
  • Canadian

    Funny that you say nursing school taught you much more than that. I went to nursing school and didn’t learn jack S%#@ about vaccines, ingredients or side effects, just how to poke people with a needle. Don’t give yourself too much credit. People who are wise have to insight to realize how little they really know.

  • Gerry los banos

    The proof is in history anonymous guest. compare infant and adult deaths due to disease before a vaccine was discovered for said disease and after.

  • Canadian

    Give me a break, you’re one of those people that would freak out over a major chemical spill but wouldn’t think twice about the slow accumulation of poison you’re taking year after year. What kind of nonsensical argument is that? Ingesting a toxin in a closed environment such as your gut is vastly different than injecting it into your blood stream. You really shouldn’t be doling out any knowledge especially since it’s garbage masquerading as knowledge.

  • Roxanne

    Hmm… Like the “scientific method” used to promote vaccines
    as “safe” — study trials that routinely use NON-INERT placebos thereby skewing the results and violating gold standards of implementing proper controls. Or perhaps
    the “science” of “don’t look, don’t find, don’t report” in which countless families have been dealt that ever so “scientific” pronouncement that there is no link to the vaccine without
    so much as a real and transparent investigation.

  • Donna Guziak

    I am so very very sorry for the loss of your precious baby boy. PLEASE don’t blame yourself. There is plenty of blame to go around, but NONE OF IT is yours! Start with the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry that puts profits before the welfare of our children. Then go to the medical profession that takes bribes and kickbacks from the poison peddlers. Then there are the politicians who sell their souls for the campaign contributions from the poison peddlers. And let’s not forget the voters who elect these monsters over and over again. And finally there is the complacent and utterly biases media that spews forth the poison peddlers’ lies. Blame? Yes! BUT NONE FALLS ON YOUR SHOULDERS! You trusted and had faith in those you should have been able to trust. THEY ALL let your beautiful baby down! You loved him and only wanted what was best for him. May God bless you and give you peace. You, your family, and all victims of these criminals are in my prayers.

  • Canadian

    Cry me a river. Isn’t it interesting you brought up preservative free? If it’s available why not make all vaccines preservative free? Great, even if they took it out, we’re still dealing with GMOs, MSG, and animal and fetal DNA, wow, so much better now, where can I line up? Not.

  • Roxanne

    “There are very powerful people in positions of great authority in Britain and elsewhere who have staked their reputations and careers on the safety of the MMR vaccine and they are willing to do almost anything to protect themselves…” Dr. Peter Fletcher, former Chief Scientific Officer, Department. of Health, Great Britain

    Conflicts and questions re. the Wakefield story including:

    — Brian Deer’s journalistic violations and relationship to a front group for The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

    — Media mogul, James Murdoch’s connection to MMR vaccine producer GlaxoSmithKline

    — The General Medical Court’s high judge Nigel Davis’ brother’s connection to GlaxoSmithKline

    — Lancet owner, Chrispin Davis of Reid Elsevier connection to GlaxoSmithKline

    — The Lancet and British Medical Journal signed partnership agreements with MMR vaccine producer Merck **Actually Lancet editor, Horton, TWICE, stood

    by Wakefield’s clinical findings before he backtracked and clearly bowed to political pressure.

    — The first hushed British MMR scandal (Pluserix -Urabe Mumps strain) being linked to Meningitis and death –

    — Why the British Government removed the single measles vaccine option six months after the Lancet paper

    — The indictment of “vaccine-autism debunker”, Dr. Paul Thorsen on over multiple charges in April 2011-media censored, of course!

    Going back, the original conclusion of Dr. Wakefield and his team’s paper NEVER claimed that the MMR was definitively connected with
    autism etc. but that further research was necessary to explore the possibility. This is but one of many PR myths that have been spun and blindly regurgitated by a comatose, controlled media.

    Furthermore, Dr. Wakefield’s research findings have been REPLICATED multiple times internationally, but no thanks to our “free press” all of this is censored.

    In the meantime, his colleague Dr. Walker-Smith who was able to finance and launch an appeal won in the British Court with the judge “quashing” in his words the actions of the GMC… Then there’s Dr. William Thompson of the CDC who has stepped forward (where are the headlines?!) confessing to the tampering of research findings re. vaccines and autism.

    No, thousands of parents seeing their children regress from normal development to serious neurological problems, autism etc. post vaccination KNOW that there is a link between vaccines. All the vaccine apologist “coincidence theorists” in the world can deny the obvious until their blue in the face, but sooner or later the ugly truth re. the vaccine autism cover- up will emerge.

    “We are hundreds of thousands of parents crying the same thing around the world – that vaccines caused our children’s autism and no one wants to hear.” Evelyne Claessens, Montreal Gazette, 1/13/2011

  • Roxanne

    Shawna, your comment shows that you are embarrassingly out of touch and willfully ignorant by simply buying up and parroting what officialdom and their lackeys in media tell you, without an ounce of independent investigation…

    If you had done a semblance of open-minded, independent research re. Dr. Wakefield’s work etc., you would know that there is documentation showing that there was no fraud committed; and that the real scandal concerning the Dr. Wakefield-MMR-Autism story are the false allegations slung against him, instigated, “reported” and judged (and then largely mass media regurgitated) by the very same interest$ who stand to lose millions should current MMR policies come under an investigative microscope.

  • meanqueen

    Get lawyered up, ASAP, as in, yesterday. They are definitely stalling, and stalling for a nefarious reason. I know this family was reeling from the grief and far be it for me to criticize them, but someone in their supportive circle should have stepped in immediately to get the attorney threat letters going. Best of luck to this family and I hope they and all vaccine injured families get justice.

  • Roxanne

    Gee, the next time you stub your toe and feel a rush of pain, don’t connect
    the dots… No, just park your brain and all semblance of common sense and tie your knickers in a knot trying to justify how the pain could have been
    caused from what you ate for breakfast or the socks you chose to put on.

  • Babe

    I have NEVER heard of mixing vaccines in one syringe. Is this a common practice in California? Vaccines shouldn’t be mixed together in one syringe though!!! There’s your start right there! Please get your son justice!

  • Lea

    Well I live in a nice neighborhood where the local stores are mostly health food stores & there are plenty of pristine parks where people run & jog. Most people here actually take care of themselves and avoid the poisons you peddle.

    I guess you never get to see what a health conscious environment looks like from under that rat infested bridge you live under. Lol!

  • Lea

    The CDC admitted the MMR vaccine causes autism. Nice try though.

  • stephanie

    I am so sorry for your loss. My son is 4 1/2 months old right now. He has not gotten his 4 months vaccines yet. He was sick with a fever the day he was supposed to get them. I have been terrified from the beginning to get them done. I am one of those moms who researches EVERYTHING. I am even more scared to take him now because the last thing they told me is that the soonest they can see him will be when he is 6 months and that they will catch him up on all his shots then.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It has touched me in many ways. I will be praying for you and your family. As well as thinking of baby matthew when making the decisions for my son.

  • Neoash

    Thank you for sharing your story, as
    painful as it is. I can only imagine the grief and guilt and your
    story is a startling reminder of the potential reality of vaccines. After
    my six week only son was injected at his check up with the BCG in the UK I had
    not even questioned how I felt about vacines, I then went on to do research and everything that I looked at suggested that the way vaccines are given are
    dangerous considering a child’s immune system is not fully developed until they
    are six years old so putting vaccines into their systems is only going to
    agitate a developing immune system. Many times this shows up as asthma or
    allergies. My eldest received single shots which I had to pay for and
    travel as there are only two places in the UK that do single vaccines.
    With my second son who was born with bilateral hernia and had a major operation at six weeks old I have refused all vaccines. I believe I have made the
    right choice for my children, I make sure they are nutritionally sound and
    treat their illness homeopathically but in reality with so many vocal anti
    vacers about it can be hard to not question my choice but ultimately my
    instincts tell me that I am making the right choice for my children, only time
    will tell and I will have to live with the consequences either way. Much love and healing to you and your little family.

  • meanqueen

    You can’t sue, you fool – it is not a crime to not vaccinate.

  • meanqueen

    There sure are a lot of tightly timed “coincidences” going on across our country!

  • Lea

    Exactly…it’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$… In 1986, Congress passed the NVICP which shields all vaccine makers from ALL liability if their vaccines harm, injure, brain damage, paralyze or kill. After Big Vaccine got a free pass, the following happened….A GIANT vaccine schedule change…


    The cumulative effects for safety have Never been tested. Not once. Ever. It’s one big experiment on our children, and were seeing the catastrophic results.
    And pHARMa is laughing all the way to the bank!!

  • meanqueen

    No, you do some research. Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s co-researcher was just reinstated and exonerated and the judge doing the review said point blank that the original conclusion that led to his losing his medical license was just wrong, and he used that word, “wrong.” It is expected that Dr. Wakefield will also be exonerated because there was nothing askew in the study. If there were, the co-researcher would have not won in court. Pharma is powerful, and they didn’t want this information to come out. Furthermore, if you knew anything at all instead of just parroting what you hear, you’d know that Japan banned the MMR over evidence that it was causing neurological damage and Italy’s court just declared that MMR causes autism. The Great Wall of Big Pharma is beginning to crumble.

  • meanqueen

    No, she can’t.


    If they didn’t put multiple vaccines in each dose, these poor babies would have to be poked 3 or 4 times more than they are now!! SO, how many parents would stand for THAT??


    Tragic, just tragic. My sympathies.

  • Rosa Lopes

    I must say that I share your pain about your loss .However there is no excuse since we have been posting the threat that vaccines pose today not only for children but for others .Bill Gates and the New world order are behind all of this .Your son unfortunate was the giny pig they wanted to experiment with .Vaccines are now created in a special lab and are design but scientists not to save your life but to take it .One more thing I shall remind you is that you seem very concerned with your son’s death but are you concerned with His after life? did you bother taking him to a priest or pastor and have him baptized? or did you believe that he would just end when he died.Well you were wrong .he has a soul and I pray that your child is now in heaven with His Heavenly Father but I doubt it very much as children with original sin or adults for the same matter will either end up in Limbo or hell depending.I will pray to God to have little Mathew baptized by the holy spirit of God so that he can enjoy eternal life in heaven around all the other little Angels May our Lord heal and and mend your hearts…Praying for little Mathew and your family.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Yeah. After all, everyone knows we could have eradicated smallpox with exercise and switching to an organic diet. Use some common sense here, people. This is not a legitimate news source. Why isn’t this being covered locally in Needles? Why doesn’t she have a lawyer? Why doesn’t the hospital have any record of this alleged incident? Anyone wanna buy some beachfront property in Iowa? I’m selling.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Did you know that JFK was assassinated by big pharmaceutical corporations to hide that he was actually dying from a delayed reaction to the vaccines he received as a child? Glenn Beck covered this last week.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Yes, they’re taking a greater medical risk because Mom and Dad wouldn’t stand for 3-4 shots. Are you reading your insane drivel? You claim that the medical community is willing to force vaccines and kill babies for the sake of big pharmaceutical, but they’re afraid of the backlash from parents if they gave three separate shots instead of one?

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Anti-Vaxers are irrational and suffer from an extreme absence of logic because they don’t understand the science. Proof? They are terrified to vaccinate because they believe their child could be harmed even though the majority of the population has been vaccinated and is just fine. On the other hand, they strap their infant into a car seat and drive them places every day in spite of the fact that the number of children killed in car accidents each year outnumber children diagnosed with autism each year by the THOUSANDS.

  • Wrath Child

    Anyone notice there isn’t a single link to verifying source for this story? Just saying, makes the credibility of the story a bit suspect

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Yes, it is much smarter to pay hundreds of dollars for a lawyer to draw up paperwork that your doctor won’t sign rather than switching to a doctor that doesn’t care if you don’t vaccinate. What the hell is wrong with you people? Even if the doctor signed it you’d still refuse the vaccine, wouldn’t you? If you’re willing to vaccinate because the doctor agrees to pay for any damages, you’re proving that you’re weak in your belief and are not convinced that vaccines are dangerous. At the very least, your main concern would clearly be money and not your child’s welfare. If you still won’t vaccinate despite the doctor signing, you’re such a moron that you’re willing to pay a lawyer hundreds just to prove a point. Either way, neither option is about the welfare of your child’s health.

  • clk2010

    Ok…well aside from this being a completely biased site, the schedule does not call for 8 shots at 1 time for any doctor visit….so that should have been a major red flag. The most my kids have gotten at any visit was 2 (although i know some doctors will do up to 3), but never 8….and our ped has never given any oral vaccine. This whole story sounds suspect and i would say it is unfair to blame the vaccines when its pretty obvious that the doctors are to blame here and this would probably warrant a malpractice lawsuit.

  • mystic

    because they don’t understand the science. Proof?

    far from it. we don’t even know how gravity really works.
    we the masses know net to nothing. that’s why this kind of tragedy happens.
    off course all vaccines harm. there is no doubt to that.
    question everything! even your authority, your school, your laws, your doctor, etc. everything.
    most importantly questions your beliefs. what you believe is most likely dead wrong



    Actually COMPREHEND what I said! I said 3 TO 4 TIMES AS MANY SHOTS, NOT 3 OR 4 total shots. DUH!!

    Get your head out of your @$$ and read what is actually posted!!

    Do you think that parents would stand for their children to get 25-35 SEPARATE shots for the vaccine that states and schools are DEMANDING the students get?!

    Yes, I do believe that the drug companies ARE afraid of THAT backlash. THEN the parents would ACTUALLY know MORE

    Some states are trying to FORCE ALL PEOPLE to get EVERY VACCINE THERE IS. Some doctors are REFUSING to keep patients IF THEY REFUSE VACCINATIONS!

    Many of those in charge at the FDA hold stocks in the PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES

    CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These drug companies DO NOT have to make sure the drugs they produce are SAFE. They have IMMUNITY from ANY adverse reactions from their POISONS!
    The TAXPAYERS of this country pay for the ill effects of their drug reactions.

  • Ash

    I do know this family personally and know it did unfortunately happen to them.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    There is not a direct correlation that can be drawn by those supposedly legit numbers and vaccines. Even if the reported side effects are true, why are today’s vaccines not as safe as they used to be? You do realize that kids were getting vaccinated in 1976 too when there were only 1 in 30 kids with a disability versus 1 in 6 today. Clearly vaccinations are not the variable that changed. You know what has changed? We eat more processed food with extremely high levels of corn syrup than we did in 1976. That’s why more Americans are obese today than in 1976 and scientists believe it causes ADD and other disorders in our kids. By your logic, I could claim vaccines cause obesity too.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Don’t confuse them with logic. They can’t handle it in their hyper emotional and conspiratorial state.

  • Shelby L VanMeer LaFreniere

    measles mumps and rubella are all in one dose vaccination…my 35 year old 12-31-2014year old and 27 year old all received vaccinations. I think that polio is the liquid dose

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Really? Okay. What hospital name and what is the doctor’s name?

  • Joede

    What an evil belief you have Rosa. How dare you make threats against innocent little babies and grieving parents. It is the 21st century and religious beliefs are now known to be unevidenced and primitive nonsense. Please do some research and understand that god(s) are imaginary beings. There is zero evidence for the supernatural.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Again, big sweeping statements with nothing to back it up. There is no,doubt that all vaccines harm? Okay, show me some facts that prove that claim beyond the shadow of a doubt. You say people don’t know anything. According to you, we really don’t even know how gravity works (We do, but that’s another topic. If we know so little about everything, how can we know beyond doubt that vaccines are harmful when the overwhelming majority of scientific evidence supports vaccines as safe? I do question everything and then make my decision on fact and provable evidence. You seem to conclude that vaccines are NOT safe and that your opinion is unimpeachable simply by virtue of the fact that you question whether vaccines are safe.

  • the dtap scream made me questi

    The issue with filing suit is that doctors and manufacturers are unable to be sued For vaccine issues. All other issues you can file malpractice and do class action…. but not vaccines. Things that make you go hmmmm….

  • Helizna Kilian

    Read it. Wow, it confirms so much of what I have been thinking! With my own child becoming “ADD” after being given a vac cocktail when she was 9, this is worth the read.


    Yes it would PROVE THE POINT if the doctor isn’t willing to sign the document! What more proof would you need?

    Of course, if you had several families that were interested in the document, cost sharing would lower the individuals’ cost considerably!

    You WOULD be a moron if you then DID have your children vaccinated!

    It is or SHOULD be a PERSONAL DECISION!!!!!!

    Not FORCED on anyone by ANY form of gubbermint! Federal, state or local SCHOOLS!!

  • mamabearmeatball .

    whoops! You are correct; I misread your 3-4 times and thought you said 3-4 shots. I must have been distracted by all the unnecessary capitalization and superfluous punctuation. The point still stands, however. A parent is not going to forgo vaccination just so their kids can avoid the discomfort of shots. Further, the medical industry would actually make more money with multiple shots. More trips to the doctor, more vaccines, more syringes. Even so, the number of shots has nothing to do with whether or not vaccines are safe. Where’s the correlation? I’ll read your links, but I’d be much more likely to change my position and see you as credible if you could provide me with a link to an article from a credible news source like CNN, The L.A. Times, Newsweek, or something equivalent. Just because its on the Internet and they claim to be a news source doesn’t mean it’s a credible. You should know that since you’re so big on questioning “everything.”


    He was not at the age of ACCOUNTABILITY! He WILL be in heaven!

  • mamabearmeatball .

    So scientific evidence that vaccines are safe doesn’t prove anything but a doctor refusing to sign some ridiculous document proves that vaccines are not safe? There is no link that can be proven in a court of law, but a document like that means you can blame everything from autism to bad eyesight to a case of the sniffles on a bad reaction to a vaccine. Even though the doctor would be exonerated in a court case, it still takes time and money to fight a frivolous lawsuit. This is like shooting fish in a barrel with you.


    thank you for admitting you misread my post oh you might want to proofread your post before posting i dont care about a temporary discomfort of shots i care about the lasting effects of the vaccinations yes all those news sources you referred to are totally credible and nothing on the internet is credible you can believe anything you want to believe and i can believe anything i want to believe you only want say that the news sources that confirm your beliefs are credible and any sources that dont agree with your beliefs are not credible my wife had a flu shot almost 23 years ago as an adult after our second child was about 2 years old that vaccination paralyzed her arm for 3 days to this day she still has problems with that arm when we found out we could opt out of vaccinations we opted out our children never had any more vaccinations after that and are rarely ill you might find that those sources you sited will not probably print or have stories against pharmaceutical companies because they get huge amounts of money in advertising revenue from those very companies ever hear that you shouldnt bite the hand that feeds you

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Ah yes. Big Pharma is terrified the comment section on vactruth will bring down the whole house of cards and shine the light on the vaccine’s are safe conspiracy.


    comprehension is not your strong point is it i was referring to that specific doctor if he wouldnt sign the document he doesnt believe vaccinations are safe

  • sabelmouse

    who is they?

  • sabelmouse

    are you maybe counting something like the mmr as 1 shot?

  • Dawn Babcock Papple

    I thought Offit said that babies could safely get 10,000 vaccines safely?

    Are you saying he is lying?

  • Tiffany Braxton Belvin

    I have friends who have children with Autism who state there was absolutely nothing wrong with their babies until after a round of vaccines. The reaction was immediate and all Doctors involved said it was not the vaccine. I don’t understand how your child can hold their head up one day and then all of a sudden after being vaccinated regress and it not correlate. The difference between the vaccines we received as children and those of today is the scheduling. There are more vaccines scheduled in a shorter amount of time and for whatever reason the medical society will not admit that it’s killing and injuring the children. I viewed a side by side comparison of schedule vaccinations from when I was born 1976 and my daughter who was born 2014. It’s scary to think why they are cramming so many vaccines in a short amount of time. Especially those that can be given later and still be effective. I am for vaccinations but don’t believe so many should be given at one time.

  • Tiffany Braxton Belvin

    I’m not sure why your responses to people who have a healthy concern of vaccinations is so callous. Please remember we live in a country that intentionally infected men with syphilis and did not give them treatment in order to observe how they would cope with the disease. That experiment was headed by medical professionals with government funding.

  • Mom

    You have the obligation to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that vaccines don’t cause harm. Where is your proof? Where are the links to your peer reviewed studies that are not funded by the companies making money off the vaccines? Who writes your check as you troll around these sites spreading your lies and vitriol? Merck? Go home. Until your child is vaccine injured or killed you have NO RIGHT to attack those living with the consequences of your employers negligence!

  • bellasmommy41312

    Well the polio vaccine is oral. But ur right my daughter only had 3 shots at a time .

  • NHWCenter

    You can research Naturpaths in your area and consider homeopathic vaccines instead of the toxic medical ones. Or, do what one of my patient’s does and keep him away from the MD at all costs. If your baby is eating, pooping, peeing, sleeping, growing and reaching all the milestones normal for a baby (you can research these too) then why take him to an allopathic MD?

  • Guest

    The immunization starts at 2,4 and six months -their immune system become more stimulated and inflammation can start. I think it is a horrendous mistake to start immunizing so early,their blood brain barrier is not developed and if there is a brain inflammation takes place then this can cause lasting functional damage down the road.

  • MamaCass

    First of all, I think it’s absolutely appalling that the only thing you seem to question is whether this is the true story of an infant’s tragic death or a fiction…and you expect some proof that this actually happened! You seem to base your knowledge on statistical evidence…and yes, the majority of children don’t have adverse reactions to vaccines, but would you want to be the mother of one of those who does? I have to say that in this particular instance, it seems to have been negligence on the part of the physician’s office that lead to this child’s death, but human error is very common (even in the almighty realm of the medical community). The bottom line is, vaccines and all other medical decisions should be a parent’s choice and nobody else’s. It is foolish to blindly sit back and let doctors and nurses inject your child with anything…that’s like handing your child off to a perfect stranger. Do you hire babysitters from Craigslist as well?

  • Guest

    Take your head out of the sand and do some research.Review the ingredients in the vaccines first,then study the VAERS database.Then spend a few thousand ours on Anatomy,Physiology,Pathology,Toxicology,Pharmacology etc.
    Good luck.

  • Ani o

    I agree with you 100%. My son son has adhd, but dont know if jt came from all the vaccines that were given to him when he is little. After my sons diagnosis, with my other 2 children, i started delaying the vaccine process. It does effect the babies body. There is so much proof and stories that point the blame to vaccines. As parents we need to be aware and tell the nurse no!!!

  • Ani o

    Agree!!!!! She has 3 other kids, that shouldve been a red flag!!! Like wait a second my other kids got 3 st 5 month. What are you doing?

  • Bonnie clyde


  • Project Safe Kids

    Also mercury, formaldehyde, and other toxins are added that causes cancers, autism, death, SIDS and other diseases down the line… Vaccines are dangerous. I been.a nurse 18 years and I have been telling parents this.

    I have had parents tell me Im a nurse not a doctor when I advise them on Not vaccinating their children until before entering school and to slow down on the schedule.

  • Royalbird

    The polio vaccine is not oral. The rotavirus vaccine is.

  • Royalbird

    MMR isn’t given until they are one. This baby was five months.

  • Royalbird

    This doesn’t sound at all like it was caused by the vaccines. That is the conclusion these parents jumped to because they felt like they were getting the run around. Autopsies take a long time to process. On TV shows, they don’t because it’s TV. Also, with regard to the cremation, this headline is so sensationalized. The baby was not cremated before an autopsy was performed, nor was he done so without parental consent. If something did go wrong with the cremation, that had nothing to do with vaccines. I am sorry for these parents’ loss, but I do not believe vaccines were the cause. After all, they had successfully vaccinated three older children, so why suddenly become suspicious of something that wasn’t dangerous before? Oh, the propaganda.

  • Project Safe Kids

    After I seen numerous healthy babies DIE, develop autism, blood cancers, abd numerous bus with Otitis Media after vaccinations, I a RN became and Anti Vaxer, my first two children sick all the time after vaccinations and during childhood.

    They are 18 and 24 now. My second two children never been sick except for 1 caught a cold, and a throat infection AFTER picking pacifier off the floor and put it in his mouth st a friend’s house, I had a gut feeling he would be sick that week and yes.., other child hates clothing, liked to wear undies had a child. They are 7 and 2.

    Vaccines have dangerous ingredients and knowing all that I know it appears they are given with toxins to keep Pharma in business 1st and prepare us for hard to cure diseases down.the line, we have more cancers, more autism, more SIDS which is directly linked to ONLY vaccinations than ever. Sad. , vaccines do kill sorry to tell you :-(

  • Project Safe Kids

    Im a nurse, vaccines kill, sterilize, cause cancers, autism, the company that’s making money off these diseases they give you is NOT going to tell you they are killing you!!!!

    Pharma is a Trillion Dollar Business and some bad doctors, or bad advocates
    will say anything If Pharma cuts them a check.

    It’s like the movie SICKO when all the politicians including Hillary Clinton were BOUGHT OFF 25 years ago to stop people from getting healthcare, Rig the drug prices, push Dangerous drugs and vaccines on the market, approve drugs they say is safe but KILLED so many people. I don’t give vaccines anymore from 16 years ago AFTER 2 babies died st the clinic week.of getting vaccines.. We knew.. I only work.with adults now ER, ICU, PACU

  • Guest

    The fontanel does not close until about 12-14 months because their brain is growing and developing.It is dangerous to start an inflammation in developing brains.

  • Joann

    Her child did not get 8 shots. He got 8 vaccines in 3 shots (eg MMR is one shot but contains three vaccines). It is ludicrous that you jump to the story being suspect based on only your experience with your own children. By your own statements, you have shown your limited knowledge on vaccines. Yet, you feel the need to burdon this mom with “It should have been a red flag…” Shame on you.

  • Guest

    The toxic load is higher,their body weight is lower,their immune system is weaker,their blood brain barrier is thinner,lot of them are NOT breastfed and have lower immunity as a result.Get yourself 36-40 vaccines,plus the yearly flu shots and let us know please how you do in 10-15 years ?

  • Tiffany Braxton Belvin

    One women can have multiple children and each pregnancy have a different journey. To say because nothing happened before when other children were vaccinated doesn’t mean that this one time it didn’t. I pay very close attention to my daughter who is 11 months old. Any change in her diet, behavior , etc I can usually pinpoint it to something. So far she has had no reactions to her vaccinations. Not even a fever, but if she did I would be appalled at anyone to tell me that I was fueling propaganda instead of being an attentive parent.

  • Ana Bella

    Your an IDIOT.. you can control what goes in your,child’s bloody… an accident Is just what it sounD’s like an ACCIDENT. STUPID AND IGNORANT COMPARISON!!!

  • Ana Bella

    She’s a moron

  • Babette is a jerk

    She is the parent and it was her choice to wait a couple of weeks to give her baby vaccines. Shame on you for coming on her and writing things like that. It is your choice to vaccinate and she made that choice too. Keep your opinions to yourself and stop making people feel worse than they already feel.

  • Ana Bella

    And u would be singing a completely different tune if it was your once healthy child laying lifeless after a vacc or you were given their ashes,without a goodbye…WHOSE IGNORANT??? I’ve also never had the flu while all my friends running for the,flu shot always do…it’s all bullshit

  • Free People

    “brilliant multi-degreed Dr. Andrew Moulden who at age 49 unexpectedly
    died in 2013 just two weeks before plans to present some breakthrough
    information about vaccine risks.” – you know, GUBMINT has many ways to OFF people who are going to expose their big LIES. They do this all the time. Lying Gubmint has killed MANY truth-tellers.

    Thanks for the link. I had a link (not video), with before and after pictures of vaccine victims, mostly children but even an adult young man who was very handsome before vaccines completely damaged his facial appearance. Every vaccine victim in this assortment of photos showed the physical, obvious pattern of deformity in facial appearance. Lazy eye, vaccines. Droopy lip, eyes, yes…it’s ALL due to vaccine POISON!

    Trolls use the ‘junk science’ or pseudoscience BS all the time in their attempt to fool readers into believing their lies. The junk science is the one they work for. They don’t really get paid a lot. Their ‘bonus’ is based on how many replies they can muster up (this is why I don’t like replying to their rubbish). They are also ‘losers’ who are recruited in bars (info from links online giving info on recruitment of trolls). Their replies are ‘scripted’, copy paste JUNK science.

  • sabelmouse

    i’m not talking about this baby, i’m talking about ckl2010’s babies and i don’t know how old those are.
    it’s always good to know what people are actually talking about before replying.

  • shotofhealth

    Gosh, I just have to comment on a ‘credible news source like CNN’ – Claptrap No News?!! Are you SERIOUS that CNN is credible?! OMG!!! You REALLY are a troll…. If you believe Claptrap No News you are not living in the real world.

  • Jan

    Their child died for no apparent reason and was just given 8 vaccinations. Hmmmm, why would a grieving parent suspect the shots? Sure, their older children survived and we all know every child reacts exactly the same to everything! Really, you think that just because their older children didn’t pass away they shouldn’t look at vaccinations as being suspect?

  • Tiffany Braxton Belvin

    Those are ignorant parents. I’ve had people try to convince me to get the flu vaccine and tell me that my logic is baseless for not getting it. I worked in a nursing home where all of the colleagues who worked in my office received this vaccine. I did not. Every single one of them (5) got the the flu and even came to work a few days while they had it. I was around them every day and never got the flu. I asked a woman who said that I was putting people in danger for not getting the shot how is it that I’m putting them in danger and I never got the flu. Wouldn’t it be they put me in danger?

  • sandra

    Actually, on my county health department website it now lists MMR to be given at 6 months if there will be international travel.
    Not saying that applies to this case, but just know that it’s not strictly for 1 yr. olds anymore.

  • sandra

    The hospital name was in the article.

  • shotofhealth

    Well, Anna, wouldn’t it be great if the authorities actually stopped holding back information so that we COULD find out “exactly what happened”?!!

    When the CDC, FDA and every other governmental agency works SO hard to keep the truth about vaccines from the general public and the medical profession surely you have to ask yourself “why?”.

    Oh but forgive me for being sodding naive – you are a troll! OMG but you guys are so darn obvious.

    And you know what else?! People are WAKING up to the truth. That’s why there is such a panic to make vaccines mandatory and why other nefarious things are going on.

    Those who believe that vaccines are safe are either naive or cold-hearted and callous. Which are you?

  • Nightshade

    I’m sorry to say it, but it sounds like it’s the doctors fault. I wouldn’t blame the vaccinations, only reason is the doctor is supposed to know which vaccinations are supposed to given at what ages. And they should have given you a baby book to know what shots are when as well as what day they were given. If the doctor did their job right I think the baby would have been fine after the vaccinations.

  • Monica

    Who are you to say that? My son almost died after receiving vaccines. Because of people like you the government is going to take away all our rights.

  • Monica

    What are you talking about the DTP is 3 in one! plus Hib and Hep B count, how many is that? 3+1+1=5 plus they get the polio that’s 6. I never heard of a doctor’s visit that was only 2 vaccines.
    Ask questions, don’t just blindly follow doctors, they don’t know everything. Think for yourself. Stop defending something you know nothing about.

  • Monica

    My child was harmed, he almost died after receiving his 4 month’s vaccinations, and guess what, his pediatrician confirmed it was the vaccines.
    Doubt you know more than a pediatrician. Learn before you label people, it sounds ignorant.

  • Grandma

    I believe parents should have the say if their children receive some or any of these vaccines out there today. When my girls were babies I told them how many they would received at any given appointment and turned some down because of the risks and side effects. I would rather pay the co-pays and take them in often then go by their standard way of giving so many and at what the chart goes by. I went without even an asprin when I was pregnant and had no drugs at birth to give them all this at an early age. Parents do need to be smarter then the doctors and manufacturing companies out there about the (drugs) vaccines. The manufactures of the drugs don’t care enough to do the follow research on them. Every parent should have that right to protect their child and say no to anyone of them they don’t feel comfortable about. I have two grandsons who have autism and I do believe the vaccines do play a roll in this. Please do the research because the doctors are just going by what they are told your child should have.

  • 1234

    Didn’t you read the story? He was over vaccinated! He was given 8 vaccines in one day and two of them shouldn’t have been administered. Why would a normal healthy baby just die right after that and the vaccines wouldn’t be to blame?

  • Guest

    He received a total of 8 vaccines in 5 injections! # in one leg, 2 in the other…and yes, it should have been a huge red flag! He also received 2 immunizations that were not appropriate for his age! 5 injections at ANY time in a child’s vaccine schedule is WRONG. This nurse should have double checked, or triple checked, and then conferred with the doctor prior to administering these immunizations – any reasonable nurse would have done so – I would not, in all good conscience, have been to give a 5 1/2 month old baby 5 injections of anything, and I’ve been a nurse for 20+ years.

    That being said, I have nothing but heartache for this poor momma (and her family). I hope that she doesn’t choose NOT to vaccinate in the future, but to delay the schedule instead.

  • Leonda ‘Peterson’ Adams

    He received a total of 8 vaccines in 5 injections! 3 in one leg, 2 in the other…and yes, it should have been a huge red flag! He also received 2 immunizations that were not appropriate for his age! 5 injections at ANY time in a child’s vaccine schedule is WRONG. This nurse should have double checked, or triple checked, and then conferred with the doctor prior to administering these immunizations – any reasonable nurse would have done so – I would not, in all good conscience, have been to give a 5 1/2 month old baby 5 injections of anything, and I’ve been a nurse for 20+ years.

    That being said, I have nothing but heartache for this poor momma (and her family). I hope that she doesn’t choose NOT to vaccinate in the future, but to delay the schedule instead.

  • Rod Johnson

    Bundled vaccines make more profit and are less safe. But…. In 2011, the Supreme Court
    said, ‘Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe, and therefore there shall be no product
    liability lawsuits against manufacturers, even if we could provide evidence
    that the vaccine could be made safer.’

  • Jeanne Ingress

    Parents need to wake up to these atrocities and stop believing the sugar-coated lies of people who are making a lot of money on destroying your children. Follow the money. How much does everyone make off of each ingredient? Multiple vaccines are far worse than single vaccines. You’re allowing the goon squads in white coats to inject diabolical chemical & biological concoctions with unknown interactions between all the toxins into your small child. I guess you haven’t heard of the genocide program yet but there’s an ongoing agenda to get rid of 80-90% of the population, starting with the vaccine program. The toxicities become worse with each passing day so what was done years ago is not the same as what’s being done today. Read about the Paperclip project and how the Nazi scientists were all brought here during and after WWII to take over our pharmaceutical / medical / research / government / education system. They’re here – running the show NOW. This is WWIII. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! When you’re exhausted from crying – get mad! Fight back! Stop buying into their garbage system. Stop paying them. Cut them off. Put them out of business. And for God’s Sake ~ don’t ever ever ever leave your child alone & unattended by strangers making money off your unbearable naivete, ignorance & stupidity. Open you eyes to what’s really going on or it’s only going to get worse!!! Please ~ for your sake & your children & the future of humanity. We either let them kill us all off, or we take a chance & decide to do something! Do something now ~ Do anything! Find out what’s really going on and take a stand.

  • guest233

    American children are the sickest children in our world according to statistics. We have one of the highest infant morality rates as well as autism and neurological damage among our youngest.I have to believe there is indeed a correlation between vaccines and childrens health issues. I have read HINDREDS of reports of infant children dying from sids shortly after receiving vaccines. And another hundred reports of toddlers who right up to day of their vaccines were thriving and happy only to as parents report..the day after vaccines their child was ‘gone’ and ‘vacant’.

  • Thurt113

    What kind of Christian would write that when this family is probably still grieving? Don’t answer- I know, because I have a stepfather-in-law that would say the same kind of ignorant drivel- he’s a “pastor” and he ran off with a congregation member and lived in sin (adulterers, and unmarried for 21 years). So forgive me if I say you are yet another fake, attention seeking, “Christian”.

  • 1234

    There were 8 different viruses and bacteria given in 3 shots! The doctors try to confuse parents by say that they are only getting 3 shots when it’s way more than that. Not to mention all the chemicals and additives in them.

  • JJ

    I took my son in at 18 mo. and the nurses told me it was time for him to vaccinated against chicken pox. I questioned them at the time & asked them why he needed it so early. They TOLD me it was on the schedule, etc. etc. I nervously went ahead and let them vaccinate him, only to come home and research how controversial the topic is and that he didn’t need the vaccine until entering school at 5-6 yrs. old. I wish I hadn’t let them bully me. They were MISINFORMED. After I called the dr.’s office and complained about it, I received a letter telling me that without trust in my physician I would do better to find another one. Hmmmph. Their office screwed up, had an angry parent, and I was told to shove off.

  • jj

    I took my son in at 18 mo. and the nurses told me it was time for him to vaccinated against chicken pox. I questioned them at the time & asked them why he needed it so early. They TOLD me it was on the schedule, etc. etc. I nervously went ahead and let them vaccinate him, only to come home and research how controversial the topic is and that he didn’t need the vaccine until entering school at 5-6 yrs. old. I wish I hadn’t let them bully me. They were MISINFORMED. After I called the dr.’s office and complained about it, I received a letter telling me that without trust in my physician I would do better to find another one. Hmmmph. Their office screwed up, had an angry parent, and I was told to shove off.

  • Stephanie Hutton

    That’s wrong because when I have seen my son he wasn’t behind and they gave him 5 at once I was all about vaccines until I read about them and saw what they are injecting into these small babies!

  • Thank-you for speaking the truth.

  • Shari Peterson

    No vaccines are safe. The body’s natural immunity will stop working if we rely on vaccines. It’s like putting your infant in a wheelchair at birth and not letting his leg muscles develop. Bad bad bad.

    And Louis Pasteur even admitted on his deathbed that he was wrong, it’s not the germ that matters but the terrain (the immune system). Vaccines destroy that immune system…making the germ the winner.

  • Rachel

    I keep reading your posts that state that vaccines are scientifically proven to be safe. Where is your proof on that? I’ve seen right on the CDC website pictures of vaccine injury, and have read the vaccine inserts that list all of the many possible side effects including death. Where have you ever seen anywhere that vaccines have been scientifically proven safe? I’m pretty sure that’s why your not getting anywhere in your arguments, because you don’t know what the hell your talking about. Your just another troll throwing insults around hoping you can bully someone into believing what you believe without having any actual evidence or proof.

  • Shari Peterson

    Insanity. Unavoidable unsafe. Why not just have us drink gasoline? It’s as effective.

  • Guest

    Vaccines increase the toxic load and increase the inflammation in the body to chronic levels.They used mercury in the past now aluminum,a neuro-toxin became the star adjuvant in the vaccines.Please review some aluminum studies from Dr.Shaw and Dr.Petrik to have a clue about some of the neuron damage that is happening. Gardasil for example contains this aluminum adjuvant.Do some research and pull your head out of the sand please.

  • Shari Peterson

    They spend their lives passing regulations due to “safety” and then they indemnify big pharma from lawsuits due to their vaccines being unavoidably unsafe.

    Here’s an idea – STOP ADMINISTERING THEM if they are unsafe, like you do for everything else unsafe.

  • Rachel

    How do you know the hospital in needles doesn’t have any record of this incident? Did you call troll?

  • Erwin Alber

    Thank you for sharing this harrowing story!

    The claim that vaccines prevent diseases is a lie promoted by the medical-pharmaceutical industry. I used to believe in the vaccination nonsense as well until I came across infectious disease mortality graphs based on official government statistics which clearly show that vaccines have not contributed in any way to the remarkable decline of deaths caused by infectious diseases over the past century and that vaccines have never saved anyone’s life.


    This led me to the inevitable conclusion that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

    I have come to regard vaccination as a particularly vile form of organised crime as it takes advantage of parents’ protective instincts towards their children in order to poison their children for profit under the pretext of preventing diseases.

    The vaccine-industry needs to be shut down for good as a matter of urgency to keep our children safe from this government-sponsored medical abuse. In the meantime, keeping one’s child vaccine-free is in my opinion the only sane option.

    Dr Russell Blaylock: Vaccine Program Based Upon Nonsense, Fear, Fairy Tales

  • anonymous

    I do know that vaccines can be fatal which is why we delay and do one at a time. However this family lives in my town and they could not pick up their childs ashes right away due to not having the funds for his cremation. She went on all of the local sites being mean to people and hounding them for not donating. “Guess noone wants to help bury my son, why aren’t people buying his shirts… whatever!” Very rude in my opinion for a grieving mother. She is now pregnant again and I find it odd that now all of a sudden this comes out. Needles is full of under privileged people. I see a law suit coming. Just my opinion.

  • Johnathan M

    8 vaccines at one time, before the age of 6 months?
    A couple who have 3 other children (also vaccinated) and yet, somehow, I’m supposed to be moved to have compassion and feel some remorse for her 4th dying the way it did? Oh the irony, considering all of the couples I see on a regular basis who can’t even conceive a child and the continuing rise of infertility in so many.
    And not demanding to see her baby and just “trusting” that the hospital she left it at is doing whatever necessary instead? Wow, talk about blind faith in the system and the western medical system. I call my mechanic if he has my car more than a few days without an update… the bank if I’m sending in an important check that hasn’t been cashed outside of a week… My baby who was healthy the day before, dies in its sleep and somehow, I’m okay to go home and just wait patiently for some “test results”, like I was ordering up blood work to check my cholesterol, seriously?
    I wouldn’t be able to sleep, eat, constantly retracing my steps of what I could have done wrong and more.
    And statements like, “I didn’t believe a few people who told me this can happen, but it did. And now I have to live with that for the rest of my life, knowing I should have asked questions and researched first, before blindly agreeing to them injecting or giving him anything”.
    Well, thank you for your contribution to the rest of us then. Your child’s death might better serve to wake some people up (unfortunately for you, it’s too late) and in the long run, be better than being a 4th child to an already blessed family.
    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my own son, but honestly, God seems to pass out souls like tic-tacs and to anyone who is capable of getting pregnant these days and frankly, the human race has done enough to be the worst kind of plague this planet has yet to see.
    We’ve decimated so many other species on it, created pollution, create nuclear plants like Chernobyl and Fukushima which if they are damaged or go offline, are not able to be contained and then destroy ever ecosystem and life where it’s fallout comes into contact with. Create artificial viruses (like those found in vaccinations, Dr. Mary’s Monkey SV40 comes to mind here for one). Create artificial scarcities of food, water, energy and many other economic imbalances so that most of our problems are socioeconomic in scope, but I digress. And so…
    Your child, as beautiful and wonderful as every parent thinks they are, would have probably only served to go on to own 2 cars, incur debt (college loans, mortgage, credit cards), had one too many large screen TV’s on too many walls in their house and just became myopic, thinking-inside-the-box, individual who serves to be a cog in the machine of modern society… like you were, until this happened.
    And if this post comes across with a greater degree of contempt, well, that’s because I’ve been aware since I was at least 10 years old (asking the harder questions before that since I was 5). Even back then, I was asking the most obvious questions to those I looked up to, the so called adults (known today as people with arrested development, living at home today for too long and full of narcissistic tendencies expressed through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to pontificate their views) and the answer I often received was, “That’s just the way it is”, as they shrugged their shoulders, not having any other answer to give.
    You remind me of that kind of person. Those with a certain “La-di-da” kind of attitude and of a certain demographic I often see in the affluent area I live in of both old money and nouveau riche; some of which who are the most clueless and out of touch with real life yet afforded better education, opportunities to travel and more at the same time. Money can afford you a great many things, but unfortunately, it’s often the hardships and setbacks of life that build character, intestinal fortitude and wake you the f*ck up as to what’s really going on (like the misguided young patriots who go to war, young, dumb and full of c_m, only to find out that the politics of war and what’s really going on there has little to nothing to do with patriotism, freedom or what they thought they were fighting for).
    So, welcome to your “wake-up call” Mrs. Powers. Pain is sobering, isn’t it?
    I gave up caring after 42 years, a good 25-30 of which I tried to help people wake up (I was kinder, gentler, provided facts and recommended articles for others to come to their own conclusion as to what the truth was back then. I used tact and put on kid gloves all of the time and was never dogmatic or polarized in my own position. Now, I just don’t give a f*ck and the pain I feel is expressed through my harsh comments on posts like this).
    I’ll give you this though… Whereas your child’s death was most likely the result of 8 vaccines in one day (too coincidental to die that very night when no other condition was underlying), other problems with the development of today’s youth and the rise of autism are probably a cumulative affect of vaccines, paired with lack of nutrition in foods (lack of iodine being one of the biggest), paired with GMO foods (which we won’t see the long term damage to DNA/RNA and ways it expresses itself in 20-30 years or more), EMF and cell phone radiation damage as well as exposure to so many other toxicities in our environment (from chemicals used in fracking, to hot particles of radiation from depleted uranium and other fallout in our atmosphere, to pharmaceutical drugs leaching back into our ground water) and much more (MTBE, Bisphenol-A, Aspartame, etc.).
    In other words… consider yourself VERY blessed to have 3 other children who are seemingly healthy yet (hopefully PANDAS or other conditions won’t appear in the next few years of their development or anything else that expresses through their vaccination schedule being followed) and please continue to do whatever you will to “educate” others.
    Either way, it’s game over… The majority of sheople and asleeple have cost so many of us too much over the past century. Their ignorance serving to act as the “rule of law by democracy” which affects the rest of us as a result. If more deaths (like your son’s) will result in people waking up, then by all means, let the great culling of the ignorant begin.

  • erinn430

    That’s a very good point Tiffany! I don’t have children yet. When I do I know I want them to vaccinated, but I think it is a good idea for me to do more research on what vaccines should be given when.

  • DisquisTL

    The idea that all doctors are infallible, and all medical procedures are without risk is a myth that is, in many cases, happily perpetuated by doctors, at which point you can choose to disbelieve the myth, or you can go looking elsewhere in order to lay blame, because There Must Always Be An Exogenous Cause.

  • Shari Peterson

    Often the impacts of vaccinations show up over time, you know, like lung cancer from smoking? The vaccinated children are 2-5 times sicker than the non-vaccinated. Over a lifetime, almost every single ailment, including cancer, are based on or come from inflammatory environment.

    Guess what vaccines cause? Inflammation and with each new vaccine, more inflammation. These incidents with children are caused by the body over-reacting to a foreign invader being directly injected into their tiny innocent bodies, before those bodies have a chance to develop natural immunity.

    This over-reaction is called a cytokine storm and it cannot be controlled. It reflects the damage in the bodies of everyone, they just are a bit healthier at birth, fortunately, but over time these vaccines cause all sorts of ailments and disease regardless of your health at birth.

    You are putting your beautiful babies in wheelchairs at birth and not allowing their leg muscles to develop and you are keeping them in a wheelchair for life after grooming them to accept life in such a state.

    I can already read your mind and the answer is it was never extinguished – polio now goes under “new” names – funny how that happens. And all of the others like smallpox that have dissipated strongly did so because of sanitation and hygiene improvements – smallpox itself actually comes from bedbugs that thrive in dirty, unwashed bedding.

    Compare the charts of cultural awareness of improvements of sanitation and hygiene and the number of cases of such afflictions.

  • Joann

    Ummm, according to the article he received 3 shots. 2 in the leg and 1 in the arm.

    My comment was directed to it not being a red flag for the mom.

    This may be a red flag for a nurse who gives vaccinations day after day, but not a person who isn’t involved in the administering of vaccinations.

    The news media keeps informing us that vaccines are perfectly safe. Our city even opened up a clinic for free MMR shots due to the measles cases in CA. They indicated that if you weren’t sure if you had a MMR just come get another one. It is perfectly safe.

    If a Dr tells a mother we can just catch him up why wouldn’t she trust him? We are supposed to trust him that it is safe to get the shots in the first place.

    I agree that this is an unbelievable heartache for the mom. My heart is with her and her family. I, too, lost a child and it is a hurt that never goes away.

  • Jill

    Geesh. You’re really something there, Johnathan- your increased intellect has pushed out all sense of compassion.
    I’m glad for her sake you didn’t show up at the funeral. You’re the kind of person I’d suggest wearing duct tape over your mouth to any you attend in the future

  • Rachel

    Handle the truth? Yes we can handle truth, however your a troll and the truth is not in you, so move along.

  • johan mann

    I don’t have ANY sympathy for a cretin like this despicabile child breeder.She can’t be called a mother because a real mother will NOT allowed her baby to be injected with poison.poison.They cremated the baby to hide their murder. Btw if you want your child to be healthy let the nature do it’s work not corupted parasites from CDC that are in the big pocket of big pharma.

  • Their little brother died from his vaccines and you think they shouldn’t be scared? This whole debate drives me crazy. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn said the only safe vaccine is one not given. Your grown up kids may not have had any reactions but the aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, and foreign animal tissue is still in their bodies, maybe their liver, thyroid, or pancreas. That’s where they found it in my daughter and detoxed her. Someday this leftover junk will cause a health problem, maybe cancer or another autoimmune disease like arthritis.

  • johan mann

    One of the best post i’ve seen in a long time.

  • juju

    The extreme dangers of vaccines is well known today. Vax makers and administrators such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are 100% immune from liability which ought to make the point very clear: vaccines are ultra poisonous and many times deadly. Given the above there is no excuse for these parents choosing to vaccinate their little boy. This is a case of premeditated murder. Learn from this lethal lesson that those within corporate “government” and hospitals mean to maim and kill us and will suffer no liability for doing so.

  • jennruth116

    I think Jan was being sarcastic. Read her last sentence.

  • johan mann

    She should of had her tubes tide.

  • johan mann

    keep the right info coming,people need to know the truth about vaccines.

  • Canadian

    And oh the ignorance you display. Typical of noncritical thinkers. You can give the same drug to 10 different people and they will all respond differently to that particular drug. So your conclusion is that since her other two children didn’t die it couldn’t be the vaccines. Oh so very scientific of you.

  • Saddened

    I am grieving for you and your family. Like your father, I discontinued vaccinating my children when they when they went to school. The governments are pushing vaccinations. Our Prime Minister Steve Harper stated that parents should listen to the scientists about vaccinations just the other day.

  • Julie Manzo

    i would get a lawyer and go after all of them and get that autopsy report they don’t want you to see

  • johan mann

    maybe vaccinating a baby 8X in one day is not such a great idea

  • momof2

    How about just a solid punch to the trachea? So insensitive and just downright cruel that Johnathan is.

  • Six Million 4 Truth

    You are right about Big Pharma, but no need to be so vile as you start it off with it – disgusting attack on the blind.

  • johan mann

    Perhaps,it just gets me so mad to see that a baby died because his mother that was supposed to protect him was so trusting ,careless and above all stupid

  • Roxanne

    Erinn, I would strongly encourage you to get the book ‘The Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Practitioners’ by Neil Miller which sites over 1,000 studies and is a real eye-opener. I’d also suggest that you read ‘Vaccine-Free: One Hundred Stories of Unvaccinated Children’ by A. Bachmair (not sure if I got the title right) Of paramount importance is understanding that vaccines are based on old, outdated scientific paradigms and are backfiring causing and contributing to many serious health conditions especially when administered to babies who do not even have their blood brain barriers intact and are especially vulnerable to synergistic toxicity and demyelination. Bear in mind that vaccines violate the critically important frontier mucosal membranes of the immune system – and this is huge in its implications. Also, realize that vaccines do not confer real, full lifetime “immunity” and that they potentially shift what are ordinarily benign childhood diseases like chickenpox, the mumps etc. to age ranges such as adulthood when they could be much more serious. Consider that a generation of mothers who were vaccinated against measles, have diminished ability to pass on antibodies to their babies at a stage in life when measles is more problematic. This is but one example of how vaccines are backfiring… Lastly, understand that the best defense against ANY health situation be it an infection, asthma, diabetes etc., is a healthy intact immune system that hasn’t been compromised by
    the forced subjecting of multiple live viruses AT ONCE,
    adjuvants, neurotoxins etc. Mortality from infectious diseases
    plummeted massively decades before vaccination, and those
    who scare the public with unfounded claims that millions
    will succumb to “deadly” diseases are ignorant or propagandists.
    Consider that Scarlet Fever once had a high mortality rate and
    yet today, where are all the SF casualties amongst us? There
    was NO vaccine readily administered for SF – like all infectious
    diseases mortality plummeted thanks to improved nutrition,
    proper sanitation, clean drinking water etc… The best of luck
    to you… Do get the book, if you can.

  • Roxanne

    You’re a whole lot smarter than those doctors, the vast majority of
    whom could not name a fraction of the many dozens of ingredients
    that are found throughout the vaccine schedule.

  • errieballs

    Clearly the only answer is to kill the person who mandated laws that killed the child. Tyrants always feel like they are above the law and rarely feel the repercussions.

  • Dredknott

    You gotta understand…we’re dealing with years and years of indoctrination and brainwashing…made to believe the gov’t and medical industries are all out for our good. It’s a hard thing to accept when first waking up, worse is to have this wake you up.

  • errieballs

    Are they immune from bullets?

  • Roxanne

    Absolutely, not only is it a useless vaccine built on completely
    false unsubstantiated numbers of “flu” casualties annually, but like all vaccines – it poses serious long-term health implications. Are you aware of the research that Dr. Hugh Fudenberg did implicating the vaccine in much higher rates
    of Alzhimers?

  • A man

    Causation does not equal correlation. Unless you are arguing for vaccines then causation does equal correlation. Troll

  • lightseeker

    God bless you and give you strength for the battles to come. If we don’t fight to protect our precious children then we are lost as human beings. Even if you are pro vaccines you have to stand with a parents choice to refuse.

  • Mary Henry

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am sorry for your loss, your baby was a beautiful blessing. You are very courageous. I hope that you can find a lawyer to help you navigate the legal system. They should be able to get a court order to get your son’s autopsy results. If not right away, it may buy you some time
    to extend the time to file your report. May God bless you and your family.

  • Shelby L VanMeer LaFreniere

    no I dont think that their children she be worried about the vaccinations.. that is the parents responsibility not their childrens

  • Roxanne

    So, you understand “science”, huh? Please explain in detail why bypassing
    the critical frontier of the immune system with a potential cocktail of foreign DNA, MULTIPLE live viruses, adjuvants all at one etc., does not impair nor violate the still developing immune system where the blood-brain barrier is not even intact nor induces synergistic toxicity and demyelination… Please
    explain why “scientific” vaccine trials are so shoddy in complete violation
    of scientific integrity???? The irony is that all around us are vaccine
    damaged people – from allergies and asthma through learning and neurological problems to serious auto-immune diseases etc., and so many of the brainwashed public – like you – BLINDLY worship the VERY thing that
    has caused or contributed to their health ailments.

  • Roxanne

    Absolutely… Have you been to the thinktwice site and the
    studies link? It lists only a very small fraction of studies
    implicating vaccines in a slew of conditions and diseases.

  • Her baby is with God. When King David’s first son with Bathsheba died 7 days after birth, David said “He cannot come back to me, but I will go to him someday”. David knew that his child was with God and he would be able to see him again when he died.
    The same Paul you quote says that he was torn between wanting to live so he could spread the Good News of Jesus to more people and wanting to die so he could be with Jesus immediately. When Stephen was stoned to death, he looked up and saw Jesus waiting for him. You need to understand more about the person and character of this Jesus Who is the Word. He would never address this grieving mother in the cold-hearted way you began this post. Shame on you and ask forgiveness for representing Jesus in such a callous way. That little baby is with God. Period.

  • R. R. Roehl

    Pumping a toxic and poisonous menu of vaccine ANTI-BODIES into the body of a helpless baby is more than insane. It is the madness of demon-hearted people. It is pure raw EVIL.

  • Ben Franklin

    Anti-choicers are evil. Pro-ChoiceHealth!

  • Roxanne

    Hi Stephanie, remember that the state and doctors do NOT own your son
    and it is your fundamental right as a parent to reject vaccination. The
    impact of vaccines is cumulative, please consider doing whatever it takes
    to change directions by seeing a supportive well informed ND, MD (though
    most are too indoctrinated or scared not to follow marching orders) etc.
    In the meantime, if you don’t already have it, please get N. Miller’s ‘Vaccine
    Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Practitioners’ with a wealth of
    revealing studies and documentation and share it… The best.

  • christianh

    This at most is a case for the AMA to investigate… Infants should not be given vaccines at that age… Vaccines are “wrapped raw virus” and can interfere with a smaller metabolism…

  • Roxanne

    Yes, Harris Coulter PhD – amongst others – has written extensively
    on how vaccines harm the brain and induce a range of learning and
    neurological problems.

  • Roxanne

    Yep, and mortality from infectious diseases – as has already
    been pointed out repeatedly – plummeted BEFORE vaccines
    came on the scene.

  • hidaya

    I never let the Drs administer more than 2 vaccines at a single visit with a month in between visits! Sorry for your loss.

  • Tiffany Braxton Belvin

    No I haven’t.

  • OhZone

    You are mistaken and should do some research. Vaccines are a multi-billion dollar business. They cause more problems than they prevent.

    This article explores the history of smallpox vaccinationand presents evidence that vaccinating people with cowpox pus did not prevent smallpox, did not save lives and did not eradicate smallpox. Instead it caused deaths and began a pernicious multi-billion dollar vaccine industry. – See more at: http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/2010/02/26/smallpox-vaccine-origins-of-vaccine-madness/#sthash.L0Ckad4p.dpuf

  • vic

    we are born and have to die. Nobody escapes death. To bad that humans do stupid things. Mayb to keep us humble. Ur baby was sooo cute. God Bless U. People have rights and we do need to speak up in every situation over ur children. If possible.

  • Jespotte

    That’s some damn fine fear mongering you got there.

  • Gg

    As parents we share the ultimate responsibility to be informed. Somehow we hide behind its always been done a certain way and my doctor should care more about my family than I do. The only way we move forward is to not act like sheep. As long as there is money to be made in drugs then there will be a conflict. The veil has been removed. It starts at home one family at a time.

  • Jeanine

    An attorney should be able to seize the records. And I completely agree with you about the vaccines. If I should ever have another child I would never ever get them vaccinated. This is a sick world and looking at what has been going on it seems to me that the damage is irreversible. My son had a reaction at 18 months because of the MMR shot. Luckily he is ok now. I believe all these vaccines are the root to all the illnesses. I don’t know a child who is not on some sort of medication. My daughter could be on anxiety medication but I refuse to put her on it. And chose food and working out to deal with the anxiety. These kids are a mess. Luckily I stopped vaccinating. But, since my daughter is older than my son she got more than him and I hate myself for it. I look at my daughter and think who is she going to be able to marry one day and will she be sitting at the bed side of her dying husband because he took so many medications as a child. I am very scared for my children’s future. I wish you luck and I would call for the autopsy every single day.

  • Dr J

    I’m sorry., but you are WAY out there on the medical fringes. You may not be aware of this, but vaccines have eliminated smallpox from the planet Earth , polio has been eliminated from the northern hemisphere, meningococcal meningitis, hemophilus influenza epiglottitis, mumps, measles, chicken pox are but a few of the diseases that were seen commonly 50 years ago, and now are so rare as to make the newspaper headlines when they occur.
    You’re oxidation theories have also been disproven by multiple studies. I don’t know why you still have an MD. You clearly are not competent to justify and retain that honour.

  • desertspeaks

    It’s easier to hide murder when you cremate the body of your victim!

  • ccdaddy

    That’s some fine Pharma shielding, you got going on there.

  • ccdaddy

    You never let them administer more than two vaccines at one time.

    So in other words, let me rephrase that statement. I only let them inject my child, with only two vaccines, containing multiple heavy metals and IQ lowering neural-toxins. Good for you! Do some research of your own, and find out what is in those vaccine vials. I assure you from that point on, you should be praying to God almighty. And begging him, to not let those poisons that you allowed to be injected into your child. Affect him or her.

  • ccdaddy

    If it is a vaccine death, the NVICP only pays 250,000 dollars to the child’s parents.

  • Roxanne

    continued to ‘Mamabearmeatball’:

    “There can be no doubt that vaccination was a definite causal factor and no chance coincidence”
    Data confirming encephalomyelitis following smallpox vaccination,
    ***Lancet, September & October 1926

    “In regions in which there is no organized vaccination of the population, general paralysis is rare…” ***JAMA, July 1926

    “Around the turn of the 20th century, people began reporting paralytic illness AFTER the smallpox vaccination. By the 1920s, infantile paralysis (later renamed polio) began to emerge as an important new disease that often afflicted the limb that had been vaccinated. And later when…vaccines gained widespread use, illness and paralytic episodes following vaccination became common knowledge…” Edda West, Polio Perspectives

    “One soldier told me that the army hospitals were filled with cases of infantile paralysis and he wondered why a grown man should have an infant disease. Now, we know that paralysis is a common after-effect of vaccine poisoning. Those at home didn’t get the paralysis until after the world-wide vaccination campaign in 1918.” ***Eleanor McBean PhD, Author,’The Poisoned Needle’

    “It is now accepted that the risks of routine smallpox vaccination outweigh those of natural infection.” ***British Medical Journal 1/5/76

  • nic

    Always expect the worst if u walk into a medical facility. U went there they didnt drag u in. Never there fault. Isnt that why u want ur kids to become a Dr. or Lawyer. And never will they get blamed. Who did it? Peace be with u is all i can say in this mixed up world.

  • Roxanne

    To ‘Mamabearmeatball’, since you raised the smallpox vaccine heroics myth
    further down this thread…
    “There is no question but that perfect sanitation has almost obliterated this disease (smallpox) and sooner or later will dispose of it entirely. Of course when that time comes, in all probability the credit will be given to vaccination.”
    ***John Tilden MD (1851-1940)

    “How is it that smallpox is five times as likely to be fatal in the vaccinated as in the unvaccinated? How is it that in some of our most highly vaccinated towns, smallpox is rife whilst in some of our most poorly vaccinated towns such as Leicester, it is almost unknown? How is it that something like 80% of the cases admitted into the Metropolitan Board Smallpox Hospital have been vaccinated, whilst only 20% have not been vaccinated.” ***Dr. L. Parry, British Medical Journal, 1/21/28

    “In the Cologne epidemic of 1870, 173 vaccinated persons were attacked before the first unvaccinated one. In Liegnite in 1871, the first unvaccinated to suffer was 225th on the list.”
    ***William T. Collins MD, MRCS 1883

    “Since the passing of the Compulsory Vaccination Act in (Britain) 1853 we have had no less than three distinct epidemics. In 1857-9. We had more than 14,000 deaths from small pox. In the 1863-5 epidemic the deaths increased to 20,000 and in the 1871-2 they totaled up to 44,800.” ***Walter Hadwen MD, MRCS LRCP, LSA

    “Smallpox was on the way out, indeed epidemics disappeared decades before the World Health Organization decided to conduct the final “eradication” campaign. It is also well-documented that the largest epidemics occurred in the most highly vaccinated populations, while the unvaccinated did not have the same epidemics.” ***Viera Scheibner, PhD, Scientific Researcher and Author

    “If vaccines are so effective in preventing disease why have epidemics occurred around the world following mass vaccination programs? In the Philippines for example, “after ten years of compulsory inoculation against smallpox (25 million shots) over 170,000 got smallpox and 75,000 deaths were recorded between 1911 and 1920″” ***Townsend Letter for Doctors article “Are Vaccines Generally Detrimental to the Human Defence System” Feb/Mar 1994

    “Early in this century, the Philippines experienced their worst smallpox ever after people received 24.5 million vaccine doses.”
    ***Dr. William Howard Hay, Address to Medicial Freedom Society, 6/25/37

    “From the time in which smallpox was practically eradicated in the city of Manila, to the year 1918 (about nine years) in which the epidemic appears – certainly in one of its severest forms – hundreds after hundreds of thousands were yearly vaccinated, with the most unfortunate result that the 1918 epidemic looks, prima facie, as a flagrant failure of the classic immunization towards future Epidemics.” ***Report of the Public Health Service 1920 (discussing smallpox in Manila)

  • onetwothreefour

    Did you circumcise him, Crystal?

  • Roxanne

    So sorry for your tragic loss… That newborn babies across the country are assaulted with the Hep B Vaccine everyday is an act of criminality… from vision and hearing impairments to neurological and auto-immune damage etc.

    ***The Hepatitis B Vaccine and Vision Loss:

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    AADRAC. Australian Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee: Reactions to hepatitis B vaccines. Austr Adv Drug React Bull;1990.

    Nagafuchi S. Tokiyam K. Kashiwagi S. Yayashi S. Imayama S. Niho Y. Eosinophillia after intradermal hepatitis B vaccination. Lancet. 1993;342:998.

  • cherrymisra

    To all- Please- Now is the time to step up to the plate and show the government what you think about forced vaccination. Go to Autism Action Network and check out the petitions being made against forced vaccination. What science fiction nation do we live in that people who refuse to remove mercury and aluminium from childrens vaccines- actually anyones vaccines – now think that they can force these on us ? My daughter is a pediatrician, but I tell her ” Dont vaccinate your kids just so that some guy in Europe can buy a new yacht or a new Picasso.
    And one more thing to bear in mind- Watch the youtube videos of the great mercury toxicologists of America such as Dr. Boyd E. Haley- and notice carefully the little hints that add up to one big hint that they all feel that mercury in vaccines , fish, and dentistry, is the cause of both autism and Alzheimers Disease. And they can tell you the research that has been done that bolsters this conclusion.
    Just give up on the public health people , avoid doctors as much as possible. They have too many invasive procedures and dangerous medicines . learn to keep your immune system healthy and begin to study health, science, medicine for yourself. You can do it !
    I thank this wonderful mother for telling her story. Its not her fault- We have all been so brainwashed to believe that doctors and nurses care about our infants. Many of them are caring people at heart, but their profession has been penetrated by the influence of the pharmaceutical companies.

  • Roxanne

    Hi Saddened, It’s too bad that corporate coddler Harper doesn’t heed the words of a true and uncorrupted scientist such as Dr. Shiv Chopra (35 year senior Health Canada Scientist turned whistleblower) who called vaccines… “CLUSTER BOMBS”
    Dr Chopra:

    “Anyone knowing the basics of biology should know:
    1. That all vaccines by their very nature are antigens and that every antigen by defintion must be a foreign protein or a substance attached to one’s own or some other foreign protein;

    2. That no foreign protein can be absorbed into the blood stream unless it is digested in the alimentary canal into its basic amino acids;

    3. That it is these amino acids which after being absorbed into the blood stream are reconstituted into one’s own proteins and it is these proteins which distinguishes every being of existence into self and non-self.

    4. That any interference or tampering with these laws of existence can bring calamity to the being in which it occurs such as by causing auto-immune conditions like autism, etc. This is precisely what may be occurring due to vaccine injections… . The foreign proteins in vaccines originate from not only the infectious organisms against which one wishes to produce infection-fighting antibodies but also the artificial media in which these organisms are grown. Contained in such media may include one or more of the following materials: bovine serum, horse serum, chicken egg, monkey kidney, insect cells and even human fetal cells. Apart from the foreign proteins, vaccines may also contain other harmful substances, including mercury, aluminum, formalin, oily adjuvants, etc., plus untold number of stray viruses with the potential to cause cancer, serum-hepatitis, and so on.”

  • JoceySue

    All 5 of my children are fully vaccinated. However, I feel that it was the health care professionals who are at fault. They should have know that giving 2 visits worth of vaccines at one time is not correct and can have bad side effects. The spacing between vaccines is there for a reason. I hope that you have changed doctors so your new baby isn’t subjected to doctors who do not know how to properly care for a child.

  • annettemhall

    You can sue under certain circumstance. One being fraud.

  • Saddened

    Really….. Jespotte what a ignorant comment to make!!!!!!

  • sarah

    I have made my own schedule for vaccinating my children, and what I mean is, what shots they receive, how many at one time and when (age) they receive them. One example My youngest is 10 and has yet to receive the polio vaccine, give me all the flak you want, tell me I’m a bad mom if it makes you feel better.
    I get the occasional doctor that will give me the stink eye and want to go by the required schedule, but I ask them is this your child or mine, okay then.

  • N

    Thank you for sharing. So sorry for your loss

  • Saddened

    What an inappropriate comment to make!

  • Vanessa Islas

    so when should a child be vaccinated? and when should they not be.. i never heard of this HEpB and A vaccine.. did i get that in the 80’s ? or is this new mumbo jumbo medical lingo..i heard that babies should not get really vaccinated until 6months old and that should be the first time they get vaccinated..they should avoid those daycare centers too..

  • Saddened

    What an inappropriate question to ask . I am sure that she will tell you if she did circumcise, when and who was the doctor if you need to know. This mother is giving out information that is important, we either accept it or not. If we are not willing to accept the truth then don’t bother to make comments like yours!!!

  • My deepest condolences for your loss….. One can never replace a Child… At best we learn to live with the empty space created in their absence…. Know that the spark that was his fire still burns on…. just in another place… For a while, he may be with God… But eventually he will find a new awareness and continue the eternal journey

  • Maja

    Sad, just sad! Can’t imagine what you are going through. I hope your story will open many people’s eyes and will make them realize that learning about the good and the bad about vaccines before making any decisions is extremely important!!! Read, learn, save!

  • Lauren B

    I am in tears right now for Matthew…as well as you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss. I could never imagine nor would want to, your pain. Thank you for sharing your story, you have now raised questions and concerns as to how I handle my children’s vaccine. With all my love for you,
    Lauren B.

  • StevePackard

    The tact that this has absolutely nothing to do with his being vaccinated means nothing to the dishonest bastards who publish this site. You should be ashamed of yourselves for using this tragedy to advance your lies. I’m sure you won’t be.

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    don’t comply..you must first act like a free citizen before you can be treated like one…especially now when they truly think they have us under their control..peace.

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    please sign any petitions that are circulating against forced vaccination..this not just about this generation, but all generations in the future..

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    each shot can include more than virus or disease…one can hold as many as three viruses…

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    its the APA that makes this “standard practice”…

  • lovemygrandchildskylar


  • Roxanne

    A mom who asks questions and doesn’t just bow to the medical
    hierarchy is a positive thing. Sarah, what vaccines you choose to administer or not, is, of course, completely your choice but I’d encourage you to read up more about the actual history of the polio vaccine, the true nature of wild polio, and the health implications of this as with all other vaccines. A couple of good books to access is ‘Dissolving Illusions’ by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and ‘The Vaccine
    Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Practitioners’ which is
    a must-read citing over one thousand eye-opening studies
    and revealing historical data re. vaccine deception and myths.
    The best to you and your children.

  • Guest

    How do you know this had nothing to do with being vaccinated? Have you seen the autopsy report?

  • LegalBeagle

    Please, please get a good med mal attorney. You need someone to slam this into action using all of the legal options at your disposal, before the 2-year timeframe is up. Please call the best and biggest one that you can find today. It will be money well spent.

  • Roxanne

    Vanessa, we’ve all been brainwashed to think that vaccines are necessary at all…Research comparing unvaccinated versus vaccinated dogs; unvaccinated versus vaccinated primates show disturbing trends with the vaccinated being more health compromised especially for auto-immune and neurological disorders. Unofficial studies comparing humans suggest that the unvaccinated are, indeed, healthier than their vaccinated counterparts…
    Vanessa, the more you research and question what we’ve been indoctrinated to believe re. vaccinations from fake, manipulated stats, historical deception, infectious disease
    fear mongering etc., the more it becomes abundantly clear that natural immunity is vastly more complex and superior to the outdated, dangerous practice of vaccination that violates and BYPASSES the primary first line of the immune system – the mucosal membranes and directly subjects the body it to foreign matter, MULTIPLE live viruses, adjuvants etc. that were never meant to be INJECTED directly into the body. In short, human beings are not born fundamentally flawed or vaccine deficient.
    (And bear in mind, that death from infectious diseases
    plummeted massively before vaccines came on the scene
    due to cleaner drinking water, better nutrition, sanitation
    Yes, vaccines take a greater toll in babies who
    don’t even have their blood brain barriers intact but vaccination at any age is a violation of basic human biology and could potentially set up the person for long-term damage from auto-immune conditions etc. Please
    consider getting the book ‘The Vaccine Safety Manual
    for Concerned Families and Practitioners’ by Neil Miller
    and ‘Vaccine Free…’ by Andreas Bachmair. The best.

  • DrKeteDC

    Worshiping at the alter of the Church of Modern Medicine means you lost your ability to examine facts. Hospitals and medicos will cover up. Did they in this case? They know but we don’t. Keep the choice to refuse vaccines legal and we will find the truth someday. If you want to vaccinate, then go right ahead. Stop forcing those of us who don’t want to do it.

  • Susan Leigh Thaxton

    Shame on YOU StevePackard!!! Some vaccines actually do more harm than good. And NO newborn should be given so many at one time!

  • Roxanne

    Wow, that’s a really scientific, rational defense of the “vaccine’s innocence”.
    Yes, yet another ‘It’s all a CINCIDENCE theory’ – never the vaccine.
    Please state specifically what “lies” you are referring to and substantiate
    your claims.

  • Susan Leigh Thaxton

    I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you can find some peace knowing you might be helping another mother. God Bless you and your little Angel.

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    the evil part is : Manufacturers and your kids doctor are smart,…and they know full well the damage the vaccines do…THEY DON’T CARE….can it be said any clearer?

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    what the doctor did is standard practice…many babies die from vaccines…it is not unusual…

  • Johnathan M


    Anyone who can get pregnant will get a soul for their baby. God passes them out like Tic-Tacs it seems. And even more sad, there are people who like to be entertained by the misery of others, as evidenced by shows like The Jerry Springer show and war throughout the entire world.

    Don’t try to understand it anymore… Live your life and be as good a person as you can to affect those you can help the most. Everything else is a just a sick joke.

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    doctors do want they want….you are better to get a doctor that understands the harm vaccines do…

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    anddddd….it’s standard practice to do “catch up” vaccines…this is not uncommon…and doctors do know the harm they are doing, as well….

  • km

    watch you state’s statute of limitations. if you go past it, you lose your right to sue

  • Piper

    Why is that we as parents blame everybody else for our own mistakes? Read up on vaccines and when they r due, and which ones your children need. I’m not a medical person but as a parent there is no way in he** I would have allowed my baby 8 vaccines in one visit. Childhood diseases are on rise again people and that is because so many opt out of vaccinations. Be smart read up and ask questions, I am very sorry for this family and that little boy but wake up.

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    omg after all of that, you still think it’s ok to vaccinate a baby/hild?…oh, wait, your job depends on it?….isn’t that what you’re there for?…

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    it’s the doctor’s fault, and the APA, that sets mandates or standard practices, that their doctors must follow, or not be allowed to call themselves APA certified doctors….and they make money by giving all those shots as well, so its a win win for the APA pediatricians…

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    three shots, but not 3 vaccines..

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    “to be given”…means it’s mandatory?…or suggested?….I’ve never cared what my county health department says about anything to do with my family…but I think, with all the push to make vaccines mandatory, they are celebrated at all of the medical establishments….private and governmental…parents have already lost their kids to hospitals and governmental agencies, because the don’t agree with the diagnoses/treatment….they use our court system to kidnap children in this country today…

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    and all the rest of us think it is you who are ignorant…I know that bullying is rampant in the medical community…all of what you say here about the benefits of vaccines are wrong….sanitation, healthy foods, knowledge about bacteria and viruses, and how they spread disease, are among the many reasons those diseases have been minimized…there are reports that show that wherever large numbers of people were vaccinated for smallpox, epidemics have broken out, for one….most polio today is the strain found in vaccines, not wild polio…most of the outbreaks today are happening among highly vaccinated populations, live vaccine shedding spreading disease…were do you get your information ?…WebMD?….Wikipedia?…. science done by vaccine companies?….don’t come here spreading your ignorance…we are more than enough educated to understand that what you say is nothing but vaccine propaganda…..

  • Georgia Girl

    Look up Dr Tenpenney. She is a medical doctor and can tell you exactly what vaccines do. I am a grandma now, but if I had to make the decision today, there are only one or two vaccines I would allow…So sorry for your loss.

  • Mona

    Do your research, vaccines are keeping these deadly diseases alive, not the unvaccinated!

  • Shelley Matzelt Samples

    If the baby had brown, mucus coming from his nose, he may have had reflux. My niece stopped breathing from reflux when she was a baby. Thank God someone was there when it happened.

  • Tammy

    My heart goes out to all parents who have lost children due to believing the system that vaccines are safe. We take our kids to the doctors because we respect and trust them to keep our families safe. This is nothing but genocide. This parents has other children who did not pass after vaccines. Don’t judge her! This is a tragic event. This baby is now with Jesus and won’t have to face any more horrors of this sick world!

  • Kevin Straub

    Dear Linda, We can never shame a person into truth. Such tactics will only close minds. I would like to share a little more with you right here, even on this page. The grieving mother of this child, Matthew can be comforted with the truth.

    I understand that you are emphatic and convicted on this teaching, as are most mainstream Christians, but it simply is not what the Bible teaches. Matthew is not with God; he awaits the resurrection at Christ’s coming, and the mother, if faithful to God, will go to be with Christ, along with her baby AT THAT TIME.

    Man does not have a spirit or soul that has a consciousness outside of the body. I believe I showed this already in text. We cannot pit text against text, but we must make them all harmonize. When Paul
    mentions departing and being with Christ, he was not teaching that there is something that lives on beyond the body. Paul taught resurrection and so did Jesus. The spirit and soul are variously rendered properly as the seat of being, psyche, and emotion, other times simply as the “breath” (wind) but never as an independent conscious entity. If a deceased person appears to anyone, it is a lying spirit, a demon, doing an
    impersonation, for purposes of deception. This is why necromancy (speaking with “the dead” is forbidden in Scripture.)

    Contrary to your accusation of my being cold and callous, I am simply following Paul’s suggestion to “comfort one another with these words.” Did you read what words those were before having your
    knee-jerk reaction? Paul outlines that the dead will rise at the second coming of Christ and together with the living righteous will ascend to Christ in the air.
    This may be different than what you believe; I am well aware of the dispensationalist/futurism that passes for Biblical exegesis but this is a construct created in recent
    history by Jesuit scholar Franciso Ribera, commissioned by the papacy to take the heat off of the papacy, as outlined in prophecy in the “historicist” model of interpretation, the apostolic and Biblical model.

    I am a kind and caring Christian man and I believe in the Bible. I do understand a little of the person and character of Jesus, in fact I have a published book on the subject (As He Is: Issues in the ‘Character of God’ Controversy published by TEACH Services, Inc.)

    Now, as for the state of man in death, he goes to the grave and is not aware of anything until Christ should call him up. The righteous at His coming and the wicked at the end of the millennium for judgment. The wicked do not go to some place of burning hell. This indicates a
    bad understanding of Scripture, for if you translate the word, it means simply, “the grave.” The idea of a God who would torture people for eternity for a lifetime of sin is so off-the-scale bizarre and monstrously wicked that it has to make any thinking person pause in their tracks to consider if the Scriptures really teach this. This popular Christian interpretation of the Bible is why there is so much ridicule of the Bible, of God, of religion. It creates atheism. Why should we get upset with a few maniacs cutting heads off for their God when God is far worse than that? REALLY!

    No, the wicked will be destroyed and be no more. I’ll give two texts for now:

    “And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do [this], saith the LORD of hosts” (Mal. 4:3)

    “For as ye have drunk upon my holy mountain, [so] shall all the heathen drink continually, yea, they shall drink, and they shall swallow down, and they shall be as though they had not been” (Obad. 1:16).

    So, from the perspective of the state of man in death, Paul could say “depart and be with Christ,” for the experiential reality of it is that the next conscious instant is the resurrection. Death is a sleep. Jesus specifically stated this in respect to His friend Lazarus, who
    had passed away.

    “Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go that I may awake him out of sleep” (John 11:11).

    The disciples thought if he was sleeping he would get better. But Jesus corrected their mistake, saying,

    “Lazarus is dead” (v. 14).

    Wouldn’t that be a bummer to be whisked out
    of heaven and back into this miserable life? LOL! But that is not the truth.

    Listen, when Martha was all distraught that Jesus hadn’t arrived at their home in time to heal her brother Lazarus, Jesus said:

    “Thy brother shall rise again” (v. 23).

    Martha, said,

    “I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day” (v. 24).

    You see, Martha understood the concept. We need to understand it too.

    You can’t have both a conscious floating ghost entity after death and resurrection, too. The resurrection is nonsense if you believe the Bible teaches the immortality of the soul, which it doesn’t.

    One more thing, seeing as you mentioned David speaking of going to his son. I think you are reading something into the text that is not there. The Bible
    says, rather:

    “But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me” (2 Sam. 12:24).

    This does not in any way teach that the dead child was in heaven.

    As a matter of fact, regarding the death of David, the Bible says that

    “David slept with his fathers, and was buried in the city of David” (1 Kings 2:10).

    Remember what Jesus said about sleep? It is the equivalent of death. He likened death to a sleep, which is unconscious.

    Furthermore, to make it absolutely plain, the Bible says:

    “For David is not ascended into the heavens…” (Acts 2:34).

    Why? Because he has to wait for the resurrection, just like most people, except for the few who were translated
    alive or resurrected and taken, like Moses, or the others that Jesus raised. You see, these would not have been in heaven and called back into these frail mortal bodies. What a cruel joke that would be!

    So, when Paul says to comfort each other, I believe it is true that there is more comfort in knowing that we will be united again and not both be conscious and missing one another over a great divide between heaven and earth. Say what of children who would be in heaven and longing for their parents? Terrible! Or of parents gone ahead and looking down at all the trials and pain of their children living out their days here on earth. There is little comfort in any of this. That is why Paul said that

    “we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent [go ahead] of them which are ASLEEP” (1 Thes. 4:15)

    But what? The “dead in Christ” rise AND “we who are alive and remain” will “be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and SO [in this way] shall we ever be with the Lord” (vv. 16, 17).

    So, Linda, it does not matter how many periods, commas, or exclamation points you use, no matter how emphatically and loudly you may proclaim it, it does not behoove us to repeat errors without truly looking into what God teaches us in the Word. Please, I suggest that you read your Bible more carefully, if you actually do read it much at all (sounds like you don’t, by the misquoting) and when Paul says to comfort a grieving
    one, do it in TRUTH, not according to the errors and traditions of men. Thanks.

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    yes by all means, let us not alarm the children, because those are Big Pharma’s new clients…we don’t want to scare them away from taking their medicine, or believing they could be harming their children if they vaccinate them…

  • Fashy

    You sound like you need help. Worrying about an unknown possible future husband dying from meds he may have had as a child? America’s over-dependence on childhood meds for ‘psychological issues’ is a completely different issue to vaccinations and you should try not to confuse the two.

  • Capt Ron

    Sad story but correlation doesn’t necessarily equate to causation. Newborns succumb for dozens of reasons.

  • Fricknfrack

    This is a common pattern on this web site. They will post a fabricated story like this one, and simultaneously conduct s fund-raising campaign supposedly to help the parents.
    Between that, and the money from ad revenues, the owner of this site must be cleaning up.

  • Tracy

    I am so sorry for your loss! I get so tired of these rude, heartless people that get on these discussions and sites just to throw insults at those dealing with loss or impairments due to the vaccines. Each child is different in how they react and each child’s immune system and bodies are made different. Yes, we as parents have to be diligent about knowing what’s going in our child’s bodies and therefore, by doing that, parents have chosen not to vaccinate. Who’s right is it to put down others whether they do or don’t? And by the way, most of the kids getting measles right now are children that have had the vaccine! This is a debate that will never end bc people are just rude and just want someone else to blame. Why can’t we just be there for each other instead of always fighting? It’s really quite disturbing!

  • Fashy

    You’re the ignorant one. Of course it’s fear-mongering…..no evidence provided. I feel sorry for them that their baby died but it happens…..more babies died before the advent of vaccinations. The woman herself states that this could just have been human error in giving too many at once. ‘Could have’. Any cover up of an error is a different issue.

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    OMG…those tv stations are owned by the same people who own pharmaceutical companies/drug companies…those stations report medical news they are told to report, and don’t report news they are told not to report…. those people in high places in government that push the pharma agenda move to being the head of pharma companies… back and forth as needed to get their agenda pushed…all you have to do is a little research to see that fact…sorry meatball…the truth is already out there in the light…you cannot put it back into dark where was for so very long…

  • Capt Ron

    Dr. Tenpenny hasn’t practiced real medicine for years! She travels the world lecturing (recently barred from Australia) and sells books and dubious remedies from her web site.

  • Capt Ron

    Like small pox has been kept alive?

  • lovemygrandchildskylar

    oh AND this is the very reason that these types insult people who read alternative news sources…must discredit them..must make them appear stupid, crazy, or both…do whatever it takes to distract us from the truth….but they can’t kill us all, and when one is dismissed, another will take their place…the flood gates have been opened….keep the faith and know that we, not those like meatball, are in the right…we will not be bullied any more!

  • Capt Ron

    Got any newer references than 1918 & 1926?

  • Capt Ron

    Actuallly… It’s ANTIGENS, not ANTI-BODIES. The antigens stimulate antibody production.

  • Mama says

    Please, I hope and pray you will get a lawyer who will work on commission percentage rather than having to pay them. This needs to be brought to light. I used Cohen & Rudd who are based in Los Angeles when my baby son died, to get to the bottom of it all. What’s great about them is one is not only a lawyer but a doctor as well and knows all of the ins and outs of malpractice and the medical board. I hope you’ll contact them quickly especially if there is a deadline that has to be met in a few months to file in California.

  • Revelation Knight

    We have lived just fine for 6k years without this garbage being injected into us as infants. Get the measles get the chicken pocs become immune. As God intended.

  • Patricia Zambrano

    Have a look everybody at the youtube video by Dr Rebecca Carley called: Vaccines – The true weapons of Mass Destruction to get an insight of the risks people take with vaccines!! No parent is ever told of the risks involved so that they can make an informed choice about whether to vaccinate their child or not. Parents just get told to get their children on the vaccination programme. Totally irresponsible behaviour of the medical profession with TOTAL disregard for their patients and a mockery of their oath upon graduation is “First do no harm”.

  • Patricia Zambrano

    Newborns should not have 8 vaccines full stop!

  • Patricia Zambrano

    Looking at your dubious comments I can only imagine you have some kind of self interest in the vaccines industry.

  • Patricia Zambrano

    It is not the parent’s fault NOR mistake if their child is vaccinated 8 times. It is up to the medical profession to keep a file for each patient and be diligent. Parents cannot possible know the harm caused by vaccines unless they are informed about this by the people whose job it is to care for their patients.

  • Capt Ron

    I say “GO FOR THE MONEY!” The rules of evidence in the NVICP are extraordinarily loose. Many “Table Injuries” are granted settlements without contest. Daubert standards (The judge assessing the qualifications of expert witnesses) aren’t even applied to scientific evidence! There’s a joke around legal circles that acceptable evidence in NVICP is “50% credible plus a feather!” Many attorneys will be more than anxious to take you case to NVICP.

  • Greg

    Ummm….it seems that the “late 4 month vaccine” is getting glossed over. How can a parent be accidentally 6 weeks late for the prescribed vaccine? To me, it sounds like the mother is terribly guilty for what may have been a serious oversight on her part.

  • Sherry

    RIP lil baby Matthew…Many Blessings to Matthew’s family. This is so so sad…poor lil guy…

  • Sharon Sinelli

    Thank you for telling your story.
    Took me back 31 years to when my son, Andy, got his first DPT shot. When home from Doctor’s office I put Andy down for a nap. I checked on him routinely while he napped; but that day found him unresponsive to my touch. I picked him up and he did not respond or awaken. Luckily his Dad was home that afternoon and I ran to him. He was able to wake Andy. This happened within two hours of my son receiving his first DPT shot. I called the doctor’s office and they were very unconcerned and responded that for Andy’s next vaccine they would leave out the pertussis. That was it. Vaccines were not a controversy in those days and children did not receive the amount and types of vaccines that children get these days.
    I have gone over this event many times and fear to think of what would have resulted if I had not checked on my baby.
    I fear for the children of today…

  • R. R. Roehl

    You’re using the empirically correct technical term. But I am a political dissident radically opposed to vaccine culture (and other bad $cience). I have a different agenda… than those who are unable to grasp the bigger picture beyond punctuation, grammar and diction.

    So… I prefer the more color-full rhetorical cousin to antigen: ANTI-BODY! As opposed to PRO-BODY. Vaccines are designed tomimic and destroy viruses. They are destroyers! Vaccines are for-profit concoctions promoted by big pharma; they are destructive agents loaded with highly toxic and poisonous adjuvants.

    Forget the inculcation you suffered at ‘university’ and other occupational training modalities. Start thinking… in lieu of parroting the dogma.

  • Erwin Alber

    Thank you johan – check out my Vaccination Information Network Facebook page which now has over 114,000 subscribers:


  • R. R. Roehl

    Whoa! What’s your real moniker, Capt. Ron? What’s your occupation? My ‘Knose’ smells a big pharma troll.

  • Greg

    Ummm…..you mention that it is the doctor’s job to care for the patient. But…is it not the RESPONSIBILITY of the parents to care for their child by taking them to the doctor ON TIME FOR VACCINES? She was 6 weeks late for the 4-month vaccine.

  • Erwin Alber

    You must be kidding!!!??? The serious oversight on her part was that she allowed some brainwashed, clueless doctor inject her baby with toxic crap! .

  • Capt Ron

    NOT A MYTH… Risk is not ignored. Current practice processes are based on national professional accreditation standards and regulations dictated by the state Department of Health (DOH) which licenses health care organizations) regulations. They mandate that “Informed Consent” be documented in the medical record with all medical procedures. This requirement should include a full explanation of the procedure, reason for procedure, potential risks, potential benefits, plus possible alternative courses of treatment. In most cases, this is documented on a form where the patient signs and acknowledgement at the bottom and it is posted in the medical record. If a provider is not doing this, they should be reported to the state’s DOH.

  • R. R. Roehl

    Too late for ‘blessings’.

  • R. R. Roehl

    Yeah! Exactly!

  • Erwin Alber

    Funny how provaxers trot out this argument, but are happy to credit vaccines with the decline of infectious disease mortality even though vaccines played absolutely no part in it. Suddenly, when convenient they equate correlation with causation.


  • Erwin Alber

    Exactly Patricia! As far as I am concerned, nobody should have a vaccine of any kind – ever!

  • R. R. Roehl

    Ah… ‘the little angel’ is dead. Not to be cruel or blunt… but that is the sobering reality here. Apparently… the baby’s body simply couldn’t handle all those vaccines… not to mention the horribly toxic and poisonous adjuvants inside vaccine concoctions.

    How did common sense get trumped by medical dogma?

  • Erwin Alber

    Sick world is right – it seems that we now live in a world which has been turned into a mental asylum run by its worst inmates.

  • Erwin Alber

    As far as I am concerned, every vaccine is one too many, none being consequently best! Vaccination is a massive fraud, so why make exceptions?

  • Erwin Alber

    Dr Tenpenny hasn’t been banned from Australia! She was going to Australia on holiday and was invited by some organisation to also go on a lecture tour. The vaccination fanatics went into a panic, vilified and urged the government to not let her come. They also made death threats causing Dr Tenpenny to cancel her holiday and lecture tour. What a despicable lot such people are who won’t allow the truth to be heard so that parents can make up their own minds!

  • Erwin Alber

    Childhood diseases are on the rise because of vaccine failure which is then blamed on the unvaccinated.

  • Erwin Alber

    Unfortunately, trust in the medical profession and the authorities is badly misplaced. Some parents, like the parents of this child, have found this out the hard way. The easy way to become aware of this is to read stories like this one and to take them to heart, Keeping one;s child vaccine-free is in my opinion the only sane option.

  • Erwin Alber

    Smallpox declined of its own accord, once futile and dangerous mass vaccination campaigns were abandoned in favour of strict quarantine and disinfection measures. Vaccines had nothing to do with it if that is what you are hinting at.

  • Erwin Alber

    You can’t sue in the USA – you can only apply to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Court which is a real Mickey Mouse outfit for compensation.

  • Erwin Alber

    I find your ignorance and arrogance appalling Steve. I dare say that you might think differently if this happened to you.

    Also check out this story:


  • Erwin Alber

    This is not quite accurate Susan. Your comment should in my opinion read: ALL vaccine do more harm than good.

    Unfortunately. most parents (and doctors) are unaware that vaccines cause far more harm including deaths in developed countries than the diseases they are used against.

    Also, newborns or any other child (or adult) should be injected with a vaccine – ever!

  • arcticmoon

    Steve Packard, A smart person looks at all of the evidence both pro and against vaccines before arriving at a conclusion. There is nothing dishonest about reporting the truth. It may not be what you want to hear but that doesn’t make it any less valid. This article did not report that vaccines were necessarily responsible for this infant’s death but that anecdotal evidence lead these parent to question the amount of vaccines this child was given. If you have a problem with this article then it is you who should be ashamed, not the concerned parents seeking the truth behind their infant’s death!!

  • Diana Albers

    Thank you for sharing your story, I am sure with doing so you had to re-live it all over again. I just am wondering about that Nurse you spoke about the one who gave your baby her vaccines I wonder if she could have given your baby the wrong one or double of one, I am also wondering if anything strange showed up in the Autopsy, maybe this is why you are not getting to know the truth. I know even though you are blessed by another baby it never lessens the pain of the child you lost…,

  • Erwin Alber

    People who believe in vaccination live in a fool’s paradise. This is true even if vaccines are spaced, delayed, or selectively given because even a selectively given delayed vaccine can cause illness, brain damage or death, as happened to the only son of a friend of mine who suffered severe brain damage as a result of a single vaccine – his first – he was given at 18 months. Now an adult, he is still unable to talk, brush his teeth or to shave himself.

  • Erwin Alber

    Wow- awesome! Also check this out:

    Hep B vaccine for new babies – WARNING: SHOCKING PHOTOS!

  • Margy Bevilacqua

    Rosa. With all due respect (and I’m mustering it…), I find it incredibly offensive that you would want to bring up your own personal religious views into this and attempt to dish out guilt onto these grieving parents. How dare you. They just lost their baby and now you’re bringing up garbage about him not going to heaven, or limbo or whatever crap you were spewing. Shame on you, ma’am. It’s senseless to attribute guilt for no reason other than to flaunt some sort of false religious perception. How about you just say “I’m sorry for your loss” and get off this website.

  • nodramaqueens

    Thankfully, that “Nurse”, if indeed she is a nurse, is an anomaly. I have seen a child develop irreversible brain damage from varicella (chicken pox). See, these early childhood diseases can cause multi-organ failure, encephalitis, seizures, death.

    Polio anyone? Iron lungs of your own I guess would be a new level of job security for me, but sad for our babies and children….

  • Erwin Alber

    Keeping one’s child vaccine free is in my opinion the only sane option sarah. How do you know that the vaccine you are consenting to isn’t going to maim or kill your child? It can and might. Vaccination in accordance with any schedule whether the government-recommended schedule or an alternative schedule is playing Russian Roulette and in my opinion medical child abuse.

  • Erwin Alber

    They are both different aspects of the harm caused by the medical-pharmaceutical mafia Fashy.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Because the entire story is a fabrication.

  • Erwin Alber

    Rolling eyes followed by facepalm!

  • nodramaqueens

    Nurses do not give the shots. Medical assistants do. Medical assistants have only a few months of training. I just want to clarify that point, as people keep saying “nurse”. I don’t want nurses getting a bad rap for this.

  • Georgia Girl

    She may not practice anymore but she knows about vaccines.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    People live longer today than they did 100 years ago. Yeah, those vaccines are really evil. Remember when they eradicated small pox? That was such a scam. They just wanted to make money with the smallpox vaccine… So they could eradicate smallpox… So the vaccine would no longer be required… So they could stop making money from the smallpox vaccine. I’ll bet you think Elvis is still alive too.

  • Jane

    http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Rebecca_Carley. Just an FYI Patricia. This doctor Rebecca Carley was stripped of her license after some very hysterical behavior. Open the link if you’re interested as to why she was deemed unfit to practice medicine.

    As for the vaccine debate, this story is certainly heartbreaking and does raise a good point on educating ourselves on the pros and cons of vaccines. I for one am a believer in vaccinating our children for the safety of all. But I will become more knowledgeable as to what the shots contain. Thank you Crystal for sharing your story with us, I am so sorry for your loss.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    From these comments, I’d say the damage is due to genetics, not vaccines. Stupid is a generational curse. How do you explain autistic children, kids with allergies, asthma, and learning disabilities that have never been vaccinated? Wait, don’t tell me. Fluoride in the water, right?

  • Georgia Girl

    Being late should not have caused any problem unless the child got a disease that the vaccine would have covered which was not the case. The doctor should have known not to give a baby or child that many vaccines at one time. There are plenty of people who have for whatever reason not gotten them on schedule. That doesn’t mean they should double up. I’m not a doctor but a parent and I know that could be dangerous. They always told me to watch the child for any reaction….doesn’t that tell you they could have a reaction (a bad one)? If you put mercury, aluminum and all the other crap that’s in vaccines, in your child’s body you’d be arrested for child abuse yet we just march our little ones up to the doctor office and let them do it. People need to research this thoroughly before making a decision. Your health as well as your child’s is your responsibility ultimately.

  • vran.org

  • mamabearmeatball .

    No, we are keeping you anti-vaxers at bay. The inmates at the mental asylum haven’t taken over yet, thank God.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Careful what you say. The new world order might come for YOU. If they were afraid of her she would be dead, moron.

  • If you have actually looked at the stats you will see that the deaths declined before the vaccines were introduced. You are picking your science “facts” out of thin air.

  • Natesse

    Karma is a bee-atch, mama. You will reap what you sow.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Yes, big Pharma is terrified that the comment section of vactruth.com will cause the whole conspiracy to unravel. The impact of the truth revealed here is going to be massive. It is very likely the impact will be so large it will knock the world off its axis. I fear for your safety. Big Pharma is going to track you by your IP address and assassinate all of you to protect the lie that vaccines are safe. Hide in the cellar! Quick!

  • Susan – You don’t know the first thing about the history of vaccines and the pseudo science behind them or you wouldn’t have the nerve to call Ana Bella an ignorant fool. Herd immunity is an illogical myth that only the most illogical people could believe.

  • arcticmoon

    Check out Dr. Garth Nicholson a Scientist who has found Mycoplasma in vaccines. Also lets not forget Gardasil, and the Lymerix vaccine that was actually pulled from the market due to the fact that it was causing a full blown Lyme infection in people who were vaccinated. Unfortunately, Medicine is not an exact science and there is a lot we do not know. It is better to be informed on both sides of this issue before making a decision that could permanently harm your child.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Oh, so you agree that vaccines are good but the latest ones aren’t effective then? Or is your argument that the vaccines make us MORE vulnerable to the diseases they’re supposed to prevent? If the vaccine fails, it means it wasn’t effective. If it’s not effective, it’s the same thing as not being vaccinated. So your argument is that people who aren’t vaccinated are spreading disease, which is causing people who are not vaccinated to be blamed for the spread of disease. Brilliant logic there, skippy. This is fun! It’s kind of like debating a group of five-year olds with vaccine-induced autism.

  • nodramaqueens

    Thank you for that.

    You know, I appreciate the passion the people on this website have. I truly do. I didn’t come here to stir up any trouble. I was “brought here” by a facebook post.

    I would also just like to say that while both of my kids are fully vaccinated, I chose to vaccinate my youngest on an alternate schedule. Certain vaccines, like the Hep B, I didn’t think he needed right away. It is a blood borne illness based disease, and since we are Hep B free, it could wait. Being that I am a working nurse and my son would be returning to a child care setting, vaccines such as Hep A, varicella, MMR would be given, and given sooner rather than later. But the fact of the matter is, my kids are vaccinated.

    The other fact of the matter is this; as a nurse, my job is to inform. When I encounter patients, I give them information about vaccines, where to obtain them if they so choose. Our local health department offers preservative free vaccines with regard to the flu vaccine. We answer questions regarding additives in the vaccines. If someone declines, I don’t judge. My job is just to offer information. That is all; and if they choose not to receive the vaccines, I offer information and handouts on how best to minimize infection and exposure through health promoting measures. I even have the name of a few local pediatricians who WILL still take non-vaxxers. (My ped is one)

    It warms my heart to see people so ferociously protecting their children here. I wish all children had parents who would protect their babies this way. My concern is the hostility and tone. If the goal is to inform and enlighten, then do that!! If you have valuable information to share, you have to remember that going against conventional medicine will have major resistance and you need to have a lot of patience, empathy, and information. Insulting people does nothing for the anti vaccination cause. Just a thought.

    In all this insult, I was able to glean TWO pieces of information I WILL take back and do some reading on, because I want to see for myself what, if anything is legitimate about these topics; Guillain Barre Syndrome, and Aluminum toxicity. Both of these are not unknown to me, but something about this piques my interest.

    I will re-iterate my original offer to assist the family, as I have knowledge and experience surrounding SIDS investigations, and perhaps with the family’s permission assist them in obtaining the autopsy report and SIDS home investigation from the coroner. It honestly should not be too difficult; most County’s simply have paperwork and forms you fill out with a request. If they ignore the request, there are legal avenues to compel the release of this public information. The family has the legal right to this information. I wish them peace and health in the future.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    I am in tears that so many lunatics like you are allowed to breathe the same air as my child.

  • R. R. Roehl

    I’m too old to be afraid of anything; too L.A. street smart to die without causing injury to an attacker. Fear is the food of sheep.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    My best friend was roommates with this guy who had a sister that used to babysit for the neighbor of a mom whose cousin worked with a guy that used to be married to a woman whose child from her first marriage had a penpal whose sister was friends with a girl whose brother was vaccinated and later choked to death on a balonga sandwich.

  • R. R. Roehl

    We also have your ISP address now… complements of Disqus.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Exactly. Accept the truth that vaccines are safe and that you’re a paranoid idiot so we can end this discussion on focus on reality once again. Join me in the land of critical thinking and logic. You’ll love it here.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Has smallpox been eradicated? Okay then, thanks for playing the game. Pick up your free gift of fluoride-free toothpaste and return the the backwoods from which you emerged.

  • Shanendoah

    What a load of shit – your baby dies so you blame it on vaccination? Vaccinations do not cause deaths – in fact, they hardly ever cause anything except a mild fever, which is part of the process. You mis-informed anti-vaxers just pat each other on the back with your same old lies, and then use this ladies sad loss and insane article as some kind of proof? Fools paradise.

  • Natesse

    Many blessings to the Powers family. Please know that your son is now safe, even though that does NOTHING to eliminate your pain and loss, nor the tragedy of his death. I have four children. The oldest was fully vaccinated. At age 14 years she had her final DPT booster. She immediately had a seizure, followed by weeks of neurological symptoms. Having myself now lived the nightmare of an endless on again/off again migraine/seizure state, I can relate to what my daughter endures. She will never be “normal” again. My oldest son was vaccinated on schedule up to age three years. This was when his big sister had the seizure. I researched vaccines, and was horrified. I may as well have been injecting a witches brew into my children-right up to the frog legs and dead babies-it’s all in there. My oldest son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 10 years. All those years he was truly exhibiting migraine-type symptoms of noise, smell, and light sensitivity, and I STUPIDLY thought he was just defiant. I was wrong. My youngest daughter had vaccines until age 18 months, and my youngest son has had no vaccines. Neither one of them have any neurological symptoms. No one can predict who will be the collateral damage in this vaccine war, and I will no longer allow my family to be the guinea pigs. The so-called “science” is not settled.

  • Shelby L VanMeer LaFreniere

    seriously.. you think that children should have to handle that adult responsibility.? whow.. kids taking on adult responsibility at that young age.. unbelievable…lets just pop them out and go from newborns to adults .. the kids need a childhood not the responsibility of their parents.. your killing me …

  • mamabearmeatball .

    No, that was the entirety of the quotes they received in their latest Email forward. By the way, did you know that deodorant causes breast cancer and red m&ms make you sterile? True story.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    The mother herself REQUESTED cremation. Wee! I win again!

  • denise0513

    Please take the time to read about how diseases such as smallpox, measles and polio were fizzling out prior to the release of the vaccines. I had measles, chickenpox, mumps and rubella and therefore I have a TRUE immunity and not a fabricated on that will only last a few years. Lifetime is so much better than a few years.

    I have a vaccine injured child and if I had to do it all over again, I would NOT vaccinate.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Attorneys can’t sue over a fabricated story that never happened.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Stupid things like not vaccinating their child, you mean? Yes, I agree wholeheartedly.

  • denise0513

    Please provide us with all the studies done that show non vaccinated children with autism! I have followed this for quite sometime and as far as I know, no studies have been done but it seems you have all the answers so please provide proof for us.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Anti-vaxers, also known as “paranoid and delusional morons suffering from an inability to employ critical thinking skills.”

  • Shelby L VanMeer LaFreniere

    it would be different if she had any medical proof that the vaccinations actually caused the death of the child.. her story is full of holes and speculation as to cause of death. though I do send sympathy to the family for their loss.. there is just nothing proven in her story. maybe the fever wasn’t a reaction to the immunizations and she ignored the signs. where is the parents responsibility in this story.. shoulda.. coulda.. didnt.. while im sensative to the loss of the child there’s just not enough proof that it was the vaccinations.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Oh really? So how much money did you win from your lawsuit? Who is your doctor? I’ll call and ask him to confirm your story. If he does, I’ll spend my life fighting to eliminate vaccines. Pretty good deal, right? Post his office info. Wait! Don’t do it! I’m with big Pharma and am going to assassinate him to hide the real truth!

  • Here are some books you should read to see how some doctors come to the conclusion that vaccines are harmful. They use Real science.

    Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk

    Saying NO To Vaccines By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

    Name-calling? Scroll down and see just who is doing the name-calling. Pro-vaxer Shawna calls us scum and ignorant bastards. It is because of the lack of scientific knowledge that we still have doctors pumping poisonous cocktails into babies. You need to do some more research yourself. I have file boxes full of data I have been collecting for 30 years and I will challenge any pro-vaxer, doctors included, on the evidence staring them in the face. Much of the evidence has been covered up as we know from the CDC whistleblower who admits his guilt and shame in being part of the coverup that hid the consequences of MMR in relation to autism. Wake up and smell the stinkweed John. If you would condescend to check out the other side, consider these sites: vaccineimpact.org
    vran.org; vaccinecouncil.org and the documentary “Bought”.

  • denise0513

    There is no proof vaccines weren’t the cause. She has YET to receive the autopsy report and like stated in the article, it can never be proven which vaccine caused the problem as the poor baby was given 3 shots for a total of 8 vaccines.

  • Natesse

    Sage advice: eliminate that root of bitterness from you heart. It’s killing you. You have been warned.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    “You’re an idiot,” Einstein. “Your” is the possessive. You have to know that one before they let you into med school. Guess it’s community college for you, huh? Well, too bad.

  • Joe

    So the doctor gave him a vaccine he wasnt old enough for? The article also said an extra dose was given. Why are you blaming the vaccine and not the doctor. The vaccine isnt the problem, the doctor is the problem. Nice title by the way, way to mislead to spread your agenda.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    How did you become an RN with grammar like that? Are you sure the kids weren’t harmed by you injecting them with the wrong stuff? That seems more likely to me. You don’t strike me as the brightest bulb. Maybe the DMV is a better career fit.

  • 1234, I think Jan was just being sarcastic in her reply to RoyalBird. He’s the one who doesn’t seem to have the story right.

  • joe

    I agree, blame the doctor who administered the vaccine. He wasnt old enough for it and the article says he received an extra dose? I hope the doctor is fired and sued for negligence. I also hope this author and website fix this article to place blame on the doctor and not the vaccine. The vaccine didnt do anything wrong, the doctor did.

  • Natesse

    Another perfect example being the case of Justina Pelletier. How safe do you feel taking your child to the ER?

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Yes, but I require all babysitters to provide proof that they have been vaccinated. I have to protect my child from irresponsible parents that don’t vaccinate. The story is a fabrication just like the conspiracy theory that vaccines are not safe.

  • cpatterson

    Never too late for blessings, they have another one on the way.

  • Debbie Green

    My heart goes out to this family. It’s been 27 years since my boys were babies. They NEVER had 8 shots at once! When did this start happening?? It’s wrong!! From this families standpoint it sounds like there it’s definition something being covered up. My youngest son passed away Nov 2, 2012 when he was 27, just 3 weeks after being discharged from the hospital from Viral Meningitis. I felt he was discharged to soon. The coroner said he passed from drug usage although not an overdose. I was never called to the ER when he was brought in and was not notified of his passing until almost 8 hours after!! Although my situation is different from this family’s, I can understand the betrayal on doctors and coroner’s parts. I think we as patents have the right to tell doctors “NO” when it comes to our kids no matter how old they are!

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Oh my God! I’ve been had! Yes, I work for Merck and they pay me $200K per year to post vitriol and spread lies in the comment sections of fringe websites run by lunatics. I can’t believe you figured it out! Curses! The whole house of cards is doomed to collapse now! Why, God? Why?

  • Shelby L VanMeer LaFreniere

    there’s no proof … bottom line…the story is full of holes and bears no credibility other they lost their child which is tragic…

  • denise0513

    Please read this from the CDC and tell me that vaccines do NOT cause deaths! http://www.cdc.gov/measles/about/complications.html

  • Lulujig

    How arrogant and insensitive of you. Do your research. The cdc actually lists death as a rare side effect of vaccines. I believe it also gives you statistics. Wether or not it happens often, it happens. This is very possible one of those stories.

  • Christina Schmidt

    I am so very sorry for your pain. I am sure it was the vaccines, I hope you’ve contacted a Vaccine Injury Attorney and filed with VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) as it is the law. Also contact CDC and FDA and let them know too. I know you only have three years from the date of onset vaccine reactions/death to file with the Vaccine Injury Court for Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. He is in heaven at peace now. I have a daughter who has brain damage, encephalopathy from vaccines. God Bless you and your family!

  • cpatterson

    I’d say it is more the uneducated, irresponsible and careless doctor and nurse. Average busy mom’s shouldn’t have be medical experts, that’s what the medical professionals are for, provided they actually do their jobs well.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    The point still stands, buttercup. I’ve read a couple books on brain surgery, so I’m qualified to operate even though I’ve never gone to med school. Again, when you’re ready to provide proof that vaccines are not safe beyond anecdotes or “I read the insert” I’ll be glad to concede the point. In the meantime, have a Coke and a smile.

  • denise0513

    No. Big pharma has too many suckers like yourself that feed at their propaganda trough and then vilify those of us that don’t buy their false studies.

  • Cheryl Nagel

    “When I had learned this, it killed me. I started blaming my self and still do because I never took the time to know what vaccines were supposed be given to a child, at what month, how many doses, etc.”
    First of all, I am so sorry this happened to you… In the practice of medicine, it is now SUPPOSEDLY your responsibility to know the vaccination schedules, AND know the side effects from the vaccinations. Yes, this is what is going on – AND if you have any questions about the side effects, it is supposedly up to you to find the answers on your own. However, if you are in the wrong hospital/clinic, and you try to disagree with the doc, you may be threatened and go to jail for “endangering your child’s life.” Our grandson was given a life-changing drug, a triple overdose, 24 hours after he was born, and is suffering greatly. Our daughter was courageous enough to have a 10-minute discussion with the docs after the birth of her son, and she was brutally treated, and accused of child endangerment, even though she fully complied with the doc after the 10-minute discussion!

    Which way do they want it? YOU are negligent if you don’t study everything, including vaccination schedules and side effects,but IF you DO your homework, and actually try to discuss your child’s health decisions with your child’s doctor, you are charged with child endangerment, because THEY know better than you. Since doctors are “practicing” medicine, you cannot sue them – you can try, but you will not win, because they are just “practicing!”

    I know there are good doctors out there, fortunately, so I am not generalizing – but there are way too many who are using intimidation tactics on their patients!

  • cpatterson

    Funny though we started having all these diseases from “vaccine failure” at the same time as Obama’s open border policy.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    I don’t need to make you look stupid; you’ve got things covered in that department all by yourselves. You won’t be bullied, huh? How will you put a stop to it? You will continue to be bullied because you are a member of the conspiracy cult that believes vaccines aren’t safe, we never went to the moon, 9/11 was orchestrated by Bush, and Elvis is still alive.

  • denise0513

    Please share with us how it is you KNOW this had nothing to do with vaccines! Or at least share that crystal ball with all the answers.

  • Shelby L VanMeer LaFreniere

    im never to busy of a mom to question any medical professional about the quality of care or care any of my children or grandchildren receive.. if there was any proof of her allegations id buy your response in part.. our children are our first responsibility to not question a professional about the care they are giving is irresponsible…still not buying it…

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Well, I’ll admit they lack the credibility of an established news organization like vactruth.com.

  • cpatterson

    You have very sick, twisted arguments and analogies. “..like debating a group of five year olds with vaccine-induced autism.” You find that “fun”. You are basically saying you feel superior then arguing with handicapped children. Splendid. Your family must be proud. Wow.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Quite a run-on sentence there, Lancelot Link. My wife got a flu shot last year and immediately was able to play “Flight of the Bumblebee” on the piano even though she never took a single lesson!

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Yes, but they’re probably covering up for big Pharma.

  • Gerry los banos

    Funny how easy it is to tell a loser: They post anonumously, and are the first to result to name calling.

  • Natesse

    You are one sick, twisted individual. How much pleasure do you get from baiting people on this forum? Do you really have a child? I pray they don’t grow up like you.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    She probably sat on the kid with her fat ass and is using vaccines as the scapegoat. Her story reads like a lady with lard buns.

  • RockyLanding

    This is an astonishingly misleading, and irresponsible website. Not to mention, opportunistic. A child is given an overdose, and this site uses it as an excuse to rail against the drug, rather than those who administered the overdose.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    I don’t agree with you, but do you seem like you’re rational and not a hyper-emotional conspiracy theorist.

  • cpatterson

    So you personally research every car seat you have ever used? Checked the back ground of all the nurses in birthing room and nursery? Called references? Fully question the day care kitchen cook about any and all dish washing practices? Call the manufacturer of the swing set you bought and grill them, and not just take the advice of a box? Spend the night with your child at a friends to make sure nothing untoward happens during the sleep over? If you have not done all these things, do not tell me that the area of vaccines makes you somehow immune to ALL of the other times that you, me, and the rest of the worlds parents, have taken the word of companies, products etc. at face value with regards to our children’s safety. B.S.!

  • mamabearmeatball .

    What I love is how you anti-vaxers say it’s not okay to intentionally inject a virus into your child… Then you say that the best immunity is for your child to get infected with the virus. When did you have smallpox? That must have been miserable? Whenever I feel smallpox coming on I megadose with vitamin C and Zinc.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    100% right on, Shelby.

  • cpatterson

    Doesn’t mean the doctor should have “doubled up”. HE still knows medical effects better than she.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Oh no! R.R. Foehn is going to come for my family and inject us all with megadoses of the measles vaccine! Oh the humanity!

  • Shelby L VanMeer LaFreniere

    here… ill post this for you again im never to busy of a mom to question any medical professional about the quality of care or care any of my children or grandchildren receive.. if there was any proof of her allegations id buy your response in part.. our children are our first responsibility to not question a professional about the care they are giving is irresponsible…still not buying it…

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Exactly. Stop being irrationally afraid of vaccines. They’re perfectly safe! I had it on my breakfast cereal just this morning.

  • Roxanne

    Obviously you have difficulty reading and digesting anything that challenges your vaccine Trojan horse myth INDOCRINATION Vaccines are not responsible for decimating smallpox, and it wasn’t until smallpox vaccine mandates were STOPPED that the disease stopped spreading. Moreover, in certain areas Scarlet Fever had a higher mortality rate than smallpox, so please explain
    where are all the mass casualties today due to SF for which NO
    vaccine was ever administered?!

    “There is no question but that perfect sanitation has almost obliterated this disease (smallpox) and sooner or later will dispose of it entirely. Of course when that time comes, in all probability the credit will be given to vaccination.”
    ***John Tilden MD (1851-1940)

    “How is it that smallpox is five times as likely to be fatal in the vaccinated as in the unvaccinated? How is it that in some of our most highly vaccinated towns, smallpox is rife whilst in some of our most poorly vaccinated towns such as Leicester, it is almost unknown? How is it that something like 80% of the cases admitted into the Metropolitan Board Smallpox Hospital have been vaccinated, whilst only 20% have not been vaccinated.”
    ***Dr. L. Parry, British Medical Journal, 1/21/28

    “In the Cologne epidemic of 1870, 173 vaccinated persons were attacked before the first unvaccinated one. In Liegnite in 1871, the first unvaccinated to suffer was 225th on the list.”
    ***William T. Collins MD, MRCS 1883

    “Since the passing of the Compulsory Vaccination Act in (Britain) 1853 we have had no less than three distinct epidemics. In 1857-9. We had more than 14,000 deaths from small pox. In the 1863-5 epidemic the deaths increased to 20,000 and in the 1871-2 they totaled up to 44,800.”
    ***Walter Hadwen MD, MRCS LRCP, LSA

    “Smallpox was on the way out, indeed epidemics disappeared decades before the World Health Organization decided to conduct the final “eradication” campaign. It is also well-documented that the largest epidemics occurred in the most highly vaccinated populations, while the unvaccinated did not have the same epidemics.”
    ***Viera Scheibner, PhD, Scientific Researcher and Author

    “If vaccines are so effective in preventing disease why have epidemics occurred around the world following mass vaccination programs? In the Philippines for example, “after ten years of compulsory inoculation against smallpox (25 million shots) over 170,000 got smallpox and 75,000 deaths were recorded between 1911 and 1920″”
    ***Townsend Letter for Doctors article “Are Vaccines Generally Detrimental to the Human Defence System” Feb/Mar 1994

    “Early in this century, the Philippines experienced their worst smallpox ever after people received 24.5 million vaccine doses.”
    ***Dr. William Howard Hay, Address to Medicial Freedom Society, 6/25/37

    “From the time in which smallpox was practically eradicated in the city of Manila, to the year 1918 (about nine years) in which the epidemic appears – certainly in one of its severest forms – hundreds after hundreds of thousands were yearly vaccinated, with the most unfortunate result that the 1918 epidemic looks, prima facie, as a flagrant failure of the classic immunization towards future Epidemics.” ***Report of the Public Health Service 1920 (discussing smallpox in Manila)

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Of course I feel superior when debating with the mentally handicapped. Have you ever argued politics with a retarded child? It’s hilarious how easy it is to take them apart.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Bitterness is what’s killing me? Thank God I found the cause! I was getting ready to blame the vaccines.

  • Roxanne

    Biologically ignorant answer. BYPASSING the critically important frontier of the immune system mucosal membranes to SUDDENLY force a disease strain in coupled with heavy metals, adjuvants etc. – especially when multiple live viruses are given at once is totally different than someone encountering natural exposure where the ENTIRE immune system can be galvanized.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    You have a misunderstanding of how karma works, cutie. Thanks for the concern though. Pray for me, okay?

  • lisa

    Autism was discovered in 1943 by child psychiatrist Leo Kanner. By 1963 only 20 states have mandated vaccinations. Late in the 70’s the vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella was added to the list of recommendations. In the 80’s was was smallpox declared eradicated. Only recently in 2000, measles were also declared eradicated by the CDC. Today, since some parents decided not to vaccinate their kids, the CDC has found 153 cases of the measles this year alone, 2015. Even Autism Speaks, agrees that vaccines do not cause autism in kids. https://www.autismspeaks.org/science/policy-statements/information-about-vaccines-and-autism . Your argument about autism relating to vaccines is wrong and encourage unfounded fear. What you have been “[following for] quite sometime..” are not backed by any research or creditable facts, but only what you wish to be true. Since autism was discovered and given a name in 1943, it leads to the conclusion that autism was around much longer than thought, before than vaccines were made.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    I donate sperm, so it’s likely that there are hundreds of “me clones.” And provided they’ve been vaccinated, they should live a long and healthy life!

  • Sickofthis

    You are out of your mind, Shanendoah. If, for instance, vaccines are so good, how come those vaccinated are so afraid of those not vaccinated? I know of 2 babies who were stricken right after their vacs. You know not of what you speak. Pray no one you know and love dies. You’d sure change your mind then.

  • thefdaisalwayswrong

    Caution – Steve Packard is all over the internet spreading pro-vaccine propaganda. Just disengage. He has all day to sit there and misconstrue what you write. Just stop responding and he’ll have no platform on which to stand. While we have jobs and kids to attend to, he gets paid to troll the internet & discredit the critical thinking people who question the pharma paid studies etc.

  • Sickofthis

    Ask any doctor if they give their own family members vaccinations. It may open your eyes.

  • Roxanne

    Genetics, what a laugh?! So the gene pool has changed that drastically over a generation, or so?! Genetics could play a role in pre-disposition to some illnesses, but to use the “gene blame game”
    is without substantiation and is SO lame.
    Where are all these hoards of unvaccinated autistic children?
    Those who’ve worked in unvaccinated communities and homeschooled children over many years, report seeing no or negligible levels of autism. As for allergies, asthma etc., no one
    said that the vaccine-free don’t have any of these illnesses but
    certainly unofficial surveys conducted such as KIGGS etc., out
    of Germany suggest that the vaccine-free have significantly lower
    rates of such.

  • Shelby L VanMeer LaFreniere

    and if you have a doctor you cant discuss things with.. its time to find a new doctor.. I have discharged physicians for my care and my childrens care for bad bedside manners.. we all have that right…

  • rebecca

    My son Jeremy Raymond died 3 days after being vaccinated, he was a perfectly healthy 7 month old.

  • Daniel Barger

    Correlation does not equal causation. And children die from SIDS with depressing regularity.
    There is no evidence to support ANY conclusion. The automatic assignation of blame to the vaccine has no basis to support it. And the ridiculous “ask doctors if they vaccinate their kids” is a line mindlessly repeated by people who have never asked such a question. EVERY physician I have known in nearly 40 years in healthcare supports vaccinations for everyone including their own children. While there is some reasonable questions revolving around the timing of when to vaccinate no practicing physician recommends foregoing vaccines.

  • Roxanne

    Below is some historical perspectives… And yes, if the “authorities” are so sure vaccines play no role in autism, then why don’t they conduct independent, transparent research comparing autism rates in the vaccinated versus unvaccinated… What do they have to hide? From the records of Dr. Eisenstein and others who’ve worked extensively for years with vaccine-free communities, they’ve reported no or negligible cases of autism…

    “Vaccination programs were instituted in the late 1930s… In the 1940s a new mental syndrome which Dr. Leo Kanner called autism, was noted. *** It appeared in the wake of the U.S. pertussis vaccine schemes. When vaccination programs were expanded after the war, the number of autistic children increased greatly… (When) the U.S. occupied Japan and forcibly vaccinated the children: their first case of autism was diagnosed in 1945. In England the shot was subject to large scale promotion in the late fifties: a society for autistic children was founded in 1962. In the U.S. at first the malady was noticed in higher income families. This was before the free or forced pertussis vaccine programmes; only the better-off parents could afford the ‘latest medical advance’ later…parents from across the socio-economic spectrum gained equal access… Thus, autistic children were now being discovered within every kind of family and in dreadfully greater numbers than ever before imagined.”

    Harris Coulter PhD, Medical Historian

  • Roxanne

    Wrong re. the history – see comment to Denise above…
    And please don’t site ‘Autism Speaks’ who are utter apologists for vaccine injury and shamefully have conflicts of interest tied to the pharmaceutical lobby.

  • Fashy

    Because new viral strains develop in the the unvaccinated and the vaccines in existence become no defense. Vaccines are effective when everyone has them. How do you explain the almost total eradication of these diseases since the introduction of vaccines? You anti-vaxxers are killing innocent children. Congratulations.

  • Fashy

    Death will be a lot less rare if all the diseases for which we ate vaccinated return. Idiots.

  • Carla

    We lost our 15 month old daughter less than 24 hours after receiving her immunizations. We just received the autopsy back which says cause of death is undertermined. After speaking to the doctor who completed the autopsy she said there are so many chemicals in each immunization it’s like finding a needle in the haystack and very hard to prove its from vaccine. She was a healthy happy baby girl. So hard to prove its from vaccine but could not find a cause, hmmmm makes me wonder how they get their information on how rare it truly is for death or adverse reaction. We need full disclosure. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for while injecting the love of our lives with this “safe vaccine”. Things need to change. Vaccines are important, however we need to be provided with real facts. We owe it to our children to learn what chemicals are being injected and what the real chance of death or adverse reaction. This happens more than we are all led to believe.

  • jeff stevison

    Educate yourself before making idiotic statements… If you think big pharma and our corrupt government are vaccinating for our children’s health, you are either stupid or work for one of them.

  • jeff stevison

    Educate yourself before making idiotic statements… If you think big pharma and our corrupt government are vaccinating for our children’s health, you are either stupid or work for one of them… get a clue.

  • Roxanne

    Dr. Carley has a right to be incensed. Her child was vaccine damaged and she stood her ground against the system
    and like too many whistleblowers or vaccine critical doctors, she
    paid the price professionally and personally… Same old – same old The importance of what she has written re. how vaccines undermind
    the immune system stand.

    “I make one tenth of what I made as a surgeon but at least I can sleep at night.”

    Rebecca Carely former MD, Surgeon; VIDS Expert
    BTW, if you are a believer in vaccinating for the “safety of all”, what is keeping us “safe” from Scarlet Fever which like other infectious diseases used to have a high mortality rate??? NO vaccine was readily used against SF. Mortality from these diseases plummeted decades prior to vaccination. And how is having a generation of mothers who’ve been vaccinated against measles and now have a significantly diminished capacity to protect their infants – unlike those with natural exposure and lifelong immunity to measles – “safeguarding” society? (Measles – unlike the fear mongering we’ve been fed is largely benign in childhood but more problematic in other age ranges – like infants… Just another example of how vaccines are backfiring.)

  • Fashy

    Vaccines are administered the world over…..thankfully. It’s not the sole domain of American pharma. Your medical establishment’s brainwashing with regard to childhood meds is though peculiar to your country. On that I agree with you. Unfortunately, I can’t agree with regard to the need for vaccines.

  • Roxanne

    She’s done extremely important work showing how the very process of
    vaccination undermines the immune system.

  • Fashy

    Whatever Erwin. Zero evidence = fear mongering. If you had an autopsy report with unequivicol proof it was caused by a particular vaccine I’d listen. Anything else is just the using and abusing of an infant death story to try and justify backward beliefs. Wouldn’t it be great if polio made a resurgence?!?

  • Josie

    And your degree is from where?? And NO not all doctors give their own kids these vaccines. I know of two personally who doesn’t believe in them! And I’ve known quite a few doctors in my life time having medical issues of my own as well as taking care of my mother with her medical issues before her death. So not ALL doctors do vaccinate.

  • Josie

    too late for “blessings’ for the family??? Can you not read? They are having another baby!

  • rebecca

    Fyi. Everyone telling her to sue. Once the childs cause if death was recorded as SIDS you can’t sue. SIDS essentially means no known cause of death(ie. No one to blame).They cremated her baby , giving her no chance of a second opinion on the matter. Also, when this actually happens to your family it’s really hard to think clearly through the dense fog of devastation. . God bless her family.

  • Tim Z

    I am appalled to hear this story. No baby should EVER have to go through this! Parents should not have to bury their kids at all!

  • RockyLanding

    I have two children, ages four, and eight. And, neither big pharma, nor the government vaccinated my children. That decision was made by myself, my wife, and our pediatrician. We did the research (and our pediatrician did many years of schooling), and the choice was obvious, conspiracy theories, and your petty insults notwithstanding.

    And, as we were very deliberate, and EDUCATED in our decision, and scheduling of our children’s vaccinations, we can now rest comfortably, knowing that our children are FAR less likely to contract Chickenpox, Diphtheria, HiB, Hepatitis A, or B, Measles, Mumps, Pertussis, Pneumococcal, Rotavirus, Rubella, Tetanus. or Polio.

    You children should be so lucky, should you ever have any.

  • RockyLanding

    Of course, you are right. Which exactly why vaccinations are important. Diphtheria, HiB, Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Pertussis, Pneumococcal, Tetanus. and Polio can also cause death.

  • Tanya Miller Martin

    Like the woman said do your research! People (aka, sheep) like you infuriate me! These drug companies are shoving drugs/vaccinations down our throats left and right and making billions doing it, not caring at all for those they damage or kill! Oh and by the way vaccines only last 5-10 years so the majority of this country are no longer vaccinated, I’m guessing that includes your genius self. .. Once again do your research, or continue in ignorance, I’m guessing that’s all you’re capable of.

  • cherrymisra

    tO RockyLanding- I appreciate your considered decision, but I do need to tell you that when anyone- even doctors, really study about vaccines and what is in them they really get a shock. Please read about Dr. Suzanne Humphries, who has a phD in physics and is also a nephrologist. She also thought vaccines were fine , until she began to notice that some of her long term chronic kidney patients were dying and plunging into dialysis after two flu vaccines (These often contain high level of mercury and that was the year of the swine flu and people were given two vaccines instead of one. She notes that she has seen one patient die after a single tetanus toxoid (high mercury level) In fact you might think that you have two healthy children, but tell me , Do they have allergies? Asthma. ? Are they suddenly going to become diabetic one of these days? Going to develop leukemia? (probably caused by the aluminum in vaccines. Everything looks fine with vaccines until you get hit in the stomache with them. Unfortunately many or most of the disorders that result from vaccines are not easy or even possible to reverse. I personally watched the tsunami of autism in my nursery school in New Delhi when the Indian pediatricians added more vaccines with high mercury level to the schedule. I live in amazement that these doctors do not even seem to notice what has happened. And the number of children with delayed speech? We never saw that 20 years ago. Doctors accept that too. Kids with cancer- accept that too. One thing stands out, when you study vaccines- The U.S. government absolutely will NEVER study the vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. They know the answer. The unvaccinated kids never get autism, asthma, allergies, dyslexia, etc. We live in a sad time in history. I appreciate your interest in this topic and I hope you will continue to study. If you do, you will discover that in no time at all you know more than pediatricians do know- about vaccines. Wish you the best in life- Cherry Misra

  • RockyLanding

    However, an overwhelming majority do. A recent study published in the Open Journal of Pediatrics found that 93% of doctors, and 95% of pediatricians vaccinate their children.

  • MamaM

    It is so sad……

    Vaccines are drugs. Any drug you get at the pharmacy has an insert with sometimes such a long list of side effects, that you would consider do not take that drug, because it may bring more harm to you, then cure it suppose to.
    Then you have to look up how they are made.

  • RockyLanding

    A recent study published in the Open Journal of Pediatrics found that 93% of doctors, and 95% of pediatricians vaccinate their children. That is not anecdotal.

    One of the reasons that the anti-vaccine movement seems so hysterical is that it seems to rely entirely on anecdotal evidence. That includes the theories of Dr. Suzanne Humphries, who has not published a single, peer-reviewed study on the subject, and whose articles have been widely criticized by the scientific, and medical community.

    What is even more exasperating is the assertion (and it really just seems like a way of denying that one is wrong), that for some inexplicable reason, the medical community has, by and large, chosen to ignore empirical evidence regarding vaccinations.

  • MM

    Well, as I heard there is around 300 more different vacs from other dangerous illnesses on the waiting list for approval ;)

  • calman62

    8 vaccines at one visit? omg that is insane.both doctor and parent ,,what were you thinking?

  • patty

    I beg to differ with you. I know a family with 11 children. The oldest 2 vaccinated and 1 has reflux. Of the remaining 9 only 1 does not have a spectrum disorder, developmental delay including physical and speech delays and disorders and each with other asthmatic or stomach issues all the while without vaccines. I believe in vaccines.

  • Erwin Alber

    If one beats a child with a rubber hose it is child abuse regardless of how many times the child is hit. The same applies in my opinion to vaccination: it’s utter insanity and medical child abuse no matter how many or what vaccines are given. Unfortunately, the brain-washing goes very deep. If parents were informed and in their right mind they would say “Over my dead body!” if anyone suggested their child be given a vaccination.

  • Sue Rope

    Well RockyLanding….. please tell me why as you have done
    such indepth research that there is 1 case of measles to 7000 cases of Austism diagnosed….. research that and get back to me..with facts
    please..and all I can say is my heart goes out to all those parents and the parents who loose their babies..

  • calman62

    shut up with that dog and pony bullshit.we know when the day or next day of vaccine the child never smiles again,never speaks again ,or walks,crawls again..stick your correlation nonsense up your ass.It happens much too often to be just a random ,out of the blue death or severely injured.I’m so sick of hearing this nonsense.

  • Eloheem Son

    It’s the criminal Globalist J e w s who are behind killing all these white children, because the white race are the only thing standing in the way of these wicked J e w s world conquest, and rule over the Goyim as they call them. They refer to us as animals. These evil ones own the big Pharm, and control law, medical, courts, media, and the US Government. They also own the Military Industrial Complex they use to live by the sword as these Esau Jews were foretold to do in Genesis. They are the actual DNA of Satan, and are evil. They control the Federal Reserve, and banking cartel. They are ESAU EDOM. Wake up!!!!!!!!!

  • Roxanne

    “There is just overwhelming data that there’s an association between the pertussis vaccine and seizures. I know it has influenced many pediatric neurologists not to have their own children immunized with pertussis.”
    Dr. Jerome Murphy, former Head of Pediatric Neurology, Milwaukkee Children’s Hospital

    Who really knows how many do or don’t given the how politically charged the issue is and the hesitation of doctors
    quietly critical of vaccines to openly express dissent.
    Regardless, far too many doctors are inadequately informed re. the slew of health implications, politics etc. re. vaccination
    and too comfortably, unquestioningly accept what they
    were taught and officialdom tells them.

  • Ana Bella

    You are 500% right

  • Erwin Alber

    I agree 100%. Vaccination is 100% a fraud, has never been and will never be anything else but a fraud. and something which is of absolutely no benefit apart from those of a financial nature in form of profits for those who run this despicable racket under the guise of disease prevention.

    Dr Russell Blaylock: Vaccine Program Based Upon Nonsense, Fear, Fairy Tales

  • Sue Rope Ne Hennessy

    So true cherrymisra.. this is sad times for all our babies and children around the world.. If only poeple would do their research before it is just to late to turn the clock back….

  • calman62

    like 4 out of 5 dentist said fluoride was good for your teeth right.then put a warning to call poison control if swallowed on toothpaste to avoid lawsuits.Just like the vaccines have immunity (no pun intended )from lawsuits so no real # of injured or killed ever gets recorded.

  • Erwin Alber

    The AMA is also known as the American Murder Association so I would say that letting the AMA investigate this death would be like putting foxes in charge of an investigation into the disappearance of chickens from the farm.

  • Erwin Alber

    That’s a matter of opinion Ben. In my opinion, vaccination is a satanic ritual dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

  • 1090226

    Paranoid (and anti-semitic) much?

  • Erwin Alber

    I agree. As I have just mentioned in another comment, vaccination is in my opinion a satanic ritual amounting to child sacrifice.

  • 1090226

    Having a Ph.D. is physics in no way qualifies you to render any professional opinion about medicine.

  • guest

    Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP)
    Funds Open Journal of Pediatrics. This is what I found about SCIRP.

    Scientific Research Publishing generated controversy in 2010 when it was found that its journals duplicated papers which had already been published elsewhere, without notification of or permission from the original author and of the copyright holder.[9] Several of these publications have subsequently been retracted.[10] Some of the journals had listed academics on their editorial boards without their permission or even knowledge, sometimes in fields very different from their own.[6] In 2012, one of its journals, Advances in Pure Mathematics, accepted a paper written by a random text generator. The paper was not published, but only due to its author’s unwillingness to pay the publication fee.[11] The company has also been noted for the many unsolicited bulk emails it sends to academics about its journals.[2][6]

    The company has been included in a list of questionable open access publishers,[12][13] according to Jeffrey Beall’s criteria.[14] Beall states that “This publisher exists for two reasons. First, it exists to exploit the author-pays
    Open Access model to generate revenue, and second, it serves as an easy place for foreign (chiefly Chinese) authors to publish overseas and increase their academic status.” He acknowledges that its fees are relatively low, describing this as “a strategy that increases article
    submissions,” and that “it has attracted some quality article submissions. Nevertheless, it is really a vanity press.”[2]

    Beall points out that “Scientific Research Publishing … like many questionable open-access publishers, … is registered in Delaware” and therefore wonders “if the firm reports its income”.[15]

    Further controversy was generated by a mass resignation of the editorial board of one of the company’s journals, Advances in Anthropology, in 2014. According to the former editor-in-chief, Fatimah Jackson,
    it was motivated by failures to include the editorial board in the journal’s review process, and by “consistent and flagrant unethical breaches by the editorial staff in China”, for whom publishing the journal “was only about making money.” According to Beall, this was the first mass-resignation from an open-access journal.[16]

    Based on this this is another unreliable and corrupt journal.

  • Eloheem Son

    They are not Semites, go study to approve yourself before Yahwah Eloheem God.

  • R. R. Roehl

    Yeah! The pharmaceutical companies will be overjoyed.

    And I question the wisdom of sheeple-people peasants victimizing another poor baby. These folks don’t seem to have much common sense.

  • Roxanne

    Exactly…. Same old, same old… Always excuses from vaccine apologists pushing the “It’s a coincidence theory” …. Yeah, right
    the baby wouldn’t have died anyway. And all those girls who’ve died
    after the HPV vaccine, well, it’s just ANOTHER coincidence.
    Vaccine apologists will tie their knickers in a knot and park all common sense to avoid CONNECTING THE MOST OBVIOUS

  • Erwin Alber

    In that sense, vaccines are also true antibiotics, anti meaning against and bio = life, hence anti-life. As Dr Carley says, vaccines are the true weapons of mass destruction. As far as I am concerned, vaccination is bioterrorism on a glbal scale.The psychopaths pushing vaccination should all be tried for crimes against humanity and for violating the Nuremberg Code set up after WW2 to prevent medical abuse.

  • Sue Rope Ne Hennessy

    Better Hygiene.. do your homework….Fashy.. Please explain then why there are so many more cancers in our children.. so many more ear infections.. allergies to food etc… Asthma..degenerative esease and of course Autism.. and as i said above.. there is 1 case of measles to 7000 cases of austims diagnosed.. can you explain that instead of just being a sheep and following the heard..Why is our health getting more expensive all the time.. this is 2015 and if we have such graet science why is there not prevention and more cures..WHY ARE WE NOT MORE HEALTHY..???? because the pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars on medication and vaccinating us.. why are they not aloud to sue in the United State the companies who make the vaccines.. very very very scary.. Do your homework….please

  • 1090226

    Noooo…she was denied entry by the government, because they don’t want charlatans using pseudoscience and fearmongering to try to convince people to endanger public health by not vaccinating.

  • RockyLanding

    I will assume that your heart would equally go out to the parents who lose their children to Diphtheria, HiB, Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Pertussis, Pneumococcal, Tetanus. and Polio, as well.

    Of course, I would assume that the reason there are so few reported cases of measles is because children are routinely vaccinated against measles.

    As far as your utterly spurious connection to Autism, allow me to quote from the Centers for Disease Control’s website regarding the link between vaccines, and Autism:

    “Evidence from several studies examining trends in vaccine use and changes in autism in children does not support such an association… And, a scientific review by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) concluded that “the evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal–containing vaccines and autism.” CDC supports the IOM conclusion that there is no relationship between vaccines and autism rates in children. Besides thimerosal, some people have had concerns about other vaccine ingredients in relation to autism as well. However, no links have been found between any vaccine ingredients and autism.”

    There is, of course, much more to this CDC article, and others regarding the current prevalence of Autism. and the CDC sites numerous, peer-reviewed studies, and medical organizations that are tackling this issue. The notion that the medical community is ignoring empirical evidence about Autism, or vaccines is absolutely absurd.

  • R. R. Roehl

    Hmmm… that’s an interesting perspective about the ruling class demons.

  • Erwin Alber

    “scientists”? That should in my opinion be ‘junk scientists’, because vaccinology is pure junk science, or tobacco science if you like. Mickey Mouse science is another appropriate term for what is peddled as science by the vaccination mafia.

  • Beth K

    This site defends vaccines. It lists many complications of measles, including death, but has nothing about vaccines causing deaths. I have a 14 month old who I chose to vaccinate for the simple fact that more children die from complications from diseases that vaccines prevent than from vaccines themselves. While I believe it’s extremely important to be educated on anything that goes into our babies’ bodies, in this heartbreaking case I tend to believe it is the fault of the care provider and not so much a reflection on the safety of vaccines. Millions of babies would be dying every year if vaccines were not created. Don’t get me wrong, my heart goes out to this family, but if everybody stops vaccinating their children, our world is in trouble!

  • Roxanne

    Oh please. Scarlet Fever can cause death, too, so where are all
    the dead bodies without a vaccine to “protect” us?! Death from
    infectious diseases plummeted massively decades before vaccines
    came on the scene but the health “authorities” keep peddling
    disease fear mongering grossly exaggerating the actual nature
    of the wild disease, (as opposed to more troubling strains “thanks”
    to vaccines backfiring); the actual incidence of complications etc.
    Meanwhile, vaccine reactions – especially long term – go
    unmonitored and so the actual death and injury rate goes
    grossly under-reported…. The double standards inherent in the
    system are appalling. “Don’t look, don’t find, don’t report” is a
    nice recipe for peddling unsubstantiated mantras about
    vaccines being safe.

  • Erwin Alber

    I get where you are coming from johan but when I feel less than charitable towards parents who have allowed some imbecile doctor to poison their child, I remind myself that I too used to believe in this vaccination nonsense for many years, once upon a time. Brainwashed moron that I was at the time, I even got a tetanus booster as recently as 40 years ago when I was supposedly a rational adult.

    That’s what vaccination propaganda does to people: it turns grown ups into raving lunatics who allow themselves and their children to be poisoned for profit, while thinking they are being ïmmunised”!

    Apart from the banking racket, vaccination is the biggest and longest-running scam to ever have been inflicted on the human race. It started in 1796 and it is time it stopped. Unfortunately, now that the masses are starting to wake up, the criminals who benefit from this hoax are trying to make vaccinations mandatory so as not having to get off their gravy train.

  • Roxanne

    One can only question how much worse things are in 2015 with the vaccine schedule on steroids:
    ” … The system contains 244,424 total reports of possible reactions to vaccines, including 99,145 emergency rooms visits, 5,149 life-threatening reactions, 27,925 hospitalizations, 5,775 disabilities, and 5,309 DEATHS … ”

    ***United Press International Investigates the Vaccine Conflict, 7/20/03 citing a database at the U.S. CDC tracking reports from doctors between 1991-2002.

    “A confidential study by a major vaccine indicated … a fifty fold UNDER-REPORTING of adverse events” (perhaps only 2% of vaccine reactions are reported!)

    ***Institute of Medicine, Vaccine Safety Committee Proceedings, National Academy of Science, Washington DC, 5/11/92

  • Roxanne

    So sorry for your tragic loss and the injustice that you, like so many families
    of vaccine victims, endure. Please see the entry I posted further to the top
    re. VAERS stats.

  • Roxanne

    So very sorry for your loss. Vaccine victims are invisible and one can only
    shudder at how many babies and children (and yes, adults, too) die or
    have serious health damage due to vaccines. See the comment I wrote
    further up re. stats. Take care.

  • RockyLanding

    You are practicing “guilt by association” by questioning the authenticity of a peer-reviewed study conducted jointly by the Department of Pediatrics, Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children, and the Department of Gastroenterology, Children’s National Medical Center, because of questions about the publisher of the journal it appeared in (and, not even the journal, itself!).

    I wonder (and doubt) if you would hold this website, or other anti-vaccine “authorities” to such a high standard?

  • 1090226

    “coincidence theory”?

  • Beth K

    Accelerated immunization activities have had a major impact on reducing measles deaths. During 2000-2013, measles vaccination prevented an estimated 15.6 million deaths. Global measles deaths have decreased by 75% from an estimated 544 200 in 2000 to 145 700 in 2013.

    This is straight from the World Health Organization website. Please check it out!


    Because people have stopped vaccinating their children, measles is back in the U.S. with a vengeance. Measles infected more people in 2014 than the total of infected in the last 20 years. Please take into consideration families, who did not vaccinate because of stories like this, who lost young children from a communicable disease which there is a vaccine for. Children dying from preventable diseases is much, much more likely than a child dying from a CORRECTLY ADMINISTERED dose of vaccines. Education is key!!

  • Babette Gamel

    Ok troll. Go away lmao lmfao lol ha ha ha

  • Babette Gamel

    That’s fine. You can call me names. Much easier for you since you can’t back up your claims or this ridiculous story. The claims to not vaccinate because this baby died of SIDS or was given wrong immunization and off schedule is absurd. Keep kids out of cars too because the chances of dying in car accident is much higher than dying by vaccination. Stay out of public too because you might catch germs. Smh

  • Babette Gamel

    You are funny and absurd. Sure let’s resort to name calling and lies since you cannt back up your claims. Truly pathetic. I can guarantee my ranch is far cleaner and healthier than where you live but I don’t care. You are too stupid to see the big picture and see the world in general the way it is. Go I to town and sit outside a walmart. Far too many super fat people it’s discusting. I stay away from those places. Get out of your little bubble and you will see far too many fat kids and adults.

  • Babette Gamel

    Yes I did. I’ve read many studies. And they are recent not from years ago as yours

  • tiredofthebs

    Let’s see…if YOU get vaccinated and I don’t and I contract a disease that YOU have been vaccinated against, then YOU should have nothing to worry about. Correct?!?

  • guest

    Of course, you are right. Which exactly why vaccinations are important.
    Diphtheria, HiB, Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Pertussis, Pneumococcal, Tetanus. and Polio can also cause death.

    “Today your child has about as much chance of
    contracting diphtheria as he does of being bitten by a cobra.”–Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD
    *HIB & HEP B:
    -Study: Hepatitis B Vaccine Damages The Liver
    -Hepatitis B vaccine induces apoptotic death in Hepa1-6 cells. Apoptosis. 2012 Jan 17. Epub 2012 Jan 17. PMID: 22249285
    -Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2011(3):CD007879. Epub 2011 Mar 16. PMID: 21412913

    – Postgrad Med J. 2006 Mar;82(965):207-10. PMID: 16517803
    -ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported. (correction: there have been 9 deaths from lab confirmed measles since the year 2000. Author has made corrections. 108 MMR vaccine deaths)
    http://healthimpactnews (dot) com/2015/zero-u-s-measles-deaths-in-10-years-but-over-100-measles-vaccine-deaths-reported/
    -Judge: Lawsuit Against Merck’s MMR Vaccine Fraud to Continue
    http://healthimpactnews (dot) com/2014/judge-lawsuit-against-mercks-mmr-vaccine-fraud-to-continue/
    -CDC Whistleblower: CDC Covered Up MMR Vaccine Link to Autism in African American Boys:

    My name is William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998. I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.
    http://www.morganverkamp (dot) com/august-27-2014-press-release-statement-of-william-w-thompson-ph-d-regarding-the-2004-article-examining-the-possibility-of-a-relationship-between-mmr-vaccine-and-autism/.
    -February 2nd, 2004 letter to Dr. Julie Gerberding:
    http://www.naturalnews (dot) com/images/CDC-Gerberding-warning-vaccines-autism.JPG
    -October 18, 2002 letter to Melinda Wharton, Coleen Boyle and others, where William Thompson announces he is hiring his own lawyer and implies a CDC cover-up of a D.O.J. investigation:
    http://www.naturalnews (dot) com/images/CDC-DOJ-Investigation-MMR-Vaccine-Autism-NN-Watermark.jpg
    Nearly a century after the release of the whooping cough (B. Pertussis) vaccine, mounting evidence suggests that widespread mandated use of the vaccine could potentially be doing more harm than good in the long term—in addition to having been found lacking in the effectiveness department. As reported by The Washington Post:

    “The research suggests that while the vaccine may keep people from getting sick, it doesn’t prevent them from spreading whooping cough — also known as Pertussis — to others.

    ‘It could explain the increase in Pertussis that we’re seeing in the US,’ said one of the researchers, Tod Merkel of the Food and Drug Administration…

    The study, titled: “Acellular Pertussis vaccines protect against disease but fail to prevent infection and transmission in a nonhuman primate model,” used infant baboons to test the hypothesis that “current acellular pertussis vaccines fail to prevent colonization and transmission” of B. Pertussis. (there is no vaccine for Bordetella Pertussis virus) http://www.pnas.org/content/111/2/787

    Lead author Tod Merkel did comment to the New York Times that when exposed to B. Pertussis after recently getting vaccinated, you could be an asymptomatic carrier and infect others, saying:

    “When you’re newly vaccinated, you are an asymptomatic carrier, which is good for you, but not for the population.”
    http://healthimpactnews (dot) com/2013/fda-pertussis-vaccine-study-shatters-illusion-of-vaccine-induced-immunity/
    Did you know there is NO diagnostic test for tetanus? So how
    do we know a person actually has tetanus. Symptoms of tetanus are similar to symptoms of some other toxic poisonings. We have no test to prove the person has tetanus. And good wound care is far and away your best treatment for dirty injuries. And the risk for tetanus is not the same in every area of the country. And tetanus vaccine is one vaccine that I get many many emails on from
    people telling me of damage to themselves or their children that doesn’t go away – tetanus like symptoms. The vaccine is so extremely toxic its been diluted and diluted………and still causing problems in some. And does it even work? Questionable.–Sheri Nakken RN

    -If contracting tetanus naturally does not give you immunity, why would a extremely dangerous shot give you immunity?

    http://www.vaccinationcouncil (dot) org/2014/07/10/tetanus-shot-how-do-we-know-that-it-works-by-tetyana-obukhanych-phd/?utm_source=feedburner

    -Ineffectiveness for infants of immunization of mothers with pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide vaccine during pregnancy. Braz J Infect Dis. 2009 Apr;13(2):104-6.

    -Pneumococcalconjugate vaccination is associated with higher levels of serious adverse respiratory events and nonrespiratory events in infants 6 weeks to 6 months of age.
    Efficacy of an 11-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
    against radiologically confirmed pneumonia among children less than 2 years of age in the Philippines: a randomized, double-blind,
    placebo-controlled trial. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2009 Jun;28(6):455-62. doi: 10.1097/INF.0b013e31819637af.

    -Vaccines for preventing pneumococcal infection in adults.
    Pneumococcal vaccines do not appear to reduce the risk of death from pneumonia in adult populations. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2003;(4):CD000422.
    “In 1977, Dr Jonas Salk who developed the first polio vaccine, testified along with other scientists, that mass inoculation against polio was the cause of most polio cases throughout the USA since 1961. (Science 4/4/77 “Abstracts” –Control of influenza and poliomyelitis with killed virus vaccines)
    sciencemag (dot) com and a very small embedded article in the Washington Post on September 24, 1976
    -The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) admitted that the vaccine has become the dominant cause of polio in the US today, with 87% of cases between 1973 and 1983 caused by the vaccine. More recently, 1980-1989, every case of polio in the US was caused by the vaccine.

    NEW ORLEANS, May 4 (UP) — The 30-month-old grandson of Dr. Alton Ochsner, New Orleans surgeon, died of bulbar polionyelitis today, eight days after being inoculated with Salk vaccine made by the Cutter Laboratories of Berkeley, Calif.
    http://news.google (dot) com/newspapers?nid=1955&dat=19550505&id=GwcrAAAAIBAJ&sjid=TJgFAAAAIBAJ&pg=2043,2589024

  • Babette Gamel

    Hiding your identity and calling me names just proves how pathetic and what a coward you are. Go away troll.

  • Babette Gamel

    She made the choice to put other things as a higher priority than the health of her child and yes she has to live with the consequences. Just sad

  • Roxanne

    RockyLanding: How do you know that your not trading
    the POSSIBILITY of contracting an infectious illness
    that manifests outwardly for harbouring vaccine
    contaminants internally to the long-term detriment of the immune system…. Food for thought:

    “The best immunity is natural immunity. Contamination from vaccines, on the other hand, short circuits all the body’s first line of defense. It is dangerously misleading and indeed the exact opposite of the truth to claiming vaccines make is “immune” or protect against disease. In fact, it only drives disease deeper and causes us to harbor it chronically.”
    ***Richard Moscowitz MD ‘The Case against Immunization’

    “What the promoters of vaccination fail to realize is that the respiratory tract of all mammals contain secretory IgA within the respiratory tract mucosa. Bypassing this mucosa aspect of the immune system directly injecting organism leads to a corruption of the immune system. As a result pathogenic viruses or bacteria cannot be eliminated by the immune system and remain in the body where they will further grow and/or mutate as the individual is exposed to ever more antigens and toxins in the environment. This is especially true with viruses grouped under the term “stealth adapted”…The mechanism by which the immune system is corrupted when you understand the two poles of the immunes system (the cellular and the humoral mechanism) have reciprocal relationship. Thus when one is stimulated the other is inhibited. Since vaccines activate the B cells to secrete antibody, the T cells are subsequently suppressed. This suppression of the cell mediated response is a key factor in the development of cancer and life threatening infections…”
    ***Rebecca Carley MD, VIDS Expert, ‘Inoculations: The True Weapon of Mass Deception’

    “Naturally acquired immunity by illness evolves by spread of a virus from the respiratory tract to the liver, thymus, spleen and bone marrow. When symptoms begin the entire immune response has been mobilized… Vaccination, in contrast, results in the persisting of live virus or other foreign antigens within the cells… a situation that may provoke auto-immune reactions as the body attempts to destroy its own infected cells.”
    ***James Howenstine MD, 12/7/03

    “The term immunization gives a false sense of security. The rise in the antibody titer is only a part of the body’s response; other parts of the immune system have not been activated. Years of experimenting with the immune systems of humans have proven nature does it best. ‘Immunity’ derived from vaccination is not complete, temporary at best and for many is dangerous, even lethal.”
    ***Lendon Smith, MD, Professor, Clinical Pediatrics, Oregon Health Services University

    “The mechanics of vaccination to build immunity is quite unnatural. Rather than space exposure to a relatively minuscule level of micro organisms in a gradual manner, quantities of antigens are introduced into the body through a series of vaccinations that are given in a row over a short period of time. All vaccines with the exception of the oral polio vaccine are injected directly into the bloodstream, by-passing the mucosal immune system know as the secretory IgA which is the first in a series of defensive levels within the immune system. It serves as a buffer, filtering microbes so that the impact of these invading organism is greatly reduced once it reaches the bloodstream. The IgA allows the antigen to be removed the same manner it arrived – through the mucosal barrier by sneezing, coughing and sweating. So a vaccine that has been injected gives the body no warning, no generalized inflammatory response, no chance to recognize, duplicate or defend itself against future challenges from typical antigens.”
    ***Robert Mendelsohn, MD, Professor of Pediatrics

  • kibitzer3

    “The coroner said it wasn’t my fault and sometimes this just happens.” ‘Sometimes this just happens’ when

    a) the baby’s vitamin C stores are used up from the stress of the shots and their heart just stops; as happened in the old days when sailors had been away a long time at sea with improper rations and their hearts would give out on them just like that, from scurvy; the syndrome ultimately dealt with by adding foods with vitamin C to their rations (thus British sailors picking up the moniker ‘limeys’); and/or

    b) the baby’s mattress is outgassing toxic fumes; esp. for the additional children in the family, using the same mattress, from the breaking-down of its toxic ingredients from such as urine.

    ‘Sometimes this just happens’ when something MAKES it happen. Which needs to be investigated thoroughly. And dealt with, thoroughly. In this case, a) not so many shots all at once, AT A MINIMUM (there are other dangers to them as well as SIDS); and b) cover the used mattress with a solid plastic covering, or replace it. (A scientist in New Zealand has investigated this matter thoroughly; google it.) The medical ‘authorities’ don’t want to look into these vaccine-damage matters because a) it would make them appear to be the fools that they have been; b) it would make them susceptible to lawsuits; and c) it would jeopardize their vaunted medical modality of vaccinations. Which modality is in sore need of BEING jeopardized, for all the terrible side-effect damage that it is wreaking, AND NOT BEING ACKNOWLEDGED.


  • Teresa

    She can definitely still sue the drs office or the nurse for negligence. If he were given too many, and it’s recorded, there are definitely still liable in some way.

  • RockyLanding

    This is a very long cut-and-paste illustrating the efficacy of vaccinations, as well as the ability of the medical community to improve upon vaccination regimens, such as the issues with the polio vaccine in the late seventies.

    Thank you.

  • Sarah Macke

    ​Rocky you need to educate yourself. The diseases you mentioned are very, very rarely deadly. For instance, there have been ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported – See more at: http://oneradionetwork.com/latest/zero-u-s-measles-deaths-in-10-years-but-over-100-measles-vaccine-deaths-reported-article/#sthash.bmPE3caf.dpuf.
    You’re being duped Rocky . . . Wake up!​

  • Roxanne

    Dr. Shiv Chopra was a senior scientist for Health Canada
    for 35 years but became a whistleblower when he refused
    to bow to the revolving door of conflicts of interest between
    regulatory bodies and the pharmaceutical industry. He paid the price professionally – as have others at Health
    Canada – for not standing his ground…. Anyway, some food for thought from Dr. Chopra who has referred to vaccines as “cluster bombs”

    “Anyone knowing the basics of biology should know:
    1. That all vaccines by their very nature are antigens and that every antigen by defintion must be a foreign protein or a substance attached to one’s own or some other foreign protein;
    2. That no foreign protein can be absorbed into the blood stream unless it is digested in the alimentary canal into its basic amino acids;
    3. That it is these amino acids which after being absorbed into the blood stream are reconstituted into one’s own proteins and it is these proteins which distinguishes every being of existence into self and non-self.
    4. That any interference or tampering with these laws of existence can bring calamity to the being in which it occurs such as by causing auto-immune conditions like autism, etc. This is precisely what may be occurring due to vaccine injections… . The foreign proteins in vaccines originate from not only the infectious organisms against which one wishes to produce infection-fighting antibodies but also the artificial media in which these organisms are grown. Contained in such media may include one or more of the following materials: bovine serum, horse serum, chicken egg, monkey kidney, insect cells and even human fetal cells. Apart from the foreign proteins, vaccines may also contain other harmful substances, including mercury, aluminum, formalin, oily adjuvants, etc., plus untold number of stray viruses with the potential to cause cancer, HIV, serum-hepatitis, and so on.

  • Solange

    Please look into how many people who work for WHO have been on politics and vice versa. Same is true of the FDA. Can anyone say “conflict of interest?”

  • Lauryn

    Actually Jews are God’s chosen people. Read your Bible.

  • sethcohen

    Are you angry because your blood probably has Jewish DNA mixed in it?

  • Red

    I can. Most scientists agree that our increasing rates of cancer and other diseases are a likely combination of genetics and environment, specifically pollution. You have a very misguided view of what the past was like, and the advances in science-based medicine that we are fortunate to have today. The good news is, while people like you are irrationally believing and railing about vaccines, science is still working on the cause(s) of diseases and disorders like autism. As for “why is there not prevention and more cures”, vaccines are a reasonably safe and effective prevention for dangerous viral diseases. As for health care getting more expensive, that’s a socio-economic-political issue, not an issue on vaccine efficacy and safety. Before you tell someone to their ‘homework’, you need to do your own, from legitimate and reliable sources. Here’s an interesting article to start that concludes “Still, the body of research linking autism risk to air pollution is astoundingly more robust than the literal non-body of research linking it to vaccines. And PM2.5 — the tiny particles found in smoke and haze and emitted from power plants, cars, and other industries — is already known to be harmful in many other ways”: http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2015/02/13/3622665/vote-environmentalism-not-measles/ Or check out Harvard: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/press-releases/fine-particulate-air-pollution-linked-with-increased-autism-risk/

  • mamabearmeatball .

    This story is a fake! I called the hospital and they’ve received several calls today asking about this. The background is that this picture and name showed up on a fundraising site in 2013 from a family claiming they needed to raise $5,000 to have their baby cremated and brought home. Note in the story here that the claim is that the hospital was delaying returning the baby for implied nefarious reasons. No mention of the delay being due to a lack of funds. Someone figured out when they were raising money in 2013 that it was a scam. First, it does not cost $5K to cremate a baby. Second, California provides free cremation for families that can’t afford to pay for it. They do the same thing with unidentified bodies (homeless people for example). I didn’t know this and had to look it up, but it’s true. It’s a common fraud used by con people on crowd sourcing sites like gofundme. So someone grabbed the photos and used the basic framework of the original fraud to create this story that the child was killed by vaccines. Whoever wrote this is despicable and only weakens the anti-vaxers cause by creating false stories to further their political agenda. Call the hospital and see for yourselves!

  • kibitzer3

    You have swallowed the Kool-Aid, Beth. a) Morbidity rates for all the childhood diseases were going down before the advent of the vaccines for them. (Better nutrition and cleaner water are the chief components of that picture.) b) There are natural approaches to the matter that don’t have the damnable side effects to them that the vaccines have. Vitamin A for measles, for one. And that way, the child has the chance to have its immune system developed properly, with life-long immunity (which the vaccines don’t give; and thus a vaccinated female can’t pass on her antibodies to her child, thus exposing the infant to infections that it shouldn’t have to deal with ‘naked’ at that tender age), with the natural treatment alleviating the worst-case scenario. But allopathic doctors are so brainwashed in their training that they don’t realize all this. More’s the pity.

  • Beth K

    WHO is not a lobbyist group. As for the FDA, I have little to no faith in them! There are many big difference between these two organizations.

  • Roxanne

    1) The WHO has no credibility due to conflicts of interest and can peddle any stats out of a hat and get away with it. Yes, the same folks who conveniently changed the definition of a pandemic in 2009 to serve commercial interests.

    ***2) Without lab analysis, “measles” cannot so readily be assumed to be such: Daily Telegraph 8 January 1997 London (Europe Today): “97.5% of the times that British doctors diagnose measles they are wrong”, says a publication of the Public Health Laboratory service. The mistake being made by National Health GP’s was found when the services tested the saliva of more than 12,000 children who had been diagnosed as having measles. Roger Buttery, an adviser on transmissible diseases at the Cambridge and Huntingdon Health Department, said that the majority of doctors “say they can recognize measles a mile off, but we now know that this illness occurs only in 2.5% of the cases.” Buttery says that doctors classify as measles many other viruses that also cause spots. He found eight different viruses during the survey in East Anglia. One of them, parvovirus, gives symptoms similar to German measles. The reason for the high rate of error puzzled Buttery. “Doctors are neither vague nor careless,” he said. The solution is to defer the diagnosis until more detailed information can be got. There are 5,000 to 6,000 cases of measles registered each year in the United Kingdom, but these findings now call most of them into doubt.”
    3) Wild measles complications are rare in the developed world and
    in ‘Third World’ nations they are not the result of a VACCINE DEFICIENCY but a nutritional deficiency – especially for vitamins A and C, and mortality rates can be significantly lowered by administration of
    such. Giving malnourished, immune-compromised children – those most
    likely to have serious vaccine reaction – is a backward strategy for
    improving childhood health.

  • RockyLanding

    Perhaps you would have a better time convincing me if you were to provide a link to an actual, peer-reviewed study, rather than an agenda-feuled website written by a “Health Impact News Editor.” But, you won’t do that, because such a link doesn’t exist.

    But, you are right, the diseases I mentioned are, in fact, very rarely deadly- at least, in this country. Polio, for example, has been nearly eradicated, down 99% from 1988. Would you care to guess why?

    In 1980, before widespread vaccination, measles caused an estimated 2.6 million deaths each year. Since 2000, there has been a 75% drop in measles death. Care to guess why? I’ll save you the trouble. According to the World Health Organization:

    “Measles vaccination resulted in a 75% drop in measles deaths between 2000 and 2013 worldwide. In 2013, about 84% of the world’s children received one dose of measles vaccine by their first birthday through routine health services – up from 73% in 2000.”

    These numbers, unlike your link, are not anecdotal.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Guess what else? Some lady named Crystal Downing-Powers was also posting on Facebook a couple years ago about “Bella,” a family member’s baby that was kidnapped in retaliation to the meth-head parents that owed money to some drug dealers. That family sure seems to have unfortunate luck, don’t they? This is disgusting. If people have legitimately been harmed by vaccines then their stories should be told. But to make up lies is disrespectful to legitimate parents that believe their child has been hurt by vaccines. I believe vaccines are safe and effective, but I’m all for investigating each credible claim of injury. False stories just hurt your cause and discredit the entire anti vaccine movement.

  • Roxanne

    Oh really?… (from globalresearch.ca)

    “The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will launch an inquiry in January 2010 on the influence of the pharmaceutical companies on the global swine flu campaign, focusing especially on extent of the pharma‘s industry’s influence on WHO. The Health Committee of the PACE, a body representing 47 European nations has unanimously passed a resolution calling for the inquiry. The step is a long-overdue move to public transparency of a “Golden Triangle” of drug corruption between WHO, the pharma industry and academic scientists that has permanently damaged the lives of millions and even caused death.

    The motion was introduced by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, former SPD Member of the German Bundestag and now chairman of the Health Committee of PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe). Wodarg is a medical doctor and epidemiologist, a specialist in lung disease and environmental medicine, who considers the current “pandemic” Swine Flu campaign of the WHO to be “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the Century.”[1]

    The text of the resolution just passed by a sufficient number in the Council of Europe Parliament says among other things, “In order to promote their patented drugs and vaccines against flu, pharmaceutical companies influenced scientists and official agencies, responsible for public health standards to alarm governments worldwide and make them squander tight health resources for inefficient vaccine strategies and needlessly expose millions of healthy people to the risk of an unknown amount of side-effects of insufficiently tested vaccines. The “bird-flu”-campaign (2005/06) combined with the “swine-flu”-campaign seem to have caused a great deal of damage not only to some vaccinated patients and to public health-budgets, but to the credibility and accountability of important international health-agencies.”[2]

    The Parliamentary inquiry will look into the issue of „falsified pandemic“ that was declared by WHO in June 2009 on the advice of its group of academic experts, SAGE, many of whose members have been documented to have intense financial ties to the same pharmaceutical giants such as GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Novartis, who benefit from the production of drugs and untested H1N1 vaccines. They will investigate the influence of the pharma industry in creation of a worldwide campaign against the so-called H5N1 “Avian Flu” and H1N1 Swine Flu. The inquiry will be given “urgent” priority in the general assembly of the parliament.

    In his official statement to the Committee, Wodarg criticized the influence of the pharma industry on scientists and officials of WHO, stating that it has led to the situation where “unnecessarily millions of healthy people are exposed to the risk of poorly tested vaccines,” and that, for a flu strain that is “vastly less harmful” than all previous flu epidemics.

    Wodarg says the role of the WHO and its the pandemic emergency declaration in June needs to be the special focus of the European Parliamentary inquiry. For the first time, the WHO criteria for a pandemic was changed in April 2009 as the first Mexico cases were reported, to make not the actual risk of a disease but the number of cases of the disease basis to declare “Pandemic.” By classifying the swine flu as pandemic, nations were compelled to implement pandemic plans and also the purchase swine flu vaccines. Because WHO is not subject to any parliamentary control, Wodarg argues it is necessary for governments to insist on accountability. The inquiry will also to look at the role of the two critical agencies in Germany issuing guidelines on the pandemic, the Paul-Ehrlich and the Robert-Koch Institute.”

  • Roxanne

    Prove your last statement. Babies dying following vaccination are routinely
    dismissed without even investigation as “unrelated”… The lax VAERS
    system is laughable and it’s known that the adverse events reported are
    but a tiny fraction of the potential damage.

  • RockyLanding

    The assertion that vaccines haven’t impacted infectious diseases isn’t just ignorant- it is WILLFULLY ignorant.

    Please tell me what Scarlet Fever has to do with Polio? Polio has been nearly eradicated, down 99% from 1988. Would you care to guess why?

    Please tell me what Scarlet Fever has to do with measles? In 1980, before widespread vaccination, measles caused an estimated 2.6 million deaths each year. Since 2000, there has been a 75% drop in measles death. Care to guess why? I’ll save you the trouble. According to the World Health Organization:

    “Measles vaccination resulted in a 75% drop in measles deaths between 2000 and 2013 worldwide. In 2013, about 84% of the world’s children received one dose of measles vaccine by their first birthday through routine health services – up from 73% in 2000.”

    These are reals stats. Real lives of real children. Also from the WHO: “Approximately 145,700 people died from measles in 2013 – mostly children under the age of 5. Accelerated immunization activities have had a major impact on reducing measles deaths. During 2000-2013, measles vaccination prevented an estimated 15.6 million deaths.”

    It is your double standard that I find appalling.

  • Beth K

    And it was delicious! I believe the to immunize or not to immunize debate has become almost as heated as pro-choice and pro-life debates. It’s all about education and parents doing what they believe it right for their children. Right or wrong can be argued all day, in the end, if an educated decision is reached, a parent should not feel guilty for a decision made either way. My 9 year old was given all recommended vaccines, and he’s never been on an antibiotic in his life. His immune system is working just fine, and he’s a perfectly healthy child.

  • RockyLanding

    You do know that Chiv Chopra is a veterinarian?

  • Roxanne

    “You cannot immunize sick, malnourished children and expect them to get away with it. You’ll kill far more children than would have died from natural infection…It needs to be appreciated that children in developing countries are at a much greater risk of complications from vaccination and from mercury toxicity…because poor nutrition, parasitic and bacterial infections and low birth weight… They went through Africa, South America and elsewhere and vaccinated sick and starving children…They thought they were wiping out measles, but most of t hose susceptible to measles died from some other disease that they developed AS A RESULT of being vaccinated. The vaccination reduced their immune levels and acted like infection. Many got septicaemia, gastro-enteritis, etc. or made their nutritional status worse and they died from malnutrition. So there were very few susceptible infants left alive to get measles. It’s one way to get good statistics. Kill all those that are susceptible which is what they literally did!”
    ***Archie Kalokerinos MD, PhD, AMM, MBBS, FAPM who worked in the
    developing world for decades

  • Beth K

    Concerning Global Research (the proclaimed independent research group). I’ve been a healthcare administrator for a large health organization for 15 years. My knowledge comes from first hand experiences, not from wish-washy organizations such as this.

    Globalresearch.ca (also under the domain name globalresearch.org) is the website of the Montreal-based non-profit The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) founded by Michel Chossudovsky.

    While many of Globalresearch’s articles discuss legitimate humanitarian or environmental concerns, the site has a strong undercurrent of reality warping throughout its pages, especially in relation to taking its news from sources such as Russia. Its view of science, the economy and geopolitics seems to be broadly conspiracist.

    Whenever someone makes a remarkable claim and cites Globalresearch, they are almost certainly wrong.

  • GoneButNotForgotten

    This is what happened to ours son almost 4 years ago. He was a little late on his checkup do to being ill. After receiving vaccination he died, they say of SIDS, right at 5 1/2 months old. Makes me want to go check his immunization records. Tragic! Heartbreaking! Possibly preventable! Did our son die in vain as well?

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Are you really this stupid? The majority of people are vaccinated. If 90% of the population is vaccinated and 3% have autism, will the reported cases of autism be higher in the 90% that are vaccinated or the 10% that are unvaccinated? Gee, Mr. Wizard, that’s a tough one.

    This is a great indictment of the anti-vaxers: http://www.voicesforvaccines.org/how-my-daughter-taught-me-that-vaccines-do-not-cause-autism/

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Studies have been done that provide no conclusive link with vaccines to autism. You don’t trust those studies though, right? What you would prefer is a study that provides proof that autism is caused by something other than vaccines. Correct? I know you’re not too bright, but YOUR study starts with the premise that vaccines don’t cause autism, whereas mine specifically looks at the link between vaccines and autism. Mine is more likely to prove a link versus yours which does not even examine if there is a link between autism and vaccines. Which study do you trust? A study that actually examines vaccines as a possible cause or a study that ignores vaccines entirely and looks for a cause elsewhere? Two seconds on Google and I found a lady with an unvaccinated child who was diagnosed with autism. You suck at research, kiddo. http://www.voicesforvaccines.org/how-my-daughter-taught-me-that-vaccines-do-not-cause-autism/

  • Erwin Alber

    Vaccines are important only to the scumbags who profit from their use Carla. Otherwise, humankind would be far better off without vaccines of any kind.

    Sorry about your loss. If you like, please post your and your daughter’s story with a photo or photos on my Facebook page “My child’s vaccine reaction.”

    All the best!

  • RockyLanding

    I notice that you have a much, MUCH higher standard of evidence for organizations that don’t support your beliefs. I can certainly understand why: the organizations you dismiss have far more credibility than the ones you cite.

  • Roxanne

    Rubbish, your comment is only a reflection of your own political bias and does not address the content of the article. Are you suggesting that Dr. Wodargs criticisms etc. were all
    fabricated by Global Research? Really! And does your
    “firsthand experience” also include questioning conflicts of
    interest – the revolving door – ripe throughout the medical
    regulatory system?

  • Roxanne

    What “higher” credibility is that? Please specify: the CDC,
    the FDA, the AAP etc.? All of whom have served the revolving door or have conflicts of interest.

  • Erwin Alber

    Vaccinators and vaccine manufacturers are in my opinion the scum of the earth because no other profession I know of makes a living from maiming and killing defenseless babes and children, then avoids the blame by dismissing the adverse event by attaching a false diagnosis like “autism” or “SIDS” to whatever happened as a result of a baby or child having been callously poisoned for profit under the guise of preventing diseases.

  • furious

    I knew this story had to be fake, before even reading to the end, but I am glad it was found out. It is SAD SAD SAD that someone would post something like this. As an ACTUAL SIDS parent, I am so offended I don’t even know how to begin. How dare you lie about this kind of tragedy to use toward some agenda?. There is, guaranteed, some poor parent who has lost a child reading this article and crumbling under the guilt of questioning their responsibility in their child’s death due to vaccinations. This has gone far enough. Don’t want to vaccinate your kids? Fine, don’t. Home-school, instead. But, stop this kind of disgusting behavior. What a horrific way to try to prove a point.

  • Erwin Alber

    Talk about living in a fool’s paradise!

    You say your pediatrician had many years of schooling. I take it you mean brainwashing? It’s in my opinion a typical case of the blind leading the blind: clueless parents accepting advice from an equally clueless professional.

  • Roxanne

    Actually Dr. Chopra has a very impressive resume and his
    specialty was in vaccination – whether for animals or humans – the “science” re. vaccines and their fundamental affects on physiology doesn’t change.

  • Erwin Alber

    It’s not the NWO scumbags who made a fuss, but just ordinary run-of-the mill provaccine zealots who gave her grief.

    The NWO scumbags are not concerned about people like Dr Tenpenny because they know they can rely on the stupidity of 90% of the populace to bring in their children to be poisoned for profit no matter what, regardless of Dr Tenpenny giving lectures or not.

    I’m not concerned about the NWO psychopaths as they are in my opinion too busy implementing their depopulation agenda to worry about activists like me, or Dr Tenpenny.

  • RockyLanding

    Yeah, we prefer our pediatrician have a medical degree. We’re funny like that.

  • Erwin Alber

    Why is it fake? It’s not the impression I get. I have heard this kind of story too often to consider it fake.

  • Lynn bastian

    What do u mean acknowledge a link?

  • Erwin Alber

    Why do you think this story is not legitimate, regardless of the story about Bella?

    The truth is that vaccines harm and kill lots of babies.

    Here is another one:

  • Erwin Alber

    So has this mother asked for donations? Not that I can see.

  • RockyLanding

    From the person who bemoans the motives of the World Health Organization. Seriously, you’re like a parody. If only there were a vaccine for your intractability.

  • marmichaelabportus

    I’ve been in and out of medicine for a while, but never heard of 8 vaccines at once for an infant.

  • Roxanne

    Oh boy… This will be a long one – and as it’s so late – will try to get back to you over the weekend. Good night.

  • Hannah B

    YOUR decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate doesn’t just affect YOU or YOUR child. It also affects MY child. MY child has already had to go through chemo for cancer and, bless her heart, she was a real trooper! But now her immune system is compromised from the chemo that saved her life. YOUR decision not to vaccinate leaves her vulnerable to diseases that can be prevented through vaccination. MY little girl can’t be vaccinated against diseases that could kill her, so she relies on people like YOU to not spread those disease to her. YOUR decision not to vaccinate makes me scared for my daughter’s life, so YES, I HAVE SOMETHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

  • RockyLanding

    Please don’t.

  • kibitzer3

    A very fair response, Beth. And I agree totally: It’s all about education. Let all the facts be out there. ALL the facts. And letting the parents do “what they believe is right for their children,” from an educated position. Not to be treated like an insignificant player in the matter in the eyes of the all-powerful and omniscient state.

    P.S. I’m happy for your son. :-)

  • angie

    My heart goes out to you! Prayers for your family and your heart! I would suggest if California doesn’t allow exemptions for vaccines, that you consider moving to a state that does…there are many out there, Texas is one of them. My child stopped breathing after her 2 and 4 month shots …she is ok and alive today because I did my research after that and realized she falls in that 2% range of high risk of fatal reaction to vaccines rather is allergic reaction or not, we don’t know because there is no way to tell which one she is allergic to due to they give so many at a time…so do your research, do whatever is necessary to protect your children… I always told my critics…i will risk chicken pox over death any day, you will cry with me for a day but i will be crying for a lifetime….prayers for you and your family!


    resorts to name calling tells me all i need to know about you

  • Roxanne

    Tired, but this will be short in re. specifically to India. As someone who has family working directly in India with poor communities, I witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by the polio vaccine when I visited a school where all the children (different ages) got polio from the polio vaccine. This was back in the 90’s and this was the first time I was forced to confront years of unquestioning faith in vaccines.
    (Yes, I used to be avidly pro-vaccine until this and two other
    events forced me to question decades of deep indoctrination)
    Today, there are tens of thousands of children in India who
    are victims of ‘Acute Flaccid Paralysis’ – which is worse
    than wild strain polio – in direct connection to recent polio vaccine campaigns. It’s a travesty that like all those children
    I saw in the 90’s, this is yet another story of invisible vaccine


    ok vaccines aer 1000% effective and no one has ever been damaged by them

    still with the name calling yup

  • Pink

    Please, please get an attorney! One that is not in the same town as the coroner and the Hospital your son went to. I lost my 3 week old son and believe me when I say that they ARE putting you off until the statute of limitations is up. Please dont wait, hire an atty. Asap!! Sorry for your loss. I know your pain :(

  • Roxanne

    How do you know that unvaccinated are “spreading” infections when
    the recently vaccinated can shed for weeks and spread infections.
    In fact, some vaccine monographs – such as the one for varicella –
    caution for the recently vaccinated to stay away from the immune-compromised. Given the sheer number of children nationally getting a multitude of vaccines at any given time, how do you know that none of them are “spreading” the infection?

  • Adam Raines

    Apparently this story and picture was hijacked from a scam that was on gofundme.com back in 2013. Someone took the original fake story that was used to illegally raise funds and used it to make up the story about the baby dying from vaccines. They just took the picture and original fake story and used it to create their OWN fake story. In other words neither story is true. This is a picture of a baby that is probably alive and well. Shameless and heartless to those that have lost babies to SIDS and are blaming themselves for getting their child vaccinated. I’m disgusted.

  • jon

    You have a lot more chance of contracting the disease from a vaccinated child than an unvaccinated one. Its called vaccine shedding. Unvaccinated kids are constantly assaulted by vaccinated kids who are all around and of course go straight back to nursery, kindergarden, school to spread the mutant diseases they have been ifected with. Hence all the unexplainable “flus” that go round.

  • Adam Raines

    She’s saying that this lady who claims to be the mother of the dead child was also claiming to be the relative of another child that was kidnapped and murdered around the same time. You can’t trust anyone without legitimate proof. That’s why websites like this are no better than mainstream corporate owned media. They’re all just pushing their agenda and are completely biased to opinion rather than fact.

  • Adam Raines

    Other stories about vaccine injury are real but this one is fake. The lady below just a few posts looked into it and actually talked to the hospital herself.

  • Roxanne

    Re. earlier entry below this one…

    “…Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received. Though this data was collected within the polio surveillance system, it was not investigated. The principle of primum-non-nocere was violated…”
    Indian Journal of Medical Ethics 4-6, 2012
    PubMed 22591873

  • Hannah B

    Most vaccines contain bacteria or viruses that have been inactivated by various means (depending on the organism)- the vaccinated person can’t transmit a live virus to someone who has not been vaccinated or who has a compromised immune system. The vaccines that DO include live viruses or bacteria (like the varicella, MMR, and the Rotavirus vaccines) have been substantially weakened in the lab compared to the full-blown version. Since they are live viruses, they are still transmittable, however- the virus that would be transmitted is mild compared to the full-blown version. Is it still harmful for my daughter? Hell yes it is, but statistically she has a better chance of surviving that weakened form of the virus than she does if she contracts the full-blown virus that an un-vaccinated person might pass onto her. We take precautions to keep her safe from any form of disease right now until her immune system is stronger, but in the event that she does contract something? I would prefer she have every advantage possible to keep her alive.

  • mamabearmeatball .
  • mamabearmeatball .

    “Where are all these hoards of unvaccinated autistic children?” I’d be glad to tell you. Note Japan where the big bad vaccine that McCarthy is against was removed and yet rates of autism still rose despite the fact that those diagnosed with autism were unvaccinated. Do some research instead of following the anti-vax sheeple.


    “In Japan, a 2005 study, “No effect of MMR withdrawal on the incidence of autism: a total population study,” researchers found that the incidence of autism “rose progressively” even after the MMR vaccine was withdrawn from the country over concerns about aseptic meningitis. In the study, at least 170 children were found to have developed autism even though they had not received the MMR vaccine.”

  • Furious is a dumbass

    Not fake… Do a simple google search

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Finally a balanced and rational comment.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    The problem is that any organization that conflicts with their beliefs is written off as “owned by big Pharma.” They DO trust lone websites by people with no medical credentials though. They’re idiots.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    I don’t get how your response refutes the facts that Rockylanding confronted you with, Roxanne. He just gave you a ton of statistics and your counter debate is “I went to India.” Wow! How did you get the grant money for such an in depth and scientific study?

  • mamabearmeatball .

    I did, which is how I discovered it wasn’t legit. And then I called the hospital. If you’re against vaccines, put your effort into defending REAL stories instead of lies. Defending a story that is proven false only further weakens your case and makes you seem irrational.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    No. The writer of this story hijacked the picture of the baby and another story about a baby dying (which also was a fraudulent story) and used it to create their own fraudulent story. Both stories are fake. You savvy?

  • mamabearmeatball .

    How do you know I’m a lady? :)

  • mamabearmeatball .

    I guess you’re suffering from reverse “boy who cried wolf” syndrome, eh?

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Because I called the hospital and looked into it. I knew it didn’t pass the smell test to begin with but I wanted to see if my hunch was correct.

  • mamabearmeatball .
  • mamabearmeatball .

    Does this mean I don’t get invited to Christmas dinner this year?

  • johan mann

    …at least you’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel,sadly not everybody is smart enough to educated themselves about vaccines…..

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Oh come on! Have you ever debated politics with them? It’s amazing how easy it is to take their arguments apart. They usually cry too.

  • johan mann

    Do you work for big pharma?

  • johan mann

    I am not so sure what hospital you called but the people in that town said that the story is true

  • johan mann

    I will TY for the info

  • johan mann

    Right on…………

  • johan mann

    If you are an irresponsible mother to the point that your child dies because of your carelessness than you should not bring any more kids in to world.

  • Sue Rope Ne Hennessy

    OMG what planet are you on.. everyone of us are flesh and blood know matter what race of people we are..It is bigoted people like you that are keeping so much hate in this world…. get over yourself..

    And in case you do not know what BIGOTED means I have added the meaning…..Full Definition of BIGOT. : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

  • Erwin Alber

    And you consider the news from the mainstream media and pharma-dominated outfits like the CDC and the WHO reliable? If so, I’m afraid your perception of reality is profoundly warped.

  • Sue Rope Ne Hennessy

    Here here kibitzer you are so right

  • sabelmouse

    lol! projecting much?

  • Erwin Alber

    It’s the lack of thinking that is the problem calman62. As Albert Einstein put it: ‘Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.’

  • Erwin Alber

    I have news for you: vaccines have never protected anyone, or saved anyone’s life.


    Also check this out:
    Dr Russell Blaylock: Vaccine Program Based Upon Nonsense, Fear, Fairy Tales

  • Augustina

    Hospital staff said I would be under investigation and it was California law when a baby passes, to undergo an autopsy. I was investigated. After they took his body, we were sent home and questioned like no other. The
    investigators came to our home and took things of Matthew’s.

    I thought to myself why the heck are you questioning me about my parenting? I am a damn good mother. They took the bottle he ate out of. The formula we used and the baby cereal we gave him. Plus the stage 1 baby food we were introducing him too, which was fruits and vegetables.

    From the hospital in Needles, Matthew was transferred from that hospital to the coroner’s office, in San Bernardino, CA. We had chosen to have Matthew cremated at a funeral home in San Bernardino.

    After leaving Matthew at the hospital, we were told to go home and wait for an update when the autopsy would be done. We planned to see him at the funeral home we picked out, after deciding we would have him cremated. I was told I’d be informed when the autopsy was to be done and when it would be completed and that I could view him before being cremated.

    I didn’t write down the names of the staff members I left my son with. I didn’t think of that when it happened. But I should have. No one called me to inform me what was going on. I called numerous times and kept getting the runaround. Absolutely no one would give me answers.

    At least 3 weeks went by before I received a call back from the funeral home we picked out to cremate our son. From what I learned from the funeral home is that the coroner had Matthew for 3 weeks after his autopsy was done.

    Matthew’s body was not transferred to the funeral home till 3 weeks after he passed. By this time, I was informed Matthew was not in a condition I’d want to remember him in. He had deteriorated by then and that’s when we were advised to sign for him to be cremated without being viewed prior.

    I felt helpless and convinced I should sign a paper letting them cremate him. We wanted him cremated so he could be with us wherever we go.

    The funeral home confirmed the remains were Matthew’s. They asked me what urn I would like and then confirmed it was him. I also sent a picture of him, to make sure.

    They mailed me a paper to sign so that they could proceed with the cremation. I signed it and mailed it back.

    It took time to get everything situated, including what we wanted put on his urn. Then they had to send off the urn to have the engraving done, to put his name and the message we wanted onto it. After that, I was able to go and pick up his body. His ashes.

    Then I had to sign a paper to receive his ashes at the funeral home. The
    funeral home gave me a discount and I was able to pay for his ashes and his urn and all that went on top of his urn. That was pretty much all we had to pay for.

    Matthew didn’t get brought back to our home in Needles, California until November 20, 2013. A month and a half after he passed away.

    It took a week to get the urn back that was engraved and then it took two days after the urn was there, for them to do the cremation. After the cremation was done, they contacted us to let us know they were taking some of the ashes out like we requested, so we would be able to have some of his ashes to be put into a necklace.

    Both my husband and I have necklaces with his ashes. We still have the urn sealed up where nobody can get into.”

  • Augustina

    As the author of this very true story, on behalf of Matthew, it appears
    you need the extended version of this story. And what hospital would be
    allowed to give you such information? You could just ask Crystal
    yourself. Of course you wouldn’t want people to know this happened, but
    it did. It is shameful anyone would not stand up for this family after
    what they went through.

  • Augustina

    As the author of this very true story, on behalf of Matthew, it appears some people need the extended version of this story. And what hospital would be allowed to give such information? You could just ask Crystal yourself. Of course we know many wouldn’t want people to know this happened, but it did. It is shameful anyone would not stand up for this family after what they went through.

    “Hospital staff said I would be under investigation and it was California law
    when a baby passes, to undergo an autopsy. I was investigated. After they took
    his body, we were sent home and questioned like no other. The investigators
    came to our home and took things of Matthew’s.

    I thought to myself why the heck are you questioning me about my parenting?
    I am a damn good mother. They took the bottle he ate out of. The formula we
    used and the baby cereal we gave him. Plus the stage 1 baby food we were
    introducing him to, which was fruits and vegetables.

    From the hospital in Needles, Matthew was transferred from that hospital to
    the coroner’s office, in San Bernardino, CA. We had chosen to have Matthew
    cremated at a funeral home in San Bernardino.

    After leaving Matthew at the hospital, we were told to go home and wait for
    an update when the autopsy would be done. We planned to see him at the funeral home we picked out, after deciding we would have him cremated. I was told I’d be informed when the autopsy was to be done and when it would be completed and that I could view him before being cremated.

    I didn’t write down the names of the staff members I left my son with. I didn’t think of that when it happened. But I should have. No one called me to inform me what was going on. I called numerous times and kept getting the runaround. Absolutely no one would give me answers.

    At least 3 weeks went by before I received a call back from the funeral home
    we picked out to cremate our son. From what I learned from the funeral home is
    that the coroner had Matthew for 3 weeks after his autopsy was done.

    Matthew’s body was not transferred to the funeral home till 3 weeks after he
    passed. By this time, I was informed Matthew was not in a condition I’d want to
    remember him in. He had deteriorated by then and that’s when we were advised tosign for him to be cremated without being viewed prior.

    I felt helpless and convinced I should sign a paper letting them cremate him. We wanted him cremated so he could be with us wherever we go.

    The funeral home confirmed the remains were Matthew’s. They asked me what
    urn I would like and then confirmed it was him. I also sent a picture of him, to make sure.

    They mailed me a paper to sign so that they could proceed with the cremation. I signed it and mailed it back.

    It took time to get everything situated, including what we wanted put on his urn. Then they had to send off the urn to have the engraving done, to put his name and the message we wanted onto it. After that, I was able to go and pick up his body. His ashes.

    Then I had to sign a paper to receive his ashes at the funeral home. The funeral home gave me a discount and I was able to pay for his ashes and his urn and all that went on top of his urn. That was pretty much all we had to pay for.

    Matthew didn’t get brought back to our home in Needles, California until November 20, 2013. A month and a half after he passed away.

    It took a week to get the urn back that was engraved and then it took two
    days after the urn was there, for them to do the cremation. After the cremation
    was done, they contacted us to let us know they were taking some of the ashes
    out like we requested, so we would be able to have some of his ashes to be put
    into a necklace.

    Both my husband and I have necklaces with his ashes. We still have the urn
    sealed up where nobody can get into.”

  • Patricia Zambrano

    Hi Jane! Of course Doctor Rebecca Carley would be described as hysterical by the pharma industry and would be stripped of her license due to the fact that she has exposed the corruption and malpractices of the vaccine industry. She has had the training and passed her exams and has had the courage to stand up to Goliath for the sake of ethics. How many doctors would lose their livelihoods in order to warn humanity? She is a remarkable woman who has had to learn the damages caused by vaccines the hard way: on her own child!

  • Nat

    For those that says this story is FAKE, ya’ll a Bunch of ignorant people do us a favor and do some research before u speak negatively, this woman is hurting and u guys have no sympathy, simply enter her name on FB go to her page and see if she in fact had this baby and if he is in fact gone now!!! Then come back here and comment some more. Ya’ll should be ashamed of your selfs to treat an inocent baby’s death like its a joke.

  • Nat

    People are very ignorant when it comes to other people’s pain or loss plus I know this kind of statements (vaccine, foods, government, laws etc.) are pretty serious subjects to discuss openly like this and I’m sure there are people here that have something to do with all this.. So called life they chose for us that we live from day to day and so they will make this statements to distract brainwash people from reality and unfortunately lots of them fall for it. There is a lot more to this then we all will ever know.

  • DigDeepToSeeTheTruth

    I love how this story is framed as “vaccines kill babies” when in truth it should be said what really happened here… A mistake. The wrong vaccines were given at the wrong time. That’s it. Horrible story… As a father of 3 myself, I would be outraged at the doctor and the practice/hospital, but I would not start blaming the vaccines! This story is crap… True or not.

  • maggiemaynot

    I call FAKE! Go to the death registry – updated through 2014 and search for this name. It does not exist. I tested with 3 of my own friends/family members ranging in years 1988 – 2014. They were all there. So yeah, FAKE is right.

  • jon

    Er no. Just the propaganda story. Its fantasy from beginning to end. Its a theory and a load of assumptions based on that theory. All of which are full of holes. None of it is proven either.

  • jon

    Referring to HannaB that is.

  • Sue Rope Ne Hennessy

    Well Red.. how do you know
    if I am white.. and what the hell has that got to do with it what colour I am????…..
    and I was not just suggesting immunization having put up our health cost up
    alone around the world.. There is a lot
    of sick people out there needing medication (WE should be using prevention)
    ….and I cannot see any scientist finding the cures needed.. I wonder why??
    Also the Autism battle it seems.. My son was diagnosed with sever Autism in
    the 1980’s.. and I remember well the high temperature and how sick he was after
    he got his triple vaccine.. My son was diagnosed autistic when I and the people
    around me and further afield had not heard of Autism… NOW there is 1 diagnosed
    case of measles to 7000 diagnosed cases of autism.. And legitimate sources you
    have.. well…. Mmm are yours from the paid scientist and doctors who are paid
    by Pharmaceutical companies I wonder.. I also wonder about You….and
    your answers to autism.. I was living in a country town of New Zealand with NO Pollution
    my friend ….and I knew at the time it was his imunisation.. But we did not have
    the World Wide Web to do our homework..

  • Sue Rope Ne Hennessy

    Really in and out.. are you a doctor and are you an expert…

  • Sue Rope Ne Hennessy

    Please let me know why or where you got your information that this story was a fake.. dont just say it give the blimim evidence…Please

  • guest

    It you read maybe a couple of hundred comments down you will find this exact same comment.

    Get a new script writer Troll.

  • guest

    No only do vaccines kill babies, of which there are maybe at this point in time a million murdered babies from big pharma, what else kills babies is trolls who comment on boards and get paid to lie. You and the other trolls on this board are complicit in the murder and permanent damage of millions of children from around the world.

  • guest

    These are trolls.. A study came out last year that said internet trolls are Machiavellian Sadist. They make ugly comments like this because 1. they get paid, 2. the absolutely enjoy inflicting pain and being a pain in the a** on comment boards. Appealing to their higher nature is useless because they don’t have one.

  • guest

    Well you’ll never see or hear about what you are not looking for. Also, your paycheck depends on YOU not hearing or seeing.

  • guest

    I knew this story had to be fake, before even reading to the end, but I am glad it was found out. It is.

    Where’s the juice??????
    Where is the documentation to PROVE that the story is a fake?

    Proof is in the pudding.
    Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.

    Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.
    Truth is on the side of the oppressed. This Mom is surely oppressed.

    The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it.
    Truth is truth through time and space and shall ever be true.

    Where’s the documentation to prove otherwise?

  • guest

    I did, which is how I discovered it wasn’t legit.

    Liar. If you had the proof you would have posted it. You are as heinous as the file pharmaceutical company that poisons people for profit.

  • guest

    You suffer from lack of soul syndrome.

  • guest

    You certainly aren’t! You are a Machiavellian Sadist:

    Trolls Just Want to Have Fun? By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

    Buckelsa, EE, Trapnellb, PD, Paulhusc, DL (2014). Trolls just want to have fun. Personality and Individual Differences. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.paid.2014.01.016

    Get some help.

  • guest

    You are a truly sick individual. Go back on your meds.

  • Kevin Straub

    I had written up a Bible study to respond to this but it is gone. I won’t write it again. But no, am not so crass and cruel as to say things to aggravate the grief of our mother, here. Again, Paul teaches the truth on resurrection as well as the rest of Bible. The truth on hell goes hand in hand with this. There is no eternal burning place of torment. That is why we have militant atheism in the world–this is a ridiculous caricature of God, actually it is portraying the character of Satan. The Bible says that the final destruction finishes them. “Into smoke shall they consume away” and “they will be ashes under the soles of your feet” and “they shall be as though they had not been”…. And as for David, w

  • guest

    Because I called the hospital and looked into it.

    Really???? Ever heard of HIPPA?

    The HIPAA Privacy Rule provides federal protections for individually identifiable health information held by covered entities and their business associates and gives patients an array of rights with respect to that information.

    So you are telling everyone on this board that this hospital violated the government HIPPA policy just for you?? The spotlight is already on this hospital and it surely has been heightened since this story went public and in ight of this the hospital is willing to violate the HIPPA law to give an INTERNET TROLL confidential information on a patient? I haven’t read where any MSM stenographer has had access to that information yet you, an INTERNET TROLL is able to obtain this? You suffer from Delusional Disorder Symptoms-a characteristic of this disorder is schizophrenia. You need to up your meds!

  • guest

    Schizophrenia is a mental disorder often characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to recognize what is real.

  • guest

    Failure to recognize what is real. Schizophrenia often characterized by abnormal social behavior. Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, auditory hallucinations, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and inactivity.

  • joe

    perhaps this story is fake. but SIDS is listed as a possible adverse reaction on the insert of the Dpt vaccine. its not there for fun. if this story is fake, then the people who did it are disgusting.

  • guest

    mamabearmeatball is an internet troll. It’s comments are scripted by a handler who works for one of the many organizations that our government and the pharmaceutical industry pays to write disparaging and out right lies for them to distract away from their genocidal program that has been gong on for decades under the guise of preventing what they call vaccine preventable disease which they have never provided any independent data to the populace work. This is just another aspect of their fear mongering campaign. Pharma and government will go to great length to cover the lies. They have become proficient at this since the Polio vaccine con.

    Don’t wast you time trying to convince mbmb. It will never understand.

    It is difficult to get a man/woman to understand something when their paycheck depends on not understanding it.

  • guest

    mamabearmeatball is an troll. This person (I use the term light) has only 70 comments on this account which means it was hired specifically to cast doubt on the validity of this story.

  • shotofhealth

    Most mainstream news sources have zero credibility, that’s for sure.

    If vaccines are SO safe and SO effective, why do the authorities have to put the fear of God into everyone, have secret vaccine “courts” for those adversely affected by vaccines (but which are not law courts), demonise anyone who chooses not to vaccinate (or who even asks questions), tell lies about the efficacy of vaccines, manipulate data/research and give freedom from prosecution to the vaccine manufacturers?

    Oh, and the best one yet : anyone who says that any immediate adverse reaction after a vaccine shot must be due to the vaccine is totally wrong.

  • guest

    First of all, I don’t believe one world of your comment because if you read down a couple of hundred comments you will read similar scripted comments. The purpose of this and other similar ones is to repeatedly try to convince people that despite vaccines bad track record they are safer than contracting a CHILDHOOD ILLNESS. Just for the record, the California measles outbreak of 2014, all the cases have been described as MILD and 63% of the people who were infected re adults-not children. But, in case you do have a child:

    Prove that your daughter will contact an illness from an unvaccinated person. If your daughter lives under the magic umbrella of the VACCINE what are you worried about?

    INDEPENDENT Scientific proof is required.

    -69 babies died within 20 days of receiving Infanrix hexa- covered up as SIDS
    http://autismoevaccini.files.wordpress (dot) com/2012/12/vaccin-dc3a9cc3a8s.pdf

    EPIDEMICS: http://www.whale (dot) to/vaccine/scheibner9.html

    -A study in Pediatr Infect Dis. 1983 Jan-Feb;2(1):7-11. PMID: 6835859;
    UI: 83169234, was to determine whether or not DPT caused SIDS. They
    contacted the parents of 145 SIDS victims who died in LA between January
    1979 and August 1980. Of these, 53 babies had had DPT vaccination. Of
    those 53, 27 had been given a DPT shot within 28 days of death, 17
    deaths occurred within 1 week of the vaccination and 6 deaths within 24
    hours. This was significantly more than expected and points to a
    temporal relationship between DPT and SIDS.

    -Infant Mortality rates and vaccinations
    http://het.sagepub (dot) com/content/early/2011/05/04/0960327111407644.full.pdf

    Live Viral Vaccine Shedding:

    Toddler survives smallpox vaccine reaction:http://www.reuters (dot) com/article/2007/05/18/us-smallpox-boy-idUSN1744524120070518
    A two-year-old boy
    who developed a serious reaction to his father’s smallpox vaccination
    has recovered but disease detectives found infectious virus all over his
    house, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on
    Child was in hospital for 2 weeks and his mother also was infected with smallpox.

    -Vaccinated Sibling Transmits Rotavirus to Unvaccinated Brother, Gets Rotavirus Gastroenteritis
    http://pediatrics (dot)aappublications.org/content/125/2/e438.full

    RotaTeq Vaccine Insert:

    http://www.merck (dot) com/product/usa/pi_circulars/r/rotateq/rotateq_pi.pdf.
    this shot is now on the NVICP list as one families can submit for compensation.

    -Vaccinia Virus Infection After Sexual Contact with a Military Smallpox Vaccinee — Washington, 2010: http://www.cdc (dot) gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5925a2.htm

    -Transmission of mumps virus from mumps-vaccinated individuals to close contacts
    Vaccine Volume 29, Issue 51, 28 November 2011, Pages 9551-9556doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2011.09.100 | How to Cite or Link Using DOI
    http://www.sciencedirect (dot) com/science/article/pii/S0264410X11015428

    -Detection of measles virus RNA in urine specimens from vaccine recipients
    ( J Clin Microbiol. 1995 September; 33(9): 2485–2488 )
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih (dot) gov/pmc/articles/PMC228449/

    -Polio outbreak sparked by vaccine, experts say ( updated 10/5/2007)

  • guest

    The problem is we can’t keep trolls like you off this comment board because the only way for to make a living is to lie for organizations that would fll under the RICO statue if there were enough people is congress with balls who would start investigating the corruption within the government.

  • guest

    WHO is not a lobbyist group.

    You’re right. The WHO is a organized Eugenics organization who has been funded by the robbers barons of this country. If you read up on the Rockefeller, Gates, Carnegie, Kellogg, Margaret Sanger, Alan Guttmacher-all the old money families you will see. There are a lot more of the historical figures who supposeably built this country BUT they didn’t build it for those who they considerable undesirable (which would include you) to live in. All of these families and their charities have contributed to the WHO and The Task Force for Global Health for decades. Task Force works closely with the WHO, CDC, big pharma and our government.

    WHO doesn’t need to lobby. They know what their job is.

  • guest

    My pleasure. Too bad you don’t have the cognitive ability to recognize cut and paste from writings. But, you are paid to not recognize anything except what your handlers script for you. How does it feel to get paid to stand and walk on the backs of dead and damaged children? I guess the study last year is right. Trolls are Machiavellian Sadist.

    Trolls Just Want to Have Fun? By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.
    http://psychcentral (dot) com/blog/archives/2014/02/16/trolls-just-want-to-have-fun/

  • guest

    The assertion that vaccines haven’t impacted infectious diseases isn’t just ignorant- it is WILLFULLY ignorant.

    Please provide:
    A Independent double-blind, placebo-controlled study that can prove the safety and effectiveness of vaccines?

    Independent scientific evidence on ANY study which can confirm the long-term safety and effectiveness of vaccines?

    Independent scientific evidence which can prove that disease reduction in any part of the world, at any point in history was attributable to inoculation of populations?

  • guest

    Trolling, trolling trolling on the river.
    chanted to the song: Proud Mary

  • veritas

    Um, it would be a HIPAA violation for a hospital to release any information to you when you have no connection to the situation.

  • Charles S Bush

    so basically my wife who is a clinical laboratory scientist (meaning she studies viruses for a living) who gets zero money from pharmas is wrong and every bit of research and evidence she has done and found is a lie? riiight. You anti-vaxxer nuts stupid. Hey lets go to a linguist about our mechanical needs. Hey lets go to a professional baseball player about the economy! Or we could stop listening to people who have no background in the field in which they claim to be experts..

  • BWright10

    I agree that you should be aware of the vaccines that are given and make sure they are the appropriate vaccines for your child’s age. I don’t agree with not vaccinating however that is my call as a mother. Sick Immigrants are pouring across our border daily and being allowed to come in and infect our children.

  • veritas

    Google is a wonderful tool. Although, at this point, there is no way to know for sure why this little sweet boy died, he did die and the “FAKE” yellers on this page are heartless.

  • dishatin

    Hello america? Not pne infant, child, youth, adult, or pet should be vaccinated by noone other than a certified trained and liable practioner guaranteed by the vaccice manufacturer, the CDC, and legislators that mandate vaccination. In this case the ‘nurse’ who was respoonsible for killing this child as well as the hospital who authorized the hiring of the nurse should be held criminally liable for Matthew’s death. This must immediately be addressed and remedied across the land. Mr. Obama, why don’t you care about our Caucasian infants and children?

  • dishatin

    Everyone needs to be informed about what is in the vaccine is well; what is the proper protocol; and parents must know the level of care mandated. Where are the labs where this material is grown ans processed? Are compromised batches of vaccines dispised of or are they to save money or avoid sanction continue to be used and vaccinated into our cgildren. There are serious questions confronting parents and children in 21st century vaccination.

  • guest

    Read a couple of hundred comments down and you will see a similar comment to yours. It seems that a lot of people are married to PHDs. researchers, scientist or MD’s. We have no way of confirming what your wife is employed as so unless you are willing to provided documentation that can be verified-I don’t believe you, Especially, as I said, there are other comments on this board who say they are married to yada yada yada. It’s odd that most of the researchers/scientist are wives of someone yet there aren’t any as I recall husbands of….. Might is be that women draw a more emotional response?

  • AutismDad

    No kidding. They are all experts or married to one. They are so fullofbull. I get tired reading their made up explanations. Then after you trash them they say GET YOUR TINFOIL HAT

  • AutismDad

    What about Paul Offit saying a baby could handle 100,000, which he changed to 10,000 vaccines in a day? There’s the provaccine guru’s big plan.

  • Melissa Windham

    Feel free to call the pediatrician of your choice and say “my grandchild is not up to date on her vaccines, she’s missed her 2 month ones and is not 4 months, can she be caught up if we bring her in or do we need to space them out?” Let me know what they say.

  • BJ Jones

    My eldest son left his body in 1980. He was born in 1979. He lived 9 months. I have always knew the shots murdered him. When I was pregnant, my dr. wanted me to take some pills he said were vitamins. I said no. He tried to force them on me and didn’t want me to leave his office w/o them. I took them and on the way out of the hospital I tossed them in the trash in front of his face. Why is this important. Because there are sites now that women who took those, animal size light green pills back in the 1970’s, the majority of their children were born with severe deformities.

    Back to my son’s murder. I was called at work, and told my son had died. Not the sitters fault, who was a trusted friend. She cried more than me when it happened. By the time a colleague got me to the house, they had…listen to this loaded my son’s body in a police truck, wouldn’t let me see him, and had him embalmed before I had a chance to release his body and have an autopsy done. His death was labeled as SIDS. When I question aggressively what sudden infant death was, my dr. and everyone else put up walls around me.

    Back in 1979/1980 there was no demand for looking into the cause of poison called infant shots. I had two more son’s since and neither took shots of any kind. It was a struggle with their schools, but I prevailed, and then decided to home school. Screw all these corporate systems. They were nursed, ate organic foods, I created my own vitamins from medicinal properties and they grew to be healthy boys with no sicknesses, ever. I support you and send Love, and say it’s hard, but it gets better. I think of my first Son everyday. I have a prominent picture of him on the shelf. His smile reminds me why conscientiousness resistance of these poisons are mandatory. Much love to ones.

  • Ben Franklin

    I agree! Evil bastards slaughtering our children, and our grandparents with their voodoo science.

  • BJ Jones

    BTW, I’ve downloaded your beautiful sons picture and will frame him next to my son, if that’s okay with you. They will help fight from across the veil. Much love to you ones.

  • An ounce of common sense would go a long way. If we called the hospital and asked for your medical records right now, should the staff give them to me? Would you want just anyone calling the hospital to know when and for what purpose you were there for?

    Of course not.

    You do realize there are data privacy laws in place such as HIPAA? http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/

    So either your intention is to purposefully attempt to discredit this story or you are woefully ignorant. Which is it?

  • olaler

    Still think forced vaccinations are good? Drug companies profit, since Congress made them immune to lawsuits over vaccinations. Let’s stand with Rand and get our Constitution back. http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/measles-police-state-parents-who-do-not-vaccinate-their-children-should-go-to-jail_01292015

  • Guess what? Did you know pharmaceutical companies hire people just like you to protect their brands.

    I’m curious. What is your area of expertise, Mama Bear? Is it marketing? advertising? Brand management? Public Relations?

  • Madsen

    Amen…this is a case of medical malpractice and has nothing to do with vaccines as such. By the way: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2015/02/25/in-2013-measles-killed-more-kids-than-car-accidents-or-aids/

  • D. Pearson

    I’ve seen a lot of accusations (not to mention ignorant comments) put out by ‘Mamabearmeatball’ . Who is this person? Seems to me they became rabid
    after taking a rabies shot!

  • Condi Reece

    I’m looking for this child’s obituary to substiantiate the story. I have many friends who do not believe this and I cannot find any of the persons named here, including the mother, in California.

  • D. Pearson

    Reader Alert – How to spot a TROLL / PAID DIS-INFO SHILL:


  • Mm

    What about YOU ?! It is says that all these vaccines wears out in few years.

  • Bea

    What professional would give that many vaccines at the same time. I highly doubt this is a true story. Some very pertinent info is missing here. Perhaps the death certificate info on cause of death.NEXT TIME YOU OR YOUR FAMILY GET SICK OR INJURED DO ME A FAVOR AND DO NOT GO TO THE DOCTOR. DON’T WASTE THEIR TIME FROM PATIENTS WHO RESPECT THEM AND THEIR KNOWLEDGE.

  • Uh okay

    Some responsibility needs to go to the mother for NOT getting the check up done for the 4 month check up sooner. Waiting a month and a half? that’s too far. Those vaccines are made from 2-4 month olds not 5+ olds.

  • Mm

    From the CDC website: Recomended immunization schedule For persons age 0 through 18. And yes, for the 4 months “well” check up, there are 8 vaccines on the schedule. It is just some of them are three in one. And yes, they give all of them in one visit, I know.

  • Shirl

    What about the hundreds of millions of people that get vaccinated and LIVE? Just wondering how all those people get past the poison.

  • Shirl

    What about the millions upon millions of us that take the vaccinations and go on to LIVE disease free productive lives. I’d also love to know how many babies die of SIDS that have never been vaccinated. Please. The government and your doctor are not trying to poison babies. I’m very sorry for your loss but to tell other mothers these stories is just a scare tactic. Thanks for the measles and whooping cough coming back by the way.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    HIPAA doesn’t apply in this situation; it only covers actual people. You need to speak with their media relations department. As another lady pointed out, there is also no official death record. Have the mother post proof. If this really happened it should be easy to verify. I’m flattered that you think I work for big pharma. I’m terrified that this many people actually believe big Pharma pays people to “troll” comment sections. Anyone that presents you with legitimate studies or facts is a troll for big pharma. Even National Geographic is owned by big pharma apparently. Look, I realize that most of you wouldn’t be convinced if regardless of the evidence that refutes what you say about vaccines. You’ll always go to your standby of ” you work for big pharma.” The baby in this photo could crawl up to you and you would be convinced that big pharma hired a look-a-like baby to cover the story. This story doesn’t need to be covered up. Had it been true, the vaccines wouldn’t have been to blame anyway. The fictional doctor made the error. Notice we still don’t know the doctor’s name. Big hospitals are easy to target. An actual doctor’s name? Not so much. If this doctor made a mistake this severe, wouldn’t you want other parents to know about this quack so they aren’t harmed? It’s easy to spot fake stories. Speaking for big pharma, please don’t post any legitimate and verifiable stories. If we can’t discredit the story then we’ll be screwed. Don’t post facts, whatever you do! Have a good day.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Oh no! I’ve been had!

  • mamabearmeatball .

    Honey, stick to the big pharma conspiracy stuff and let me handle the comedy, okay?

  • jon

    … yes lets ignore the shocking rise in cancer shall we, the rise in multiple allergies, the rise in SIDS, the rise in auto-immune diseases… disease free productive lives, not sure what kind of dreamland you are living in. Yes lets ignore all those unfortunate health problems, and try and cite some fantasy people who managed to survive more or less healthy DESPITE the vaccinations.. and COMPLETELY IGNORE the millions upon millions who are living with health problems, because we can pretend they have nothing to do with vaccines.

  • mamabearmeatball .

    That’s a different issue. I don’t want forced vaccinations either. I want people to make informed and intelligent decisions. The propaganda on sites like this are irresponsible and make all people that are anti-vaccine look like morons.

  • Can’tFixStupid

    The current outbreak of the measles strains are KNOWN by the gov’t but they are NOT telling you that one strain is from Guatemala and another is from El Salvador. So, needless to say, the vaccine given here in the U.S. wouldn’t have these strains in them. So, for those who are on the fence, it wouldn’t matter. I would venture the same is true for the outbreak of whooping cough. You can thank the president and congress for a wide open border for the outbreaks.

  • gigi

    So sorry the family, its such a tremendous loss. who in their right mind would inject a child with so many vaccines at once. I would definitely get a lawyer asap! There are so many crooked people out there! Obviously they are covering up a mistake that they made!

  • guest

    Family Members and Friends

    The Privacy Rule does not require a health care provider or health
    plan to share information with your family or friends, unless they are
    your personal rep