African Children Still Paralyzed After Vaccines, Government Says “All in Their Head”

African government denying vaccines harming children.

African government is denying vaccines harmed children.

It has now been officially confirmed that in December 2012, 38 children were hospitalized after receiving the meningitis vaccine, MenAfriVac, during a vaccination campaign arranged by the Chadian government. News program France 24 stated that Saleh Ahmat Bodoumi, a former Member of Parliament in Chad, confirmed that seven of the most seriously affected children have since been evacuated from hospitals in the capital city of Ndjamena to the Republic of Tunisia in northern Africa to undergo further investigation and specialized treatment. [1]

This news was confirmed by the ‘Medical Xpress’ a health news service, which said Health Minister Mamouth Nahor N’Gawara made the following statement to the Agence France-Presse, the largest French news agency in the world (AFP):

“During the last phase of the vaccination campaign organized at Gouro (near the Libyan border) on December 11 to 15, 2012, unusual reactions were noted.”

N’Gawara added that “their state of health is not worrying.” [2]


However, the Medical Xpress, along with other websites, followed this story the next day by backtracking and stating the following information:

“In a statement, the country’s health ministry said tests “failed to establish a causal link between the clinical manifestations observed in the patients and the MenAfriVac vaccine.”

According to the statement, one child who never received the meningitis shot ‘complained of suffering from the same symptoms’ found in the other children.” [3]

However, a contact in Chad gave VacTruth an extremely different version of events. He said:

“The government and the World Health Organization have made up these facts.

The government banned journalists from visiting the hospital since the children brought in. (sic) All the children from Gouro received the vaccine.  

Firstly, they (Government/WHO) collaborated with the school’s headmaster who locked the school’s main door before vaccinating all the children. The school headmaster told the children that anyone who refused the vaccine would be banned from school and be arrested.

Secondly, they went door to door and injected the babies over one year.”

If you find this event difficult to believe, then cast your mind back to 2007 when the news broke that children in Maryland had been forcibly vaccinated at gunpoint under orders from the state Attorney General, various state judges and the local school board director, all of whom illegally conspired to threaten parents with imprisonment if they did not submit their children to vaccinations. [4]

Another example of these bully boy tactics was seen in Malawi last year, where 131 children were vaccinated at gunpoint after their parents had refused the measles vaccine. [5] [6]


Interestingly, the health minister ended his official statement by saying that the state of the paralyzed children’s health is not worrisome. If that is true, then why did the Chadian government move them to another hospital and why was this move done in secret?

Our Chadian contact informed me that the parents were not even allowed to know where the children were being evacuated to prior to evacuation. He confirmed that on the day that the children were evacuated, the N’Djamena International Airport had been closed to visitors!

VacTruth reported on the Chadian tragedy on January 6, 2013. [7] However, a team of experts in Chad did not begin to investigate the situation fully until January 9. The Prime Minister of Chad did not visit the sick children in hospital until a few days later. On January 13, VacTruth released a film of the TV footage of this visit that had been copied and forwarded to us. [8]

So, why did the Chadian government take so long to act on this appalling situation? According to  France 24, the Health Minister did not make his announcement until January 9, five weeks after the incident occurred.

Another false representation of the facts being portrayed to the public is the following information which has been reported by several websites:

“In total, more than 100 million people in ten African countries have been vaccinated against the disease.”

It is a possibility that tens of millions of people were vaccinated with MenAfriVac, although highly unlikely. However, it is a total impossibility, by the WHOS’s own admission, that this number was vaccinated using the controlled temperature chain (CTC) implementations. In November 2012, WHO stated:

“Evidence of the heat stability of MenAfriVac® was validated by a team of experts from WHO, PATH, SIIL, and Health Canada. In collaboration with the government of Benin, the Meningitis Vaccine Project (MVP), Optimize, and the WHO regional office for Africa, a pilot use of the MenAfrivac® vaccine in a CTC will be conducted during the upcoming MenAfriVac® campaign in the northern part of the country, from November 15 through 25. Benin is the 10th country to introduce the vaccine, as well as the first country to work with the new CTC implementation guidelines, developed through WHO’s Immunization Practices Advisory Committee”. [9] (emphasis added)


So, what has been going on behind the scenes?

MenAfriVac was a pre-licensed vaccine still in the testing stages. It had been advertised by all the major organizations involved in the campaign, including UNICEF, FDA, CDC, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH, Meningitis Vaccine Project and WHO, as a vaccine that could be kept in a controlled temperature chain (CTC) at temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius for up to four days. However, according to the manufacturer, this information was not strictly true because they state:

“MenAfriVac should be stored and transported between 2-8ºC. Protect from light. The diluent should be stored at 25°C. It is recommended to protect the reconstituted vaccine from direct sunlight.” [10]

According to a report of a meeting which took place in October 2012 between the World Health Organization’s Immunizations, Vaccines and Biologicals group and the Immunization Practices Advisory Committee (IPAC), the MenAfriVac vaccine had not been fully licensed and would not be due to be fully endorsed until 2013, at the earliest. [11]

The children of Gouro were vaccinated in December 2012, apparently with a vaccine that was still being tested which had not yet gained approval to be used outside of a cold temperature chain. According to sources, Dr. Diego Buriot read this message in French on Chad TV, a local television station:

“We have done all analyses, we believe that the vaccine was not the cause of the paralysis and the children are not in danger. It is clear that the vaccine is not the cause. All seems to show that the vaccine, which already has been largely used on the whole of the chain, does not produce vaccinal complications.

We have retested the vaccine, both at the level of the producer, as well as at the level of random checks, which are undecided. These will give their results within several weeks, but actually we are sure that the vaccine is not the cause.

What we are sure of is first of all that there is no danger whatsoever for the children, that is very important to say. All the clinical trials that we have done are completely normal other than this agitation, which is real, it translates the fear of the children.” [translated from French]

This is the first public acknowledgement admitting that the children had became ill and paralyzed after they had received the vaccination, as well as the first of likely many denials that the vaccine is not to blame.

So, who is Dr. Diego Buriot and who does he represent?


Dr. Diego Buriot is the Director of the WHO Office in Lyon, France. He is in charge of the Department of Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response and with impressive credentials and “considerable experience in the public health problems of developing countries.” [12]

Of course he would say that the vaccines did not cause the children’s injuries, even though he has admitted that all the test results have not yet been received and won’t be for several weeks. Remember his words?

“We have retested the vaccine, both at the level of the producer, as well as at the level of random checks, which are undecided. These will give their results within several weeks, but actually we are sure that the vaccine is not the cause.”

On January 20, 2013, the human rights organization ECOTERRA International and I wrote a letter to the resident representative of WHO in Chad, Dr. Saïdou Pathé Barry. We have checked the WHO website [13] regularly since submitting our inquiry, but we have not found any report or update. For this reason, we have been forced to make a public appeal to WHO and ask them to answer our fourteen questions regarding the MenAfriVac vaccination tragedy at their earliest convenience.

On January 22, we were given a copy of the original press release signed by The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Mamouth Nahor N’gawara. It makes interesting but predictable reading:

The findings were the same old same, although the release did admit to the inadequate hospital conditions, the lack of medical follow-up — especially on the psychological level — and the dialogue between the community and the health personnel as being insufficient.

No cause for the illness of the children appears to have been found. Interestingly, the Experts’ Recommendations stated:

• Make sure of a progressive yet fast return of the children to their families, and a medical follow up

• Maintain the dialogue with the families, the actors and the partners of the vaccination

• Reinforce the medical structure at the local level by adding a doctor and a state registered nurse for a better tracking of the health of the population and the routine activities

• Reinforce the health personnel capacity in crisis communication and rumor control

The experts want to stress that the analysis of the epidemiological, medical, clinical and paraclinical data do not permit us to establish a causal link between the clinical manifestations observed in the patients, and the MenAfriVac™ vaccine.

The symptoms observed in the patients resemble those, which have been described in the literature under several names:

• collective hysteria
• collective obsessive behavior
• mass psychogenic phenomenon

In other words, the “experts” are trying to say that the children’s condition is psychological. This move is growing in popularity governments and the medical profession uses the ‘its all in their heads’ phenomenon to minimize vaccine damage, thus shifting the blame to the parents or the victim.

They finish by stating, translated from French:

“The independent experts thank the population and the Chadian authorities for the confidence placed in them. They appeal to the diligence of the authorities to put quickly into action the recommendations, which will facilitate the return to a calmed down situation, beneficial to the correct proceeding of the vaccination programs.”

The press release also says that a final report will be completed by the health services in Tunisia.

What the press release fails to say is the following: out of the 500 children vaccinated, a total of 106 became ill. Only 38 of the sick children were hospitalized, leaving 62 sick children in Gouro to be cared for by relatives. [13]


When I asked my contact if the conditions of the hospitalized children were improving, he replied:

“The children in hospital are still paralyzed. Most of the children still can’t stand up. Some have convulsions so badly that they need four people to attend. Those who have convulsions end with their up arms straight and their eyes are fixed and open without reaction.

We are not receiving enough information about the children the government and WHO took to Tunisia.

There are sick children left in Gouro who may be evacuated to Libya.”


We have yet to see the full outcome of the MenAfriVac vaccine tragedy. There is little doubt that these children are very sick and may need lifelong care and attention. They will likely be returned home, if they recover sufficiently, without adequate care and attention and their parents left without help or support to care for their children’s disabilities alone. Unfortunately, many third world countries do not have access to basic equipment such as wheelchairs that we in the Western world take for granted.

Surely it is now time for the Chadian government and the organizations involved to stop trying to cover up this tragedy and instead, look after all of the sick children properly. I believe that the real tragedy of this whole situation is in a few months, these children like thousands of others, will be forgotten and it will be ‘business as usual’ for all of the organizations involved.

The MenAfriVac vaccination will likely be given to millions more third world children across Africa. The vaccination of children with pre-licensed and unlicensed vaccines, which may be life-threatening, needs to cease. This is not health care, but a total disregard for human life in the name of profit.

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I would like to thank Namaste UK Publishing and ECOTERRA International; Desiree Rover for translations; and my Chadian contacts.



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Christina England, BA Hons

  • Australialovers

    This is so sad!  And I am so disgusted with the government for denying that the vaccine did not cause these health issues in these children.  WAKE UP!!!!  They were fine until they had the vaccine.  I am so thankful for all the research that has been presented to me from a variety of sources as a case against vaccines.  Wish I would have known and researched when I had my first child.  :-(

  • NO Vaccines for me

    Yikes. It seems as if there is a New World order that is targeting our children and the elderly.

    How many horrific cases do we have to read before someone is FINALLY able to get it through to the people that the ’emperor’ isn’t wearing any clothes?

    I am so appreciative that Vactruth does such a good job of getting this kind of information out. 

    I am happy to help carry the torch to make sure other parents are informed.

    I regularly crosspost these articles in (the comment section of) other publications. People HAVE to know the dangers. 

    Bless the folks at Vactruth. 

  • Elliejo3

    how right you are 

  • Patricia V

    Is there not a strong group of knowledgeable human beings on this planet that could put an end to these sick murdering people, round them up and give them some of their own medicine, and put them in the misery of the innocent humans that are suffering????
    Thank you Vactruth for making us aware

  • Initiative Citoyenne

    They are doing just as they did with HPV vaccine side effects. They said indeed that syncopal events were a “mass psychogenic phenomenon” and “collective hysteria”!!
    However the study of Slade & all published in 2009 in JAMA indicated that syncopal events and thrombo-enbolic events were more frequent with Gardasil than with other vaccines…

  • Those poor kids don’t need vaccines, they need healthy Food, clean water and a
    clean environment!!! Stop injecting them with crap their bodies are not
    used to!
    So sad, and how are these kids and their parents supposed to deal with all
    these side effects, I bet the Gates foundation won’t be paying for
    ruining their lives, will they?

  • Anything connected with Gates, UNICEF, and etc; is and has been literally a mislead vaccine disaster. Why is the WHO never addressing the negative side of those efforts? And they never will.  

    Failure Of The Continued Polio Vaccine Campaign

  • Sparkleandshinemami

    I honestly think vaccines are to depopulate idk??

  • SteveCA7

    For those in the UK, I understand that the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) are also participants in the project, currently part of the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and UK Department of Health. So it is very obvious that the latest news “It’s all in their heads” is as advised by the DoH. It is the standard excuse in the UK for every child where the parent is certain that the vaccine caused the illness. They say the illness is completely coincidental and would have occurred anyway, even though it often starts within minutes of the vaccination.

  • The most simple way to truly help these children, is to do what Frederick Klenner did in 1948 amidst a polio epidemic of 60 children, someof whom  already were on life support: He gave these sick children massive doses of intravenously administered vitamin C.
    But then, these African/WHO/Bill Gates criminals would be admitting that the paralysis and other serious neurological damage in these kids is not between their ears, but indeed caused by their vaccine…

    Regarding the unvaccinated child complaining about the same symptoms as the vaccinated ones: s/he was surrounded by children INJECTED WITH the disease. Go figure!

    And yes, already in 1889, in his book ‘History and Pathology of Vaccination’, dr. Edgar Crookshank defined vaccination as “an artificial way of depopulating a country”!

  • K9baron

    Thank you Christina for publishing this.  Children should not be used as lab rats regardless of what country they are living in.  I will never understand how our government and healthcare system thinks it’s okay to inject hunans with aluminum, mercury, fermaldehyde, etc.   I personally do not vaccinate anything, myself, my animals, etc. Never received the flu shot and I am around people in public all the time and have never gotten the flu.  It’s all about building a healthy immune system and we can’t do that by injecting newborn babies with multiple vaccines, kids under 6 yrs of age get something like 36 vaccines????  and then we wonder why the kids these days are so sick and have every disease imagineable!  My grandmother will be 97 yrs old in April, still lives alone, walks, goes to church 2 days a week, etc. and she has NEVER received a vaccination; grew up on a farm, survived hepatitis, she is my inspiration!

  • Tamarque

    Martin Luther King gave a very powerful speech about Racism, Militarism and Materialism.  He said that these are the 3 evils to fight against.  This vaccine fiasco is a direct example for his call to action.  Today David Swanson wrote on this concept noting that we all need to relate all the issues of our world so when we work on one issue we know how it connects to the others.  That is the way to build a movement and the vaccine issue is no different than any other.  The situation in Chad is genocidal.  It is racist.  It places corporate greed above the value of children of color in Africa.  And the entire program is part of the hegemonic, militaristic behavior of the US and other western allies in the policy to control all resources of the world.

  • Patricia V

    Well said Tamargue

  • Elithrion

    “What the press release fails to say is the following: out of the 500 children vaccinated, a total of 106 became ill. Only 38 of the sick children were hospitalized, leaving 62 sick children in Gouro to be cared for by relatives. [13]”
    The “[13]” reference listed points to a press release from 2001, which is obviously inapplicable  Do you have some other reference for this statement?

  • Tamarque

    Elithrion–the quote you cite is a standard one on this vaccine reaction in Chad that is in the mass media in several places.  I don’t understand  what “(13)” is?  The reference point #13 in the article’s bibliography is about a WHO office opened in Lyons, France to deal with communicable diseases in developing nations. It blames poverty on these diseases which is backwards.  It is due to poverty that public health is damaged; ie, lack of adequate nutrition and clean water as 2 primary causes.  Important to pay attention to this aberration of reality.  It is how they build propaganda to support the use of vaccines as the savior of the problem.  Totally backwards description of the problem. 

  • psyops

    I love reading the comments in these blogs to see how the pro-life, gun lobby, survivalists, tea party nut jobs are linking up with anti-zionist, anti-nwo, illuminati conspiracy theorists. The common bond is a belief that anything that is difficult to prove must be true backed by the fact that its been reprinted in all the other like minded blogs. None of this is conclusive, the links are mostly to other blogs the first one is a dead link.
    What I really find amusing is the people linking the rockerfellers alleged eugenics beliefs to this. If your desire was to control population it seems a pretty inefficient method. Millions of people have had this vaccine and 50 are paralysed, its going to struggle to outpace the birth rate.
    If you already have an agenda then it is easy to selectively take bits of information to support your beliefs, it is not however impartial journalism, if you can uncover a conspiracy like this then good for you but you wont convince educated people that expect actual corroborated facts. I’ll reserve my judgement until more information is available.

  • Christina England

     Try ref 14 sorry there seems to be an error. Christina

  • em

    I searched through the online version of this book and was unable to find this quote at all: “an artificial way of depopulating a country.” nor did the words “depopulate” or “depopulation” show up at all. can you tell me the page you find this?   http://archive.org/details/cihm_11535

  • Hi Em,

    Please refer to Pages 39-40. I’ve pasted the text for your benefit.

    “I am well informed by Persons of unquestionable reputation, that the Town of Hertford is a lamentable Evidence of the danger of this practice, where the Distemper was spread by it to that degree, as not only to make an havock of the Inhabitants, but to hinder the Commerce of the place. Thus the Operator has it in his power to convey the Small Pox to distant Places and Persons, who neither avow his practice or desire his experiment : And if ’tis possible that the ingrafted Pox can be so poisonous as to communicate certain death to all around by this method, they may ingraft as violent a Plague as has been known among us. How far the Legislature may think fit to interpose, in order to prevent such an artificial way of depopulating a Country is not my Province to determine.”

  •   In the version in 2009 transcribed from the original by Patrick Jordan,
    this passage is to be found on page 28.
    The two volumes of Crookshank’s History and Pathology of Vaccination
    (1889) can be ordered through http://www.vaccinefraud.com

  • In the version in 2009 transcribed from the original by Patrick Jordan, this passage is to be found on page 28.
    The two volumes of Crookshank’s History and Pathology of Vaccination (1889) can be ordered through http://www.vaccinefraud.com

    Love, Light & Laughter,
    Désirée L. Röver
    medical research journalist, author, radio host


  • Chadian-contact

    Don’t forget the “Chadian contact” who clearly fears for his life (lol) but who is willing to talk to the highly respected Christina England from the equally well respected Vactruth. I don’t know about you but if I was going to offer up some hogwash I;d want to be referred to as a “Chadian contact” too.

  • Don’t they already have a vaccine for menigitis? If so, why are they using MenArfiVac (clearly designed for use in Africa), an unlicensed vaccine that hasn’t been thoroughly tested. Not that it’s the first time.
    Anyone, such as “psyops”, who believes vaccines have nothing to do with population control, still has their head in the sand and it’s time to get it out. Bill Gates has publically stated he is for sterilization through vaccination. He also owns 500,000 shares in Monsanto, and is involved in the African “land grab” (disguised as a program to bring sustainable farming to communities there, as it pushes farmers off their land) and global push of GMO’s. Research is linking GMO’s to sterility, among other things.
    The CDC, FDA, and WHO make a practice of lieing. In fact, this applies to just about any alphabet agency assocciated with the government or the UN.

  • This is exactly what they did and continue to do to those of us with CFIDS/ME. Years and years of them trying to say it was all in our heads, even though there are thousands of papers and blood test results proving we have chronic immune dysfunction. I got it after a Polio shot they forced on me in college. And they pulled the same thing, telling me it couldn’t possibly be the vaccine that disabled me. Yeah, right. My immune system just happened to collapse after the shot.

  • paulreviere

    Mafia style is going at this
    and is the power ful groups, that everyone in power wants to run from
    That explains THE HPV VACCINEs
    laevern • a year ago

    Flag as inappropriate
    all hpv vaccines and gardasil
    the testing was not finished
    that is how a bad pharmacy drug is pulled off the market
    they look at the testing
    sueing for side effects???
    VIOXX was pulled of the market ,, the side effects agreed with the testing MSDS sheet
    and the american heart association made VIOXX be pulled off the market
    with the testing
    so………MERCK can go on as they were currently dissagreeing with people and their side effects??????????????????/
    so this terrrible drug will never pulled off the market
    Merck goes on no Gardasil does not do that

    ect ect ect

    wAy more
    kkrasnowwaterman gardasil 2008

  • SEB

    I agree with you all the way. But there is one thing irritating about your website. A window pops up in the middle and obscures the contents and there seems to be no way to get rid of it.

  • Ana R. T.

    “Its all in there heads.” If it really, truly is all in these young kids heads then I’m certain all these doctors/organization heads wouldn’t mind their beloved children and/or close niece/nephew around the same age to test this medicine under the EXACT same situation? Then we’ll see if its all in these young kids mind.

  • joannegrace

    I suspect that the government was paid off to keep this under wraps. Those promulgating vaccines, like Bill Gates who believes 49 vaccines, and as much as 8 as a time, are okay to give to babies, have the money to bring about anything they want.